Suspicion (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

Questions of Trust

Stop! Please! You have to help me! My name is Eric Cresswell.
Someone's trying to kill me.
Any more on Eric Cresswell? Yeah, nothing official.
But we did some deep background with local agencies, and it seems that in the 1990s, there were some rumors about Professor Cresswell's professional conduct.
Underage girls.
Well, more inappropriate relationships with female students.
They were of age, but there were certainly concerns.
- Any evidence? - Not that we're aware.
And we're still not sure whether he's alive or dead, right? - Right.
- Anything from the asset? Not yet.
There's also the trackers we put in their bags at the airports.
Which helps us if they carry them.
If they don't And both teams monitoring cameras across the city.
He will be in touch.
We've got a hell of a lot riding on that.
- I know.
- Not as much as the Newmans.
We can rely on him.
Why one of the most popular landmarks in Manhattan? I thought you didn't know New York.
I don't.
So if I've heard of Washington Square Park, it's popular.
Surely a back alley in Queens would draw less attention.
Well, that's the point, right, according to Sean? And this does seem to be his specialist subject.
Back alleyways are suspicious, so you meet in a well-known, high-traffic spot, and nobody notices anyone.
They're all too busy taking in the sights or looking at their phones.
Was he there when you woke up? No.
Did he tell you how he's planning on getting us in front of Copeland? No.
Do you trust him? I don't trust anyone, but it was our idea to follow him.
This time last week, I was a university lecturer doing the department a favor.
Now I'm headline news.
- Let's not panic.
- Too late.
The last place they'll expect us to be is New York.
Maybe we should split up.
Uh, Sean said to stay together.
At least until the others get here, we'll stay local.
What happened to "This seems to be his specialist subject"? What happened to being an independent woman who has a mind of your own? Eddie.
This is him.
Hello? The gang are about to rendezvous with Tilson outside Washington Square Park.
Where are you headed? - Yeah, I have no idea.
- To Leo? - Sorry, who's that? - Never mind.
As far as I'm aware, Tilson hasn't told anyone where we're going.
Do you know which of them is involved? No, uh No, I don't yet.
But Monique Thompson, that wasn't anything to do with us.
Uh Uh, them.
It wasn't anything to do with them.
And Tilson's keeping a pretty hard eye on me, but I think I'm okay.
And listen, Copeland I know the FBI have run a check on him, but it needs to be done more thoroughly, because all four have had dealings with him.
And I'm pretty sure - Fuck.
- Shit.
What's happening? Shit.
- Oh, shit.
- Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
Aadesh, listen to me.
- Listen.
- Fuck you.
- Listen.
You're gonna get us caught.
- Fuck - Whatever you heard back there - Who are you? Would you just calm down? You're gonna get us both caught.
Caught by who? The police? You are the police.
- No, I'm not.
- Bullshit, man.
- Do you - Bullshit.
You You've been lying to me from the start.
No, I haven't.
I've not I haven't been playing you.
- I trusted you.
- I know.
I'm sorry.
I should have told you.
- Told me what? - It's just I couldn't.
Told me what? I am working undercover, just not for the police.
It's for Katherine Newman.
- For Katherine Newman? - Yeah.
She hired me to find out which one of you was involved in Leo's kidnapping.
Why you? Because I'd had security service training when I was back home.
And I'm better at being other people than being myself.
No, man.
No, man.
Why should I believe you now? Because we're friends.
How can we be friends? - I don't even know who you are.
- Yeah, you do.
- No, man.
- Yes.
You're a liar, Eddie.
So are you.
Everybody is.
Aadesh, it it's the others you need to be worried about, not me.
Do the police know about you? No.
Nobody knows anything.
Copeland doesn't even know.
Dude, she doesn't trust anybody.
Aadesh, I can protect you, but this has to stay between us.
Show me the phone.
- Dude.
- Eddie, show me the phone.
You're telling me, if I redial the last number you called on that device, Katherine Newman will pick up? Listen I know you've got nothing to do with this.
And I promise I'll make sure everybody else knows that too.
But the only way this really ends is if we get to Leo.
You just have to trust Oh.
Is the asset's cell still live? - Yes.
- Then we assume he's fine.
And as far as Copeland goes, we're always thorough.
It was the first thing we did.
There was nothing there.
We're still monitoring his communications.
But with all due respect, you didn't know he has links to all four suspects, did you? All right.
Let's stay in touch.
Come here.
What is this? Get in.
Yeah? - Come here.
- Seriously, Sundance? After everything we've been through together? Sit in the front.
Keep an eye on him.
What's this? It's It's not - I got it at the airport, just in case.
- In case of what? I don't know.
In case I found myself running around a foreign city with four strangers accused of a federal crime.
- Why the bullet phone? - The what phone? Minimal metal components so they don't set off alarms, and small enough to be packed you-know-where.
Hey, look at me.
All I know is it was the cheapest.
Excuse me.
You need a permit to park here.
Get in the car.
We need to hold our nerve and not panic.
And in London? Any word from your guy? They're still focused on the British suspects.
I stressed the importance of finding Eric Cresswell.
Well, if they or my guys get to Cresswell and sit on him long enough, hopefully this conversation becomes hypothetical.
But as worst-case scenarios are our business and the clock is ticking, Kate asked me to look into prime-time interviewers so that she can answer questions direct.
It's the last thing I'd advise, but just for the record, they're all interested.
- So we're in the driver's seat.
- Neil DiMarco is particularly keen.
I bet he is.
Have you seen his latest ratings? W-What about Nancy Harper? That is not a good idea, Kate.
That pit bull would maul her own mother.
We get caught out going with someone friendly on this, and it could backfire.
Excuse me, folks.
Sorry to, uh, interrupt.
- What is it? - Oh, it's nothing to worry about.
But I do need to talk to you for a few minutes.
You've worked with Mr.
Copeland for a long time? What is this? Any particular disagreements in the past year or so? We've been through all this.
Several, on most days.
That's why we're still working together.
Martin's the only person I can trust to be honest with me.
Will you get to the point, please? - So you do? Trust him? - Still not the point.
Leo doesn't have time for this, Mr.
We've received some information that Mr.
Copeland may have had dealings with some, if not all, of the UK suspects.
What kind of dealings? Personal or professional? We're looking into that.
You don't know anything about it? No, I don't.
Where does this information come from? Well, we're getting fresh leads all the time, Ms.
You have to let us do our work before we can brief you.
You understand.
- You think it's reliable? - No reason to doubt.
You were preparing to step away from the business, taking on the ambassador's role.
Leo was officially charged with running the foundation.
How involved is Mr.
Copeland in the company's future planning? Martin is involved in everything.
Thank you, Mr.
What was that about? - Alice, can you give us a second? - Sure.
- Kate? - The British suspects.
Is there anything you didn't tell me? I told you everything you needed to know.
What did Neilssen want? You sure there's nothing else? Kate, I'm positive.
It's all handled.
There's nothing for you to worry about.
Where exactly are we going? Is something bothering you? When are you gonna tell us what the plan is? The less you know, the safer you are.
That worked out so well for me last time, didn't it? Well, he's got us this far.
He could be taking us anywhere.
What if it's not Copeland we're going to? What if it's where he's hiding Leo, and him and Copeland are setting us up? You can get out anytime you like, Natalie.
I'm not sure how much we needed him to get here.
It was way easier than I thought.
That's it.
That's what's bothering you.
It was too easy.
Why are you so quiet? Whoa, guys.
Look! We're famous.
Yeah, except it's not us, is it? I saw a guy on the street selling masks.
- Of us? - Of the royals.
The kidnappers.
They're heading southwest on FDR Drive.
Chopra still has his bag with the tracker.
So far so good.
This is all upside down, man.
They're criminals, not superheroes.
We don't know what they are.
Did someone legalize kidnapping? I mean, they haven't asked for money.
I mean, if they did it to expose lies, people can get behind that.
- I can get behind that.
- Yeah, I could too.
If it hadn't ruined my life.
You're not so innocent, you know.
Whatever you were a week ago, the fact is you're now a fugitive traveling with a fake passport in a stolen vehicle with a trained killer.
It's not stolen.
Vehicle is not registered as stolen.
Tilson will have contacts all over the state.
Any idea where they're heading yet? Uh, if I was a betting man, I'd say over the river into Brooklyn.
As for why, I know who I hope they're taking us to.
- What is it? - We lost the asset's mobile.
Okay, so he turned it off.
No, the signal disappeared from the network, which means the phone or the SIM's been destroyed.
You saw him yourself in the park.
He's fine.
We gotta let them run.
What's this for? Contact Copeland using the same system they were using on the laptop.
- The trace? - Yeah, whatever.
- I can't.
- But you have to.
He was already logged in on that machine.
On this one, it would take hours.
Do it now.
Okay? Why would Copeland come here? Yeah, is that your plan? Seriously, why would he trust that? He won't.
That's why he'll come.
Yeah, but why here? Do you see any cameras around here? We need him on safe ground.
And you better stop staring at me and start working.
You remembered his email address.
So? We were all there.
Any of you remember it? No.
So I've got a good memory.
- Now, what are you waiting for? - Sean.
Do you know Martin Copeland? - I knew it.
- No.
- We told you everything.
- Oh, man.
All right, enough! I'm not one of you.
I never said that we were in this together.
The deal is I take you to Copeland, and that's what I'm gonna do.
Now, you hurry the fuck up.
All right.
- Have we lost them? - No, not lost.
Our tracker has them inside the warehouse complex.
Hey, as soon as you get the floor plan, we need to see it too.
Yeah, and details on whoever owns the place.
He took us to the perfect place to hide someone.
Time to call in backup.
When he starts getting nervous, that's when I start getting really nervous.
You lot.
Get in, quickly.
Get in the van.
You stay in the van.
You don't move.
Okay? What the fuck? - What's he doing? - Where the fuck is he going? Shit.
See you later.
Hi, Erin.
How are you? - I'm okay.
- Good.
I, uh I just got off the phone with Nancy Harper's people.
They seem to think we're doing this today.
I had Barbara set it up.
- But I thought we agreed - No, you and Alice agreed.
I listened to your advice like I always do.
And I decided to go another way.
Can I ask why? Right now this is the only thing I can control.
You sure about that? It's not exactly an unfamiliar scenario.
- I should know the rules.
- Right.
But isn't rule number one avoid Nancy Harper? Didn't you say you needed to go out this morning? We need to stay together on this, Kate.
This goes wrong, it could destroy everything we've built.
Nothing can take that away.
I'm talking about the future.
Without Leo, there is no future.
I thought you understood that.
I'm sorry, but I don't think I'm gonna be able to get away after all.
As discussed.
Let me know.
I knew this would happen.
I'm leaving.
- Do what? - No.
What if we're safer in here? In here? Sitting ducks, more like it.
- Right, Eddie? - He's taken the keys.
And the gun.
I'm telling you, we need to get out of here now.
I think we should trust him.
Out! Fuck.
Sounds like your pal found them, as agreed.
Move it! Move it.
What else is in that bag? Out! Now! Shh.
- Game on.
- Okay.
New York says best approach is from the river.
What if there are more? - Whoever sent him - We know who sent him.
Yes, but how did he know we were here? - 'Cause it was a setup.
- How do you know? Because you set it up.
- Backstabbing bastard.
- I just saved your life.
It only needed saving because of you.
- I told you we shouldn't trust him.
- Looks like I got it wrong.
Let me get this straight.
So you've let us think that we've persuaded you to bring us here, when all this time And you accused me of shithousery.
- Why? - Why what? Why didn't you let him kill us? Because delivering you for execution wasn't the deal that we made.
So what was the deal? Sean.
What was the deal? We meet here, and Copeland questions you about the whereabouts of Leo Newman.
Then, depending on your answers, either you go free or you don't.
That's none of my business.
Why would you do that to us? - Why? After everything - Why do you think? What's the only reason he does anything? Copeland pays me when I bring you to him.
That was the deal.
Still can be.
- What are you saying? - He thinks you're dead.
I'm prepared to get you to him, but you need to decide quickly, because I'm pretty sure the only reason we've made it this far is because we've been allowed to.
Why? Is backup on the way? First team is approaching.
Thought I was supposed to be the impatient one.
They're going in blind.
All they have is the element of surprise.
We don't want any dead bodies in there.
Zebra-two standing by.
Zebra-one in position.
Eyes on.
No movement.
Aviation-one in a holding pattern over location.
How can we trust a single thing he says after this? I don't need your trust.
Now, we can all go our separate ways right now, but I am going to Copeland with or without you.
I'm not gonna ask again.
He's still the only person that can answer our questions.
Yeah, but the only way to get to him is Where exactly is Copeland? Do we know? The Park Madison Hotel.
Which we can all agree would be pure fucking madness given the Hey, buddy.
Hey, I'm so sorry.
Um I'm so sorry.
Um Go, go, go, go, go.
Adam-eight, we are in position.
Boy-eight, in position.
Aviation-one, holding.
They're in position.
On my signal.
Stand by to advance.
Look, the tracker.
- They're moving.
- Zebra-two, can you confirm? - No.
Can you confirm, aviation-one? - We have movement.
- The van is on the move.
- Permission to engage.
Does anybody have eyes on Leo? Negative, boy-eight.
Vehicle moving east along dry dock.
Is the asset inside the vehicle? Repeat, is the asset inside the vehicle? Is Leo with them? Suspect vehicle approaching Manhattan Bridge.
There has to be some trace of Leo.
What the hell else were they doing in there? Yeah, besides killing people, right? They're not killers.
Sure leaving a lot of bodies behind them.
No IDs on the bodies? What the hell are they doing? Suspects' vehicle approaching Brooklyn Bridge, westbound.
Requesting LMSI support.
Vehicle passing City Hall Park.
Approaching Chambers Street.
LMSI to aviation-one, we have your vehicle heading for Foley Square.
What the hell? What? They parked at 26 Federal Plaza.
FBI headquarters.
I want a two-block perimeter cleared around Foley Square.
Have all traffic diverted from Broadway and Centre Street and Chambers and Canal.
Maintain firearms control.
Clear all civilians out.
Bomb squad operational in three minutes.
TAG team two in position.
Emergency ADAM-one in position.
No visual on Leo.
If they wanted to turn themselves in, they would've gotten out of the vehicle already.
Not if they're worried about getting shot.
Well, it's a little late for that.
Don't worry.
No one's getting trigger-happy, especially if Leo might be in there.
Occupants of the blue van, police approaching.
Do not move.
Driver, lower your window and throw the keys out.
Lower your window right now! Keys out! I'm looking right at you.
Throw it out now! Good.
I wanna see both hands.
I want to see that right hand now! Move it! He gave me $200.
Told me to drive around, and at exactly 2:00 p.
, park outside that coffee shop.
He said, "Stay in the car, and someone will come take the keys off you.
" Oh, God.
Son of a bitch.
Hey, Martin.
Good to see you again.
You too, Nancy.
- Nancy.
- Hey.
Thank you for doing this on such short notice.
Oh, I'm glad you thought of me.
How you holding up? - Bill and the family okay? - Same old.
So Right.
Here we go.
Okay, folks.
Final checks.
Aadesh better have done his thing.
I can't believe I forgot our key card.
It's 1409, Lomax.
It's spelled, uh, I-D-I-O-T.
I'm s so sorry.
I, uh Yeah, I can see where in the room I left it.
- There we go.
- Thank you.
Katherine, there can't be a mother in America whose heart isn't breaking for you right now.
Thank you, Nancy.
And thanks to all the people who sent messages of support.
I really do appreciate it.
I cannot imagine what you're going through at the moment, but I do know you want your boy back and that you will do anything to make that happen.
- I'm a mom first.
- Of course.
So, what's taken you so long? I only mean that, from the outside looking in, here's Katherine Newman, queen of communications, being asked to communicate in order to free her only child.
But she doesn't seem to be saying anything.
Why not? I was advised by the FBI not to engage with whoever's holding Leo.
Again, Nancy, in this situation, I'm no different to any mother whose child is missing.
So, now you've stopped taking advice? I'm incredibly grateful to the people trying to find Leo and bring this nightmare to an end.
But I'm also aware that, ultimately, Leo is my responsibility.
I get that, but whoever these people are, what they want is pretty simple, isn't it? They simply want you to tell the truth.
And that really seems to have struck a chord with people, doesn't it? Particularly younger people.
Are you aware of that? I have told the truth, to the best of my knowledge.
Well, there's the ambassadorship issue that, clearly, you were less than honest about.
Which is why I made a statement.
That must have been particularly humiliating for you, Katherine.
- Tell me, did the president - I'm not here to comment on that.
My only son has been missing for almost a week.
Let's talk about Eric Cresswell.
What is your relationship to him, Katherine? There is no relationship, Nancy.
The only connection, such as it is, is that, in 1995, International Oil and Petroleum Energy commissioned Professor Cresswell to write a report.
A report, on what exactly? Well, it's really not my area of expertise, but I believe it was a very general study.
There was an ongoing debate about the environmental impact of fossil fuels.
So, it was a report on climate change? IOP Energy were Cooper Newman's first client, weren't they? - Mmm.
- And they remain one of your biggest.
To give him his full title, Mr.
Cresswell was Professor of Mathematics and Climate Modeling at Cambrook University in the UK with a reputation - in the scientific community as a skeptic - I'm in.
I did it.
- regarding climate change.
- I got access to the CCTV network.
What did Professor Cresswell's report say? What's absolutely essential to remember, Nancy, is that 1995 was another world entirely.
You did read the report? I don't believe it was ever actually published.
And to this day, it remains almost impossible to find a copy, but somehow we did.
Would you like to see it now, Katherine, to jog your memory? No, thank you.
Maybe I'll just remind you.
In this report, written more than 25 years ago, Professor Cresswell proves that the upward temperature trend of the earth's climate wasn't just part of normal, long-term fluctuations.
And he makes a series of predictions.
Do you remember any of them, Katherine? To put this in perspective, Nancy, our problem, or rather our client's problem - IOP.
- was that at that particular time, several other reports surfaced reaching very different conclusions, offering alternative predictions.
So to use the word "proves" Who commissioned those other studies, Katherine? Again, it's not my area, but I believe it was a variety of reputable sources.
Paid for by IOP or by companies affiliated to Cooper Newman on behalf of IOP? There were also aggressive publicity and advertising campaigns run around this time by the oil industry, weren't there? I know you understand that I can't speak for IOP let alone the entire oil industry.
If you have questions for them, you should address them directly.
And if you really wanna know who funds scientific research in this country, I am definitely not the person you need in this chair.
Sure, but having commissioned an expert to find the truth, if one of your clients didn't then like that truth, isn't it the case that they'd then turn to you to help them bury it? Let me provide some context.
Part of my company's responsibility, which we take very seriously, is to be sure, before we go out with any story, we've looked at all sides of an argument.
This could have saved lives, couldn't it? It's really not my area of expertise.
But I think it's vital to remember that its conclusions are the opinion of one man.
And there were lots of other opinions.
But this one was right.
Um "Temperature change in the Philippines will force millions from their homes.
The most severe heat wave of the last half millennia will hit Europe, leading to thousands of heat-related fatalities.
Water shortages, crop failures and livestock fatalities will force upwards of a million people from rural areas of Syria to the cities, potentially creating severe civil unrest.
" Um, it's uncanny, isn't it? He even suggests a solution.
Take the five percent of the world's GDP that goes towards fossil fuel subsidies and, of course, the likes of IOP, and put that into decarbonization.
- It's really not my - Area of expertise, right.
If we knew then what we know now This report would have been published? I think I've made it clear that was never my decision to make.
It's also important to be clear that IOP today Many would say that, given this, whatever they are doing today is way too little, way too late.
I'm here as a mom, Nancy.
Just a mom.
I love my son, and I want him back.
That much I don't doubt, Katherine.
Thank you for your time.
All right, get ready.
Here we go.
Let's go.
And we're clear.
Nancy, that was quite something.
Hey, this just came in from Gloucestershire constabulary.
It's him.
How did she get that paper? - Somebody must have sent it.
- Who? How? Nobody had access.
How does taking Leo help save the goddamn planet? This isn't about fucking climate change.
It could have been anything.
This is about the truth.
Things have changed, and we didn't notice.
They took Leo to show us that things have changed, and we didn't even fucking notice.
I told you it was a risk.
So, what aren't you telling me? We'll be lucky to be left with a single client.
What don't I know, Martin? What are you talking about? What did you do? I've done What did I This is us, Kate.
Me and you.
The UK suspects, what's your connection? Listen, there's plenty you don't know, but only because that's the way you wanted it.
Whatever I did, you did too.
You need to tell me everything you know about Leo.
I know as much as you.
You don't believe me.
You don't believe me.
You've reached Special Agent Owen Neilssen.
Leave a message, and I'll get right back to you.
Tell the truth! Tell the truth! And we're here at the hotel Tell the truth! Tell the truth! Tell the truth! Tell the truth! Tell the truth! Tell the truth! Tell the truth! I see him.
Go! Give me your phone.
Give me your phone.
Go on.
You heard them.
Tell the truth.
Cresswell, we have some questions we need to ask you, sir, about Leo Newman.
And while it remains to be seen whether that performance is enough to secure the release of her son, it's done nothing to enhance Katherine Newman's reputation or that of the industry she represents.
PR specialists prefer to maintain a low profile and operate behind the scenes, so becoming the story will be uncomfortable for Ms.
Newman, even without the gnawing fear that all this could be too little, too late.
Tell the truth! Tell the truth! Tell the truth! Tell the truth! Tell the truth! Tell the truth! Tell the truth! Tell the truth! I have nothing to say to any of you.
Transfer my money.
- Now.
- Why us? What are you talking about? You were gonna kill us.
My job is to protect the company by neutralizing anything that could harm our reputation.
You could have all done real damage.
Still can.
Who took Leo Newman? - You tell me.
- Stop lying.
Why would I lie? I have nothing left to protect.
If anybody knows where Leo is, it's at least one of you.
Isn't it? You don't even trust each other.
Just tell us the truth, man.
If I had all the answers, why would I send a plane to England? Get my fucking money! Hey! - Where is Leo? - Nobody had to die.
The truth is
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