Surviving Summer (2022) s02e07 Episode Script

Suck It Up

[alarm blares]
["Lullabies" by Tkay Maidza plays]
Locked inside a dream ♪
Too deep to run away ♪
Rest is for the weak ♪
Don't sleep, stay wide awake ♪
Will it be okay? Will it be alright? ♪
Looked into the phone,
made it out alive ♪
On a high-key chase with no alibi,
singin' lullabies ♪
On a high-key chase with no alibi,
singin' lullabies ♪
So, I'll leave her with you.
I'll just have to follow it up
with the owner.
You'll be lucky
if he doesn't press charges.
[Margot] Thank you.
And I'm so sorry for the trouble.
We know the owner.
He's a friend of Thommo's.
I'll help board up the window
in the morning.
Well, you're not going to Nationals,
so you can help.
- I know, Ma.
- What?! She has to go!
Come on. Mum, who doesn't
wanna throw a rock at Wren's face?
- I would've preferred a brick.
- Amen.
You are dangerously close to
going to boarding school. In Florida.
Okay, let's talk about this
in the morning.
Come on. Bedtime.
It's just one comp.
That you came halfway
across the world for.
Summer, what are you doing?
There's nothing left for me here.
I'm going back to New York. For good.
["Where Does Your Spirit Go?"
by The Kid LAROI plays]
No comin' back ♪
And I saw the look on your face ♪
When it changed ♪
And you weren't lookin' back ♪
No comin' back ♪
Numb today,
but tomorrow I'll feel it ♪
Truth is worse
every time that I hear it ♪
Know you're gone ♪
But tell me,
where did your spirit go? ♪
Woah, ohh ♪
Run away from
the way that I'm feelin' ♪
Maybe that's just the way
that I'm healin' ♪
Know you're gone,
but tell me where did your spirit go? ♪
- [Manu] Pops!
- [banging on door]
Let's go.
Make sure you get some chippies
at the airport. It'll help.
I'm sorry.
It's not the best prep for Nationals,
is it?
I think I was just feeling the pressure.
- [car horn beeps]
- [Elo, in distance] Let's go, Tetanui!
At least you got Marlon.
He's a good kid.
He likes you. A lot.
Here. Take this with you.
For good luck.
[car horn beeps]
Come on, you got a plane to catch.
Let's go.
Okay, I'll get changed.
You painted this? This is really cool.
If they have any taste, they'll
keep it in the surf shop for good.
Stop being so nice to me, Abbie.
I stole your punch.
Sorry. Not my kid to punish.
Plus you're doing a pretty good
job of that yourself.
I saw the CCTV from the surf shop.
Poppy's lucky to have a friend like you.
Wait. Poppy smashed the window?
Poppy's where she's meant to be.
And soon we will be too
if you book those tickets already.
I've told you why
I quit the Tour, haven't I?
'Cause it was a toxic boys' club
full of "Peter Pans in panel vans".
Well, it was actually a club
but for one particular man-boy.
And he had a two-door ute.
And refused to upgrade
to a four-door with a baby seat.
Do you mean the sperm donor?
AKA Dad?
I'm just gonna get something
from the car.
I just
I hated the thought
of running into him. You know?
So I left the Tour.
It's worked out pretty well for you.
But mainly it was self-sabotage.
Which I'm beginning to think
is a genetic response to pressure.
Honey, don't make
the same mistake I did.
If you really love surfing,
don't let anyone get in your way.
You have worked so hard.
You deserve to be there at Nationals.
And I'm pretty sure
your friends would agree with me.
["Summer's for Loving" by Glades plays]
Got my feet up
on the dash in the sun ♪
You drive with one hand
Other caught in romance ♪
Kinda dangerous
but summer's for lovers ♪
[Tuscany] Oh, look.
Here comes the kook mobile.
- [boy] Go home, you kooks.
- Go home, losers.
Just smile and wave, Goldy.
They can sense your fear.
- [boy] What is he looking at?
- [laughter]
[Elo] Okay, let's check in
while we wait for the gear.
[Griff] Looking good, Bodes.
[Poppy] I didn't know the campaign
was out already.
[boy] I guess you're famous now, Mercer.
- Why didn't they use my surf shot?
- Who cares? You look hot.
[Elo] Alright, guys, over into this way.
Don't get too comfortable.
We've got a big day ahead.
[boy] Reckon they've got
a sauna here?
Let's go, lover boy.
Good, Gibbo?
Yeah Sub gets the sofa.
Shotgun top bunk.
- Oi, Gibson. Can you give us a hand?
- Yeah.
- Is it time for the chat?
- Yeah.
Oi, Gibson. I heard you got it done
with Wren last night.
- Got it done. Eh?
- What?
Is that why America
smashed up the surf store?
Oh. Dude, no.
What? How come you guys
get a better room than us?
Ooh. Maybe they want
a private room tonight, huh?
- Yeah
- Hey.
Did you?
Did you end up telling people
about us last night?
Well, I didn't put it on my story.
I just told Bodhi.
First time's kind of a big deal.
Yeah. It's just some
of the boys overheard.
- [giggles]
- So awkward.
- Are you embarrassed or something?
- No!
No, course not. No.
They're just jealous.
Power couple, remember?
[Ari] Mmm.
[Man speaks in Bundjalung]
Welcome, everybody.
[speaks Bundjalung] All you good men.
[speaks Bundjalung] All you good women.
[speaks Bundjalung]
Or to simply say,
welcome to the heart of my people.
This jagun,
this Bundjalung country.
Welcome youse here today.
Take care out there hunting those waves.
[cheering and applause]
Thanks, Sandy,
for that warm welcome to country.
Competitors from every state,
I know how hard
you've worked to get here
and how much you've sacrificed.
But when the pressure's on,
just remember,
we are here because we love it.
This is the moment you've all
been training for and building towards.
And I know you'll support your teammates
all the way.
So get out there,
have a cracking Nationals
and rip it up!
[cheering and applause]
You heard her, Team Vic, rip it!
- Yeah, Summer!
- What?
- You made it!
- So good to see you!
Oh, you're here.
- Wow, I don't believe it.
- Better believe it, baby!
- Gotta be in it to win it.
- What about New York?
This is the biggest comp of the year,
Ari. As if I'd miss it.
[Elo] Alright, guys,
we've got a comp to win!
No more distractions.
- Let's go!
- Good to have you back.
I'm so sorry about the other night.
I just ran off.
It's all good. Don't worry.
- I love you, Pops.
- I'm so glad you came back.
[commentator] It is a beautiful day here
in the Northern Rivers, folks,
and we're just moments away
from the Under 18's Pairs event.
Yeah, these are must-win heats.
So, by the end of today
the successful teams
will surf it out in the Pairs Final.
Okay. So, for the Boys' Pairs,
we've got Bax and Griff.
For the Girls'
I'm going with Wren and Poppy.
Wait. But at training camp
you paired me with Wren.
Remember what I said about trust?
You proved that you're unreliable.
Yeah, but she's here now.
Isn't that what matters?
I'm happy to surf with Poppy.
But Summer has a better backhand,
she deserves a go.
Guys, trust me.
I've won a few of these before,
It's all good. I'll surf tomorrow.
[announcer] Girls' Under 18,
this is your 25-minute warning.
[whispers] Sorry.
Let's go, Vicco! Oi, Oi, Oi!
[cheering and applause]
[commentator] Our first Pairs surfers
are in the water and we are frothing.
In just a few seconds
that siren is gonna kick off
two days of incredible juniors surfing.
[all chant]
New South, New South Wales
[all chant] Queenslander! Oi! Oi! Oi!
Queenslander! Oi! Oi! Oi!
[siren blares]
[commentator] And we're off!
Poppy Tetanui bursting out of the gates.
She really wants that first wave.
But Rosie Reed from Queensland
takes the inside and beats her to it!
[cheering and applause]
[commentator] Huge signature carve!
That'll put points on the board!
The second Queensland surfer,
Tuscany Bray,
already making her way to the tagline.
Let's go, Pops! Get 'em, best friend!
Oh, look. It's the love bomber.
Excuse me?
Tuscany, right?
You chased my girl Bodhi
and then told her you were taken.
Who does that?
[commentator] Victorian captain Wren
Radic making her way to the tagline.
Oh, she needs her partner Tetanui
to put a score on the board.
But conditions have been
really challenging out there.
- Let's go, Pops!
- Come on, Poppy!
[Ari] Bodes, look.
Summer's psyching Tuscany out.
It wasn't like that.
Sure it was. I just don't think
you're used to being called out.
[girl] Go, Skip!
Uh I think that means you're up.
Not much time left in this heat.
Tetanui better hustle
if she wants to leave her partner
any time to get a score.
She's up again,
desperately needs a score here.
- Let's go, Pops!
- Yew!
[commentator] Oh, nice carve there.
Great technique.
Oh, yeah, that's a solid execution
from Tetanui as well.
- Go the lefts!
- Yeah, I know this break.
- Ah, you ripped, Pops!
- You could've done better.
[commentator] Former team mates,
now rivals in the water,
Tuscany Bray and Wren Radic
go head to head!
The Queenslander,
first to pull the trigger,
setting up for the turn.
[crowd] Aw!
Bad luck for Bray. She's gonna be
hurting after that ride.
What did you say to Tuscany?
I just stuck up for my friend.
You should've learnt by now
I don't need your help.
[commentator] Dying seconds
of this heat, Radic has priority.
Nice. Really great composure
under pressure.
Come on, Wren.
[commentator] And sticks the landing!
- This is why we kind of need her.
- This is why we put up with her.
[commentator] That's a 7.5 For Radic,
which means Queensland are out.
And Victoria are through to the final
of the Women's Pairs.
[cheering and applause]
No hard feelings.
[commentator] Girls' Pairs heat two,
this is your five-minute warning.
All surfers should be in the water
Hey. You get a result out there today
and all is forgiven.
- Right.
- Good luck.
Wow. Inspiring.
She knows I respond well to guilt trips.
And American vandals.
I'm here to surf.
This isn't about you or anyone else.
- Right. Did you at least bring my board?
- Hard pass.
Probably messed with the blank
or something.
Summer, you know
I apologised about the fins.
Bax, you need to forgive yourself.
You torched a couple of railings
a year ago,
and you're still doing
whatever your sisters tell you.
You act all whatever and hot and cool,
but you're basically Cinderella.
- You think I'm hot.
- Stop.
You know this is good.
Could've been.
But you made your decision.
We've seen some intense battles so far,
and things are not letting up
in the Boys' Pairs.
After a 6.2
from his partner, Griff Temple,
Baxter Radic paddles out to join the
line-up against his interstate rivals.
Come on, Bax.
Oh! But he's flunked the landing!
He's all over the place.
You can't rely on him ever.
[commentator] Bax Radic,
caught in the whitewash there.
He's gonna be copping a set on the head
and a long paddle back out.
[crowd] Let's go, Baxter!
[commentator] Look at this.
Bax Radic has pulled
into the wave of the day here.
But will he make it out?
Victoria's hopes are riding on it.
- Aw!
- Ooh!
- Bullsh
- [siren blares]
[commentator] And the Victorians
crash out of the Boys' Pairs.
[Poppy] Wren, it's up to you now!
Go easy on Bax when he comes in, yeah?
We're all doing our best.
You're picking right before my final
to make me feel like a terrible person?
No, it's just you're Team Captain,
so we need you
- Why can I not find my wax?!
- Sorry, sorry. Here.
Use mine.
But they're a sponsor, Ari,
and there are photographers everywhere!
The only wax I have is at the motel.
- Okay. I'll go grab 'em, you stay here.
- Yes, go grab them!
- Trouble in paradise, mate?
- Not now, Griff.
Um Why are you in the girls' room?
And why are you being a creep?
I'm looking for Wren's
What are you doing here?
Hiding from Poppy,
so I don't start a fight.
She got really loose at Wren's party
and called me "just a sub".
She's still gotta surf her final. Right?
And it's Nationals.
Guess I just gotta suck it up.
I think I said "I love you"
to the wrong person.
Her parents didn't even come home
for her birthday.
Plus she said it to me first.
I didn't want to hurt her like that.
But it's Nationals. Gotta suck it up.
Gotta suck it up.
This is actually quite soothing.
I was about to say that. [chuckles]
["Throw it in the Air" by JESSWAR plays]
I said it's more fun
on the other side ♪
I said, hey, baby,
let's go get wavy ♪
It's a tsunami, yeah, you on me ♪
Girls. Hey!
Listen. I'm switching it up
for the Girls' Final.
- Poppy, you're out. Bodhi, you're up.
- Seriously? Poppy surfed great.
If we want to win, we play smart.
New South Wales
is fielding the same team as last year.
They know all of Poppy's tricks.
You're still an unknown.
Come on, let's go.
Well, this sucks.
No, it doesn't. This is karma.
For what?
Doesn't matter.
What's going on with you, Pops?
I feel like we never talk anymore.
If it's about what I said at the camp,
I'm sorry.
Okay? It was awful.
No, but you're right.
I was being a jerk.
And it just felt like
I was losing you to Wren.
We learnt to surf on the same board.
You don't lose me. Ever.
So, maybe throwing
the rock at Wren's face
was a little bit of an overreaction.
- That was you?!
- Ow!
What? Summer covered?
She couldn't take no for an answer.
She's a better friend than you think.
[Elo, claps hands] Bodhi! Hey!
Why isn't your wettie on?
Do you want this or not?
- Come on!
- Alright, you got this.
[commentator] There's been a late change
in the Victorian line-up
Bodhi Mercer stepping in to replace
Poppy Tetanui in the Girls' Pairs final.
Hey, hey! There she is!
Our Aussie Hadid!
Dice. Molly.
Good to see you.
Have you seen the campaign yet?
Your bikini is selling like hotcakes.
- I even got one myself.
- That's great.
Really. Um
Do you know why
they didn't use my surf shots?
Oh. Uh
I think the team just felt
your swimwear shots were stronger.
It's just that I told you
I wanted to be seen as a surfer.
- Bodhi, who cares? You look great.
- I care because this is my career.
But people like you
only see me as the token black girl.
Bodhi, that's ridiculous.
He also called me an "exotic creature"
and told me
I was "only there for diversity".
Hang on.
So, you trashed my hotel room.
- Why? Because I gave you direction?
- No!
My friend took matters
into her own hands
because I was too scared
to call you out for being racist.
- Okay, Bodhi.
- Are you serious?
- This is not the time or the place.
- What the hell is wrong?
- We'll talk about this later.
- Are you okay?
Bodes. Bodes, look at me.
- Deep breaths, yeah?
- I don't know what came over me.
I don't know, either.
What were you thinking?
I needed to tell her what happened.
Here we go, folks! It is Finals time!
Okay, just forget about it.
We need to focus on what's important.
[commentator] We're nearly at the end
of Day One and the pressure is on.
Whoever wins this pairs final
will put their team one step closer
toward winning the national title.
Wren Radic attacks another one.
The Victorian captain
hasn't missed a beat today.
But she'll need Bodhi Mercer
to bring it home.
- Come on, Bodhi!
- Yeah, Bodes!
[commentator] Tasmin Storm in the pink
has been dominating for NSW.
And here she goes again!
- What does she need to win?
- An 8.2 or better.
Mmm. Piece of cake.
Hey, I'm glad you came back.
It would've been hard without you.
For the team. And that.
- For the team.
- Come on, Bodhi!
- Let's go, Bodes!
- You got this, Bodhi!
I'm gonna figure out a way
to be happy for you. I promise.
Come on, Bodes!
[commentator] Here goes Mercer.
Throwing buckets there!
And another solid carve.
[cheering and applause]
[commentator] Huge layback snap!
But has she come off?
No! She's glued on!
[cheering and applause]
And that's an 8.4 for Bodhi Mercer!
- She won?!
- She won!
We won!
- [cheering and applause]
- [Summer] Bodhi!
[screaming and cheering]
Bodhi! You were so incredible.
Our star!
Not the time or place for that, Molly.
We'll talk later.
- Whoo!
- [cheering]
[commentator] And what a day!
Some huge moments, some heartbreak,
and an even bigger day
coming back tomorrow.
That win will see Victoria
finishing Day One in third place
behind New South Wales and WA,
knocking Queensland down to fourth.
What do you want?
I just wanted to say sorry
if I messed you up out there.
Whatever happened between you
and Bodhi, it's none of my business.
I'm Team Captain. If I can't handle
a little sledging, I deserve to lose.
Hey. There's always tomorrow.
I really like her, you know.
Yeah, but you've got someone else.
I get it. Believe me.
I don't have a girlfriend.
Bodhi mentioned she was tight with Wren.
That would not work for me.
- You not a fan?
- Oh, she was nice when I was a noob.
Just not so much
when I started beating her in comps.
I've seen it up close.
One time she messed with my board
in the middle of a comp.
- And she outed me to my sponsor.
- Are you kidding?
You must've been stoked
when Bax got dropped
and they had to leave Queensland.
- Is that what they told you?
- Is that not what happened?
["The Moon" by Cassidy Taylor plays]
Everyone's here but you ♪
Makes for an empty room ♪
And just like the space
between the stars ♪
[phone pings]
When did you get so far away? ♪
Well, maybe if I ♪
Maybe if I ever walk the moon ♪
I'll shine off the light of you ♪
In your atmosphere, you know I do ♪
Wonder why I ever wanted to run ♪
I guess I grew out of being young ♪
If every star in the sky
was just like you ♪
I'd shine off the light ♪
Again ♪
Shine off the light ♪
Again ♪
Where have you been?
Hanging out with Tuscany.
We had a very long chat.
Turns out it wasn't Bax
that got dropped from Queensland.
It was you and Elo.
You for bullying,
and Elo for "toxic coaching".
Wow. Tuscany's
an even bigger liar than you.
No, that's your thing.
That and lying to your brother,
for a whole year!
How could you do that?
Do you think anyone's gonna believe
this coming out of your mouth?
I can't believe I let you
make me think I didn't deserve this.
You don't, Summer!
I mean, I've been doing this
since I was two years old
and you, what, decided
you wanted to do this a month ago?
Stop deflecting.
Tell Bax what you did, or I will.
You say anything
and Elo will bench you tomorrow.
You want to surf Nationals?
Show everyone you're not
just some kook who got lucky?
Keep your mouth shut.
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