Surviving Summer (2022) s02e04 Episode Script

A Seat at the Table

["Big Energy" by Latto plays]
Hey, daddy
When you gon' stop playin'? ♪
Bad bitch,
I could be your fantasy ♪
I can tell you got big big energy ♪
We just go to Byron!
[all cheer]
- And we're coming up now to the beach.
- Oh, my God!
I could be your fantasy ♪
Tell me how you want it ♪
Three, two, one and I'm on it ♪
Feel good, don't it? ♪
Whoo! We're in Byron, baby!
I'm just bein' honest
Juicy, Minutе Maid
But can't do it one minute, man ♪
[all cheer]
I'm the only one he entertain ♪
Spendin' his mine in the bank ♪
I like what I see ♪
A boss like you need a boss like me ♪
[Poppy squeals]
Daddy from the street,
So he move lowkey ♪
Tryna ride that mic' like karaoke ♪
On the count of three, bad
Get money ♪
Broke to the left, we don't want it ♪
I'm the one they love to hate ♪
But they can't get past ♪
Pretty face, no waist and a big ol' ♪
Bitch, I could be your fantasy ♪
I can tell you got big energy ♪
- Wait, is this whole place ours?
- Guess so.
So, guys, on the last shoot here,
I saw two Hemsworths.
It was pretty good.
Let's get a video.
- [Poppy] I'm checking out the fridge.
I bet they got
some good stuff in there.
Ooh! Fancy fizzy water!
The Ocean Room has such a good vibe.
And waking up with the sun
is so nice.
- SUMMER: Yo, gift bags!
- Anyway, Sum-Sum service or pool?
Uh both!
- Okay. Come on!
- Let's do it!
Summer Torres, I challenge you
to be nice to Wren while we're here.
Why is it on me to keep the peace?
Because it's my first photoshoot too
and I really need it to go well.
Challenge accepted.
WREN: Seriously,
I never get sick of staying here.
- My God!
- I know, isn't it beautiful?
It's so pretty!
So, this is our saltwater pool, guys.
In here is the Subtropix area.
Shout out to Subtropix
for sponsoring this video
and taking us on this trip.
[Wren] We're loving our new threads.
And I'm so excited
to have my bestie by my side.
She's just such a beautiful soul.
This is Bode's first Subtropix trip.
[Summer] Cannonball!
[Poppy] Let's go! Whoo!
Get in already!
Straight off, we'll set you up
with some Blu Gravity threads,
new wetsuit.
Help you make
a serious splash at Nationals.
Forget the add-ons, Loopy.
Let's talk moolah.
- How much is he getting paid?
- Good question, Honey.
Yeah, there are some great cash
incentives for even placing in comps.
So, if Ari has an off day,
then he gets nothing?
Dad, that's the way it is.
It's the same for everyone.
And what obligations would Ari have
on signing up?
[Honey] I've got this one.
"Mr Gibson has to post
three times a month to his grid
"and twice a week to his stories."
So, Ari gets a wettie and you guys
turn him into a walking billboard?
- Thommo.
- Sorry.
Reception down here's pretty bad
so posting to 'grids'
might be difficult.
[scoffs] Sorry.
Too many cooks in the kitchen.
Love, I think I hear the tomato
vines screaming your name.
Look, we're pretty flexy
on the socials.
Have fun,
try things out with your mates,
you never know
what's gonna blow up online.
Ari doesn't have social media.
He just uses Mum's account to lurk.
Well, perfect time
to get on there, right?
- There you go.
- Thanks.
Welcome to the Blu Gravity family.
[Abbie squeals]
Quick photo to mark the occasion?
[Honey] Yeah.
Just take these
[Loopy] That first sticker
on the nose of the board.
It's a big moment for any young surfer.
[Abbie] Yeah, he's been
waiting a while for this.
Stop smiling with your eyebrows,
you look constipated.
Sorry, Dad, can I just get you
to shift across?
I'm just catching you in the background.
[Loopy] Yeah. Little bit further.
Cool. Thanks, Dad.
And say 'family'!
[Woman] Okay,
maybe this foundation instead.
Sorry, I don't think any of them
are gonna match my skin.
This one should work.
Thanks, Bodes.
Wren, this'd look so good on you.
- Oh, thanks. Yeah, it is really cute.
- Mm-hmm.
[Man] So, I reckon we can scrap that
But this is more the vibe that
[Summer] Told you I can play nice.
Those looks are all totally sick.
So, we're set up at the beach. When the
girls are ready, just send them down.
Easy. Okay. We will hustle.
Cool. See you down there.
No biggie, just the best surf
photographer in the country.
He's gonna make you guys
look even more incredible!
So stoked.
And I've collected some editorial looks
to go with the mood boards I sent you?
Ah! Okay.
Um Beautiful. Yes! Yes!
Hard yes from me, Bodes.
The braids'll stay in place in the surf
and that makes it easier for
the hair stylist and better for my hair.
Look, I love the enthusiasm.
I just I don't think we have time
to pull off something so elaborate.
And, you know, the concept
for the campaign is 'Boho Paradiso'.
Your current vibe is such a natural fit.
Let's just stick to what works
and go from there.
HQ wants an update.
Hey. Dice just signed off on wardrobe
so we're ready to go.
Oh, my God!
There's just so much of it!
It's wild!
Alright! Guys, let's get started.
To set the scene, it is the '90s.
Byron is still a secret surf spot
and you guys are
just frothing to get out there, okay?
Where do I look?
Look right into the camera.
Shoulders back.
It's Wren, is it?
Alright, you're my superstar.
So, come take a few steps forward.
Left shoulder to me, open it up a bit.
- Big smiles
- [camera clicks]
Alright, I'll get you two back to back.
This is the 'girls
just wanna have fun' moment. Okay?
That's it. You're best friends.
Smiley, smiley!
Just tilt your faces up for me.
Okay, sort of half smile
- Yes! Great!
- [camera clicks]
Girls, I love it! Bring the boards in!
Yes! Absolutely!
- Drop a shaka!
- Alright?
Yes! That's exactly
what I'm looking for!
Yeah! [laughs]
- Get these pretty eyes.
- That's really good.
The camera loves you.
That's exactly the vibe we need.
- Yes!
- Glad you like it.
- Do you want me to go in the middle?
- In a bit.
We'll just get this shot first and
then we'll talk about it later, okay?
Awesome, Summer! Awesome. That's great!
All eyes to the camera.
[Dice] Okay, everyone else.
Match Summer's energy.
Just like that. Yes!
Alright! Hands in the air!
Come on! Hands in the air! That's it!
That's it! That's the shot!
[Ari] Dude, this is crazy!
I can't believe I've got
some actual store credit.
Yeah, put these on your tab too.
My Blu Gravity credit
ran out months ago.
This is perfect.
So good.
Oh! Hey, Bax.
I signed my contract today.
Oh, hell, yeah, Goldy! That's the way!
I guess BG
needed someone a bit more vanilla,
you know, to balance me and Sousa out.
[Ari laughs]
Cool socks. But
..are you allowed to?
Yeah, perks of a sponsorship, mate.
Yeah. That looks sick.
Eh, but will it trend?
Hey, Bax.
I was wondering if you had any advice
on what to post on my socials.
Yeah, man. Hell, yeah.
You know, just the usual kind of stuff.
Skin care routines, meal plans,
fitness, spiritual advice
Kidding, man.
Just be yourself.
See ya, cuties.
Load up on the freebies
while you still can.
All the new shades are out.
I just lost my old ones.
These hats are sick! Ari! No way.
You gotta get one of these hats, bro.
Dude, no.
Oh, my God.
What does "be yourself" mean?
Don't be yourself, Gibson.
Yourself is boring.
Yeah, cheers.
Just think What do you wanna watch
when you're on the toilet?
Take two of these.
["Summer Heat" by Sun Discipline plays]
You got that heartbeat
Run out of control ♪
It's that new feelin'
You already know ♪
We're running west down
The street you were born ♪
Action! Give me some footwork, Gibson!
Come on, Gibson! Rip it!
Push it!
Yeah! Do it again!
That's so sick.
This'll get so many likes, bro.
- Hey, watch out!
- [grunts]
Are you okay? That was sick!
[Ari] Arggh!
Hashtag Blu Gravity, baby.
I like this one. Check this out.
- Wait, you posted that?
- Yeah.
- Dude, delete it!
- Relax. I'm trying to help you.
Well, you suck at directing.
I look like a total kook.
You're on the state team,
you're getting heaps of free swag
and you're angry at me?
I'm the sub. I'm the one
who should be trying to get noticed.
Sorry, brother.
This is just doing my head in.
I don't know what to post.
I don't know how to brand myself.
Bro, good stuff is happening.
Why can't you just enjoy it?
It's pretty good. [laughs]
- Okay, it's kinda funny.
- It's hilarious.
[Dice] I reckon that's the cover shot.
What do you think, Molly?
Yeah, Dice, it's great.
I reckon we got it.
I reckon we did. We got it!
Well done, guys!
Great work, guys, well done!
Wren, Poppy and Summer,
let's get you out on the water
while it's still offshore.
Wait, am I not surfing?
We'll get to it later, maybe.
We've just got a bunch of bikinis
we still need to get you in.
I could try them on.
I mean, the camera loves me.
Thanks, but there is a plan.
Let's just try and stick to it.
Okay? We're a little under the pump.
Thanks, Summer, it's fine.
["Fuck My Money" by BROODS' plays]
I'm just gonna take the money
They don't really care about me ♪
Just watching as the car rolls back ♪
Oh, no, I never
Saw it going down like that ♪
I'm just gonna take the money ♪
Keep me warm, keep me company ♪
At least no-one's
Trynna take my weed ♪
'Cause they'd rather have me high
Than have to deal with me ♪
They say it's nothing personal ♪
They say it happens all the time ♪
So if it's too deep in the walls ♪
Then maybe we should burn
The whole thing down ♪
Eyes back here.
Face to me.
Uh Okay?
- [camera clicks]
- Eyes on me.
Alright, let's try with the board
beside you now.
Three-quarters to me, hand on your hip.
Actually, do the hair thing -
that's great.
[camera clicks]
Yep. Right. Got that.
You know what, let's
Let's ditch the board
'cause I'm not really buying it.
I'll get you down in the sand.
Let's get one with nature, okay?
Bodhi, come on, we're losing light.
I need you to switch on.
Okay, vibe is like,
you are an exotic creature
who's exploring paradise, okay?
- Are you serious?
- Yep.
Trust the process, it's gonna
turn out great, I promise you.
Look, I really think if I could surf,
I could give you something better.
Look, Bodhi, I've seen you surf, okay?
It's clear Subtropix only signed you
'cause they needed diversity.
This is gonna look great, okay?
So you just need to go with me on this.
Back down.
Back down, come on.
And you look amazing.
The light's behind you, got wet sand
This is gonna be a million bucks.
[camera clicks]
That is my ocean princess right there!
It was how he said it.
And they only signed me for "diversity"?
Like, I don't know what that means.
I've been working so hard
to prove to them
that I'm worth backing
all the way to the tour,
that I could be a world champ!
I feel like I'm in this box with them,
and when he said all that stuff,
I feel like he just put
the lid back on that box.
He shouldn't have made you feel
that way. He's a racist creep.
- Yeah, Bodes, you're being too nice.
- I actually agree.
You know what? I think you should
demand surf shots in your next contract.
Sure, long term, but we should warn
Molly so she doesn't hire him again.
I'll go with you if you want.
Guys, we're just groms to them.
The last thing we need
is a reputation for being difficult.
Us? What about him and his reputation?
We should, like,
call him out on socials.
I don't know, get him cancelled.
Summer, he's one of the biggest
surf photographers in the country.
Guys, you are not listening!
Bodhi, what do you want?
I just wanna surf.
And that's fine to do later,
but now we have to go big!
Trash his room,
fill his camera bag with shellfish.
Unhinged revenge schemes
are a hard no.
Summer, respectfully,
this is something we've been
working toward since we were kids.
If we go trashing rooms,
Subtropix are gonna drop us.
Okay, Wren, respectfully,
I can't believe
we're talking about doing nothing.
You can't let him treat you like this.
Summer, I'm a Black girl who surfs.
This isn't the first time someone's
made me feel like I don't belong.
I need to deal with this in my own way
and you need to respect that.
I'll stay in my own lane.
You didn't waste any time.
You brought the whole shop home.
Wanna go for a surf in the morning,
Clear the head?
Yep. Okay.
You wake me when you're ready.
[phone rings]
Do you think I'm a good friend?
Um To me?
Or in general?
You have your moments.
You're loyal.
And you stand up for the people
you really care about.
So I'm not a bulldozing train wreck
who never knows her place?
Ohh. Barely ever.
Do you think
I'm boring vanilla ice-cream?
That depends.
Are we talking with or without toppings?
No, Ari. You're not boring.
You're, um salted caramel.
A people pleaser, but with complexity.
Reckon I can use that in my socials?
That you write, manage,
and shoot all the content for?
So you signed the contract?
You're looking at
Blu Gravity's next big thing.
No. No way, that was too lame.
You have to say it again
with some actual feeling.
Ari, you got sponsored, you're
the best flavour of ice-cream there is,
and you're gonna be huge.
Say it again!
You're looking at
Blu Gravity's next big thing.
One more!
You're looking at Blu Gravity's
next big thing!
Scream it!
[screams loudly]
I'm Blu Gravity's next big thing!
Whoo! Yeah, you are!
- [Ari] Aw. Feels like old times, right?
- [phone rings]
- I really missed it.
- [Summer] Same.
So, if I was a flavour of ice-cream,
what would I be?
[Ari] You're like rocky road.
Confusing, chewy, hard to define.
[phone continues ringing]
[Summer] I'm sorry, chewy?
[Ari] Oh, Wren's calling.
[Summer] You're sponsored now.
You can decline any call you want.
[Ari, on phone]
Hey, it's Ari. Leave a message.
[phone beeps]
[Ari] Fair enough.
So how's the shoot going?
I bet you're killing it.
You didn't wake me.
Yeah, sorry, forgot.
[Thommo] Want the next one?
Nuh, you have it.
Just don't ever forget
how much fun surfing is.
Yes, Dad.
I mean, going pro
can take the fun out of it real quick.
There's a reason why
Margot hasn't been for a surf in years.
I know, but if I want a career,
I need a sponsor.
It's as simple as that.
Anyone else
lurking around offering kids money
would be sent off to jail quick.
Dad, I couldn't believe
how you acted in front of Loopy.
You know they have a "no peanut" policy,
That goes for parents too.
They're not your family, mate.
If you think they are,
they'll take advantage of you.
Do you think I'm weak
or something?
No, I don't, mate.
You've got anxiety.
Do they know that you take medication?
That wasn't even discussed
before you signed.
Because it was the first meeting!
Dad, you didn't even let me enjoy it
for five minutes.
Mate, you're gonna need more support
than your average surfer.
Not just financially.
They need to be aware of that.
I'm gonna make an appointment
with my psych.
Okay. Good.
'Cause I need to talk to someone
actually supportive.
You want a ride home?
Those braids look dope on you.
They'll look even better on the water.
And if Molly doesn't let you surf,
then we've all got diarrhoea.
Girls. Villa. Now.
This is not acceptable. Do you know
how lucky you are to be here?
- Did we order too much room service?
- You said it was complimentary.
Dice got back to his room this morning
to find his camera bags full of seafood.
His lenses are ruined.
And someone wrote the word 'creep'
in pink zinc on the walls.
[Summer chuckles]
What? It wasn't me.
Yeah, but, who called him a creep?
I told you to stand down.
Why don't you listen?
Wren, this was you, wasn't it?
- This is exactly
- Summer, stop!
We all fell asleep on the couch.
You disappeared.
I took a risk on you, Summer.
I'm calling your mum.
What? No! No! No! That's totally unfair,
I didn't do anything.
But he does deserve it
for what he did to Bodhi.
What did he do to Bodhi?
Well, during Bodhi's shoot,
Dice said something problematic.
It wasn't a big deal.
Let's just get back to work.
Pack your bags.
You're on the next flight home.
The rest of you, beach in ten.
["Capwa" by Sampa the Great plays]
Great state I'm in,
In all states I'm in ♪
I might final form
In my melanin ♪
Great state I'm in
In all states I'm in ♪
I might final form ♪
I hate to say
My feelings for you still exist ♪
Credit my maker
Take a trip to see Jamaica ♪
Marley spirit with the paper
Back to Zion that's the nature ♪
Africa the new America
I hope her role is permanent ♪
And this I put my pen in it ♪
Got my land and my permit with it ♪
Bone of my bone
Flesh of my flesh ♪
Greatness in me
You can't make me feel less ♪
Less hold I'm not impressed ♪
Best mode
Got my Afro like an empress ♪
Great state I'm in
In all states I'm in ♪
I might final form
In my melanin ♪
Great state I'm in
In all states I'm in
I might final form
In my melanin ♪
[Ari talking indistinctly in distance]
You will not believe
what happened this morning.
The word 'nightmare'
is a massive understatement.
[Ari] I think she's back.
Let me have a word, okay?
Hey, our call last night.
Was it just
to make yourself feel better
for trashing that guy's hotel room?
[sighs] Okay. I'm guessing
you got Wren's version of events.
Yeah, well, she was really upset,
Summer. They all were.
Ari, I swear. I did not do anything
last night except talk to you.
And I hate to be the one
to tell you this,
but I'm pretty sure your girlfriend
deliberately framed me.
Oh, my God, seriously.
You can't actually think I'd take
your word over Wren's?
This is not out of character
for you, Summer.
Seriously, Ari, you of all people?
Honestly, if you don't believe me
anymore, we can't be friends.
Fine. Make my life a whole lot easier.
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