Surviving Summer (2022) s01e09 Episode Script


1 You should know better Than to mess around with that ♪ 'Cause we don't keep 'em Guessing where the power is ♪ I ain't trying to be a man Something 'bout being a rock ♪ I can leave you sitting In the dust like ah ♪ When you want to court All taut like glass ♪ And I had the last laugh Like what ha ha! ♪ Hey! Shorehaven sucks! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Sweat it out now Better bow down ♪ We the go getters Pow pow ♪ You should know better Than to mess around with that ♪ 'Cause we don't keep 'em Guessing where the power is ♪ We are G.
R ♪ It's like he's made himself at home with the idiot brigade.
I'm glad they took him.
It's obviously where he belongs.
Feeling a bit outnumbered are we? Just a little bit.
It's a good thing you guys thrive under tough conditions, and you both smashed your heats, so either of you could win this.
And if you both stay focused over the next couple of days, then the State here we come, let's go Sorry, sorry.
Not sorry.
I'm gonna kick that thing onto the street.
It's going to be a long night.
They've only got so many brain cells to burn.
They'll tire themselves out eventually.
What are they doing? I've got ear plugs if you want those.
I told you.
Right, that's it.
Oi, keep it down! Oh! Far out.
Poppy, you nearly made me crap myself.
What are you doing? Nothing.
I'm just listening to some music.
Is your taste as bad as the rest of your team? Aye, oh no don't.
I feed my spirit.
I train my body.
I am strong and powerful.
What is this? Just affirmations.
They help me focus before comps.
So you listen to some girl tell you how awesome you are? That figures.
As if you don't have your thing.
I see you walking around before heats, headphones in, talking to yourself.
I do not talk to myself.
Don't be embarrassed.
It's cute.
Look, just tell your mates to keep it down.
Sure thing.
Night Pops.
Always enjoy our chats.
Real sorry about Your broken heart ♪ I'm trying to walk On broken glass ♪ Do it all again for art ♪ Like had to write A song about it ♪ I'll go if you go, If you're cool with that ♪ I'll go if you go, I have Hope that you know that ♪ I'll go if you go, If you're cool with that ♪ I'll go if you go, I have Hope that you know that ♪ I just want To get groceries ♪ I'll pray you want To get close to me ♪ I'll give it some, Give it some, Give it some time ♪ But I think we're Supposed to be ♪ And if you want To get groceries ♪ And if you want To get close to me ♪ Just gimme some, gimme some, Gimme some sign ♪ I think that we're Supposed to be ♪ I wish that I Could let it pass ♪ Come on I don't mind that You put it last ♪ I made it worse, I put you first ♪ We're laughing Like it didn't hurt ♪ I'm in the dirt, I'll make it work though ♪ I'll go if you go, If you're cool with that ♪ I'll go if you go ♪ Yo! Hold up! Ahhh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Change of plans.
No, no, we had a deal.
You were supposed to distract Dad while I get to the island.
Relax! I put Honey on it.
See what I did there? Honey can't hold him off for that long.
Why would you even want to come? I don't know, to annoy my mum.
Couldn't make things easy for her, could I? I can't believe I trusted you with this.
Ever since you got here, you have done nothing but mess things up for me.
Tell me how you really feel.
Okay fine! I feel like you've ruined my life and I'm glad that you're finally leaving.
I'm leaving .
just not yet.
Yo! What's your name? Stan.
All right, well step on it Stan.
We've got a ferry to catch.
It's day two of the Jarrah Island pro juniors, starting with the Under 16 Girls quarter finals.
It's not looking great for Tetanui so far, she's going after everything, but wave selection has been all over the shop.
Why is she going for that move again? I told her to play her percentages.
She's been kind of distracted all morning.
This is the last of the State qualifying rounds, so it's do or die now, as these groms battle it out for a spot on the State Team.
Last chance for Tetanui here, stays in the pocket and Oh! Nails it.
There you have it folks.
Anchor Cove's Lily Tran takes first, Tetanui scrapes in a second, and they'll both advance to the semi's.
I was worried there for a second.
Nah, never in doubt.
Flip it up Bodhs! Oi, what was that about? I was having fun.
Aren't you all about the joy Manu? Yeah, I'm about strategic joy.
All right.
You just opened the door for Tran and Lineker to steal your spot on the State Team.
If they do well in their semi's then it's over for you Pops.
Hello? Pops? Not much I can do about that now.
What? Oh no! Yo, are they like into each other? Oh no.
He's just messing with her head.
Really? Yeah, he's just pretending to have a thing for her.
We'll tell her tomorrow before the final, to psych her out.
Whatever it takes.
Right? Hey you two.
Sandwich? Thanks Marlon's mum.
Wait, wait, wait! No please! I need to get on that ferry.
Oh, I'm an idiot.
My whole season ruined because I didn't book a ferry ticket.
I knew you'd give up at the first hurdle.
Come on.
The ferry will commence boarding in ten minutes.
Passengers on foot please wait until the vehicles are all boarded, thank you.
Ooh You tangled me in thread ♪ I'm sewed into my bed Kept me under control ♪ Ooh lies So bright that I was blind ♪ Just feeling for the light And taking any signs ♪ Ooh A dazzle in my eyes ♪ You gassed me with your lies A poisonous cloud nine ♪ Ooh My honesty is true ♪ Now what? Ahh, great! If you've got a better plan I'm all ears.
It's your dad.
He must've figured it out already.
Would you relax.
I changed your mum's contact details on his phone to mine.
So he thinks he's texting Abbie right now.
- Okay, that's kind of genius.
- Yeah.
"Yeah, the kids are with me, nearly at the airport.
" "See you soon.
" Wait wait wait, three x's and a smiley face.
That's how mum always signs off.
Skilling up Gibson.
1, 2, 3.
And sent.
If this works, it'll be a miracle.
So, Summer just woke up and decided to go with Mum to the airport did she? Yeah.
Yeah! Classic Summer, so fickle.
And this was after she gave you a skateboard.
Out of the goodness of her heart.
Hmm hmm.
And Ari just tagged along did he? For moral support.
I think I see what's going on here.
Those two are trying to worm their way back into our good books.
See, underneath it all, they're both pretty good kids.
They really are.
Sorry sir, we will be underway shortly.
Attention passengers, the ferry is now boarding.
I wish I'd left 15 minutes ago.
There is no way I'm making it to my heat now.
In other news, Bodhi and Poppy made it to the semi's.
Hey, question.
Suppose you do make it to the State Team.
What then? Abbie and Thommo are still going to lock you in the shed.
If they still don't get on board, I'll move out.
I'll get a job.
Look, there's this school I've been looking at on the Gold Coast, it has a surf academy.
I'm done, asking for permission.
Wow, what a rebel.
What about you? What are you doing here? I told you, messing with Margot.
I don't buy that.
You said you can't wait to get out of this stinkhole, away from us yokels, and then the day your mum arrives to take you home, you do a runner? The way I talked to you guys, to the girls, it wasn't cool.
Okay I can't just leave it like that.
- What a sweetheart.
- Oh shut up.
Surprise! Okay, you go, go, go! Let's go! "Surprise!" It just came out.
All right.
Yeah that's it over there, Jarrah Island.
And when we get off this thing, how far to the beach? About an hour by foot.
Part of your plan is walking for an hour? Yeah.
I'll call Poppy and see if she can get my heat pushed back.
Oi! - The Prawn! - Mate, what're you doing here? Oh, a few mates are going to go surf the bombie at Jarrah Rocks.
It should be sweet.
What about you? Your folks changed their mind last minute? Yeah.
Something like that.
Cutting it a bit short there, aren't you mate? Yo Prawnie.
Tell me you've got the van.
Ari's on his way here right now.
Come on Robo mate, he just needs another 15 minutes.
Guys, you know the policy, and what is it with Shorehaven surfers being late for heats.
Get it together.
What if I surf Ari's heat and he surf's mine? We're seeded the same anyway.
Hey, well what about your prep? Are you even warmed up? Better get out there quick smart.
All right guys.
Hey, there's a lot of little ones out there today.
So just put the airs away and be patient.
Think about the waves you want to surf.
We made them wait for it, but the Under 16 Boys are finally getting their chance to shred.
Another measured ride from Sousa there, not his usual style, but I like what I see.
How about that? He actually listened to me.
And all it took was changing teams.
Yes Marlon, another one.
Sousa has cruised through comfortably, along with fellow Anchor Cove rider Ahmed, and we are cruising straight into heat three to see who will be joining him.
Come on Ari, hurry up.
What was that? That was me killing it.
Why did you swap heats? Hey, skin of your teeth brother.
Come on.
- Ari! - Let's go Ari! And wait for the right one.
Hey ladies.
Told you she'd tag along.
Be patient! Come on, you didn't think you could get rid of me that easy did you? We never tried to get rid of you Summer.
You're the one who hates being here.
I didn't mean all that stuff I said.
I was angry and I shouldn't have taken it out on you guys.
We're trying to watch Ari's heat.
Come on, Ari! Well, these choppy conditions are proving a bit of a headache for some of our competitors but not Ari Gibson.
He just keeps getting better since he's come back.
And right now he seems unstoppable.
Look mate we get it, he's your mate, you wanted to help him out.
But you're an Anchor now we need you to have our backs, not theirs.
- Oh yeah, I do.
- Good.
Because if Ahmed's going to get the score he needs to make the State Team, we need somebody to keep Gibson out of the way.
- You want me to sit on Ari? - Yeah.
Put the Club first.
I'm here to win.
Not sabotage my chances.
As long as you come second, you'll get your shot in the final.
You told us, that they didn't respect you at Shorehaven.
We wouldn't ask if we didn't think you were up to it.
So you with us or not? Let's do this.
All right.
You got this.
Okay, and in, two, three, four, and out, two, three, four, and in, two, three, that's good, keep doing that.
Now remember what we talked about, hold your bottom turn, stay in the pocket and leave it all out there.
We're just seconds away from the start of this semi.
Soon we'll find out who'll make it to tomorrow's Grand Final.
Good luck man.
Ahmed takes off.
Such a power house.
He's off to a flyer.
Come on Ari, get around him.
Marlon's not even catching anything.
He's just blocking Ari.
It's smart.
Puts Ari under the pump.
Can't get a look in, hey mate.
So you're just gonna give your new buddy a free ride now ha? Come on mate! Gibson finally slips away from Sousa.
Let's see if he can make the most of it.
Ari! Yes! There you go, there you go Ari! Pick it up! [crowd clapping And a 6.
2 for Gibson.
Finally he's in the game.
Your move bro.
If any of these guys want to make the State Team, failure here, is not an option.
I'm high and lovesick ♪ I laugh now ♪ What a contest this has turned into.
Looks like Ahmed's starting to feel the pressure.
Well the lead's been changing all heat, and still anyone's for the taking.
It could come down to the last wave.
Gibson drops to third as the clock ticks down.
Come on Ari.
Last roll of the dice for Gibson.
Can he hold his nerve? Trying to swim out I'm stuck here watching me ♪ Laying away The colours will fade ♪ Someday get out my love Don't want you 'cause now ♪ I'm high and lovesick ♪ I laugh now ♪ I'm fine to just Let you go ♪ And he's done it! Gibson wins! Sousa through in second place and Ahmed just missing out.
Yes! Hey what's wrong with you Sousa? Yeah, I didn't feel like playing dirty.
It's called strategy, we don't play dirty.
Oh yeah! Why don't you tell that to Poppy? I've got no idea what you're talking about.
I called it.
Massive mistake taking on a Shorehaven kook.
Oi! Stop! - Get off him.
- We're telling the judges.
You're done.
Backstabber Marlon.
Oh honey.
Leave it to the last second bro! I'm a wreak.
On ya mate.
I can't believe you actually pulled it off Gibson.
I haven't won yet but I wouldn't have made it without you.
Listen, what I said at the bus, I, you haven't ruined my life and I'm not glad that you're leaving Hey Ari, shut up! I don't want to go either.
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