Surviving Summer (2022) s01e08 Episode Script


1 ["Strange Dreams" by Nic Cester playing.]
There was a line I crossed ♪ Still I care at all ♪ I have the feeling they've ♪ What I've done was wrong ♪ [Griff.]
No way! He's back for round two.
Nah, just having a look.
They wanted to know where Stairway was, so So, Anchor Cove let you in? Not yet.
They're still deciding.
Is it working? [Ari.]
Not yet.
Probably tomorrow after that low pressure system moves off.
Oi Gibson, last year when Marlon piked, did you get cooked doing the jump or out at the reef break? The reef but, I don't really remember.
Chill bro, let's keep it going.
You should come back tomorrow.
See how it's meant to be done.
["Move Up" by Tasman Keith playing.]
I got too much Level move up ♪ Level don't burn out Just level up ♪ [Prawnie.]
Whoo and a wipeout! [Manu.]
All right, hold on [Bodhi.]
It's a local tradition.
Stairway's pumping like once a year, so everyone gets obsessed over the big waves.
Let's do it then.
It can be my big send off.
Any of you thinking of going up there you're barred from the Club all right.
So just relax.
[both laugh.]
I can't believe you're going back to New York in a week.
Our lives are going to be so empty.
Hey you know it's true.
Yo, you guys should come visit me in New York.
Yes, and then let's go to Hawaii.
Pops, Hawaii's on the way to New York.
I know that.
It's also on the way back.
- Think about it.
- You think about it.
[phone chimes.]
Sorry, I'll be back in a second.
Oi boofheads! Stop trying to avoid crafternoon.
[gentle music.]
Oh I love your hair this length.
It's absolutely gorgeous.
It's been the same for ages.
Well, it's working.
You really don't have to do this.
Oh Topher's got a garage full of boards.
He won't miss it.
It's great you guys are raising money for the Club.
And I'm happy to contribute.
So good to see the Boardriders up and running again.
You can take it now.
Rob Brooks original.
Isn't it cool? Yeah, it's amazing.
- [Jacqueline laughs.]
- Thanks.
I was thinking of swinging by the fundraiser tomorrow.
Catch up with a few people.
I think Dad's going to be there.
Well he hasn't been returning my calls, so personally I wouldn't mind a catch up.
It's been two years, I'm pretty sure we can keep it civil.
- Okay.
- See you there.
[gentle music becomes distorted.]
[water surges.]
[pounding music.]
[Ari breathes heavily.]
[bird calls.]
Come and give me a hand getting this in the car.
If I break Honey's track then I am a dead man.
Yeah, no worries.
You right mate? You look a bit wrecked.
Um! Yeah, Dad, I was wondering .
have you ever been freaked out? When you're out in the surf? Yeah, course mate.
Happens to everyone at some point.
What happened? Nothing specific, it's more just I Hey, um, there's been a bit of a development.
Where's Summer? [Thommo.]
She's in the back garden with Honey, collecting more of the 'contestants'.
Um, they want to extent Margot's Middle East thing.
So she's asked if Summer can stay with us a bit longer.
About three months longer.
Can we make that work? Well shouldn't we ask Summer if that's okay? Ah well Margot hasn't spoken to her yet.
Look, um, until they talk, let's not mention it to Summer.
Or to Honey.
All right we better get going or we'll be late for the fundraiser.
Hey if you're not feeling up to it you know you can stay home all right? No, um, I'm good.
Welcome to the Boardriders' Fundraiser.
Hope these guys are okay in here.
Great to see everyone here.
So this is everyone? In Shorehaven? Yes it is.
Your support is what keeps Shorehaven Boardriders afloat.
Frigg's Fish and Chips is donating five bucks for every minute our Boardriders' champs stay in the ice bath.
And our brave coach has volunteered to go first.
Everybody give him a warm welcome.
[crowd applauds and cheers.]
This is how much I love Shorehaven! [crowd continues to cheer.]
And your time starts now! Look who's come crawling back, the traitor.
Harsh, but fair.
There, I helped.
I'm going to go.
Hey, I agreed to this weeks ago.
If you want any rides to any more competitions ever, you'll stay.
Snail race starts in 30 minutes people.
Come choose your gastropod! Yep! You don't want to miss it.
So you knew she was coming? Yes, but I knew you wouldn't come if she was here.
She said you've been screening her calls.
Yeah, well, I've been busy.
Here, your shirt's unbuttoned.
I need to start selling these raffle tickets in a minute.
Mhm Can you try and have fun? Yeah, I'm going to have fun.
I'm here to party.
I can tell from the shirt.
Hey! [Bodhi laughs.]
And they're off! Lettuce Machine, the hot favourite, fails to get the start he wanted.
Shelley MacLaine, no doubt looking for the fastest part of the track.
Slytherin, yet to emerge from his shell, but he's a real late charger fellow.
Shelley, move your butt! That's five bucks on Lettuce Machine? - You got it.
- Thanks.
That's two-to-one on Lettuce Machine, you all.
[Honey continues to commentate the race.]
Go get yourself a ticket.
Thanks, we'll be drawing the raffle in a few hours.
Thank you, that's the winning one.
[Bodhi laughs.]
How long since they even talked? Over a year, probably.
It's way overdue.
That wasn't too hard, was it? She wants custody.
She wants you to live with her.
Mum made a lot of food.
Like, a lot.
Look, you're not actually thinking of surfing Stairway are you? Best time for the jump is 3pm.
We're going to meet just before then.
You know Griff doesn't decide who gets in the Club.
You have nothing to prove.
Easy for you to say.
You're the guy who jumped.
Look, Mars, there's still a spot for you in Shorehaven.
Just go to Manu and say, "Sorry, bro, I was a bit of a pelican.
" It's too late for that, Gibson.
No, no it's not! You know you caught a wave that day, right? What? You paddled past the reef, and you got this monster, massive wave.
And you almost made it.
What does it matter? I barely remember anything.
I think about it all the time.
And it's like, if I can just beat it, you know, face the beast, I can move on.
Maybe I should come with you.
No, you know you can't.
No, just to make sure you're safe.
Yo Ari, come on Manu says you're next up in the ice bath.
Could you please give us a second? What is going on? You Gibsons have been acting super squirrely.
We're talking about surfing the Stairway.
Conditions might not be right for another year, so.
Okay, so the dumbest idea on the planet.
No, no, no.
We're not actually surfing Stairway.
Yeah, right.
Exactly how many panic attacks do you want to have, Ari? Panic attacks? Nothing, a stupid joke.
I'm sure your parents will find it hilarious.
Summer, stop.
No, I'm saving you from your own stupidity.
No wonder your mum doesn't want you back.
She still hasn't called you, has she? What are you talking about? She's staying in the Middle East and you are staying here, which is so, so great for all of us.
All I suggested was you might want to spend more time with me.
He's acting like a child.
How much time we talking about? I was thinking, every other week? Topher and I have moved into the house now and his kids love it there.
I think you would too.
Sorry, I'd rather stay with Dad.
I know how much you take care of him.
You shouldn't be in that position.
How did we end up in this position? Okay.
I can see I'm not forgiven yet.
I don't want to push anything.
I've been checking the rankings, you're still in with a chance for the State Team.
Tiny one.
Sometimes that's all you need.
Whoa, 12 minutes, we have a new record! Unfortunately, it's getting a little bit boring.
Hey, Pops, sorry to distract you.
Please, distract me.
When you get out, I kind of stuffed up with Summer.
[phone rings.]
Summer! Summer I'm so glad you've called.
I just got back from this hellish job and everything went wrong.
That's funny because I heard things are going great for you.
Has Abbie explained everything? Not really, no.
Well, my editors love what I've been doing and it seemed like things were going so well for you over there, I thought you wouldn't mind staying an extra few months.
Extra months? Yeah, I meant to call you sooner, but it's just been so crazy with work and also I wanted to make sure Abbie and Thommo were happy to have you for a little longer before I ran it by you.
Yeah right, because what I want always comes last.
Sum, would you give me a break? It's clear to anyone that you're having a better time of it in Shorehaven than you were in New York.
You're getting this from what? A couple of selfies you happen to see as you jumped in a Humvee? Always has to be a fight, right? Yeah, with you Margot, always.
You know, maybe we just, just face the fact, that we do better when we're apart.
Finally the truth.
["Shake The Fire" by Sampson playing.]
In and out ♪ I watched you sleep ♪ Now I can't compose myself ♪ Oh, I know ♪ Hey, Ari told us about the news.
And he feels really bad for how it came out.
Yeah, totally.
I'm sorry things still aren't good with your mum or whatever, but we're so, so stoked you're staying longer.
What if I don't want to stay any longer? Did anyone think of that? Kind of looked like you were having a good time.
Because I knew I was leaving! Even the most boring stinkhole in the universe can be fun for five minutes.
Okay, didn't realise it was so painful hanging out with us.
Do the math, Poppy.
You're literally the only people in town.
I did the best with what I had.
[dramatic music.]
Hey! Don't panic, but Shelley MacLaine has gone missing.
What're you up to? I was thinking of surfing Stairway.
You are such a crack up.
I know.
Anyway, can I leave you to search this area? Shelley's very fast.
Thank you.
- One meat tray.
- Cheers.
- Snacks for days, bro.
- Thanks Enjoy.
Alright, folks, now for the main event.
She can't have meant all that.
Or maybe we're finally seeing the real Summer.
The 1978 Rod Brook's original.
With the signature lightning bolt design.
And the winning ticket is, B47! B47! Anyone? You beauty! Matthias! Awesome mate, keeping it in the family.
It's definitely here, I definitely remember seeing it.
So, here you go.
Yeah, Matthias, just hang on for a sec mate, I got to find the ticket.
He doesn't want it, he's just kidding.
No, no.
I'm not kidding, I mean have a look at this thing.
Hey, everyone, if I could have your attention I just want to say a big thank you to Jacqui Laurent and her other half for generously donating this amazing bit of gear.
A big round of applause for Jacqui, hey.
[crowd applauds.]
So great having people like you digging really deep.
Puts some of us to shame, doesn't it? Dad, please stop.
I'm just kidding.
Do a redraw, hey? [Prawnie.]
Okay folks.
Looks like ah, looks like we've got a redraw on our hands.
D21! So I guess this has been a really fun day for you.
You better not let Poppy catch you in here.
You want me to go? No, it's okay.
I genuinely thought that if my parents just saw each other in person they'd start working everything out like a dumb 80s movie.
You see the best in people, that's what makes you amazing.
It's just a shame we can't all be as amazing as you.
You're very funny.
Marlon, no.
Sorry, sorry.
Thought there was a vibe.
There's no vibe.
I've missed you, that's all.
Bodhs, you okay? Yeah, I'm great.
What did you say to her? Aren't you in the wrong Clubhouse? Poppy.
Don't worry, I'm going.
Alright, everyone! This is the last race of the day.
Get in here, place your bets.
Sadly, we've had a late scratching.
Five dollars, thank you so much.
That's really helpful.
Hey Ari, have you seen Marlon? No, it's been a second.
If you do, please tell him he's required for barbecue clean up.
His career depends on it.
[Ari laughs.]
Hey, can I put a bet on Shells Bells? Thanks.
[phone chimes.]
Oi! So you're actually going to do this? Griff and his crew, they're not coming.
It's just us.
[waves crashing.]
[tense music.]
Hello boys.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- She's kidding me.
You're not up to this, Summer.
It's over, we can't go in now.
She'll jump in after us.
What're you even doing here? Felt like I was losing my edge.
Talked to Margot, didn't you? What did she say to you? [Ari.]
Look, this is crazy.
Let's just go home, okay, yeah? Yeah, yeah, yeah, we're going home.
You don't get to tell me what to do.
Summer! Hey, hey! Hey! Summer! Summer! [intense music.]
[Summer coughs.]
Summer! Get on your board! [Summer coughs.]
[water surges.]
Hang on.
Come on, start paddling.
We'll go straight out.
You've got to get past the reef.
Hold up.
[gentle music.]
Let's go home.
Oh, no.
It's Dad.
Get in.
They were out of tartare.
Don't worry, I didn't make a scene.
That's a relief.
Look, I'm sorry.
This is a calamari based apology.
Dad, I know you're still angry about Mum bailing on us.
But it's like I've been staying angry for you.
You need to move on.
So what does that mean? After the State Championships, I might stay with her for a few days.
See how it goes.
Yeah, but we're a team.
I need you here.
I'll be around when you need me.
But I want my mum back.
Even when I was out there I thought, surely he's not going to do this again, surely he's not going to be that deluded.
After everything that you've been through.
After everything we've been through.
What was going through your head? [Ari.]
I don't know.
So your mum's coming to get you? Yeah.
I guess they don't trust me on a plane by myself.
Can I come with you? I'd be down with that.
Central Park has a very active birding community.
[Summer laughs.]
Come here.
Honey! Bed time now please.
["Highlights" by Shahrae playing.]
In the end I want to know ♪ [Abbie.]
Help me to try and understand why you would have done this.
The only reason I went in was to help Summer.
Nah, I don't buy that.
You can kiss the rest of your season goodbye mate.
Play it all back Every moment ♪ That we had ♪ Do you feel the Same as I do ♪ Looking through the Highlights with you ♪ Maybe we could Take it all back ♪ Figure this out We'll figure it out ♪ Wishing we could Just go right back ♪ All the good times That we did have ♪ Maybe we could Take it all back ♪ And I remember I was Driving fast on the highway ♪ Eating lunch after midday ♪ Watching stars early morning ♪ Watching highlights Of us baby ♪ Laughing 'til we Can't breathe ♪ Drinking all our family ♪ Acting like we're crazy ♪ [gentle music.]

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