Surviving Summer (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

No Pressure

1 [upbeat music.]
[male commentator.]
Here we are, the hottest event on the surfing calendar is back.
Sixteen of the best surfers on the circuit have descended on the legendary Bells Beach for two days of epic waves.
[female commentator.]
And of course every carve, every barrel will be live-streamed and judged by you, the fans.
[male commentator.]
That's right Helen, this is the future of surfing.
This is the Subtropix 360.
There's been a lot of chat about our crazy-young Wildcard entrants.
Ari Gibson, Bodhi Mercer, what's the vibe? Dream come true? Wait, so people are watching this like right now? Yes, we're live.
Ahh We're trying not to put too much pressure on ourselves, you know.
I'm just projecting gratitude into the universe for this opportunity and my focus is on being in the moment.
Seriously, tears to my eyes.
Yeah like, seriously you saved my butt.
No, you were cute, in a non-verbal kind of way.
Hey um, Bodhs? I kind of got you something.
A little present.
Ari! I guess I've just been visualising this moment for ages, you know, and I wanted to mark the moment.
You and me competing against the pros.
I got you this.
[Bodhi exclaims.]
It's an elephant.
It's beautiful.
You know elephants are good luck in yogic philosophy.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
No, no, not at all, but what I'm trying to say is, is, like, I was wondering if you would No way! G'day guys.
Excuse me Trav, I'm really sorry to bother you, I'm just, I'm such a huge fan.
- Do you mind if we get a photo? - Yeah.
- [Trav.]
What's your name? - Ah Bodhi.
[camera clicks.]
["Out The Window" by Confidence Man playing.]
My mind's out the window ♪ Sunshine in my eyes ♪ [male commentator.]
It's no holds barred out there as Jenna Brosa looks to built a lead.
The two time US champ showing off that trademark style and flair.
Send in your scores people, the result is up to you.
[upbeat music.]
[waves crashing.]
[male commentator.]
Wildcard Bodhi Mercer is struggling to find her groove out there.
It's gotta be intimidating going up against your idols.
She's letting them muscle her off every good wave.
[male commentator.]
Brosa knows how to put on a show and the online fans are loving it.
Anyway man I gotta head.
I'll catch you later.
Yo! Brazil! Check it out.
VIP party tonight.
Whoo! Hey America, we're not VIPs.
Hey Brazil, VIP is a state of mind.
We're going to that party, believe that.
100 percent! [Abbie.]
Hey darling, you know that you don't have to go Mum, mum, mum, look I really appreciate you coming, but please just relax.
Okay I'm off.
Bye bye.
[upbeat music.]
[male commentator.]
With some decent lines on the horizon, they're on the move again.
Brosa always dangerous in these situations, but Mercer going for it.
Looks like she might take this one off the world champ.
And as the clock ticks down, Mercer finally ekes out another ride, but the people have spoken and Jenna Brosa takes this one out easily.
How you feeling Wildcard? Yeah, yeah good.
Not a bad spot for your big debut.
You stick to your carve game all right? Let the others fight amongst themselves.
They can do all the flashy stuff, you just go out there and be you.
Okay? Getting here was the hard part.
This, this is all gravy.
Okay! Thanks.
[male commentator.]
Only a few minutes left until we kick off the first round of the men's competition.
Things are going crazy online, already over a million fans have tuned in and we're just getting started.
One thing you need to understand about being a mum, is that everything your child feels, you feel times ten.
Must suck to be Margot after I've eaten hot wings.
[both laugh.]
She's actually mentioned Bells Beach before.
It's actually pretty epic.
We all used to come down here and watch her compete when you guys were little.
She used to get so nervous that she would drag us all over to Back Beach to get away from all the madness.
[male commentator.]
We're in for a thriller here.
Kai Dominick and Leandro Martinez, both in the Top 10 on the World Tour, but what a trial by fire for the kid from Shorehaven, Ari Gibson! [horn blasts.]
[people cheering.]
Go Ari! Pull another mate.
Good luck Ari, come on.
Go Ari, go! [suspenseful music.]
[female commentator.]
And round one is underway.
We've thrown out the priority rules.
So be prepared for 60 minutes of dog eat dog.
[uplifting music.]
Let's go Ari.
[male commentator.]
Oh, look at this fast start from Gibson, all of 15 years old, catching his more seasoned rivals off guard.
Go Ari! - Hey.
- Hey.
You should see how many followers I'm getting.
It's insane.
Everyone's frothing this comp.
Yeah, sick! And don't worry too much about the scores.
You'll do better tomorrow.
I was up against Jenna Brosa, it's not like I actually had a chance Of course you had a chance.
You just need to make a few adjustments, and then you'll rip it up tomorrow.
I'm going to catch the end of Ari's round.
[male commentator.]
These 60 minute rounds are a test of stamina as well as skill.
[female commentator.]
And as your online votes are tallied, it's too close to call.
I could be reading this wrong, but I think Ari's doing pretty well here.
See, it's possible.
Look, big set coming in.
Yeah, he just needs to hold his nerve, wait for the right wave, he'll be sweet.
[male commentator.]
With just under a minute left, all three competitors on the hunt for that last decisive score.
Martinez paddling hard here, but nope, he lets Gibson have this one and it might be a mistake.
Plenty of open space to play with and he's holding his nerve.
Could this be the wave that wins him the round.
He goes for the big floater to finish and oh, comes off hard.
[water surges.]
[female commentator.]
Oh and that wave just detonates on the reef.
Can you see him? [female commentator.]
A bone- crunching wipeout for Gibson.
[male commentator.]
Gibson, hasn't surfaced yet.
That's a notorious spot there on the reef.
It's super shallow and wave after wave can just pound down on you.
[crowd nervously muttering.]
[female commentator.]
There's his board, his leg rope must have snapped.
[male commentator.]
Yeah, this has turned into a serious hold down.
Gibson could be in real trouble.
Hey, I'm sure it'll be okay.
Hey, you can't go out there.
It's only crew allowed Abbie, Abbie! [male commentator.]
Water safety has Gibson on the slit.
He's barely moving.
Ari! Ari! Hey, you okay bubba? You gave us a bit of a fright there man, you good? Yeah.
No way, he won.
You won Ari! [Marlon.]
You won the round, that's crazy.
So, Mum had a great time then.
It looked worse than it was.
Ari, you ready yet? I can't believe they're still making you go to this party after what happened today.
Well, they're not making me go.
There'll be a tonne of sponsors there.
It's a pretty big opportunity.
Opportunity, opportunity for them to exploit more young surfers, to sell more board shorts.
Wow, you haven't whipped out that lecture in a while.
Here you go tough guy.
One party shirt.
She's moved on to the furniture.
[distorted music.]
[door knocks.]
[door knocks.]
Come on, you can do your makeup on the bus.
What happened? No, nothing.
I'm just tired.
We're all tired.
It's a tiring world.
Look, I know today was intense.
But it's a party.
You need to unwind.
I can unwind lying down.
But look, I've been stuck here for weeks with zero entertainment and you're telling me you want me to skip out on literally the only cool thing that's happened since I got here.
Okay, all right, sure.
We'll go.
But only for a little bit.
Ay, there he is.
I knew there was a legend buried underneath all that loser.
I still don't know how you guys think you're getting in.
You do remember who you're talking to right? [upbeat music.]
- And smiling.
- That's it, look to your right.
Hey Bodhi, you're Bodhi right? You totally ripped it out there today.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
So much.
I'm kind of waiting for Subtropix to tap me on the shoulder and tell me to go home.
That is not going to happen.
You totally deserve to be here.
You just have to back yourself.
- All right.
- I'll try.
See you.
Chilling with Layne Beachley are we? I know, she's incredible.
And I want you to know that I'm going to do better tomorrow.
You're 15.
No one expects you to blow it out of the water.
Just try and have fun.
Project some next-big-thing energy.
I'm going to go mingle.
I'll catch up with you in a bit.
[soft party music.]
[crowd talking.]
[upbeat music.]
Hey, great job out there today, now do you know Trav? Hey babe.
Yeah, yeah we crossed paths this morning in the dressing room, right? Yeah.
I mean, I've watched the perfect 20 clip of Pipeline, like a million times.
Ooh Ari, it's your big moment.
Hectic stuff man.
How ya feeling? Yeah, yeah, um yeah, no, fine.
You sure? You might want to keep your head above water the next time.
Don't listen to him.
He's just messing with you.
I guess I got to learn to take it.
See, kid gets it.
Look, I really liked what I saw out there.
You keep surfing like that and you and I should definitely have a conversation.
Uh, yeah, yeah, no, yeah.
That'd be awesome.
Good luck tomorrow.
I'll be watching.
No pressure.
Hey superstar, pretty popular tonight.
I guess.
I don't know, this whole networking thing's so weird, it's a lot of Pressure.
I guess neither of us really have a lot of help from our parents, with the whole career thing.
We need this more than anyone.
I know.
Hey Bodhs, I'm really, really glad we're doing this together.
["Paradise" by Total Giovanni playing.]
I want it so bad ♪ Yeah I ♪ I want it so bad ♪ Because ♪ Can you guys hurry up already? Brazil can you stop moving? Can you stop creasing my shirt? Let's just bail.
None of us were even in this comp.
We're nobodies yet.
Ha, speak for yourself.
[wheels rolling.]
After you.
[dance music.]
Yo! What's up? Love the hat.
Hey look, maybe I'm way off base here, but I just always felt that there was something between us.
That's really sweet Ari.
What's up losers.
Oh great.
So what, did you guys break in? Bro relax, this isn't school.
No one's going to give you detention.
How do you know, they could disqualify us or something? No, this is good.
This is amazing.
We're all here.
That's it, I'm dancing.
Someone's having a good time.
Come on.
["Chameleon" by Pnau playing.]
Chameleon ♪ We could rock away ♪ Leading, walk away ♪ Do you understand? ♪ Do you know what I say? ♪ We could rock away ♪ Leading, walk away ♪ Do you understand? ♪ Do you know what I say? ♪ Come through the flicker Of the sun with me ♪ Hanging out ♪ Come to the centre of the sun with me ♪ Saying "we could rock With our rhythm wise" ♪ We could rock With our rhythm wise ♪ We could rock With our rhythm wise ♪ We can rock ♪ [laughter.]
I still really like her, dude.
Plus, you and me again, back to normal.
You know, it's good.
And you and Bodhi, you'll mess everything up.
You knew that I liked her, before the accident I told you and it didn't seem to stop you.
That was different.
How? How was that different? You weren't around anymore? Look I'm just asking you not to.
It wouldn't be cool.
No, no, no! After everything you've done, you don't get to decide what's cool.
Whatever, do what you want.
Just go.
I will.
[music slows down.]
Yes please.
You might want to put that back.
Chill dude.
There's plenty of merch for everyone.
What are you doing? Nothing.
Having fun Really? Cause it looks like you're throwing this whole thing away.
I'm just being realistic Pops.
We both know the only reason I'm here is because I have a sponsor who got me a second chance, and because you were having a bad day at the trials.
Is that really what you think? It's what everyone thinks.
Not me.
I think you're just making excuses so you don't have to do all the work.
And you're just jealous.
Of course I'm jealous.
You get everything and you don't even appreciate it.
What are you talking about? This, sponsors, Ari.
Ari? Oh, come on.
Like you don't know.
Well you don't have to worry about that.
I would never ever go there with Ari.
It'd be gross.
Ah, guys? [waves crashing.]
How ya feeling? Yeah, not great.
You get why I have to talk to your dad about the whole partying thing.
Right? I'm really sorry, Manu.
I was just trying to act like I belonged, or something.
Yeah, I get that.
But this is the whole balancing act of professional surfing.
The parties, the travelling, the expectations of other people.
You have to keep hold of why you're doing it in the first place.
Don't forget that, okay.
Don't forget that.
[male commentator.]
The stakes couldn't be higher in this final round.
Every 20 minutes, the competitor with the lowest score will be eliminated.
Bodhi Mercer, looking for some redemption here.
[female commentator.]
Another incomplete from Mercer, cannot string her turns together.
[male commentator.]
Alice Madders, getting right in the pocket.
These riders doing whatever it takes to stay in the competition.
And the voters have spoken, Mercer has been eliminated from the Subtropix 360.
[female commentator.]
As impressive as it was to grab that Wildcard spot, Bodhi Mercer, rightly disappointed with her performance in this competition.
[unsettling music.]
[male commentator.]
Young Gibson back for more after his big hold down yesterday.
Gotta be feeling some nerves right now.
[disorienting music.]
Have fun out there.
Summer? Hey Summer, Summer, Summer! [male commentator.]
The next round commences in five minutes.
You guys seen Ari? [male commentator.]
Ari Gibson? Ari Gibson to the marshalling area.
Okay let's ah, let's split up hey.
[gentle music.]
Ari? What are you doing? Happened again didn't it? Thought I was done with this.
Dude, I don't think that's how anxiety works I don't have anxiety.
Okay, well something's going on.
You're still having these break-outs and I'm like, not really cool with being the only one who knows about them.
What if it happens in the water Ari.
No it won't.
Look, this is a medical thing.
Just go see a doctor or something No! Then my folks will find out and that will be it.
No more surfing.
Abbie could barely watch you yesterday.
This accident! You're not the only one it messed up.
If you don't tell someone, I will.
Fine! I'll tell someone.
Now? No, I'm going to finish the comp What!? Ari no, that's a terrible idea.
It might be the last comp I surf for a while.
I may as well make it count.
["Pizza Guy" by Touch Sensitive playing.]
[upbeat music.]

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