Suspicion (2022) s01e03 Episode Script


A sitting of the Senate Judiciary Committee was sensationally interrupted last night by an audacious hack, carried out by a group claiming to have kidnapped the only son of PR supremo Katherine Newman.
Miss Newman was due to be confirmed as the president's nomination for the role of US ambassador to the UK.
Tell the truth, Katherine, or your son dies with the whole world watching.
In what has to be described as a ransom demand, Miss Newman was instructed to "tell the truth" - in order to win her son's freedom.
- that shocking hostage video and highly unusual ransom request.
In it, Katherine Newman, Leo's mother and Head of Cooper Newman PR, was instructed to "tell the truth.
" Cooper Newman PR, has finally been confirmed as the president's nomination for US ambassador.
here outside the hotel where Leo Newman was last seen in those now infamous pictures.
While we continue to await comment from Katherine Newman, the world of social media has been anything but quiet.
"Tell the truth" is trending worldwide.
Its hashtag-like logo is being used to highlight stories of corporate dishonesty right across the globe.
clients of PR giant Cooper Newman.
The instruction to "tell the truth" took on a new direction.
Cooper Newman PR is yet to comment on the release You running to him or from him? featuring Leo Newman, son of Katherine Newman.
The shocking piece of film sensationally bombed a sitting of the United States Senate Committee, demanding that the ambassadorial nominee, Miss Newman, "tell the truth.
" Sources in New York suggest that the FBI are preparing to stage a news conference within the hour.
Hey, it's starting! He was taken from the Park Madison Hotel in Midtown, Manhattan and is still missing.
We can also confirm that, having received proof of life and a ransom demand, that this is now a kidnapping rather than an abduction, and will be investigated as such.
We'd ask the individuals who made the demands to be more specific about exactly what "truth" they're referring to.
- It's dangerous.
- I'm not gonna comment on In my experience, kidnappers who don't make material demands will always ask for more and more if you engage with them.
Well, how else do we find out who the hell we're dealing with here? We'd also ask, if anybody has seen this man, - to contact law enforcement immediately.
- What the hell? Do not approach under any circumstances.
He's known to be extremely dangerous.
He may be in Europe, but is accustomed to moving around and is believed to be using the name Sean Tilson.
- Did you know about this? - Look, we need to squeeze Tilson.
Is "the truth" connected to the ambassador job? Is it true that there have already been arrests in the UK? I'm not gonna comment on any online speculation.
What we will say is that we are liaising with UK law enforcement - about several persons of interest.
- Okay, that I didn't know about.
This makes the whole surveillance operation pointless.
We're supposed to cooperate.
How can I share intel with you if I can't rely on the basic assumption you're not gonna share it with the world? He only named Tilson! Yes, but they will all go to ground, won't they? Do not lose those targets! Fuck's sake.
Leo's girlfriend, Erin Torrance, is gonna say a few words.
If anybody saw anything or knows anything, please contact the authorities.
We want Leo back.
What the hell happened? They kept my phone.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, my God.
We've been going mad.
Um can you, uh I don't I don't have any money.
Oh, Mum.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, what you got to be sorry for? - How much? - Twenty quid, thank you.
- No worries.
- Awesome.
Cheers, mate.
Tell me everything.
Don't make me go through it all again right now.
- I just wanna get changed.
- Okay.
What are you looking for? Um, they, uh, they took my phone.
And I know that I've got an old one here somewhere.
Anything else? Where is it? What? Come on, Mon.
I'm serious.
Where have you put it? Put what? Say it.
The money, okay? It's not mine.
I'm looking after it for someone.
And they want it back.
"W-Wait for instructions.
" What does "instructions" mean? Tell me you did not reply.
I didn't reply.
What's this about? What's New York got to do with it? - I can't, Mon.
- Fine.
Then I can't tell you where the bag is.
Just give me - Whoa! - Hey! Um, I'm I'm getting changed! So? You You know I am supposed to be your husband by now.
- Well, Mon is helping me.
- No, I'm not.
The whole truth.
Or I'll tell him right now.
This is me.
So, what are you doing? Not here.
Meet me at the market.
Um Uh, I just need to sort my head out and I get it.
But we need to talk.
Yeah, I know.
I'm I'm sorry.
I know it was your day too.
And I'd I wouldn't blame you if you want to call the whole thing off.
You know, my problem is I'd want to marry you even if you did kidnap that kid.
Go to the flat and I'll meet you there.
Then we can talk about this properly in private.
If you need to speak to me, then, um, just call me on my old number.
What exactly did they take? Every communication device.
Including my Xbox.
Do you know what they were looking for? No.
Why would I? They didn't say anything? - Like what? - I don't know.
Wha I don't.
All right? I don't know.
I don't know anything.
They can't do this.
They can't just kidnap you and make you look like a criminal.
Your name's all over the Internet.
Obviously, they haven't got any evidence, or you wouldn't be here.
Would he? We should make a complaint.
- Mmm.
- Could sue, you know? - Yeah.
Get compensation.
- No.
No, I'd just rather we all forget about this.
I don't want any more trouble, all right? It was a mistake.
It could've happened to anyone.
- Yeah, especially anyone brown, innit? - Yeah.
It never happened to me.
This kind of thing doesn't happen to people who work hard, who are satisfied with what they have.
You still got one of those company shirts for me? to contact law enforcement immediately.
Do not approach under any circumstances.
He's known to be extremely dangerous.
He may be in Europe, but is accustomed to moving around and is believed to be using the name Sean Tilson.
Does he have political links? Is "the truth" connected to the ambassador job? made in the UK? Can you tell us what is happening? I'm not gonna comment on any online speculation.
What we will say is that we are liaising with UK law enforcement about several persons of interest.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Good to go.
Business as usual.
I wish you lot put as much creativity into your essays.
I rather hoped you'd visit first thing.
I've been calling you.
The vice-chancellor's office have been asking me for assurances.
Your name is being linked with a kidnapping and, therefore, so is ours.
The police questioned every British guest at the hotel that night.
I was released without charge.
You don't actually think I had something to do with this? We both know how you felt about Leo Newman's admission.
I s I said I'd accept the findings of the investigation and I did.
You also volunteered to go to New York.
And do you know how much I regret that? You're right.
I'm no fan of Katherine Newman, but as a mother, I can't imagine what she's going through.
The chatter about me will disappear as soon as somebody films a a dog barking a Mariah Carey song.
I hope so.
Because any more reputational damage and Nobody's more important than the college, Tara.
We'd also ask, if anybody has seen this man, to contact law enforcement immediately.
Do not approach under any circumstances.
He's known to be extremely dangerous.
He may be in Europe, but is accustomed to moving around and is believed to be using the name Sean Tilson.
Does he have political links? Is "the truth" connected to the ambassador job? Is it true that there have already been arrests in the UK? I'm not gonna comment on any online speculation.
What we will say is that we are liaising with UK law enforcement about several persons of interest.
If anybody saw anything or knows anything, please contact the authorities.
We want Leo back.
How was your chat? What's that? With Katherine Newman.
That is who you sneak off to update, isn't it? I don't sneak.
But, yes, actually, I did talk to Miss Newman.
And to my boss.
Did you ask her what "the truth" is? - Yeah, if only it were that simple.
- Huh.
Working theory is, given the masks and the Senate stunt, is that it is connected to the ambassadorship.
In what way? I can't tell you that.
'Cause I don't know.
Anything else you do know that I should? Uh Voice analysis came back from the kidnap demand.
It's an edit of multiple voices layered together sampled off the Internet, so More Leo sightings from Midtown to Mexico.
Yeah, they're still coming in here too.
Any attempt to communicate with each other yet? I doubt there will be, after your news conference.
You know, not knowing each other does not mean they're not a gang.
I've seen cases where each kidnapper has an individual brief that they carry out without even knowing what the other ones are doing.
So the mask could be about hiding from each other as much as from us.
Thompson's moving.
Tango two in Brixton Market.
I have eyes on.
So, you know what my job is? I help companies be more, uh tax efficient.
You help them avoid paying their dues.
Well, I, uh I took some of those efficiencies, and I moved them into a new fund.
My fund.
- You You stole? - No.
So it it was your money? - No.
- So you stole? It wasn't their money either.
Just because they stole it legally doesn't mean it's not still stealing.
That's your argument? I didn't think they would miss a few grand.
What's a few? A few hundred.
Maybe 400.
Are you for real? You're supposed to be the sensible one.
S-So, who's texting? I don't know.
I mean, I've never met them.
When Nemus, the client, found out about the missing money, they said if I paid back double what I took by shifting it from other accounts, then we could all move on.
Most of it's electronic, the last few were cash drops.
New York was supposed to be the last one, but my contact didn't show up.
So, this has nothing to do with the kidnap? Just tell me where the money is.
- Is it in there? - No.
You think you can just give it back, and that'll be it? This ain't a sherbet fountain, Nat.
Shit's on the news.
What if the police are watching you? What other choice have I got, Mon? Please, get me the money.
Yeah? Okay.
Um, meet me outside my office in an hour.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Where's the little sister gone? - They split up.
- Stay on Natalie.
Track the sister too.
Tell the truth, Katherine, or your son dies with the whole world watching.
Tell I thought you were gonna do some proper work today? - Yeah, man.
I am.
- All right.
Well, come on then, Your Highness.
Give us a hand.
All right.
I know you think that carpets are beneath you.
Carpets are usually beneath you.
Let me tell you something.
Just imagine yourself, yeah, curled up on the floor with your kids, yeah? You're watching a film on a rainy Sunday afternoon.
Or, you know, you're making love to your wife in front of a roaring fire.
I mean, not in our house, obviously.
But the point is, it's not carpets that we are selling here, it's dreams.
You think you're so different, wanting to give your family a better life? Dad, yeah, built this place up from nothing.
Just so you know, he got up at dawn every day, he stayed open late every night, just so he could show us that we could be anybody, do anything.
This is an opportunity for you, man.
Don't blow it.
Hi, this is Steve McAllister.
Leave a message, please.
It's me, again.
Please answer your phone, Steve.
I really need to speak to Daisy.
I'll keep trying.
Thanks, Heather.
Uh Uh, did they mention the college? Yeah.
I know you think you're looking at a carpet, but we don't sell carpets.
- We sell dreams.
- Aadesh Chopra? What? Do you know what "the truth" is, Aadesh? - How did you find me? - Can I get a picture with you? - What for? - I've got this blog.
It's really popular.
About conspiracy theories.
I don't know anything, right? It's a big mistake.
No, no, no, no.
Not here.
- Well, it'll just take a second.
- Yeah, but I'm working, all right? I'll Listen, I'll come out.
- Okay? - When? - Later, okay? Later.
- Oh, okay.
Cool, cool.
Doors closing.
Doors opening.
We weren't expecting to see you.
Is Giles in? No, sorry.
He's with a client all morning.
I, uh, tried to call.
- Well, like I say, he's - Avoiding me.
Yeah, I get it.
I suppose I was wondering if I still have a job.
I think that's an HR matter now.
Really? Where's my computer? Well, the police came and took pretty much everything of yours.
I'm so I'm sorry.
I, uh This is so humiliating.
Can I Um, can I just sit down, please? I suppose, just for a minute.
Do you want some water? Um, can I get a coffee with lots of milk and sugar, please? I'll be okay.
I just need a minute.
Of course.
Here it is.
What have you been up to, Natalie? What are we waiting for? Bring her in.
I'm just, um, leaving Giles a message.
Hope that's okay.
I'm really sorry for earlier.
Uh, but I have to go.
Natalie Thompson.
Going on a proper coffee run.
Oh, isn't that a bit beneath ya? As like, you know, for a prince? You want something? - My Xbox.
- So that's a "no"? - Are you paying? - No.
Yes, then.
It's a "no.
" Yeah, that's him! - Aadesh! Aadesh! - Can we get a picture together? I I need you to call my sister.
No, my my mum.
Tell her to call Monique.
Why? Because I'm meant to be meeting Monique now.
On the South Bank.
I think we should talk.
Come this way, please.
- Who texts? - I don't know.
Well, what does he look like? - I've never seen him.
- Natalie.
- I haven't.
- How does this relate to Leo Newman? No, I'm not saying anything else until I know Monique's safe.
You're supposed to phone ahead.
I left messages.
And I called you back.
At work.
They weren't sure where you were.
- You've been sacked? - Suspended.
Can I see Daisy, please? Do you know what this is doing to her? That's why I'm here.
Mum? Hi, sweetheart.
Come here.
We tried to get to you.
Sorry, babe.
I lost my phone.
You mean, the police kept it.
I know the other kids are probably saying things about me.
I don't care about them.
I wish I could make this all go away.
And it will, honestly.
You know, it's actually kinda cool.
Like, you're famous.
Daisy's got homework to do.
So - She only just got here.
- It's all right.
Whatever you hear or read, I promise you, I've done nothing to be ashamed of.
Okay? Okay.
Please don't go.
I'll call you later, okay? It's got to be Tilson.
- There's no doubt about it.
- Even if it is, - we don't have proper controls in place.
- We have eyes.
We have three officers and no backup.
Monique has zero protection.
She hasn't consented.
She's involved in illegal activity.
We don't know that.
We have clearance for surveillance, not to use her as bait for psychopaths.
She is leading us right to him.
If we can get more officers - down to the scene - It'll be too late.
- Nat.
- What What are you doing here? - Sorry, could you just give us a minute? - Yeah.
Your mum called me.
She was meant to call Monique.
Have either of you spoken to her? - You need a lawyer.
- Is she okay? I don't know.
I've been worrying about you.
Look, Nat, this stops here.
Okay? They can't keep snatching you off the street.
You can't represent me.
Well, actually, thanks to them, I can, since we didn't manage to become related yesterday.
Did they rearrest you when they picked you up? - Joe, you can't stay.
- Uh-uh, don't.
Don't do that.
I'm not leaving, okay? No way.
- What's happening? - Look, why is my client being held? He can't actually do this, can he? Well, if he wants to risk his practice certificate, that's his call.
Well, that only becomes an issue if it gets to court, which it won't, because you've done nothing wrong.
Sorry, what further inquiries? Why did you go into work today, Natalie? Natalie? To explain to my boss why my name's all over the Internet.
What would you say if I told you we know exactly what you did at the office this morning? I don't know what you mean.
What if I told you that during our search, we left several surveillance cameras? That change your answer? Why would you do that? - They can't do that, can they? - Would it, Natalie? Look, if you have any actual evidence, can we get to it, please? Is that how you wanna do this? I just need to know my sister's safe.
Do you remember Blue Robin Holdings, the company you told us you'd never heard of? Well, our fraud team did some digging, and it turns out that the director of that company, one "Madeleine Crofts," has a birth date made of exactly the same digits as yours, - used in a different order.
- Do you want me to stop this? Blue Robin Holdings is a shell company, isn't it, Natalie? And you've been embezzling money belonging to Nemus Group - for a period of at least two years.
- Wha Tell me she's okay, and I'll tell you everything.
I nee I need some time alone with my client.
Monique is safe, and she's on her way here.
How do I know you're telling the truth? She was carrying a large amount of cash in US dollars - and a burner phone.
- I'd like to suspend this interview.
She has nothing to do with this.
You can't arrest her.
- So start talking.
- Stop talking.
Joe, I told you not to stay.
Natalie, whatever's happened, I know it's not your fault.
Okay? Now, I've said I'd like to suspend this interview now.
Is that what you want, Natalie? You know, you can have your lawyer leave.
If that's what you want.
Uh Yeah.
I want him to leave.
Is she really safe? You had to know who owns the largest stake in the company you were stealing from, right? - No.
- Cooper Newman PR.
Owned by Katherine Newman, mother of Leo Newman.
I didn't know that.
I swear, I'm telling the truth.
I didn't know any of that.
Do you know what "the truth" is, Natalie? Do you know the last time we closed early? - Never.
- Never.
And then you finally come to work with us for one day, and the company's reputation is ruined.
It's not ruined.
I mean, all publicity is good publicity, in a way.
You are unreliable, and you are untrustworthy.
Maybe we should move out for a bit, give everyone a chance to calm down? Maybe I can call Nari, see if we can stay at hers for a few days.
I'm not coming, Aadesh.
I I'm not leaving with you.
But you're my wife.
I'm sorry.
I know what your family means to you.
I get it.
But I promise No more promises.
You don't keep them.
I can fix this, Sonia.
Th-The truth will come out.
The truth is This was never gonna be enough for you, was it? I can fix this.
Mon? Mon? Mon.
Mon, are you all right? What happened? Mon, please, please, just talk to me.
What happened, Mon? Mon.
It was the right call.
We coulda got Tilson.
While you are worrying about procedure, there is a real-life kid and his mother wondering how long he has left to live.
You honestly think I care less about finding Leo than you do? If nothing else, the sooner he's found, the sooner you get back on that plane.
Tell him your sister thought she was being tailed.
- What? - Same language you always use, no codes.
Let me talk to Monique.
Natalie, you are not in a position to negotiate.
Please, just let me talk to Monique, and I'll do whatever you want.
How fast does he reply, usually? Straightaway.
He only turns the phone on when he texts.
Tell him you still have the cash, and you'll meet him tomorrow.
Two minutes.
Is your room bigger than mine? I was so worried.
What the hell were you thinking? It was for me, wasn't it? You stole the money to send me to school in America.
It wasn't stealing.
Didn't you? When you got the chance to go, I was so proud of you.
And I still am.
And I wasn't gonna let anything as petty as money stop you from showing the world how amazing you are.
Plus, you'd be living on a different continent, so win-win.
Is that the reason you went today? You always used to accuse me of copying.
Well No.
No, this is all on me.
You're not gonna get charged.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Does Mum know? Only that I pay.
She seems to think that South London finance managers make the same as City traders.
I guess we all believe what we want to in the end, don't we? Okay.
Let's go.
Just sit tight.
Everything's gonna be all right.
You'll see.
New development.
Seems we may have a fifth.
We have a car hired at the airport on the day of the kidnap by one "Eddie Walker.
" His debit card was used in a bar near the hotel just hours before.
Eddie Walker? - Yeah? - Come with us, please.
What is this about? - Just come with us, please.
- You're not serious? Okay, I'm coming.
Don't touch me, all right? Is this about Leo Newman? Guess where Mr.
Walker is a student?
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