Surviving Summer (2022) s02e05 Episode Script


So wake me up when it's over ♪
It's over ♪
When it's over ♪
Tell me it was all just a dream ♪
And wake me up when it's over ♪
When it's over ♪
Tell me it was all just a dream ♪
And I'll believe it ♪
This stops now.
Tagging me in photos I'm not even in.
Is that all?
Sorry, Summer, I was just trying
to make you feel included.
Do you not see this?
It's bad enough
that she framed me in Byron.
Pretending to be my friend after
is psychotic at best.
Dad left a dome tent for you.
In the shed.
I need a shower.
I wish it was just us going away,
instead of the whole team.
I could sneak into your tent tonight.
If you want.
Yeah, no, I I do.
Uh I just had
Um there was some of my stuff
in my room
I needed.
Gotta be safe.
I I should go.
I mean, you should get dressed.
If you want to.
You smell nice.
I'm pretty sure you're gonna
be on a shortboard at Nationals.
Just trying to find the love, you know?
Reconnect with my roots.
When are you going to start
reconnecting those backhand turns?
Oh, my God! I literally have
training camp this afternoon.
Okay. Love you. Bye!
Uh nice fit. Don't change a thing.
What are you doing here?
Figured after the whole Byron thing
you could probably use a friend.
And you know how to do that?
So, are you, like
so totally grounded, or?
Actually, no.
Margot's on assignment in Melbourne,
so all I got was a couple
of dramatic sighs on the phone.
You can stop trying to catch a peek.
Sorry, I thought this was a peep show.
In Shorehaven? Good luck with that.
I preferred the towel.
- So
- How are you?
So you're a shaper.
I'm learning, yeah. But it takes
years to get any good at this.
You know, I had an apprenticeship
up in Queensland until we had to move.
It's just a great place to get away.
So you made this?
Yep. Just about to give her a hot coat.
Sick colour.
Just gotta add the hardener to the resin.
That's what you want.
And then we just paint it on?
Yeah, "we"?
Yeah, no. No, no.
I've spent weeks shaping this board,
sanding it back
until it's absolutely perfect.
You really think I'm just going to
let you loose on it, Torres?
I don't want to help anyways.
I've been thinking 'bout it ♪
On my own ♪
And all morning ♪
Heavy on your shoulders ♪
Over and over ♪
I'd settle for those forces ♪
You feel it in your bones
But you won't act on it ♪
There's something in your heart ♪
But you won't talk, talk, talk
About it ♪
The sun surrenders
My mind wants to give me up ♪
'Cause I've been thinking 'bout it ♪
And I've been dreaming 'bout you ♪
Won't do a thing about this ♪
'Cause I don't wanna ruin you, mm ♪
I been, I been tripping on ya ♪
Haven't even got a clue ♪
Won't do a thing about this ♪
'Cause I don't wanna ruin you ♪
You feel it in your bones
But you won't act on it ♪
There's something in your heart ♪
But you won't talk, talk, talk
About it ♪
The sun surrenders
My mind wants to give me up ♪
'Cause I don't wanna ruin you, mm ♪
You can grab it.
Thanks, man.
Shockingly, Margot's the only one
who believes my side of the story.
She's not the only one.
- Wait, did Wren say something?
- She didn't have to.
I know how she operates.
Look, my little sis, she's intense.
I can think of some other words.
But it's not all her fault.
You know, it's actually kind of mine.
Alright, so last year at Nationals,
I'm on Team Queensland, yep?
And it all comes down
to us and New South Wales.
They chuck our gear up a tree
to try and psych us out.
Didn't work.
We destroyed them on the water.
And then we partied in front of their
Boardriders clubhouse just to rub it in.
And then, um
someone dared me
to set fire to their team banner.
No more clubhouse?
Minor damage.
- Yeah.
- So you're not a hardened criminal?
- No.
- So disappointing.
Well, now that you mention it,
the Queensland big wigs,
their heads were rolling.
Elo got dragged into a meeting,
then I got dropped.
- Where are your parents in all of this?
- Where's the best swell in Indo?
What do you mean?
Chasing the stoke
was always their number-one priority.
Elo's been subbing in as a parent
since I was, like, 13.
I owe her.
Okay, but none of this
gives Wren the right to come at me.
No. You're right.
She was a pretty big deal
up in Queensland as well.
Then she shows up here,
dropped here in Shorehaven,
no friends, no mates -
has to start from scratch.
I can't imagine that.
And she was making it work.
With Goldilocks by her side.
And then you come back.
I think she just feels threatened.
Of me?
Summer, have you seen yourself?
Yes! Yes! Come check this out.
Come check this out!
- Wow, it looks good.
- Look at that.
Now, tell me, have you ever felt
anything that smooth in your life?
- Never.
- Never?
- Never.
- Feel it.
I'm feeling it.
You got to It's like
You gotta feel it.
When you shape a board,
you get something that works for you.
You know? For your style.
So, if you like to go fast, or, uh
get some airs
Or, um
tighter turns
We really should get to this camp.
And now she wants to go.
Are you sure you don't want to come?
I can't sit on the sidelines for two days.
Got to focus on my own training.
I just wanna hang out with you.
Things with the girls have been
super tense since Byron, so
You got this.
You know?
Manu's, like, right there.
- All good?
- Yep.
Okay. I'm going.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Bye, be good, surf good.
Bye, love you.
How good is this?!
The surf is pumping
and we've got two days of paradise!
Now, guys, listen.
This is our last chance before Nationals
to hone technique and
stamp out bad habits.
I'll also be finalising pairing combos.
Find out who works together
and who doesn't.
What? It's not funny.
You guys are late.
Elo, my favourite sister. How you doin'?
Wait, no, let me guess
Hill sprints for all.
Don't listen to him. We're here to work.
Mmm. I should hope so.
After the disaster of that photo shoot.
No sprints.
You two are gonna be cooking and cleaning
for all of us
for the whole time we're here.
- Are you serious?
- Yeah.
Okay, guys, frothlords,
let's hit the beach!
Yeah, I hopped up on my bike
For a cruise around the town ♪
When I saw a cute couple
They were sitting, making out ♪
My girlfriend has that jacket
So I stopped and turned around, like ♪
- Ah! ♪
- I'm sad now ♪
But the sun keeps on shining ♪
Yeah, the sun keeps on shining ♪
Yeah, when I got back to my car
Tryin' to blow off all the steam ♪
I was diggin' through my pockets
And I couldn't find my keys ♪
Then I saw a parking ticket
It was staring back at me, like ♪
- Ah! ♪
- I'm broke now ♪
But the sun keeps on shining ♪
And the car keeps on driving ♪
You can sit at home
Or you can take a ride ♪
You can get a tan or stay inside ♪
But the sun keeps on shining ♪
Woo! ♪
Now I'm down on all my luck
So I scraped up all my change ♪
Bought myself a tickеt
And I jumped up on a plane ♪
Landed in Hawaii
But my luggagе never came ♪
Oh, no, a heatwave ♪
So then I walked up to the road
With my thumb up in the air ♪
Hopin' that help would come
But everybody just stared ♪
A yellow Jeep pulled over
And I saw to my despair ♪
- No! ♪
- My ex is here ♪
Alright. ♪
What did you get up to this morning?
Me? Uh just took the longboard out.
Just by yourself, or?
Well, there were
obviously other people around.
But, uh like the guy
that was fishing off the rocks.
He just kept catching toadies.
Okay, girls! Comp conditions!
Put pressure on each other out there.
You're all enemies on the water now.
Did she even land
a single reverse?
Yo, I've been surfing
for, like, three seconds,
watch me nail some sweet airs.
Maybe she should stick to the trampoline.
True! Oh, my God.
Let's go. Get up. Lightweight.
How much is on this?
You're up to it. Come on.
Thanks, man.
I just wanted to say
For helping with my training.
It's all good.
I'm still your coach.
You're practically part of the family.
Rearview mirrors are a thing, bro.
We were gonna tell you.
Of course.
We're good.
Come on. Got a few more in ya.
Get up. Elbows in.
Yeah, Pops, she's, uh
- She's special.
- No.
No, she's she's amazing.
Come on, push! Get up!
Right now,
this is her window of opportunity.
She can either close it in,
get serious about it
or she could slow down, get distracted.
Before she knows it,
that window's gonna close.
I respect that.
I'm just I'm not just some rando, Manu.
I want what she wants.
Come here.
Okay, let's get into some legs!
- I'm goin'
- Hey, hey, hey!
For this to work,
I need everybody to be here.
No, it's a joke. You're a joke.
It's the same thing every time
Bax, if you leave, I swear to God
What are you gonna do?
Are you threatening me now?
What are you gonna do? No?
- Bax, wait up.
- Hey.
- Are you bailing?
- Yeah, no.
I'm just gonna go finish the surfboard.
- Seriously?
- Yeah.
You were gonna leave me with the dishes
and not even say anything?
Chop-chop, Summer.
I'm about to do peer review.
Pull out a name
and give some constructive criticism
about that person's form.
Poppy, you go first.
Summer is totally fearless.
It's actually pretty amazing to be around.
But she's not very good
at reading the conditions.
And she has this habit
of dropping in on people
when it's really not her wave.
Okay, Summer,
that means you're next.
Wren. Of course.
This should be interesting.
Wren's an amazing surfer.
Footwork, stance, turns.
It's all perfect, technically.
And if there was something negative?
She has zero soul.
- Summer, seriously?
- Okay, enough.
There is obviously some serious issues
brewing under the surface here.
So, we are gonna do a purge.
Every negative thing that
you're feeling about your teammates,
I want you to write it down.
Get it out of your system.
Don't show anyone.
It's for you only.
And then after
we're gonna burn all that negativity
in the fire.
Draw a line under this moment.
All of that negativity
all of those feelings
they're gone.
Now, from now until Nationals,
every last thought
should be strategy
and winning.
Pairs training at dawn.
What's that?
"Bodhi's becoming a total sheep.
It's pathetic."
- Griff, give that to me right now.
- "Or she just does whatever Wren says.
"It's like she just latches on to anyone
who can help her make it as a surfer."
To be fair, this isn't Poppy's fault.
No-one was meant to see that.
Too late.
What? So you didn't write
anything bad about anyone else?
I wrote that you're always showing off.
And all this hooking up
with different guys in secret.
Not caring how it makes
anybody else feel. It's arrogant.
Let's just call it a night, guys.
No. No.
No, it's not fair that
Poppy and Bodhi are the only ones.
I think
I think we should all hear something.
- No, Wren, that's a terrible idea
- Ari, it's fine.
I mean I'm happy to hear
whatever Summer wrote about me,
seeing as she practically wrote an essay.
- God, I didn't write about you, Wren.
- So, who'd you write about?
Who'd you write about?
You really want to hear it?
Well, I mean, you never
held back before, right?
I wrote that you're gutless.
You're so busy
pretending everything's fine
that you're disappearing
into your girlfriend's shadow.
You're desperate to avoid conflict
and play things safe.
But life's not like that, Ari!
And you of all people should know.
Okay, who's next?
Shut up, Griff!
Wear me ♪
Wear me out ♪
It's all ♪
Strung out ♪
You found ♪
What carried you ♪
Fall out ♪
Everyone fall out ♪
Get lost ♪
In this town ♪
Some road that's ♪
Getting worn ♪
At our feet ♪
At our feet now ♪
'Cause I got older ♪
And we got tired ♪
Heaven I know that we tried ♪
Heaven I know ♪
Heaven I know ♪
Hey, Summer.
Can I come in?
I wanted to tell you
We don't have to do this.
I'm sorry for what I said.
- I take it back, okay?
- No.
You're right.
As usual, Summer.
You're right about me.
I won't do this.
Not while you're with Wren.
'Cause I got older ♪
And we got tired ♪
Heaven I know that we tried ♪
Heaven I know ♪
Heaven I know ♪
Heaven I know that we tried. ♪
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