Survivor (2000) s01e02 Episode Script

The Generation Gap

1 JEFF PROBST: 16 Americans forced to abandon ship in the middle of the South China Sea.
Marooned for 39 days, they must work together to build shelter, find food, and survive the island.
But ultimately, it is everyone for themselves.
Every third night they will hike deep into the jungle to take part in the Tribal Council where they must vote one of their own off the island.
In the end, only one will remain and will leave the island with $1 million in cash.
Last week on Survivor the two tribes arrived at separate beaches and began building their new home.
( whooping ) On Pagong Beach, trouble began when B.
tried to force his work ethic on the tribe.
: We got a lot of lazy people if you want to know the truth.
JOEL: He's a character, man.
I don't think he likes me much.
We can't have lazy people.
JEFF: Over at Tagi Beach, the generation gap was also causing problems.
KELLY: He was yelling at everybody.
He may be 72 years old and an ex-Navy Seal, but that doesn't mean that this is his world.
I don't even know what "MTV" means, you know.
I got to fit in, not them.
You know, there's more of them than there is of me.
JEFF: And stacey, the attorney, attempted to organize the women against Rudy.
STACEY: Kelly and I get along real well and we've been talking about who would be best to vote off.
We've talked to Sue about it.
SUSAN: She don't like Rudy because he's too barky.
Anybody's too barky and too bossy for Stacey because she doesn't move her ass.
The chicks think I'm voting for one person and I'm not.
What time do we got to do this at? We've got the Tribal Council tonight and one of us is going to leave.
RICHARD: I've narrowed it down to four.
I'm one of them.
First person voted off the island Sonja.
The tribe has spoken.
Although likable and sweet, Sonja was considered the weakest link in the tribe and was first to go.
15 are left.
Who will be going home this week? btf@freemail.
hu STACEY: I'm hungry.
I think we're all pretty hungry.
I've gone days when I've only had some fruit, but there's no prospect of having any fruit here.
It's worse.
We got two rats, primed and ready to be cooked.
It's dire.
RUDY: These guys were talking about eating a rat.
And when I get hungry enough, I'll eat one, but not now.
I'm not close to it yet.
SEAN: I'd like to catch something and eat something of our own, and not have it be a rat.
I'd like that a lot.
KELLY: Fishing, um I think we've been doing, you know, w-what we're supposed to do.
We've We've collected hermit crabs.
We've put them in the traps.
We rafted them out.
You know, if we can just catch the one fish, then we can use that as bait and we'll catch more.
Right there.
Right there, right there.
STACEY: Yep, there it is.
White, floatie, floatie Straight ahead.
RICHARD: Damn well better be fish.
KELLY: Oh, my gosh.
( humming fanfare ) Come on, fishy, baby.
Fish are pretty stupid.
See what? Bait hanging and nothing moving.
These suck.
These do suck.
We're getting there, getting to know each other a little bit more.
I really want to learn a little bit more about Stacey.
Because, you know-- I voted her off.
She thinks it was Rudy.
She even came up to me and said "Yeah, I think Rudy voted me off, but that's okay 'cause he's next anyway.
" STACEY: I think after the vote at the Island Council Rudy realized that he was just sort of a liability to us.
He was sitting around barking orders and not really helping out much.
We've all seen him eating extra food and just doing inappropriate things in the kitchen.
Like, he's leaving the knives out, they're getting rusty, and he's opening canned goods and fruit without asking anybody.
I mean, we don't have a lot of food here, so I spoke up.
Actually, Kelly, Sue and I decided that somebody needed to say something.
And we put all the canned goods in one spot.
We're all going to vote before we open something else.
RUDY: Me and her wouldn't get along if we were friends on the outside I'd definitely avoid her.
She's too, uh, prim-like, you know.
I mean, uh after about three weeks out here in this jungle, she's going to learn a lesson, I think.
STACEY: Boards underneath or the support structure underneath? B.
: How are you working on your back? Tie that into there? Yeah.
Tie it into here.
You think I'm a miracle worker? Well JENNA: We're getting things done because B.
is such a great worker.
He gets us up.
We're moving stuff this morning and everything.
He's doing that.
Whatever you say.
All right.
You've cut her four times.
They're still too short, right? B.
: When you get done, you're gonna have to take the broom and sweep out this place.
COLLEEN: I mean, really, B.
He's adorable.
I mean, who doesn't want to own the B.
action figure? He's great.
He's amazing.
He's got more stories than anybody I've ever met in my life.
I think he's a little bit out of his element and he doesn't know how to fix it without being a little bit aggressive.
Ready? Careful.
All right.
Hold tight.
The biggest workers are probably Gretchen, Craig and I can't think of the lady's name in the pink swimming suit, but she, she works her heart out.
You got two hands, right? I've got two, but I-I'm keeping myself up with one.
GRETCHEN: Work ethic is a big issue to B.
Regardless of their wonderful personality or something, you know, it comes down to that with him.
RAMONA: You're working your butt off and he doesn't like to rest.
He's like this workaholic.
He just wants to get it done, get it done, get it done, and, yeah, that's great sometimes, but you can't push yourself like that and still, you know, maintain I don't know.
I just I don't see it lasting too much longer.
What's our fish situation? Who doesn't have chopsticks now? GREG: B.
, These are great.
Yeah, they work really well.
The only thing I ask you, is take care of them so I don't have to redo this again, 'cause after I make eight I won't remember how to make nine sets.
RAMONA: At this point, no one wants to have a confrontation with him, so, it's like, whatever B.
says, it's like "Okay, B.
, yeah.
Whatever you want.
" And, I don't know, I guess, honestly, if we were to ever lose an immunity challenge I think he'd probably be the first one voted off.
RICHARD: Rudy's cooking.
KELLY: Oh, nice.
Whatcha cooking, Rude? I'm going to make the rice and a papaya.
Mix it Beautiful.
Do we have any lemon left? Yeah, you can put it in yourself.
RICHARD: Sounds awesome.
Cook it up, Rude.
Chef Rudy.
We're ready whenever.
We don't have any fish, but we got the traps set.
RICHARD: Rudy and I-- i-it's an interesting dynamic because if he knew I were gay that would probably be really difficult for him, I think.
72 Years old, Navy vet.
I think it would just freak him.
But, he doesn't, as far as I know, know that, and I think he feels comfortable talking to me.
I'm certainly comfortable talking to him.
He's an interesting character.
DIRK: There's an excellent review Self-sufficient.
on male, I mean, I know, you're not just homosexual.
I know gay guys don't like to be called that 'cause you're not homosexual, you're gay, you know.
I'm homosexual.
Do we not not like to be called that? No, because it just No it's only classifying people in sexual terms.
SUSAN: It's a lifestyle.
Well, there is a lifestyle associated with being gay, Yeah.
but it's not something You can't say, "I decided to be gay.
" But it's been interesting in this new environment to kind of decide when to say what about yourselves.
I think there's only one person you got to worry about.
RICHARD: Oh, I'm not worried about him at all.
As people get to know me, they learn who I am and then eventually, over time, find out I'm gay.
I've never once in my life encountered prejudice based on my being homosexual.
RUDY: I was big-mouthing the whole time coming over here about being with homosexuals and lesbians.
So I found out last night, you know.
When he came up here he said, uh, "You want to talk?" I says, "No, I don't want to talk.
" And he was going to tell me he was queer then.
The weather ain't going to change.
If we went six degrees below.
Where the hell is Borneo? That way? RUDY: The homosexual, he's one of the nicest guys I ever met and he's good at what he does, you know.
He's got leadership ability, and if these people here would listen to him, he would take them a long way.
But anyway, me and Richard got to be pretty good friends-- not in a homosexual way, that's for sure.
Make sure you get this on TV.
Oh, boy, you better have a beer in your hand when you're doing this one, Rudy.
RUDY: He's a pretty good guy.
I don't know what my buddies are going to say when I get home, but I'll have to deal with that.
KELLY: I'm thinking we should dam off a part.
To walk over? Yeah, well.
Now it's, like, satiated, 'cause I wanted papaya.
You don't want it? Nope.
Well, then, I'll eat it.
RAMONA: I'm very, very finicky and as hungry as I am, if I really if I eat that I'm going to throw it up.
And I'd rather them eat it and be able to swallow it and digest it than me to waste it, so I'll just drink water, try to compensate.
Ramona's hurting big-time.
I feel bad for her, 'cause she wants so hard to, you know, get into the mix of things and help out and do her job, do her part, but she's just not feeling well.
JENNA: You all right, Ramona? ( coughing ) ( coughing ) GRETCHEN: I don't think this is what she expected.
I don't think she'd ever quit.
I think she doesn't even want to admit that she's laying down a lot, but, um, I think it's only because she doesn't want to say that she can't be successful at something, 'cause I think she I think at home she's very successful at what she does.
: Well I think the work-ethic problem is-- doesn't ever change.
The people who work are working and the people who rest are resting and that's that's the way it is about 80, 85% of the time.
The laziest person is Ramona.
I mean, she just doesn't contribute anything.
She probably hasn't worked ten or 15 minutes in five days.
She's really a drag because she drinks our water, takes our eats our food and takes room in the hutch.
GERVASE: He's such a hard worker.
If you're not working as hard as him you're not working hard.
I think it's just that simple.
I feel everybody's been pulling their weight here.
Nobody's been slacking.
I mean, people have been sick.
People have been hurting and I don't expect them to work.
's a good guy.
He's pretty strong-willed and he's got his plan as well.
He's caring.
He demands respect.
Definitely feels the difference between his age and other people and doesn't seem to want to bridge that gap as much as just be who he is.
We're probably about five or six minutes away from a delicious breakfast.
GRETCHEN: You know, B.
, throw a lot more water in there.
You guys are like backseat cooks.
RAMONA: You're a backseat everything, so don't be throwing stones.
I think they find me, probably, abrasive, authoritarian.
There's probably a couple of other adjectives you could throw in there that would probably work, too.
When you get to be 64 years old I'll let you give all the orders, okay? I won't make it that long.
I don't care.
I'm not trying to win a personality contest.
I just want to make my life here as comfortable as possible and then get the hell off.
It's really no problem.
It's just like walking across a log in the river.
Oh, yeah.
RAMONA: Well, the whole Colleen-and-Greg thing-- I don't know what's going on, what's not going on, but I kind of noticed like a couple of times they went off for fruit or whatever.
GREG: Colleen and I share a similar way of looking at everything that's happening.
Don't smile on swampie there.
COLLEEN: Greg is great.
It's just good to have a friend, you know.
Sometimes, when you come to a country-- a foreign country-- a lot of times you're really nervous about all the mysteries that are there.
You know, you hear about malaria.
You hear about this, you hear about that.
Those aren't worms; those are leeches.
What? Nothing.
COLLEEN: Like him, walking around barefoot and picking up things and whatever, you feel a lot more comfortable, and the place becomes more your home.
( Colleen chuckling ) Come on over this way.
Oh, my God! Oh, this is so fun.
GREG: She's really fun to play with because she's fun, energetic.
Oh, yeah.
She's, uh, rough and ready.
It's just, like, I'm actually making a friend out here, which I didn't think was really possible.
RAMONA: Greg and Colleen-- they had disappeared again.
And we were, like, where are they? I mean, they were gone for, like, an hour.
You know, they come back and we had no idea where they'd gone, what they'd done, until that night, you know, they were like "Okay, we're going to have game night.
" And we played the All-new Newly Stranded Survivor game.
( hooting and hollering ) GREG: Today, we're going to play the All-new Newly Stranded game.
( cheering ) RAMONA: Basically, it was kind of like a newlywed game.
Team one was Gretchen and B.
Team two was myself, Jenna and Gervase, and then, the third team was Colleen and Joel.
If you were to describe your favorite lovemaking position as a food, um, which food would that be and why? Oh Dude! Answer the question! I'm thinking, like, good and plenty.
I don't know.
( shrieks ) Excellent.
RAMONA: And so, of course, Greg was the host and he's just so wacky.
I love this guy.
Like, no matter what, he will have you laughing at least, like, five times a day.
( laughing ) And completely unpalatable.
That is such a relief to have somebody there that's, like, the icebreaker.
GREG: Onto our next category, then.
Did you sleep last night worrying about this thing? I mean, I got reason to worry.
GRETCHEN: When we first got here, we started arguing, B.
and I, about where to put the shelter and I thought it should be up in the canopy, you know, out of the sun and with some protection, and he thought it should be down on the beach.
: Idle water won't hurt us.
GRETCHEN: This morning we woke up and we saw that the moon was not yet full and high tide came almost to our doorstep.
: This is going to be a breakwater.
I want to get down there far enough to where the waves will come up over it and start dumping sand.
One, two, three.
: I already had my end up on two.
We started bringing logs down and keep the waves from breaking on the hut 'cause it's going to wash away the support posts, and so he admitted that maybe I was right about putting it back further, he said but he still doesn't want it up in the canopy.
Said he never will sleep up there, so All right, hold it, Greg.
Right in there.
We're right in.
All the way over now.
Walk straight in towards the hutch.
Damn it.
Walk straight in.
Okay, stop.
Put it down.
Put it down.
( screams ) Okay, steady.
No, no, no.
Everybody, let's don't rush this.
: But I think that's the way it ought to be.
Well, you can disagree without being smart.
Well, how many times do we have to say it? I know; that's not right.
Well, it may not be that right, but how many times we got to say-- make those decisions? B.
, I thought we were going to double up We did.
We doubled up off three feet.
That's not going to do it.
Yes, it will.
JOEL: You know, if the sky was blue and I said it was blue he'd say it was red just to disagree.
I can't let it bring me down anymore.
If we're building a health gym, a health facility, I'll let you do it.
So, if we're going to have kids, that's my job.
What does that mean? I mean, remarks like that do not help.
He makes all of these great promises and-and of what he's going to do, like catch fish and do everything else.
He has not performed one thing he said he'd do.
He reminds me of a guy that when you buy him for what he's worth and sell him for what he thinks he's worth, you'd make $1 million.
I meant significant water.
GREG: Well, I think they knock heads.
's very strong-willed and Joel is as well.
They don't back down from one another and that causes a bit of friction-- a bit of chafing if you want to put it in island terms.
We got a float.
I'm definitely catching a fish today.
Sea bass or salmon or whatever the hell we can get out of this ocean.
Fish is a priority right now.
Fish is very much a priority.
Now that we have the fire, we need something to cook it in.
Hey, where's super pole? This is so super pole.
Look at this-- I got the man's grip.
Where's your hook? We're working-- it's right underneath.
This sinker's a free-floating float and all I do is I take the line out, line out, cast home that super pole.
Then I reel in the big one.
Not too shabby.
SUSAN: Sean sits there for five hours and builds a super pole and doesn't catch anything with it.
SEAN: Been fishing all day today and still nothing.
I don't even get a nibble.
So that's, you know, really dissatisfying.
Get anything, Stacey? No.
SUSAN: I told him it was a waste of time.
"Oh, no, it's not a waste of time.
" "Did you catch any fish?" "No.
" RICHARD: He's, um, really wanting to get fish.
Hadn't been able to bring any in, and I think that was really starting to eat at him.
Maybe the area's overfished or something.
We'll figure it out sooner or later.
( chuckling ) ( indistinct talking ) You washing your clothes in our food container? He's washing his clothes in freshwater.
He's washing his clothes with the canteen water? Yeah.
It's unbelievable, man.
JOEL: When we get back, we're going to make some rice, we're happy.
First thing he does is he washes his T-shirt in the kettle we're going to cook the rice in.
Every canteen was empty and the sun's going down.
It's starting to rain.
When are we going to get water, you know? You think I have time to go now? No.
I wasn't sure I'd have time, so it's stupid to go up there.
There's places where you can, you know, it's wet now 'cause it was raining and you can barely walk.
She's a little upset, too, that The freshwater for some cleansing supplies.
I thought we would discuss this from the beginning.
Before anybody does anything, we got to vote on whatever we're doing.
Now that's a canteen of water.
But you can't just do that.
We can't go back to the water hole tonight because we'll get lost.
I don't mind.
I'll go.
No, we can't.
It's getting dark and it's raining.
then you're hurt.
Why? If you get hurt, then we all lose.
But that's not the point.
: I'm not going to get hurt if I go after water.
, please.
It is not about "I.
" It's about us.
I'm not arguing.
You're missing the whole point.
You're the one who brought it up.
I didn't say a word.
You know, if that was your canteen that's cool.
There you go.
I don't even know if that's cool, because if you get dehydrated and we have to compete, we all lose.
I'm not imposing my You can't do anything here without everybody agreeing.
We all have to agree what we're going to do.
That's the whole thing.
I've been working my ass off and the lot of you have been laying on your ass watching me, so don't give me any of that Everyone's been working their ass off.
Bull Bull Hey, we've all been working.
I've worked 20 times as much as you.
I'm not faulting you, but when you start getting on my ass about working That's what you think.
You didn't take one trek in this jungle yet.
Your ass has been sitting down here chillin'.
thinks anybody on our tribe is slacking, the heat is affecting him.
Everybody on our tribe is working hard.
I mean, everybody has different jobs.
Building the shelter is probably the hardest job.
He took that challenge on so somebody going out there trying to catch some fish might not look that important, but it's just as important.
I didn't want this to turn into this.
It's going to turn into this.
You knew it was.
I mean, there's no other way around it.
This is the meeting we needed to have.
You can't be making decisions on your own.
I'll try to at least get all eight of us here for this, and then we'll talk.
I'm going after water.
: I'm not voting when I wash my clothes.
No one's going to tell me when I can do stuff like that.
First place, this is not a democracy.
I'll vote on things that don't matter, but things that matter, uh, and my survival and my comfort, I'm not going to vote.
Throughout their time on the island the tribes will compete in a series of challenges.
They'll receive messages notifying them of these competitions at their tree mail.
Lose, face Tribal Council where you must vote one member off the island.
You did? We got something.
( chuckles ) Info, info.
"You've been cordially invited to the first annual "Starving Survivor's Buffet.
"The meal will feature local delicacies "and will be served al fresco in the shadow of the banyan tree along the Lari-Lari trail.
" Oh, gosh, this is about eating disgusting things! Oh! Can you imagine?! I bet you're right.
Eating disgusting things.
( groans ) I don't know.
I'm going to pull out some of the maps.
Eating bugs.
We're going to be eating some bugs tonight.
Come on, man.
I love bugs.
I know you do.
Huh? RUDY: "And will be served al fresco in the shadow of the banyan tree along the Lari-Lari trail.
" Hmm, sounds tasty.
Oh, I'll swallow everything.
You won't even eat rice.
What are you talking about? This is for immunity.
That's different.
Let's have a little strategy meeting for the immunity challenge.
I think we ought to consider how we're going to do it.
Whether we even want to win it.
'Cause I think Yes, we want to win it.
No, I want to talk about it 'cause I think we ought to think about lightening the load here.
I'm not going to quit, but if I can engineer an escape route for myself and do it right, do it ethically and do it correctly, then, sure, I'll do it.
I don't agree with that with quitting or engineering something just to save face.
I think he's trying to save face before getting voted off because I don't think he would have come here if that was the case.
What's the point of coming all this way, going through all the crap we had to go through to get here, for you to all of a sudden decide that you want to get voted off.
, you can put up with this for a little longer.
The name of the game is to reduce the tribe.
The name of the game is to stay together as long as you can.
Yeah, to survive.
To survive.
Sometimes strategy-wise, it might be best.
You have a chance to go, everyone.
Oh, I understand that, but I'm just saying I think we ought to at least decide what we want to do.
We want to win.
Then the subject's closed.
JEFF: This is the immunity idol.
The tribe holding the idol does not have to hike to Tribal Council and vote one of their own off the island.
The Pagong Tribe won last week's immunity challenge "Quest for Fire.
" We're just not going to let this out! JEFF: Win today's challenge, win the idol and immunity from tonight's Tribal Council.
Yeah, baby! ( all cheering ) JEFF: Welcome.
Yeah! Right on! Thank you.
Grab a seat, guys.
How's it going? Pagong, thanks for bringing back the immunity idol.
It's up for grabs again.
Losing tribe, you know the drill.
You go to Tribal Council, one of your members gets voted off, not a fun place to go.
I know you guys probably been six days without food.
So, I went out, I looked long and hard to find a true local delicacy.
And we turned it into an immunity competition, so let me just give you a visual.
Oh, God.
Gross! Yeah.
In Borneo, this is considered like sushi.
( cheering and groaning ) Everybody, just take one.
These will swim away.
Gerv's going to have to eat it! JEFF: Put it on your plate and don't let it crawl away.
They're called, uh, "puton.
" These are just beetle larvae.
That's all they are.
I didn't want to know that.
I was better not knowing.
Aw! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! B.
: Aw, look at that thing go.
( loud groan ) JEFF: Okay, the rules of the game are simple: The first person who refuses to eat a bug loses immunity for their tribe.
Lose immunity, your tribe must vote one of its members off the island at tonight's Tribal Council.
Guys, bon appetit.
Not the head? Bite the head off.
Just hold it by the head and take and bite it.
But get all of it, Gervase.
Don't just get the tail.
SUSAN: Yeah, I wouldn't eat the head, man.
RICHARD: Yeah, Dirk.
SUSAN: Yeah, Dirk! Come on! COLLEEN: Come on, Gervase! JENNA: Eat it! COLLEEN: Go, Dirk.
JENNA: We're doing it for the what, Gervase? ( all yelling ) Keep going.
Keep going.
RAMONA: Put it in your mouth! Put it in your mouth! ( Gervase yells ) GRETCHEN: Quick! Come on, quick! JENNA: Gervase! COLLEEN: Gervase, you've got it.
Come on, man.
I can't do it! GREG: Stay focused, guys.
Don't think about it.
JENNA: Close your eyes.
Close your eyes.
Can we bite the head off first? ( groaning ) I can't do it! If you've been to Chinese restaurants, you've eaten worse; they're just smaller.
( groans ) Grab it by the head and stick it in your mouth.
One! Two! I can't do it! Gervase! Ew! Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck! JEFF: Gervase, I'm going to count to five-- countdown from five.
Oh, Gervase, if you lose Starting now.
Prepare yourself.
Here comes the count.
Five four three two I'm going to do it! One Yes! Yeah! Yes! Yeah! Yeah! ( cheering and groaning ) RAMONA: He swallowed it! He swallowed it! JEFF: Even up.
We're moving down next door.
Gretchen and Sean.
JEFF: You're good.
Nice work.
Ow! Yeah! ( cheering ) Yeah, baby.
Eat it whole, you guys.
There you go, come on.
SEAN: There you go, big man.
Ah, gone.
I'm chewing.
JEFF: Water's right there in the pitcher.
Hey, Richard.
Come on, baby.
Can we take the head off now? JEFF: I'm going to come down there and check, though.
I don't want to All right.
All right, Greg.
GRETCHEN: It's like chicken.
JEFF: Yeah, hold them up for me, okay.
Let me see that.
( laughter ) Oh GERVASE: Good one, Colleen.
JEFF: Hit it, Sue.
GERVASE: Yeah, baby! JEFF: B.
, let me see you, here.
( cheering ) ( whooping ) Great.
Well, I kind of anticipated you might enjoy this, so we have a tie-breaker round.
Pagong, you can pick who you perceive to be their most squeamish member, the member least likely to want to eat.
Tagi, you pick their most squeamish member, the person you think I think Gervase.
STACEY: You know what, maybe they're faking us out.
Pick him.
JOEL: Gervase will go.
He's a team player.
Pagong, who're you guys going with? RAMONA: I think Stacey.
So, is that your choice? Stacey and Gervase? Okay, Stacey, come down here and switch places with Dirk.
COLLEEN: Come on, Gervase! RICHARD: Go, Stacey, baby.
It's up to you, baby.
All right.
You guys ready? Yeah.
You ready? I want to make the rules very clear-- each reach in and grab two of these.
You'll wash them in that bowl; you'll put them in your bowl.
When I tell you to go, you go.
First one done with both wins immunity for their team.
Here we go-- grab two each and wash them off.
You got it.
Here you go, guys.
I liked it before.
Shall we eat at the same time? Ahh! Come on, baby.
KELLY: Stace! We'll all do it at the same time.
COLLEEN: Immunity, Gervase.
It's all about immunity.
: Come on! JEFF: We're not going yet.
I'm going to say, "Three, two, one, eat.
" You grab on "eat.
" Get your hands down at your waist.
DIRK: Here we go, Stace.
JOEL: Close your eyes and kill them, man.
JEFF: Here we go, guys: Three, two, one.
Eat! Go, Gervase, go! Go, Gervase! SEAN: Swallow! Open! ( cheering ) JEFF: Tagi! Yes! Hey, guys.
Whoo! DIRK: All right! Wow.
DIRK: Stacey! Stacey! Good job, man.
Man, I just got some protein! RICHARD: Nice bug-eating.
( whooping ) SEAN: Stacey thinks she can do anything just like I do, and she really did her own.
I think what really pulled her through was eating those two bugs in lightning speed, because I think she impressed a lot people, pulled her own weight.
I think that's when she finally got accepted amongst the girls.
JEFF: Unfortunately, you guys are coming to Tribal Council tonight.
And I'll just want to give you a little advance warning: It is a long walk.
It's a walk through the jungle, in the dark.
Bring some sticks.
Tagi ran into a lot of snakes.
Here's a map, follow it.
Uh, tonight, you will have to vote one member of your team off.
You can head back.
( bird whistling ) RAMONA: Tribal council-- it's kind of like judgment day on Earth, kind of, and that's-that's like so daunting.
You're like, "Whoa.
" I mean, you have to stand in judgment of your maker, and in this case, of, like, your fellow tribe members.
My length of stay on the island depends on either what, like, somebody thinks of me or what they don't think of me or of my abilities.
I'm not exactly a control freak, but I kind of like to be in control of things, and I have no control over whether I stay or go.
My vote would be I would vote Ramona off because B.
is such a great wor gets us up.
He We're moving stuff this morning and everything.
I mean, we're getting things done because B.
's there, too.
He's doing that.
As soon as we had breakfast, Ramona was back in bed.
I think it's, uh, likely B.
will be the first one voted off.
I think he pretty much he dug his own grave.
Now he's saying he wants to go.
So, if that's what he wants, that's fine.
: The first two people that I would consider voting out of here, besides myself, would be, uh Joel and, uh Ramona.
If I get voted off, I'll give you this and you wear it as a tube top.
All right, good, yeah and I'm leaving my beach towel.
GRETCHEN: Even though we've only known each other for such a short time I think we-we've bonded already.
I think that's how everybody was feeling.
Some people, you know, showed it and some people didn't.
I'm going to take my chopsticks with me.
Maybe somebody needs chopsticks.
I can sell them on the side and make a little extra money.
( chuckles ) You know? ( mumbles ) Huh? B.
: They got to think long and hard before they vote me out because I think I contribute a lot.
If Gretchen or I would leave this tribe, that'd be like dropping an atomic bomb here.
( waves crashing ) JEFF: This is Tribal Council, where each week, one member will be voted off the island.
Pagong must now make the dreaded hike to the Tribal Council.
Despite their initial successes, the tribe is in turmoil.
's butting heads with the rest of the tribe, Ramona has been ill, and their shelter is in danger of being washed away.
Soon we'll find out if losing a member is what is needed to bring this tribe together.
( birds chirping ) ( gong sounds ) ( gong sounds ) ( gong sounds ) ( gong sounds ) ( gong sounds ) ( gong sounds ) ( birds singing ) We begin Tribal Council with the ritual.
Behind each of you is a torch.
I'd like you to grab the torch and approach the fire.
Go ahead and dip your torches in, and once they're lighted, put them back in their slots and have a seat.
We do this because-- as I'm sure you've figured out-- on the island, fire represents life.
These torches now represent your life, your identity here at Tribal Council, and you will bring them back with you to each council.
Go ahead and have a seat.
Well, having made the, uh, trek from your guys' camp to here, I know what a long one it is-- monitor lizards, snakes-- but it's not by accident the Tribal Council is located in the center of the jungle.
What happens here is sacred, needs to be respected.
The way you've handled yourself will either come back to help you, or it may come back to haunt you, but those actions will play a part as we'll find out tonight.
If you look over here, you'll see the only unlit staff on this ruin.
That represents Sonja-- the first person voted off the island.
Tonight, one of you will have your flame extinguished, and you will go home.
It's tough, but that's the nature of Tribal Council, the way it's set up.
So, before we get to the vote, Colleen, what was your take on what went down in terms of who stepped forward to take the reins? I mean, I think we have two or three strong leaders in our group, definitely, and they took, uh they guided the rest of us into, uh, doing the right things and getting everything done.
I mean, we have a great place now, thanks to them, I think.
Gervase, what are you feeling right now first time at Tribal Council, knowing what you're going to have to do tonight? I-I just feel bad.
You know, I kind of feel like I let my team down by, uh not winning, but, uh I mean, that's-that's really about it, you know.
I-I just wish we kicked their butt.
Didn't happen that way, you know, but JEFF: Jenna, you've been a little bit of a cheerleader for the group.
So, how does this play for you, coming over here, having to vote one person off? It's unfair.
We've really bonded, so to kick one of us off is like losing a family member, and then it's going to be a large, empty gap in the bed tonight.
All right.
Let me explain how the voting works.
One by one, starting with B.
, you come along here, go across this bridge into our voting confessional.
There's a piece of paper.
You need to write the name of the person you're voting off in large, clear block letters.
Hold it up.
Speak your piece.
All right.
It's time to vote.
, you're up.
: Uh, I think that this, uh, person contributed probably the least of anyone in all of our efforts.
I chose B.
'cause he was like a get-out-of-jail-free card.
He said that he was ready to go, and he'd done what he came to do, and he might not have been my first choice if he wasn't ready to go home, because he certainly is a hard worker and he kicked some butt.
I think it's time for Ramona to go.
She's a strong challenger, but it seems like she, uh she doesn't want to be a part of the or is struggling with being part of the group life that we have there.
Uh, I voted him off because he's about the only choice we had right now.
Uh, we all talked about other ones, but, uh right now, he's just the best choice because we have to win the next competitions.
Unfortunately, we had to do it.
Sorry, man.
JEFF: Well, obviously, there are a lot of reasons why you guys are here.
$1 million, enough reason probably for anybody, and I'm sure there are some of you who may have different reasons or additional reasons.
Regardless, to achieve your goal you have to survive tonight's Tribal Council.
One of you won't.
I'll go tally the votes.
Before I read the votes, I just want to say that once the decision has been made, it is final.
I'll guide you through this, but you'll be asked to leave the island immediately.
No good-byes.
All right, let's count the votes.
First vote: "B.
" "Ramona.
" "B.
" "Ramona.
" That's two votes for Ramona, two votes for B.
" "B.
" "B.
" The last vote is irrelevant.
, I need to have you grab your torch and bring it to me.
Go ahead and slide over here.
, the tribe has spoken.
It's time for you to go.
All right.
JEFF: To the rest of you, uh, congratulations.
You survived your first Tribal Council.
Not a fun process, but one you'll have to do again.
You can take your torches and head back to camp.
Next week on Survivor: My testimony is not something I'm afraid to share.
When Christ came, he opened the door to every human being.
I can only take so much preaching.
Dirk's about driving me wild with that.
The "oomph" is a little gone.
I think that not eating is a factor of our mood.
I'm so ready to eat rat.
I want to gut him, bone him and Surf and turf.
Minnows and rats.
I'm a little sad to leave these people because after the last six days, you know, we've gotten pretty close, all of us.
There isn't anybody in that group I don't like.
Some I like more than others, but that's normal.
And I hope that I showed them a little bit of work ethic; that I don't back off from-from what I did.
I think what I did was the right way.