Suspicion (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

What Does a Kidnapper Look Like?

Is it bad? - Hmm? - Is it bad? Nah.
Stop the car.
Stop the car! What are you doing? - Get away! Close the door! - No! Let me go! - Get the door! Natalie! Hold on! - Stop the car! - Get her back in.
- Close the fucking door! Get her back in.
Now! - Please, we have to go back.
- Strap her in.
We have to turn around.
We can't leave her there.
Stop the car! What are you doing? That was mad.
You're okay, just breathe.
Just breathe.
- We're gonna get help now.
- Fuck's sake.
Aren't we? I am help.
Where are we going? You could drive a bit faster.
I could if I wanted to attract attention.
Yeah, but we need attention, don't we? Someone tried to kill us.
He's been shot.
- People are dead.
- We need to call the police.
You sure that wasn't who we just left behind? There's no going back.
What's happening? - Follow me.
- Where the fuck are we? Dude.
Nice and quiet, all right? Geez.
You okay? Yeah.
Turn it off.
Find some candles.
I'll check the rest of the place.
Let's go.
Before he comes back.
Shouldn't we wait to see what he's got to say? You've been shot, Eddie.
I'm okay.
But he's not.
He's a psycho.
This is the only way we get answers.
Come on, give me the keys.
Hey, do you think he knows what this is all about? Was he dead? Who? The man I shot.
Was he dead? Ugh, I don't know.
It was dark.
That shot would've killed a zombie.
But it was an accident, right? So Anyone find anything with a name or password on? - Bills, receipts, notes? - What are you looking for? Can you please fill in a few gaps for us? We're a tiny bit freaked out about Everything.
- Uh, how did you find us? - And why? Someone tried to kill me.
It makes sense it was whoever's trying to make it look like I kidnapped Leo Newman.
You mean, you didn't kidnap him? I went to find out what she knows.
Saw them get lifted, then I followed.
Well, thank God you did.
I don't think he did it out of the kindness of his heart.
I did it because you're my best chance of finding out what the fuck is going on and why we've been lumped together.
It's your fault.
Y You're the one who's been texting me.
You You were on the motorbike.
This is all you.
You two know each other? What motorbike? You shot me yesterday.
I knew if you'd gone to the police, they'd put you in a vest.
I didn't go to the police.
If I'd wanted to kill you, you'd be dead.
What the hell is going on here? Who are you? You know who he is.
The police told us.
- He's a trained killer.
- But I'm not your enemy.
We're the only people that any of us can trust even a little bit right now.
And we have a couple of hours, tops, to share what we know.
Whoever sent those guys already know it's gone bad.
So, who were they? - Black ops, ex-military.
- How can you be sure? How do you think? - Sent by who? - British authorities, FBI.
Are you really saying I shot a police officer? Well, you killed our best chance of finding out.
So, you think he's definitely dead? Seriously? The good news is that officially it didn't happen.
That scene will be clear by now.
Maybe apart from her sister's body.
Natalie? Natalie! Natalie! - No.
Get off.
Get off me.
- Hey.
No, I won't leave her there.
They can't get away with this.
It did happen.
Anybody else got a phone? No, they've already taken them off us.
Listen, we're all in this togeth She's gone.
Do you hear? Gone.
Now, do you want to find out who did it or not? So, why us? Don't get too comfortable.
We haven't got long.
Come on.
What do we have in common? We're all British and we were all in New York on the day Leo Newman was kidnapped.
Why were you there? We've been through this.
For the police, I know.
But this time you can tell the truth.
We all can.
What's said here goes no further.
Are we agreed? I spoke at a Cooper Newman Foundation event.
I didn't want to, but I Why not? Four years ago, I questioned whether Leo Newman should be offered a place at the university and the ethics of taking money from his mother's company.
There was a full investigation.
Everything was found to be aboveboard, and that was it.
Did you talk to him while he was there? No.
- Really? - Yes, really.
And this does feel quite like the police interview, actually.
But you must know him? Why must I? Because they're saying he's a student at Oxford.
Have you ever been to a university? No, of course.
Well, they're big places.
Yeah, with lots of windows.
I know.
Uh-huh, and there are more than 20,000 students at Oxford, and I'm one of them.
No, more to the point, I'm no one.
That's why this is so mad.
He's a carpet salesman.
No, I'm not.
Quite a coincidence though.
Do we look like kidnappers to you? What does a kidnapper look like? You.
You looked more like Lara Croft than a professor back there.
I'm not a professor.
And I'm not a carpet salesman.
Oh, so what are you then? Yeah, why were you in New York? I went to meet Cooper Newman PR about a job.
I've got a business.
I'm starting it, soon.
Wait A multinational corporation turning over a billion dollars a year needs to upgrade security, so they call for a West London carpet salesman? - I'm not a - Telling the truth, are you? Huh? Do you all understand how deep you're in? This isn't just about the Newman kid now.
Who do you think they'll blame her sister on? - No.
- Fuck, yeah.
Sorry, why should we believe you? Tell us what you know.
It's your face all over the news.
And whereas your face isn't anywhere, student.
Why's that? 'Cause I was arrested later, and I wasn't staying in the hotel.
And my face is all over the front of every fucking newspaper.
I don't know.
Maybe I did see Leo at uni.
Might've spoken to him.
I speak to anyone.
Police might have found out that we were at the same lecture or at the same pub once, and then I happened to be in New York on the day he's kidnapped.
And suddenly, I'm Baby Driver.
Where you from? Wales, originally.
- Which part? - Cardiff.
Your parents married there? - What? - Answer.
Your turn.
Your turn to answer to us.
To me.
You've been blackmailing me for two years.
Not me, Natalie.
I know you're angry, but I was just the collector.
The way I heard it, you stole that money in the first place.
So Yes, and I paid it back.
But those last two cash drops were for you, weren't they? That's the reason I was in New York, isn't it? Why didn't you pick up? Who first contacted you about the New York drop? You did.
Tell the truth.
The police said that the company I defrauded are owned by CNPR.
Did you know that? Did they send you? Honestly, I don't know.
It's in nobody's interest for me to have too much information, you know? Who do you work for? I don't work for anybody, as discussed.
I'm a student.
- Studying what? - History.
All of it? - What? - Which period? Answer.
- Ancient.
What is this? - Ancient British or what? Oh, fuck you.
- F - Eddie! Eddie, are you all right? Hey.
Hey, you okay, mate? Someone find him a clean shirt.
You can see the road from upstairs.
Will you keep an eye out? Go watch the front of the house.
I'll deal with him.
Oh, shit.
You're lucky, student.
You're gonna have a proper scar from this, if you live.
Come on, come on.
Oh, fuck.
How is he? Bullet only winged him.
- Didn't hurt anything vital.
- How can you tell? Fact he's breathing.
Take that out.
Cut a square.
Did you learn all this in the army? Is that where you first killed someone? Give me that.
How'd it feel? The first time.
That might be the first time you've hit a human, but it's not the first time you fired a gun.
Well, you don't grow up on a farm without knowing how to handle a rifle.
Rifle's not a handgun.
My grandfather collected handguns.
One more.
Help me sit him up.
Well, don't worry, it gets easier.
You mean to live with? No, I mean killing people.
The more you do it, the easier it gets.
Here, drink this.
It's got salt and sugar in it.
Come on.
Shit! - Good looking out.
- Sam? Is that you? I can't see the car.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
There's no need for that, all right? Just Let's be quiet and he'll leave.
I thought you were away for a while.
Take your shirt off.
Sam? Are you home? Are you there? Sam? Geez.
Wh Who are you? Who are you? And why are you pointing a gun at me? Well, I live next door.
And I saw a light.
Ah, shit.
Sorry, um, are you Um, David.
I think, um Yeah, I think Uncle Sammy told me about you.
- Uncle? - Oh, it's a term of endearment.
- We met while I was traveling.
- Oh.
Are you the NGO friend of his daughter's? Married to the journalist? I've been away a while.
Is everyone armed here now? Oh.
Sorry about that.
No, I'm sorry for waking you.
Is your husband with you? Did you not meet him? When he was last over? - No.
- Oh.
I thought Sammy said that Baby? Yep? Sweetheart, this is David from next door.
Hi, David.
Oh, good job on the neighborhood watch front.
You must be Harry? A pleasure.
Maybe we did meet.
You look familiar now I see you close up.
Oh, I'd remember.
I've read your book, you know.
Did you? Oh, well, I hope you bought it rather than borrowed it.
What did you think? Well, I was crying, of course.
- Me too.
S-So sad.
- With laughter.
- I mean, talk about light and shade.
- She's lying.
She never reads my work.
She thinks I don't know, but the truth is I don't mind.
I love her for other reasons.
Oh, well, I must, uh Should be letting you two get some, uh You've got something on your Oh, thanks.
How long will you be staying for? Um, we're gonna play it by ear.
Come on, Delta.
Thanks, then.
- You're an excellent liar.
- So are you.
He knows that's blood.
He'll be back.
Sorry, guys.
Hey, Eddie.
How are you feeling? Oh, yeah.
Where's my gun? Where's Natalie? Natalie? Natalie, what are you doing? Stop.
Natalie, answer me.
Leave me alone.
Natalie uh, Natalie, please.
You don't wanna do this.
You don't know me.
You don't know anything about me.
Um, yes.
You're right.
We're strangers.
But for some reason, we're all in the same mess.
How many family members did you lose tonight? I have lost people.
And I I know how it feels to blame yourself for things that aren't your fault.
It is my fault.
I'm the reason she was there.
Mum has already already buried the only man she ever loved, and Mon Monique, she was She was the one.
She made She made everything worthwhile for Mum and for me and She was gonna save the world.
Natalie? I've got a daughter.
She's called Daisy.
And I love her more than I ever thought I could ever love anything, and I am telling you, the only thing worse than your mum finding out she lost one of her girls would be finding out she lost both.
She'll never forgive me.
And I'll never forgive myself.
No! It's okay.
Give that to me.
You didn't kill her.
They did.
He's right.
You need to take the safety off.
We've all told lies, okay? We'll get to the truth.
What did you lie about? I didn't tell them everything when they arrested me.
About Leo Newman.
After the college investigation found no evidence of wrongdoing, I said I let it go.
But I didn't.
I I thought it must be a cover-up, so I started a sort of a campaign.
Pretended to be other people online, planted rumors on message boards, made accusations about why Leo had got his place.
Then I got a phone call.
I was told if I carried on smearing Leo Newman and his family, not only would it cost me my job, but my reputation would also be destroyed and I'd lose everything, including my family.
I was still married then.
So What did you do? I said, "Fuck you.
How dare you threaten me?" I was more careful, but I carried on.
Then one day my husband called to say the school phoned him while I was in a lecture.
Someone had picked Daisy up from music practice, pretending to know me, and and taken her.
We called the police.
I've never been so scared in my life.
Even more than tonight.
It was A few hours later, I got another call.
Saying what? Where to pick up the kid.
That she'd had a lovely time, been bought sweets and fizzy drinks, but don't doubt how serious we are.
Forget about Leo Newman.
Now, not to spoil the ending, but it'll be light soon.
The guy who phoned with the first warning, did you get his name? - How did you know what they said? - It's classic.
You've done that to people.
You only meet someone like me if you ignore that one.
I-I don't I don't get it.
Why won't you tell NCA the whole story? They were already trying to say I had a grudge against the Newmans.
It would have made me look more guilty.
But you do have a grudge against the Newmans.
Yeah, me and a million others.
I took this off the guy who was sent to kill me.
And he's dead now, isn't he? If we could get into this You need a password.
You got something personal of his, like a phone? Yeah.
I've been through it.
There's nothing that looks like a password.
That's 'cause it's not his regular password.
- It's a boot log-in.
- What's that? Gets you into the BIOS.
Told you I'm not a carpet salesman.
Where's his email? Empty.
Empty, um Petraeus.
Whoever he was, he's been emailing someone at CNPR.
How do you know? Because this stock template was in the server they obviously didn't want anyone to know about.
And if you stop talking for a minute, I'll tell you more.
- "M.
" - Who's that? It's Martin Copeland.
He is the COO of Cooper Newman.
Play the latest video.
Okay, listen up.
We all appreciate you keeping this going for Leo's sake, but Miss Newman will not be making any statement - about tonight's communications.
- What is he talking about? We'll be talking to you as soon as we have something to say.
What's the connection between Katherine and the man in the picture, Eric Cresswell? We know as much as you do right now, Jill.
- I have nothing more to say.
- What "man in the picture"? Who's Eric Cresswell? How do you know about the secret server? Can somebody tell me what's going on? What was that? - What did you see? - I don't know.
Some movement, I think.
Where? Over there, between those trees.
Show me.
Just here.
Just Hey, hey.
What are they doing? - Do you think it's the neighbor? - Or the police.
Who were you phoning? Fuck you.
Come on.
Deep breaths.
Should we go out? And do what? And what if they need help? Sean doesn't seem like the kind of person who needs your help.
- Oh, thanks.
But what about - Aadesh is with Sean.
Did that video say the kidnappers Do you ever stop talking? I'm sorry to be a pain.
I have been kidnapped and shot tonight.
So, I am just a little bit fucking tense.
Which college are you at? At Oxford, which college? Wolvesey.
So, you know, uh, Professor Cottler? - No.
- What the fuck? What the fuck.
What happened? Jesus.
What's going on? You all right? Sean.
Go on.
I found a phone.
I was trying to make a call.
- Who to? - The police.
- So he says.
- No, it's true.
I I was trying to phone that Vanessa woman.
I really think we can trust her.
I've told you you can't trust anyone.
Yeah, including you.
Yeah, including you.
He says it's not safe to call the police, but what if it's only him it's not safe for? We haven't killed anyone.
You can check if he's telling the truth from his call history.
Yeah, but I didn't actually get to dial before he destroyed it.
Swear down, it's true.
I just I want this to be over, you guys.
I don't buy it.
The Forrest Gump act, yeah.
We know he's smarter than he looks.
He fucking has to be.
I-I agree.
He ran out as soon as you asked him about Martin Copeland.
And if you're involved in this, that means you're part of the reason Monique's dead, and you deserve to die in the middle of nowhere just like she did.
I'm warming to you.
Okay, Natalie.
Okay, okay.
I'll tell you.
Tell us what? Martin Copeland came to my meeting in New York in person.
- I couldn't believe it.
- Neither can I.
Yeah, but, you see, the thing is that what what I did, right One One of the strategies I use to sell my services is basically I hacked them.
Yeah, man.
I hacked Cooper Newman.
And then I told them what I'd done.
You see, I say, "Imagine if I wasn't a good guy, right, who'd done this.
Imagine if it was a baddie.
The damage I could do to your company.
So employ me, and I'll stop the baddies because only I know all their tricks.
" I take it you didn't tell your friend Vanessa that part.
I didn't tell my wife that part.
He still wouldn't have met you.
What else? What do you mean what else? There's nothing else.
I don't believe you.
- Me neither.
- No.
It's true, guys, I swear.
I can't tell you why he was there, but he was and that's it.
That's all I know.
All right? - What did you see? - What do you mean? Where? You hacked their systems, found a secret server, and presumably had a good look around.
What did you see? All sorts.
I can't remember.
That wasn't the point.
Did you copy anything? What? I wasn't trying to blackmail them.
- Although, technically - Think, think.
- We're running out of time.
- I don't know.
All All sorts of of strategy stuff.
Client briefs, financial reports.
Mostly boring.
The only interesting things were emails.
- You read people's private emails? - No.
- Copeland's? - Copeland's, yeah.
Katherine Newman's.
I knew about the ambassador thing - before it happened.
- Was the son mentioned? Yeah.
They were making succession plans about - Who's doing that? - Copeland.
There was stuff about it being a new day.
A fresh start.
Blah, blah, blah.
- Who were those emails to? - I don't fucking know! All right? I don't fucking know! Okay.
What do we know? At the event I spoke at, Leo Newman was given formal responsibility for running the Cooper Newman Foundation.
The shell company had me moving a lot of money the past few months.
Well, even if Copeland's nose was put out of joint, how does kidnapping Leo help him? Anybody got any ideas? Hmm? Where are you going? Sean, where are you going? It will be light soon.
I need to change.
Then I've got a few questions for the organ-grinder.
You're going to speak to Copeland? He's the link, isn't he? He's what we've all got in common.
Except you, student.
What's your connection to Copeland? Oh, I haven't got one as far as I know.
What about your your your your dad? His business, it's in America, isn't it? America's massive.
What exactly are you gonna do? My livelihood's gone.
One way or another, someone has to pay.
But, what Are you actually going to New York? Wait, if Martin Copeland did this to my family, to me, then I wanna know why, same as you.
- I'm coming with you.
- No way.
You owe me.
Actually, I'd say we're even.
And given the fact that I'm armed, I'd quit while you're ahead.
I can help you.
There's more money.
You wouldn't have hung around if you had cash.
How are you gonna get to America? NCA will have frozen everything you've got.
When they released us, I went to work and moved what was left of the client account balance offshore.
- They won't trace it in time.
- Why? What? Why did you do that? Because I thought I might still be able to marry the man I love.
- Hundred K.
- Natalie, what are you doing? Maybe I'll just torture you till you transfer the money.
Do I look like I care about dying? Change fast.
There'll be a shirt or something that fits you.
Find a hat or glasses.
Do your hair.
Anything that alters the shape of your head.
Confuses facial recognition software.
So he's done this before.
What about you? The latest communication from the kidnappers came yesterday evening.
And in the hours since, investigators have been desperately trying to track the man identified in the kidnapper's latest video as Eric Cresswell.
A disgraced British scientist, Cresswell was forced to resign from his post at Cambrook University after an investigation, but no further details were made available at the time.
And the university has so far declined to comment about their former employee.
His connection to Katherine Newman and what precisely the truth is remains a mystery.
- Who's he? - I don't know.
Was there anything ab-about No.
Can, uh, can you help with this? Yeah.
You sure you know what you're doing? No.
But I have to do something.
He's dangerous.
You know that better than anyone.
There has to be another way.
Well, I'm all ears 'cause right now, I don't feel like I've got any other option.
What about you? I mean, do you know what you're doing? Like you say, he's dangerous.
Do you really think he's gonna let you walk out of here knowing where he's going and why? - He w - He only shot me in the chest because he thought I might still be useful.
He's ruthless.
So how can you trust him? Who said anything about trust? Can't go back, and he's the only way forward.
- What about your mum? - She's strong.
She's had to be.
It's different for you.
You've got a kid.
As things stand, I'll lose any chance I had of getting her back.
I'll lose everything.
Well, frankly, a scenario in which those responsible ask for anything other than hard cash, unless it's politically motivated, is already highly unusual.
Do you believe then that Newman's kidnap could be political? Perhaps even terrorist-related? There has been speculation I think if that's what we're seeing here, then it's potentially a new strain of terrorism.
Let's call it ethical terrorism.
Ethical terrorism? Sounds pretty cool.
"Cool"? My parents are gonna kill me.
I haven't spoken to mine.
God knows what they're thinking.
They might not be that surprised.
They always expected their son to be hunted down by at least two international law enforcement agencies? It is the latest in a long line of fuckups, headaches, letdowns.
For them.
For Sonia.
At least we're consistent.
So, what do we do now, partner? Surely we can trust that Vanessa.
Yeah, maybe, but even if she believes us, what about Sonia and her family? And my parents, the university? Are they going to take our word for it? But if no one can prove that we did it That's different to proving we didn't.
How do you prove a negative? It's confusing.
Not only for the authorities, but also for the public.
We're talking about a crime here, and yet popular support is split between sympathy for a mother who's missing her son and these faces of a growing movement that is sick and tired of being lied to again and again by public figures.
- That's us fucked, then.
- Exactly.
Without any proof of our innocence, the damage is already done, isn't it? - Assuming he lets us leave here.
- What, you - you don't think he's planning to - Yeah.
I don't know, but I I do think he's right.
We can't trust anyone.
And even if that goes for the five of us, at least we know the rules.
Wait, are you suggesting that we should all go to Got to bloody America.
I can't quite believe it either, but yes.
Unless any of you have any better ideas.
But just to remind you, you came to me.
One second.
Tara, you're saying the five most wanted people in the UK should try to cross one of the most secure borders in the world to return to the scene of the crime they're accused of, in order to confront the crazy, powerful man they think might have framed them for reasons no one seems to be able to even guess at.
- And you're a professor? - I'm not a fucking professor.
I'm a junior research fellow.
I was Whatever.
What about your daughter? She's all I've got, but I'm not all she's got.
And whatever happens, it's up to me to show her you have to challenge injustice.
Whatever it takes.
You can't be taking this seriously.
If they try to grab us again, we are easier to pick off on our own.
And New York is the last place anybody expects us to be.
Yes, because it's a stupid idea.
Everything you're saying is true.
It's just What else have we got? He won't agree to it anyway.
The police, please.
Uh, I was looking for you.
We've been talking, and we've decided we should all go to get the truth from Copeland.
- Oh, really? - I know how it sounds, but it does make sense.
- How? - Because you need us.
Do you really think they've told you everything? - What about you? - I'm an open book.
Natalie would be dead now.
You think? What do you mean? She didn't know the safety was on.
Or she did.
Now I see why you're not a professor.
It doesn't take much to fool you, does it? Maybe, but I'm perceptive in other ways.
We're all a piece of this puzzle, Sean, and you can't solve it without us.
You've only got this far because of Aadesh.
At least think about it.
Did you call the police? Don't lie to me, David, or I will know.
Find a hat, coat, anything you can grab.
We're going.
Come on.
Get in.
Wait, what's the rush? Ah.
We need to switch vehicles fast.
Get down.
All of you.

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