Swagger (2021) s02e05 Episode Script

Are We Free?

Hi, my name is Armond Collins,
and I'm committed to the
University of Southern California.
I'm Tyriq Williams,
and I'm taking my talents to
the University of Virginia.
My name is R-R-Ramel Evans,
and I'm going to be
p-p-playing for the-the CBA
in-in Ch-China.
Hey, what's up? My
name is Deandre Wright.
I may go to the University
of Texas or Georgetown.
[SCOFFS] Or Indiana State.
I'll let y'all know. [CHUCKLES]
Do you all know who I am?
Do you all know who I am?
Get off of me, man, please!
This ain't right.
[CRYING] Get off of me!
Let me go! [GRUNTING]
Let me go! Let me go. Let me go, man.
Crys, you good?
I don't even know what
that means anymore.
I feel you.
Last night, Phil, Drew and
Musa made an announcement.
I heard.
They're my henchmen.
You know, y'all are so stupid, right?
I wouldn't say that, but
we definitely not smart.
Your post on IG made you famous.
A million views for calling people out.
Everyone [SIGHS] acts like
what happened to me is a joke.
It isn't.
Never was.
We got this community
service game today.
Something set up through Coach
Ike and Meg's Swagger DMV program.
School doesn't have their
hands on it, so I can play.
If we all don't end up suspended
from Cedar Cove basketball,
today could be our last
time hooping together.
What about the legal stuff?
My mother's spearheading a
letter campaign to the DA.
Gladiator Sneakers got
us a really dope lawyer.
And I'm trying not to
be tight about all of it.
That's good, Jace.
I gotta go.
Speaking of being famous,
saw your sex tape online.
Kissing video?
Anyway, that's old news.
What? She broke your heart or something?
Believe me, if I want my heart
broken, I know exactly where to go.
What's that supposed to mean?
Excuse me?
After sophomore year, you were
the one who said you needed space.
I said that because
you said you needed time
to focus on taking your
game to the next level.
But I'm glad things are going
so amazingly well with, uh
- Roderick.
- Right.
Yeah. It's been a little hectic.
So, uh, him and I
decided to take a break.
There has been a lot of heat on us.
Not everyone can handle it.
Ball out, okay?
- Morning, Coach Meg.
- [MEG] Morning.
- Coach Ike.
- [IKE] Morning, Mus.
Hop on the bus. First come, first serve.
Thank you.
[PARENT] Your dad and I talked about it.
We don't feel good about you going.
It doesn't matter if
the school sanctioned it.
This is my team.
And if there's any time to
stand with them, it's now.
They're playing an
exhibition game at a prison.
And by the end of the week,
some of them might end up there.
- It's a detention center.
- It is a sinking ship.
The answer is no.
Bus is leaving in ten.
[DIANE] We've talked about this.
And it doesn't make sense.
I'm not comfortable with
that group of individuals.
- That group of individuals are my friends.
- I'm not comfortable with that either.
And that's your problem.
I'm going to play.
I did not sign that consent form,
and I don't intend to.
This is bullshit.
How are we even able to
afford an attorney, Ma?
We can't. [SIGHS]
But Alonzo from Gladiator
Sneakers, he's taking care of it.
He just asked us to keep it quiet.
Hey, Ma.
It's all gonna be okay.
Yeah, it is.
your decision to stay home.
Nicholas, sometimes you have
to do what's best for the team.
But sometimes you have
to do what's best for you.
- What's up, homey?
[MEG] The other players either
canceled or didn't respond to my text.
Our starting five is on the bus.
I know we said we'd be there.
I'm just triple-checking that we
feel all right about this timing.
I think it's necessary.
I don't know what to think.
Maybe Maybe it's
something the kids need.
With all due respect, I
know what my kid needs.
Let's do this.
Hey, hold on. Hold on.
- [NICK] What's up, Coach?
What's up, Royale?
Our athletic director is
not exactly my biggest fan.
Need a tissue?
Not shedding tears, but he may fire me.
Can't say I'd miss working with him,
but I would miss that big-ass
house he got me and Tonya.
[LAUGHS] Me too.
We appreciate y'all visiting.
Just got to let Betty
do her job here. Search.
- Let's go. Search.
Go on.
- Wait a second, I know you.
- [PERSON] Hey.
- I'm Phil Marksby, Mr. Carlos.
- [MR. CARLOS] Nice to know you, Mr. Phil.
- Pleasure to meet you.
- All right.
- Hello, Mr. Carlos. I'm Jace Carson.
- How you doing, brother?
- Good.
- What's up, man?
- What's going on there, Ikey?
Man, I ain't seen you since you
was knee-high to a grasshopper.
Man, how's the family doing?
- Everybody's good, sir. Everybody's good.
- Fantastic.
Everybody, this is John Carlos, okay?
- Yeah.
- [IKE] He was in the 1968 Olympics.
Now, I want y'all to go
ahead, take a look at this.
This man is a hero to many of us.
Left fist in the air
during the national anthem.
He loved his country
enough to challenge it.
- Okay, so go ahead
and introduce yourselves.
- Dr. Carlos, Naim Rahaim.
- All right, brother? All right.
- Uh, M-Musa Rahaim. It's an honor, sir.
- Yeah.
- Drew Murphy, sir.
- Hmm. All right, brother.
- Royale Hughes.
- Nice to know you, brother.
- Nick Mendez. Thank you for everything.
- All right, Nick.
- Megan Bailey.
- Thank you, Coach.
All right. Now, I'd like to
pose a question to you guys.
What is the largest mental health
provider in the United States?
Yes, sir, Phil.
- Prisons.
- [JOHN] Absolutely correct.
There's prisons. There's jails.
And there's detention centers.
In this country, the majority of people
with mental illness are behind bars.
We also incarcerate
more people per capita
than any other country in the world.
And at this day and time,
there are more Black people in the
penitentiaries across this nation
than there were Black people
enslaved before the Civil War.
The prison system has
become the new plantation.
Does that sound like a problem?
- [ALL] Yeah.
- [PHIL] Absolutely, sir.
Now, these young men out there
that you guys are going
to play against today,
it's been buzzing around about
They out here to kick y'all ass.
So in turn, I want you guys to think
about the same premise
of kicking their asses.
- [JOHN] All right?
All right, guys, I want
you to remember this
when you go into the game today:
Winners are made on the court.
Champions are made off the court.
- Thank you.
- Yes, sir.
Now we're going to turn the
program over to Sergeant Hampton.
- Hello.
- [IKE, MEG] Hello. Hi.
The Maryland Youth Facility
houses male incarcerated people
from the ages of 13 to 17.
None of the people
you'll interact with today
will have weapons of any kind,
and you will only be
interacting with the young men
who have exhibited good behavior.
I'm gonna split you off into groups
and let you visit various classrooms.
As Mr. Carlos mentioned,
we want our young men to
have college in their future,
so you are encouraged to engage.
- All right?
- [PLAYERS] All right.
- [IKE] Thank you.
- Let's get you all processed.
[IKE] Thank you.
Phil Marksby [SIGHS] Musa Rahaim,
Drew Murphy, and not to mention,
Jace Carson, got on the
biggest stage they could find
and in one swoop embarrassed Cedar Cove.
Four of our starters could
end up in jail or on probation.
And you, my friend, bear
much of the responsibility.
[STAMMERS] How am I involved?
[CLICKS TONGUE] You convinced the board
for me to hire Ike as head coach.
Were he a better role model,
this whole thing could
have been contained.
So it's safe to assume
that you're considering the
pros and cons of expulsion.
This institution is
bigger than the kids.
Nothing is bigger than the kids.
This institution is bigger
than those four kids.
I assume, like us, you
have others to save.
The governing board of the
Maryland Unified Athletic Council
should take the lead on this.
Look, you and me both know
how restrictive they are.
How, uh, buttoned up they
want their athletes to be.
If Cedar Cove expels the Cedar
Cove Four, as they're being called,
or if Gladiator pulls their sponsorship,
that's bad PR for the both of us. But
You're proposing we let
the MUA be the bad guys.
They analyze the series of events,
make a ruling concerning
their future play
and we follow suit?
I think following their [INHALES]
conservative recommendations
may be a better way to lead.
Hmm. I thought your sympathies
lay with the Swagger players.
They do, 100%.
[SIGHS] But as you said, there
are others to save, right?
[STUDENT] "What happens
to a dream deferred?
Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over
[CHUCKLES] like a syrupy sweet?
- Maybe it just sags like a heavy load.
- Or does it explode?"
What do you think Langston Hughes
is trying to say with that poem?
If people don't get opportunities
or figure their lives out,
their dreams can go away.
And when your dreams go away,
shit can get crazy for you.
- [LAUGHS] You're already crazy.
Settle down.
Thank you.
I noticed one of our visitors is
pretty adept with Langston Hughes.
Am I right?
Oh, sorry.
My mother used to read his poems to me
when when-when she was locked up.
If you don't mind me asking,
how long was she incarcerated?
[SIGHS] Two years.
Do you remember any lines
from one of the poems?
- I think I might.
- We'd love to hear it.
Come join us.
"Well, son, I'll tell you:
Life for me ain't been no crystal stair.
It's had tacks in it
and splinters,
and boards torn up,
places with no carpet on the floor.
But all the time
I'se been a-climbin' on
and reachin' landin's
and turnin' corners,
and sometimes goin' in the dark
where there ain't been no light."
"So boy, don't you turn back.
Don't you set down on those steps
'cause it's kinda hard.
Don't you fall now
for I'se still goin', honey.
I'se still climbin',
and for me, life ain't
been no crystal stair."
Well done. Thank you.
Our students are future scientists.
They'll be gardening,
working with solar power,
and this semester, they're
working with bee colonies
and understanding how
bees help the earth.
That's amazing.
The biggest de-escalator to
violence in this detention center
has been the classes we've offered.
Is it all right? He-He-He played for me.
- How you doing, Coach?
- It's good to see you, Vince.
- What up, Drew? Boy.
- [DREW] Real good to see you, Vince.
I tried reaching you.
Look, I'm sorry. I know. I know.
[TEACHER] That is why you must challenge
each claim and not each person.
Class, we have some visitors
today from Cedar Cove Prep.
Let's welcome them.
So, which one of you is
the star on the debate team?
- Uh, s-star?
- That would be Royale.
This is a rare treat for us. You
see, this is our debate class,
and we never get the
opportunity to debate
with someone of your stature.
[CHUCKLES] Hold on. I think
there is some kind of confusion.
I just joined the debate team
this semester and I'm an alternate,
but somebody quit. So
now I'm first speaker.
- But I don't think it's
- Even an alternate at Cedar Cove is elite.
It really would be a rare treat for
you to debate one of our students.
What do you say, Cedar Cove?
- I don't think he's exactly asking.
[TEACHER] All right. You've
been given your prep notes.
The debate topic is:
America's Independence Day
should be January 1st, 1863,
the date that the Emancipation
Proclamation was signed.
Royale Hughes has opted
for the affirmative.
Royale, the floor is yours.
Resolved. America's Independence
Day should be January 1st, 1863,
when the Emancipation
Proclamation was signed.
According to the Library of Congress,
on July 4th, 1776, the Declaration
of Independence announced
the colonies' separation
from Great Britain.
The decree was, "All
men are created equal."
However, all men and women did not have
the legal right to be treated equally.
According to the National
Archives, on January 1st, 1863,
the Emancipation
Proclamation was announced.
Thousands of enslaved people
attained their freedom
in an unjust society
where we were told we were barely human.
African Americans walked
off the plantations
and walked away from
their "slave owners."
The Pittsburgh Courier reports
that we were legally emancipated.
But we were still
mistreated, denied our rights.
In fact, we were denied the
information of our own freedom.
However, we do not mark this date
because emancipation
was finally realized.
We mark this date because
emancipation was finally proclaimed.
Thank you.
[TEACHER] Marcus Johnson.
When I get released next
month, it'll be bittersweet.
I mean, let's face it,
I won't have to sit next to Gary
and deal with his bad breath.
But my brother [SIGHS]
is in this institution.
Like, literally, my biological
brother is sitting right there.
See, I'm being released
due to good behavior.
He isn't.
And when I go home,
my mother will hug me.
But there will still
be a hole in her heart
because her other son never
walked through that door.
When our so-called
emancipation was proclaimed,
thousands of African
Americans were never told.
News never reached them.
And it was deliberate.
On June 19th, 1865,
two and a half years after the
Emancipation was proclaimed,
enslaved Africans in Texas
learned of their freedom
for the very first time.
Now, my opponent is correct
that while America was free
of British rule in 1776,
all of America was not.
He contradicts himself by suggesting
that we celebrate the
Emancipation Proclamation
as part of our independence,
knowing that many of us were
denied that very same proclamation.
Now, is this not in fact,
just like my brother and I?
You see, as long as my little
brother is in this place
I won't truly be free.
And until Black Americans
learned word on June 19th,
they weren't either.
That is the date of
our true independence.
Because we can't proclaim freedom
until we all proclaim freedom.
- Thank you.
All right, all right, all right.
Quiet down, please. Quiet down. [SIGHS]
I see that some of you
feel that Marcus has won.
- Hell yeah.
Like everything in life
[SIGHS] it is not
just about the passion.
You must also be disciplined.
You must be prepared, and
you must know the rules.
Marcus, did you cite any research?
- I was citing myself. [LAUGHS]
So you didn't cite any of the
research provided in the prep notes?
Your closing line, "We
can't proclaim freedom
until we all proclaim freedom."
Who were you citing?
Marcus Johnson.
[STAMMERS] Excuse me, Mr. Miller.
I thought Marcus was brilliant.
Oh, he is. He is.
And yet the victory goes
to you, Mr. Royale Hughes.
[NINA] I wanna thank Camden and
Margarite for having us all over.
We have made great
progress at Cedar Cove.
We have two African American teachers,
one Latinx teacher, and
an Asian American teacher.
We have a African American
athletics director,
a African American basketball coach,
and a African American diversity
and inclusion counselor.
When my daughter started as a freshman,
we didn't have one
African American teacher.
In fact, we didn't have a Spanish
teacher teaching Spanish. [CHUCKLING]
But now, we must continue to be leaders
for our children in the community.
And unfortunately, that
means we must talk about
our four basketball players
who have confessed to criminal activity.
The Cedar Cove Four.
Well, hold on, Nina. They
weren't selling drugs.
They were, as I understand it,
14 years old, defending a
young lady who was being abused.
But [STAMMERS] they
attacked him in an alley.
They nearly beat the man to death,
and Jenna Carson wants us to
write letters on their behalf.
I mean, have you seen the video?
It's quite disturbing. What
Now I know why I'm always too
busy to come to your meetings.
You don't know anything about my son.
No one was looking to offend you, Jenna.
People were just talking freely.
I'd love to talk freely to you
bougie-ass Jack and Jill wannabes.
Jace Carson is a B-plus student.
He goes to practice after school
and he practices after practice,
and he still has to study.
And it's not just his work ethic
that makes him a damn good human being,
it's his heart.
And his love for his friends.
You have no damn idea
what he's been through
in his life to be where he's at.
You can talk about his
teammate all you want.
You can talk about him all you want.
You can talk about me all you want.
And while you at it, you
highfalutin brothers and sisters,
don't forget to kiss my Black ass.
- Jenna, hold on. Hold up. Hold Jenna.
- Jenna, hold on. Come on. Ho-Hold up.
- [PARENT] She didn't have to go there.
- [CAMDEN] Hold on.
You ain't no better
than the rest of them.
Wait. Hold on, sister. There's no
need for you to get so riled up.
Excuse me?
We're all here because we
wanna do right by our kids.
Okay? Believe it or not, I
care about everyone's kids.
I care about your kid.
He's been good to my son.
He's looked out for CJ.
Thank you. I appreciate that.
Now, unfortunately, because of
everything that's transpired,
I don't think it'll be likely
that things will work
out for him at Cedar Cove.
But just let me make a couple calls,
see if I can, uh, help
him to land somewhere
that's gonna be a good fit.
Hey, Grandma.
Did you send the highlight
reel to the coach?
And Shaun put a track to it?
N-No cussing, right?
I don't want no cussing and
shit on my highlight reel.
Yes, ma'am.
I'll watch my mouth. [SIGHS]
After today's game,
we're gonna be able to
tell him I lit up Swagger.
I will. Love you too.
Y'all ready to
[STAMMERS] run me that?
Man, y'all going to
get y'all asses beat.
Pu-Put some money on it then.
I bet you a bag of Flaming Hots
and a case of Oreos, y'all lose.
[CHUCKLES] Nah, nah, man.
See, how about we bet a
week's worth of phone time?
If we win, y'all transfer
that m-m-money into my account.
If y'all win, I I-I-I'll do the same.
- Aight, bet.
It's d-d-done.
What do you think?
It's beautiful.
It's gonna rain.
It looks sunny, man.
I love the rain. Rain washes it away,
and we get to start all over again.
It was nice to meet you, Nico.
You know, the last couple
of schools we had come over,
their coaches and Mr.
Carlos actually swapped.
What you saying?
[STAMMERS] Well, their
coaches would take on MYF,
and Mr. Carlos would
take on the visitors.
It gives my guys an opportunity
to hear another voice.
- Mm-hmm.
- And also, it gives Swagger an opportunity
to be coached by a living legend.
[CHUCKLES] Let's do it.
- Right on, bro.
- All right. Let's go then.
- All right, Ikey. Let's go.
- You ready?
- [PHIL] It's going down right now.
[PLAYER] Okay.
[PLAYER 2] Get back.
- What up, bro?
- Good to see you, dog.
- Yeah.
- Hey, Vince. What's up?
- What's up, bruh? Good to see you, bruh.
- It's great to see you, bro.
- Good. What's up, man?
- Whoo.
- Hey. What's good, Vince?
- Coming for you, bro.
We'll see.
[JACE] Hey, yo, Mus.
[MUSA] I got you. Let's get it.
Way too easy.
Man, I've been waiting
for this all week.
Oh, yeah?
Jace Carson.
Deandre Wright.
It's been, like, what,
three years since we last played
on the ABO circuit together?
Yeah, something like that. You
were the second best dude out there.
I'm coming for you today.
I'm right here.
- You ready?
- I was born for this.
- [NAIM] Black going this way.
- [IKE] Let's go!
[NAIM] White go this way.
- Hope you ready.
- Hope you ready.
- Hey, come on.
[MUSA] Lock that up!
- [CHEERS] I'm different, Jace.
You know that. You know that.
Let's go. We up, we up.
- Come here, little bro.
- [IKE] Communicate, communicate!
Excuse me.
- [IKE] Swing! Watch the swing.
- [MUSA] Cook him, Jace!
- [MUSA] Cook him.
- [JOHN] Jace, let's go. Let's move.
Listen, listen, listen,
listen. You don't weigh enough.
- [VINCE] Ball, ball, ball.
[IKE] Talk to each other.
- [PLAYER] Yeah, Vince!
- [IKE] Let's go, let's go, let's go!
[IKE] Let's go, baby.
[PLAYER] Come on, y'all.
- My bad.
Yeah, boy.
[JOHN] Take your shot right here.
[IKE] Hey, hey, hey. Talk to each other.
You know, one good thing about
being in this place? [PANTS]
- What?
- I get my old number back.
You got to show me.
Come on! Let's go!
Hey, you about to collect on that bet.
Let's go. Feed the big man.
Feed the big man down low!
- Feed him. Feed him.
- [NAIM] Come on, Pop.
- [IKE] Let's go, guys!
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
Move, move, move, move, move!
Gotta work that defense
down below. Better defense.
[JACE] Hey, yo! Slide up, slide up.
- [IKE] Hop to it.
- I'm right here.
- [NAIM] Watch 21, watch 21!
- [ROYALE] Come on! Energy! Energy!
[NAIM] Eyes on 21!
Will the real "My bad" please stand up?
[IKE] Don't lose
focus. Don't lose focus.
[JACE] Hey, lock up, y'all!
Five seconds! Five seconds!
Drew, wait.
- Hey, look here. Look here.
- [IKE] Lock down D.
- [IKE] Go right here! Lock down D!
- [PLAYER] Get back, get back.
- [JACE] Get it!
- [MUSA] Let's go!
- We do this.
- [REFEREE] Swagger win.
We promised you a showdown.
You did great, baby.
You did great. All right.
- [DREW] Let's go.
- Yeah. [CHUCKLES]
- Yeah.
[JOHN] Great job.
- [JACE] Yes, sir, 21.
What are we doing?
We supposed to make a statement!
This is bullshit!
- Hey, hey, hey. Chill. Chill.
- This was our chance!
- This was our chance.
- [VINCE] Damn.
Relax. I got him. I got him.
- Why y'all walking up on me, man? Back up.
- Bruh, chill. Yo, these my brothers, man.
- These my brothers.
- [JACE] Hey, tighten up, bruh. You good.
Me and you just went
toe-to-toe. You that guy.
- Good, bro.
- Aight.
Y'all good. I got y'all. Come on.
[NAIM] Stay in it.
Well, guys, I want you to know
it's been a fantastic weekend.
You guys played a hell of a game.
And what I got out of it, no
matter was you incarcerated or not,
we are one.
We are free in our minds and our hearts.
They asked me how come I don't
take a picture putting my fist up,
and I tell them because I am the fist.
I'm bestowing that upon you,
each and every one of
you players here today.
You are now the fist. Carry
it strong. Be proud of it.
Remember, fist means unification.
Togetherness. Thank you.
Let's raise 'em up.
Oh, right. This This what
we doing? This what we doing?
- [NICK] Go ahead, boy. Go ahead.
- [DREW] Come on, Mus.
All right, I got y'all. I
got y'all. Listen, listen.
Got bars just like the pen ♪
The spot where they're holding us down ♪
The Black and the brown ♪
They profiting off our young men ♪
Bodies in chains ♪
But brain, I let it run free ♪
Time's ticking I'm watching Big Ben ♪
'Cause when I get out about ♪
Ain't worry about clout ♪
Gon' make me a million and ten ♪
Raising the bar ♪
We setting the trend ♪
Said make me a million and ten ♪
In the meantime ♪
Between time I do rhyme ♪
I'm with my brothers and them ♪
Allah got us, don dadas ♪
Young ballers ♪
We practicing teachings of Zen ♪
Meditate, never hate ♪
No debate ♪
Our swagger gon' ring out again ♪
[ALL] Our swagger gon' ring out again ♪
Our swagger gon' ring out again ♪
- Our swagger gon' ring out again ♪
- Hold on, hold on. Yo, yo, yo.
Start a beat for me real quick.
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah ♪
Today I read a note ♪
It filled my heart with warm pleasure ♪
Seven pounds, six ounces ♪
Measures my born treasure ♪
I thought I knew happiness ♪
But I'm informed better ♪
God gifted me a son ♪
Now I'm blessed forever ♪
I'm on the straight and narrow now, man ♪
This is it ♪
MJ lifestyle, smooth
criminal bullshit ♪
I'll shoot my shot ♪
A new life with a full clip ♪
That's the target, me ♪
This bull's-eye is on it ♪
Tiffany, talk to me. What's the word?
[TIFFANY] Hey, I said I'd
call you when we're done.
We're on a break right now.
Okay, but what is the
governing board saying?
I mean, you guys do realize
that when Crystal Jarrett
went on her IG Live,
she got one million
viewers, right? One million.
Not to mention the turnout that
they had at the Hilltop Central game.
A whole network of Black students
from all across the DMV showed up.
The DA's office has
been flooded with letters
in support of Jace
Carson and his teammates.
Now, you guys don't wanna be on
the wrong side of this, do you?
[TIFFANY] Dr. Emory Lawson seems
to think you and him are aligned.
Well, it's safer for him to think that.
Look, Tiff, you know me, aight?
You know I'm not trying to cross
any lines here, but [STAMMERS]
[TIFFANY] Then don't.
Like I said, when we have a
ruling, I will let you know.
- Tiff
Oh, it's pretty good, man.
Yeah, that's because you
don't got to eat it every day.
Right. That's why we got this.
- Is that Mumbo sauce?
- [TYRIQ] You know it.
You mix a little bit of ketchup,
barbecue sauce, hot
sauce and applesauce.
- Then boom [KISSES] Mumbo on deck.
- [MUSA] Nah.
- Bruh, you lunching.
- Ain't no way. Hold on. Hold on.
- I'm trying to tell you.
- [JACE] That boy lunching.
- [PHIL] Crazy.
[MUSA] Little bit of that.
Can't forget the applesauce.
Aight, let me see.
- Hmm.
- Yeah.
- Nah.
Yo, yo, no cap. This tastes
just like the carryout.
- [JACE] Let me see.
[MUSA] Yo. Get some of
this, get some of this.
[JACE] Yo, he ain't lying!
[TYRIQ] Mm-hmm.
Vince Charles.
You holding up?
Yeah. Listen, I know
I let you down, man.
- I mean, I know I let everybody down.
I didn't even want you guys
to find me here, to be honest.
Vince, I feel like I let you down.
I was on some dumb shit, Coach.
- We were broke. Look, it was me and my f
[STAMMERS] Listen. Listen,
you don't have to explain
none of that to me.
- Okay?
- [SIGHING] Aight.
How much longer are you in here?
Three more months.
When I turn 18, they
transfer me to Patuxent.
Then I gotta do another year there.
I mean, well, look, uh, don't
freeze your coach out [STAMMERS]
- you know.
I'ma write you, and your
ass better write me back.
Listen, Vince,
I know you.
And you are not your biggest mistake.
Damn, Coach. That That
really means something.
I'm glad.
All right.
- [DEANDRE] I got about six more months.
- Aight, bet.
I mean, you already got it,
but you can use this last bit of
time to just train, train, train.
- By the time you out of here
- Nah.
My basketball days, man.
Look, I don't do well with stress.
Looks like you handled all the
stress out there today pretty well.
Man, that? Man, that was light work.
- You shouldn't play with me.
He called us light work. [CHUCKLES]
Y'all ever heard of
South Plains College?
That's a juco in Texas. Got some
good things going on over there.
They wanna take a look
at me after I get out.
[CHUCKLES] That's what's
up. And congrats on that.
Thank you. You think
y'all can put in a word?
With your hops and your nasty
defense? You got my word.
Hey, hey, team. Y'all gonna put a
[STAMMERS] dollar
in my phone account?
[TYRIQ] Oh, here you go.
- Always begging for some shit.
I'm for real.
I bet a week's worth of
c-ca-calls on this game.
I can't not call my family for a week.
[TYRIQ] And what does
that have to do with us?
Everything. What you mean?
I got into this by losing.
Hey, man, I'll put three
dollars on there, bro.
Thanks, D.
Hey, hey, hey, Vince, what about you?
Oh, I gotta check my account, make
sure my mom's wire came through.
Sergeant Hampton?
Hypothetically, if a visitor wanted
to put some money on someone's account
so they could use the
phone, is that possible?
Hypothetically, yes.
On the way out, visitors
can stop by account services.
[DEANDRE] It's a bug in my food.
Who put that shit in there,
huh? Huh, who who did it?
- [ARMOND] Yo, D, chill.
- Relax, man.
- We can get you another tray.
- Man, I'm not even hungry anymore.
You know, that's probably
what they wanted too.
- Have me starve after the game.
- [JACE] Hey, hey, hey.
Man, that's some straight up bullshit.
- Hey!
- Yo, yo, relax.
- Come on.
- What?
- [GUARD] Deandre, sit down.
- They always messing with me in here!
- Why is that? Why is that?
- Deandre, calm down.
What Man, let me
go. Let Get off me.
- No. What are you doing?
- Yo, yo, yo! What are you doing?
- That's not necessary. Let him go.
- Back up. This is for his own protection.
- This some bullshit.
- Jace, that's enough!
let them do this to you.
Don't let them take your
heart from you, Jace Carson.
If they think they can
[STAMMERS] they will!
They've been putting me on
medication since I was 12.
But I keep fighting.
I keep fighting! [SCREAMS]
[ROYALE] Jace.
This is not the way I
hoped the day would end.
[STAMMERS] I wanna thank you
guys. Appreciate what you did.
More than you'll ever know. Thank you.
In this room right
here to your right, son.
Um, Pop.
I, um
[SIGHS] I haven't been wearing
my kufi like I used to do.
I noticed. But you don't gotta
rock a kufi to be a good Muslim.
I know. It's just
after everything that happened
I didn't know what I believed.
I get it.
You know, you told me [SIGHS]
that I was here for a reason.
You told me I can make a difference.
And if I lose faith in that?
We lose everything.
I really wanna make dua right now.
Me too, Son.
[SIGHS] Bismillah.
[MUSA, NAIM] We praise you,
Allah. We beseech you, Allah.
[IKE] You okay?
I just felt rain.
Let's hit the road.
You sure?
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
Okay, um, can you text that to me?
All right. All right.
Um, I just got off the
phone with Alonzo Powers.
He connected with some of your parents,
and the DA decided not to charge you.
They're gonna want community service
- but there's no jail time.
And "the Maryland
Unified Athletic Council
has suspended you from
all basketball endeavors."
"However, if you apologize
for your actions
you'll be immediately reinstated."
You're free.
Let's go home.
[NICO] Let's go! Let's go!
Whoo! Yeah, it's
raining! Wash it all away!
Wash it all away! Wash it all
away! It's raining! Let's go!
- [GUARD] Okay, Nico. Let's go.
- Let's go!
[NICO] Whoo! Let's go! Whoo! Yeah! Whoo!
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