Suspicion (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Be the Gray Man

1 Kate? There you are.
You're supposed to be sleeping.
Every single client, Martin.
They hacked every single client.
And we've reached out to every single client.
Who the fuck is doing this to us? We'll get through it.
Will we? Alice called.
She said we specialize in keeping people out of the news, yet we've been the only story for days.
It's her job to worry.
Then she needs a raise.
She wants to know about Cresswell.
He is who we thought he was.
Come on.
Come on, Dora.
Good girl.
Dora! Stop! Dora.
There's been no official comment following the latest twist in the Leo Newman kidnapping case.
After the coordinated hack on clients of PR giant Cooper Newman, messages urging Leo's mother, Katherine, to "tell the truth," have appeared on digital signs and billboards on both sides of the Atlantic.
There's also no comment on the man believed to be Eric Cresswell, who again appeared on the hacker's most recent video demand.
Do we know exactly what time they went off-grid? it seems pressure will continue to build No, because they weren't under surveillance.
and address the kidnappers directly unless UK and US forces working on the case make a breakthrough in locating Leo.
Let me call you after.
All we have is the DB.
- Okay, anything else? Okay.
- It's good.
Yes, it's still here.
I-I'll call you back later.
- What do you have? - Confirmation that the cottage was the UK residence of the man found dead at the bridge.
Any confirmed ID? Samuel Brolin, according to the neighbor and the utility companies.
But the property is owned by a company in Israel.
So it's an alias.
So what, what else is the neighbor saying? - "Why the hell didn't you come sooner?" - And why didn't we? Because the call was only urgent when the address had been linked to our body.
But he gave positive IDs? On Tilson and McAllister, yes.
But he didn't see any of the others.
They burned out his vehicle when they abandoned it, but SOCO have blood in Brolin's car and in the house.
We don't know whose yet.
It's a hell of a lot more than we have here though.
It still is pretty clear what happened here.
Oh, yeah? They were trying to get out of the country and something went wrong.
Based on what evidence? - We're at an airfield.
- But we don't know if they were.
Let alone if they planned - to get on a plane.
- For God's sake.
They're running! And even if they were here, it wasn't necessarily by choice.
We know Tilson met up with McAllister at some point, plus we know Monique wasn't even part of the kidnap gang.
Well, maybe that's why she's dead.
You really think Natalie Thompson would be party to that? Maybe she lost the argument.
What I really think is you have underestimated these people right from the beginning.
- And you, maybe.
- What's that? I'm ex-military, Scott.
I have seen operations like this before.
This scene's been cleaned.
There's no shell casings, no tire marks.
There are bullet holes in the walls and the floor, but no blood - apart from Monique's.
- What's your point? You wanted them deported from the beginning, then went over my head to get surveillance pulled.
Because I knew that Tilson would be trying to skip the country! Look, I understand you feel responsible, okay, but I am FBI, not CIA.
You seriously think I sent a rendition team to snatch these people? If I had, they'd have been in a dark site hours ago.
We don't have time for this.
They wouldn't be in some goddamn country cottage.
They did this.
Not us! Hey, we're talking! Should we find them? The next step is getting passports, so I'll need photos.
Hey, can I take 'em? I can take 'em.
Well, I suppose we should let him make himself useful.
Still not sure what he brings to the party.
Well, with all due respect, you're not exactly the most approachable person.
Whereas I can talk to people.
People like to talk to me.
People tend to like me.
- I don't like you.
- Well, you're the exception.
Does anybody like him? Yeah.
Yeah, I like him.
Who found this car that we just stole? Once the pictures are done, you three get the next train to London.
And I need 80 grand in clean money by 10:00 a.
Send instructions to this number via the app I've specified.
- By 10:00? - Are you nuts? Don't ask questions you don't wanna hear the answer to.
- You hacked Cooper Newman PR.
- Yeah, that took weeks.
You asked to come.
Wanna get to Martin Copeland or not? - Okay.
- So, figure it out.
Ten o'clock.
Don't let me down.
We rendezvous at 1530 in Battersea Park, okay? - What about me? - You're coming with me.
- Why? - 'Cause I don't trust you.
Now, you'll all be tempted to contact your people.
Every risk you take now puts me at risk.
So do as you're told.
Or one way or another, you'll never see your loved ones again.
All right? Now, when we get to London, pick up new outfits, change your hair.
If we're gonna make it through an airport, we all need to look different.
Now, run it once more.
- Always be the gray man.
- Or woman.
Don't stand out or act out of character.
Be in a couple.
Couples get stopped less.
Especially when they're arguing.
Always have an objective in mind.
Anything but running from the police.
Don't be first or last.
You're more likely to be remembered.
Try to make out like you're part of a larger group.
Don't make eye contact.
Don't get into stupid arguments.
Anybody questions you, be generic in your replies and have someone you know in mind.
You'll remember details.
And always remember, we think that other people are interested in us, but really they're only interested in themselves.
So, act natural.
Try not to show nerves.
You'll be amazed at what you can get away with.
What exactly is the truth the kidnappers are demanding? If Katherine Newman knows, she's not letting on.
A popular support for the Tell the Truth movement appears to be building.
Yesterday evening, an anonymous group hacked advertising screens on the London Underground.
This was outside Cooper Newman's head office in Chicago a few hours ago.
There have been similar acts of vandalism reported across the country and, indeed, worldwide, as the Tell the Truth message increasingly becomes a demand.
They never win public sympathy.
It's pretty ironic they're demanding the truth while wearing masks, huh? Alice was right to be worried.
We both know how bad the optics are.
Hey, there's a hell of a lot of positive comment online.
I know.
You asked Caitlin to show me, and she did.
She didn't tell me that most of the content was generated by people working for us.
She didn't need to.
We're at war here, Kate.
Same strategies apply.
I get it.
You were calling IOP Energy.
Well, what did Amy say? That, uh, she'll only speak with you.
Well, I'm not leaving New York.
Not without Leo.
If she wants to see me, she can come here.
She arrives this afternoon.
Even if Cresswell is still out there he's worked pretty hard to stay off the map for 25 years.
What about his paper? Nobody has access to that.
You have to trust me, Kate.
This was all dealt with years ago.
If he can be found, we better get there first.
So how'd you get into your line of work? I mean, I know you were in the army, but what, were you military or paramilitary? Or Can you at least tell me which junction we're gettin' off at? I'd like to look out for the exits.
Nope? Okay.
Listen, Sean.
My dad hates me, but I'm very close with my mom and I'd like to tell her that I'm okay before we leave.
- So, would that be something I - Stop talking or I'll shoot you.
Oh, put Reuben on speaker.
- Sir? - Where are you? Heading back to base.
The scene was completely clean.
I've had an update from forensics at the cottage.
Fingerprint matches for all five suspects.
This is party line, sir.
Hi, it's Scott.
Hi, Scott.
They also have two sets of bloods.
One for Monique Thompson, the other is Eddie Walker.
Well, we're covering the hospitals.
Any more on the guy who owned the house? Inquiries are out with agencies worldwide.
But our priority has to be finding the five suspects.
Stay in contact.
Well, if they're together, they should be easier to track.
Not as easy as if we kept them under surveillance.
We are now arriving at Didcot parkway.
Change here for services to Hereford, Banbury and Oxford.
If you are leaving us here How's it going? All right.
I'm in the offshore account.
I've got the money.
Now the tricky part.
The fuck? What is she doing? ANPR picked it up a few miles outside London.
Turned off before the next checkpoint.
That could be Tilson.
But is that McAllister? Can't be sure.
We've got eyes out for the car all over London, plus ARVs in plain clothes doing a street search.
It makes sense they split up.
- We got the airports covered? - And private airfields.
They won't get out of the country without being spotted.
How'd you get five convincing passports this fast? There's nothing you can't get as long as you can pay.
Oh, Aadesh won't let us down.
I've never seen anybody like him when it comes to computers.
He's These guys are dangerous, so I need you to not talk right now.
- Right.
I can do that.
- I mean, at all.
Yeah, I completely understand.
I was just wondering where exactly Can you Yeah.
You must be desperate.
Who is this with you? Who is he? Nobody.
Don't worry about him.
Not the phone.
I hope that's why you're here.
I've got what I owe and more.
And a shopping list.
He says he has the money he owes in full.
He also wants five UK passports with American ESTAs.
Plus clean cash in sterling and dollars.
I'll also take a tracker if you have one.
And I need it all within the hour.
Told you I'd be back, Masoud.
You fucking scum.
- What are you doing? - I'm building a farm.
You're You know how long we have to do this, Aadesh, - and you're playing a game.
- No.
I have to build a farm to access the marketplace.
What are you talking about? Okay.
So I'm moving your cash into this game.
I buy in-game credits, then transfer the account details to someone else, and they sell those credits online for clean money.
But first, I have to build a farm.
I'm guessing that what you're doing right now isn't legal.
Natalie, every minute that we stay on this train, the less innocent we are.
You understand that, right? We're gettin' deeper and deeper in.
Now, there is still a chance that people may understand everything we've done until now, but money laundering? Going to America? What are we thinking? Look at who we're trusting.
Eddie's like, "Sean can't afford to kill you.
You hacked CNPR.
Even you don't know what you know.
You're like R2-D2 in Star Wars carrying the Princess Leia hologram.
You're too valuable to kill.
" But I don't wanna be valuable.
Not as a droid, anyway.
I want to be a successful businessman.
A father, a husband.
You don't have to decide about New York yet, Aadesh.
But you do have to get that money to Sean.
Signal's dropped out.
Apologies, ladies and gents.
It might be slow-going for a little while.
I'll let you know what's happening as soon as someone tells me.
Did she make you use the safe word? Yeah, she did.
Thank you.
- Just gonna grab a cup of tea, okay? - Okay, yeah.
Come here.
You look different.
Bad luck.
Still me.
She swears a lot.
I like her.
I know.
Heather's cool.
You're nervous.
There's stuff everywhere about you.
I know.
Is it true? Some.
But I'm not gonna tell you what to believe.
I just don't want anything bad to happen to you.
Photos are shit Sorry, what's that? He's saying he's not sure it's worth taking the risk.
Extra five thousand We need an extra 10,000.
That's 75 in total.
And this time you get nothing before we get the money.
You have it? - Problem? - No problem.
Just, uh, need a few minutes.
That's all.
- I've got to go away.
- How long? I don't know.
Hopefully not long.
Where to? I can't tell you that.
But I want you to remember one thing.
Whatever happens, whatever anybody says you're the best thing I ever did, Daisy Duke.
Just Just be yourself.
Okay? There's nothing to be scared of.
I just want you to promise me one thing.
That wherever you go you won't bring me back a snow globe.
I love you so much.
Okay, go back to your friends.
And not a word to your dad.
Thank you.
There is no money We know he's a liar and his face is all over the news! English lessons still going well over there, Masoud? He worries people have seen you come here.
They didn't.
Is there a reward? Check.
Make them not so easy to recognize.
Wait! Wait! The money's coming, I swear.
Just give us half an hour.
Just give us half an hour.
You two follow me.
Wait in here.
Hey, dude, listen, back there I I re - Who the fuck are you? - I've already told you.
What kind of a student speaks Iranian? A languages student.
You said you're studying history.
And my ex was doing oriental studies.
You're hurting me.
So your ex made you learn Iranian, did she? Yes.
It's actually Farsi.
I bought us 30 minutes.
I bought us 30 minutes.
You still not sure what I bring to the party? What do you think's gone wrong with the money? Maybe she never had it.
Maybe they went to the police.
Gone to No, they wouldn't have done that.
- Still no Wi-Fi? - Please stop asking me that.
I was thinking when we press send, if we do he doesn't actually need us, does he? Ladies and gentlemen, sorry for the delay to your service today.
We will shortly be arriving into London Paddington, our final destination.
We're back.
Well? You got my money? Not yet.
It's coming.
Wait! Wait! Wait, wait, wait! Was that you? Was that you? Was that your phone? Sean, check the phone.
Check the phone.
- It's here.
- Show me.
The money's here.
If you wanna call your ma, they'll have a burner you can use.
Just keep it short, all right? - One more thing.
- Mm-hmm.
There's a car parked a few streets away.
I need to trade it for something smaller.
If you see something that doesn't look right, speak to a member of staff or call the British Transport Police on 61016.
See it, say it, sorted.
We apologize for the disruption caused today by technical issues with our departure boards.
Please listen for further announcements.
On behalf of Network Rail, we'd like to apologize for any inconvenience caused.
Jump on.
- Any news on Cresswell? - Nothing on his current whereabouts.
But we've had multiple possible sightings of Chopra and McAllister, but nothing confirmed.
Uniform are checking them all.
- And Tilson and the car? - Nothing yet.
- Ma'am? - Yeah? - Lydia Thompson is in reception.
- She's been informed, right? She wants to hear it from you.
Says it's your responsibility.
- We're kind of busy right now.
- Is that what I should tell her? Hello? Joe, it's me.
Um, all right, I know you say that I never listen, but, uh, by law, my legal representative's calls can't be intercepted, can they? Uh, that's right.
I, uh I I need you to tell Mum to meet me at Dad's place in half an hour.
Please, Joe.
I'll never ask you for anything again, I promise.
I'm sorry.
So when the thieves all left, Ali Baba So very slowly, Ali Baba went towards the cave.
But the door wouldn't move.
He tried to move it himself with his hands, but it just would not move.
The magic words.
The magic words were, "open sesame.
" And he had to walk really, really slowly because it was so, so dark.
He had to be careful and walk slowly - You can't be here.
- I had to see you.
I'm lucky to still have this job.
They're watching all of us.
Even the NCA won't know it's library day.
I'm getting all sorts of people calling me.
Is that why you stopped using my name? Aadesh, you don't even look like you.
Whatever comes out of this, I want you to know.
I need you to know.
This isn't a lie.
Me and you.
This was always real.
It still is.
I'm I'm still me, Son.
I'm still me.
And I still love you.
This is the part where you say that you love me too.
And that we should run away together.
Right now.
I believed in you, Aadesh.
And I loved you.
I don't believe anymore.
I'm sure she's safe.
They'll be picking her up right now.
Thompson, apologies for keeping you waiting so long.
Joe said you might have found Natalie? Sorry, but no.
No, we're still trying to locate her.
I'm so sorry about Monique.
We both are.
You sure you don't want me to come with you? If we both go, she'll think we're worried.
I'll be fine.
Tell the truth! Tell the truth! Tell the truth! Tell the truth! Amy.
New York traffic.
Under the circumstances, I'm grateful for any time at all.
I always have time for you.
It's good to see a friendly face.
I've got three plus the stepchildren, and I can't imagine what you're going through right now.
The last thing I wanna do is put more pressure on you.
But you're concerned.
I understand.
You know Daddy's not a well man.
You know how fond of him I am.
I don't mean to sound presumptuous, but I've always felt protective of him.
Of both of you.
I used to be jealous of you.
I thought you were the daughter Daddy wished he'd had.
I happen to know Charlie couldn't be prouder of you.
You know, I hear CEOs all the time comparing their job to turning around an oil tanker.
And there you are, literally doing just that.
But you're the one who knows where the bodies are buried.
I really hoped this was about the ambassadorship.
Who's Eric Cresswell? I don't have all the answers, Amy.
But you know how bad it could be.
I'm not a little girl anymore.
How much has Charlie told you? When I took over IOP Energy, Daddy was clear he'd only tell me what I needed to know to take the business forward.
That way we could maintain plausible deniability.
Can't think where he got that advice.
I know enough to know that the truth can't be allowed to come out under any circumstances.
Then you know everything there is to know.
I've put my life into shifting this business to clean energy, Katherine.
Renewables, ethical practice.
We can't afford to be the bad guys anymore.
Daddy was your first-ever client.
I don't need to be reminded what I owe him.
And I know how loyal you are, but I also know what Leo means to you.
Tell Charlie not to worry.
We're gonna find Eric Cresswell and Leo.
We're gonna contain this.
It's what we do.
I hope so.
How come you got to choose where we went shopping? I look rubbish.
Nat, hey.
I almost didn't recognize you.
That's the point, innit? - Where did you go? - Shopping.
You? Same.
I wasn't sure you'd show up.
I'm R2-D2.
You need me.
- Any sign of Tara? - No.
All right, since I didn't get any say in the clothes situation, can you at least tell me why here? This park doesn't have security cameras.
That's why I chose it.
You okay? - I don't wanna talk about it.
- Did you dump the computer? Is that all you have to say? Do you know what he had to do to get that money? He built a fucking farm.
I said ten o'clock.
So where's the other one? Don't know.
She got off the train before we hit London.
Okay, then let's do this quick.
Under the table.
Passports, tickets, cash.
Use it to get a night in a cheap hotel.
Fly separately.
We meet 10:00 a.
tomorrow, Eastern Standard.
Washington Square Park.
I'm flying via Reykjavik? We're flying three different routes, from three different airports.
She's here.
Oh, wow.
Do any of you do anything on time? Tara, where've you been? You two should go.
Don't tell me, I'm with you.
I need to talk to you.
Go for a walk.
Stay in sight.
Uh, black coffee please.
Uh, what old I came to tell you myself so that you'd believe me when I say I won't betray you.
I I can't go through with this.
How was Daisy? - You knew I'd go.
- Yeah, I knew you'd all go.
I just wanted to make sure you were careful.
I thought I could do it.
I thought I was strong enough to leave her When I was seven, my dad was taken by masked men who said that he was an informer for the Brits.
And they gave him a choice.
Admit it, be kneecapped.
Or deny it and die.
He denied it.
I blamed him for that for a long, long time.
Until I realized that he was setting an example for me.
When you give a kid that, you won't need much more.
Even after your ma decides that she can't carry on.
She killed herself.
What happened to you? I stayed with my granda.
Till, uh, I joined the army, the British Army, and I got revenge for both of them.
And I set an example of my own.
I also need you to keep an eye on the student.
I'll buy you some clothes at the airport.
Come on.
- We should get back.
- Yeah.
Hey, where'd you serve? - Sorry? - Back at the airfield, you said you were ex-Forces? Oh, uh, Royal Military Police.
Special Investigative Branch.
I can tell you've had to do that plenty of times.
You handled that really well.
I used to worry that I'd get too accustomed to it, but, uh never do.
Last time I had to do it I had to tell a mother that her twelve-year-old son was never coming home.
Was that the Denver case? I read about it before you came.
Oh, well, that explains why you don't trust me.
- No.
- Yeah, it was my fault.
We had the guy.
And I let him go.
I'm sorry.
My point is that when I tell you that Monique's death is not on you, I know exactly what I'm talking about.
Scott, I need to tell you something.
Aadesh Chopra.
Wow, he did a pretty good job.
But that's definitely him, right? Yeah.
Well, if he's getting on a plane, it would make sense they all are.
How do you want to do this? What? Mum, I can't really talk, but I wanted to let you know that there's no need to worry.
I'm all right.
I'm going away with some friends, so you might not hear from me for a while.
But I'll be in touch.
Trust me.
Okay? I love you.
That was Eddie Walker.
Real name Liam McKenna.
We recruited him out of drug squad.
He's got talent but not much experience.
Only done a few bits and pieces so far, but I think he's perfect for this.
- Almost.
- He's tasked with infiltrating the gang, finding out which of them is involved and hopefully taking us to Leo.
You faked it all? His arrest? Your interview? And you couldn't trust me with this? His message arrived around the same time as Lydia Thompson.
He has a phone, but he's obviously being closely watched.
In the message he's telling us that he's in control, that it's working.
But our risk assessment didn't include international travel.
As soon as they're in the air, they're out of NCA jurisdiction.
So if we let them through If we let them through? It's gonna have to be your call.
Passports, please.
Boarding passes.
Okay, wait.
Help me get my pitch straight here.
We've identified four potential kidnappers, possibly terrorists, one of whom we know is a multiple murderer, who you knowingly let fly out of the UK, all heading toward US airports.
And our play once they land is, we let them run.
But I shouldn't worry about it because you put trackers in their hand luggage and we have an asset with them who has barely a year of field experience and a cell phone that can be used as a tracker as long as it's switched on.
Did I miss anything? Yes, actually.
Tilson for one will already be suspicious.
Put them under standard surveillance, and he'll smell it in seconds.
- Scott, help me out here.
- We know there's a risk, sir.
One that ends careers.
But look at the risk that they're taking.
Why go back? We know they're not dumb, so there's gotta be a pretty good reason.
Now, we could pick 'em up.
But that doesn't get us any closer to Leo.
Fuck's sake.
I know New York's a little behind London in terms of the number of public cameras we can point at them, but we're gonna be watching all of them.
And, sir, we need to know where they're going.
Needed some air.
Yeah, me too.
Two and the easy lay-up for Jamal Brown.
The second time in this half.
Perrosi to Bradley at the top of the key.
Bradley, back to Perrosi.
He's got a man open underneath.
There's a little dish in behind the head.
Slam, no look.
Slam dunk number 14.
Maurice Wilson.
Beautiful play.
58-56 Icebergs.
And they dunk the ball again.
Do you want to get in with him or shall I? He's all yours.
See you in the morning.
Big day tomorrow.
All set?
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