Surviving Summer (2022) s01e10 Episode Script


1 Daylight ♪ Eat a piece of cake To start the day right ♪ Join in my crusade shouting At everyone "Be nice" ♪ When I'm not even Nice myself ♪ No, I don't even Like myself ♪ Shouting at everyone I shout at every person ♪ Do not ignore me ♪ I got through to the finals, I can still make the State Team.
Nothing you can say will make a single bit of difference.
- Mum! - Get in the car.
Please? We're going back to Shorehaven, picking up your things, and getting on the next flight home.
Wait, what! I thought we were staying for at least a few more days.
That was before you guys pulled the escape act.
Summer! Where are you going? I just wanna catch one more wave, I'll be right back.
Come back here immediately.
I am too jetlagged for this Well what an amazing day it's been folks.
So much talent on show.
You can't disqualify him.
My son is a gentleman.
He would never do anything like that unless he was provoked.
I'm sorry, I saw it with my own eyes.
So did I.
He needs a fair hearing.
The rules are very clear on this.
On come on! A bit of team bonding, Marlon? What happened? Just leave it okay? Oh no, here she comes.
Can I help you? Just checking to see if you're okay.
I'm great.
What affirmations do you use for a black eye? I've got no idea what you're talking about.
Oh sweetie, did you really think he was into you or something? That's, really sad.
So embarrassing.
Under 16 Girls semi-final.
Five minute warning.
What's wrong? Griff and Sheridan being tools.
What's new? You'll show him at the finals tomorrow.
But even if I come first, Sheridan or Tran, only need to get second to bump me out of contention.
So what am I? Chopped Liver? How about I win this and you come second.
Then you'd be set.
What did you do with Bodhi? Hey I'm just trying to channel some Tetanui attitude.
This is your fault.
Look, forget about Griff.
Forget all of them.
It's you and me all the way.
This should be a really exciting showdown.
I've been sent to get you.
So is this your whole plan or.
? No.
I figured we'd float out here until tomorrow, my mum decides I'm too much work and bails again.
Right oh.
Under 16s semi-finals.
These girls fighting to keep their State Team hopes alive.
Let's go, come on! Go Bodhs! You okay? Just a bump on the head.
I'm good.
The pressure's really starting to show out there.
Question is, who can handle it? Here we go again.
Bodhi Mercer, squeezing every last drop out of this one.
Great work for chasing down that section.
She's killing it! Sheesh! Where'd she get this fire from? Do you love me, You love me, you love me ♪ Do you love me now? Oh.
♪ Left your clothes Next to the bed ♪ Let's go Bodhi, you got this! Come on, finish it! A great summer, A great summer away ♪ And an 8.
1 for Mercer puts her in the lead.
- Bodhi! - Yeah come on! - Let's go Bodhi! - Yeah come on! I can't see her.
Where is she? Bodhi? Yo! Call for help! Come on! Over here! Hey! Help! Please! Help! So what's the latest? I passed the concussion test, but they're making me stay overnight as a precaution.
How'd you manage to smack yourself in the head anyway? That's a proper kook move.
Someone may have distracted her.
But apparently someone also saved me.
So, we'll call it even.
You won that heat by a mile, so.
They'll never let me surf the final now.
I'm sorry Pops.
I really wanted to come through for you.
Don't be stupid.
You're okay.
That's all I care about.
Not a post-worthy end to the season, stuck in hospital.
Hey, at least you're not disqualified.
Or the laughing stock of Anchor Cove.
Or grounded for life.
Or being expelled from the country.
On the upside Jello.
Swiped them from the nurse's office.
It's called jelly.
It's called Jello.
It's actually called gelatina.
Got it.
Got it.
- Great, there you go.
- Thanks.
I'm sorry they disqualified you.
It's not fair.
I honestly don't know why I moved.
Yes you do.
They're a big club with heaps of resources, but we're trying to build something at Shorehaven.
It hurt us to lose you.
You sound like your brother.
Oh, no.
Thanks for sticking up for me.
Back at work already, Margot? If by work, you mean desperately reminding potential employers I exist, then yes.
Okay, Thommo and Honey are going to come over with Bodhi's dad.
So does that mean we stay another night? Don't think this means I'm going to change my mind about you surfing.
No, no, no, totally not what I was thinking.
Who else is thinking pizza? So, photographing war zones in the Middle East must get pretty dangerous.
Right? A lot of people in the world live dangerous lives, it's important to document that.
No, that makes sense.
But still, what you do is really brave.
Brave, crazy, selfish.
Depends who you ask.
Well that's the thing, isn't it? Brave people can seem crazy from the outside.
Like, I really admire people that have the courage to do their own thing.
Is Ari a little obsessed? Sure.
But the kid's got a dream.
Well, it's not the ambition that bothers me.
I mean, it's the lying.
I can't trust him.
Obviously, Summer doesn't play by the rules, but the important thing is that she's learning and growing.
I didn't know you felt that way.
Basically, when I got here, I was a hot mess.
And then I met Ari and he's so focused and determined and it's honestly kind of inspiring.
Who's hungry? I think I really got through to her.
Yeah same.
If this works, we're officially geniuses.
I'm just saying he's a sweet kid.
Banning him from surfing seems a little harsh.
Are you seriously going to give me parenting advice? I mean, you should've heard Summer just now.
She's desperate for any kind of decent role model.
You're supposed to be talking about my surfing.
Yeah, I did.
And you were supposed to be gassing me up.
Good old Saint Abbie, still up on your high horse.
Nothing has changed.
Yeah, you can say that again.
Oh, this is bad.
Come on.
Ari I think there's only one more option.
Tell Abbie about your anxiety.
You can't be serious.
Yeah, just tell her you're all messed up and that's why you tried Stairway again.
Why you ran away.
Or how about we tell them everything was your idea.
Then maybe I'll be allowed to surf.
Abbie won't believe that, she knows you're hiding something.
No! No, she doesn't! Of course, your version of a plan B is you getting what you want and throwing me under the bus.
You know what? I don't even think this is about you getting into the State Team.
You're just scared of what people will think, like you'll look weak or something.
Well this, this right here, this is weak, Ari.
You judging other people is too funny.
Have you ever stopped to think about why all your relationships end up a flaming wreck? I know where this one's going.
The Big Apple is arguably the most famous and beloved city in the world.
We'll be telling you stories from the people who know it best.
The people who call New York home.
Can we chat for a sec? ["Feels Right" by Biig Piig playing Outside, my guy is trying to Find a little spare time ♪ Unwind with me a minute I've got red wine, no lie ♪ And since there's two of us ♪ Let's put the Tunes on up loud ♪ I want to see what you Make me do, and how ♪ I know you think It may be too soon ♪ Come round and Show me what you've got ♪ I heard you want to be In the driver's seat ♪ So keep up ♪ You know, for you to be surfing like that after six weeks.
Are you about to give me some metaphor about acorns falling from trees? I really am sorry for sending you away.
There are worse places to be sent.
Since you could walk, you were so independent.
It might sound stupid but, I always felt like the more I interfered, the more I was just getting in your way.
Really not the greatest excuse.
And that's what it was.
It was an excuse.
But, when we go back to New York, I'm going to be around.
Pull back, work-wise.
Mum, you shouldn't have to throw your whole career away because I can't control myself.
My happiness shouldn't mean everyone else suffers.
I don't want to be that person anymore.
So we've both got some things to work on.
Come here.
Finals are about to get underway here, folks.
Soon we'll find out who scored those coveted spots in the State Team.
Morehouse and Tran have been dominant all season, and with Mercer out injured, Tetanui is about to face them single-handedly.
No doubt the Anchor Cove hot shots will do everything they can to put her out of the running.
I don't know why they're pretending it's not already decided.
Hey hey, look listen to me.
Maybe you won't make it today.
But you will make it.
I know this, okay? Now you're going to have an incredible career.
And you're already better than me.
So don't worry about the points.
You go out there and you show them what you made of.
Good pep talk coach.
- Can I get one too? - Whoo! What are you doing here? Surfing the final, what do you think? You okay with this? Doc's given her the all clear, as long as she's careful.
Bodhs, you really don't have to.
I know, but I am.
Go on.
Come on Bodhi! Surf it up! Hey, do people say that? Ah, just say whatever you like, mate.
It's all made up anyway.
Mercer and Tetanui still with just that one decent score each.
Great work by Mercer to get back here today, but they are going to have to hustle to have any chance of a win.
Let's go, Bodhi.
Manu, how are the girls going? Ah, they're psyching themselves out.
Are you okay? You look stressed for someone that's not even competing.
It's just weird that Summer isn't here.
She didn't want to miss this.
Morehouse needs to watch her back because Tetanui and Mercer are working together here.
Mercer needs perfection.
Come on Bodhi! Does not disappoint! Mercer really attacking that wave.
Hot and fresh, better than ever ♪ Living bliss, limitless ♪ They resist, I just win ♪ Was that your psych-out look? No.
I know what I like ♪ Ooh la la la la la la, I'm living my life ♪ Ooh la la la la la la, I know what I like ♪ Tetanui climbs into third behind Mercer and Morehouse with only a minute left.
Not a great wave for Morehouse.
Can Tetanui do better? Let's go Bodhs! Huge ride from Tetanui there, but will it be enough to put her at the top? Crazy! You da boss, boss, You da boss, boss ♪ Have they scored Poppy's last wave yet? They're still deciding.
Whatever happens, I'm proud of you, and I know Mum would be too.
And it's a 9.
8 for Tetanui! She's nabbed the win! Bodhi Mercer second, Morehouse third You da boss, boss, You da boss, boss ♪ And all that floss, floss ♪ I guess Margot's dragged Summer back to Shorehaven already, or? Actually they both left for the airport about an hour ago.
What? She left us a letter.
She put it under our door this morning.
I mean, it was sort of a confession, really.
Going back to Stairway, you running away, she said it was her idea.
It's so typical.
This whole thing has just made us realise bringing her here, forcing her onto you I think it was a really big mistake.
We think that we might've been a bit hard on you mate.
So your mum and I, we decided that, we're going to let you surf your final.
Well there you go, best of luck.
Thank you.
- Ari go! - Well done brother.
Gearing up for the Under 16 Boy's Final.
Griff Temple almost guarantee a place on the State at this point.
But Shorehaven's Ari Gibson has been climbing the rankings, and is within striking distance.
Finalists, this is your three minute warning.
Good luck out there.
Ari what is it? I, um .
I've been having Ari! What is it mate? Something's really wrong and I don't know how to fix it.
It's not Summer's fault, but I have to see her before she gets on that plane.
Just go Ari.
Enough chat, we've got a plane to catch.
You okay? Okay, come on.
Summer! Summer! Wait! Wait! wait! Ari!? I did it, I told them everything, they know it wasn't your fault and, and, Summer can stay with us, it's okay.
Mum, can you give us a second? Yeah, sure.
Ari, you were right.
I need to take responsibility and clean up the mess I've made.
And not just here.
I get that but it's not just that you're allowed to stay, I kind of need you to stay.
Ari! You're definitely going to be okay without me.
Your family's amazing.
They've got you on this.
I need to go back home.
Don't miss me too much.
I've been driving in Circles all night ♪ Ten times through the Same traffic light ♪ I know that my head isn't Right but I'll keep driving ♪ Pretending what I should of said ♪ But I'm talking to my Headrest instead ♪ Oh I'll drive myself Right round the bend ♪ And I'm going round again ♪ No it never ends ♪ Don't spend your life Just waiting at a red light ♪ 'Cause you want To get it right ♪ - Oi! - Hey Gibs! Don't spend your life Waiting at a stop sign ♪ 'Cause you can't Make up your mind ♪ And though I'm driving low ♪ I got to thinking I Know what went wrong ♪ I've been driving The wrong way ♪ Down a one way street That never ends ♪ Don't spend your life ♪ This is Rockaway Beach.
67th Street exit.
Don't spend your life Waiting at a stop sign ♪ 'Cause you can't Make up your mind ♪ Don't spend your life Spend your life ♪
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