Surviving Summer (2022) s02e01 Episode Script


[Ellie Goulding] Fire and ice ♪
This love is like fire and ice ♪
This love is like
Rain and blue skies ♪
This love is like
Sun on the rise ♪
This love got me rolling the dice ♪
Don't let me lose ♪
Still falling for you ♪
Still falling for you ♪
Beautiful mind ♪
Your heart got a story with mine ♪
Your heart got me hurting at times ♪
Your heart gave me
New kind of highs ♪
Your heart got me feeling so fine ♪
So what to do ♪
Still falling for you ♪
Still falling for you ♪
It took us a while ♪
With every breath a new day ♪
With love on the line ♪
We've had our share of mistakes ♪
But all your flaws and scars
Are mine ♪
Still falling for you ♪
Still falling for you ♪
And just like that ♪
All I breathe ♪
All I feel ♪
You are all for me ♪
I'm in ♪
And just like that ♪
All I breathe ♪
All I feel ♪
You are all for me ♪
No-one can lift me
Catch me ♪
The way that you do ♪
I'm still falling for you ♪
Brighter than gold ♪
This love
Shining brighter than gold ♪
This love is like letters in bold ♪
This love is like out of control ♪
This love is never growing old ♪
You make it new ♪
[in headphones]
Still falling for you ♪
[Margot] Summer! Where are you?
Are you even packed?
It took us a while ♪
[Margot] If you don't get a move on,
we'll miss our flight
and this comp
you so desperately want to attend.
- [music stops]
- [sirens wail in distance]
[car horn honks]
[Margot] Taxi's here! Let's go!
["Young Blood" by The Naked and Famous
[Summer] Hey, Ma, could you try
and look a little more excited?
We made it!
[Margot] Unfortunately,
we can't check in until three.
Call Abbie.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
We've been away a whole year.
Do you not understand
the concept of a surprise?
Not everyone likes surprises.
They're gonna love this one.
Hard to control when it begins ♪
The bittersweet between my teeth ♪
Trying to find the in-betweens ♪
Fall back in love eventually ♪
I'm back, baby!
I really hope they still live here.
Otherwise, we 're breaking and entering.
I knew that's why
you wanted to come back here.
Ma. Do you seriously think
I'd beg you to come back just for a boy?
- [chuckles]
- [phone beeps]
My cell finally worked out where it is.
No, it can't be today.
They changed the date.
Try-outs are today!
We gotta go!
Summer, how could you not know
they changed the date?
[Manu] Why are you still in second gear?
Shift down to first.
[Poppy] Oh, my gosh, stop hassling me
for a second and I will!
[Manu] You just missed a spot
back there!
[Poppy] I'm not going for that one.
See? Nailed it.
[Manu] Hey, um
I wasn't going to do this now, but
I was going through the last
of Mum's stuff and I found this.
I think she had it made
before she passed.
[Poppy] Aw.
It was her little joke.
"Greatest Of All Time".
Yeah. I don't think she was joking.
They're gonna
name you Team Captain, Pops.
This is your year.
Yours too.
[Manu chuckles]
- Love you, braddah.
- Braddah.
[Poppy sniffles]
I think we'll
leave it in the car, though.
Yeah, good shout.
Okay, let's go, let's go!
[announcer, on loudspeaker] It's
a beautiful day here at the wave pool.
A few of our young hopefuls
getting in their last practice waves
before the State Finals get underway.
Make no mistake, in the junior ranks
these are the best of the best.
[upbeat pop music plays]
[crowd cheering, applauding]
No doubt some of these young hotshots
will be the superstars of tomorrow.
[Manu] Okay, bro,
let's forget about surfing for a sec.
Teach me something you know, eh?
[both laugh, grunt]
- [grunts]
- Hey
This is a good spot for you, bro.
You gonna pull out the airs today?
- You know I am, Coach.
- [laughs]
Yes, sir!
I'll see you later.
- How was your drive?
- I am the Freeway Queen.
Although Manu probably
wouldn't agree, but
How are you feeling?
I'm so nervous
I'm literally gonna vomit.
- Me too.
- Yeah? Okay.
It's alright.
[loudspeaker audio feedback]
[Summer, on loudspeaker] Attention,
Poppy Tetanui and Bodhi Mercer.
Your pizza is ready.
I repeat, your pizza is ready.
And, Marlon Sousa, could you
please put on a shirt for once?
[Manu laughs]
I'll take that now, thanks.
Summer?! [shrieks]
[Summer] Yo!
How could you not tell us?
- I got you so good!
- America?
- Brazil! What's up?
- Hey!
[announcer] Could everyone
clear the water, please?
Hey, handsome.
How was practice?
Sorry I couldn't get away
from the signing.
This is Summer.
[Wren] Oh!
Summer, hi. Oh, my God! Hi!
Yeah, I've heard so much about you.
And, Summer, this is Wren, my girlfriend.
Uh, Ari! How could you
not tell me she was coming?
No, it's my bad. I, um
I was trying to surprise him.
- Mission accomplished.
- [chuckles]
So, what are you doing here?
I'm actually here to try out.
- Shut up!
- Wait, seriously?
Yeah! I'm good now, guys. For real.
Summer, you realise
today is the finals, right?
No, I know. I applied online
for a wildcard spot, sent some clips in.
About to go check in
with the selectors.
Should be fine, they'll love me.
Under 18's,
this is your 15-minute warning.
Okay, you guys, this is happening.
Good luck, everyone!
You'll have to let us know
how you go.
You haven't changed.
Haven't I?
[Summer] One of you could have
told me about Wren, by the way.
Excuse me?
We've barely heard from you in months.
- And we do have our own lives.
- [Summer] Okay, fair.
So, you're still into Ari?
- I think that's a yes.
- Okay, okay, you got me.
I was looking forward to seeing him.
I guess that ship's sailed.
Anyway, how about you guys?
Meh. The usual. Comps and training.
But Bodhi's got someone on the go!
Word! Get it, Bodhi!
Tell me everything.
Yeah, maybe later.
Can we talk about how
you're apparently a surfer now?
If you wanted to try out,
why'd you leave it so late?
I had no choice. I had exams.
Plus you have no idea what it took
to convince my mom to take time off.
She's in the parking lot right now
sending emails.
I thought all the surf beaches
near you sucked.
No, they do. But I just kept going back.
At first, it was to feel closer
to you guys.
But after a while
it turned into something else.
I love it.
I don't know how else to say it.
Oh, that's so beautiful, Sum-Sum!
[siren blares]
[announcer] Heat 1 competitors,
please head to the pool.
Alright. Gotta get out there.
- Kill it, Bodes.
- You got this.
- [Miiesha] You claiming you ♪
- [announcer] Here we go,
by the end of today, four girls and four
boys will be selected for the State team.
You wrong ♪
This mouth, it could run wild ♪
But I've shown it greater skill ♪
My love beats louder
Still you ♪
Talk like you got a mouth ♪
Made for silence ♪
I'm thinking it's about ♪
- She's good.
- Ooh, yeah.
[announcer] It's an unforgiving arena.
Each competitor only gets two waves.
Best score counts.
And just like that,
a simple mistake will cost you big time.
Come on, Bodhi!
Bit crazy having America back, hey?
Yeah. Nice and distracting
on the biggest day of the year.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Just shame you got with Wren.
Dude. Me and Summer,
that never would have worked.
Ay. This team's gonna be
all Shorehaven, baby. Let's go!
Hey, Poppy said you might be
State team coach.
Is that rumour or true-mour?
Well, selectors are considering it.
So, fingers crossed, baby.
- Fingers crossed.
- Oh!
Oi. I hope you get it, bro.
Then you can make Poppy captain again.
Ay! Sometimes
nepotism is the smart choice.
I think we all know
who's gonna be captain, Pops.
Keep dreaming, Griffy.
- [siren blares]
- Alright, let's go! Let's go, Bodhi!
["Showstopper" by Dubkiller plays]
I stop the show ♪
Here we go, here we go,
here we go, here we go!
There's no competition ♪
- Ow!
- 'Cause I never lose ♪
So go and mind your business ♪
- One more, one more, one more!
- I got news for you ♪
[announcer] And that puts Mercer
in second place overall,
but still plenty more surfing to come.
We've got a few new faces
on the Victorian circuit this year.
Hungry for a spot
and ready to shake things up.
One of these things
Is not like the other ♪
[announcer] Here goes Bax Radic in green.
Showing great power and creativity.
Last year's State reps, like Tommy Ahmed,
had better be on their A game.
Watch me stop the show. ♪
Come on, did you not watch the clips?
I was surfing crappy breaks!
Is that not worth a couple bonus points?
We saw the clips, alright?
Your standard's not good enough.
- I'm sorry.
- Not good enough?
Give me a chance.
Let me show you how good I am.
Decision's made.
[dramatic music swells]
[breathes in deeply]
Okay, real talk. I need your help.
Oh. Sorry, didn't mean
to interrupt your ball squeezing.
No, it's just some
exercise from the therapist.
Cool, you're still seeing him?
You look really good, by the way.
I mean, you, um you seem good.
- I am.
- [laughs]
You needed help with something.
Right, sorry.
So, the dumb-dumb selectors
rejected my application.
So I'm thinking,
if you could just distract the official
for, like, 10 seconds,
I could sneak down to the take-off
during a heat, jump in the pool,
and, boom, take my shot.
- No?
- Mate, how'd you go?
Listen, just so we're clear,
you're asking me
to risk disqualification
to get you in the water?
I broke the rules for you.
A year ago I got you on that ferry
and you made your final.
Help a girl out.
Summer, it's so cool that
you're still surfing. Really, it is.
But this is the last year
that we can go to Nationals.
It's the big leagues
and I'm an actual chance.
I'm really glad you're back.
I'll help.
[fast-paced rock music plays]
[announcer] Marlon Sousa on form here.
His style well suited
to this fast-moving wave.
[crowd cheering]
- Finish it!
- You got it!
Come on, Marz!
[announcer] Oh! But fails to complete!
So close to a great score,
that's gotta hurt.
[crowd whooping]
[girl] Go, Griff!
Yeah, Griff!
[announcer] The judges are loving it!
[crowd cheering, applauding]
Yeah, Griff!
[boy] Let's go, Ari!
[announcer] Second and final wave
for these blokes now.
Gibson only a 4.6 for his first.
It's all on the line.
- Come on, Ari, let's go!
- Let's go, Ari!
Come on, Ari! You got it, you got it!
[tense rock music plays]
[crowd cheering, whooping]
[announcer] Keeps his cool,
a tonne of grunt in that turn!
- Get up, Ari!
- You got it!
[girl] Keep going, Ari!
- Finish it!
- Come on, one more.
[Manu] Yes, Ari!
[announcer] Gibson puts himself
in contention!
- [crowd cheering, applauding]
- [Manu] Let's go!
Let's go, brother!
That was sick, Ari.
Thanks. You did so good, Bodes.
You're in for sure.
- Don't say that. You'll jinx us.
- Hey. Brother.
- [announcer] We're on the home stretch.
- [Manu] We're on!
Final round of the Girls' Under 18's.
- Let's go!
- [announcer] Big match-up here.
Poppy Tetanui, one of
our State reps from last year
up against former Queenslander,
and next big thing, Wren Radic.
[upbeat dance music plays]
Poppy Tetanui ripping here.
Very solid start!
Go, Poppy!
- [Ari] Yeah! Whoo!
- Whoo!
- [Ari] That was good.
- [Marlon] So good.
[Manu] Alright, Pops!
[announcer] And Radic answers!
This young import could be
a huge asset to Team Victoria!
[Baxter] No, no, you don't want a mullet.
That's a horrible idea.
'Cause when you see three-year-olds
in prams with mullets, it's over.
You know, it's, uh
It's, uh, it's
[Baxter continues indistinctly]
[announcer] Both girls in solid contention
here, but, still, anything could happen.
Let's go, Wren!
Sorry, Coach, I'm going for both of them.
[Wren] Summer!
What are you doing?!
Could that idiot please clear the pool?
No. No, no, no.
Who invited her back?
[announcer] I repeat, could the pool
invader get out of the comp zone?!
[Wren] Oh, my God. She just took my wave.
[crowd cheering]
Whoo! Yes, Summer!
[cheering, applause]
I'm so sorry about that.
Why are you sorry?
I mean, it's not like you were the one
that bombed the pool
in the middle of my heat.
- [Poppy] Well, at least you caught a wave.
- Yeah, better than New York.
Seriously, why would you do that?
Really, Poppy,
what other option did I have?
Come on, you know it was good.
Anyway, don't worry, you ripped.
You're fine.
It's just
crazy how much better she is.
After a day of highs, lows
and at least one really weird moment,
the selectors are tallying the scores
and putting their heads together.
In a few short hours
we'll know who's on the team
and headed to the biggest
junior comp of the year,
the Nationals.
Respect, Margot.
This is a legit party house.
[Margot] Mm-hm.
Everything else was booked out.
And there is a strict no-party policy.
Well, how else are we going to celebrate
when I make the team?
Well, you crashed Poppy's final,
so try the top of their blacklist.
I really wish you'd seen me, Ma.
Instead of sitting in the car, working.
I'm sure you were great.
But, Summer, if you genuinely
want to be a competitive surfer,
there is a right way to do things
and a wrong way.
The surf industry
like to paint themselves
as a bunch of system-bucking rebels,
but, honey, believe me, they're not
going to fall over themselves
for some rookie
who rips up their rule book.
Especially a young woman.
Things have changed
since you were on tour, Ma.
Well, it was still this millennium.
Come on.
Let's just have fun
for the next couple of weeks.
You mean, couple of months.
Well, that was when we thought
you had a shot at Nationals, so
Well, you've got school.
Let's just be realistic.
[footsteps receding]
I hate being realistic.
[electronic dance music plays]
Nice kick flip.
[Honey] You have to see
my deck collection.
Honestly, the amount of gold people
dump in hard rubbish is truly astounding.
[sighs] They do this all the time.
It's kind of gross.
Sorry, Honey.
- Just keep walking.
- Wait. One second.
Um, I did want to say
my bad for crashing your final.
Oh. Please, don't worry about it.
Yeah, comp surfing's all about
dealing with the unexpected.
Like when someone steals your wax
before a final.
Right, yeah.
That's actually how we met.
We were at a comp and
um, she accidentally
nicked my wax.
Yeah, "accidentally".
- Boys, right?
- Right.
[Wren] He's just the best. You know?
- Hey. You're pretty great yourself.
- [Wren chuckles]
Right, let's go.
["Another Day" by #1 Dads plays]
[Ari] Hey, mate.
You hungry?
Have you guys heard anything?
It's, like, just name
the State team already!
- [Baxter] Oi, stop pushing me.
- [Wren] You're pushing me.
[Baxter chuckles]
[Summer] Wait, I know that guy.
Wren's brother Baxter. He's a pyro,
so you guys should get along.
Excuse me?
Apparently after Nationals
last year at Carvers Bay,
Baxter burnt down
the Boardriders Clubhouse.
And he got kicked off the Queensland team
and they moved down here.
Pretty rough for Wren.
Well, he's super helpful.
Also, Wren's a litterer.
Last November, Tuesday afternoon,
outside Farouk's Fish n Chips,
she threw a sauce container
at the bin,
It missed, went into the gutter
She didn't even do anything.
She just left it there.
That was all I needed to know.
[laughs] Honey, you're the real reason
I came back.
["Shooting Stars" by Bag Raiders plays]
[Abbie] Wait, wait, wait!
This is my favourite bit.
[Poppy] Summer,
is that actually you and Ari?
[Margot] This is back
when you took directions.
Not really! I was the choreographer.
Oh, right. Yeah.
[Ari] Oh, Mum!
- Look at your little shorts!
- No!
- Who knew you had moves, Ari?
- What?
- [mumbles indistinctly, laughs]
- [scoffs, laughs]
- [Abbie] Aw, they're so little!
- [phones chiming]
[Ari] Guys, is this it?
Yes! [gasps]
- Yes, yes, yes! Wait, Ari?
- I'm in!
- [shrieks, laughs] Ari, we did it!
- [Ari] Oh, my gosh! No way!
And I'm Team Captain.
[Ari] Oh, Wren, congrats!
[Wren] Oh, my God!
[both laugh]
- Oh, my
- No, I'm just so happy.
- I'm so proud of you.
- You too.
- I'm sorry you didn't get captain.
- Ah, all good. Wren's a superstar.
[phone pings]
Griff says he's in too. With Ahmed.
Griff's texting you?
- [Wren] Bax, are you in?
- [Baxter] Yeah. 'Fraid so.
Oh, no
[Abbie] Is she okay? What's going on?
Marlon, wait up!
It's okay. I'm just gonna
get an early night.
I'm so sorry.
It'll be okay. Go celebrate.
You deserve it.
You're gonna carry this team.
See ya.
- [Wren] Can't believe!
- [Bodhi] I'm so proud of you, Wren.
[Wren] I'm proud of you.
Bet that's a relief, hey, mate?
- Sick. You deserve it. Really.
- Thanks. So do you, Bodhi. Thank you.
You okay?
Yeah. I'm in.
I'm in.
They gave me a wildcard spot.
I'm on the team.
They put the heat crasher in.
That's sick.
Well, this is either great or terrible.
Congratulations. [laughs]
Thanks, Ma!
- Maybe times have changed.
- Yeah.
- I gotta pee.
- Okay!
Can I talk to you for a second?
Uh, look, um
I have no idea why the selectors
rewarded what happened,
but it so confirmed everything
Ari told me about you.
What's that?
Well, that you're an entitled brat
who'll do anything
for the slightest bit of attention.
Well whatever you've heard,
we're on the same team now.
So you might want to play nice.
Yeah, and this team is about taking
my career to the next level.
So I'm not going to let you ruin it.
Come on, Summer.
We both know
you don't deserve this.
And, well, I think, pretty soon
everyone else
is gonna work that out too, right?
[dramatic music swells]
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