Survivor (2000) s01e04 Episode Script

Too Little Too Late?

1 16 Americans forced to abandon ship in the middle of the South China Sea.
Marooned for 39 days, they must work together to build shelter, find food and survive the island, but ultimately, it is everyone for themselves.
Every third night, they will hike deep into the jungle to take part in the Tribal Council where they must vote one of their own off the island.
In the end, only one will remain and will leave the island with $1 million in cash.
Last week on Survivor: Conflict within the tribes continued to emerge.
You can only take so much preaching.
Dirk's about driving me wild with that.
When Christ came, He opened the door to every human being.
We've all sort of come to the conclusion that Rudy really needs to get out of here-- he just criticizes whatever we're doing.
Come into the kitchen, "Morning, Rudy, how are you doing?" "You're wasting your time out there.
" JEFF: And hunger set in.
The oomph is a little gone.
I think that not eating is a factor.
( laughs ): We want food.
JEFF: Tagi Tribe gained advantage by winning a reward challenge.
I wanted that mask and snorkel from day one to go get fish.
We got fish.
No way.
No way! ( shrieking ) Watch the spear.
JEFF: Pagong was forced to look elsewhere for food.
JENNA: I'm so ready to eat rat.
I want to gut 'em, bone 'em JOEL: Surf 'n' turf.
Minnows and rat.
GREG: Rats aren't bad.
Rats are rats.
Questions of edibility only have to do with your perceptions.
RAMONA: Please pass the rat.
JEFF: But Pagong rebounded by winning the immunity challenge, and Tagi Tribe was sent back to Tribal Council in the middle of a tropical storm.
STACEY: I thought Rudy would be the next one off, but it could be me.
RUDY: I'm going to vote Stacey out, 'cause I don't like her and I never will.
JEFF: Stacey.
That's four votes, Stacey.
It's time for you to go.
13 are left.
Who will be voted off this week, and who will continue to survive? ( thunder rumbling ) I'm not a happy camper.
GERVASE: It's cold, man.
It got cold and rained a lot, and everybody got, I mean everybody was just wet.
RAMONA: It was long, wet and cold.
It was the worst night I've ever slept.
GREG: And worse trouble was the bugs-- the bugs love it.
Once that rain comes, it's sand flea heaven.
GRETCHEN: I have spent six years at the Air Force survival school.
You know, we learned how to make fires and shelters.
Come on When we got here, we argued over where the shelter should be, and everything I've always been taught, you know, you put it up off the beach, you get canopy cover, which is your first layer of protection, but we made this huge shelter, which was not comfortable and it's not practical.
It's a rain forest, so it was going to pour one of these times, and it poured, and we got soaking wet, and I just thought, "This is ridiculous," you know.
And also, the gear is everywhere.
Our rice bucket's down there; the shovel's down there; we don't know, you know, where the parangs are in the morning, and it's got to stop.
What's the reason for that, though? It's not up-tide-- look.
The shovel is over there 'cause we just dug I know, but you're done digging, so the shovel We don't know if it's done yet.
GRETCHEN: I think I am a little frustrated with Joel today because Joel wants to take over, and that's fine, but Joel doesn't know about where we're going to be the most comfortable, and so, you know, after last night, I thought, "Well, I just can't let this go on anymore.
" You want to vote me off, fine, but we got to organize this.
I don't want to sleep in that anymore, okay? You can sleep on the beach if you want to.
I don't want to sleep on the beach anymore.
I don't want to be antisocial, but I'm going in the woods.
Why don't we just go? Why don't we just start? We get to move-- it's so exciting when you get to move to a new place.
Oh, man, it's hot.
GRETCHEN: If this were, right now, each man for himself, Greg would be the victor.
He's relaxed.
He's not fighting this.
It's not like a battle for him.
Greg's a character, man.
Hold on one second.
Yeah? Greg talks into a coconut and thinks it's a phone.
This guy wants to do an interview for four or five minutes.
GREG: The naturephone is really a way that I kind of keep in touch with the greater, um the greater spirit out here.
All right, listen, well, uh, yeah, just hold my calls if, uh, anybody's in this You get reception everywhere.
You're always incommunicado with everything and anyone, and, uh you know, it's light, it's quick, it's easy, and it's relatively inexpensive.
Do you have a fitting for bamboo? Okay.
Yeah, yeah, as quickly as possible.
GRETCHEN: Greg knows what he's doing-- he kind of manipulates the group, and I think a lot of people don't even realize it's going on.
I think most of the people don't even realize it's going on, but in his own way, Greg's the leader.
Yeah, yeah.
Two min Okay, bye.
Sorry about that.
Hit Greg in the head.
SEAN: Sue, she just always keeps working, working, working.
You know, it just drives everybody crazy.
I mean, the guys were talking about that today.
I wish she would slow down for a little bit and just relax.
SUSAN: We're getting by on coconut and rice.
You know, whatever we can gather, and we're still not done looking for tapioca or nuts.
Tapioca's supposed to have red lines.
Got to find the tapioca.
SEAN: I had this vision, and, uh, I thought I'd build myself a bowling alley right about here.
That's what I'm doing here, slaving away.
( Susan grunts with effort ) This little Aw, this is all woody.
What I think I might do is, I might take some of those coconuts over there-- that are lined up like that-- I might take that bamboo over there and make, like, a little shelf where you can have the extra balls hanging out up there? No, that's a stalk.
Oh, is that that's those big nuts.
Sean's telling me looking for nuts is a waste of time.
But at least you know you can find a nut.
Sean sits there for five hours and builds his bowling alley.
He could've been all getting nuts or looking for tapioca during the day.
I'm tired of feeding people that don't do anything.
If we lose tomorrow, I'm voting Sean off.
My parents would be so proud.
Throughout their time on the island, the tribes will compete in a series of challenges.
They'll receive messages notifying them of these competitions at tree mail.
Today's mail informs both tribes about their next reward challenge called "Distress Signal.
" Hey, you guys! JEFF: They'll build an S.
on their respective beaches.
A plane flying overhead will determine whose signal is the most creative and parachute in a crate full of supplies.
Both tribes have been instructed to send a representative to see the creature comforts they'll be competing for.
We've got a nice luxury going on-- whoa! JEFF: Things like hammocks, towels and pillows.
Oh, my God! JEFF: But Jenna and Dirk have each requested one additional item be placed into the crate.
We want a spice rack, including salt, pepper, garlic, soy sauce Then you would have a full-out competition for that spice rack.
What would make it worthwhile for you? We need a flay knife.
JEFF: Here's the deal-- two clues for tomorrow's challenge.
Do me a favor, though.
Don't open them till you get back to camp.
I'll do what I can about the reward.
Nice talking to you.
Right on.
Nice talking to you guys.
All right! Thanks for the nap.
All right.
A spice rack is the best.
Good for you.
I wouldn't have thought of that one.
COLLEEN: What happened? What did we get? We got this.
COLLEEN: What is it? Okay, okay, okay.
"A store you all know has decided to show "some support to the survivors here.
"The noise you hear humming is a plane that is coming "to drop a crate filled with gear.
"Soft pillows of down, hammocks off-ground, "a bar of soap to wash up some, "a crisp white towel, so you won't feel so Towel! ( laughing ) "some toilet paper to wipe off your bum.
"The gift is only won as you work under the sun.
Remember, this challenge matches wit.
" Oh, you guys, we so have this.
Can I tell you something else, what the prize is? They added, because I finagled A spice rack.
JENNA: Oh, yeah, baby.
( cheering ) Tomorrow morning, a plane flies over two hours after the sunrise.
And it has to be on our beach-- anything-- a symbol, a word, you could spell out anything.
" I know what goes best.
Something really good.
One quick bonfire.
No, hell, no.
We got to do something bigger and better! They do one big bonfire, one big bonfire Yawn.
You do the fire but We got to sell it! This is like advertising; we're selling this spot.
Simple but impact.
GREG: What's creative, though, and exciting to see from up high? Sex, naked people We're trapped on a desert island, you know? We're horny.
( laughing ) There's also going to be a spice rack in there and one phat, filthy, stainless steel flay knife.
Yeah, something we need.
All right? So, we need, we've got one chance.
We've got to do this right.
Ideas? RUDY: Tomorrow, right? It's gonna be daylight.
We'll make a lot of smoke.
Smoke, a lot of wet wood.
KELLY: We should bring it over by the fire.
Have the fire blazing to all hell.
It's not about size; it's not about fire.
Well, fire is going to help.
SEAN: There's a little bit of conflict of ideas between everybody right now, uh, regarding our next event.
SUSAN: Are you against that? Nobody's against it, but we want to figure SUSAN: Yeah, but two hours RICHARD: There was conflict there between Dirk and Sue when she was trying to get going and Dirk was saying, "No," and she made fun of his swagger.
Let's have a clear plan, then let's go to work, you know what I'm saying? Okay.
Thank you, Sue.
The ideas I didn't like were just some of the things that maybe were a little bit tasteless or you know, and don't have much class, you know? I believe that class kind of shows itself, and things like Condoms.
If we had enough condoms and they were different-colored, that would be so funny.
I don't know if that has much class, you know.
You guys could put the little orange thingies on your wieners.
That's not very creative.
That's just looking in a bathroom stall wall.
RICHARD: We can also use those white Styrofoam floats and create a big arrow in the water that's, you know, pointed right toward the beach.
That's an idea; that's an idea.
I don't think we can do it together without the things floating all discombobulated.
Yay, Mr.
All right.
RICHARD: An idea comes up and you can see on people's faces when Sean is negative about it, and then they'll just harp on it and make it want it even more.
SEAN: I just think that we need to do something simple but extravagant.
Like one thing that we all work on.
You know, similar to, like like the Rose Bowl.
SEAN: I just wish people would, you know, see things my way, in terms of, I think that what they want is something really spectacular, and I think that we could work through the night and build something really spectacular that would ensure us getting that crate.
What's happening in my head is, "Here's the conflict.
"Here comes the dynamics that suck.
"Here come the people that just shout and don't listen.
Here comes the negativity, and here comes the crap.
" You talk about doing a float or something that Not a float, a project.
I know, a project.
It could be a big "X.
" You know, we build a tremendous "X" in the sand and stand it up.
Did you think I was done with my sentence? Well, I know what the resolution to the conflict that exists right now would be at home, but I'm actually planning something different from that that might benefit me, and it's a little sneaky.
( chuckling ) I think I'm going to handle this by beginning to develop alliances with some folks to ensure that I move into the next round.
That means we need to clean up that beach.
JENNA: I don't think Ramona's pulling her weight.
I think that she really thought she could handle this, and now she's finding that I don't think she she can as much as she thought.
Yesterday was bad, bad night.
The only thing Ramona can be is herself.
I'm a mama's girl.
Well, I'm mama's only child, so She has great gifts to offer.
Maybe she will be able to.
Maybe she won't.
But I can't do any more than I can do, and I'm not going to try and bust my ass and try and prove something.
Every chance she got, she was just making it worse.
And I'll expend extra energy.
I'll give this one to him.
I tried to pull her to the side and just point certain things out to her and try to get her to correct that situation.
Everybody's in cliques, and I'm, like, here.
It's all about everybody being nice.
You don't want to be out there kissing everybody's ass, you know what I mean? Don't start withdrawing in yourself now, you know, like going solo.
DIRK: I really like our slogan-- I think it's going to grab someone's attention.
We're giving it our best shot.
We want to win.
GERVASE: Work-wise, Ramona seemed today to be, "Oh, I'll help here, I'll help here.
I'll do this, I'll do that.
" RAMONA: I feel more like a part of the group, and I don't know if that's because I'm feeling better and therefore I'm working more and harder, or if it's because, like, I've started to assert myself.
I don't know, I guess it's a combination.
GERVASE: Looking forward to getting a spice rack to flavor up the rice.
And towels.
I'm the only one who wants towels.
And pillows.
I like the pillows.
Where do you want to cross? Um, right here.
Yeah yeah, we're all on island time.
Who you talking to?! The pilot, the pilot of the plane.
Can you hear me?! Yeah.
I don't want to tell you exactly what it looks like.
It's, uh just put it this way: we're all very excited to be here.
JEFF: It's 10:11 on the island, and aside from the ever-present desire for more food, both tribes have begun to reprioritize those core items-- the things that would make life a bit easier.
We're currently flying above the island.
On board, one crate filled with, among other things, a few hammocks, several pillows, one spice rack and one knife.
The tribe whose distress signal is most clearly visible from this plane gets it all.
KELLY: Hey! Hey! Come on! ( imitating Tattoo from Fantasy Island ): "De plane! De plane!" Here we come approaching Tagi.
( all chanting ): Spice rack up PROBST: That's very good.
"Tagi is groggy!" We're gong to swing over now and take a look at Pagong.
Here it comes! Whoo! Save us! Save us! GERVASE: Come on! Save us! We're banking towards Pagong right now.
We're about as close to them as you can get.
They have a smiley face.
We're going to make one more pass.
I'm going to confer with the captain and also the drop master and see what their thoughts are.
Please! Please! They're not going to drop it.
MAN: Up, two, three, down, two three.
Right here, please.
PROBST: I've conferred with the pilot and the drop master, guys that do this for a living.
We're all three in agreement: Pagong has a great distress signal, but the addition of human bodies colorfully dressed, moving, makes Tagi's distress signal more clear from the air.
Therefore, Tagi is getting the care package.
There it is.
( cheering ) That drop boy can go.
It's hard being this good.
It's hard being this stinky.
( tauntingly ): We got your spice rack! We got your spice rack! How about a big "aw" for the other team? Aw! Let's go get it.
Whoo! GRETCHEN: All that waiting, all that work for nothing.
Man, I wanted garlic.
Yo, look what we found.
There we go.
Let's see.
Ah! We like it there.
Ooh! Look at the knife! Yeah! That's something to fish.
Now we're eating.
This looks like oregano.
What do we got in there? Curry.
I think this is garlic.
RICHARD: That's where you'll always find it-- around my thigh.
You think they're bummed about their spices? I'll take a victory over Jenna right now.
Groggy no more.
That's right, man.
I didn't like the final decision for the S.
I thought it was quite silly-- a smiley face? Give me a break.
I didn't expect us to win anyway.
It's a little disappointing, but it's okay.
So it's another day of rice.
I'm down.
I hate to lose.
It sucks.
But tomorrow's the one that counts, so trying to look up.
KELLY: The whole idea of an alliance is to make sure we're all voting the same way.
So are we going to stick to it? I'm going to stick to it.
RICHARD: So the, um alliances have begun, and I didn't even have to do much about it.
I don't want to vote anyone off I agree with Rich, I think, about the Sean thing.
KELLY: Sue and I had discussed on our own about getting Richard in the same vote and us three having the same vote.
So no matter what, even if we never talk again, the next vote is? KELLY: Because the more people you know that are going to vote for somebody else, you might as well go with that.
You might as well, you know, keep yourself safe, and, you know, keep it in the majority.
We have alliances that are happening within the group, and you're going to have that, just because, you know, everybody's hey, there's money involved.
We really could control our fate if we stick together.
I think what's going to happen in the end, there'll be alliances.
There could be.
Oh, yeah! KELLY: We really like Rudy.
Rudy's kind of crabby, but he's a lot better to get along with, you know, than the two boys.
At least he's honest.
You know, he'll tell you, you know, "Up yours," in a second.
Sue! What, if anything, should be said to Rudy? RUDY: Somebody said that if you want to sort of gang up against somebody, you ought to talk about it to get rid of them, but, uh, I don't agree with that, so I'm not doing it.
I don't know about the rest of them.
RICHARD: It's hard to kind of trust people completely and thoroughly, but I think until the next segment, the three of us can work together really well.
I trust you completely.
RICHARD: I think we can trust the three of our votes, 'cause if one of us blows up, trustworthiness-wise, then this whole thing's out the window and it's it's a free-for-all.
The three of us against the world.
( laughing ) This is going to be so good.
You want a small spoon or a big spoon? I'll take a small one 'cause I got a big mouth.
Jenna-- she's like this Energizer bunny that, like, keeps going and going and going.
( trilling ) Pagong! RAMONA: Like, I haven't had a white friend since, like, junior high school, and I really can see her being, like, my first white friend in a long time.
GRETCHEN: I think Ramona's change has to do with she's feeling more comfortable, she's feeling better.
She feels like she's more part of the group, which I don't think she felt in the very beginning.
I'll help you with that in a second.
I'm almost done with this.
I think we've definitely seen Ramona's redemption this week.
I'll come and help in a second! GERVASE: Looks like she's turned things around.
That's in my eyes, she's redeemed herself.
Other people's eyes, it could be totally different.
I think Ramona has changed her attitude Well, no.
Changed her work ethic a lot.
But I don't think her attitude has changed much.
She is working more, she's trying, but I think maybe it is a little too little too late.
RAMONA: This is what I'm like every day when I'm feeling like at a hundred percent.
You want to play rough, huh? I'm feeling good about being a part of the group.
( grunts ) ( grunts ) Hopefully, everyone sees, like, "Wow.
This is Ramona," you know? "This is what, like, a hundred percent Ramona can offer to the team.
" GREG: The immunity challenge will be huge today whether the other team loses and has to vote out another person, then they're two people short of what we have, or if we have to vote somebody out, Uh, things should get interesting.
I don't want to make that trek tonight.
We got to win.
GREG: Another secret message? GRETCHEN: "The key to this challenge is to conquer by dividing.
"On each doing the best, "your success will be riding.
"You'll need someone to swim, another to balance, "a runner, a rower, and a digger with talents.
"It's a big choice to decide who gets where.
"Make the right moves, "and immunity you'll share.
"Spend some time thinking, make sure there's no doubt, "make the wrong call, and it could be you voted out.
" JOEL: What do you think, Greg? What? Plan A, we plan everything out, and then plan B, we throw everything out the window when we get there and completely panic and do whatever we think we should.
GERVASE: We'll win.
It might be close, but we'll definitely win today.
Without a doubt.
We got to win this immunity challenge.
We got to stomp them so bad.
We're excited for the challenge, we feel confident, and we feel ready.
JOEL: Yeah, this is a big one, and this is huge.
Um, you know, yeah, we don't want to lose this one.
We're here to compete, and we're here to win these competitions, and we're here to do them as a team.
I wouldn't say we're-we're cocky.
I just think that we're, uh, we're the best.
Welcome, guys.
I'll take the idol-- back up for grabs today.
Welcome to Asmara Beach.
It's a relay today, so the sum of all of your individual efforts will determine who wins and who loses.
If one person completely falls down their team could crumble-- they may end up paying for those actions tonight at the Tribal Council.
Colleen, come on up.
Who's your Sean.
Okay, you guys come up here, and I'll explain this using this map.
There are five legs in the relay.
The first leg is the swim.
You'll start here and head for these buoys.
Directly underneath is a bottle, which contains a map.
Grab the bottle and pass it to one of your tribe members.
For the second leg, you'll run the bottle across this floating bridge into an awaiting boat.
The third leg is the paddle, where you'll head for shore and hand the bottle off.
Inside of it is a map showing the destinations for the remaining two events.
The fourth leg is a sprint into the jungle.
Using the map, the runner will find a rope ladder.
Climb up it, and you'll grab a key.
For the fifth and final leg, two members of your tribe will locate the buried treasure chest and dig it up.
The first team to get your chest back on your crate with the key in the lock wins immunity.
ALL: Tagi! ALL: Pagong! All right, guys, thermometer's topping 100 degrees.
This is for immunity.
Whoo! Survivors ready? Go! Go, Colleen, go! Sean! Swim, baby, swim! Come on, Colleen.
All right! Sean! You're doing good, Colleen! Come on, Sean! Amazon women! Oh, my God! GERVASE: Come on, guys, come on! Pull! Go, Sean! Way to go, Joel! Go, guys, go! MAN: Bring it in, now, bring it in! Get the bottle! Get the bottle! Come on, guys! Take it! WOMAN: Come on, guys! Come on, guys! Go.
WOMAN: You're almost there.
SUSAN: There you go.
DIRK: Break it! Break it! Come on, break.
GRETCHEN: Come on, Greg! Come on, Greg! WOMAN: Break it.
Break it! It's open.
Got it? You got it? Got it.
Don't rip it.
MAN: Go, Dirk! Go! RUDY: We don't have it yet, either.
KELLY: Come on, you guys.
Let's go! Dig, guys, dig! All right, ladies, looking good! RAMONA: Come on, ladies! RICHARD: Get the shovel and dig around it a little bit.
It's not going to budge.
MAN: Don't stop! Don't quit! Come on, Richard, we got our runner! Come on, Richie! Get it in there! Come on! Come on, you guys, it's down there somewhere.
( yelling ) JOEL: Dig in, girls, dig in! Dig in, dig in! MAN: Here he comes.
Hurry up! Come on! Hurry up! ( yelping ) RAMONA: Come on, ladies, we got the key! ( cheering ) Run, Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! ( yelling ) Come on! Yeah! Yeah! Put the key in it! Come on, Rich! ( yelling ) We did our best.
We did our best.
That's not good enough.
The idol.
SUSAN: Oh, yeah! JEFF: Tagi, nice job.
Nice job.
WOMAN: Good job, you guys.
Pagong, I'll see you tonight-- Tribal Council.
GERVASE: The most difficult thing of this whole thing for me is to vote somebody off.
I think we're dreading that.
JENNA: Going to this island council meeting tonight it's really tough.
The thought of eliminating any of these people that we're placing all of our confidence in, it's getting worse.
I can't imagine and I can't fathom voting off somebody from this team tonight.
I'm going, not knowing what's going to happen, and I'm nervous.
I wish I started slower.
And then I wish it wasn't so far.
I'm nervous about votes being against me tonight because of I'm not a champion in the competition.
Speed-wise, we got right down there.
We got right down to the treasure chest, and it just kept collapsing in, and it was so devastating.
All day I had this feeling that my leg would be the one that would lose it for us, and it did.
It does make me feel vulnerable, um, for the vote tonight.
GERVASE: If somebody had to go right now in our tribe, I would vote for Jenna, because she's more annoying than Colleen.
I could deal with Jenna not being here, then just keep Colleen around a little longer.
We're all friends, and then you boot someone.
It's like the board game Sorry.
You pick the card and you got to take your thing and smash the other guy out of the way.
Knock 'em out, that's that, you move on.
Sor-r-r-r-ry! This is Tribal Council, where each week, one member will be voted off the island.
The last time Pagong went to Tribal Council, Ramona got three votes.
Is she still at risk? Will Gervase's weak performances in the last several challenges cost him? Or will it be someone nobody expects? ( gong tolls ) Go ahead and take a seat.
So here we are again with the unpleasant task, yet you actually have a very tough mandate.
You have to vote one of your tribe members off the island tonight.
And I think what makes it equally hard is that in doing so, you're sort of forced to hold a mirror up to yourselves.
Ramona, what criteria do you use in determining who you're going to vote off the island? Everything is so dynamic.
I mean, I could have been thinking one person when we left camp and have a totally different person in my mind now, so I mean, nobody, like, totally sucks, so it's like, mmm, at this point, I mean, we all like each other, so it's not like I mean, it would almost even be easier if we didn't like each other and I was like, "I hate you! You're outta here!" But we like each other so it's like, I don't know.
I mean, it's how you feel at that time when you go up to write their name, it's like "Mmm all right.
" And you want to keep the team strong, so that's probably the main thing.
Anybody feel confident enough that they want to own up to feeling invincible in tonight's vote, certain that when this is over, they will be here? ( laughs ) You go, G.
I'll be around.
I'm looking to hang till the final four.
Well, it's interesting that you say that, because for the last three challenges, you were somewhat responsible for your tribe's loss.
Bugging out with those bugs, in from the deep, swimming-- for somebody who's still really learning how to swim, you took that on heartily-- and then today, I think it says a lot about you that you still feel that confident that you aren't going anywhere.
I feel quite comfortable in my position on this island.
Anybody want to own up to feeling vulnerable tonight? ( laughter ) I think I may have just played myself out on the last question, so I'm feeling quite vulnerable right now, but, I mean, I'll be back tomorrow.
( laughter ) Jenna, you're going to walk over there, you're going to pick up that pen, you're going to write down a name.
Is it going to feel good, or is it going to feel bad? I feel guilty.
I feel bad.
Why do you feel guilty? Well, I mean, I'm going to have to put somebody's name down that I really respect and have come to really like.
It's like taking a piece of our family away.
You may say that it may strengthen the team because you take the weakest link, but I don't think so, because we're so strong right now.
You take one of us away-- I don't care who it is-- and you've got a weaker tribe.
All right.
It's time to vote.
My vote is for Colleen.
We don't know what lies ahead right now, but we're hurting.
So I think we need to stay as strong as possible.
I mean, I love the girl to death, but somebody's got to go, so it's got to be for Colleen.
Self-fulfilling prophecy.
It seems time to go.
No comment.
Because even though she tried to redeem herself, a little too little, too late.
Before I read the votes, I just want to remind you that, once they're tallied, the decision is final, and the person will need to leave the island immediately.
You'll go down this bridge, follow the path, and about 200 feet down is a confessional.
You can speak as long as you like to say all your good-byes.
Sound good? All right.
Read the votes.
First vote.
" "Jenna.
" "Colleen.
" "Colleen.
" "Ramona.
" Two votes for Ramona, two votes for Colleen.
" Last vote.
" Good luck, Ramona.
Need for you to grab your torch, Ramona.
The tribe has spoken.
Time for you to go.
Bye, Ramona.
JEFF: Survived another one.
I'll see you guys tomorrow.
Good night.
( tribal chanting ) JEFF: Next week on Survivor: SUSAN: You guys wasted three days fishing during the day.
I don't think it was a waste.
Did you catch anything? No, ma'am.
It was a waste of time, then.
It's expected to get on each other's nerves.
Everyone's on my nerves, too, but I just don't really act on it.
COLLEEN: When we go off, it's all about sex.
It's really passionate affair right now.
I think the first two days that I was sick just really, really hurt me, 'cause those first two days were crucial in forming relationships and stuff, and I really didn't get a chance to do that because I was so sick And I guess I'm signing off, and I'm, uh out of here.