Survivor (2000) s01e05 Episode Script

Pulling Your Own Weight

1 JEFF PROBST: 16 Americans forced to abandon ship in the middle of the South China sea Marooned for 39 days, they must work together to build shelter, find food and survive the island but, ultimately, it is everyone for themselves.
Every third night they will hike deep into the jungle to take part in the Tribal Council where they must vote one of their own off the island.
In the end, only one will remain, and will leave the island with $1 million in cash.
( primal call echoing ) Last week on Survivor ( thunder crashing ) RAMONA: It was the worst night I've ever slept.
Gretchen decided she wouldn't sleep one more night in their poorly constructed shelter.
I don't want to sleep in that anymore.
I don't want to be antisocial but I'm going in the woods.
JEFF: Ramona felt like an outcast and wanted to redeem herself.
Want to play rough, huh? JENNA: She's trying, but I think maybe it is a little too little too late.
JEFF: At Tagi tribe, Sue continued her quest to find more food Tapioca.
Tapioca's supposed to have red lines and Got to find the tapioca.
While Sean worked on other island necessities.
SEAN: I had this vision.
I thought I'd build myself a bowling alley right about here.
SUSAN: Sean sits there for five hours and builds his bowling alley.
I'm tired of feeding people that don't do anything.
My parents would be so proud.
JEFF: A cunning plan was hatched by Sue, Kelly and Rich.
RICH: So, the, um alliances have begun.
The whole point of forming an alliance is so we're all going to vote the same way.
JEFF: Tagi was on a roll.
They won the reward challenge Go get it.
And, then the Immunity Challenge.
( cheering ) So, a distraught Pagong tribe had to return to Tribal Council.
GERVASE: The most difficult thing for me was to vote somebody off.
JEFF: And even though Ramona had been working harder than ever, she was still voted off.
Last vote: Ramona.
The tribe has spoken.
12 people left.
Who will be voted off next? ( primal chanting ) ( birds chirping ) COLLEEN: We slept late for the first time since we've been here today.
Everybody's a little bit on edge.
Everybody's a little vulnerable today.
( insects buzzing ) JOEL: I think today we're just a little bit down because another person's gone, of course, and we can see that the group's getting a little bit smaller.
Even if it's only two people smaller, it's still getting a little bit smaller and, uh, and we're starting to see that a little bit.
JENNA: For some reason, the last two to three days we've just been really down.
I think it's got a lot to do with just, uh, we lost two in a row.
We lost a member of the group and one of who I consider one of our male leaders, Greg, was really feeling terrible.
He's got an ear infection.
He's really sick.
GRETCHEN: I think the camp looks trashy.
I think stuff's all over the place.
I think the flag should be up.
I mean, there's a lot we could do to make this camp look really nice.
I mean, something's going to have to change.
Something's going to have to happen to make everybody decide to pitch in.
Welcome to the big top, ladies and gentlemen.
RUDY: That is the parachute that they dropped the cargo with the other day that, uh, contained some goodies and, uh, right now, they want to hang the parachute up for shade.
KELLY: Me, personally, I was a little irritated with, um, Sean and Dirk's effort around camp.
I mean, they try to go fishing when they know they're not going to catch anything and I think, personally, it's just so they can say, "Hey, well, we did something.
" Kelly thinks that failure to catch fish is failure to try.
You know, I think she's equating those two, which is not true.
Right now we could be working driving through rush hour traffic.
Fighting bills and trying to get dates.
Instead we're just chilling on the South China sea.
SEAN: The fish are not biting hooks out here for some reason.
Either we got the wrong bait, or we're going at the wrong time.
Fishing with a hook, I think, is useless.
They put about 25 hours in and not a bite.
That's a big enough hint for me not to go fishing with a hook.
You guys getting anything? SEAN: Not even a nibble.
It's our day off, brother.
SUSAN: I'm just irritated with Sean and Dirk going out and wasting three days in the daylight fishing.
And I let them know, too.
During the day, you should go out in the woods looking for tapioca and fish at night.
You guys wasted three days fishing during the day.
DIRK: I don't think it was a waste.
Well, did you catch anything? No, ma'am.
It was a waste of time then.
SEAN: It's expected to get on each other's nerves.
Maybe everyone's on my nerves, too, but I just don't really act on it.
I just wanted to be happy-- have a nice life here and that's it.
KELLY: It's been the people who really work and contribute to camp versus the people who are lazy and don't really do anything to contribute to the camp.
The second I stop having fun I'll vote myself off the island.
I came here to have a great time, grow in my faith with the Lord and that's the most important thing to me.
RUDY: It's funny to me that a guy would read the Bible out here.
The only reason I'd bring a Bible is if I mean, I'm religious too if I needed toilet paper.
Come on over, guys.
I bring news of tomorrow's challenge.
Right here.
"First Annual "Weapons Target Shooting Classic.
The battle in Borneo.
" Now, it's a reward challenge, so you'll be competing against the other tribe for something I have a feeling you all want-- food.
So here's the deal.
It'll be three rounds.
First round is a blowgun.
Five darts.
Second round-- a mighty slingshot and the third round, spear tossing.
So you'll pick one person for each event.
So only three people will participate.
And I'm coming to bring these so you can practice.
Yeah! I love it.
SEAN: We had a little visit from Jeff, our host, today, and he came by and told us that tomorrow's going to be a competition-- a reward challenge.
So we've been practicing all day at that.
( laughing ) ( cheering ) Right in the coconut.
That wasn't too bad.
Turns out that I'm pretty good with the blowgun.
And I never really never shot a blowgun before in my life.
Dead on.
Turns out Rich is an expert marksman.
Something we didn't know about him until today, so, uh He has excellent aim when it comes to a slingshot.
No worries.
Yeah, I think he's slingshot boy.
And Sue throws that spear much better than any of the guys in our tribe.
She's a wild woman with the spear.
I always wanted to kill a pig with a javelin with a spear.
And I was kind of hoping that I'd be good at nothing so that I could just, like, hang back and let the pressure go on somebody else.
Turns out I throw the javelin the best.
I'm thinking the other team's going to have a guy throwing the spear.
So if there is, there's a good chance that I can dog some guy on national TV.
No matter who they put up, you got it.
SUE: Even if we lost and I at least dogged the guy in the spear throwing, they'd be happy.
GERVASE: Next up, out of Green Bay, weighing in at 2 excuse me, he lost 20 pounds.
Big country all-American, the world's strongest man! ( quacking ) I never really threw a spear in my life.
Except, you know anything serious.
It's kind of hard to keep it straight.
That's a good distance, especially a little thing like this, and you don't know if you can take a running start or how you should do it, or what the thing is, so this looks like it's going to be our weakest event for sure.
Because the other girls have the blowguns down really well.
The slingshot looks good.
So it would be nice to win it today.
A lot of these reward challenges we haven't really been after, but I think we're all really determined for this one.
Looks good.
( cheering ) Welcome to the First Annual Survivor Weapons Challenge, otherwise known as The Battle in Borneo.
It's three rounds-- first round is blow darts.
You guys have selected your blow dart shooters? All right, you guys'll have ten darts.
Go ahead and take your shot here.
Tagi, over here; Pagong over here to watch.
Any of the fruit you hit goes into a basket that we carry over to the next round.
Chinese melon! Yeah! Yeah! JEFF: Last shot.
Good round, guys.
Head over to the slingshot area.
I'll collect your fruit.
Hey, good work, buddy.
JEFF: All right, it's a time trial.
Let's have the two slingshotters come up.
Come on, Gretchen! Come on, baby, come on, now! JEFF: Here are the rules for this round: If you knock the fruit off, if you break the vase or if you embed a rock in the fruit it goes into the fruit basket.
You have two minutes to hit as many of the items as you can.
( cheering ) Yeah! JEFF: All right, round three spear throwing, and this is where it gets very interesting.
This is a winner-take-all event.
The single spear that is closest to the bull's-eye when it's over gets the basket of fruit and a very special food source-- a mystery food source.
Who are your two spear throwers? Step up, mate.
This box is for shooters only.
You each get three tosses.
Susan, you're up.
Good shot! Nice shot! Come on, Joel, you can do it.
Come on, Joel.
( cheering ) Nice, Joel! Good job! Good job! This is our closest right now.
Nice shot! ( all talking at once ) JEFF: Those are even right now.
Come on, Joel.
( loud cheering ) Nice! We want fruit! New mark to beat.
Come on, Sue.
JEFF: Last shot, Susan.
Got to get inside that mark.
Nice! ( groaning and cheering ) JEFF: Victory for Pagong.
Pagong, over here.
Tagi stay on your mat.
Nice job, guys-- you get all the fruit Yes! Yes! And a very special mystery food prize.
Pizza? Apple? Oh, snickers bars! A chicken! Are you kidding? Oh! ( laughing ) Yes! Yeah! Egg-laying chickens and all the fruit-- congratulations.
Tagi, sorry.
( chickens clucking ) Don't let them go.
Yeah, that's going to happen.
This is so awesome; we got chickens.
You guys going to name these chickens? Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
JENNA: I don't know what brought us down, but it seems like winning that challenge just brought everybody right back up.
I can't speak for the rest of the tribe, but I really wanted to win 'cause it was food.
I wanted to win that more than any of the other rewards thus far.
Unexpectedly, we came back with three live chickens which was absolutely wonderful.
Don't you dare.
Uh Whoo! JENNA: Aw, Gretchen! You're so mean.
Mean, my ass.
Well, we're going to see if they produce any eggs, but I'm really thinking that we're going to wait every other day and eat a chicken.
GRETCHEN: They're not going to be around long.
Everybody's waiting for them to lay eggs but I think they're under a lot of stress and there's three of them in that box and so they have a very short time to produce before they're slaughtered.
You could make a big omelet.
That or we could just make fried rice with it.
Oh, chicken fried rice? Chicken fried rice.
Oh, gross! Oh, my God! JENNA: Sorry, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
GERVASE: The fruit and the chickens was just so huge to us, really, I mean I think that's the biggest reward so far to date.
Fresh fruit.
Ooh! ( laughing ) ( squeals ) ( laughing ) GERVASE: I think we were down just because we lost.
I mean, no matter how you look at it, losing hurts and we had to vote somebody off.
So we just had to get out of that, and then, when we won the reward challenge, that was our momentum right there.
SUSAN: As far as losing the challenge today, I was a little irritated.
Here's my dream come true.
I can stomp a guy on national television and I miss by two inches.
It was a bummer, but then when they pulled the chickens out, I started laughing.
Cutting off a chicken's head? No, it's not what I would want to do for food.
I can live without the chicken right now.
So that was all right.
The other team won some live chickens with some eggs.
So we came back here and I went spearfishing and got us a nice eel.
That's the first eel.
If I'd seen others, I'd have gotten others.
SUSAN: Oh, wow.
It's all beautiful meat, the whole thing.
Nice job, Rich.
Is that pretty? It's so pretty.
That's a lot of meat.
That's a lot of meat, there.
It's all meat.
Beats the hell out of chicken.
KELLY: I'd rather eat some eel than some chicken.
At least we eat stuff that we go out and catch and look for ourselves, and we don't have it handed to us.
It might be a little overcooked.
It's meat.
It's meat.
RICHARD: Grab a piece.
SUSAN: Grab a piece and see if you can rip it apart.
That's what it's going to take.
RICHARD: It's cartilaginous, so chew on it.
SEAN: The eel was pretty horrible.
Uh, it wasn't any good whatsoever.
KELLY: We thought it was just going to be you know, big, fat steaks of meat, but it really wasn't.
RUDY: I wouldn't go after eel again if I had a choice-- I would have rather had chicken without a doubt.
That's something.
GRETCHEN: My feelings on who the leader is has always been Greg.
He's just really good at it.
I may be slipping into some sort of leadership position.
I'm attempting to avoid it.
I don't want to be the leader of anything.
I go play by myself, help out the tribe as much as I can and try and recharge my batteries so I can be there fully with them.
He's really good at living in the woods, too.
I think, out of everybody here, Greg's the most comfortable in the woods.
GREG: My psychological comfort does not come from sleeping with the group in a hut.
In fact, they kind of make me nervous, 'cause there are a lot of people doing a lot of different things and it's a lot of energy in a very small space while I'm trying to clear my head of energy.
Sleeping in the forest is comfortable for me.
I'm making a little sleeping pad.
Sleeping pad, sleeping bag-- depending on how big it gets.
I just used some bedding of debris or whatever I can find-- palm or the leaves that are around-- and pile up a bunch of debris.
It's all a nesting instinct.
As with everything, make yourself a nest.
I nest like a mama bird.
Papa bird-- more like a papa bird than a mama bird.
A single like a bachelor bird, I guess.
Colleen has joined me in the forest to sleep.
She apparently finds it more comfortable, as well.
I mean, they go off a lot, seems like together.
Like last night, for example, while everybody was going to bed, they got out, and nobody saw them till just this morning sometime.
JENNA: I noticed they seem to be spending their nights out under the stars and cuddling up.
I think it's stepped up a notch-- maybe a little romance going on.
Um, when we go off, it's all about sex.
It's all that's happening.
Um it's a really passionate affair right now.
Things are going great.
( laughing ) The question was asked before whether this was a romantic situation or not, and I will reaffirm that there is no romance.
COLLEEN: You know, he reminds me of my friends back home, so it's like I can totally, totally be myself with him.
GREG: So we like to play together-- not as a romantic situation, but, yeah heading back out in the forest and sleeping out there and the rest of it is great.
RICHARD: This is a yellow-banded sea crate.
We find a number of them in the jungle.
I haven't seen one down here on the beach.
I'm hoping he goes for a swim.
I might help him.
He's awake now.
Oh, I'm not afraid of snakes.
I mean, I don't want to be bitten by something that's deadly, but, no, I used to play with garter snakes, when I was a kid and feed them frogs, and You know, they're not They are quick, and it's they can move fast, but you can see when he's about to coil up and strike and you can prepare yourself and you can get ready to move before it does.
I want to put him in the water 'cause I want to watch him swim.
We've been told they're extremely deadly-- immediately deadly, within six hours deadly.
Horseflies bother me more.
SEAN: I knew today was going to be a good day when I woke up.
I haven't had a bowel movement in nearly two weeks.
This morning, I had my first bowel movement-- felt fantastic.
( cheering ) I am one of the bowel movers now.
I'm getting thinner and thinner.
I think I'm using most of the rice I make 'cause I'm not bloated and my pants are getting skinnier.
Very excited about it-- it's the way to start the day off, with a little bit of a bowel movement.
Nice work, Sean.
Go, New York, go.
We were concerned about Dirk and his eating a while ago, because he was really disappearing into nothing.
We're all losing a little bit of weight, but Dirk was really losing a lot of weight.
DIRK: I definitely lost a lot of mass, a lot of muscle mass, a lot of strength.
It's not going to help me but, as long as I conserve my energy-- don't waste it on things that we don't need-- as long as I'm smart about it, I think I'll be okay.
KELLY: We've noticed Dirk kind of getting a little skinny.
Um, there was a few days where we were all kind of concerned about him and, uh, he was just kind of I think, you know, mentally, he was a little bummed out and all of us were, like, "eat more rice, eat more rice.
" DIRK: We're going on a tapioca hunt.
That way, you can eat more, Dirk, 'cause you're looking like hell.
You look like a nazi war prisoner camp, dude.
I don't look that bad.
Yeah, you do.
Nazi war prisoner camp dude.
Your Adam's apple's about out to the bottom of your chin.
It usually is anyway.
Hell, my arm's as big as yours now.
But it was before.
Well, we all kind of try and keep an eye on him, 'cause he was real skinny to begin with.
I'm doing the dishes; I'm going out.
We got that.
Anybody else? KELLY: The labor thing, it's actually better now.
Sean and Dirk started to realize that they better, you know, do something.
Otherwise, they're out of here.
Want me to peel one of the big ones when you guys are done? Yeah.
Is there another knife? SUSAN: They've kind of come around the last couple, two, three days and started doing a little more, but it's a little too late for that.
Maybe I am on thin ice with this team now.
I don't know.
I feel like I'm pulling my weight and I think the group sees that and I'm just going to find tapioca, and I'm just going to let it work itself out.
Where you going? For tapioca? SEAN: Yeah.
KELLY: You know what the, uh, roots look like.
Yeah, yeah, I just showed Dirk.
SUSAN: And you know what the trunks look like.
No, I just showed him the thing by the raft.
RICHARD: Kelly, Sue and I-- we need to decide cohesively who we're going to reject and it's between Sean and Dirk, and Sean-- yesterday, he was talking about how he doesn't want to form an alliance because Yeah.
You know, "do unto others" and What? You're in the midst of a game.
"as others do unto you.
" It's just a game; this is not real life.
So, we're thinking, "boy, Sean, it's time for you to go, bud.
" Tapioca's good eating, too.
We definitely want a lot of it.
I don't even know if I know what I'm looking for.
It's a distinctive reddish root.
Will I know when I find it? If we look further along the trail, maybe we'll have better luck.
I can't find any tapioca, man.
I don't know where it is.
SEAN: Hermit crab crawling through the jungle.
Look at the claws on that thing.
They do make them big here in the jungle.
What about the tapioca? They make any tapioca big in this jungle? Not really.
We still ain't found any.
We're sucking at this jungle thing.
SEAN: There was about five on this stem that I picked up but only one was good.
The rest were mushy.
So I had to throw the rest away.
It wasn't a complete loss.
I think that we've exhausted our supply.
So that's the end of the tapioca, then? I think.
I mean, you guys have better luck.
You can go look, too.
Rather an unsuccessful hunt for me and you.
Maybe it's you and me, man.
Maybe we're a bad team.
We're a fun team, though.
Got our message.
Check it out.
"Selecting one's always a chore, "so check your ego at the door.
"One to row, the rest to swim.
Make it fast, and immunity you'll win.
" It's in the water.
We got to win.
KELLY: Today's day 15 and we have an Immunity Challenge today.
Hopefully, um, it'll be something that, uh that we can win pretty handily, and I don't feel like going to the Immune Council tonight by any means.
I think we're all swimming except one rower.
Gervase can't swim, and he's kind of gangly, so I don't picture him rowing all that well.
I don't know.
Maybe he can.
I think we certainly have an edge up.
Apparently, we need one rower and the rest of us swimming, which is good, because we have Kelly who's a rower.
That's what she does as a profession for a living.
So it's your turn to shine, Kel.
This is it.
Oh, boy.
You've been waiting for this.
Your time to shine.
KELLY: I'm a commercial white-water raft guide, so obviously, I'm the rower today.
Feeling a little pressure, but I'm not too worried about it.
I know Gervase can't swim, so my guess is that they're going to put him in the boat rowing, which is cool for me because I can beat him any day of the week.
GERVASE: "Selecting one is always a chore "so check your ego at the door.
"One to row, the rest to swim.
Make it fast, and immunity you'll win.
" The decision that is obvious is that Gervase should row.
JENNA: You can look at it as a disadvantage that Gervase can't swim.
But we all are going to have our differences.
Not all of us are going to be strong at everything.
Swimming and rowing.
I sent Gervase to row so he doesn't have to swim.
But they'll guess that.
They'll know that that's what we're doing.
Yeah, but I mean, what other choice do we have? We might not even get a life preserver.
"Check your ego at the door.
" Comfort level with swimming's about 80%.
I mean, I've heard you're more buoyant in the ocean, because of the salt water.
I don't know that, though.
To me, I'll sink like I was in a pool.
Maybe we have to build something and the people who swim have to push it and one guy rows it.
Could be Who knows? There's something due any day I will know right away Soon as it shows It may come cannonballing down through the sky Gleam in its eye, bright as a rose! The air is humming And something great is coming ( humming "Something's Coming" ) I can't wait! Who knows?! JEFF: Today's Immunity Challenge is called "shipwrecked.
" Five members from each tribe are stranded on items of floating debris simulating a sunken ship disaster.
The remaining two castaways must rescue the members of their own tribe by using outrigger canoes.
Kelly was chosen to row by Tagi and Gervase was chosen by Pagong.
Here's the premise.
It's all on you guys.
You're each going to be in one of these canoes.
You're going to swim out to the outside of your buoy-- yellow and orange.
Once you go on the outside of the buoy, you start heading back and you start picking up tribe members.
Once they are on board, though, they can start helping you with paddles.
You've got three paddles, and you've got one bailer, 'cause you will take on water today, as rough as it is.
It's for immunity.
Losing tribe's coming to Tribal Council tonight.
So what I want to know is, how did you guys get selected for this? Why are you the rower? Well, I'm a water all-star, so this is my element right here, so there was no choice.
You, on the other hand, water is as we've talked about, this is a whole new thing for you.
Yes, yes.
Are you rowing because you'd rather row than swim? I think that's what we were thinking at first, but I knew it would be something kind of tricky and it's show time, so I like the spotlight.
Really? Lot of pressure.
Pressure's good.
They're doing nothing out there.
It is all the person on the boat.
All right.
Good luck.
Good luck.
Thank you.
For the idol, get in your boats.
Survivors ready? Go! ( paddle splashing ) ( paddles splashing ) ( all shouting ) Get out! Get out! Get out! Get out! Over here.
Over this way.
Over to the right.
Get it up here! ( all cheering ) ( cheering ) JEFF: Gervase's last words were, "I like the spotlight.
Bring it on.
" Who's invincible tonight? Gervase! Does anybody feel especially invincible tonight? I got beat by a guy who can't even swim.
Yeah, but he wasn't swimming.
Go, Kelly.
I can't believe that I lost that.
Hey, guys, the immunity idol.
Welcome back home, immunity idol! KELLY: Tonight we have to take the suckfest hike to the Tribal Council, and we get to vote somebody off tonight, unfortunately.
You know, despite everything, I was the best choice to put in that boat today, and, you know, like I said, sometimes your best just isn't good enough and life just wouldn't be life if everybody didn't get their little embarrassments from time to time, so That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right, Sean? Absolutely.
I say that to myself all the time.
Me, too.
Same exact sentence.
Oh, yeah, it's always in the back of my mind whether or not anyone's going to vote against me.
I don't have a vote against me yet, and now we're losing numbers so I'm sure one's coming, just like the other people who don't have a vote against them, one's coming in their direction, too.
I suspect it might be Rudy.
That's how I'll probably cast my vote at this point.
I'm ready.
RICHARD: It's an interesting game, but it's a game, and I've had a strategy from day one.
I've already built an alliance and we're going to work through as best we can right to the end before the free-for-all.
Just walking to our death right here.
DIRK: I think I'm vulnerable.
I've tried my hardest and put as much effort if not more into everything, but I haven't been successful in any areas so maybe some people will look at that and say, "Dirk doesn't know what he's doing.
He's being lazy.
" Whatever.
But I think they realize that I'm a valuable member of this team, so I'm not worried about being voted off.
I think I'll be here tomorrow.
Ready? What's to say? Tribal council.
Tough situation.
Kelly, tell me about morale.
Two tough losses back-to-back.
Personally, for me, today was really hard.
Um coulda, shoulda, woulda a lot of things, you know? I said some things at the beach whatever.
I'm not making excuses, not trying to, not going to, you know? I gave it my best today and just wasn't good enough, so ate a little crow, it's all right.
Doesn't mean I have to like it.
Sean, your role here? Very nebulous.
I don't know what I'm doing here.
After how long we been here? 15, 16 days.
I still haven't found my niche.
I'm just here to have fun.
I'll take it as far as I can go till you throw me kicking and screaming off this island.
Yeah? Dirk? It seems like I've noticed you spending more time alone.
How much of that time do you spend thinking about how effective you are at fitting in this group? I'd say very little.
I can't think myself into being more effective, you know? I'm working hard.
I'm catching fish and I've been completely unsuccessful.
I'm working hard at hunting tapioca and I've been completely unsuccessful.
I've been working ha You know, it's like I've failed at everything I've tried, but it's not like the effort's not there, you know what I'm saying? Yeah, man.
Richard? 15 days now together, inevitable that certain alliances, even within a group, smaller factions begin to develop.
Have you guys reached a point now where you have this tight unit that these alliances are going to come in to play in the vote? The alliances that you talk about, the Rudy and I and the Sean and Dirk kind of hanging, and the Sue and Kelly together, are almost kind of little teams within a team doing things 'cause it usually takes a couple of people to do things.
I think a bigger alliance is what all six of us have created so I don't think that the smaller ones detract from how we feel about the six of all of us together.
It's time to vote.
I love you, but I just can't stand the complaining.
For the first time, I'm voting for Rudy, only because this is probably an athletic competition coming up that we're going to have to win and that's the only reason I would cast a vote against him.
He's a phenomenal person.
Fire represents life on the island.
Your torches represent your identity here.
Directly across from you are four torches that represent the first four people that have been voted off the island.
Tonight, a fifth torch will be added to that group.
I'll go tally the votes.
Before I read the votes, I just want to remind you once they're tallied, the decision is final and the person must leave the island immediately.
I'll read the votes.
First vote "Dirk.
" "Sue.
" "Rudy.
" "Dirk.
" That's two votes for Dirk.
" That's three votes.
We don't need to read the last one.
The tribe has spoken.
It's time for you to go.
All right.
Guys, good luck.
You can take your torches and head back to camp.
Good night.
( primal singing ) JEFF: Next week, on Survivor-- at Tagi, Rich goes native.
Who cares? JEFF: Over at Pagong, Gervase ruffles some feathers with a sexist remark.
Girls are the stupidest thing on the planet next to cows.
It's a fact, though.
Oh, I beg to differ.
GRETCHEN: So, I told those girls, when they write your name on that piece of paper, and look straight into the lens and go, "moo.
" I guess I want to start by just thanking the Lord just for this unbelievable blessing.
I mean, this whole thing has just been one wild trip.
He had 15 days planned for me on this island.
I believe I kicked it as hard as I could.
Completely surprised to be taken out this early and I thank the Lord for that, 'cause I know he's got a plan for me to move on somewhere else.