Surviving Summer (2022) s02e06 Episode Script

I Promise

[campfire crackles]
[Poppy] Mum?
Get some sleep?
Hey, listen, Wren told me that
someone found your note last night.
I am so, so sorry.
It must have fallen out of the hat.
Not your fault.
You know, insecure people,
they mistake confidence for arrogance.
How about you show Bodhi
what real confidence looks like?
[Elo] Alright,
Nationals are moments away, team.
- We need our eyes on the prize.
- Hey.
I went to your tent last night
and you weren't there.
Should I be worried or just humiliated?
No, neither.
Um I was just a bit wired up
after that purge thing.
- So I went for a walk.
- In the dark?
Well, I had my head torch.
[Elo] Alright, girls,
let's gear up for pairs training!
I want Summer and Poppy
verse Wren and Bodhi.
So, when I woke up there was
this dope board outside my tent.
I can't take it, Bax. It's too much.
It's alright, you can always donate it.
[Elo] Then for the boys,
I want Griff and Tommy,
verse Bax and Ari.
Howdy, partner.
Let's talk about the game plan, okay.
Do you want to go first,
or are you more of a finisher?
'Cause I can't tell
which tent you're in these days.
Oh, mate, last night, me and Summer
just had some stuff to work out.
Summer can do what she likes.
But if you don't tell
Wren what's going on,
I'll go first.
So, what are you gonna do?
Are you gonna tell her?
I'll handle it. Promise.
[Elo] The first riders
are out there to make a statement -
to dominate the break
and psych out their rivals.
They wanna get the best score they can,
as fast as they can.
Now, second riders, you need to stay cool
and trust that your partners
will not leave you hanging.
[Elo] Looks great.
Maybe just scooch in a little bit more
and then I can go over here.
[Man] Yeah, all we need for the newspaper
is just a photo of the whole state
team with the ocean in the background.
[Elo] Alright, Team Vic,
let's show off our new uniforms!
Okay, cool. Everyone get in
nice and tight, scooch in a bit for me.
Give me something
that's cover-page worthy.
- [Elo] Everyone say 'winning'!
- [All] Winning!
[camera clicks]
Alright, great, got it.
Hey, Summer.
So, I'm gonna change it up for Nationals.
You and Wren are gonna be my girls pair.
It's a killer combo.
Whoa, whoa. With all due respect, Coach,
your sister hates me.
And that situation
is not about to improve.
Sounds like the feeling's mutual.
I'm gonna plead the fifth on that one.
I'm doing this for a reason.
You are a talent,
but Wren is in a different league.
You can sit around resenting her,
or you can use that fire to overtake her.
I thought it was about trust.
Working together.
Well, working together
also means pushing each other.
If you want a future in surfing,
you have to be the very best.
And if you don't,
what are you even here for?
[Poppy] Manu! Why do we never have
any food in the fridge?!
[Manu] 'Cause I'm not your butler.
Oi, what's going on at this training camp?
Some stroppy Poppy going on up there.
Yeah, it was intense.
Do I need to have a word with Elo or what?
I'm just not sure
I get her coaching style.
Okay. I'm listening.
Well, I heard you helped Ari last year
when he was struggling
and I'm feeling a little scrambled myself.
What I'm hearing is
that they should've made me coach.
Yes, Manu, this is all about you.
Okay, sweet.
[sighs] Let's go unscramble.
Bro, you surfing or sleeping?
["Summertime" by Palms plays]
Forget what you know ♪
Good times, let 'em roll ♪
Tide's high, hope's down ♪
Chew it up and spit it on the ground ♪
Summertime ♪
[Marlon] Yeah, bro!
All the time ♪
Slow decline ♪
Never mind ♪
Slap 'em in the face ♪
Summertime ♪
Summertime ♪
All the time ♪
Slow decline ♪
Never mind ♪
Wait, so, Wren wants
to make a man out of you.
Oh, don't say it like that.
And then Summer gets jealous
and pulls you into her tent.
No! I went into her tent.
Dude. When did you become such a player?
That's amazing.
That's the thing.
I'm, like, the opposite of a player.
It was a dog act.
But it's, like,
Summer has infected my brain.
Dude, I'm trying to move on but I can't.
It's mad complicated.
Bro, it's not complicated.
You like America.
And you need to tell Wren.
That's it.
[Wren] I reckon you and mum
would definitely be friends.
She just bought her own loom.
- Hi, love.
- [Ari] Hey.
- Oh, hey, Wren.
- Hi.
- I didn't know you were gonna be here.
- Yeah, I'm just helping out here.
I was thinking
Did you maybe wanna go to Farouk's
for a bite? Are you hungry?
Uh not really. I'm kind of obsessed
with your mum's shibori.
Wren and I were just
talking about her parents.
They can't come for her birthday anymore.
- Oh, man, that sucks.
- Oh, it's not their fault.
They went to a full-moon party
on a remote island
and then they got stuck,
and the barge sank,
and they're lucky they weren't hurt.
Does anyone want to hear
about the behaviour of house wrens?
- They're very manipulative birds.
- [Abbie] Oh, not now, honey.
Anyway, it's just a stupid seventeenth.
I mean, a party would have been nice,
but it's yuck at our place
with Elo and Nationals and ahh.
She's really stressed about that.
If it's small, we could do
something here. Backyard barbecue?
I don't want to impose.
No, not at all. Let's do that. Yeah.
No worries.
Thank you so much. Yeah, you guys
You guys are the best.
[Manu] The ocean
is a place of contradictions.
Full of patterns, chaos.
Danger and joy.
Most of the time
conditions can be tricky, unpredictable.
But you should also be open to perfection.
Now, that
is what visualisation is all about.
When did you get so hippy?
Shh. Close your eyes.
I want you to imagine
the perfect day on this break.
What do you see?
What do you hear?
What do you feel?
Now there's a wave coming.
It's your wave.
And you're about to have the perfect ride
on the last pulse of energy
from a ripple that started 10,000km
across the sea.
Out here the ocean will provide you
with the clarity you need
to see through the noise
and truly connect.
Out here
..on your perfect break
..all you really want will reveal itself.
It's harder than I thought.
It's tough to achieve
what you can't imagine.
Let's try again.
[Manu breathes out]
["People I Don't Like" by UPSAHL plays]
Hello, it's so good to see you ♪
We met before but nice to meet you ♪
Yeah, I don't really wanna be here ♪
Like, ah-ah-ah-ah ♪
What's my name? Do you remember? ♪
I'm pretty sure you have my number ♪
So let's pretend we like each other ♪
Like, ah-ah-ah-ah ♪
Blah blah blah ♪
Wasn't this from your mum?
Yes, and it's dumb.
I'm not even
the best surfer on the state team,
there's a goat in my room.
No wonder Bodhi thinks I'm arrogant.
- She doesn't think that.
- You weren't there.
[Summer] Busted!
This is kinda cute.
Okay, who's up for a gym sesh?
Why? So you can crush me under
a barbell like you did with Marlon?
That was a friendly chat
about responsibility!
First off, mazels. You and Brazil,
so cute it's almost gross.
But is that why Bodhi went off on you?
Probably. I think she saw us together.
- And I hadn't told her anything.
- Right. Yeah, that'll do it.
There's barely anything to tell.
Like, It's really new, so
Yeah. Well, just say that
and say you're sorry and should be good.
If anything, I think she
should be the one to apologise to me.
Ever since her and Wren got really tight
she's been acting really weird.
Well, you know how I feel
about that one, so
Wait. So, did Baxter
actually shape you a board?
Yes. It's like, 'I'm not just hot and
cool, here's another green flag'.
Wow! You and Wren's brother.
Sounds like a lot.
It's more than a lot.
The other night
Ari may have stumbled into my tent
Shut up!
and we may have kissed
- Summer Torres!
- I know.
To be honest, it was so hot.
- This is crazy!
- I know.
So, I'm assuming Ari and Wren
aren't, like, polyamorous
Noooo. No, no.
If Wren finds out, our team will go
up in flames like one of your barbecues.
But for once it's out of my hands, okay?
Seems like Ari's gonna break up with her.
So you wanna be with him?
- Okay.
- Aw!
- You're right, it's a lot.
- It is.
[Wren] A little lower, I reckon.
[Bax] Can you just
make up your mind already?
[Wren] Okay, stop.
Yeah. That's perfect. Higher up. See?
Hey. I tried to get Wren away to talk,
Yesterday was just no good.
It was just terrible timing.
I think it's better for everyone
if we wait till after Nationals.
Better for everyone or better for you?
You said you'd break up with her
and now you're throwing her a party?
What if Baxter blows your cover?
Let's not give him another reason.
Did you know wrens are very territorial?
This is not for the kids.
Loud and clear.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Hey, Ma.
Your mum's job went great.
'Great's a strong word - magazine shoots
aren't exactly thrilling.
You're getting work here.
Let me be excited for you.
So what's going on?
I take it you didn't get a gift for Wren?
The surf shop was clean out of arsenic.
[laughs] Right.
[Abbie] Okay, hummus
[laughter, chatter]
Hey! Happy Birthday! You look great.
- Ah! Thank you.
- Love the bracelets.
Thanks. Actually, Bodes got them for me.
- Yeah. Aren't they cute?
- Yeah.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I'm just gonna take a stab
and I assume you saw
Marlon and I hanging out.
When you got dropped off
at the training camp.
Yes. Uh anyway.
It's still super fresh,
but I should have told you
And I guess this is my apologisation.
Thanks. Um I mean,
I wish you'd have told me
you liked him in the first place,
but Marz and I is ancient history.
So, I'm happy for you guys.
Isn't she the best?
I'm gonna go mingle.
Hey, can I please borrow my boyfriend
for one sec?
Okay, get a room! [laughs]
Are you okay? That was kind of weird.
So, kissing me is weird now?
No. It's not that. It's just
Whatever. You're weird.
[rock music plays]
[Bax] Heard great things
about art therapy.
Don't interrupt a master at work.
You didn't throw it out yet.
Although it has been relegated
to the back shed.
Why didn't you just say
it was for me, weirdo?
'Cause it wasn't ready yet.
It wasn't perfect.
I might have to thin out the rails
on the next one.
Margot's special punch? It's delicious.
Ah, it's not my thing
but don't let me stop you.
I can't be out there with Wren and Bodhi
for one more second.
- No offence, Bax.
- Some taken.
- Punch?
- Yes, please.
[music and cheering]
You're not mad at me too, right?
What? Nah. Nah.
Okay. 'Cause we were, like, super casual.
Yeah, yeah. Totally. Just a bit of fun.
Ari, you need to shut her down.
It's so rude, I can't believe it.
Yep, yeah, okay.
If a wren finds another bird's egg,
she'll stab it with her beak,
making sure it will never hatch.
You've been reading the same chapter
all day. It's not funny.
Hey. Just let me take these plates
inside, then I'll handle it. I promise.
[dance music plays]
I feel a bit guilty.
Thommo's the baker of the house.
Store-bought's fine, right?
Oh, Abbie, no mum
has made a cake since the '50s.
Maybe not in New York.
Also, not your kid.
Sprinkles. Sprinkles fix everything.
Ari, did you find the candles?
[breathes heavily]
Sweetie? Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah. Um
I just can't remember
if I took my tablet today.
You know, Ari, with what
you're taking, it's fine to skip a day.
Are things not good with Wren?
I hope I haven't forced you
into a corner by throwing this party.
No. Nup.
I will kick everyone out right now.
You say the word.
I'll tell everyone I've got gastro.
Whatever it takes.
No. No. Um
I'm fine, Mum. Promise.
Where's the punch?
[loud dance music plays]
Oh, my God! Yay! You're here!
I told everyone
you were gonna do a backflip!
Let me take you home.
No! I'm allowed
to have a night off! Marlon
What are you talking about?
Nationals are tomorrow, Poppy.
Look at you.
What do you care? You're just a sub!
[dance music continues]
[Bax] Hey, I gotta, um
I gotta tell you something.
Remember how I said I owed my little sis?
Well, a few weeks ago
she demanded payment.
I loosened your fins
at the Talent Search comp.
That's why they fell off the board.
Are you joking?
Summer, I know I've done a bunch
of stupid stuff throughout my life
but this is by far the dumbest.
I'm sorry. I kooked it.
- [music stops]
- [people groan]
[Summer] Just go.
[Abbie] Here comes the cake.
You know what to do.
[all singing]Happy birthday to you ♪
Happy birthday to you ♪
Happy birthday, dear Wren ♪
Happy birthday to you ♪
I'd like to make a speech.
- Uh, maybe after the candles?
- Nah, I'll be super quick.
Wren, birthday girl,
it's been crazy getting to know you
over the last few weeks.
I can honestly say
I've never met anyone like you.
When you set your mind to something,
you don't let anything get in your way.
I don't know how else to say it.
You're just a winner.
A massive winner.
Happy birthday, Wren.
Candles were dripping.
Now I know who stole the punch.
Bed. Now.
[Margot] Okay Let's cut the cake.
[Poppy laughs] What just happened?
Whatever. I mean, it doesn't matter.
Once I tell Elo she's hammered,
she's off the team, right?
No. You can't do that.
Nationals is tomorrow.
Why are you defending her, Ari?
After what she just did?
After everything she's done. Why?
Because I still have feelings for her.
That night at the camp, I was with Summer.
Just for a moment, but we kissed.
I mean
I really didn't think
you were capable, but, um
I know. But, Wren, be honest with me.
Did you trash that guy's hotel room
in Byron?
Are you seriously
turning this back on me right now?
This is what Summer does, Ari.
She's constantly tearing people down
so they sink to her level.
You think she cares about you,
but she doesn't even like who you are.
I just want you to be amazing.
Because you are amazing.
You know what the worst part is?
You can't even see how much I love you.
I love you, Ari.
I love you too.
["All Of Me" by KIAN plays]
I'll stay by your side ♪
Love you either way ♪
Oh-ooh, oh-ooh ♪
Take all of me ♪
Oh-ooh, oh-ooh ♪
Take all of me ♪
Oh-ooh, oh-ooh ♪
Take all of me ♪
[both laughing]
Yo. Watch this.
[both laugh]
You missed that by so far!
- [bang!]
- Of course you did.
You're good at everything, hey!
There she is. Our beloved captain.
- Isn't she just the best?
- The best!
- You know what?
- What? Say it.
I totally believe
that she framed you in Byron.
Yes! Thank you!
- You're awesome! She sucks!
- Thank you!
You know what?
You should have been captain.
Yes! I should have been captain!
[alarm blares]
It was a pebble.
How does a pebble do that?!
- I don't know, ask the pebble!
- [siren blares]
- [Summer] There's no way.
- Oh, no, Summer, this is bad.
- This is so bad. Manu's gonna kill me!
- It was an accident.
Summer, I threw the rock! Manu's
gonna ban me from Nationals! It's over!
Poppy. Poppy. You go. I'll say I did it.
- I'm not letting you take the rap.
- Yes, it's fine!
- Let's run!
- Just go! They're in a car!
Poppy? Go.
[siren continues blaring]
["You Broke Me First" by Tate McRae plays]
Your phone's been off
for a couple of months ♪
So you're calling me now ♪
You broke me first ♪
You broke me first ♪
You broke me first. ♪
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