Suspicion (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

The Devil You Know

Hey, we doing this together? I'll shout if I need you.
Just enjoy your breakfast.
I'll tell you hands down the best thing about this country.
Whoever invented chocolate buttons deserves a knighthood.
Glad you found something to approve of.
Can you at least tell me how you're planning to approach him? I thought I might ask him to tell the truth.
Big word.
Too big for Katherine Newman obviously.
"Tell the truth" is everywhere.
People are starting to wonder why she hasn't commented.
Only people who don't know it's standard procedure for us to advise a family of a hostage not to say anything.
I don't believe she takes advice from anyone.
You know, actually, in my experience, the smartest people usually do.
You still think this is about the ambassadorship? Well, it makes sense.
Look, in America, people take it for granted that powerful people buy presidential favor and get rewarded with top jobs.
I guess plenty of other people consider that corruption.
But you don't think it is.
You don't think the same happens here? You guys just had more time to practice hiding things.
- I'll be watching.
- Yep.
I don't doubt it.
Special Agent Neilssen hasn't called you? No.
Is this about the new guy they arrested? A student at Oxford.
Eddie Walker? I only visited Leo in Oxford once.
Uh, were they, like, friends? Well, I was hoping you would be able to tell me.
To be honest, Leo never really talked about Oxford.
No, I don't recognize him.
- Matty? - Sorry.
He was at a bar near here the night Leo was taken.
Do you think he could have met up with him after he left you? By the time we split, Leo was already He was pretty lit.
I told him to take a cab, but I mean, if he was planning on meeting someone else, I'm pretty sure he would've told one of us.
If any of these people look even vaguely familiar, there must be some link to Leo somewhere.
- You been online today? - No.
God knows who's monitoring my Internet searches.
Why? There's been another arrest.
They announced it? No, but everyone on here is saying he's a student at uni.
- Ours? - Eddie Walker? Do you know anyone who knows him? - Nope.
- Would you ask around? Here we are.
Where exactly? What's going on? What are you up to? - You ready? - Yeah.
- Take those.
Here you go.
- Thanks.
Okay? Feels good to be doing something.
These things are everywhere online.
The more pressure we put Katherine Newman under, the faster she'll have to tell the truth.
Then Leo will get released.
Your name will be in the clear.
When you were approached at the bar, - you asked - I wouldn't say I was approached.
I'd say I was assaulted.
You asked if it was about Leo Newman.
- Why did you say that? - Because I was there.
Same place, same night.
And it is about him, so I've got nothing to hide.
You were also at the same university as Leo.
- That's quite a coincidence.
- I know.
Why were you in New York? Because I love it there.
I go as much as I can.
Where did you stay? Nowhere.
I mean, I didn't actually book anything.
I just know people.
- Like Leo Newman.
- Nope.
Why aren't you more frightened, Eddie? You've been arrested in connection with a major crime, held in a cell overnight.
Don't seem remotely fazed.
Like I told you, I've got nothing to hide.
Why would I be fazed? But for the record, I am pretty sweaty.
Did you meet Leo at Oxford? No, I've never met Leo anywhere.
Do you always hire a car in New York? No, actually, this was my first time.
I was thinking about traveling.
Wanted to go to the coast.
- Why didn't you? - Honestly? Please, yeah.
I really hated it.
Everyone was really rude, and they drive on the wrong side of the road.
And it's a miracle I got to Midtown.
Yeah, I lost that thing as soon as I could.
Why an SUV? Were you planning on having passengers? No, just thought it'd look cool.
Did you visit a bar near the Park Madison Hotel? Uh, maybe.
Well, your debit card was used there.
So, what did you do after that? - After the bar? - Yeah.
I had sex.
- You had sex? - Mm-hmm.
Where? Uh, against a wall, then in the bed, then a bit in the bathroom, but by that point Okay, uh, I don't know.
We met on the street, somewhere around 50th and Broadway.
Shared a, you know, smoke.
Can you give me her name, please? No.
Because it wasn't a "her," and also it never came up.
Well, not really, since it means I can't prove that what I'm saying is true.
I also can't remember where this apartment was.
And you left there at what time? Early morning.
Then you dropped the SUV back at the airport rental garage 9:30 Tuesday morning.
I was pretty fucked.
Slept the day at JFK.
Caught an earlier flight back.
Flying visit.
You don't seriously think I've got anything to do with all of this? I'm actually thinking about doing your job, when I grow up.
Where are your parents at the moment, Eddie? Mum's in France, and Dad's in LA with his wife.
Why? Just need to verify a few things.
I'm over 18.
It's up to me who I tell about this, right? What are you going to tell them? What's gonna happen? We're going to let him go, exactly the same as with the others.
You're not serious.
I've been here for three days.
All I've seen you do is release people.
There's no point in holding him.
The kid was just getting rattled.
Sometimes you have to push a little.
Like, what is with you people? Is it, like, bad manners to hold suspects for more than five minutes? He'll be kept under surveillance.
What has surveillance gotten us so far? A chance to arrest Sean Tilson today.
Assuming he's not working with Thompson and we're not getting taken for a ride.
If it's Tilson, he has no idea she's here, and he wants that money.
We could have the key to the whole case in the building by the end of the day.
Let's focus on that.
Mon, I know you can hear me.
Come on, Monique, please.
Look at me.
Aw, Monique.
I know you're angry with me.
How much is it? I take from you.
Aadesh Chopra.
Uh, yes, it is.
How did you find me? It's all over social media.
Someone filmed the police searching your Have you been sleeping in here? No.
You're not a very good liar, are you? Are you a journalist? No, dude, look at me.
What happened? Did you get kicked out of the house? - Just leave me alone.
- No.
I'm on your side.
Same thing happened to me.
My name's Eddie Walker.
I'm that guy.
That's me.
That could be anyone.
It's all pixelly.
Huh? That could be anyone.
It's all pixelly.
"Pixelly" is not a word.
That is me.
Look, same clothes.
Got arrested yesterday, questioned today.
By who? American guy? Kept making noises like, uh, uh No, it was a woman.
But it didn't make any sense.
One minute it was the Spanish Inquisition, the next they just let me go.
- But she took my passport, my phone.
- Yeah.
Walker's with Chopra.
Another coincidence, right? Surveillance gives us nothing, right? I'm on my last warning.
No more allowance.
My dad will have me working in one of his leisurewear stores in Cali-fuckin-fornia.
It's not a good look for me.
So you didn't do it? No.
Did you? No, man.
Okay, just hear me out.
All right, here's the thing, Aadesh.
I don't know why, but somebody's trying to set me up.
- You too, maybe.
- Not maybe.
Well, either way, the police aren't just gonna let us go.
So what can we do about it? Okay, so here's the thing.
If we forget about the psycho dude whose face is everywhere at the moment, which, on balance, I think we probably should, then there's four of us, right? I say you and I find the other two, and we go public together.
We get our story out on every front page.
Yeah, but what if the other two did it though? I don't know.
But what I do know for certain is my parents are not gonna take my word for it.
And the only way that you get back over there, back in that house, is by proving your innocence.
That and having a shower.
That was a joke.
That was a joke.
You get him to the location.
We'll do the rest.
He'll know it was me who set him up.
He knows where I live.
He knows where my mum lives.
But he'll be in custody.
- Forever? - Excuse me.
It seems we're all forgetting something here.
We have enough evidence to charge you with embezzlement, - fraud, money laundering - I had not forgotten, but thank you for reminding me.
Which means you're looking at jail time, a huge fine, all of your assets being seized Yes.
That was sarcasm.
I get it.
unless, Natalie, you're smart.
Help us now, and some of those charges just go away.
So the question is, how badly do you really want to protect your family? Ask him where.
I need to update New York.
They let Walker go too? Mm-hmm.
Do we think the Brits have any idea what they're doing? He also said they're bringing in Tilson today.
- Are they sure it's him? - No.
They're setting up an operation right now.
Okay, good.
What are legal saying? Same as the FBI.
Say nothing.
The whole world is talking about it.
And the narrative's being shaped by whoever took Leo, and we're just watching it happen.
If we were clients, it's the advice we'd give.
Play it long.
Stay quiet until there's no other option.
First page in the playbook.
Except I don't remember the chapter on kidnap of your only child.
You should go home today.
See Angie and the kids.
I'm not leaving here until you do.
Let's just hope they get Tilson, huh? Sean Tilson, military-trained, knows about firearms and explosives and will kill without hesitation.
He'll also smell a trap from a mile away.
Our advance surveillance team are on their way to cover the area.
We have operatives embedded in the surrounding area, and snipers here, here and here.
Anyone got any questions so far? Okay.
You sure about sending Thompson out there alone? There'll be an armed MAST team behind the surveillance team.
As soon as we get a positive ID on Tilson, they move in.
- Contingency? - We need him alive, sir.
But obviously our priority's making sure Natalie's safe.
If we need to take critical action, we will.
- Very good.
- Okay.
Thank you, sir.
You'll be fitted with an earpiece and a hidden mic, so you'll be able to talk to us throughout.
And what do I say to him? Nothing.
You get out of the car.
You hand over the money.
That's our cue.
And what if something goes wrong? Do exactly as we tell you, and you'll be fine.
I'm telling you, man, when they bring us in, it won't be for questioning.
They're gonna put us on a flight.
Oh, you're being paranoid.
That's kidnapping, mate.
We're British citizens.
Do you know who Leo Newman's mum is? People like that, they do whatever the fuck they want.
And I wouldn't want to be your shade of white in America, or as pretty as I am in one of their jails.
I'm not gonna be a patsy.
- A what? - A It doesn't matter.
Why aren't we driving? Because it makes it easier for them to follow us.
I've seen it on TV.
Don't know what I'm more scared of, the police or you.
Me? Twenty meters behind us is a guy in a white T-shirt.
- Don't look.
- What about him? He's been following us since we left.
Get down.
Is he gone? - Yeah.
- Yeah, but they're not stupid.
They'll switch now.
Come on.
Let's go.
You okay? Really? Was it worth it? - What? - Taking all that money? I told you.
It wasn't for me.
What? Well, Monique's college cost a lot less than what you stole.
So it meant I could help Mum if she needed it.
And plan the wedding I always wanted.
What I did is nothing compared to what people with real money get away with every single day.
Yeah, I get that.
And I get how frustrating it is watching more privileged people succeed even though they're less capable than people like Monique, or you.
Or you.
I think maybe part of what you did was just a massive "fuck you.
" Maybe.
Maybe kidnapping Leo Newman is too.
Thank you.
Follow the road for two miles in that direction.
I'll be talking to you the whole time.
Red one's yours.
Can I get one of these? We'll be right behind you.
Incoming from Tilson.
- He's changed location.
- To where? Three miles east.
Sending it through now.
Do we push back? No way.
He'll smell it.
There's no time to move the team.
Look, as long as we get a couple of snipers in place Look.
There's water all along here.
He'll be trapped.
She'll also be a sitting target.
What are they saying? - I'll go with her.
- What? You okay to take over as lead, sir? Fine.
But first sign you're compromised, I call this off.
What's happening? Let's go.
- I need a firearm.
- Yes, ma'am.
You okay? Never been better.
You? Same.
From Gold, all stinger units to redeploy to new plot 2 outer quarter coordinates.
Are you ready to do this? I just want it to be over.
You'll be okay.
I think we should be there.
This is Bravo One.
Are units in position? Stand by.
Moving into position now.
Video transmission activated.
We have visual.
What do I do? Do I get out? Not until I say.
Stop talking now.
- He's not coming, is he? - I said no more talking.
Motorcyclist riding towards Charlie One.
Son of a bitch is on a bike.
- If anything happens to me - I said stop talking.
OP One, subject rider is at stop, stop, stop adjacent Charlie One.
No change, no change.
Can you identify it is Tango One? OP One, no, no.
Zero visual due to helmet.
All units in position.
Okay, Natalie.
Control to all units.
We are go on Come on.
Natalie, all you have to do is get out of the car, give him the envelope, and then it's over.
No change, no change.
Do it, Natalie.
Do it now.
I have no visual yet.
From OP One, Victor One is out, out, out of the vehicle with package.
Still no confirmation ID of subject motorcyclist.
I repeat, no confirmation of ID.
OP One, Victor One is approaching motorcyclist.
Five mike.
Four, three, two, one.
OP One, I have no clear visual of the subject.
Victor One is blocking my shot.
I repeat, Victor One is blocking my shot.
From Gold, OP One, you are amber.
I repeat, amber.
Lethal force not authorized.
- Victor One is down.
- From Gold, strike, strike.
Lethal force is authorized.
We've lost eyes on Tilson.
All units, you are free to engage.
The tracker's burned.
Go! Go! Go! Lost, lost, lost.
Fuck! You're all right.
You're okay.
You're okay.
You're winded, but you're okay.
All right.
All right.
You're okay.
Did y Did you get him? - Come on, miss.
- Got her? Natalie, take it easy.
You feel good.
Just relax now.
Take it easy.
Take it easy.
I, uh I I don't know what to say.
I'm sorry.
You lost him.
That's all there is to say.
We'll find him.
We both know you've said that before.
Did we have a meeting scheduled? The board asked me to stop by.
It seems there's some concern.
About Leo or the stock price? Katherine, you asked me to join this board to offer strategic advice.
Is that what I said? What I thought was, as a former CIA agent and national security adviser, your network would be useful in a crisis.
And you're right on time.
The UK police just lost Sean Tilson.
I'm still making inquiries.
These guys aren't behaving like a typical terrorist organization.
Aren't they? You look pretty terrified.
Have you looked online since they dropped that logo? Terrorist groups are using more sophisticated messaging than the best comms agencies.
This is my point.
We need to consider the possibility - that this is only the start.
- No, this ends today.
The FBI had their play.
Now it's up to us.
What are you thinking? We put out a statement, live from here.
Saying what exactly? We have to talk.
Natalie will be fine.
She's in shock, but otherwise unhurt.
This thing has had no direction from the beginning.
I'm fine too.
- Thank you for your concern.
- I have kept my mouth shut so far.
- Have you? - But Tilson will be trying to leave the country.
And if he makes it, we lose him for good.
And maybe Leo too.
Look, you need to pull the surveillance off of the others and put everything you have on Tilson.
He knows that Thompson is with us now.
He has no reason to stick around.
What about Chopra and Walker? They're together.
So you think we can't bring them in in a heartbeat if we need to? And Natalie? You just said she's fine.
Charge her with fraud.
Put her out on bail.
I don't care.
Tilson just tried to kill her.
What if he tries again? There is nothing in it for him.
We failed her today.
I won't do that again.
The answer is no.
Look up.
- Sorry.
- For the climb? The call.
I had no choice.
Well, that's not true.
You were told to leave, not chase around looking for money.
You know we don't like surprises.
I don't love them much myself.
But as you know, in my line of work, your face on TV spells retirement.
New lives are expensive.
But I've never let you down.
So, what's in there? Everything you need to disappear forever.
- You know what this will mean? - That I get Leo back, I hope.
You want to deliver this thing yourself? No, but I'll write it.
If you're serious about this in terms of public sympathy, as Leo's mother, you have to be the one to Nobody buys me as a mother, Alice.
Nobody buys that I arranged 22 birthday parties and worried that no one would show up to a single one.
I know how my image plays.
I'll always be a CEO first and a mother second, if at all.
So, we need a spokesperson.
Somebody maternal.
Um, yeah.
Yeah, it's called Barbara, senior comms.
Yeah, if you could just have a look at these two accounts for me I've gotta go.
Call you back.
Barbara I hate that I don't already know this, but, um, do you have children? No.
Doesn't matter.
Less makeup, new glasses.
It'll work.
I hope to God you're right.
This one's fine.
She okay? - She look okay? - She looks petrified.
We have a little time to rehearse with her.
No, petrified is good.
How's Alice? Also petrified.
The truth does that to people.
You sure about this? Thank you.
I'm outside the Park Madison Hotel in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, where the media is beginning to gather to hear a statement from Katherine Newman, mother of kidnap victim Leo Newman, and CEO of PR giant Cooper Newman.
There is continued speculation about exactly what that statement may reveal.
Again, Miss Newman was instructed to tell the truth by her son's kidnappers.
But about what exactly? We may be about to find out.
- Hey.
- Sir.
- Something happening? - About to.
I intend to read a short statement on behalf of Katherine Newman and Cooper Newman PR.
Why the hell didn't we know about this? "As you know, five days ago, my only child Leo was taken by force from this hotel.
And yesterday, his kidnappers demanded that I tell the truth in order to secure his release.
There has been speculation about why I was the president's choice to represent the United States in the UK as an official ambassador.
I can confirm that my fundraising on behalf of the president played a large part in my securing the role.
I've always been transparent about that.
However, the time has come to disclose the source of some of those funds.
A significant part of my donation came from the sale of a property in London.
At the time, I didn't know that the buyer had connections to the government of a country under economic sanctions from the US Treasury Department.
When that information did eventually come to my attention, I should have informed the relevant authorities immediately.
I failed to do so.
I can confirm, therefore, that I have written to the president today to withdraw my name from consideration for the ambassador's position.
I relished the opportunity to serve the country I love.
However, the loss of Leo hurts far more than the loss of any job ever could.
In the last few days, I've suffered as only a mother can.
I've done what I was asked.
I've told the truth.
Now, please, send Leo home to me.
Thank you.
" Well, seems she's not smart enough to take advice after all.
Why would she? She's who we let down today.
Not Natalie fucking Thompson.
There will be no questions or further comment.
Still not the truth, Katherine.
Tell the truth about what Eric Cresswell knows, or your son dies with the world watching.
Tell the truth.
Tell the truth, Katherine.
Time is running out.
Tell the truth.
Get that down now.
- Where's Martin? - Shut it all down.
- We're trying.
- Don't try.
Do it.
And warn the clients to do the same.
Too late.
Does anyone know who this guy is? Who is he? Where is he from? Calling for Eric Cresswell.
It's been an hour since Katherine Newman's statement was intercepted by the group.
As yet there's been no word from the police in the UK or the US about any further contact with those responsible for Leo Newman's kidnap.
As for any link between Katherine Newman and the man identified by the kidnappers as Eric Cresswell - Hi.
- Hi.
Sorry Sorry to bother you.
- We come in peace.
- You can't be here.
- I'm Aadesh.
This is Eddie.
- Eddie.
I know who you are, and you can't be here.
How did you find me? Oh, this guy, you give him the Internet, and he can do anything.
I mean, apart from kidnap people obviously.
We think we're being set up.
I mean, unless Did Did you do it? Leave now or I'll call the police.
- Please, Tara, just one minute.
- Yeah, we can't let them turn us into bloody bloody, uh - Oh, patsies.
- Patsies.
Go away.
Tara! Thank you.
Your flat's that way.
I, uh, don't think Joe's going to want to see me, do you? It's all right.
You can have the bed.
You really think things can just go back to normal? Actually, Mon, after being arrested on my wedding day, shot by a psychopath and bailed to appear in court tomorrow, no.
I don't think anything's very normal right now.
Then I'll go to a hotel.
Monique, come on.
Monique, please.
- Mon, can you just stop? - What? I know you're angry, but I'm not leaving you, okay? Whether you talk to me or not, I won't.
Not while he's still out there.
Come on.
Let's go home.
Hey, you got any change? I'm five p short.
You went behind my back.
Over your head, actually, and I tried to talk to you about it.
And I listened, but it's my job to make decisions.
Or it was, till you ran to my boss.
Got your own way.
He told you to put everything on Tilson, keep him from leaving the country? Oh, he'd already done it.
And had the Thompsons released.
You had no right to do that.
You have no jurisdiction here.
Yeah, but I do have a responsibility, okay? And I can't stand by anymore while you waste time watching those guys.
And what exactly would you have done differently, Scott? Well, for a start, I would've squeezed them hard enough so we would know exactly how good they are at lying by now.
We should've started with Natalie Thompson.
I told you.
The police, they took her from work.
It's online.
Then why haven't they picked us up? I'm gonna try one more time.
Stay here.
Ah, shit Whoa! Oh, God, mate, I'm so sorry.
- I told you to go away! - Yeah, I know.
I'm so sorry.
Were you gonna break into my car? - Wait.
What is this? - Oh, no, no, no! Oh, my God.
No! No! Get off me! No! Okay.
- No! - Hey! Okay.
Take it easy.
Oh, no! Oh, Jesus.
No, no, no, no.
I can't believe they're kidnapping us.
- Who is? - I don't know.
If any of you know anything, please just tell them.
- I've got a daughter.
- We all have family.
I think we're on the motorway.
Why take us out of the city? Move! Get up! Let's go.
Move! - Okay.
- On your knees.
Don't touch her.
Who are you? Where is Leo Newman? You either talk and get on that plane, or you die right here.
Which is it? Where is he? Eyes forward.
Where's Leo? I don't know, man.
I don't know! Choose! Where's Leo? Start talking! Where's Leo Newman? None None of us know.
Where is he? You.
Where's Leo Newman? You can either get on that plane, - or you die right here.
- You've got the wrong people.
Get down! No! Hey! Get in the car! Quickly! Mon? Come on.
Please get up.
Get up.
Please get up.
There's more on the plane.
Get in the fucking car now! Come on.
Get up.
- There's more on the plane.
- Get up.
Oh, my God.
There's more of them.
Get up! - We gotta go.
- Get up, please! - Come on.
- There's more coming.
No, I can't leave her! No! Natalie! Natalie! We're in.
Drive! Go!
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