Swagger (2021) s02e04 Episode Script

Through the Fire

Hey, come on
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
[JACE] Quick! Quick!
- It's not his fault, you gotta calm down.
- Go, go, go, ball in.
Hey. Come on across court.
- Go!
- [SPECTATOR] Come on
that ball up! Keep that ball up!
- Time-out. Time-out.
- [MUSA GROANS] Damn it!
Listen, all right?
They are coming for y'all,
and they're not gonna stop.
This right here comes with the
territory. Can you rise to the occasion?
Oh, Subpoena Prep, welcome to New York.
- They been talking shit all day.
Don't let it rattle you, okay? Use it.
Nah, I got you Cedar Cove.
- Justice by any means necessary.
- Yeah.
[SPECTATOR] Don't y'all want
Kings County Criminal Court?
- It's on Atlantic and Smith.
Man, I'm sick of this shit!
Let's shut them down y'all.
- That's right y'all, come on. Let's go.
- [PHIL] Yeah.
[MUSA] "Shut 'em down"
on three, one, two, three!
- [PLAYERS] Shut 'em down!
- CJ, you're in for Musa.
Let's go!
Now tie your shoes.
- [IKE] CJ, get to the corner!
- You got this, CJ.
[IKE] Go, Phil!
Damn it, Drew.
You're doing too much, bro. Too much.
- Defense!
- Come on! [GROANS]
- [NAIM] No, no, no! No! No. No.
- [NAIM] No. CJ, look at me.
It's just some Internet rumor, Ma.
In two weeks they'll be
talking about something else.
I love you too.
What's up, man?
What up?
Yeah, what happened today?
- We lost to a team that's not even top 25.
[SIGHS] I know how you feel.
- Do you?
- Yeah.
Not being able to help your
team down the stretch sucks.
We didn't lose 'cause I didn't suit up.
We lost 'cause we're not a real team.
- [PHIL] What?
- What you mean?
Course we're a real team.
It was just a bad loss.
They're calling us vigilantes,
Crystal's henchmen, heroes, thugs.
[SCOFFS] You got nothing
to say about that?
- Do you?
- No!
- 'Cause I have shit to do with it.
- Neither did we.
I got the Puerto Rican
national team looking at me now.
Do you know what that could mean for me?
I'm fighting to come back
from this injury, man.
I don't need scouts
questioning my character too.
If you could just make this right
Like he said, it's not real.
Man, whatever.
Y'all are speculating about
who beat up Coach Warrick
and who's responsible.
So, here's the truth.
I found out Warrick was
messing with his players
and I had to do something.
I was 14.
And I didn't know what else to do,
so I got three guys from my old
neighborhood and took care of it.
Crystal didn't ask me to do it.
She didn't even know about it.
And my teammates, they weren't there.
So now y'all can stop speculating.
Stop all the heat you've been
putting on them. It wasn't them.
It was me. Jace Carson.
- Mom, I g got something to tell you.
- Do you know what you've done?
- I know.
- You admitted to a felony on TikTok.
All the work you've
done. You were so close.
- And you put it all at risk.
- I had to.
Everyone was going after
Crystal. Going after my teammates.
- They have nothing to do with it.
- You didn't think it through, Jace!
- You never think it through.
- You taught me to respect women.
I taught you to use common sense.
Other athletes have done way worse
and still kept their scholarships,
- still made it to the league.
- This is not just about basketball.
You could go to jail.
Why didn't you tell
me what was happening?
Crystal didn't want
anybody to know about it.
But she also wanted it to stop.
There were other ways.
I never thought I'd be going
through this with you, Jace.
Not like this.
Mom, he was 14.
It was Crystal.
Who were the other three
guys from the neighborhood?
- I'm sorry, Mom.
- Sorry, what?
I I can't tell you.
You told me your solution
was to say nothing.
- I saw what
- That was the plan.
[STAMMERS] I saw what
people were saying about you.
"Crystal's henchmen"
and all that bullshit.
It would have died down.
People would have stopped.
- No, it wouldn't.
- You made sure of that.
I made sure they were
talking about me, not you.
And you do realize there isn't a
"me" and a "you"? There can't be.
When you say, "can't" [SIGHS]
There can't be. You get that, right?
I get that.
Figure out how to save
myself so you can stop trying.
Drop me off right here.
If we get any closer,
I don't want anyone from my
school seeing us together.
Bye, Jace.
[IKE] I told them it
comes with the territory.
But I don't think that's true.
The way that they coming at the team.
Not just other kids, but adults too.
They want Jace to topple.
Then he turned around
and lied to my face.
Babe, Jace just turned 18.
It's not personal. He's
just trying to figure out
what it means to be a man.
Look, Mommy, I'm flying.
- I see you, baby.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay, here we go.
- Hi. Good morning.
- [IKE] Hey, hey.
- Okay.
We love you, baby, okay?
- Okay?
- Love you.
- Go.
Love you too.
So what you think the reaction will be?
At Cedar Cove? Think they'll think
that Jace did something stupid.
But what do you think?
I had a sociology professor
who would explain how we often let
right and wrong occupy the same space,
from a moral standpoint.
Example, we say that killing
is bad, but we engage in war.
So, do I think what
Jace did was stupid? Yes.
But I also think he was right.
[SIGHS] Unfortunately,
right and wrong can't occupy
the same space at Cedar Cove.
I need to make sure
he's ready for the storm.
Scouts, college coaches, and
your your NIL opportunities
They're all gonna start to pull back.
I'm sorry.
Hilltop Central is one of
the best teams in the Chi.
And they got two guys
ranked just below me.
If I give 'em 40 on Friday,
they gonna be lining up again.
Right now, do this for me.
No more posts, no social.
Don't talk to anyone.
And keep your head down, please. Okay?
Okay. [SIGHS]
And about you lying to me
I ain't feel like I had a choice.
So you told TikTok instead?
Why you ain't tell me?
I just couldn't.
Don't blindside me again.
No doubt.
- Thank you for seeing me so quickly.
- Mmm, of course.
Alonzo and I go back a ways.
[CHUCKLES] Went to school together.
I'm glad he connected us.
And this is, uh, completely on my dime,
so you don't have to
worry about anything.
I'm grateful for both of you. [SIGHS]
[CHUCKLES] I've seen Jace's admission.
And while I haven't made any calls yet,
I think we can make a
couple of assumptions.
First, the police will officially reopen
the investigation into the incident.
The second is that
they are going to want
to question your son at some point.
[ALONZO] Now, Erika and I
were talking before you got in.
So, it's important to remember
the context of all of this.
It happened when Jace was a kid.
Warrick was convicted of
assaulting little girls.
Mm-hmm. And the district
attorney is not going to see this
as a case to score political points.
[SIGHS] Uh, Jace is
not only a good student,
but he has community support, so
The most important thing right now
is that you and Jace don't
talk to anyone else about this.
Let me get into it and see if
the DA's office has a plan yet.
Thank you.
- [ALONZO] Of course.
- You're welcome.
"It is the problem of
developing the best of this race
that they may guide the mass away
from the contamination
and death of the worst."
Du Bois said that.
Jace isn't contaminating anyone.
He brought your program into prominence.
And it could sink lower
than it has ever been.
Listen, Ike.
Six percent of the population on
this campus is African American.
And I am not content with the
numbers of our people being admitted.
The African American kids currently here
have to understand they are pioneers.
They can open the door for more of us.
And they can just as
easily close a door.
You are the only coach
at Cedar Cove with a hue.
If I mess up my job,
you never get yours.
You see? We stand on the
shoulders of each other.
Jace stands on my shoulders.
And I won't let him down.
You need to see that.
When did you first
hear about the attack?
- Same as you. When it hit the airwaves.
- Are any other players involved?
According to Jace, no one.
According to Jace?
I'd like to question the other seniors.
No. I'll handle that.
I'll await your
response. In the meantime,
Jace Carson is suspended from
all basketball activities,
games and practices.
Everyone is watching to
see how we deal with this.
Now is the time to stand with the kid.
Our school's reputation is at stake!
Jace's career is at stake!
Cedar Cove produces
Pulitzer Prize winners,
Academy Award winners, two winners
of the National Medal of Science,
thousands of Ivy Leaguers! [SIGHS]
This school has never put
athletics first, for good reason.
This from the school's
Athletic Director?
For all you know, I'm on the short
list to replace the head of school.
- That's your damn angle?
You know, people like you
[SIGHS] they look straight ahead.
I look up.
What does Jace Carson need
to do to be reinstated?
The board will meet
on the matter tomorrow.
[IKE] I'ma continue to appeal.
But as of now, this
is where things stand.
For how long?
School board is reviewing your case.
I'm sorry but that's
that's all I got.
[JENNA] What are they
going to say to the press?
[IKE] They haven't
formed a statement yet.
Jace, there's something I gotta ask.
Uh, in the video you made,
you said it was three guys from
your neighborhood that helped you?
[JACE] I'm tired.
- I think you made it worse, Jace. [SIGHS]
- Me too.
Check my IG page and check yours.
I'm the only one catching the heat.
For now, bro.
And what about the cops?
If the cops get in the picture,
all you need to know is that I
would never rat on y'all. Never.
Still a question we
haven't asked ourselves.
Y'all think what we did that
night, four years ago, was wrong?
Knock, knock.
- Yo.
- Yo, so what we talking about?
Yeah? What about it?
I was just about to
tell them I'm suspended.
No games, no practices.
- For how long?
- [JACE] I don't know.
How are we supposed to beat
Hilltop Central without you?
Hey, doc cleared me. I got y'all.
Drea. Hey.
[DREA] Hi, Drew.
It was It was fun getting
to know you at that party.
- It was. Look
- Is something wrong?
I heard some things about
you and your teammates.
How you might be trouble.
Look, I don't get caught
up in what people say.
I'm not one of these
rich-ass kids, Drew.
I'm part scholarship,
part financial aid.
I take two buses to get to Cedar Cove.
And I avoid guys in my
neighborhood who are trouble.
So I'm not trying to link up with
someone from my prep school
And I'm not one who plays games.
I'm not trouble. I think you know that.
Can I take you out after the game?
- Can I ask you something?
- Yeah.
Aren't there enough white girls
in this school for you to talk to?
There aren't enough girls in this school
as beautiful as you to talk to.
- Smooth.
- I try.
All right. After the game.
At least without Jace, they're
gonna have no idea what to expect.
I got a private with CJ.
- How'd that happen?
- He asked.
His dad might have put him up to it.
But either way, we're gonna need him.
Hey, Coach. [SIGHS] I
got, uh, debate team now.
All right, go ahead.
I hate to admit it, but
Emory raises a good question.
I don't see Jace rolling
with a bunch of guys
that he can call whenever
he wants to beat somebody up.
What do you think?
If Jace needed help with something,
he's gonna call on his brothers.
[IKE SIGHS] We gotta get ahead of this.
Anything you can tell
me about the attack?
My son would never be involved
in something like that.
- [PARENT] No.
happened to Crystal is terrible.
But I had nothing to do with the attack.
Whatever went down [SCOFFS]
Jace kept me in the dark.
Are you serious? No, I wasn't there.
We're friends, teammates.
But none of them would expect me
to come through for them like that.
Not in that way.
What would make you say that?
I tend to avoid conflict.
In this instance,
that's a good thing, Roy.
Drew, you need to tell us right now
if you had anything to do with this.
No. We weren't there with him.
Drew, you just said, "We
weren't there with him."
[DREW] Right.
So, who exactly is "we"?
[STAMMERS] I mean, like like, anyone.
Anyone [SIGHS] like who, Drew?
Allahu Akbar.
Allahu Akbar.
[MUSA] Ameen.
Bismillah, we need to talk.
Is it about the team?
- Sort of.
- I've been getting a lot less minutes.
It's I mean it's starting to
feel like Coach Ike doesn't want me
running the offense anymore.
Just keep working [STAMMERS]
and keep your focus.
- You'll get the minutes back.
- Yeah.
That's not what we
need to discuss. [SIGHS]
When you were in LA
you were depressed.
- You said you wanted a change of scenery.
- [SIGHS] Yeah. Yeah, I
Is that because of the
pandemic or something else?
It was everything, Dad.
Just feeling isolated.
It was Granddad dying.
Anything else?
[SCOFFS] Is that not enough?
What can you tell me about the
night Crystal's coach was beaten?
No, I do I-I-I don't
May I remind you that you
just said your prayers.
just I'm I'm
- I got you, son.
I got you.
I got you.
Have a seat, son.
It's about the attack on Warrick.
Jace's video said he had three
guys from the neighborhood help.
Phil, we think it's
more to it than that.
And I hope you know
that everyone in here
is someone that you can trust.
Dad, I'm
I'm glad you took your
anger management classes.
And thank you for doing that.
[MR. MARKSBY] Of course.
We have Miss Tonya to
thank for that. [SIGHS]
[PHIL] And Ma
since you been out of jail,
I I just ain't been the same.
I'm I'm just not.
[INHALES SHARPLY] I'm I'm happy.
And I I can't lose you again.
Just Just tell us
what happened, Phil.
Jace said he needed help with something.
He said that someone was
hurting one of his friends.
I didn't even ask why.
Deep down, I don't
I don't even think I was beating
on that coach to help Jace.
[SIGHS] I was just so angry.
You were hitting me.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
[SNIFFLES] Come here.
Come here.
When I think about it,
what Jace did to you
What he did to me?
Jeopardizing your scholarship offers,
all your future
opportunities, everything.
Yeah, way to help, Carson.
- He was trying to be a
24-hour person. - A who?
Twenty-four-hour person.
It's something our coach told him.
It means, being consistent.
Being the type of person who won't
abandon you in a time of crisis.
A 24-hour person is someone
you can count on 24-hours a day.
That's so stupid. [LAUGHS]
I know you were kids,
but still. [CHUCKLES]
My son
he tells me, four years
he attacked a man
because Jace desperately needed help.
Never for a minute to stop and think,
what if this man had a gun or a knife?
What if the cops were there?
I just wanna keep my son safe.
There's too many ways that this
could have gone horribly wrong.
That's real.
I spoke with the other
families this morning.
to stay silent
until everyone obtained counsel.
Does that work for you?
Check this out.
- [PHIL] Wow.
Where'd you get these?
Pascale screen-printed
'em at his dad's shop.
- I handled the letter designs.
- No way.
Mm-hmm. Yeah.
How'd you How'd you
get everyone to come out?
I mean, even if he wasn't your boy,
we still can't let the
school treat him like that.
He's done nothing wrong
since he's been here,
and they're really trying
to jam him up off old news?
For defending a sister from a pedo?
- Nah, there's no way we can sit here
- No, I got it. I got it.
Oh, thank you.
- Jace is a real one.
- Yeah.
So we got tipped off that some students
have something big planned at the game.
Big like what?
Big, as in they wanna put certain
athletes on campus in their place.
But don't worry about it.
Black students from
other private schools
are ready to show up and show out.
So we got his back.
[MEG] Yep, shot.
- [GRUNTS] Let's go!
- [MEG] That's okay. It's okay.
- [CAMDEN] Come on, CJ!
Mental toughness.
Can you not?
Ex-Excuse me. My bad. [STAMMERS]
[MEG] All right. Let's go.
Stay low, stay low.
[EXCLAIMS] Yep, eyes.
Slow, slow. [EXCLAIMS]
- [CAMDEN] There you go!
That's what I'm talking about.
Next time I wanna see you make
that shot with a hand in your face.
I don't want to get pulled into
everything that's happening.
My parents are concerned,
and I don't wanna jeopardize
anything college related.
I'm sorry, Jace, but I don't think
we should see each other anymore.
You have nothing to be sorry about.
Thanks for understanding.
[ERIKA] The system
doesn't get much right,
especially when it
comes to our young men.
But the police and the DA understand
there's a greater good to serve here.
They're not gonna charge him?
[ERIKA] We're still hashing
that out, but if he cooperates,
I think I can make it go that way.
What do you mean cooperate?
You're going to have to name whoever
else took part in the beating.
[JACKIE] This is Jackie.
Tell me something good.
[VOICE MAIL] At the tone,
please record your message.
When you've finished
recording you may hang up
- or press one for more options.
Yo, Jack. I'm trying not
to go crazy right now.
Please let me know if we can link up.
[CHUCKLES] And y'all
know he deserved it!
Hey. Hey.
Really? A party?
It's just a get-together.
Okay, it's just to unwind, to let it go.
You a freshman?
- [JACE] Huh?
- I haven't seen you around before.
Oh. Yeah. I'm new.
Oh. [CHUCKLES] Well,
I'll give you some advice.
Everybody comes to college trying
to prove how grown they are,
but you can't have the
grown-up without the kid in you.
- [CHUCKLES] Hey, yo.
[MOUTHING WORDS] I love you.
I love you too.
You know you're welcome here
anytime you need to get away.
You know, when this year started,
I challenged myself to see
if I could go a whole year
without saying the word, "can't."
[CHUCKLES] How'd you do?
Lasted about a month.
But then I thought, adults
don't think that way.
They say the word, "can't" all the time.
So I stopped trying.
And right now
I can't figure out how
to survive all this.
You know what adults couldn't do?
They couldn't protect Crystal.
But the guy who never
said "can't" could.
Thank you.
You don't even know.
I know.
Back in effect, Keys to the Kingdom
coming to you live on Instagram,
on YouTube and as always,
posted on SoundCloud.
My name is Drew Murphy, and I'm
here with my cohost, Musa Rahaim.
That's right. And, uh,
this is a special broadcast,
so, we're gonna dive straight into it.
Someone asked us to
give him some airtime,
and we are more than happy to oblige.
So, please welcome our guest.
The most famous high school
senior in the world right now,
our brother, Cedar Cove's Jace Carson.
I appreciate you two for
putting me on the show.
But I'll say from the jump
that if your listeners came
for the drama and controversy,
they're gonna be disappointed.
I came on tonight to
talk about one thing.
Basketball [CHUCKLES]
and how much I love this game.
Since I was a kid,
before the love and the hate on social,
before the predictions
all the noise,
I fell in love with this game.
Even then I felt like I could fly.
And when I'm gliding through the air,
it's like pressing
mute on everything else.
I thought I could do anything.
What about you?
Wha What about me, what?
[JACE] Bring us back
to when you were a kid.
When did you fall in love with the game?
I mean, it was
it was in the car.
My Pops, he-he'd drive me to
tournaments in DC, Baltimore, Virginia.
And we'd listen to music.
Sometimes R & B.
Mostly hip-hop.
I mean [CHUCKLES] it was
it was like basketball
was was my girlfriend
who introduced me to her really,
really cute friend named Music.
What's your love story
for the game, young fella?
I came home with a trophy.
MVP of the game. [CHUCKLES]
[DREW] And then it broke
so I started crying.
And then my dad told me
something I never forgot.
[SIGHS] He said, "Always remember.
Win or lose.
Drew, you are the trophy."
[JACE] Thanks, y'all.
I really needed this.
[SIGHS] Me too.
Me too.
[CHUCKLES] Y'all my boys, you know that?
Outta here, boy. [CHUCKLING]
What's wrong with you?
Ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you all for coming together
at such short notice. [SIGHS]
We have not been receiving
the type of notoriety
that we are accustomed to,
and our head of school
has been inundated
with calls from concerned parents.
We'll first hear from a huge
supporter of Cedar Cove athletics,
head of Community Relations at
Gladiator Sneakers, Alonzo Powers.
Thank you.
At 14 years old, Jace Carson
enrolled at Cedar Cove.
He was enrolled after being recruited
by the former varsity basketball coach
and our current Athletic Director.
Now, before all of that,
he attacked a man with
the help of three others.
Now, did he rob this man? No.
His motives were very simple.
To stop this man from
hurting a young woman
a girl at the time, who also
had a very promising future.
He did not fail.
The systems put in place to
protect our children have failed.
Right now, we have an
opportunity for a redo.
We couldn't stand with
them before, but we can now.
Today will be the second game
that the team will be suited in
Gladiator sneakers and apparel.
And on behalf of Gladiator, I
would like to say we would be proud
to have Jace Carson suited with them.
So, thank you.
Thank you.
- Thank you, Mr. Powers.
- Of course. Of course.
Thank you, guys, for your time.
- We'll get something worked out.
- Thank you.
What are your thoughts?
Well, to penalize him for something
that occurred long ago does seem unjust.
But I'd imagine if you polled
our families and students,
the vote would be split
as to whether Cedar Cove
is better without Mr. Carson.
Now, we can't react to the
whims of all of our families,
but we can't ignore them either.
of school, my concern
is that he's become a distraction,
compromising not only the
brand of our athletic programs,
but everything that we,
as a school, stand for.
What he did, regardless
of motive, was illegal.
Um, excuse me for my blunt question.
Nick Mendez is coming back.
- And CJ is a rising star. [CHUCKLES]
- Thank you.
Can we win without Jace Carson?
Thought we told him to take
it easy on his first game back.
We did.
We gotta figure out what we're gonna do.
Love you.
[SIGHS] Mmm.
See? This is the stuff I'm talking
about. This is unacceptable.
We are Jace Carson.
- We are!
- [SUPPORTERS] Jace Carson!
- [RAE] We are!
- [SUPPORTERS] Jace Carson!
- [RAE] We are!
- [SUPPORTERS] Jace Carson!
- [RAE] We are!
- [SUPPORTERS] Jace Carson!
- [RAE] We are!
- [SUPPORTERS] Jace Carson!
- [RAE] We are!
- [SUPPORTERS] Jace Carson!
- [RAE] We are!
- [SUPPORTERS] Jace Carson!
- [RAE] We are!
- [SUPPORTERS] Jace Carson!
- Tip violation!
Give me the ball.
- [REFEREE] Technical foul!
Hey! What the hell is this?
If they can get at Jace
for defending Crystal,
they can get at us for anything, Coach.
If he doesn't play, we don't play.
We are Jace Carson.
Wha What's happening?
It's, uh Just substitutions.
- Coach. Coach. Are you forfeiting?
- Wait. Hold on. Hold on.
[REFEREE] We need five. Or you forfeit.
Johnny. Lewis. Royale.
- Okay.
- Let's go, Johnny.
- [MEG] Let's go!
- [IKE] Let's go. Focus. Focus.
- I'm sorry, Coach.
- What the hell?
Coach! Coach!
Eddie! Come on.
[REFEREE] Back up. Back up.
Yo, Jarrett. We got
the gym now. Time to go.
Nah, I ain't going
anywhere. Y'all can wait.
[PLAYER SCOFFS] Oh, wow. Hey, you
better do what she says, Benny.
Or she'll get one of her hit
men to take you out. [CHUCKLES]
The infamous Crystal Jarrett.
I have to come to the gym
after it's closed for the day
if I wanna work out.
But now these boys are telling
me I can't even have that.
I'm the top 25 recruit,
and you come in here to
kick me out of the gym?
I'm more heralded than any
male athlete at this school,
but I gotta make way for you?
Benny, when y'all practice
on Tuesdays and Thursdays,
where do the girls practice?
We practice outside.
Even during the winter. Why don't
you ask me how I feel about that?
You made a comment.
You said I should get one of my
what did you call
them? My My hit men?
That's all you know about me.
I'm the girl who got her coach beat up.
It doesn't matter what the truth is.
It doesn't matter
[SIGHS] what else I am.
Because you never see us.
No one is ever interested in
seeing us for who we really are.
The little bit you've
decided to know about me
is something that
happened four years ago.
Something horrible that stopped
because my best friend stepped
up and did something about it.
Something adults
weren't capable of doing.
He protected me.
Because people see what they wanna see,
Jace Carson is being treated
like he did something wrong.
But what's really wrong is how
people try to tear us down
[SIGHS] like it's their sport.
But, this is my sport.
This is my life.
This is Jace's sport. This is his life.
And you can't take that away from us.
So, if you want me out of here,
you better be ready to drag me out.
'Cause I ain't going nowhere.
[CHUCKLES] It's not even worth it.
Let's go, boys.
- [PLAYER 1] Did all that.
- [BENNY] For nothing.
[CJ] Yes, sir, let's go!
Push it!
[NICK] Throw it to my
hand, throw it to my hand.
[CJ] Come on. Corner, corner, corner.
- [CJ] Yes, sir!
- That's what I'm talking about! CJ Ryder!
- All right, CJ! Come on! Let's go!
- Let's go! Let's go, baby!
Take that off.
And that too.
- [JOHNNY] Defense! Defense!
- [SPECTATOR] Come on. What was that?
[REPORTER 1] Excuse me,
do you think there'd be any more
protests like this in future games?
How do you feel about
Jace Carson's suspension?
Do you think he's played
his last game as a Mustang?
Why didn't you play? Are you
protesting Carson's suspension?
I didn't play, 'cause I was
there that night with Jace Carson.
The hell's going on here?
I sat out tonight 'cause I was
there that night with Jace Carson.
- [REPORTER 2] You were there too?
- [REPORTER 3] To what extent?
- Meg. Meg, what the hell is going on?
- I don't know.
- [REPORTER 4] What about you, Royale?
- I
He wasn't there that night.
But I was.
We stand with our brother.
His punishment is
inequitable and unjust.
We are Jace Carson.
- We are!
- [SUPPORTERS] Jace Carson!
- Hey! Hey!
- [SUPPORTERS] Jace Carson!
- [PHIL] We are!
- [SUPPORTERS] Jace Carson!
- [PHIL] We are!
- [SUPPORTERS] Jace Carson!
What happens to the team
now? Are you concerned
- Okay, that's enough. You can step back.
- That's enough.
- [CHANTING] We are!
- [SUPPORTERS] Jace Carson!
- Say it louder!
- [SUPPORTERS] Jace Carson!
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