Surviving Summer (2022) s02e02 Episode Script

Team Bonding

["It Gets Better" by The Preatures plays]
Come in closer ♪
Liberate my mind ♪
Get your star face ♪
And put it close to mine, uh-huh ♪
Oh, I still feel the shimmers
Of when you were mine ♪
'Lectric blue, yeah ♪
[Bodhi squeals]
I see it but I don't believe it.
Summer Torres is officially frothing!
[Australian accent] Come on, I'm not
here to throw shrimp on the barbie.
Let's go, ladies.
And in the corners of my mind ♪
I see reasons I can't find ♪
Sound and vision in my sleep ♪
It's coming back to me again ♪
And all the times I had you near ♪
Through my fingers disappear ♪
- I see all that it could be ♪
- Whoo!
And it's better
Than it ever could be ♪
- Only lonely ♪
- [squeals]
In your arms again ♪
- I know you're see-through ♪
- [Bodhi] Rip it, Poppy!
But can we just pretend, uh-huh ♪
Oh, I still get shivers
Thinking of that high ♪
- Go, Pop!
- Yeah, go, Pop!
And in the corners of my mind ♪
I see reasons I can't find ♪
Sound and vision in my sleep ♪
It's coming back to me again ♪
And all the times I had you near ♪
Through my fingers disappear ♪
I see all that it could be ♪
- Yeah! Whoo!
- And it's better ♪
Than it ever could be ♪
[Manu] Okay, okay!
Let's go, let's go, let's go!
Get up, get up, get up!
Ears wide open, yeah?
And no backchat.
It's hard enough
teaching you guys as it is.
[Ari] Cheers, Manu.
- [Bodhi] Poor Manu.
- I know. It's so unfair.
There's no way
the new coach'll be better.
In here, team!
Go on. Run to her.
Is there a problem?
Wren called her an entitled brat.
To her face.
Thanks, Poppy.
Right after the announcements.
It was intense.
Well, I'm sure she didn't mean it.
Please. Give me your interpretation.
She was probably just surprised.
None of us made the State
after our first year of surfing.
So, what, she's intimidated
by my crazy natural talent?
So American.
Just tell her to drop
the jealous girlfriend act.
It's basic, even for Shorehaven.
I'm so glad you're here.
- Really?
- Well, yeah.
We're teammates now.
Okay, is everybody here?
I'm Elo Radic, your new coach.
And my sister.
[whispers] Great.
[Elo] Well, congratulations on making
the Victorian State Team.
It's no small feat.
It's just a shame that you guys
haven't brought home a National Title
in, what is it, 20 years?
Well, lucky for you,
I coached Team Queensland to
the winning podium three years running.
The reality is,
surfing is an individual sport.
And it's my job
to work out what drives you,
to bring out your very best
on the water.
Hey, coach, what's Sousa doing here?
He didn't make the cut.
Marlon and Cassidy are our subs.
Back-ups in case of injury.
Or if I decide
that you're out of your depth.
Come on, guys! Let's go!
Ah, sorry, sis.
Did I miss your big
inspirational speech?
Burpees. Now.
All of you. Until I say stop.
[Summer] What happened
to "surfing's an individual sport"?
It's called accountability, Torres.
Burpees now.
[yelling and cheering]
[Elo] Today is all about
physical fitness
and identifying your strengths
and weaknesses.
Come on, guys, let's go, let's go!
Keep going! Keep going! You've got this!
Yes! Push it!
[Poppy] Oi!
[Griff] What? You looked hot.
What's your problem, man?
- You want some too, Sousa?
- Yeah, try it, see what happens.
Oh, my God, can you bozos just chill?
We are literally
on the same team right now.
Yeah, we're on the team. He's a sub.
- [cracks knuckles]
- [Elo] Hey!
You throw one punch, and you're out.
Wouldn't be the first time,
would it, Marlon?
I do my homework.
Back to work.
[Griff] Nice try.
Nice try. That was cute.
I guess he holds a grudge.
[Elo] Right, so, ten years ago,
aerial surfing was underground.
And now it's pretty much expected
on the men's tour.
And by the time you guys turn pro,
air revs and full rotations,
they're gonna be expected
for the girls too.
Right? Let's see what you've got.
Come on, Wren!
- Bit of an anti-climax.
- [laughs]
You're not even trying.
I expect a lot more
from my team captain.
I don't need airs to win heats.
Guess our fearless captain
can't do everything.
[Marlon] Go on, America.
Show us your stuff.
Yes, Summer! Good technique.
That's more like it.
I wanna see timing and control.
Not bad for an entitled brat.
Oh, so you can flip upside down?
[Elo] Bax, you're up.
My eight-year-old cousin can do that.
You must really hate her too, then.
You realise
Summer's a total kook, right?
She's going to lose us the title, Elo.
Funny. Because I think she's one
of the reasons we could win it.
And I think she's gonna be
really good for you.
What does that mean?
Well, you always work better
when someone challenges you.
Someone pushes you.
Alright, guys! Let's go for a surf.
It is pumping out there.
Nah, I've been training all day, mate.
Man's gotta eat.
Oh, you want me to run some laps?
Maybe pick up some rubbish? I think
someone left refuse under the car.
- Want me to crawl under there?
- You think I'm being too tough on you?
Listen, we are gonna make Queensland
sorry that they threw you away.
But I need you focused.
I need you on board.
I need you both on board.
[Summer] Ma, come on, we can't
let this house go to waste.
I said no parties.
Okay, not a party. A team bonding.
Come on, it's exactly what
we spoke about with Dr Cross -
"developing healthy relationships
with like-minded peers".
- Ooh!
- Ooh!
So, permission granted?
[sighs] Well, Abbie did
invite me for drinks.
But I feel like
they're trying to set me up
with one of their
tattooed tradie mates.
Ay! Get in, Ma!
I mean, you're more than welcome
to stay if you want.
You could be the Salad Queen
to my Grill Master.
Do you even know how to barbecue?
Yeah. I mean, how hard can it be?
Alright. Keep everything outside.
No glasses by the pool.
- And no shenanigans.
- Ma, I'm a legit athlete now.
My body is my temple.
Love you, Ma.
Make sure he asks her lots of questions.
As in, board games or cards?
As in, why did you get into photography?
What made you move to New York?
Cheese or chocolate?
Just remember, Lukas is more
of a listener than a talker.
We're trying to prove that Shorehaven
is a cool place to live,
with interesting men
who can have conversations
about more than fishing
and offshore wind.
So, let me get this straight.
You're setting Margot up
with one of Dad's surfer mates,
on games night,
and you think this
will make Shorehaven look cool?
Lukas doesn't really surf.
He boogie boards.
Let's not mention that.
Honey, do you wanna see
if the lovebirds wanna poké?
- Poké, okay!
- [Honey] Poké, okay!
- Poké.
- Okay.
[rock music plays]
[Ari] Anyway, don't stress about airs.
You're still the best surfer
on the team.
That's sweet. But, um
Yeah, I still need to work on it.
Dinner's ready.
Honey, remember I asked
you to knock instead of just barging in?
If we're talking house etiquette,
the door is meant to stay ajar.
Thanks, Honey.
She can be so annoying sometimes.
[phone pings]
So, you want to go?
Obviously you do.
- You're not a fan of Summer, are you?
- What?
No, Summer's so cool.
Yeah, she's awesome.
Everyone loves her.
It's just that she thinks
you might be jealous.
Which, if you are, is totally cool.
- It's actually kind of cute.
- Oh, my God. Ari, I'm not. Okay?
At all.
No. Cool.
Because there's absolutely
no reason to be.
So, will you be my date?
I guess we could make an appearance.
- Cool.
- Power couple that we are.
[Ari laughs]
[video game pings]
I don't get it, eh.
I mean, like, she coached Queensland
to three National Titles on the trot.
Why did they let her leave?
I don't know.
Maybe she wanted a new challenge.
Is she a better coach than me?
[laughs] Yeah. Yep.
[both laugh]
[Manu] Don't teach me Brazilian now.
- Can you help tie me up?
- Yeah.
You can't go in that, by the way.
I'm not going.
What? Why?
Because it's desperate.
It's embarrassing enough
going to training.
Don't listen to Griff.
He's being a douche.
I want you there.
You guys have a training sesh
in the morning, don't ya?
Oh, relax, Manu, it's team bonding.
It'll be totally chill.
[dance music plays]
[Baxter] Okay.
[Wren] How does she know
this many people?
[Summer] Yo!
Who's ready for some burgers?!
- We got vegan ones too.
- You guys hungry?
- Yeah. Five.
Wren, what are you doing?
Elo thinks she's so good for the team.
Wait till she sees this.
Why does everyone think
you're the smart one?
- Yoink!
- Give it back, Bax.
Yeah, 'cause being a total narc is
gonna make you super popular, mate.
- I have friends.
- [laughs]
No, you had "surfing associates"
who ditched you the second we left town.
Yeah? And whose fault is that? Hmm?
Look, I realise
you don't go to too many parties,
but hot tip
try and stay in the now.
[hip-hop music plays]
[Poppy] Bo, no more texting
your girlfriend tonight.
Um, excuse me? Girlfriend?
She's not my girlfriend.
We're just messaging.
Her name's Tuscany.
[Bodhi] She's this amazing surfer
from Queensland. She DM-ed me.
They've never even met in real life.
The suspense is killing me.
Yeah, she's hot.
I just have one question.
What was wrong with me?
Where do I start?
- ["Love Song" by DJ Buddy plays]
- Oh! Come on!
[girl] Sorry!
[girl laughs]
[laughter grows louder]
- Hey! Can you not read?
- Well, sometimes I choose not to.
You wanna, uh come join us?
We're very inclusive, right?
[girl] You're serious?
A little.
[girl] Good luck.
No, come back.
- That's my mom's.
- Yeah, well, she's got good style.
Unlike whoever owns this place.
You need to follow your girlfriend.
No, I prefer to let 'em fly. You know?
Besides, she's a bit of a vacuum pasher.
The whole kinda [sucks loudly]
Hey, watch it! Poor girl. Rumours
like that spread fast around here.
Like you almost burning down
your fancy school, right?
And you burning down that Boardriders
after Nationals last year.
Damn. News travels.
So it's true.
Relax, I left my matches at home.
I'm just here to meet new people. Bax.
Well, meet 'em in the pool,
not my mom's bathroom.
And lose the robe.
["Don't Wanna Push You Away" by Allday
[upbeat dance music plays]
Thank you.
I was literally about to fall asleep.
[hip-hop music plays]
[cheering, whooping]
Ooh, sorry, sorry. I tripped.
Mate, it's not worth it.
- Easy for you to say.
- I know, I know!
But you go deck Griff
you won't even be sub anymore.
What did you say?
You deck Griff, you're off the team.
What if he decks me?
[crowd] Summer! Summer!
Summer! Summer!
Summer! Summer! Summer!
Hey, Cap! Just practising some airs!
[cheering, applause]
[crowd] Yeah, Summer!
[Wren] You should try that again.
Maybe this time you'll smash a kneecap.
What was that, Wren?
Of course you can have a go!
[cheering, applause]
[crowd] Go, Wren!
Wait. Airs aren't really your thing,
- [cheering continues]
- [girl] Do it, Wren!
So you're gonna rile him up,
and when he takes a swing at you,
- I'm supposed to film it?
- Yeah. Exatamente.
Then we just show the footage
to Elo, right? Bye-bye, Griff.
Dude, I suck at reels.
How about I take the punch
and you film it?
No, not a chance. This is my idea.
I'll take the punch.
What, and risk messing up that face?
Bro, I can be ugly for a week. Right?
This is about getting on the team.
Oi, Griff? You in here?
You realise this is crazy.
Who do you want to surf Nationals with?
Me or Griff?
- Hey, sub.
- What are you doing?
- What do you mean, "what am I doing"?
- Him? Still?
Am I meant to still be recording?
Oi, Marz.
Dude, what's
[crowd, in distance] Go, Wren!
Go, Wren! Go, Wren!
Go, Wren! Go, Wren! Go, Wren!
Go, Wren! Go, Wren!
Go, Wren! Go, Wren! Go, Wren!
Go, Wren! Go, Wren!
[cheering, applause]
Okay, you only need three nines
to take it out.
You don't have to do this.
[crowd] Go, Wren! Go, Wren!
Go, Wren! Go, Wren!
Go, Wren! Go, Wren!
Go, Wren! Go!
- [Ari] What's wrong?
- [Bodhi] Is she okay?
[girl] You alright?
I hit the bottom!
Hey, hey, hey. Come here.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God, it's my ankle.
- Oh, my God.
- I'm gonna get some ice.
[Wren whimpers]
Elo's gonna be so mad at me.
[cries] I really hurt my ankle.
["Don't Give Up On Me" by
Caitlin Harnett & The Pony Boys plays]
[boy] Remember the pizza? That was sick.
You look hangry.
Maybe I should
make you a burger or something.
Shouldn't you be
looking after your sister?
She's got Ari.
[Ari] I'll go grab some
I'm seriously worried about that girl.
It's just a sprain.
Is there any more ice?
I mean, she's faking it
to make me look bad.
Ari, she's gonna hurt you.
You shouldn't be with someone like
Stop, stop. Just stop. Okay?
What are you even saying, Summer?
Wren's not the problem. You are.
What's that supposed to mean?
You disappeared on me.
When you first went back to New York,
we were talking every day.
- Then you just flew off the radar.
- I was busy, alright? I was surfing.
And I didn't know
if I was ever coming back!
I didn't want either of us
to get too attached.
If you were so hurt,
why didn't you say something?
- I'm not a mind reader.
- Because you should've known.
- Should've known what?
- How much it sucked
to be ghosted by the person that
you thought was your girlfriend.
You were working on yourself.
Good for you.
Maybe don't get so worked up
about one goodbye kiss at the airport.
I think we should
just keep our distance.
[Wren laughs]
She's not workin'.
Let me try.
Oh, my God, nothing.
Hey, easy now. Easy with it.
[booming explosion]
[people scream]
[boy] Someone get the fireys!
This isn't this isn't my fault.
This can't be my fault, right?
[Summer] Nope.
This is all me.
[Margot] Sorry, what's what's your?
Um, what are they again?
They're called gut sliders.
I make 'em for people who can't pop up
anymore, 'cause of age, or injury.
You just surf on your belly.
Isn't that just boogie boarding?
Not really. It's gut sliding.
[car door slams]
Just put your pinkies up a little more.
Yeah, then stick your tongue out.
- And a little wink.
- Summer.
Okay, so, the blind date's going well?
Now is when you start talking.
To be fair, we kept it mostly outside.
So, how did it go with Margot and Lukas?
Oh, hard to say.
Margot likes to talk politics.
Lukas doesn't own a phone. So
- Disaster?
- Disaster.
- Party?
- Disaster.
[knock at door]
Uh, so, we've been kicked out.
Is there any room at the inn?
Distance is overrated.
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