Survivor (2000) s01e01 Episode Script

The Marooning

From this tiny, Malaysian fishing village, these 16 Americans are beginning the adventure of a lifetime.
They have volunteered to be marooned for 39 days on mysterious Borneo.
This is their story.
This is Survivor.
survivor season1 episode1 Are we getting two of these? Where's that box? JEFF: You are witnessing 16 Americans begin an adventure that will forever change their lives.
They've been given two minutes to salvage whatever they can off this boat.
Their destination: this island right here, a beautiful, but dangerous jungle in the middle in the South China Sea.
Who's got oars?! Oh, we got our lifejackets.
For the next 39 days, they'll be marooned, left to fend for themselves, no creature comforts.
They are wiping the slate clean.
Grab it! 16 strangers forced to band together to carve out a new existence, totally accountable for their actions.
They must learn to adapt, or they're voted off.
In the end, only one will remain and will leave the island with $1 million in cash as their reward.
Go, go, go! 39 days, 16 people, one survivor.
Grab it! Hey, behind you! Get off the raft! Get off the other side! Get off the raft! The rod, Sean! Listen up! Grab your backpacks! Put them on! Go! Let's do it! Whoo! Here we go! Whoo! The 16 contestants have been separated into two tribes named after the beaches where they will live.
The Tagi Tribe, who will always wear orange, consists of: Sean Kenniff a neurologist from Long Island; Kelly Wiglesworth, a river guide from Las Vegas; Rudy Boesch, a retired Navy SEAL from Virginia; Sonja Christopher, a 63-year-old cancer survivor from San Francisco; Richard Hatch, a corporate communications consultant from Rhode Island; Susan Hawk, a truck driver from Wisconsin; Dirk Been, a young dairy farmer, also from Wisconsin, and Stacey Stillman, a litigation attorney from San Francisco.
The Pagong Tribe, who will always wear yellow, consists of: Gervase Peterson, a YMCA basketball coach from Philadelphia; Colleen Haskell, an advertising student from Miami; B.
Andersen, a real estate developer from Kansas city; Ramona Gray, a biochemist from New Jersey; Gretchen Cordy, a preschool teacher from Tennessee; Greg Buis, a recent Ivy League graduate from Colorado; Jenna Lewis, a single mother and full-time student from new Hampshire, and Joel Klug, a health club consultant from Little Rock.
(shouting orders to each other) Hard to imagine that just four hours ago, this group met for the first time in a small fishing village on the coast of Borneo.
Their minds racing with questions, wondering, "Can I do this?" This is more than just a test of survival skills.
It's also a test of social skills.
Here, it's the impressions you make on the other castaways that determines your fate.
Under the rules, one tribe must visit Tribal Council every three days with a single purpose: vote one of their own members off the island.
To win, you must survive the island, survive the vote, and, ultimately, survive each other.
Whoo! I'm giving you a degree-- a university honorary degree.
Whoo! Damn, when you guys get up, now the whole thing goes Whoa! Watch out! Here we go.
We got a great view of Snake Island! Get to work.
We got oars.
We got buckets.
We're set for months.
Hey, who knows, we could make a mud house with it.
You know, that could be like rebar.
RUDY: Paddling over, we had two or three of those boxes in the water, dragging them behind the raft and that is dumb.
I said, "Let's get them boxes aboard.
It'll be a lot easier.
" You know, "That's deadweight you got.
" KELLY: He was yelling at everybody "Let's lose the box! Cut it loose now!" He may be 72 years old and an ex-Navy SEAL, but that doesn't mean that this is his world.
RICHARD: Rudy, Sean, Stacey, Sue, can we take 15 minutes and just talk before we do anything? Sure.
Can we piss first? Just a suggestion.
Should we take a break? No, keep paddling! One break at a time! One water break at a time.
We want to get closer to the island before we turn up.
I'll distill you all the water you want, just get me to the island.
You guys, we are so close.
Keep going, we're there.
(retching noise) You all right? We're almost there, Roe, hang in.
Got it going right over here.
Straight ahead of us.
Where'd he point? Right there.
Straight up there.
Whoo! And we're all here.
Let's go.
Yeah! Whoo-hoo! This is what I was talking about! Ramona, how you doing, honey? RAMONA: I don't like being on the water all that much.
So, I mean, the whole motion like this, and we're rowing, and we have like 100 pounds of stuff on the raft, I just, I started heaving.
Good job.
Good job.
RAMONA: I'm used to being in a lab with my lab coat on, in the air-conditioning.
But this is, like, outdoors, 24-7, and you're exerting energy, like, almost all of that time.
Oh, my God.
This is just Day One.
Should we, uh, you know, talk for a little bit, or should we start moving stuff up? Hey, let's discuss some things, man.
Let's figure some things out.
Here's what we plan on doing.
High tide is that line right there, see that line? Yeah, uh-huh.
So it shouldn't come up to here.
And this piece of bamboo back he re, we can lay it from up here, over to there, and that'll be the beginning of our shelter.
Actually, before we build a shelter, just knock that whole branch off.
No, I mean, this is an awesome spot.
I'm just saying What's the first thing we need to do? Shelter.
We need a latrine.
Okay, so we don't need fire tonight? That's an option.
We got enough water to make it tonight.
You guys, I think first thing we ought to do is talk about how we're going to do whatever we're going to do-- talk about the process.
Listen, listen.
Let me give you a rough quick.
The camp will be right there.
We'll clear these leaves off.
That's a flat piece of ground.
The latrine will be down there.
The wind's hitting me in the back right now.
SEAN: So, we're saying we need a latrine and a clear place to sleep, is that all? Food.
And if we need more Let's check the box, before we make any decisions.
Let's see what we got.
There might be a blowtorch in there.
We need a bathroom.
Are you guys all done talking? Huh? I don't know.
I'm done.
I'm going to open up a box.
I'm looking for Fritos.
DIRK: Rich, um, I appreciate what he's trying to do as far as bring the team together and stuff, 'cause that's one thing that needs to happen.
I think he's got some good skills in that area.
And, unfortunately, people like that annoy me.
I'm just thinking, I think we're off to a bad start.
Why, 'cause we're not talking? Yeah.
Sometimes, though, Richard, um, you kind of got to do things and talk as you go along, and sometimes things can't be that planned out.
I agree with you.
The problem with having no conversation whatsoever, or lots of people talking about different things is that nobody's working toward a particular goal.
Not the silly little stuff about, oh, who's going to sleep where? What are we going to do? But why are we here? And what's the point? And if we don't Oh, I figured that out before I come here.
For you And you haven't? And I have for me, but we haven't for us.
And for the next seven ejections, 21 days, we have to function together, or we fail.
What do you think we're doing now? Not functioning together at all.
I'm a redneck, and I don't know corporate world at all, and corporate world ain't gonna work out here in the bush.
No, I'm not talking corporate world.
I'm talking creating a team.
I thought we were doing good.
But, see, creating a team is actually putting all of our hands together Not hands, all of us knowing what we're doing.
Yeah, the hand thing, yeah, but that's Action, man.
Action, Richard.
Well, you don't want to act ahead.
RICHARD: I'm good to go survivalwise.
Peoplewise, it'll be a little more challenging.
But I've got the million dollar check written already.
I mean, I'm the winner.
And it's that kind of cocky attitude that makes people really hate your guts.
So that's the kind of thing, I've really got to keep, uh under wraps.
But, uh, it's just, how do I get there from here? What's that? Whoa! Look at this, folks.
If this is kerosene, and we didn't take one of those lamps We can make torches and stuff out of twine.
We could twine all the rafts together.
JOEL: What is that? Biscuits.
Yeah, it's definitely biscuits, 'cause we got corn Well, look, we got a frying pan.
Oh, we are so set.
Look, I'm shaking it.
Can anyone hear the biscuits? Oh, ho, we got a team flag.
Whoo-hoo! If that's our latrine, I say we dig a hole, put this here, knock a board out of the bottom, then we can keep moving it across.
Let's plug the hole.
SEAN: Let's sit down and talk about what the hell we're going to do.
RICHARD: Can I help? When I asked earlier about having a conversation, that's what I was talking about, and I really can help with how we can do this.
We wanted to see You guys, we came over here to talk.
We just want to see what we RICHARD: What happens when people get together is if they aren't all headed in the same direction, toward a particular goal, then things that individuals do kind of get in the way of the whole team, and I think it's really, really important that what we decide be decided as a group.
So, if you hear somebody saying something and you're all aggravated with them, stop, don't try to make your point and try and help them make theirs.
So, for example, you know, Sean, what do you think a main point of what I'm trying to say now is? I didn't listen to a word you I've been daydreaming, thinking, "What am I going to eat?" Well, you'll begin to figure that out All right, we got a stick up.
Well, as long as they can hit the middle of this hole, we're all set here.
Put it right like this.
This is perfect.
Hey, we found a water map! You got it? We got a water map.
: "Enter jungle here.
" "Walk 375 paces along" Oh, we start here.
We go back to the other stream down there and then we get the water here.
: Here's where we are right here.
We have to go across the stream.
We go across one stream s.
two streams, three streams.
Two streams, three stream All right.
All right, we're ready to roll.
All right.
You all right? Okay, is this the path? Well, it said "newly cut path.
" It looks newly cut, but "trail washes out.
" Oh, the trail washesout.
Oh, wa? No? B.
: Why don't you stay there for a minute? Let me walk and keep you in sight Okay.
to see if I see Anything? anything that resembles anything.
(sighs) Do you see anything? Huh? Look here.
I mean, come here and look at it.
Okay, ready? Oh, thank you, Jesus.
Christ! Yeah.
There we are.
Go ahead.
All right.
Way to go, B.
Don't let me drop sweat in there.
Okay, it's almost full.
You know, we could never do this, but you know what thought crossed my mind? What? As long as you and I always know where the water is and we got control of the water map, no one else will be able to vote you or I out.
We're not giving up the secret We're not giving up the secret.
of the water supply.
That's right! (all chuckling) And your wife is how old now? B.
: My wife? Right now? Yeah.
She's 45.
And how old are you? Oh, you better go.
You are a stud.
He's a stud! His name's Viagra.
That's his nickname.
Dang! You know, you got to do what you got to do, right? Somebody has to do the dirty work.
If we don't keep some humor we'll go mad.
Good night, y'all.
Good night.
Good night.
Stretch out.
RUDY: The hardest part is hanging around with all these young kids.
I don't even know what MTV means, you know? And I'm used to being in the military and one guy stands up, he gives an order and there's no back talk.
You know, like yesterday, everybody's trying to run the show and if they'd let one person do it, we'd be much better off.
But trying to keep them all shut up is hard.
If they listen to me, they'd all have haircuts and everything else, you know.
We'd be in formation in the morning and all that kind of stuff, but they're not going to do that.
I got to fit in, not them.
You know, there's more of them than there is of me.
Hey, you got a pierced nipple, eh? Yeah.
I got the ol' pierced nipple thing.
How did that feel? Pretty edgy for a doctor, right? Yeah, yeah.
I thought I was making it with the hair and then this morning, when I ran my hand through it and felt these couple of golf ball-sized knots in it, I'm like, no, they got to come out now.
SONJA: I was doing something.
I don't even remember how I did it.
Betadine won't hurt it, yeah, so we'll give it a little shot of Betadine.
I think these are the only sponges we have, so I'm just going to keep reusing them.
SONJA: I've been thrashing around like I'm 35, instead of acting my age, but we have a doctor in our tribe-- uh, Sean-- and he did a wonderful job of bandaging me up.
I think one of the problems with aging is the thinning of the skin, darn it, and so I think I'm maybe getting a little more banged up than some of the younger ones.
My aim leaves something to be desired, but we're getting there.
Try this? Well, I don't know.
This is heavier.
It might be sharper, though.
Think so? I'm wondering 'cause that's so damn hard.
Well, that's off.
That ain't gonna work.
Here's a, uh, a therapist's version of "Bye, Bye, Blues," if I can remember it.
?? Bye-bye blues ?? ?? Thanks to Prozac ?? ?? Bye-bye blues ?? ?? Give me Paxil ?? ?? ?? Bells ring, birds sing ?? Sun is shining, no more whining ?? ?? I live through, ba, da, da-da ?? ?? Life is hell, but I'm swell ? ?? Bye-bye, bye blues.
?? Yeah, that's awesome, awesome.
RICHARD: Well, the fish traps were hanging from the boat that we were coming over here, and when we were tossed into the sea on the raft and we could take whatever we could get our hands on, we grabbed three or four fish traps and a bunch of rat traps, and so we stuck the rat traps out the first night and boom-- we got a rat in each of them.
I want bait! Give me bait! I think he's just going to cut its head off.
Ew! Oh, God! Oh, no way! (laughing) Remember that knife.
We're not using it for anything else.
Oh, dude! RAMONA: I didn't sleep at all.
I mean, we-we closed our eyes.
We kept hearing noises and, like, clicking sounds, and we're, like, okay.
Um, what's his name WOMAN:: Joel.
Uh, Joel woke up, a rat was, like, in his ear.
JOEL: I heard something squeaking in my ear.
A rat was trying to get on the raft, or get near us or get at something.
I mean, everything was moving.
: We're just going along the beach here and just identifying whatever we can use for the shelter, the roof.
And I'm a little irritated that none of the others are down here to help carry stuff, but that's okay.
We need we need five more of these.
He's a character, man.
I don't think he likes me much.
Just these.
No, no, you don't understand.
I got to have this thought out and positioned right.
GRETCHEN: He's right, Joel, or it's not going to fit the frame.
Joel, trust me.
I'm not the one bitching.
I mean, I'm fine.
Hey, don't be talking to me about monkey business.
I can't sleep, so I'm usually up.
this being the width.
: We got a lot of lazy people if you want to know the truth.
You can't do it all yourself.
You know, I asked Colleen to straighten this out for me and here it is.
That's the only thing she had to do today.
You can't have lazy people.
GRETCHEN: He had been out there, you know, all morning long and, um you know, it was hot.
, I thought we said that this was a time of day, we were going to be out of the sun.
Well, but for some of us some of the people, it's been all day that way.
Right, it's your turn.
You tell me what you're doing here and I'll help you.
You hold it up and I'll do it quick.
I promise you, I'll do it quick.
That, you know, that's the right way to do it, but we won't have near enough line to build the roof and do that if we do all this, in all fairness.
Anyway, don't stop now, but I think we'll have plenty, and I'm going to roll that up for you, too.
We can't, like, get burned out, though.
I'm not burned out.
I know, but you will be if you spend all day out in the sun.
No, I never get burned out.
You don't know me.
I don't know you, but I know human beings.
I like working as a hobby.
Honest to God, how about 15 minutes though? Sit down for 15 minutes.
Why? Yeah, but, I want to get I want to get this thing stabilized so at least But, B.
, look Let me just explain.
I want to get this stabilized so then people can come in here You know the light cords you got? And we can tie these things down, but until I get this bounce out of this I want to I'm going to put a support there in the middle here and right there.
'Cause if not, we got to take bounce out of this.
I just think we have plenty of time.
I thought we were going to try to stay competitive, and if you work all day and you're burnt at the end of the day, we're not going to be competitive.
Take a break, and if it bounces a little tonight, then we'll fix it tomorrow.
I'm going to keep working, sweetheart.
You're going to get burned out.
No, I'm not.
Yeah, you are.
You already are.
: Oh, my.
You're doing fine.
Too much paper.
Bifocals work? Bifocals worked.
You the man, B.
No, she took my bifocals We're both the man.
And made it happen.
: And the fire started because I had bought a set of glasses with me.
I was going to do it and Gretchen said, "Why don't I do it? I know how to do it, too.
" So, I said, "Great.
" Nice, guys.
You guys split up and everything.
Good work.
: And she took my glasses and started the fire.
You did well, Gretch.
If we get fire, it means we're going to have a hot meal in our stomach which is going to bring up team morale.
That first meal might be rat soup, which I'm, like, looking forward to very much because there's nothing wrong with a rat.
All a rat is, is a squirrel without a fuzzy tail.
Let's just work with this.
I'm thinking, if we could work with this, we're getting a ton of smoke.
Start that piece of wood? If we get a piece of bamboo, someone sits here and holds the bamboo right here with the kindling in it.
With the kindling in it.
You know what I'm saying? Here we go.
Come on, Dirk.
Go big.
This isn't going to catch.
Well, you want to just keep trying? Why don't we try and make the bough? MAN: Go! Come on! We're getting there! All right! Okay! Don't stop! Don't stop! There was smoke.
We lost it.
A lot of smoke.
Don't you guys Cool! How much more do we need? I don't know.
How much more? That'll do it.
You in, Rich? Here we go.
Here we go.
Work it, Rich.
What? You guys get ready to take his spot.
Take a break, man.
We made a lot smoke but no fire.
I think it would have been nice if we had fire, but we're not going to catch fish unless we have fire to cook it and I think that if we had fire, we could have spent a lot of time sitting around the bonfire at night maybe singing songs.
We have a ukulele, you know, and that didn't happen and I wish it did.
Throughout their time on the island, the tribes will compete in a series of challenges.
They'll receive messages notifying them of these competitions at their tree mail.
Today's challenge is for both reward, in the form of 50 waterproof matches, and immunity.
Win immunity, you stay on the island a few days longer.
Lose, face Tribal Council, where you must vote one member off the island.
A map to fire.
It's got to be.
"Cold food, dark camp, "just a reminder of your first night.
It looks so easy in the book.
" Yes.
"Why is it so hard to light? "Tonight your tribe will carry the torch.
"One tribe takes home the flame.
The other gives someone the boot.
" Whoa! Whoa.
I guess they're combining the reward and immunity challenge this time.
That's the competition is taking home the flame, but what's the competition? We've got no freakin' idea.
Welcome, tribes, to your first challenge.
Congratulations on your first night on the island-- should be very proud.
I know both of you guys have food.
You found some fresh water and I think, Pagong, you guys had fire.
(cheers) Right on.
A lot of work to get fire.
Yeah, it takes a lot of work.
With the threat of rain always a constant, even if you guys did have fire, you're certainly not back there tending to them now.
50 waterproof matches should certainly make that a lot easier.
It's one of the things you're playing for tonight-- the other is this: I want everybody to touch this, get a good feel of this.
This is your life on the island.
This is the immunity idol.
Win this, you stay on the island a few days longer.
Lose you face tomorrow's Tribal Council, where one of you will be the first person voted off the island.
Big enough stakes? Oh, yeah.
Okay, here's what we're doing.
There are two rafts about 150 feet out in the water.
Your job is to get your raft back to the beach.
Along the way, a series of torches both in the water and on the land.
First team to light all their torches and their side of the fire spirit wins immunity.
Here are the rules: Each tribe member has to have one hand on the raft at all times-- atalltimes.
Nobody can swim ahead.
Nobody can fall behind.
The other rule: you have to light every torch.
Don't put me in the position of having to make a judgment call.
I don't want to.
There's too much at stake.
Clear? ALL: Clear.
All right, swim out to your rafts.
Wait for my signal.
Okay, Sue, listen up.
You're going to hold this.
How's that feel for you carrying? JEFF: Here we go! A storm is approaching! Waterproof matches and immunity at stake! Go! Go! Here we go! Keep going.
You got to lift.
Come on, team! Here we go! Light it! Light it! Dry run it.
Dry run it.
Go, go, go! Slow it down.
Go! Here we go.
Come on, y'all.
Come on.
Do not wait for me.
(all yelling) No, no, no! Go.
We got it.
Good job.
Go! (all yelling) Go! (all yelling) Throw it! Go! Here we go! Come on! To the flag! Calm down.
Pick it up.
Pick it up.
Here comes the wave.
Pick it up.
Pick it up.
Let's go.
Move it! Move it! Move it! Move it, move it, move it! Move it, move it, move it! Make sure you get it.
Let's go! Here we go! Let's go! Stop! Come on, team! We're doing good.
Three! Come on! Go! We're still there! Seven! We're doing it, we're doing it, we're doing it.
We're still there.
Come on.
Come on! We're still there! We're still there! We win! Going back! It's lit! It's lit! No, keep it there.
We got it! Yay! Yay! Yeah, baby! (screaming) Yes! JEFF: Guys, great competition.
Really close.
Pagong, you get fire in the form of 50 waterproof matches.
(team yelling) And more importantly immunity from tomorrow's Tribal Council.
You'll stay on the island a few more days.
Yes! This is happening every time! Every time, this is happening! Every time! JEFF: Tagi.
That's why we're winning.
We're going to stay Our island! Tagi.
Nice competition.
You know the drill.
You have a date with me tomorrow for the Tribal Council, where one of you will be the first person voted off.
You guys seen Dirk? Where the hell did he go? Oh, he goes He brought his bible with him? Yeah.
I think he's pretty religious.
He was telling me he was a youth minister or something.
(reading quietly) Rain's coming.
Again? That's all right.
I could always use a wash.
RUDY: Before we got on the island here, I formed opinions about people, but I changed my mind just on that trip in.
Rich, for one.
I mean, this guy is He's strong.
He's smart.
The guy surprises me.
You know, he's fat, but he's (chuckling): he's good.
You can lay it over those.
RICHARD: I like Rudy.
I'm not bothered by his straightforwardness at all.
I don't think it's even a problem.
I-I like it that he's saying "Hey, do this," or, "Hey, do that," but people are thinking of that as very direct and arrogant.
That's the word I'm hearing, and I'm thinking to myself "Well, they thinkhe'sarrogant; Oh, my God, I'm out of here!" (thuds) Oh, my gosh.
What do we got? The good news is we'll be having fire tonight.
The bad news is one of us won't be here to enjoy it.
We got Tribal Council tonight.
"Pack your bags, get ready to go, which one it will be, the world will soon know.
" KELLY: Unfortunately, we're going to have to vote somebody off.
There's going to be a lot of tension and one of us is going to leave.
Well, what time we got to do this at? It just said, "Get ready to go.
" Just, "Pack your bags, get ready to go.
" I can't believe we have to pack up.
We're just getting settled.
Well, somebody's gone.
So, it's time to think about who are they going to vote for? Why are they going to vote? I've narrowed it down to four.
I'm one of them.
Well, it could mean a lot uh, either staying or being voted out.
You know, last night's competition, I really feel responsible because I couldn't keep up and I was dragged totally off my feet.
I do feel that that stumble probably cost us the immunity challenge, and that's a big one.
Up until, uh, probably last night, I never gave it a second thought about who I was going to vote off or if I got voted off, but after last night, uh I thought about it then, and I decided then.
I feel pretty secure, actually, about the vote tonight.
Kelly and I get along real well and we've been talking about strategy, and, you know, who's not contributing as much, and who would be best to vote off, and I think we-we've come to a mutual decision and we've talked to Sue about it.
Stacey came up to me, and it's, like, she don't like Rudy and she's, like, "Oh, I think we're going to vote for Rudy," and vote him off 'cause he's so barking.
" Well, anybody's too barking and too bossy to Stacey because she doesn't move her ass.
The chicks think I'm voting for one person, and I'm not.
This is Tribal Council, where each week one member will be voted off the island.
Last night, in a crushing defeat Tagi lost the immunity challenge, so, tonight, they will come here and vote the first person off.
It all begins with a dangerous hike through the jungle.
With so little time to get acquainted, everyone is vulnerable.
Rich's talk-versus-action approach may be more annoying than helpful.
Sonja's tumble cost them dearly.
One thing's for certain: At Tribal Council, youareheld accountable for your actions.
Therewillbe a vote.
Someoneisgoing home.
I see torches.
Oh, that looks pretty hairy.
(birds chirping) (gong sounds) Make our way around.
We begin Tribal Council with a ritual.
Behind each of you is a torch.
I'd like you to grab the torch and approach the fire.
Go ahead and dip your torches in the flame and light them.
Put them back in their slot, and take a seat.
We do this because-- as I'm sure you've discovered-- on the island, fire represents life.
These torches now represent your life, your identity here at Tribal Council.
The good news is you will take these torches with you when you leave so you will have fire, and you will bring them back with you to each Tribal Council.
Go ahead and have a seat.
Well, leave it to me to state the obvious, but this is not a place you want to be.
You tread in dangerous territory every time you come here.
Tribal Council is basically where you account for your actions on the island.
Some of those actions will come back to help you.
Some of them may come back to haunt you, but tonight, based on those actions, one of you will be the first person voted off the island.
So, before we get to the vote, let's talk about what's been going on.
I'm curious just about you guys getting here and finding this place.
How was the journey over here? Saw two deadly snakes.
Really? SUSAN: Grand Canyon mud slides It was great.
It was fun.
We're still starving.
We've eaten but not really.
SONJA: The competition is stiffer.
The competition we had last night was tough, tougher than I had anticipated.
How are you holding up, physically? SONJA: Well, pretty well, you know.
I'll fight to the finish, but, uh, I have my blisters and whatnot, but I'm-I'm doing okay.
What happened after Quest for Fire? That was a great competition-- obviously, a lot at stake.
SONJA: Oh, God.
We came close.
We almost got it.
SUSAN: Aw, man, we were dragged down two times and we were right there.
We almost got it.
SUSAN: There's no way.
All right, guys, well it's obviously a fun group.
This is not a pleasant process No, not at all.
JEFF: And I know also, from listening to you guys talk, that there are a lot of different reasons why you're here.
Obviously, $1 million-- big motivator for anybody, but I'm sensing there could be personal reasons, different journeys you might be on that-that this encompasses.
Whatever it is, to fulfill that agenda, you have to survive tonight's Tribal Council.
That's the way it's set up.
So, what we're going to do is vote and how it will work is you'll come down here.
You'll go across this bridge into our voting confessional.
Write the name of the person you want to vote off-- large, clear letters.
Hold it up, and speak your piece.
We can't hear you.
Fold it up, put it in the container, come back, and take a seat.
Now, once the votes are tallied, the decision is final and you have to leave the Tribal Council area immediately.
It's time to vote.
You're first.
I'll do the best I can.
Got to remove the weakest link in the crew.
Um, tough call.
(sighs) Subtle reasons I'm not sure exactly what they are.
He's just He's an ornery guy doesn't really help that much.
For a Navy SEAL, he doesn't know how to start fire and he just criticizes everything.
I'm picking her because I think she's the reason we lost yesterday.
I'll miss his, uh, skills and, um, his speaking his mind openly.
Before I read these votes, I just want to commend you on the courage it's taken to get this far.
There were a lot of steps along the way.
Any of you could've turned around.
Nobody did, and in my book that gives you bragging rights for life.
So, with that, I'll read the votes.
First vote-- Sonja.
That's three for Sonja and three for Rudy.
The first person voted off the island Sonja.
Sonja, I need you to grab your torch and bring it to me.
The tribe has spoken.
Go get 'em, you guys.
RICH: Thanks, Sonja.
Thank you.
It's time for you to go.
JEFF: Well, to the rest of you, I guess a somber congratulations.
You've survived the Tribal Council.
You have fire.
You can head back to camp and I will see you tomorrow for the next challenge.
Good night.
JEFF: Next week, onSurvivor I've been working my ass off and a lot of you have been laying on your ass watching me.
Don't give me any of that .
RUDY: Me and Richard got to be pretty good friends-- not in a homosexual way, that's for sure.
(screaming and laughing) Swallow it, Gervase! survivor season1 episode1 Well, I think this has been, uh, an awesome experience.
Being the first to be voted out is a little humiliating.
On the other hand, the team did the right thing.
They're a terrific group of people.
They're very strong physically, and I-I think in their shoes, I'd probably do the same thing.