Surviving Summer (2022) s02e03 Episode Script

Wait For It

- [fan hums loudly]
- [birds chirp]
- Mom!
- What?
Okay, that's it.
I am not doing this anymore.
[blender whirring]
Hit me.
- Morning, Gibsons.
- Hi, Wren.
- There's no more smoothie left.
- [Ari] Yes, there is.
- Your ankle's still crook?
- Uh, it's getting there.
Yeah. I'm just trying to rest it
as much as possible before the comp.
A bit much, Ma!
You agreed to the party!
I agreed to a team-bonding session.
You hosted backyard gymnastics
and maimed your captain.
- I'll live.
- [Abbie] Coffee?
[Margot] You're amazing.
And thanks to her
exploding barbecue trick,
we have been blacklisted
by the booking site.
She's dragging me
back to the States, Honey.
What?! This is outrageous!
Really? You're welcome to stay.
Let me clear out the junk room for you.
For a month? Thanks, but no.
Um sorry, I've gotta
send some work emails.
Why are you leaving?
You agreed we could stay until Nationals.
Mum, Summer is my mentor.
You have to do something.
Let Margot have her coffee.
Then we've got a chance.
[car horn beeps]
Oh. Um, that's Elo.
We should really go.
[Ari] Yeah.
[Summer] Ma, put the laptop down.
We need to talk.
[Oshun]Chakras are glowing ♪
While we are floating ♪
In Mother Ocean ♪
[Margot] It doesn't matter who
pushed the button on the barbecue.
I left you in charge.
It's your responsibility!
[Summer] Even if I accept that,
who puts a thatch roof over a grill?
And we should sue them
for the faulty gas tank.
- I'm lucky I still have my beautiful hair.
- [Margot] Summer, enough!
We have come a long way
in the last year
and I am not going back
to the endless excuses and evasions!
- Excuse me, Margot?
- [Margot] What?!
I look, I just wanted to say that
I did see Summer cleaning up
throughout the whole party
and keeping kids out of the house,
and the whole team-bonding thing
actually went really well
up until the explosion.
- Oh.
- [Summer] Thanks.
And Ari doesn't even like me.
Where's your girlfriend?
- She's okay, she's at the beach.
- [Margot] Really?
[Summer] Ma. There's a major competition
going on today.
The coach wants us all there.
Let me show you how committed I am.
You didn't surf a single competition back
in the States. Do you even know the rules?
Yeah, pretty much.
And Ari's gonna give me a refresher.
Yeah, no, we're gonna go over
some heat strategies and stuff.
[Summer] Ma.
If I don't win a heat today,
you can take me home.
Last chance.
Thanks, Ma. You won't regret it.
Um hey.
I left one of my boards here.
I might use it today. Is it okay if?
Mm. Yeah.
Wait, what was with that at the party?
It's like you're into me or something.
And what if I am? Into you or something?
But you were with Bodhi.
Bodhi was ages ago.
And from what I've heard,
she's definitely moved on.
You know.
It's really flattering, Marz, but
this is the last year
before I turn pro.
And there is a lot
of pressure on me to do well.
From Manu, and my mum, in a way.
I just can't handle
anything else too serious.
Fair. Just
I don't know,
seemed pretty serious with Griff.
That was nothing. He's a blip.
- Why can't I be a blip?
- Because.
You have a career too.
My big brother is your coach.
- It's just not a good idea.
- Poppy, do you like me or not?
I gotta go help Manu.
I'll speak to you later.
I thought they looked good.
Not that you asked for my opinion.
- I'm gonna leave 'em out.
- Yeah, leave 'em out.
So, you take all your dates
to the surf shop?
This is a date?
Why do they even sell bikinis down here?
It is so cold.
We're just tougher
than you Queenslanders, that's all.
So this is why we're here.
You get to show off your glam shots.
It's embarrassing.
You can't even tell I'm a surfer.
You're rocking the pink togs.
I want to be Steph Gilmore,
not the butt girl.
Sad news - industry wants us
to be everything.
Yeah, but I don't come from
a big surf family like half the girls.
- I'm not blonde and blue-eyed
- There are lots of blondies.
If they can't see me on the tour,
they'll never take me seriously.
Have you told Subtropix your big plan?
I don't want them to laugh.
If they are laughing at you,
they should not be your sponsor.
Okay, stop being a perv.
I'm getting changed.
[Ari] Check out old mate.
At this break, the third wave
of the set's usually the biggest.
But if it's too big, it closes out.
Right? So the wave after is the go.
- So you gotta wait for the right wave.
- Exactly.
'Cause you would never just take the
first good-looking wave that comes along.
Well sometimes you can wait too long
for the perfect wave and it never comes.
But what if it eventually does come,
just not when you were expecting?
Too late.
Heat's over, everyone's gone home.
I think I got a couple minutes
left on the clock.
Let's get out there.
["Meltdown" by Niall Horan plays]
When it all melts down, I'll be there ♪
Whoo, ooh ♪
Whoo, ooh ♪
When it all melts down, I'll be there ♪
I'm tellin' you now, tellin' you now ♪
Sleep is so thin, out of habit ♪
Hard to tell the real
From the dreams you imagine ♪
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪
Nights when one broken glass ♪
Turns to total collapse ♪
Just know this too shall pass ♪
I'm tellin' you now, tellin' you now ♪
Whoo, ooh ♪
When it all melts down, I'll be there ♪
Whoo, ooh ♪
Whoo, ooh ♪
When it all melts down, I'll be there ♪
Whoo, ooh ♪
When it all melts down, I'll be there ♪
I'm tellin' you now, tellin' you now ♪
Whoo, ooh ♪
When it all melts down, I'll be there ♪
Ari, I didn't mean to ghost you.
It's, like, once I decided
I wanted to be a legit surfer,
I just didn't want to be
talked out of it.
Summer, I promise, I wouldn't have
tried to talk you out of it.
So, have you forgiven me
for breaking your heart?
Have you heard the Aussie phrase,
"up yourself"?
No. I haven't.
- It's feeling so much better.
- Good.
[Summer laughs]
You can feel the tension in the air
as the Blu Gravity Talent Search
kicks off.
Tuscany Bray,
you have been on a hot streak up north.
Now you've come south
to show up the locals?
Oh, don't say that.
- I want the locals to like me.
- [laughs] I'm sure they will.
- So she really used the word 'date'?
- I know, I couldn't believe it.
And, of course, it just made me
more nervous, but
she was just, like, so amazing.
- Blushing! Look at your crush face.
- Look!
No, okay. I mean, I don't know
what's gonna happen.
We both live in different states, so
I'm just trying not to overthink it.
Wait, did you and Tuscany catch up?
I didn't know
that was happening in real life.
Oh, yeah, no, I just
I don't know,
I didn't want to make a big deal about it,
in case I crashed and burned.
But, um she's super cool.
I don't know why you guys
didn't hang out more in Queensland.
Different circles. Yeah.
Nice to know
one of us is getting some action.
Yeah, I don't think
she's the only one, hey?
[Poppy] Griff! Could you not?
- Could you not?
- Just being friendly.
Gang, why do I get the feeling
that you're all getting distracted?
Listen, this is our last chance
before Nationals
to see some of your
interstate rivals in action, yeah?
Yeah. Spoiler alert.
They're better than you guys.
And not to mention
all the big sponsors are here watching.
So every comp, every heat,
is an opportunity.
- Don't waste it.
- [siren blares]
Alright, let's go, let's do this!
[cheering, applause]
["Guilty Love" by Ladyhawke & Broods
Think I've got a hangover
From one sip of wine ♪
Stillness in the feeling ♪
[announcer] Heat 1 of the Under-18 Boys
and we are frothing!
And every time I pray
I just pray to be free ♪
[singer vocalising]
I pray to be free ♪
[singer vocalising]
Every time I pray
I just pray to be free ♪
[announcer] Levins, in yellow,
the charger from Cronulla finds his line.
Oh! How is this kid still getting better?!
[crowd cheering]
And Bax Radic wants a piece of the action.
Big layback snap!
Sousa and Temple
just being outgunned right now.
Levins and Radic through to the quarters
Well, a bunch of new swimwear's
just come through
so I'm pitching a few up-and-comers
for a Byron shoot.
I'm thinking you, Poppy maybe
Are you kidding?
That sounds incredible.
I'd love to get some
action shots for my socials.
Action shots?
I made the state team, obviously,
and I've been working on
more explosive manoeuvres.
Look, if you're wanting us to pivot
and push you as
more of a performance surfer,
that means better results
in comps like this.
I know. And that's why
I've been putting the work in.
I promise the results will follow.
[announcer] Our local boys
really feeling the squeeze today.
Couple of minutes left in this heat.
Tommy Ahmed
really needs a complete ride.
And yellow up. Needs a big score here.
Oh! But it won't be that one!
Look, the issue is, mate,
Blu Gravity already has
a pretty stacked roster in Victoria.
Yeah. Yeah, no. Uh fair enough.
Loopy. Come on.
Are you seriously gonna risk
losing Ari to another sponsor?
I mean, out of the guys
he's the best junior surfer in the state.
And he's about
to blow Nationals wide open.
He is getting some pretty good PR.
[Baxter] Goldilocks
gave you a surf session, did he?
[Summer] Mm-hm.
The thing is, though,
you know, when you're out there
waiting for the "right wave", was it?
Yeah, the other girls,
they start putting up scores.
Crikey, that was a seven-point ride
for green! What a charger!
They're all over you.
They're hassling you.
They're protecting their lead.
They're putting the pressure on.
Try picking the right wave then, Torres.
You're mistaking me
for someone who feels pressure.
Right. Even though you'll be
shipped back to the States if you lose?
I mean, and your first heat
is literally impossible.
I mean, my younger sister,
that freak from WA
At least let me loan you a decent board.
I don't accept gifts
from questionable men.
Come on.
Don't be an anti-Baxxer.
[announcer] Has to be said,
Tetanui seems distracted out there.
Wasting time on average waves.
And forced to bail out
as that wave peters out.
She'll need more than that
as blue just attacks the face,
looking to extend her big lead.
[siren blares]
The shredder from Coffs wins the heat.
Heggarty second.
But another Victorian surfer eliminated
from the draw as Tetanui falls short.
Hey. Shake it off.
We'll go over the tape later, alright?
[sings whimsical song]
You know, it wasn't fair, you dumping
all that stuff on me earlier.
You distracted me
when I really needed to focus.
Or maybe you lost 'cause
you were trying too hard to focus.
That makes no sense.
You know what makes sense, Poppy?
I don't know what you just said.
I said you're amazing.
And I'm pretty cool too.
- [announcer] Sun is shining again
- [strums ukulele]
as we get into the final few
opening heats.
There's a big field of young competitors
to get through.
Just goes to show the amazing depth
of talent in the junior ranks these days.
Cute girl,
but I'd be careful around that one.
Elo, she doesn't need to hear that now.
Hear what?
We were pretty tight back in Queensland
when we were on the team together -
Tuscany and me.
[Elo] Until I heard her talking
about Wren behind her back,
and it was really nasty stuff.
Yeah, and when I confronted her
about it, she just cut me off.
We went from talking every day
to pretty much nothing.
Just like that.
Look, Bodes.
I just don't want you
to get hurt like I did, okay?
And she's a tricky competitor too.
So just ignore
whatever she's doing out there
and stick to your strategy.
- [siren blares]
- [cheering, applause]
[announcer] Bray making a statement here.
Already two scores over a seven,
and here she goes again!
[cheering, applause]
Come on, Bodes!
[announcer] Bodhi Mercer
has shown potential this season,
but a finals berth would really
put her in the conversation.
10 minutes to go now in this heat.
- Bray on a combined score of
- This okay?
That's sweet, but, um you don't
have to worry about it, really.
Wren, it just looked
really painful this morning.
I don't know if it's worth the risk.
Ari, if she wants to compete,
let her compete.
People surf on injuries
all the time, right?
What are you guys talking about?
Oh, I'm just saying, Wren's really tough.
She was limping like crazy earlier
and now she wants to get out there.
- I wasn't limping.
- Wren, come on.
It's just sore, that's all.
What, so now it's sore? I thought
you said that it was getting better.
Just please don't mess yourself up
before Nationals.
You're the best surfer on the team, Cap.
We need you ripping.
[Elo] Alright, Wren,
well, let's talk about this.
Summer's right - this comp
isn't worth blowing out your ankle.
[clears throat] Okay
Hey. Sorry.
Take one trip and the job offers
keep rolling in, apparently.
- What did I miss?
- Nothing.
Just getting in the zone.
[announcer] Mercer turns and chases Bray.
They both like the look of this one.
Mercer gets there first!
But no! It's a closeout!
Bray laid the trap
and Mercer fell right into it.
[cheering, applause]
So you could've given me a win
in front of my sponsors.
- After your inspirational chat.
- Yeah.
Sorry about that.
Uh, anyway
Might have a photo shoot
up your way in a week or so.
Maybe we could catch up again,
if you're around?
Uh the thing is,
I have a girlfriend back home.
I'm really sorry
if I gave you the wrong impression.
But let's keep in touch.
[announcer] Final heat
of the first round coming up, folks.
We've had a late replacement
for Wren Radic
who's had to pull out due to injury.
Gotta be a seven-point ride at least
for Klasky from WA.
Just getting it done out there!
But Torres let down
by her wave selection so far.
Only a low five on the board.
Uh next week in Seattle?
Well, I mean, it's possible.
What's the assignment?
[announcer] Finally a juicy slab
comes for Summer Torres!
Big open face here.
Torres looks hungry.
Torres checking her board here.
Looks like there's a problem.
See? The fins came off.
Now don't ask me to do anything else.
I won't.
[announcer] Torres forced to come in.
This is gonna waste crucial minutes.
Quick, Poppy! Grab her board!
I'll get my kit!
Yeah, I'm here.
- [boy 1] Come on, Summer!
- [boy 2] Almost there, Summer!
[girl] Go, Summer!
Let's go, let's go, let's go!
Pop! I need my fins!
No, don't worry. I got this. We'll fix it.
[Margot] Seattle in a week,
fully functioning?
Yeah. It'll have to be business class.
- Hey, Margot!
- Um, Flo, can I call you back?
I'm confused. How can you be in Seattle
next week and also here in Shorehaven?
Because I need
to keep employers on the hook.
I can't believe this!
I'm out there busting my ass
and you're basically on a plane already!
You have no faith in me. You're creating
this whole plan and not being straight.
I flew you halfway across the world!
You talk this big game
about committing to surfing,
but here you are arguing with me.
[Summer] If I have any problems with
commitment, I learned from the best.
[Margot] That's a bit rich.
Torres is either very confident
or seriously distracted here.
- You are unbelievable.
- [Summer] Let's be real.
From the moment we got here, Mom,
you've been looking
for an excuse to leave.
Yeah, because Shorehaven doesn't
have the happiest memories for me.
Our lives are in New York.
Do you mind?
For the first time in my life
I have found something
that keeps me up at night
and gets me out of bed in the morning.
Something I want to take
as far as I can go.
And, dummy, it's all because of you.
I'm never going back.
- Great.
- [Poppy] Summer!
You have seven minutes.
You got this.
And PS,
I'm in the market for a new board.
So, to all the sponsors out there
Your ad here.
[cheering, applause]
Only a couple of minutes to go.
This is the point
where some people would give up.
I'm back. You miss me?
[announcer] All the right moves
from green on this one!
Snap, crackle, pop!
Seconds left on the clock.
Torres needs an eight or better
to have any hope of advancing.
Torres with priority.
Pretty good wave here.
Oh, and she lets it go!
She's waiting.
[announcer] But, wait,
looks like she wanted the one behind.
[mouths silently]
[announcer] Awesome cutback there!
- Whoo!
- Come on, girl.
[announcer] Big snap!
[announcer] Goes up for the floater
and sticks the landing!
[screaming, cheering]
[siren blares]
Whoo! Whoo!
[announcer] And that's an 8.2 for Torres.
- Oh, my God!
- [announcer] And she scrapes through!
Talk about down to the wire!
Nice, Torres.
[cheering, applause]
That was crazy! You actually waited!
Yeah. You both should take the credit,
Margot. Hi.
Molly Novak from Subtropix.
I Huge fan.
I see where Summer gets her talent from.
And personality.
Mmm. I guess she has
to get them from somewhere.
Good job in that first heat today.
I know you're looking for a sponsor.
Is there any interest in joining
our shoot in Byron Bay next week?
No way.
A lot, Molly. A lot of interest.
[laughs] Uh
Well, I can't really say no.
[Molly] Cool! Well, you'll round out
my Victorian posse.
So, Bodhi, Poppy
and, of course,
our Queensland hotshot
Wren has done a bunch of shoots
for us already.
You'll take Summer
under your wing, won't you?
Of course.
Can't wait.
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