Surviving Summer (2022) s02e08 Episode Script

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Lying to myself
I can make it on my own ♪
Making it alone is lonely ♪
Twisting and I'm turning ♪
Oh, I'm crashing and I'm burning ♪
So reach out your hand to me ♪
Come down ♪
Rescue my heart, I'll drown ♪
Without you ♪
Come down ♪
And rescue my heart ♪
Rescue my heart ♪
Seriously? Grow up. This is juvenile.
Hey! Anyone seen my trackies?
We should complain.
Get them penalised.
Pre-dawn raid. Classic New South Wales.
Oi, can someone grab my daks?
- Did you sleep naked?
- It was a hot night.
We're in the same room, you grub!
Okay, everyone listen up.
They're only pranking us
because they see us as a threat.
Ari, can you put me down?
We can't let anything derail this team.
We're still a big chance of the win.
Wren's right.
Don't let them psych us out.
Yeah, we're in third place.
Eyes on the prize, team.
Is that my goat?
Oh, man, those jerks.
New South Wales never get tired
of this one, do they?
Alright, guys, grab what you need
and we'll get payback on the water.
But we have to get the goat.
It was the last thing
Poppy's mom gave her before she died.
It'll still be here
when we come back with the trophy.
Yeah, it's fine. Let's just go.
No, it's cool, Pops. I'll get it.
Try and focus on surfing today
instead of other people's business.
Ari, your heat's up first.
Let's get your head in the game.
And here we are
at the last day of Nationals.
Heaps of young surfers have been out
there practising, and for good reason.
Today we're on the Individual Competition.
Yeah, now every surfer
has the chance to make the final
and bring home
some big points for their teams.
This is where careers are made.
New South Wales
are currently leading the overall tally,
with WA in second and Victoria in third.
The first round is only moments away.
Dante Levins from New South Wales
has been untouchable so far.
But he'll be up against rising stars
like Ari Gibson
in what's shaping up to be
one of the most challenging heats
of the competition.
Ari, I know you copped a tough heat,
but someone had to.
We're all counting on you,
so whatever this is, snap out of it.
You look like you're freaking out.
Can you just stop freaking out
Another powerful ride from Dante Levins,
looking to extend his big lead.
With only a few minutes to go in this
heat, the big surprise is Ari Gibson
who's yet to put up a score.
Something's wrong.
Of course something's wrong!
He hasn't caught a wave all heat!
- He's waiting for the right one.
- Except he needs two, Wren!
You realise he needs space
before a heat, right?
- You got in his head.
- We got in his head?
Gibson came in
as a promising contender here,
but he's being either very choosy
or very indecisive.
There we go.
The New South Wales and
Queensland riders get through easily.
And that ends Gibson's run at Nationals.
That is a big blow
to Team Victoria's chances.
I don't get it! What happened?
What on earth happened out there?!
- I thought I had more time.
- Really?
You didn't hear the five-minute warning?
Or the two-minute warning
or the one-minute warning?
- She's really going hard.
- She's making an example of him.
I'm sorry.
Sorry for what? Costing me the title?
Elo, he's out. Just let him process.
Honestly, I had concerns
you were gonna crack under the pressure,
but Wren kept telling me
that you had clutch.
Alright, back off.
You don't get to talk to him like that.
- Summer, don't.
- Wanna join him on the bench?
I'd rather quit surfing forever
than win anything for you.
- Summer, just chill.
- Pops. Remember the purge paper?
Elo wanted that to happen.
She set it all up.
She did the same thing to Tuscany
a year ago.
The bonfire, the stray paper, everything.
Wren, you said Tuscany bullied you.
She did.
She wrote horrible things about me.
Because you made her life hell.
And this is what Elo does.
She turns us all against each other
just to get us fired up in the water.
Poppy and Bodhi,
Bax and Ari, me and Wren
Bodes, I don't know
what she's talking about.
Yes, you do. You both do.
Could we just be honest for once?
All of you, listen up.
When I took this job, you were the team
who could barely beat Tasmania.
You might not like my methods,
but here we are.
We're in reach of the trophy.
Obviously, you needed
to hear some harsh truths.
Harsh truths? Yeah?
Well, if you're really about the truth,
tell Bax what you did.
What's she talking about, Elo?
Team Queensland never dropped you.
They fired Elo for her garbage methods
and Wren for bullying.
They did not fire me.
They forced me to resign.
And it was one complaint
from Tuscany's parents.
And she stayed quiet and blamed you
for the move to Shorehaven.
And the sweetheart good girl
knew about it.
Bax, I was just trying
to keep our family together.
- Your career depends on my reputation.
- Your reputation?
Goldy's got the right idea.
This is a 10-minute
warning for the next heat,
the Girls' Individual.
Congratulations, Summer. You're benched.
Bodhi, Poppy,
you're about to miss your heat.
- Summer's not going anywhere.
- Yeah, what she said.
- I'm with Pops.
- I'm with Griff.
In case you missed it,
you're not our coach anymore.
Poor bugger lost his heat.
Testosterone overload.
I'm so sorry.
I told Wren to fess up last night.
But she threatened to get me benched,
and I just wanted to surf so bad
Summer, it's fine.
You're better off without us anyway.
You can't leave.
You made one dumb mistake
and Elo's been
making you pay for it since.
You're not your sisters, Bax.
No, I think I'm worse.
I'm completely gullible.
Ever since we got down here,
it's Baxter this, Baxter that.
Like, I'm ruining her life?
And this whole time it was
just her bruised ego that's just
I'm just so stupid. How did I not see
It was there!
You're not stupid
for trusting your family.
We're supposed to protect
the people we love.
Like you protected Goldy.
Tell me something.
If he hadn't copped it,
would you have said anything?
Of course. Eventually.
I hope he realises how lucky he is.
Stop, Ari! You can't
just walk away! Summer's full of it.
I can explain everything!
Just talk to me! Please!
We can work this out.
Oh, wait.
- Oh, my God, is it
- Yep. of those panic attacks?
Okay, um
Uh Look, Elo, she shouldn't
have spoken to you like that.
But she just does it to make us better,
I mean, what happened in Queensland
was just It was completely unfair.
Ari, are you okay?
Um Uh
Obviously, um um I'm not perfect.
Well, we've both done things we regret,
And now, Ari, we can be
honest with each other, okay?
It's gonna be good.
We're gonna surf the world together
- And everything's gonna
- Wren, I'm not in love with you.
No. Ari.
You don't mean that.
I'm sorry.
I can't be with you anymore.
What a nail biter of a heat!
The girls are absolutely sending it today.
But more heartbreak for Team Victoria
as Poppy Tetanui and Bodhi Mercer
are eliminated.
So sorry, guys.
It's not the end of the world.
It kinda is. Bax left.
Probably Wren too. We're doomed.
We still have you, Griff and Tommy.
It's not nothing.
Wait, did you say Baxter left?
Marz, Baxter bailed! We need you!
Is that my goat?
I'm so sorry.
It broke. I'm trying
to glue it back together.
But This is all my fault.
No, it's not.
Sorry for being a brat to you
at the party.
No You had a lot going on.
Remember after the paddle out for Mum,
we took her back to Aotearoa
for her burial?
I came back. And I surfed a comp,
like, straight after.
Yeah, you ripped.
But, Marz, I never stopped.
I just had to make sure
she didn't die for nothing.
But even after all this hard work,
I'm still so far behind.
And I'm just so tired.
I just I just need a break.
Hey, mate. How'd you go?
Yeah, not great.
He knows, love. He's been
watching the live feed all day.
Sorry, mate, looks like
the waves didn't come your way.
Yeah. And I had an anxiety attack
and broke up with Wren.
So, it's been a corker.
Oh, love.
Are you okay? Those competitions,
they're so stressful.
Want us to come up? I can book a flight.
- Yeah, I'm booking it now.
- No, no, it's okay.
I mean, it wasn't really the comp.
Well, it was partly the comp,
but mainly
Mainly, I like Summer.
I knew it. So long to the litterer.
She really likes you too.
Oh, and Margot's here.
You're on speaker, darling.
Hey, Margot.
Hi. Um.. I think
you're really good for her, Ari.
Hey, did you get that video I sent you?
Yeah, Mum. I did, actually.
It's such a cute dance.
Hey, could you send me the whole thing?
I need to get this team back together.
New South Wales! New South!
Only a couple of heats left
before we jump into
the Boys' Individual finals.
As it stands,
New South Wales are still on top
with Queensland and WA right in the mix.
But Team Victoria
have really gone off the boil.
- Wax.
- Thanks.
Uh.. Okay
What are you doing?
You should know, it's your choreography.
No, but why are you doing it?
Every other team has something
they do to psych themselves up.
- Come on, I'm dying up here, please.
- I can see that.
Come on, Summer.
You remember it, right? You know it.
Yeah! Do it, Summer!
Oh, what is happening?
Big change up for Team Victoria
as the sub, Marlon Sousa, replaces
one of their big stars, Baxter Radic.
And Griff Temple's away.
Team Vic really needs some magic here.
Come on, Marlon!
Gave my love to a shooting star ♪
But she moves so fast ♪
That I can't keep up ♪
I'm chasing ♪
I'm in love with a shooting star ♪
But she moves so fast ♪
Team Victoria's unorthodox celebrations
seem to be yielding results,
with sub Marlon Sousa
blitzing his way to the Boys' Final.
- Vamos, Marlon!
- Go, Marz!
Well, the NSW captain
hasn't put a foot wrong today.
And with barely a minute to go
in the Boys' Final,
I think Levins can smell victory.
Sousa, clinging to second place,
desperately needs another score.
- If he wins this, we still got a chance.
- An actual wave would be handy.
20 seconds left,
Sousa goes hunting for a Hail Mary ride.
But will Levins beat him to it?
Come on, Brazil!
Sousa's up
Needs all the moves here.
Yeah, Marlon!
Levins finishes strong
on 15 points overall.
But the judges still conferring
on Sousa's last wave.
He needs a 7.5 or better.
And it's a 7.7!
And that means the Sub from the South
takes out the Boys' Final!
You did it.
Unbelievable stuff!
That puts Team Victoria
right back in the game!
- What do you want?
- Found 'em under the tree.
Marlon just won his final.
We're still in this.
But we need you, Wren.
Well, you ditched us, Torres.
So now you have to
live with the consequences.
This was always about you, wasn't it?
You never cared about us.
You didn't even care about Wren and Bax.
You just wanted, like,
payback on your old team or something.
You have no idea what I have sacrificed
to make sure these kids
are on the right path.
Everything I do is for them.
Our parents They left years ago.
And with no help,
I've turned them into champions.
I've given them careers.
Wren, if you really wanna know
what's best for your career
you'd be out there competing with us.
When I make the World Tour in three years
no-one's gonna care
who did what at Nationals.
Is that what she's telling you now?
If you keep listening to her,
you're gonna end up alone.
She will never be alone.
When I win the trophy
I'll tag you in the photos.
Torres digs deep,
looking to seal the deal
on this Quarter Final.
Yeah, Summer!
And that's it!
Torres carves her way into the next round!
Things are really heating up out there.
Wren Radic has charged her way
through the early heats
and shows no signs of slowing down.
Can she lead these underdog Victorians
all the way to the national title?
After an epic day,
it all comes down to this.
Yeah, the Girls' Individual Final
is just minutes away.
Good luck.
The three top teams
all have a chance to win this.
Everything is on the line here.
This is crazy.
It should've been you guys out there.
- Hey, you got it.
- Oi, kill her, man.
Now go do your thing.
this is your two-minute warning.
She's psyched out.
Summer, wait up.
It should be you out there.
All that surf advice I've given you
before - you don't need it.
That's what's so incredible about you.
You know what's right and you act on it.
Trust your instincts and you've got this.
You realise you're still
giving me advice, right?
Good luck.
Thank you.
Whoo! Go, Summer!
Well, it's been
wave for wave in the Girls' Final.
Radic still in the lead,
but the Queensland captain
has been hot on her heels.
Tuscany Bray swoops in.
Check out her flow.
She's gonna retake the lead here.
There we go.
Bray climbs in 16 points overall.
Radic bumped down to second.
Torres still in third.
She really needs to go big.
But Radic still has priority.
You go.
Smart play by the Victorians here.
Wren Radic gifting her teammate a wave.
Torres goes for it
But hang on! Radic wants it after all!
Summer, bail!
Torres dropped in on her captain there
so she's gonna cop
an interference penalty,
losing her last wave score.
The American drops back to fourth,
and what is happening to Team Victoria?
- Did Wren do that on purpose?
- Definitely.
- No way we can win now, can we?
- Yeah. If Summer gets a perfect 10.
That's what you deserve.
I can't believe her.
Last chance for Torres here
All she needs is perfection!
In third place, New South Wales!
And in second place
This was incredibly close.
..Team Victoria!
Congrats on the win. You ripped.
You too.
You deserved a 10.
It's fine. I am a 10.
As soon as I get the house set up,
I will have you over, I promise.
I think you owe me about 100 dinners.
I'll meet you down there
soon as I finish helping Dad.
He's very helpful these days, Summer.
Eugh. You two are gross.
Under the surface ♪
Yeah, the mal was a good choice.
Thought you fled the country.
My sisters did. After they tangled
with this badass American.
- She sounds awesome.
- Mmm.
So, what are your plans?
Dunno. Think I might
stick around for the summer.
I can't see you ♪
But I hear your call ♪
Baby, hold on now ♪
We're goin' home ♪
If we make it or we don't ♪
We won't be alone ♪
When I see your light shine
I know I'm home ♪
When I see your light shine
I know I'm home ♪
When I see your light shine ♪
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