Swagger (2021) s02e02 Episode Script


[IKE] This kid is a high
school basketball phenom.
Depending on who you talk to,
top 30, top 25 in the nation.
But he's about to turn 18 now.
[IKE] They're gonna look
at him a little differently.
They're no longer gonna ask themselves,
"Does this kid project as someone
who could play on the next level?"
Happy birthday.
[IKE] They'll be asking,
"Can this grown man
play at the next level?"
[CRYSTAL] Birthday boy!
Hey, sorry I missed your party.
Had a game. We won, but, yeah, sorry.
Don't forget after work I have a
cosmetic party for my consultants.
What time did you go to bed?
- After midnight.
- [SIGHS] You need to get more sleep.
Sleep is for kids. I'm a man now.
Not till Friday, baby.
What are you working on?
I have a democracy group
project for Dr. Lawson's class.
[JENNA] I hope it's not due today.
Why do you think I was up past
midnight? Cedar Cove is hard, Mom.
Then you better not be late.
I'm about to let everyone know
18-year-old Jace Carson has arrived.
New season, new coach, new level.
Get your butt to school.
Ah. Mm-hmm. [GROANS]
- Love you, Mom.
- Love you too.
I'm every woman It's all in me ♪
- Every one from A to Z ♪
- Come on, Daddy.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa-oh-oh ♪
All right. [SIGHS] Let's do this.
[SIGHS] Okay.
Free tuition, not a bad perk.
[SIGHS] Perk is an understatement.
A year's tuition in a place like this
would be two years' salary for me.
- That's crazy.
- Be right back, okay?
Okay. Now remember [SIGHS]
when we drop her off
and we say our goodbyes,
- we have to mean it even if she cries.
- Even if she cries.
I know. I know.
I'm more worried about you.
I'm not the reason she's
still sleeping in our bed.
It's not my fault we made a
cute-ass baby that thinks I'm cozy.
It's not part-time
day care anymore, okay?
This is eight hours a
day, five days a week.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
- [STUDENT] Okay.
- [SIGHS] Yeah. All right. 'Kay.
- Good morning.
- Okay, Mom and Dad. [CHUCKLES]
- [IKE] Yeah.
- All right. Come on, baby.
All right.
Mommy and Daddy love you, okay?
We love you so much, Kat Kat, but
we gotta go now, okay? Goodbye.
Okay, bye.
So, uh, if she gets upset,
you could FaceTime me us.
And, uh [STAMMERS] she
loves to sing so She loves it.
- Thank you. Let's go.
- Okay.
All right.
Phil! Baby, come on.
[SCOFFS] This boy.
Oh, what's good, Phil?
- Hey, what's up?
- Hey, what's good, big man?
- We're late.
We're only late [SIGHS]
'cause my other shirt is too tight.
Well, maybe you should think
about not growing so damn much.
[CHUCKLING] Well, you
know I can't control that.
Listen, remember what Coach
Ike said about today, okay?
Just be yourself.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- Okay, ten and two.
- All right.
The speeches of W.E.B. Du Bois.
The talented tenth.
You're familiar with his teachings?
Um, I'm a little rusty.
He believed the most talented tenth of
our race should be leaders of thought,
missionaries of culture.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
Landing Phil Marksby would be
very impressive to the board,
who, by the way,
are very excited to
meet our interim coach.
They wanna know if you can
win us a national championship.
Doc, you said this interim
thing was a formality.
It is. Just win your first game. Hmm?
[SIGHS] Damn.
[COUNSELOR] What are you
interested in other than basketball?
I've been playing chess since I was 12.
I'm almost at a 1,800 ranking,
but [SIGHS] I need
to improve my endgame.
Wow, very impressive.
Yeah, I got good playing online.
Not for money or anything.
[CHUCKLES] Just for fun?
Yeah. I mean, yes.
What are your goals for next year?
I'm really interested in studying
criminal justice in college.
Oh, fantastic. Do you think
law school's in your future?
I'm not sure yet, but I do
know that the system is broken.
And sometimes they treat people who
are in need like they're criminals.
I wanna fix that.
If you'd like, it would
be great to have you
and your mom observe a class today.
I'd I'd really like that. Thank you.
[WHISPERING] No. Don't do it. Don't.
Hey, Dr. Lawson, can we have
an extension on our outline?
We just need another day
to elevate the material.
Why would you get an
extension over everyone else?
Actually, Dr. Lawson, um,
I'm really passionate
about this assignment.
I It's just, you know,
taking me a while to put
it all into words, you know?
Get all my thoughts together.
Let me have a private
word with Mr. Carson.
Finish this sentence, "To
whom much has been given"
- "Much is expected."
- Ah, so you have heard that.
[CHUCKLES] If I understand
correctly, you are on the cusp of 18.
- Yes, but what does that
- As a young man,
I expect you to be acutely
mindful and acutely prepared,
not just on the hardwood,
Mr. Carson. Understood?
- Krista Cooke.
- Krista, it's Joe Warrick.
Coach Joe Warrick.
[KRISTA] I thought you were behind bars.
I'm on probation right now.
I'm trying to piece back my life
after all those false allegations.
What do you want?
I have something that a good journalist
like yourself may be
interested in seeing.
[CHUCKLES] I doubt it.
It's about the guys Crystal
Jarrett had attack me.
I know who they are.
Oh, you didn't realize
she was behind it.
Wasn't expecting to coach
my son again. [SIGHS] Thanks.
Before y'all thank me, um,
the athletic director made it a
point to remind me that I'm interim.
- So, I guess that holds for y'all as well.
- [MEG] Mm-hmm.
Well, we'll keep the
Swagger club team rolling
and I'll head up the 15Us,
if you prove yourself worthy of
the Cedar Cove way. [CHUCKLES]
[SIGHS] Good morning.
Lady and gentlemen, Seymour
Greyson at your service.
- Um, Coach Ike.
- [SEYMOUR] Hi, Ike. It's a pleasure.
- Meg.
- Meg.
- Naim.
- [SEYMOUR] Naim.
- Welcome to Cedar Cove Prep. [SIGHS]
- Thank you.
Um, they said you've
been here for 35 years?
- Thirty-eight. [SIGHS]
- So, uh,
what's the secret to
surviving in a place like this?
Well, I wish I could say it was winning,
but [SIGHS] I think it's a
combo play of politician and coach.
- Hmm.
- [MEG] Hmm.
Might as well not unpack
these boxes. [CHUCKLES]
- Okay, I'll take these back then.
- [STUDENT] Hey, Sierra, ready for class?
- [SIERRA] Yeah, just gotta write down
[TEACHER] Steinbeck's plot focuses
on the migrants moving west.
Thematically, what does
his narrative touch on?
[STUDENT] How a community can help
each other through challenging times.
It reflects core
American values of unity.
Obviously, Christianity becomes a theme.
[TEACHER] All good points.
Let's continue the reading.
Um, Casey.
"The concrete highway was edged with
a mat of tangled, broken, dry grass,
and the grass heads were heavy with
oat beards to catch on a dog's coat,
and foxtails to tangle
in a horse's fetlocks."
Never thought Phil
would get the opportunity
to go to a place like Cedar Cove,
but it's not a lot
of Black faces though.
I mean, right now he's got
Black classmates, Black teachers.
Here it's almost all white. I
mean, yeah, it's 15 to a class.
There's like 35 students to a
class at Seat Pleasant. [SIGHS]
What do you think of this place?
[SCOFFS] It's only my second day here.
Yeah, but you took the
job. Like, how come?
A place like this
it can either make a kid,
or it could break a kid.
Break a kid, like, how?
If Cedar Cove makes Phil think he
has to be someone other than himself,
then it's destructive.
But if he could keep it
a hundred and do well,
I don't know, it could
open up some doors.
- The Jace Carson
- Yeah, he coming.
taking time out of his
busy schedule to give me a tour?
Wow, I'm honored.
leave you in his capable hands.
- Thanks for everything.
What's up, Big Zero? What's good, boy?
- [CHUCKLES] What's up, bro?
- Cool, my man.
- Hey, this place is crazy.
- [ROYALE] What's up, Phil?
Damn, y'all really pulling out
the red carpet for a brother.
What's up, dawg?
Hey, the best player need the best
NFTs. Let me put you on real quick.
Oh. Oh. That does hit
different. [SCOFFS]
- [CHUCKLES] Right?
- [PHIL] Okay.
Hey, when you in your own
lane, Phil, there's no traffic.
All right, look, you
commit to Cedar Cove,
I'll consult you on your NIL portfolios.
And, look, between my
debate team experience
and my basketball skills,
I'm a one-stop shop.
- He ain't lying.
- [CHUCKLES] Okay, Royale.
And listen, everyone comes to our games.
Think your little D1
offers are cool now?
[NICK] They'll triple
the second you put on
- a Cedar Cove jersey.
- That's right.
Okay, Mendez.
- I didn't even see you coming, fool.
Well, I mean, I really do
blend here, man. [CHUCKLES]
Well, get your chopsticks, bro.
They serve sushi in the cafeteria.
- [MUSA] Real talk.
- [PHIL] For real?
- Hi, Jace, who's your friend?
- Jessica,
- this is your soon-to-be classmate, Phil.
- What's going on?
- How you doing?
- Can I get a picture?
- [PHIL] Why not?
- [ROYALE] For sure.
Come on, get in here.
- Your hair. It's so cool.
- Bye, guys.
- [NICK] Ooh.
- [DREW] Really?
- Oh, my God. Did you get it?
- [MUSA] Oh my Shit.
- Bruh.
I feel you, no cap.
- There's some things about this school.
- Yeah. [CHUCKLES] Say less.
Yo, at the end of the day, you got us.
And come next year, who knows
where all of us are gonna be?
[ROYALE] Yeah, man.
You're not supporting cast.
You're the missing piece.
This is our last chance
to all be on the same team.
If we gotta go out, we
should go out as brothers.
- That's right.
- [ROYALE] For real.
[MUSA] Back together, bro.
Big Phil, this could be the best
birthday present you ever gave me.
Yo, big man.
What's good, Crystal?
I heard a rumor that you leaving
us for some country club school.
[STUDENT] Hi, Crystal.
I haven't made my mind up yet.
Basketball-wise, I'd
get way more visibility,
but I don't know about the culture
over there where it's all cool
for white kids to come up
to me, investigate my hair.
But I mean, between you
and me, I think I'm in love.
What? With who?
I don't know her name.
You don't know her name, but
- She the one though. Like [CHUCKLES]
- Okay. [CHUCKLES]
- Okay.
- Yo, you a bona fide menace.
I'ma see you at Jace's birthday party?
Uh, nah, I have a game, so
- [PHIL] Oh.
- can't make that one. Yeah.
- All right, well, get buckets, son.
- Yeah.
Thirty-piece. Yeah.
- Hey, you okay?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
[PRINCIPAL] The opening day
of the new science building
is finally here.
It's all because of the generous
donation from the Gibbons family.
wouldn't be here today
if it weren't for one very
special student, Amber Gibbons,
who has just received
early acceptance into MI
and is the very inspiration
for the building before you.
And let's give it up
for our fearless leader,
chairwoman of the board,
Diane Harrison-Fitzpatrick.
You have to smile. Be nice.
I'm nice.
Diane secured the generous
$20 million donation
from the Gibbons family
and matched it in grants.
- Champagne? No?
- [GUEST] No, thanks.
Hey. How about you? Champagne?
All right.
Yeah. [CLEARS THROAT] Yeah, all right.
- How you doing? Nice to meet you.
- Hello. Hope you're well.
[GUEST] Let's Ah, so, anyway
Megan Bailey.
Camden Ryder, Senior.
You owe me 20 bucks.
Excuse me?
For the loss against the
Pistons eight years ago.
Wow. [CHUCKLES] Okay.
Your son CJ, he's a
promising young player.
Happy to have him in
the family business.
You're the first female
coach he's ever had.
That's not the first
time I've heard that.
Just so you know, I don't
want you to go easy on my son.
He can take it.
Diane Harrison-Fitzpatrick,
who needs no introduction.
- [CHUCKLES] Pleasure
- Well, it's lovely to meet you. Tonya.
Pleasure to meet you. And
pleasure to meet you as well.
I love what you've done with this place.
[CHUCKLES] As you know,
Diane, the basketball team
had earth-shattering
success under Coach Nichols,
but the athletic department is thrilled
to have Ike here on board
as the interim coach.
He's taking night classes
towards his college degree
and displaying a real
commitment to the Cedar Cove way.
My My son Johnny is on your team,
and he's over the moon
to have you as his coach,
so I can't wait to see what
you do at the season opener.
- Thank you. Thank you.
Excuse me.
red wine. I've been
usually a Bordeaux kind of guy.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I hope there are no hard feelings
that Swagger decided not
to renew with Gladiator.
No. No. No hard feelings at all. Stop.
So, what brings you to the
opening of a science building?
Oh, you didn't hear?
Gladiator Sneakers is
actually in business
with a few prep schools,
namely Cedar Cove.
So, as soon as that ink is dry,
you guys will have some fresh
new gear coming your way.
- Alonzo Powers.
- My man.
I have someone I want you to meet.
- Okay. Absolutely.
- Come this way. Excuse us.
- Definitely.
- No worries.
Sorry, Meg, you haven't
gotten rid of me yet.
[TONYA] Did he say interim?
Setting me up to fall on my face.
You remember when my
ex-boyfriend came over
to my parents' house for Sunday brunch,
and you were there to
meet my entire family?
I couldn't go out like a punk in
front of your grandma and Uncle Bobby.
You won the charm offense,
and I sent homeboy packing.
Be that.
- Champagne? Of course.
- Thank you.
Let's light 'em up. [SIGHS]
- [GUEST 1] A toast to Ike and Tonya.
- [IKE] Thank you.
- [GUEST 2] Yes!
Don't get me wrong, I love working,
but there's also that part
of me that feels guilty.
No, no, no. It's a job
to be a stay-at-home mom.
You just can't put it on your résumé.
Well, it's the hardest
job I've ever had.
I feel blessed to have
been able to have been there
every step of the first
few years of my baby's life.
I mean, it's complicated,
and we do it anyway.
- So, moms and Hello.
- [IKE] Hello, hello.
- Hey, baby.
Good to see you. Good to
see you. Good to see you.
- You came to save me?
- You enjoying yourself?
Oh, definitely.
Look, we're begging you, big homey,
please give us the exclusive, all right.
Do it not only for the culture
but for our loyal subscribership.
- Phil "My Bad" Marksby.
- My melanin-lacking brother.
Where will you be playing
basketball this season?
[SIGHS] After much discussion,
this season, I will be
bringing my talents to
- Swagger Prep!
- Yo! Y
Yo! What? Dawg, he just
renamed our school on the pod
- He just renamed the whole school.
- Our podcast!
- Whoo-hoo-hoo! [STAMMERS]
Oh, that's our cue. Uh, one
last thing before we go, a PSA.
Fellow white people, this
one's an oldie but a goody,
please stop touching
Black people's hair.
- [MUSA LAUGHS] You're crazy, Drew.
- [PHIL] Drew, you really crazy, dawg.
- Swagger Prep!
- [IKE] Yeah?
- Yo.
- Yo. Great practice today.
- You wanted to see me?
- Yeah, uh, close the door.
All right, so, Ohio State and Providence
hit me about you this morning
- Hmm.
- and I just got off the phone
- with the University of Memphis.
All right, so there's a lot
of heat on you right now,
and I just wanna know where
your head is at with it.
- I'm excited
- Mm-hmm.
but don't wanna to
make any wrong moves.
A coach could say
he's dying to coach me,
then have me riding the bench.
You know what my strategy was
when I was getting recruited?
Avoid a decision at all costs. [LAUGHS]
[LAUGHS] Mine is be cool all day,
stress the hell out all night.
Not getting much sleep?
Nah. I kind of feel like
something big is about to happen.
Well, uh, look, um, it's not
just coaches I'm hearing from.
What do you mean?
I heard from your pops.
He's in town, and he wanna
meet up with you. I thou
Why is he calling you?
He He said you wasn't
replying to his messages
and that he couldn't find
a way to reach your mom.
There's a reason nobody
wants to talk to him.
Jackie won't talk to him.
My mom probably been blocked his number.
Okay. So how do you want to handle it?
Because he's been calling me
every month asking about your life.
Listen. I know why you're upset,
but if I could do it all
over again with my pops
I gotta go.
Birthday boy [SIGHS] it's
been a while. Good to hear from you.
Yeah, um
Is something wrong?
Coach told me that my
father really wanna see me.
I don't really know
how to feel about that.
I mean, with all that's going on.
Recruiting pressure, my
school is hard as hell.
[SIGHS] I know I should be grateful
but all I wanna do is
get back to the court
where everything disappears
for just a second.
[SIGHS] Honestly, Crys
I'm I'm hoping you
can come to my game
'cause I don't really know how
I'm gonna do 18 without you.
[TONYA] Hey, college boy.
What does being in a
geometry class at 33
have to do with me being
a good basketball coach?
Isn't basketball a game of angles?
I don't wanna admit that's
true in this conversation.
I had a job interview
today at Cedar Cove.
What? Why didn't you tell me?
I just thought it was some
coach's wife coffee tour
with the head of the school,
but turns out there's an opening
in the Department for
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.
- And they want you?
- They made an offer.
Told 'em I'd think about it.
[SIGHS] What do you think?
I think Cedar Cove would
be lucky to have you,
as long as you're cool with,
you know, running into me.
I'm kind of the big man
on campus now, but
Right, right. [CHUCKLES] Well
I'm proud of you.
Thanks, babe.
- I mean, I haven't said yes yet.
- Mmm.
You know I'm not trying to be the person
of color in the display window.
- I'm sure you made that very clear.
- You know I did.
- Wha What's this?
I have to paint your fingernails.
- I don't remember
- You promised.
[IKE] Yo, you okay?
Yeah, you busy?
Uh, Kathryn is painting my fingernails.
Don't Don't ask.
I don't need to. You a good dad.
Thanks, man.
Hey, I'm, uh I'm sorry I
didn't let on, uh, about your pops.
I wanna meet up with him.
Can you hook it up?
Y-Yeah. Yeah, I got you.
Thanks, Coach.
All right. All right. Bye, man.
That is beautiful. Look
at that. Just amazing.
Thank you so mu All right, you know.
I think it looks great.
What do you think?
It needs a little stripe.
Okay, a little stripe. That
should match the uniform perfectly.
[CHUCKLES] Thank you.
Yo, look what the cat dragged in.
You know I wouldn't miss seeing
my bighead brother turn 18.
Plus, we all know that you prefer
when I make the birthday pancakes.
- Hey, Jack.
Mmm. Hey, old man.
What's up?
What's wrong?
Coach told me our father's
been reaching out to him.
He wants to meet me in person.
The night before your
18th birthday? [SIGHS]
The season's about to start, and
you don't need any distractions.
It's always a distraction
whether I see him or not.
I'm about to be a man.
And you wanna handle this like a man.
If that's what you need, I get it.
When did you get in town?
I wanted to say happy
birthday in person.
I didn't know what to get
you, so I got you this.
Nah, man.
$1800. Hundred every year.
- It's not a lot.
But figured if I give you this,
at least you could get something
that you want for yourself.
If it's all right with you,
I'ma give this to my mom.
I just, uh I needed to see you, man.
I needed to see you too.
I'm sure you got stuff
to get off your chest.
I'm ready.
I'm okay.
- Hmm.
- I'm gonna be okay.
I wanted to tell you that man-to-man.
You know, for a while, I
thought I was sick or something.
I thought there was
something wrong with me.
- Dead-ass. I didn't think you left Mom.
I-It didn't even feel like
you, you know, left my sister.
It felt like you left me.
- I thought something was wrong with me.
Mmm. Mm-mmm. Mm-mmm.
But I need you to know
I'm okay.
All right, so as president,
I would just like to say,
happy birthday, Jace Carson. [CHUCKLES]
Thank you, thank you, thank you, y'all.
Thank you. Let's continue
the meeting, please.
All right, in my
English class, you guys,
we are on our third
white author in a row.
Now, I really do doubt
our teacher means any harm
because he's just so excited
about us reading a story
featuring the migrants movement.
However, we are learning
that 400,000 settlers
- moved to the West, right?
- Right. Mm-hmm.
What about the Harlem Renaissance
where six million Black people
moved from the South to the North?
And this just goes to show that,
once again, it's like our authors,
our voices and our stories are silenced.
So, we are gonna be establishing
a committee to challenge the curriculum,
and we are looking for some volunteers.
- [STUDENT 1] That's cool.
- [STUDENT 2] For sure. Okay.
I'm Phil Marksby. I'm new here,
but I, for one, am down for the cause.
Okay, thank you.
Man, what you doin'?
Hey, Rae. I could kick
it with you for a minute?
[CHUCKLES] I'm pretty busy right now,
but I'm sure that one of your teammates
that are just looking
to get club membership
on their college transcript
could help you out.
[SCOFFS] Wow, so you you got
me all figured out then, huh?
[ANNOUNCER] And now,
your Cedar Cove Mustangs!
[SIGHS] Grown-ass man, happy birthday.
Thanks. Appreciate it.
Hey, why do I keep hearing
people call you interim?
They say it's just a formality, so
Heard you gotta win to keep your job.
Let's not find out. How was pops?
It was all right.
It takes a lot of energy
to stay mad at people.
Thanks for connecting us.
Jace Carson's mom's driving up.
- [JENNA] Hey. Thank you.
- Hey, Ms. Carson.
- Hey, Jackie.
- [JACKIE] Crazy.
I'm not doing this.
Jackie. Baby girl.
[JACKIE] I'll be back.
So as long as you're here,
it's a little late for this.
I know that cash is just a
little drop in the bucket, Jenna.
But I can't take it back.
[JENNA] Let's go, boys!
You must be Alonzo Powers.
Dr. Lawson. Man, I can't
wait to work with you.
We should definitely talk.
The deal hit a bit of a snag.
How so?
Gladiator offered a
one-year commitment.
looking for something longer.
I I see.
Well, you guys have
Jace Carson, Nick Mendez
and Phil Marksby as your
starters, but they're seniors.
So convince me that you'll
be as dominant next year,
and then we'll have
something to discuss.
Uh, my advice to you though,
don't get in our my way.
- [DREW] Ball, ball, ball!
Come on, Jace!
We gotta find out.
- Oh, yes!
Happy birthday.
I, um [SIGHS] heard glowing
reviews about your interview.
Not to overstep, but do
you have any indication
of which way you may be leaning?
I haven't notified the
head of the school yet,
but I've decided to take the job.
- [CHUCKLES] Congratulations.
- Thank you so much for everything.
Of course.
[SPECTATOR 1] There it
is. High That's high.
Hey, where's your head at?
Yo, where you at right now?
Here, right here.
Look at this pink fingernail.
You see this pink fingernail?
I thought about scrubbing
it off, but then I thought,
"This is where I am right
now. This is my new chapter."
- Okay, Coach. I got it.
- Okay, then don't forget to play.
- I am playing.
- Nah, man. Play.
- Um
- [GROWLS] Everybody! [YELLS]
- Let's go!
[MUSA] Let's go, let's go.
- Cedar Cove on three.
- No, no, no!
Forget Cedar Cove! Swagger
Prep on three. One, two, three!
[ALL] Swagger Prep!
[IKE] Let's go.
- Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.
- Right.
[PLAYER] Whoo! Bring that baby.
[SPECTATOR] Yeah, let's go!
[IKE] Here's what I would say.
Know who you love, know what you
believe and know what you stand for.
'Cause the truth of it is,
playing ball has very little
to do with being a man,
but being a man has everything
to do with how you play ball.
- Let's go!
Let's go!
There he is!
- Let's go!
- Let's go, Jace!
[CRYSTAL] Birthday boy!
What you doing here?
- [CROWD] My Bad! My Bad! My Bad!
- My Bad!
My Bad!
My Bad! That's how you do it!
[PLAYER] Wait, hold up. Hold up.
Yes! Way to hit, Johnny.
Yeah! Yeah! Let's go!
[JENNA] Ooh.
Yeah! Yeah!
[CROWD] Jace Carson! Jace Carson!
Jace Carson!
Swagger Prep! Swagger
Prep! Swagger Prep!
Swagger Prep!
Swagger Prep! Swagger
Prep! Swagger Prep!
Swagger Prep! Swagger
Prep! Swagger Prep!
Crystal Jarrett, sorry to bother you.
I'm Krista Cooke with the Marylander.
I know who you are.
Last season you wrote I'm "so
good, it's scary." [CHUCKLES]
And I meant it.
I'm told you might have knowledge
about who attacked Joe
Warrick four years ago.
[TEAMMATES] Swagger Prep!
Swagger Prep! Swagger Prep!
Swagger Prep! Swagger Prep!
Hey! I see you, Coach!
[GRUNTING] Whole world see you, kid.
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