Surviving Summer (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

For Laynah

1 Don't you know I'm no good for you? ♪ I've learned to lose you Can't afford to ♪ Tore my shirt to Stop you bleeding ♪ But nothing ever Stops you leaving ♪ Quiet when I'm coming home And I'm on my own ♪ I could lie, say I like it like that, like it like that ♪ I could lie, say I like it Like that, like it like that ♪ But nothing is Better sometimes ♪ Once we've both Said our goodbyes ♪ Let's just let it go ♪ Let me let you go ♪ I could lie, say I like it Like that, like it like that ♪ Boardriders is a team event guys, So I need you to all support each other this week all right? Now, Prawnie's going to be our open surfer, and we need an over 40s surfer in the mix as well so, I'll put the word out on that.
Last bit of admin.
Guys it is a Boardriders' Battle, so we need someone to lead us into battle.
I'll do it.
I'll be the Captain.
Ah, yeah right.
What are your qualifications? I know how the other team surf.
And my State rankings are better than yours.
And mine are better than yours.
Ah look Marlon, I appreciate the enthusiasm, but I'm going to make Poppy Captain.
Mum always did it before, so, it's only fitting.
The baton has now been passed on.
- On ya Pops.
- On ya Pops.
Good choice.
Okay, listen up.
There's a bunch of great Clubs heading our way, but the way I see it, this is the first time we've had a real chance here winning in years, okay? So let's fall in, focus up and let's put in the work yeah? You got it Manu.
Hey! You got this.
All right, let's go train.
Hey Manu, um, have you got a second? Yeah, what's up? I just wanted to say sorry for going AWOL in the last round of the 360.
I, got crazy nervous.
Ah that's a pretty normal reaction when you surfing in the big leagues, you know.
And I bet that hold down didn't help either? Yeah, no, it was probably the hold down.
But look I have been feeling shaky, and I kinda want to get past that.
I've got some drills I've been working on.
I think they may help.
Hey, I've got your back.
- Let me sleep on it.
- Thanks Manu.
So Boardriders doesn't go towards your State rankings? Nope, and we get to surf as a team, not against each other like normal.
Hold up, so I can compete and not destroy anybody's career/life? I'm sorry Summer but you're still not comp standard.
And there's not really a place for you anyway.
Come on Pops, Summer's improved a lot.
It'll be fun.
Yeah, and who doesn't love some fun? Come on Poppy, you're not going to leave me hanging are you? Fine! You can be sub.
Whoo! I'm on the team baby.
Sub just means you'll surf if someone gets injured.
Hey, well let's hope that doesn't happen.
You need to take this seriously.
Okay? Both of you.
Now let's get out there before the swell dies.
You sure you want to be on the team? So breathe all the way in to your belly for four.
And hold for four.
And breathe all the way out for four.
Keep doing that.
You just got to remember that your breathe is a tool yeah.
I feel like a tool.
Actually, I thought we were working on aerials today.
Yeah we will but Ari got a bit freaked at the last hold down, so I bumped this up the list.
Great, yeah great.
Because he got to surf at Bells and I didn't.
Yeah bro, whatever.
See, see that right there, that's exactly why you're not Captain right.
As far as I tell the only person you think about is yourself.
Someone has to.
We're going to start simple.
Seeing how long you can comfortably stay under water.
When you expend energy, you can still conserve your breathe if you stay calm.
You okay mate? All good? Sweet.
This is heat conditions Bodhi.
Put pressure on her.
Stay with her, don't let her get away.
Bodhs! Be more aggressive.
Go around her.
You're better than her.
Go around her babe.
What are you waiting for.
A hold down can be deadly if you don't know how to handle it.
It's like the ocean fighting you.
It's got you in a headlock and it's not letting go.
So I want you to take turns keeping each other down.
If you can control your breathe, you can control your fear.
The real battle is with yourself.
Hey! Hey! What happened? - Accident.
- What you mean? I'm okay.
Marlon? Hey get back here.
Where are you going? Marlon! What is happening out there? You're letting Summer psych you out.
The waves just didn't come my way.
Yo, she ate my froth.
Ate my froth? What, not a thing? You didn't even use local knowledge.
You could have suckered Summer big time.
Uh, excuse me.
You know those annoying lefts that look sick, then close out? Of course I do.
So use them.
Make it look like it's an amazing wave.
Like you're going for 1,000 percent, then fake out, and let your opponent wipeout.
But you need to step it up.
No, you need to back off.
I don't tell you how to surf, so stop telling me.
That was, intense.
She's just annoyed because she knows I'm right.
So instead of say a doctor, a parent, or any kind of responsible adult, you talk to Manu.
He's my coach.
He's the perfect person to tell.
What exactly did you tell him? I told him that I'd been freaking out in the surf a little bit, and that the breath training really helped.
It was relaxing.
Yeah, so relaxing that Marlon hit you in the face.
Okay well, that was a bit weird, but it wasn't Manu's fault.
Hey Thommo, you got a minute? Ari actually wanted to tell you something.
What's up? He was meant to tell you, that our team needs a surfer over 40.
You interested? Oh yeah.
Okay, count me in.
You do realise it's a competition, yeah? Like judges and scores and all that horror.
But it's Boardriders.
It's different.
It's a community thing.
Besides, when do we ever get to surf in the same team together? You are such a great supportive dad, Thommo.
Oh Poppy made me sub by the way.
Good for you, Summer.
Wait, you're the sub? I'm on the team, baby.
So? Yeah, yeah.
They're going to talk it over, put it to a vote.
But they seemed really impressed.
Mum, if I'm going to be the best I need to surf with the best.
Learn from the best.
That's Anchor Cove.
I just wonder if you thought this through.
You'd be turning your back on your friends, your community.
I'm not turning my back on anything.
Do you remember how tough things were when we first got here? You were so unhappy.
Then we found Shorehaven, and it felt like home.
I thought you'd be happy I'm taking my career seriously.
Don't do that.
I thought you'd have my back.
I do.
Always, my love.
Let's go home.
Please How did you go with the girls today? Bodhi hates me for giving her some solid advice.
It's all good.
Just say sorry, and bring her back to the fold.
Why are you on her side? You said before that she needs to get tougher in the water.
Yeah, but being Captain is more about leading by example than telling people what to do.
Because I don't know what I'm talking about? Hey, that's not what I said.
Manu! Bro, just go easy man.
You know what? Maybe making you Captain was a mistake.
What? There's just too much pressure on you.
And since Mum died Do not bring Mum into this.
I feel like I've, we've been pushing you too hard.
And you've been pushing yourself too hard, Pops.
You know when I watch you surf now it's like, it's like you've lost the joy of it.
You know, when you used to rip it, and it used to light you up.
We haven't seen it for ages.
What? So I'm just meant to stop trying so hard.
Smile more.
Is that it? No.
You have no idea how I feel.
Flightless birds Running like a virus ♪ You can't ride with me Solo ride pirate ♪ And my ego bigger Than the Mack truck ♪ Tryna act tough, you might Have to cut the banter ♪ This another one of your drills? I miss Mum, so much.
I want to give it a try.
There was something Great about you ♪ Something that'll never Be the same without you ♪ Something that I'm Always going to miss ♪ Guess it's how it is ♪ We pass each other by ♪ And we don't share Our time for long ♪ We have a change of mind ♪ The moment ends And life goes on ♪ Please make sure your surfers are registered, and your team order has been okayed by the judges.
So I got a little excited at our training session, and so did our beloved Captain.
I get why this is a big deal for her, but it's a lot, you know? Too much sometimes.
Well, it's kind of a compliment, you know? You pick at the people we love and believe in.
So just suck it up and do this for Poppy.
Come on just for today.
And how about you boys? Ready to represent for Shorehaven? Does this answer your question? It's upside down, and we made that, loser.
You literally just got it out of your van.
Hi, everyone.
Hey, Jackson Bay.
Hey, Anchor Cove.
Just want to say a few words before we kick off.
Hey, everyone.
Just on behalf of the Shorehaven Boardriders, I just want to say welcome.
Kia ora, and it's lovely to have you guys here.
Now, a lot of you knew Laynah Te Tahanui who was our Club President for many years.
But more importantly .
she was our mother.
Our family surfs under the Tetanui name because of her, and the Boardriders Battle was always her favourite comp.
She was looking forward to hosting this event.
So on behalf of us and on behalf of our whanau, I just want to say have an amazing day today, guys.
And we're going to wax ya.
All righty! Go gear up.
We'll see you out there.
So how exactly do you surf in a team? Okay, so they've only got 10 minutes each out there and only their best wave counts, and then they have to get back to the beach and tag before the time runs out, otherwise the team loses points.
Well, here we go Boardriders.
A huge day of surfing ahead as heat one is about to kick off.
This is it.
Shred or be shredded.
- Go, Pops.
- Go Poppy, you can do it.
- Go Poppy.
- And they're off.
Go, Pops.
- Go, Poppy.
- All right, Poppy.
Go Poppy! Tetanui chasing her first score.
Oh, I'm not sure why she didn't take that one.
Maybe an attack of nerves there from the Shorehaven Captain as Cassidy from Jarrah Island takes off like a rocket.
Tetanui goes again.
Pumping for speed, but the wave closes out, and she bails.
Here's Sheridan Morehouse on the best wave of the set.
Some surfers just make it look so easy, don't they? Let's go for it.
Go, go, go.
The riders racing to the tag point to avoid a time penalty.
Tetanui just makes it.
But her best wave was only a 3.
Nice, nice.
When was the last time Thommo surfed in a comp? Mate, I don't know.
Late nineties.
I'll be surprised if he can pull off a single turn.
Hey, where's Luciana today? Yeah, couldn't make it.
Bigger question.
Where's the uke? Judges totally underscored you.
It's fine.
You should get down to the tag point.
Sure, no worries.
And hey, have fun out there.
Nice save.
I'm not sure where this Thommo Gibson character has come from, but he is absolutely ripping.
Oh, what's happening? Gibson chases a clean section, gives himself some space, and a beautiful comeback to finish.
I hope you suck like that brother.
So do I.
After a slow start, Shorehaven clawing their way back into contention.
Mercer only finding time for one wave here, but she's chipped out an absolute gem.
Big smooth turns on display here, and rising star, Ari Gibson, keeps the momentum going.
With the best two teams in this heat progressing through to the next round, that scorching ride by Gibson Jr gives Shorehaven a real chance.
Come on Marlon, go, go, go.
Come on.
Go, go, go, go.
Ari hey, that's the way to surf, boy! Almost as good as your dad, buddy.
You're beautiful, mate.
Well done.
Thanks, Dad.
Anchor Cove's Griff Temple making the most of a tricky wave here.
Oh, laser precision in that top turn.
And that's a 7.
9 for Temple's last effort.
Dying minutes of the heat here, and Sousa's struggling to get a look in.
Temple tries to press his advantage, but Sousa beats him to it.
Not a huge wave, but the Shorehaven hot-shot goes for the air.
Nails it.
So sick bro! They had nothing.
When you're hot, you're hot, my brother.
Okay, guys.
Second round draw's looking a bit easier.
Making the final is totally doable.
Yeah, and if anyone has a sore knee or anything, I'm more than happy to step in.
Hey Pops.
What do you want, Griff? I just wanted say I'm sorry your mum's not here to see this.
She was super cool.
Hey thanks.
And bro, when the oldies at Anchor Cove take this long to make a decision, it's usually a no, just in case you were getting your hopes up.
So I had a meeting with them.
No biggie.
No biggie? Ordinary move mate, ordinary.
Yeah, why would you want to surf with those garbage humans? More resources, more support.
As if you guys haven't thought about it.
I've genuinely never thought about it.
Shorehaven is family.
Where's your loyalty? Come on, let's go.
Well after an epic day, the final is a round one rematch.
Shorehaven facing the mighty Anchor Cove, who are defending this crown for the fifth year in a row.
- Let's go, sis.
- Go, Poppy.
- Go Shorehaven.
- Rock it.
If you didn't feel supported, why didn't you talk to me about it? Why would I? You didn't take me seriously.
Now from where I'm standing, I think it's the other way round.
Whether Anchor Cove take you or not, me and you, we're done.
One good wave Pops, that's all you need.
One good wave.
Let's go, Pops.
Get in there.
It's gone flat as a tack out there for Tetanui and Tran.
Tetanui will be gagging for redemption points, but time's ticking on this round.
What? Tetanui is on fire.
Look at her go through the lip, back for more.
Marlon's gone.
What do you mean he's gone? Ghosted.
Yeah, and not answering his phone.
Maybe we went a bit hard on him.
Are you serious? There's so much more I could have said.
I'm going to do another lap.
And you come with me, okay? And it's an 8.
2 for Shorehaven.
We're only a couple of points behind.
I'll talk to the organisers.
Maybe they'll let me surf twice.
Pops, you know the rules.
When someone drops out, the sub surfs.
Sub? You mean me? Bodhs, be real.
It'd be Summer vs.
It's ridiculous.
Okay, harsh.
So when you need someone, she's right there, but when you don't, you just chuck her away? Okay.
Okay, you good to go? Sure, if you want me to.
Shorehaven up-and-comer, Marlon Sousa, a no-show for the final match up.
With the 10 minutes nearly up, there's been very little on offer here.
You going to go? Just waiting for the right one.
In a way, no waves is good for Summer.
Yeah but, if they both get zero, we lose.
Just over a minute left in this final, can these competitors make something happen? Here we go.
At last a little ripple or two.
And he takes it.
Oh, it gives him absolutely nothing.
Was that the plan all along? She did it.
The fake out.
I taught her that.
Hey Griff doesn't have time to catch another wave.
Yeah, but she still needs a 2.
Summer can do that.
Can she? - Come on, come on, come on.
- Come on, Summer.
Last ditch effort by Torres, and she's up.
A little wobbly, but pulls up a neat little turn.
Yo, what was that? That was, that was not nothing.
That was something.
That was definitely something.
With 20 seconds to go, a disappointed Temple crosses the line, not wanting to risk a time penalty.
And the judges have spoken.
That is a 2.
7 for Torres putting Shorehaven in front.
But she still has to cross the line to seal the win.
- Let's go.
- Summer, let's go.
- Get up, get up.
- Come on, Summer.
- Quick.
- Come on.
Quick, quick, quick.
Get across the line.
And she has done it.
She's done it for Shorehaven.
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