Surviving Summer (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Keep the Sponsors Happy

1 ["Alive" by Empire Of The Sun playing.]
Days go by my window ♪ World slows down as it goes ♪ Goodbye to last night ♪ Lost my eyesight ♪ Can't you help me see (they won't get right) ♪ Loving every Minute 'cause you Make me feel so Alive, alive ♪ Loving every Minute 'cause you ♪ Make me feel so Alive, alive ♪ Alive, alive ♪ Waking in the snow ♪ Tracing steps with you ♪ Swimming through the snow ♪ Wrapped in velvet gold ♪ Can't you help me see (they won't get right) ♪ Loving every Minute 'cause you ♪ Make me feel so Alive, alive ♪ Loving every minute 'cause You make me feel so alive ♪ Alive, alive, alive ♪ Loving every minute 'cause You make me feel so alive ♪ Alive, alive, alive ♪ [waves crashing.]
Welcome to the Subtropix Wildcard Trials, as some of our best local talent battle it out for a chance to compete with the pros at the upcoming international event, the Subtropix 360.
Over the next three days you'll be seeing seasoned professionals, plucky groms and everything in-between as they chase that elusive wildcard.
Don't worry boys, I'll go easy on ya.
Bodhi? Oh hi.
Nice job making it through your heat.
Poppy made me look like a kook, as usual.
Don't be so hard on yourself.
- Great to see you Pops.
- Hi Molly.
[Molly's phone chimes.]
I'm sorry, things are going nuts with this whole 360 thing happening.
Anyway, I'm loving how prolific you are on the socials.
We're shooting this new campaign in the lead up to the event, and we've just had one of our girls drop out.
You haven't modelled for us before have you? [Molly.]
Okay, great.
We'll pick you up in an hour.
[Commentator on phone.]
World number 10, Nikki Van Dijk, has just been a rocket on the C this season, nice cutback there.
So she's awesome.
I can't believe you get to work with her.
I mean it's crazy she didn't ask you.
Shush, no.
They only needed one girl.
You've been ready for this since forever.
Hey, why don't you come? You can shoot some content for me.
You sure about that? What's the worst that can happen? Ah, she blows up the whole shoot and ends your career.
[Summer laughs.]
Oh shut up.
Hey, anyone goes with you it should be me right? They could put us in a shoot together.
Um, yeah let me ask Molly about it.
[phone chimes.]
Tell me we're not the next Alana and Jack.
Let's go.
I have no idea who that is.
Men's heat two, fifteen minute warning.
[upbeat music.]
[makeup artist.]
You have incredible hair.
Wow! Love the colours.
Ah sorry, who are you? Summer Torres.
Torres Management.
I handle all Bodhi's socials.
It's a big job keeping 100,000 follows interested.
Know what I'm saying? I'm sure it is.
Well Summer Torres I run a pretty tight ship, so I'm going to need you to be a fly on the wall, okay? Got it.
Hey Molly.
I don't have that many followers.
Nothing a couple of Russian hackers can't fix.
I hear they work cheap.
["Scared Of Love" by Fallulah playing.]
'Cause now you're Scared of love ♪ And all I wanna do Is fix your heart ♪ Your heart But you gotta let me in ♪ Your heart ♪ - I guess we're besties now.
- Yeah, we go way back.
Your heart ♪ Your heart But you gotta let me in ♪ Your heart I'm like fire in the rain ♪ Your heart 'Cause it's too good to waste ♪ Your heart ♪ [Molly.]
Great guys.
Loving the vibe.
[Marlon shouting.]
Hey guys! Olha a bomba! [big splash.]
Are you kidding? Whoo! How's it going? Marlon Sousa.
Big fan.
What do you think you're doing? We're trying to work here.
Halfway through day one and here are the results from men's heat four.
Hey, if we get through this round, footage review at mine later? My odds are about a million to one, but yeah, sure.
Next up, women's heat three.
I'm really sorry about my boyfriend.
Don't worry about it.
We got everything we needed.
The crew van will take you home.
I will see you at the trials tomorrow.
Hey, awesome job today, guys.
I'm sure Marlon didn't blow things up entirely.
Hey, you said it was cool for me to come down.
I thought you were joking.
[phone dings.]
[melancholy music.]
I have to make a call.
Yo, it is so refreshing when someone else is in trouble.
[birds call.]
Dad? Dad, you okay? Tried to call you back, but you didn't answer.
Dad? [father sighs.]
Sorry I called you so many times.
I'm okay.
I went to the shops.
Hey, no light.
No light, please.
It's just been really stressful.
I just double booked myself for tomorrow.
Can we just cancel the other job? Yeah, I was, I was going to, but it's so last minute.
I can't really afford to lose this client.
It's one of my only regular houses.
So let me help you.
What, don't, don't you have your trials thing? Don't worry about that.
I'll work something out.
Really? Okay.
Okay, thanks sweetie.
And as a decent set finally rolls in, Ari Gibson, managing to claw his way on to another one.
[dramatic music.]
And that ride should be enough to see him join fellow local groms Poppy Tetanui and Bodhi Mercer in tomorrow's quarter finals.
Hey, should we get started? Yeah.
For sure.
Where are your bros tonight? Out, a bunch of their mates are in town for the 360, so.
Here, sit down.
Pretty crazy, hey? Bodhi in a fashion shoot.
They're really backing her.
Yeah, totally.
It's not surprising though.
She's like the full package.
The right look, the profile, the boyfriend.
Hey, there's that head thing again, my shoulder keeps getting in the way.
Here stand up, get in your stance.
Pretend there's a broom along your back.
Arms up.
Now when you turn, you need to be looking exactly where you want to go.
[emotional music.]
[door opens.]
What are you doing here? Well, um, I just forgot my wallet.
[door closes.]
[quiet laugher.]
Have you heard from your mum lately? Nope.
Have you? I saw some posts about going to photograph some rebel leader, deep behind enemy lines, blah, blah.
You're okay with that? Hey, if she got blown up, it would solve so many of my problems.
I'm sure you miss her.
I know I do.
- Why? - Why? Yeah.
I mean, I know you guys are meant to be lifelong friends or whatever, but she just dumped her delinquent daughter on you to go chase glory in distant lands.
Aren't you like a little bit furious? Actually, I feel really proud of her, of everything that she's accomplished.
I mean, do I wish that she'd contacted me a little more over the years? Sure.
But, she really inspires me.
She'd be way more inspirational if she was a better person.
Love, hi.
How was your day? Um, fine.
Day two, and the men's quarterfinals.
It's mostly pros out there, but Ari Gibson managing to hold his own against a tough field.
[upbeat music.]
Yes, that's it, Ari.
Hey, it looks like your boyfriend might actually make it through here.
Shame I'd have to wax him up in the final.
He's not my boyfriend.
And you really embarrassed me last night.
Mission accomplished.
Hey, look, Ari's a good kid.
But if you want my honest opinion, boys are a distraction.
Are you seriously talking about a no-boy rule? All I'm saying is look at Marlon and Bodhi, no focus.
Actually, guys, have you seen Bodhi? Her quarter final's coming up soon.
She's helping her old man with that big house on Farley street.
So maybe you should go get her.
I texted her.
But we're kind of fighting right now.
What? She's going to miss it.
Give me the address.
[knocking on door.]
Open Sesame.
[footsteps approaching.]
[door opens.]
Er, who are you? Is Bodhi here? Yeah.
She's just helping me with some work at the moment.
Yeah, I heard.
Hey, excuse me.
Hey, you can't come in here.
[Summer shouts.]
Hey, excuse me.
Summer? Is something wrong.
What are you doing here? What am I doing here? You've got her cleaning? On the verge of her greatest surfing triumph.
Bodhi who is this? I'm her social media manager and she's coming with me.
Summer, no.
You realise you're ruining a huge opportunity for her.
Endangering her sponsorship.
Hang on, I thought you said you weren't on till later.
Dad, it's cool.
Summer, let's go outside.
This isn't over.
[door opens and closes.]
This crib is sick by the way.
Summer I know you're just trying to help, but you can't talk to my dad that way.
I call out bad parenting when I see it.
He's been through a lot and you being here could get him fired.
Yo, what is happening right now? I thought this trials thing was like a huge deal for you.
Look, it's not like I was going to get through anyway.
I've never even beaten Poppy in a competition.
Forget about a bunch of QS surfers.
["Girls Can Do Anything" by Bleeding Knees Club playing.]
Grab your towel And grab your shades ♪ Girls can do anything ♪ To the beach And get some waves ♪ Girls can do anything ♪ In the car it's a sunny day ♪ Girls can do anything ♪ Oh, to be young again.
Poppy Tetanui has caught about a hundred waves this heat and is back for more.
With Bodhi Mercer a no-show Tetanui is doing Shorehaven Boardriders proud.
Come on now ♪ All right ♪ To the beach It's a sunny day ♪ [Commentator.]
Tetanui wins.
But it's not over yet.
She'll have to beat the winner of the sponsor's draw on final's day, tomorrow, to claim that coveted Wildcard.
So it's possible I overstepped.
What happened was my fault.
Look, I may be completely off base here, but you seem to spend a lot of time making sure other people are okay.
What about what you want? I'm going to go talk to her.
Summer wait.
She's already upset with me.
It's going to make it worse.
Torres Management.
Yeah, good memory.
Listen, I would just like to say on behalf of my client, she feels terrible for the no-show and will do whatever it takes to make it up to you.
Look Bodhi, I know the whole lifestyle thing is cool and it's fun.
Inviting your friend and your boyfriend to the shoot.
But we're a surf brand.
We support surfers who are 100 percent committed.
So if you're not, this isn't going to work.
I know that.
And I know I can come across as a flake sometimes, but that's not who I am.
I really want this.
She just has a complicated home life.
And I don't think she should get punished for that, do you? Question is do I want to invest in someone complicated? Molly, the question is does Subtropix pay the big bucks to manage the easy ones? Do they need you for the obedient sort of athletes with happy home lives? Or do those guys basically look after themselves? How old are you? Molly got me into the sponsor trials.
So I've got another shot.
Oh, for real, lucky you.
I know it's super unfair, but I mean, I couldn't exactly say no.
Of course you couldn't.
Molly obviously thinks you're a star.
Take it.
But the boys local winner goes straight through.
They've got two spots for the boys.
Only one for the girls.
But that's sexist.
That's surfing.
Good luck Bodhs.
You make it count, yeah.
["Space Song" by Beach House playing.]
[waves crashing.]
And here she goes again.
Bodhi Mercer has come from nowhere today to take a commanding lead in the sponsor's draw.
Yeah, woohoo.
Let's go Bodhi.
[crowd cheers.]
Come on Bodhi.
It was late at night ♪ You held on tight ♪ From an empty seat ♪ A flash of light ♪ It will take a while ♪ To make you smile ♪ Somewhere in these eyes ♪ I'm on your side ♪ You wide-eyed girls ♪ You get it right ♪ Fall back into place ♪ [Commentator.]
It's finals day.
By the end of today, we'll know who'll be joining the pros at the Subtropix 360.
[water splashes.]
An intriguing Men's Final about to get underway here with the journeyman Joe Prawnie Tetanui looking to end the hot streak of 15 year old Ari Gibson.
(dramatic upbeat music) [people whoop and clap.]
Don't tell my brother, but I wanted you to win.
Thanks, mate.
No worries, mate.
Hey Ari.
What happened at my place? No big deal, okay.
It was nice, but if you just want to be friends, I'm good.
I'm so glad you said that.
That's exactly how I feel.
We've been surf buddies since forever.
It would suck to mess with that.
I didn't want to say anything while the All good.
You're just being honest.
Blah! So serious.
Go celebrate.
["Pasta" by Angie McMahon playing.]
My bedroom is a disaster ♪ [Marlon.]
It all comes down to this.
Who's it going to be, Tetanui or Mercer? Who could have believed she'd make it all the way? Why can't you believe it? And yesterday, why did Summer come get me and not you? I don't know.
The comps haven't seemed that important to you lately.
Is that why you crashed my photo shoot? Because it wasn't important to me.
You asked me to come, then you completely snubbed me.
I feel like this isn't working.
What? I think I need to be alone for awhile.
There's so much going on.
I need to focus.
Do some self-actualization.
Wait, is this about Ari in the hospital? Marlon, you're not listening.
This is about me.
Yeah, totally.
I need to focus too.
I'm really glad you feel the same way.
Friends? [phone vibrates.]
Your dad is calling.
And after two full days of surfing, it's local youngsters, Poppy Tetanui and Bodhi Mercer facing off in the Women's Final.
["Invincible" by Big Wild playing.]
One mile to the water The signs don't lie ♪ There you go Trying to find a way ♪ The sun's heat Is blinding you ♪ It hypnotizes the truth ♪ Baby oh, once you Wade in the water ♪ There's no trace Of the other ♪ Baby oh, Once you run in the water ♪ Feel the pace racing higher ♪ Hey, hey ♪ There you go Power takes over (ayo) ♪ Now you are invincible ♪ There you go Power takes over (ayo) ♪ Now you are invincible ♪ [gentle music.]

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