Swagger (2021) s02e03 Episode Script


Come here, son.
It's six o'clock in the
morning. What are you doing up?
I wanted to get ready. Just like you.
We can't go out into the
world like everybody else.
You wanna be taken seriously as a man?
Never let them see you in anything less
than a suit and tie on
with not a wrinkle in place.
Shoes shined.
No one can claim they're your betters
if your style and
sophistication shine through.
We must present nothing less
than our best selves. Do you see?
I have to go. Another
thing we can't be is late.
- Go Mustangs. [CHUCKLES]
- Good game.
- Thank you. Have a good night, all right?
- [CHUCKLES] Yeah. Bye.
- Sir.
- That was a hell of a win tonight.
Mm-hmm. [CHUCKLES] I
appreciate it. Good night, now.
Congratulations, Emory.
Impressive opening game.
I think we can speak for the whole board
and say we're looking forward to
seeing what the rest of the season
and our fastidious AD have in store.
Nothing less than a
national championship.
Show our pride the Cedar Cove way.
The kids, wow, they
deserve all the kudos.
- And that new coach, something else.
- Good night, Evelyn.
- Good night.
- Joseph.
- See you at the next game, Emory.
Dr. Lawson, that was
quite the show tonight.
Krista. Yes, you could call
it that. What can I do for you?
I'm working on a big story, and I
need to talk to you about it now.
Now? Why is that?
Something's about to drop in 12 hours.
My editor's really bugging me
about highlighting how
Cedar Cove athletics
is going to generate tons
of headlines this season.
Time to take a little credit.
The athletes deserve all the credit.
Agreed. In fact, they may deserve
a lot more credit than you think.
- Hmm.
- Fifteen minutes.
I'm sorry, I have a
previous commitment tonight.
Tomorrow then? Give me the
morning so I can make my deadline.
Text me the details. I'll be there.
- All right. [CHUCKLES]
- Great.
- Good night.
Coach, the game ball is for you.
Ain't no way you're not
official after that W.
To the most valuable
new member of our team.
Speech, speech, speech.
Hey. Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.
Um. Man, for some of you guys,
this season is your
last hurrah as a team.
Before we know it, you'll be off
to college and doing your own thing.
So let's go out with a bang. This
is a hell of a way to set it off.
Man, I I-I love y'all, man.
All right, all right, all right.
Listen, listen, listen, listen.
I know you all got big
plans with the birthday boy.
- Excuse me. The birthday man.
Now that you are officially an adult,
I won't even ask what made you
decide to go out wearing that.
What, you get dressed in the
dark? That shirt full of holes.
- What's wrong with you?
[LAUGHS] Y'all just jealous 'cause
I can pull this off. [CLICKS TONGUE]
- [IKE GROANS] I don't know about that.
Anyway, anyway. Coach,
you swinging through?
I'ma be a little late to the party.
I got something I gotta do real quick.
But, uh, just in case I miss y'all,
I'ma leave you with a friendly reminder.
- If you will.
- [NAIM] Mmm.
Our next game is a
road trip to New York.
So, we gotta get
ready, put in that work.
Bus leaves tomorrow at 9:00 a.m.
- What?
Enjoy the win tonight. Have your fun.
But be responsible, fellas. All right?
- [MUSA] Got you.
- All right.
- [MUSA] We can go right now.
- Mm-hmm.
Yo, yo, yo, what's
popping? What's popping?
- [JACE] Everybody's got the love.
- Thank you. It's all love, it's all love.
- Thank you.
- Mmm.
[DREW] Yeah. Say Say cheese.
- Say cheese.
- Can I have your autograph?
- [JACE] Yeah, no problem.
You did so good today.
[JACE] Thank you.
- Thank you.
Yo, come on, man. We haven't got
all day. You know we gotta party.
Hey. All right. For real.
Hey, yo, sophomore. You
rolling to the party with us?
I mean, if you got the room.
Boy, you better get ready
for them older girls.
- [NICK] You better watch it.
- [PHIL] Come here, boy.
Hey, hey.
My car is full.
I'm taking some ladies
from the Latinx club.
- Ooh.
- All right then.
- I'll catch y'all.
- That's a bet.
- Come on, sophomore.
- Hey, man, we good. Let's roll.
[DREW] We outta here, man.
All right. We out, gang.
[TERESA] It's the worst
time for Nick to be injured.
And he's taking it in stride,
pero me [LAUGHS] I'm a mess.
- Mmm. What are the doctors saying?
- They're telling him to be patient.
[CHUCKLES] Good luck with that.
Exactly. [CHUCKLES] When
the lower back pain stops,
then he'll return to practice,
but with limitations.
You know, restrictions.
He'll be back at it in no time.
[SIGHS] I hope you're right.
- [JENNA] Mmm.
Oh! Birthday boy. [LAUGHS]
Feliz cumpleaños, Jace.
- [LAUGHS] Thank you, Miss Mendez.
[IN SPANISH] Te ves guapo.
- Guap Guapo?
- Handsome. Let's go. [CHUCKLES]
- Oh, thank you.
We're gonna see you later,
no? [KISSES] Ciao, ciao.
- [JACE] Okay.
- Hey.
So, how many parents supposed
to be at Royale's house later?
Like you said this morning,
- we're only gonna stay until 10:00.
- All right.
- We may even leave before you do.
Good. Especially you.
- [CLICKS TONGUE] I have a present for you.
- I'm just kidding.
- What's happening, Jackie?
- Hey, Drew.
You look nice. You smell nice.
Mom, this is my grown-man era.
- Happy birthday, young man.
What's all this?
- Oh! Wasn't ready for that.
- You ain't making any babies.
Didn't we talk about this already?
We talked about this
when you were a kid.
Like you said, you smelling like a man.
I don't even wan [STAMMERS, SIGHS]
- Should I be afraid of what's inside?
- Open it.
This was your grandfather's,
and if he were still alive,
he would want you to have this.
[JACE] "Son, it's your
time, stay in the moment."
Thank you, Mom, for
everything you've done for us.
And I promise you,
one day, I'ma give you
back as good as you gave me.
You don't have to do anything.
That's my job, to make sure you
become who you're meant to be.
You'll still always be the guy
who leaves the toilet seat up.
- Oh, shut up. I love you, Sis.
- [LAUGHS] I love you. Happy birthday, man.
[JACE] Mm-hmm. [KISSES]
[MUSA] All right.
- [JACE] Later, Mommy.
- Bye.
- [DREW] Are y'all ready?
- [JACE] You know what time it is, boys.
Damn your slow ass.
- [PHIL] Hey.
- [JACE] Come on, y'all.
We don't got all day, Phil.
You're a sight for sore
eyes. Haven't seen you
Since you moved. I still
have your housewarming gift.
From a year ago?
- You should come and visit us sometime.
[JACE] Bro. How can you listen
to that and not listen
You know there's a party at
Royale's. You're coming, right?
[MUSA] Yo.
- Oh, my Lord.
Yo, Royale
[CHUCKLES] he living the
Black bougie life times a mil.
- [CHUCKLES] For real.
- Facts, bro.
- What about you, CJ?
You living like this too?
Uh, kind of, but it's
in a white neighborhood.
Boy, you about to get
some culture right now.
- [MUSA] That's right.
[LAUGHING] Right on time.
- And is that a three-piece
tracksuit? - [CHUCKLES]
I'm passing up on a big interview
Krista Cooke wants to do on me tonight
to ball out with you.
Well, it'll be good to get a sweat on.
How often do you get
a run in these days?
[GROANS] Between the baby, the job,
those damn night
classes slowing me down,
I get in when I can. What about you?
Between work [SIGHS]
and my ten-year-old's
recitals, I do what I can.
Well, I still got some fire left in me.
I hear that. [SIGHS]
- Talia, ball!
- [TALIA] Whoo! Let's go!
- [IKE CHUCKLING] Oh, it's like that?
Lucky shot.
All right, let's make it
interesting. First to 11 wins.
If I win, you gotta go a whole
week without wearing a tie.
I'm talking Billy Dee Williams, two
buttons open, chest hair showing.
All right. [BREATHES
DEEPLY] And if I win,
you're sporting a tie and crisp
shirt, even at practices and a game.
[CHUCKLES] All right,
bet. I got Derek and Talia.
Come on in.
- Emory.
- Steve.
- [TALIA] Let's go.
- Yeah.
Yeah. Let's get it. Let's get it.
[TALIA] That guy here.
Who you got? Who you got?
Ball up.
- All right, guys, play nice.
What up, man? How you doing?
Yo, yo. What's happening?
[JACE] Man, what's good?
- Hey!
- Yo! Yo, my boy.
- This is huge, man.
- You know.
- Thank you, bro. Respect.
- I got you. I got
- [MUSA] Good to see you, bro.
- Yo, 21 Savage.
Sup, my man?
[JACE] Hold on. Oh.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- [JACE] Want you to show me something.
- [CROWD] Hey.
[JACE] Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, y'all. [CHUCKLES] Hey,
keep it going, keep it going.
[DEEJAY] Check it out.
It's the birthday king.
What's going on? Hey,
can you hook it up?
Kings can request
anything on their day, man.
All right.
Can you play something old?
I got you.
There we go. That's
what I'm talking about.
Are you playing with me?
Come on, Ma, get up on over here!
You trying to embarrass me?
- Hey, hey. Come on. Hey.
Come on, Ma! What!
Jenna, go Jenna, go Jenna.
- [JACE] What!
It's my son's birthday.
- My son's birthday, my son's birthday.
- [MUSA] Hey, hey, hey.
- My son's birthday, my son's birthday.
- All right. All right.
- All right. All right, come on. Let's
- Hey, hey, hey.
I'm just getting started. [SHOUTS]
- Oh, my God. All right, Ma.
That's enough already.
Let's go. Go on back to
the old people corner now.
Yo, Jace. We gotta talk.
- I'll be right back. All right.
- I got you.
What's going on, Crys?
You know that reporter Krista Cooke?
Yeah, she called me the best player
out the DMV in the last ten years.
Yeah, she also said someone
knows who beat up Coach Warrick.
It sounds like she just fishing.
Even if that was the case
we do not need this shit right now.
If this came out I don't
know if my scholarship
at the University of
Maryland will still stand.
I'm on the short list for
McDonald's All-American.
I'm up for McDonald's too.
Jace, this is not a good
look for either of us.
Crystal, even though we not together
I don't think anyone can
get to us unless we let them.
Who else was with you that night?
[SCOFFS] I'm not gonna
talk about something
that happened four years ago.
So what? That's it?
That's your solution, staying quiet?
Yes, it is.
- [EMORY] Whoo!
[IKE] Hawking. Okay, okay.
- [DEREK] Hawking.
- [IKE STAMMERS] Get your hands off me.
- Hey
[IKE] No ticky-tack calls, everybody!
[TALIA CHUCKLES] Right here. Right here.
- [TALIA] Money.
[IKE] Whoo!
No, don't touch it.
- Wet hand. Don't touch.
You got it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let's go!
a tough loss for you.
I'm not gonna do the petty thing
and brag about how your designer
ties are gonna be on pause.
[CHUCKLES] It sounds to me
like you just did. [PANTS]
- How about a rematch? Best of three.
If I win, you wear a blazer in
addition to the tie and crisp shirt.
- A lot of swagger in a good suit now, Ike.
[CHUCKLES] I'm down to run it back.
What about y'all?
Nah, man. I gotta go.
Date night with the wife.
- [IKE] Okay. All right.
- Yeah, I'm out.
That's fine. We'll run twos then.
- Let's go. I'm good.
[IKE] I'm down.
- Oh, here we go. Oh, yeah. [PANTS]
Okay, I got a badass, cool-looking mama,
and the only time a
man knocks on her door
is when they're delivering
for UPS and FedEx.
- Scuse me?
- [STAMMERS] Just look.
Okay. This is the
profile I made for you.
I wrote your bio and
selected the pictures.
"I am looking for someone who exercises,
- is employed
- Yeah.
and is ready for
stimulating conversation."
When did you write this?
Are you kidding? I've been
writing this for years.
Mom, just trust me, okay?
[SIGHING] Mmm, I do like
the photos you picked.
The minute this goes up on Match,
you can go out tonight, if you want.
That's a bit fast.
[STAMMERS] When's the last time
you've done something for yourself?
[CLICKS TONGUE] Let's keep
it between us girls. [LAUGHS]
Let's go get the cake.
- [DREW] It's not gonna work.
- Yo, I got you.
Okay, this is straight
from my playa's handbook.
- What player's handbook?
- No, no, not player.
Playa. All right? Listen,
man, you lo You look great.
Let's go.
Drea. Hey, Drea, what's up?
- Hey. How y'all doing? You good?
- [DREA] Hey.
Uh, you know, Drew's
been trying to get you
on The Keys to the Kingdom, right?
- What's that?
- A podcast.
Oh, yeah? So what are we discussing?
And feminism. And how
the two go hand in hand.
Um, so, why me?
- Um, uh
- Okay, uh, you know what?
- I'm gonna go get some drinks, all right?
- Oh, God.
- Um
- You Y'all thirsty?
- [MUSA] All right. Come on.
[MUSA] Don't wait for me.
- All right, I'll see you later.
- I won't, I won't.
Um, well, um [STAMMERS]
I can tell there's more autonomy
in your decision to cheer
than you get credit for.
The world needs to hear that.
That sounds like bullshit.
But I'll do your show.
- [CHUCKLES] Okay.
Eighteen. He made it. You both did.
Thanks. 'Cause you know
there was some days.
Ooh. Okay. Cake.
[EMORY] Get your hands off of me.
- [IKE] Oh, hey, hey.
[TALIA] You good?
- [TALIA] Pick it up. Shooter.
[IKE] Nah.
- [STEVE] Right there.
- [EMORY] Get back.
[STEVE] Talk to me.
Talk to me. Talk to me.
- [STEVE] There it is.
- [PANTING] Law of averages, Ike.
- [STEVE] Nice one. [CHUCKLES]
Tough twos you hit in the first
game didn't fall this time.
Need me to find you a tailor?
I know a good one who can fit
suits for you in a few days.
So the petty shit goes
both ways? [PANTING]
Well, if you can sling it, you
should be able to take it too.
- Oh, it's cool.
- Tiebreaker?
For sure.
I got an early day tomorrow.
My knees aren't what they used to be.
- [IKE] I bet.
[STEVE] At all.
- We're not keeping you, are we, brother?
- Yeah, but I got nowhere to be.
All right. [PANTING]
Let's get to the truth
of it. You don't like me.
You think I'm an unrefined,
unintelligent brother who's not
worthy enough to carry your jockstrap.
And I think you are an
arrogant, nose-in-the-air brother
who thinks his PhD gives
him license to claim
he's a part of the talented tenth.
And you're suggesting I'm not?
I'm saying you're not. So
let's play for something real.
No blazers, no ties.
If I win, I am no longer interim coach
and you get the hell off my
back for the rest of the season.
Okay. Come on. [SHUSHES] Come
on. Come in. There you go.
[JENNA, JACKIE] Three, two, one.
[PARTYGOERS] Happy birthday to you ♪
Happy birthday to you ♪
[FADING] Happy birthday, dear Jace ♪
Happy birthday to you ♪
Make a wish, Jace.
[PARTYGOER] Happy birthday! Yes!
[INHALES SHARPLY] So, what's up
with this curriculum committee?
Girl, I wish I had an update. [SIGHS]
We assembled a committee and a
game plan, but it fell on deaf ears.
- Are you serious? [SCOFFS]
- Mm-hmm.
- Mr. Toole is such a jerk.
You having trouble with
one of your teachers?
So, all semester, the
first three readings we had,
- we studied two books and a poetry series.
- Mmm.
But other than Langston Hughes,
there has been no people of
color in anything we're doing.
Well, I've dealt with my
fair share of jerks too.
But don't let him, or whoever
it is, steal your shine.
- You're Coach Edwards's wife, right?
- Yes, I am Coach Edwards's wife.
But I'm also gonna be your diversity,
equity and inclusion adviser.
And we are gonna set up
an appointment about this
- and sort out these issues.
- Wow, that means so much coming from you.
I'm sure Coach Edwards is dealing
with his own battles at Cedar Cove,
- so I know you get it.
- Yes, I do.
- You ladies enjoy your night, okay?
- You too.
- Thank you so much.
- Okay, thank you.
- That was sweet of her. [CHUCKLES]
- Yeah. Oh, my gosh.
[NICK] Uh-oh. Is Jace ready
to get lost in the Amber sauce?
We've got to get you over there.
I'm thinking about heading home.
- Yo. Everyone is expecting you.
- What?
She got her dad to go all out.
You can't go home.
All right.
- Have you heard of it? [CHUCKLES]
- Yeah. [CHUCKLES]
Hey. Let's roll.
Actually, I'm good. I'm gonna stay here.
But, uh, if I need a ride home
[CHUCKLES] I'll let you know.
- All right.
- [DREW] All right, bro. All right, bro.
- Hey.
- Huh?
Yo, you know I can't leave the
party I'm hosting at my own house.
- Y'all understand that, right?
- All right, I'll get with you later.
[ROYALE] Happy birthday, bro.
Thank you, bro. Appreciate
you, man. All right.
Yo, you all right?
Yeah, I'm just tired.
[CHUCKLES] Damn. Old man, tired already.
All right, come on. Let's hurry up.
Come on in here. Go on in here.
- Yep. Uh-huh. [GRUNTS]
[GRUNTS] Yeah! That's off you.
- [IKE] Yeah, baby!
- Foul.
Come on, man! You calling
that ticky-tack bullshit?
No blood, no foul, man.
I barely touched you.
You were all over me.
Some would call a flagrant.
Some would call it bullshit.
You know what's bullshit,
is you mugging my ass,
acting like it's defense.
Oh, now you not speaking
the King's English?
Oh, you wanna see me from the gutter?
be from the MFin' gutter.
Okay, Doc. [CHUCKLES] Calm that down.
what you think, brother?
There was contact.
We can take it back.
- Uh-uh. Let's go. - O-Okay,
let's play then. Let's play.
- Okay. Let's do it then.
- Uh-huh. [GRUNTS] Hey.
[IKE] Hey!
That's not a foul?
Not if you don't call it.
Damn! I'ma take it like a man.
It's eleven o'clock, on the dot ♪
I'm on the block ♪
Ain't no time for no
sleepin' or yawnin' or whatnot ♪
Twelve running around creepin'
and peepin' for the drop ♪
We be moving with caution ♪
The block is really hot ♪
The block is hot, the block is hot ♪
The block is hot, the block is hot ♪
The block is hot, the block is hot ♪
The block is hot, the block ♪
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Hey, Jace Carson, what's up?
- What up, man?
Happy b-day, bro.
Matter of fact, I need everybody
to put your phones in the air right now.
- [IDK] Phones up. Phones up.
Put 'em up, put 'em up, put 'em up.
Hey, Jace. This one's for you.
One, two, three, let's go
- [STAMMERS] I'll be right back.
- [MUSA] Aight.
Yo. What the hell?
- [CHUCKLING] Dude, stop.
- [PARTYGOER] That's my girl.
- [PARTYGOER 2] I'm not your girl.
- Yo, we got a problem?
You tell me.
[PHIL] You don't back the hell
up, it's about to get real.
Whoa. Yo, come on, man, chill.
Y'all go on ahead, we good.
You got D1, college, all
this shit going for you.
We can't be getting
caught up in no dumb shit.
We gotta be smarter than that.
I thought I'd have to send
out a search party for you.
Do you want a drink?
I'm good.
Thanks for doing all this.
Do you wanna go meet IDK?
Nah, I'm kinda tired.
We have to travel to New
York tomorrow morning.
I should head home.
My parents aren't even here.
We can go up to my room.
I can't right now.
Picture at least?
I need a refill. [CHUCKLES]
- That was insane, man.
- Yeah, bro. What about you, boy?
- W-What about you and Amber? I saw that.
[MUSA] Yeah.
- [PHIL] That boy always getting busy.
- [JACE] Almost there.
- Breathe.
- [MUSA] Nah, bro. You good.
- No, no, no, no! [GRUNTING]
- [PHIL] No, no, no, no, no!
- [MUSA] Are you good, boy?
[PHIL] This is my mom's car, bro.
All right.
hey. Turn the music down.
[JACE] We got you.
head. Watch his Okay.
- [PHIL] Come on, CJ.
- [JACE] Come on, man.
- [PHIL] Come on, CJ.
- [JACE] We got you, we got you.
We got you. Come on.
Yo. [STAMMERS] The door is moving.
[SIGHS] Listen to me, CJ.
- Are you listening?
- Yeah.
You tell your dad you've eaten
something you shouldn't have.
You think you've been food poisoned.
- Then you go straight to bed.
- [CJ] Okay.
- All right?
Hello, Mr. Ryder.
Something wrong, CJ?
[STAMMERS] Feeling a little sick here.
Is that right?
It was definitely the food poisoning.
We thought he was just
crashing after the game,
and then we figured out
he must've eaten something.
Well, that's funny 'cause no
one else looks food poisoned.
Who knows how long the food had
sat out by the time we got there?
[SIGHS] Just wanna go to
[JACE] Feel better, bro.
Well, it's great to see that
CJ made such good friends.
He will see you on the bus in the a.m.
- [PHIL] Good night.
- Oh. Uh, for you I
- You might want these back.
- Yeah.
We gotta scoop Drew.
I got something to tell y'all.
- Yo, yo! [SIGHS]
- [MUSA] What's up, man?
- [DREW] What's up with it, bro?
- [MUSA] So, how did everything go?
- [DREW] Look, man. Buckle up.
- [MUSA] What was he like? What happened?
- [PHIL] I mean
- [MUSA] He was chill.
I think he bought it.
Plus, I think Jace over
here, he did [CHUCKLES]
- [DREW CHUCKLES] - H-he didn't
give The Enforcer a choice.
- [DREW] For real.
- Nah, man.
The Enforcer made me wish
I'd gotten food poisoning.
- What is you saying?
- But, like, actually
No, because it was like
he came out of retirement
just to scare us into never
stepping on his driveway.
[CHUCKLES] I was wondering why it
smelled like puke back here, bro.
- Dawg. Bro. Don't [CHUCKLES]
- I got a whole whiff.
Don't even bring that up, fam.
- Wild, bro.
- That was crazy.
Stop here.
All right.
Yo, you You okay?
Sorry I blew up at you.
You've been off all night.
Yeah, Jace. What's going on, man?
What did you want to talk about?
Crystal told me something
at Royale's party.
Her old coach told Krista
Cooke he knows who attacked him.
- But I think it's bullshit.
And you're telling us this now?
Guys, he's full of shit.
This is bad.
This could derail everything
we've been working for, man!
- It won't! I won't let it.
- How do you figure?
If we act like nothing
happened, they can't touch us.
And I promise you, I'm
not gonna say anything.
No matter what.
I'm sorry, y'all.
- [SCOFFS] Jesus.
- I'm with Jace.
when it first happened four years ago,
I'm not gonna lie, I was terrified.
I was.
Okay. I would sit by
my window every night
just waiting for the police to come.
I c I couldn't sleep for months.
I'm not putting myself
through that again.
I'm not.
So, y'all listen to me, all right?
Jace is right!
Nothing happened then,
and nothing is going to happen now.
[PHIL] All right, bro. Happy birthday.
I saw that video.
What video?
The one of you and the girl
you were with last night.
You haven't even introduced her to me.
I saw her at the games.
I saw that her family funded
the new science building.
- Who is she to you?
- We're just friends.
That's not what she thinks.
Or for that matter, the Internet.
Are you sleeping with her?
Whoa. That's private.
You the one who put your
business out there like that.
- You don't wanna lose your focus
on your future.
You're two years away from the NBA.
Okay, Ma. You're right.
I got it.
- Hey, son. How you doing?
- Hey, Dad.
How come you didn't
attack that man, Daddy?
I had to suspend his kid.
We can't reward bad behavior.
You can't let them get
under your skin, Emory.
Because if they do, they win.
And there's too much at
stake to let that happen.
Isn't there?
Only award those who win your respect.
[CHUCKLES] You kept
your end of the bargain.
You sound surprised.
Even though you fouled me, I can
see why your players respect you.
I called the board,
and I gave them my recommendation
that you no longer be interim.
You earned it.
So, congratulations.
You're official head coach.
Thank you, Emory.
I I know how big of
a opportunity this is.
And this will be a win, not
only for my family and the kids
but for Cedar Cove too.
And just so we're
clear, I didn't foul you.
Good luck in New York.
- There's a ceremony for everything
that should be right in your life.
This is the best cup of
coffee I've had in my life.
I'm glad you like it.
But Ike adds a certain gravitas
to Cedar Cove now that he's here.
It's the name on the front of
the jersey that brings gravitas.
I know, but [STAMMERS, SIGHS]
I'm sorry, just one sec.
I'm sorry. I I have
Story's about to be killed.
I'd hoped to be the one
out in front of it. [SIGHS]
- Out in front of what?
- I'll text you when it drops.
[MEG] What's up, Royale?
Hi, Jared.
What's wrong?
I just I got a headache.
- I want to thank you all for your support.
And it's because of you guys
that you're looking
at your new head coach.
No longer interim.
What's going on?
- What the hell?
Yo, I need to know if
there's any truth to this.
There's nothing to it, Coach.
You sure?
Let's get back on the bus.
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