Survivor (2000) s01e03 Episode Script

Quest For Food

JEFF PROBST: 16 Americans forced to abandon ship in the middle of the South China Sea.
Marooned for 39 days, they must work together to build shelter, find food and survive the island.
But ultimately, it is everyone for themselves.
Every third night, they will hike deep into the jungle to take part in the Tribal Council where they must vote one of their own off the island.
In the end, only one will remain and will leave the island with $1 million in cash.
Last week on Survivor B.
B's anger with the Pagong Tribe reached a fevered pitch.
I've been working my ass off.
A lot of you have been laying on your ass watching.
Put the carrying log-- we're right in all the way over now.
If we're building a health gym, I'll let you do it.
Damn it.
Walk straight in.
It may not be that right, but how many times we got to make those decisions? JEFF: At Tagi, the conflict between Stacey and Rudy deepened.
RUDY: Me and her wouldn't get along.
If we were friends on the outside I'd definitely avoid her.
STACEY: We've all seen him eating extra food, and he's just sort of a liability to us.
He was sitting around barking orders and not really helping out much.
RUDY: She's too prim-like, you know.
I mean, uh, after about three weeks out here in this jungle she's going to learn a lesson, I think.
JEFF: And Richard shared openly with his tribe mates.
There is a lifestyle associated with being gay, but you can't say I decided to be gay.
RUDY: The homosexual, he's one of the nicest guys I ever met.
Me and Richard got to be pretty good friends-- not in a homosexual way, that's for sure.
JEFF: At the immunity challenge, Stacey pulled through by winning the final unappetizing round SEAN: Swallow! Open! JEFF: Tagi! forcing Pagong to take the long hike to the Tribal Council where B.
'S volatile personality finally caught up with him.
" B.
, the tribe has spoken.
It's time for you to go.
All right.
JEFF: 14 are left.
Tonight, one more will go.
hu KELLY: I keep forgetting where I am when I wake up.
The plan now is to go out and try to do some early morning fishing.
SEAN: Fishing is horrible.
That saying, "There's a lot of fish in the sea"? Not this sea.
They apparently didn't grow up in Palua Tiga, uh, because there is nothing to be caught out there.
SUSAN: As far as the food holding up, uh, I don't I think we're into day seven.
I lost track, but I know it's starting to whittle down.
I know we got to get fish in here.
( conch shell blowing ) SUSAN: You want to check the one on the left first? KELLY AND STACEY: Yeah.
We're going by that first.
KELLY: Come on, fish in the trap.
Rocks do not want to take her down on that one end.
Bait's all gone.
KELLY: This is frustrating.
I mean, it's the ocean.
You think you'd get a fish somehow, but no luck so far.
We all thought, "Oh, yeah, you know, we got these traps, we got hooks, we got a raft.
" You know, there's no reason why we shouldn't be having big, fat fish for dinner every night, but we're just not.
To me, that's kind of like uh, yeah, whoo-hoo, big survivors, you know? When was the last time Rudy went on a water run? He never did, did he? I don't think he's been on a water run.
He's sneaky.
He is.
He's sneaky.
He swipes food while he's in there cooking in the kitchen.
STACEY: I think we've all sort of come to the conclusion that Rudy really needs to get out of here.
He just criticizes whatever we're doing.
He's hurting morale.
We row out yesterday morning and set the traps.
I come into the kitchen.
"Morning, Rudy, how are you doing?" "You're wasting your time out there.
It's just a waste.
" I was, like, "Damn, morning to you, too.
" What the hell.
SUSAN: Well, he's wasting his time by doing nothing, though.
KELLY: I think we were all kind of stoked that, you know, yeah, he's an ex-Navy Seal, We're going to kick ass.
But he really hasn't contributed very much.
I think it's definitely going to influence me the next time I go to Tribal Council.
I think it's influencing all of us, you know.
When it comes down, you know, to-to voting people that we do like off, I it's sucky, but I think it's going to come down to whoever screws up at the challenges.
SUSAN: Yeah, 'cause I already know who I'd vote for.
The person that's least contributing to the group out of here.
I have conflicts-- personality conflicts every day with people.
I deal with them, I work with them, I live with them, I go on.
I'm going to do the same thing here: I'm going to get rid of the weakest member and vote Stacey out.
Stacey's trying to buddy up with everybody because she knows she's the weakest.
STACEY: When Kelly, Sue and I were on the raft we talked about who we'd vote off.
Sue initially didn't want to talk about it, which immediately clued me in that she was planning to vote me off, even though we decided to stick together.
So now I don't trust her as far as I can throw her, which, according to the group, would be not far.
Did you catch anything? SUSAN: No fish.
We set the traps up though.
Set the fish traps? That's it? Just yeah, no fish.
We didn't fish but 20 minutes.
COLLEEN: The oomph is a little gone from our group.
I don't know why that is.
I think that not eating is a factor of our mood.
We want food.
Gretchen, Colleen and Greg, they were out looking for tapioca so that we could have mashed-potato style tapioca root.
It's tapioca, for sure.
( all chuckling ) Just take a bite, and see what No.
Maybe it's just tapioca run wild.
( chuckling ) Operation Tapioca has everything to do with finding tapioca, but we find other things on the way, too.
COLLEEN: The first time I came upon the mud volcano was with Gretchen and Greg.
Oh, wow! Look at this.
Oh! Is it blooping? Did you see that? Oh! Oh GRETCHEN: We stopped at the mud volcanoes for a dip.
We had a good time.
( laughing ) COLLEEN: We walked out of the woods like, you know, Lord of the Flies, and, uh, I think the others were quite interested in our discovery so we took a group field trip.
What is wrong with you people? Oh, my God! GERVASE: It was a great feeling.
It's just like a nice little celebration for everybody.
You get together, just get dirty, and have a little fun-- have a couple of laughs.
COLLEEN: Whose leg is? Now we really don't want to be voted off.
JENNA: But it's also just to get away from the daily grind here.
I mean, we're going to be here 39 days.
You got to keep yourself happy.
RUDY: I seen Dirk reading his bible today.
I didn't know he brought a bible.
"For out of the heart come evil thoughts: "Murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander.
" DIRK: I just need that quiet time, and especially a lot of that quiet time includes just praying and meditating and praising God.
That's kind of where I feel all my strength and energy comes from.
My testimony is not something I'm afraid to share, and that's just part of getting to know people and at a deeper and deeper level.
See, the Ten Commandments was an old covenant that the Hebrews that God's chosen nation-- the Israelites, the Hebrews-- had signed with him, but when Christ came, he opened the door to every human being on Earth.
SUSAN: I can only take so much preaching.
I went to church.
I put my time in.
I believe in God and all that, but to constantly everything always come back on to "Jesus, Jesus" yeah, Dirk's about driving me wild with that.
It's getting even prettier and prettier.
Well, thank you.
STACEY: I think Dirk has a little crush on Kelly.
He doesn't have a chance in hell.
Stacey came up to me, "Yeah, I think he likes you.
" I was just, like, "oh, great," you know? I-I didn't come out here for that, you know? We don't need that.
DIRK: Kelly's got a serious boyfriend, and unless she tells me otherwise, that's a line I'm not going to cross.
I love you.
But we're-- it's a platonic type of love.
I think he's really sexually frustrated.
I've gone 23 years without sex.
I think you guys can go seven weeks.
SUSAN: I went a year one time.
Oh, my God! SUSAN: You should try it sometime.
You might like it.
It's just funny, but I know you'll like it.
No, I know I'm going to love it.
You'll come back.
You'll come back.
It's a gift from God.
There's no doubt, man.
I'm obviously not a virgin, but if he, uh that's how he wants to live his life, that's cool.
You don't meet too many 23- year-old guys who are virgins.
He's interesting, being a virgin, 23, and not, uh, thinking about crossing that line till marriage-- hoo! He's extraordinarily religious, and I don't know that we'd ever be real close as a result of that because we're on such different ends of the spectrum religiously.
DIRK: Rich, you know homosexual people tend to talk about their homosexuality all the time, and it's really annoying to me.
It's seems like you talk about sex an awful lot.
Nobody's going to tell me what not to do or what not to talk about.
If it's offensive to anybody, I stop immediately.
DIRK: Maybe that's just me, but if he could cut that out, it'd almost be perfect around camp.
Day seven on the island.
After Pagong's visit to Tribal Council, both tribes are now even at seven members.
Today we'll see what effect losing B.
has on Pagong as they prepare for their next challenge.
Both tribes will have their work cut out for them today, as it requires strength, endurance, and most importantly, teamwork.
Try to go this one alone you'll never make it to shore.
Yes! It's underwater.
"Lucky for you, there's not much to do "to prepare for the next big race.
"Just hold on tight, use all your might and stay down till you're blue in the face.
" Oh, we're going to go diving.
Hold your breath.
"Gasping for air, weight you can't bear, "before you're done you may quit, "the fish you desire are yours to acquire if you're the first to the sand spit.
" Yeah, though, it's got to be underwater, holding your breath, getting something and getting somewhere.
Come on, Seal.
Who could do that? Well, that's what it is.
You know you're diving for something.
Something underwater, I'm thinking.
It's underwater today.
Either lifting something from the bottom or carrying it underwater, or a distant swim underwater or something.
GERVASE: The thing is this: everybody knew coming in water wasn't my thing-- swimming wasn't my thing, and my team knew it from the beginning, so when we get into any kind of swimming situation, if it's actual swimming, we're going to be struggling.
You know, they have to compensate for me.
But that's what a team does.
JEFF: Hey, guys.
ALL: Hey! Tagi, you, you saw they're missing a member.
got voted off last night.
Today's challenge is a reward challenge.
You won't be playing for immunity today.
That'll happen later.
Today's challenge strictly for a reward that includes a fishing spear.
Here's the game it is a team game.
Big emphasis on the tribe.
What you're going to do is you're going to swim out to the inner tubes out in the water.
Directly below the inner tube on either side is a sunken treasure chest.
Get that chest back here up on your platform.
The game is over when one tribe has their chest here and every member has a hand on the chest.
The only rule is you can't dive down to get the chest until everybody is out there with a hand on the inner tube.
So the race really starts here.
The quicker everybody gets out there, the quicker you can dive down and start to move it.
Anything not clear? No? Survivors, ready? Ready.
Go! Go! Here we go! We're going down.
I think you're I can't get ahold of it.
Everybody Get your hand off.
( indistinct chatter ) ( indistinct chatter ) ( all talking at once ) two, three.
You okay? Yeah.
( all talking ) Got it? I got it.
Come on! Come on! Stay with us, here Hell, yeah.
Our beach now, baby.
Our beach now.
That's right, baby.
( shouting ) Put your hands on it! Put your hands on it! Tagi! Yeah! Whoo! Way to go.
Bring it in, guys, bring it in.
Nice job.
Man, way to get it done, Rudy.
than I imagined it would be.
By the time you get out, you're so Good work, guys.
JEFF: All right, here's the deal.
The key, Mr.
Hatch, if you'd like, to grab right there.
Yeah, Rich, go get it, baby.
Go, Richard.
( indistinct chatter ) ( tribe cheering ) Look at all that booty! Oh, money, money.
See you tomorrow.
( tribal yell ) RICHARD: Yesterday's competition was great.
That was the, uh, pulling the treasure up from the water, dragging it in and getting a mask and snorkel.
Oh, baby, that made me feel good.
I wanted that mask and snorkel from day one to go get, uh, fish.
SEAN: Rich, he overestimates himself sometimes, and we were kind of thinking that he wasn't going to catch anything.
When you snorkel down there, there's nothing to even stab at.
We have a good pole.
I have my Superpole.
Uh, which is, you know, it works-- in a Gilligan's Island sort of sense.
We got some maggots, we got the Superpole 2000 and we got the persistence of Dirk and me.
We can't lose.
Feeling good today, buddy.
We got to come back with fish tonight.
If somebody gets a fish on a spear, I'll be seriously impressed.
So will I.
Let's see if he can do it.
Well, Rich is confident, man.
I appreciate If I was a little fish and saw Rich swimming out, I wouldn't be sticking around long.
Big gay man with a spear coming right at me.
Oh, it's a ray.
I don't know if it's an angel ray or a sting ray.
RICHARD: This is a good moment for me, 'cause I knew people were thinking I was just full of caca.
And it was just you know, one of those things that I've been talking about fishing, talking about what I've been doing all my life We're supposed to eat that thing? I will.
Just to make note who got the first fish.
It's not a fish; it's a ray.
Oh! Oh! You suck.
I'm coming back in a second with a fish.
I actually think Sean was kind of sad that I beat him.
All right.
Another ray, huh? Now you got two.
Do we want another ray? We don't know if they taste good or if they're edible.
Sean said, "Get something that looks like a fish.
" This is a fish.
Look at that, doesn't that look delicious? No more rays.
Catch a fish.
If I see a fish, I'll get a fish.
But if I get rays, I'm going to get rays.
There are seven people to feed.
I don't know if they taste good.
I'm not sure I'm following the logic.
I mean, you're sitting here fishing Right.
For what? I see a fish or something that looks like a fish-- I mean, I'll eat whatever.
Finally, when I came up with a third one they said, "Good job, good job.
" Good work.
SEAN: He pulled through.
He showed his true colors.
He does know how to spear fish.
He got us a couple of, uh, manta rays or whatever the hell they were.
We got fish.
No way! No way! ( screams ) Watch the spear.
Hey, baby.
Oh, hell, yeah.
We're eating dinner.
RICHARD: My position with the tribe-- it's probably going to increase as a result of this.
I talk about the things that I'm capable of doing and this might give them that "Oh, maybe some of what he's saying is true.
" They're, uh, pretty, pretty damn tasty.
I recommend keep catching those they appear to be slow, slow, slow.
Or you know how to catch them.
RICHARD: Thank you.
You need to keep me and I'll provide you with the fish you need.
SEAN: I don't what I'd do without the gay perspective anyway.
( laughs ) I don't see it at all.
We heard a rumor that the other team caught a fish with their spear.
The mask-- that was definitely the key to them starting to get fish.
And that does worry me a little bit 'cause they're going to be eating some protein.
I would definitely rather have fish than rat, but now it doesn't matter-- either/or now.
JENNA: Ho, I'm so ready to eat rat.
I want to gut 'em, bone 'em, and then we'll have, like, some little rat meat in with the rice that we're eating.
That would be delicious.
I'm not sure what a rat might taste like.
Nobody's said anything to me about what it could taste like.
GERVASE: Anytime anybody can hit one over the head, we're hitting them over the head, too.
Gretchen hit one the other night-- last night-- with the soup spoon.
GREG: This is not an easy sport.
Oh, no.
( laughing ): That's me! The principle of the trap: This noose is wrapped around the inside of this area here.
The bait's in there and it's getting tugged out by the rat and the noose goes tight.
JOEL: They'll lose their point on the rats.
We're going to chop the head off take the guts out, take the skin off, cut the feet off, and pull the skin off that way throw a few minnows in there, surf and turf; minnows and rats.
( laughing ): All right! I'm telling you guys we're not going to want to go home.
We're set.
Bring 'em on, baby.
Bring 'em on.
GREG: Rats aren't bad.
Rats are rats.
Questions of edibility only have to do with your perceptions.
GERVASE: Smells good.
Oh, yeah.
We're stylin'.
Want some? RAMONA: Uh, what does it taste like? I'm not sure.
Rat? Tastes like rat.
Almost like chicken, a little bit.
Use your imagination.
Am I using a lot of imagination? Don't smell it.
Don't smell it? No.
I'm concerned that it'll be a bit gamy.
We won't have quite the gravy we're looking for, which would really be helpful.
Uh, when cooking rats, I would imagine the sauce is of the utmost importance.
As poor as we get in the ghetto, we don't ever eat the rats.
Well, you guys are missing something.
( laughing ) ( groans ) Here.
All right.
( clears throat ) Gervase? What do you think? You having a problem there? We gots to kill some more rats tonight.
( laughing with Joel ) It's on, till the break of dawn, like hot buttered popcorn! Oh, yeah.
We's about the grub.
Joel, can you pass the rat? Please? Why you hogging the rat, Joel? Now everybody's taking my rat.
That's really, really good.
GERVASE: There's plenty of food on the island.
You won't starve with all these rats.
There's tons of them and they're everywhere, so there's definitely stuff to eat out here.
I think people would just rather eat some fish instead, that's all.
We've got a clue.
"Next challenge, choose smallest member.
"The lighter, the better.
"An emergency has come up.
"Build sturdy, maneuverable structure.
Tribe's fate may depend on it.
" That would be Kelly.
We probably have to carry her, or something, somewhere-- a race.
Through the woods.
Right, right.
RICHARD: Today's immunity challenge day so we're building a, uh stretcher.
Got to be a strong one.
We don't know for what, but, uh obviously, it's a competition that's going to determine who kicks somebody out tonight.
RICHARD: We got our mission, Rudy.
Looks like we got to build a stretcher.
Bamboo bamboo chicken wire in here, a brace here and a brace there.
All right, set it up right there.
Looks like the head's rusty.
SUSAN: It's important to keep winning these games because for one, you win the immunity.
You don't have to go through the brain rush of worrying about kicking somebody off your team.
STACEY: In general, we're a really tight group.
We all have our individual strengths and we're pulling together.
It's just, if we could get Rudy out of here I think we'd be even stronger.
It's going to have to be rope, not that little stuff we got.
No, we got three rolls of the rope, Rudy.
It's hanging there.
Why don't you just tie the rope? ( indistinct chatter ) How do you feel, Kell? I feel secure.
Lookin' good! Go, baby! Baby! World's record! ( whooping ) "Island telegram.
"Stop! "Next challenge: "Stop! "Choose the smallest member.
"Stop! "The lighter the better.
"Stop! "An emergency has come up.
"Build sturdy, maneuverable stretcher.
"Stop! "Tribe's fate may depend on it.
" Yeah! Right now, I am collecting stuff to build a, um stretcher.
For what, we don't know-- to carry our lightest member and whatever else, and through something or over something.
I don't know.
We have some idea.
It's going to involve the stretcher and an evacuation-- an emergency-type thing.
We got to win, guys.
We're feeling a little bit defensive, but we're also feeling like we can do it.
We can beat them 'cause we got a really light person and a really strong team pulling her.
It's not going to be the most comfortable ride she's ever had.
Everybody ready? Great! Whoo! Stop.
Stop! Good job! Awesome.
Good job.
Hey, guys.
Welcome to Larai Larai Beach.
Another immunity challenge.
You guys got a note asking to build a stretcher.
You were also asked to pick one member.
An hour ago, we took those two people and placed them in a secret location in the jungle.
This is an immunity challenge.
You know what that means, but let me spell it out: The losers are going to the Tribal Council where you have to vote off another member.
All right, for the scenario, I just need one leader from each team to come up here.
I'll take that immunity idol.
That's fair game again.
For today's scenario, imagine there's been a plane wreck-- this plane right here.
On that plane was one of your tribe members.
The good news is they're okay.
They had a parachute on.
The bad news is, they are stuck up in this jungle, hanging from a tree.
Your job is to take your stretcher, get up here to where they are and get them back down.
They are equal distance from the beach, so everything is fair.
Once you get back down here, it's a sprint from here all the way down to our first aid tent.
You have to have all six people with one hand on the stretcher.
You guys ready? Survivors ready? This is for immunity.
Go! Go, go, go! ( screaming ): Help! ( Colleen screaming ) ( cawing ) I'm right here! I'm right here! You're so close! ( Pagong man cawing ) Colleen, where are you at? ( Colleen screaming ) ( cawing ) Here, here! Get me down! All right, you guys.
We so have this one.
Stand on my shoulders.
All I can do is take this down You got it? Almost.
Are you loose? No! I need to go up more.
You got it? Yeah.
Are you loose? Let's go.
Tagi, come on and help me! I'm dying up here! Come on, you guys! All right.
Rich, I need you up here! Here we go.
I'm here.
Quick, get underneath her! Stand up tall! Good! She's down! You got to get me.
Got her.
Get it off.
You guys have to carry me.
Let's go.
Take it.
You got the flag? Yeah.
If it gets in the way, drop it.
We got her, we got her.
Keep going, guys.
We got this one.
Hold on to me.
Let's go! Go! Go! Go! Come on! Wait! No! ( all shouting ) Come on! COLLEEN: You guys, we so won this! Lift it! JEFF: There it is.
Nice job, guys.
( Colleen whooping ) JEFF: Tagi, Tribal Council tonight.
I know that's going to be a tough decision who you guys are going to vote off.
You got the afternoon to think about it, and I'll see you at the council tonight.
all over my back.
SUSAN: We just got to get some fish to keep our strength up.
I don't want to do this tonight.
This is the worst one.
Yo, guys, the good news about winning: We have a little victory walk planned for you.
I don't know if you've been to Bird Island yet-- it is beautiful-- and there awaits, hanging in the tree like Colleen, your immunity idol.
( singing in native language ) ( singing continues ) MAN: Yeah, we got a walk-on tonight.
STACEY: Since we lost the challenge today, we go back to the council tonight-- fun, fun.
Well, having lost the challenge, we've got to vote somebody out again.
That's what happens every time we lose an immunity challenge.
( whistling ) KELLY: I don't think it's going to get any easier.
You know, every time we go there, it's just going to suck even more.
STACEY: We haven't been in this council in six days, and in those six days, we've all gotten to know each other pretty well, and I feel bad 'cause I know they're all, you know, as scared about being, you know, voted off as I am.
I thought it was a done deal that Rudy would be the next one off, but it could be me.
I don't know.
It's either going to be me or Stacey, you know, that get voted off.
I think the younger people are going to band together.
They're going to get rid of me, and then they got to cutthroat each other.
I'm going to vote Stacey out at the council tonight 'cause I don't like her and I never will.
SUSAN: I told Stacey I was going to vote for Rudy.
But I was thinking about voting for her 'cause she was the weakest.
I got to think of the team; that's what I come here for.
RICHARD: I've kind of prioritized people based on who's contributing, I think, and can contribute most to the competitions.
I even wanted to talk with the group about who we were voting for and let's, you know, before we even go, know, so we could talk with the people, but boy, did that not fly.
( thunderclap ) KELLY: I don't think anybody's out here to make friends.
I'm not out here to make friends.
People that you're forming alliances with now, and the people that you're getting along with now are the people that are going to have to turn around and vote you, but somebody's got to go.
So, it's just the way it goes.
( thunderclap ) ( gong ringing ) Go ahead and place your torches in their slots behind you.
Take a seat.
I thought about you earlier, making the long walk from your camp to the middle of the jungle, to Tribal Council on what has been one of the weirdest weather days we've had so far.
20 minutes ago, it was as hot as it's ever been and now we have as big a storm as we've seen.
Going to try a couple of things differently tonight.
One is this conch shell-- the whole idea being to see if we can get to a little more truth.
You ought to be able to feel safe, to say things here that maybe you can't say back at camp.
So, is there anybody here that has something on their mind? Have at it, Richard.
Keep me.
I'm getting the fish.
( laughs ) I'm bringing in the fish; don't vote me out.
JEFF: Fair enough.
Sean, you and Dirk went out, tried to catch fish for a few days.
Went out again today.
Went out again today.
Do you feel, even though you're putting forth the effort, do you feel a bit threatened by the fact that when it comes to assessing people's worth, Richard did deliver and you haven't been able to catch any fish, or is that just one aspect? No, I don't think so right now, at this point, but I think that Richard catching fish is great for the group, and I'm pretty comfortable with my position.
I'm somewhat entertaining, sometimes.
I make people laugh, and I'm keeping people healthy and, uh, so I'm comfortable with my role-- fishless or fishworthy.
Susan, you've been quiet tonight.
What are you thinking right now? I'm thinking right now that, um, the elimination the way we vote is because of the competition-- it's like Rich getting fish for the group.
That's not coming into foreplay yet 'cause we're not starving to death yet.
Maybe by day 20, we'll be, like, yeah, he can catch fish, he's staying around, you know, but, uh All right, it's raining too hard to put you guys through this any longer.
Anybody want to say anything at all in this downpour? Stacey, the floor is yours.
Yeah, you guys, I daresay I was happy to eat the bugs that kept us out of here last time, and the games coming up are my real strong point, so JEFF: All right, guys.
You got to survive the vote to keep going on.
So, Sean, start us off.
It's going to be a downpour, buddy.
Write clearly.
I'm voting for Stacey.
Um, nothing personal.
I just feel that we need as much athleticism and brute force in this competition.
I love her to death and this is no reflection on the type of person she is.
I'll make this quick, guys.
I'll tally the votes.
Once the votes are tallied, the decision is final, and the person voted off will need to leave the island immediately.
The good news is, you'll soon be drier.
With that, I will, uh read the names.
First vote "Stacey.
" Next vote, fading, "Rudy.
" "Stacey.
" "Rudy.
" That's two votes for Rudy, two votes for Stacey.
" "Stacey.
" That's four votes, Stacey.
That's a majority.
We don't need to read the last one.
STACEY: All right, you switched your vote.
JEFF: You need to bring me your torch if you would, please.
Thank you.
Well, the weather has spoken and the tribe has spoken.
It's time for you to go.
This way? Yeah.
All right.
As for you guys, I don't want to send you back out in that.
You're welcome to stay here tonight, or until it stops raining as dry as you can, and, uh, I'll see you at some point tomorrow.
( thunder rumbling ) ( singing in native language ) Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode.
Next week on Survivor: Last night was the worst night I've ever slept.
I don't want to sleep in that anymore.
I'm going in the woods.
I had this vision.
I thought I'd build myself a bowling alley.
We don't need a bowling alley.
RICHARD: I know what the resolution to the conflict would be, but I'm planning something different and it's a little sneaky.
They kicked off their bug-eating hero instead of their food-stealing stumbling, ornery old Navy Seal.
Probably the guys said, "Well, we need to vote a woman off "'cause we need physical strength, and, you know, who do we think is the least productive?" And that would be me.
And yet I was much more productive than the four guys.