Swagger (2021) s02e06 Episode Script

Jace + Crystal

[TONYA] Who are all these people?
No clue.
- Good morning, everybody.
- Morning.
- Morning.
- Morning.
So, like I said before, this
is just a formality. Okay?
You guys go in there and
apologize for how you handled it.
That's it. This will
all be behind us. Okay?
We all on the same page?
- [MOUTHING] You all right?
All right. Let's go do it.
[SPEAKER] Hello, everyone.
On behalf of the Maryland Unified
Athletic Council, good morning.
We all know the reason we're
here. And my understanding is,
the young men the players have
something they would like to say.
As you all know, I'm Jace Carson.
Getting back on the court
means a lot to me.
Not just because of college
or my future
or even my teammates.
But because being on the court
is where I feel most like myself.
It's what I love.
And I understand that if I apologize
for something I did
when I was 14 years old,
I can get what I love back.
What we did wasn't right.
I don't know if it was wrong.
I'm sorry that there
weren't systems in place
to better protect Crystal Jarrett.
But for what I did
I can't apologize.
[WHISPERING] Good job.
Okay, everyone. Just a minute, please.
Just a minute, please.
proud of you. You did it.
Is this how you all feel?
[WHISPERING] It's okay.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
[TONYA] You okay?
Proud as hell.
Twenty-four-hour people.
[MEG] Yes. Yeah. I understand.
Okay. I will call you back. Thank you.
So let me guess. You had no idea
they were gonna do that in there.
Of course I didn't.
The board was ready to reinstate them
and they just tossed up
eight middle fingers, Meg.
[SIGHS] Okay. So, what now?
[SIGHS] The final decision
is pending further review.
[SIGHS] Look, I'll get
back with the committee,
but I really don't know
how much more I can do.
- Thank you.
- [TONYA] Thank you so much.
- A lot of surprised faces.
I'm not a believer in
"the sky is falling," Ike,
but it does feel like
the sky is falling.
Everyone who was recruiting Jace
has gone silent, and now this.
From where I was sitting,
that was a young man in
there that I deeply respect.
- Okay?
And I think those who matter
will still believe in Jace.
- Those who don't, don't matter. All right?
- Don't matter.
It's nice to see you in person,
instead of on a Zoom screen.
Yeah. Three dimensions is, uh
definitely better than two.
I've been tracking
the events. The video.
How are you handling it all?
I don't know.
I just don't take the
time to think about that.
But as I sit here now, I
think I'm handling it okay.
Not gonna lie, there was
a moment when I, uh
Just [SIGHS] seeing his face
seeing his name,
hearing it over and over
It brought you right back.
It was scary.
Just when I thought
I had gotten past it,
it seemed like there
was nothing I could do.
Like I was destined
to only be remembered
as the girl who survived abuse.
I think how you handled it
will inspire a lot of people.
You took something
terrifying and traumatic
and you turned it into
something empowering.
Not just for yourself, but for others.
How is the young man?
Who? Rod?
I'm not here to talk about him. Right?
We can talk about whatever you like.
All I know is,
right now, it's strange because
after everything that happened
I actually feel more like
myself than ever before.
True life awakens when we awaken.
Hmm. That's That's what
it feels like right now.
[JENNA] Jace.
What are you doing?
Mom, it's okay.
You can talk to me.
If it's cool with you, I
don't wanna go to school today.
[SIGHS] I'll call your dean and say
you're taking a mental health day.
[SIGHS] Thank you.
I was thinking.
My big Holly Ann Conference
this weekend is in New Jersey
That's a big deal.
It's huge just to get invited.
They're honoring the top
consultants in the nation
- They better honor you then.
- [CHUCKLES] I don't know. We'll see.
Maybe you should come with me.
Might be nice to get away.
A little room to breathe.
Can I let you know later on?
Thanks, Mom.
Yeah. [GRUNTS]
Nothing has changed, Coach.
[COACH] I like the kid,
but it's my job to be
worried about some of this,
you know, off-the-court stuff.
Look, all right, he's a great kid
and a great player.
I assure you of that.
Who shoots barely 20% from three.
He'll work on that. [CHUCKLES]
Then I have to ask, why is your
own athletic director telling me
I would be smart to
steer clear of the kid?
What exactly did he say?
"Not worth the headache."
Hey, Ike. Look, I gotta run. We'll talk.
All right.
I'ma curse Emory out.
- No, you're not.
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, baby, let's go. Time for school.
Okay, Mommy.
How is an athletic director
gonna go around bad-mouthing
a student athlete
who's already against the ropes?
Some people punch down. I punch up.
No punching will be necessary.
I have a meeting scheduled
with Emory later today
to discuss Jace and the boys.
You got a meeting about my team?
I see it as a diversity issue.
He's gonna see it as me
hiding behind my wife.
Even if I wasn't married to you, I
would still take the meeting. Okay?
Male Black ego.
Okay. Okay.
Can we go now? I have
to go curse somebody out.
- [CALLER] Hi. Is this Crystal Jarrett?
- Yes.
[CALLER] Hi. This is Vicky Sirota.
I'm a rep from the
McDonald's All-American game.
Normally we would
reach out to your coach,
but in your particular case, I
really wanted to call you personally.
So, the selection committee
had a lot of hard
choices to make this year,
but we believe you are one of the
top basketball players in the nation.
So, luckily, this is
one of the good calls.
Congratulations. You've been
named a McDonald's All-American.
Let's go! [SQUEALS]
[CRYSTAL] Um, what are you doing, scrub?
Staying home today. Too stressed.
Why do you sound so energetic?
Get dressed.
[JACE] What?
[SIGHS] Yo. Let's figure out
a way to handle your stress.
I'm coming to pick you up.
I just couldn't apologize.
Dude, you are not trying to make
it easy for yourself, are you?
You're my best friend. I'm
not gonna apologize for that.
Where are we going?
It's a surprise.
Better not be some nasty vegan spot.
Vegan hate is played out.
I still haven't heard about this
McDonald's All-American game.
- What?
Heard they reach out
to people personally
before the public announcement.
I think the controversy could
have something to do with it.
How about we not think
about any of that today?
Are you serious?
Have you ever even
been inside this place,
or you just hit people
with balloons out front?
Consider this a do-over for me being
late to your ninth birthday party.
Welcome to Old School Week. This is
your captain and chief in command,
DJ Cliff, bringing you
back to when music was pure.
[SKATER] Whoo!
[DJ CLIFF] The style was happening
and love was a rallying cry, baby.
How are people in here so early? I
mean, don't they got school or jobs?
Not during Old School Week.
Should we learn some
choreography? Like, look at that.
Nah. I like to keep my shit organic.
Peace and love. Size?
[CRYSTAL] Nine, please.
- [JACE] Thirteen.
- Right on.
I might be a little rusty.
Don't worry. You were
not good to begin with.
Better than you.
[SCOFFS] You're gonna learn today.
Look, roller skating is just like life.
The more chances you take, the
more at risk you are to fall.
Or you can hold onto the wall.
[CHUCKLES] That's deep.
And it rhymes.
Thank you.
I could actually rock
this hat in real life.
- It does look really good on you.
- That's what I'm saying.
[CHUCKLES] Come on. Let's go.
[DJ CLIFF] Nice moves, my man.
Okay, now, beautiful soul
flower. I see you, baby girl.
Foxy lovers. Let's boogie down.
I see you soul brother
and soul sister number one.
Wait. Is he talking about us?
[DJ CLIFF] Y'all look like you
got the world on your shoulders.
Go ahead and leave that
outside. Be free and let's dance.
All right.
You don't know where I'm at.
- Where I'm at, huh?
- [LAUGHS] Hey, you better be careful.
[LAUGHS] My legs are dead right now.
[CRYSTAL] Excuses.
[JACE] Excuses?
I ran the hill yesterday.
I ran yesterday and today. You
don't see me complaining about it.
- Whatever, Miss Jarrett.
- Peace and love, Jace Carson.
[JACE] I don't know why you're
trying to race me right now.
Ooh, Miss Jarrett.
- Where you going, Miss Jarrett?
- Don't drag me down with you. Come on.
- I got you.
Come here.
- Hey.
Smooth. How you like this?
Hmm. Better.
- [STUDENT 1] Ah. Yeah. Great. Hey. Uh.
- Ah.
- [CHUCKLES] Yeah.
[STUDENT 2] Yes. You nailed it.
[MUSA] That's what I was saying.
- You know what I'm saying? It was just a
- My bad.
- Oops, sorry. Are you okay?
- Yeah, sorry. I should've been looking.
- Nah, nah. It's all good.
It's It's my fault.
Uh, I'm I'm Musa.
Nice to meet you.
You too.
- All right, y'all.
- Yeah. Later.
If you're not talking about the
basketball team or your next vacation
or the expensive new cars
your parents are buying you,
you don't fit in.
And if you don't fit in
at a place like Cedar Cove,
it's worse than being bullied.
You feel invisible.
I am invisible.
To the Black students as well?
To Black boys, I am.
I literally just
bumped into Musa Rahaim,
and he was a perfect gentleman.
And with all the stress
he must be feeling,
he was kind enough to
introduce himself to me.
Well, that must've helped you feel seen.
I've had about six classes
with him since sophomore year,
and this is the first
time we've ever spoke.
- [SIGHS] You
[TONYA] Dr. Lawson, can
you give us a minute?
It's okay, Mrs. Edwards.
I have class next period.
V. Know that I see you. And
I'll check in with you soon.
- Thank you, Mrs. Edwards.
- Of course.
[V] Hi, Dr. Lawson.
Hi, V.
[SIGHING] Please, have a seat.
Everything okay with V?
I think it will be. Have you ever
had her in one of your classes?
Last semester. I taught a class
called "The History of War."
She got a B-plus, if I'm not mistaken.
Would've got an A but she rarely
participated in class discussion.
History of War?
AP class. The similarities,
uh, between constructing an army
and constructing an athletic program
are not as far apart
as one might assume.
There are not many
athletic directors like you.
You're impressive.
When I heard you dropped by my office,
I I certainly didn't assume
I missed out on a compliment.
It's because I came to talk
about Jace, Phil, Drew, and Musa.
Four great young men with
very promising futures
who may be able to reach your
heights if ever given the chance.
It depends on where they
focus their energies.
They've been treated like celebrities
since they won a
championship in junior year.
You resent them for that?
There are responsibilities
that come with success.
And there are several people
who put themselves on the line
to ensure they would have the
opportunity to succeed. I'm one of them.
And as noble as Jace Carson
is presenting himself to be,
he did not confess because he
thought it was the right thing to do.
He confessed because he
thought his "athletic gifts"
would camouflage his
lack of high moral fiber.
You told a college that
he wasn't worth recruiting.
- That was because of your nobility
and high moral fiber.
Or because your victory parade
collided with his decision-making.
You know, speaking of impressive,
you are as well, Miss Edwards.
Thank you.
You were a social worker
before Ike got you the job?
I landed this position on my own accord.
Of course. I mean no disrespect.
Of course not.
To answer your question,
I don't revel in fanfare.
I revel in the consistent
advancement of our students,
particularly our athletes.
You seem to be consistently impeding
on Jace Carson's advancement.
Says the woman married to the grand
marshal of the Jace Carson parade.
- It's been a pleasure getting to know you.
- Hmm. Likewise. I appreciate that.
- It may be even more of a pleasure
if you ever take the time
to get to know yourself.
[SCOFFS] I should've cursed his ass out.
Yo, that guy is my entire mood board.
His bag is so big he gotta
pay extra just to check it.
- Yo, you are so dumb.
No. Don't do that. Don't
touch my fries with that.
You ever wish you knew
what was coming next
so you wouldn't have to worry about it?
Like, you'd just know
what was gonna happen?
Yeah. But then I'm
like, "Nah." [CHUCKLES]
It would take all the fun out of it.
I don't know if I'm gonna
be able to play again.
Or if these college coaches
are ever gonna come back.
All of a sudden, they're
picking my game apart.
Sometimes I wish I didn't care so much.
Like, if I didn't care so much,
I probably wouldn't lay
awake in bed at night
[STAMMERS] you know? Just
If I was just some dude, and not
Jace Carson? [CHUCKLES] You
would not be able to survive.
- What do you mean?
Without the attention.
Wow. So you trying to call me arrogant?
You are arrogant.
No. I'm ego-forward.
[CHUCKLES] Okay, scrub.
I hate you.
[PERSON] Can I get a picture?
I am such a big fan of you
and everything you stand for.
- You mean more to me than you know.
That means everything to me. Thank you.
Make sure you take a couple.
[JACE] All right.
- Boom, bop, biggity, wow.
- There you go.
- Thanks, Crystal.
Thank you.
Did that hurt your feelings?
A little. 'Cause I wanna
be in the pictures with you.
I think I can arrange that.
Um, you know,
I never really, uh,
told you this, but
After you transferred to Cedar Cove
and we went our separate ways
I was really sad.
I didn't know that.
I always thought we said
we wanted to focus on ball.
Maybe that was a mistake.
I know I missed you.
just needed someone to talk to.
And Rod was someone who listened.
He was nice, easy. [SIGHS]
Easy is good sometimes. You
wouldn't know about that.
What, um What's
going on with How
How is that break y'all was taking?
The break is officially broken.
[GASPS] How come?
He's not you.
So, you know how we, um
- Oh.
Sorry, it's my mom.
Better take it.
Yeah, I'll be right back. [SIGHS]
- Hi, Mom.
- [JENNA] It's loud. Where are you?
Sorry, I'm in the roller rink.
[JENNA] The roller rink?
What happened to your mental
health day? Who are you with?
Okay, I can hear you
now. What's going on?
[JENNA SIGHS] I'm trying
to lock down my hotel room
for the Holly Ann Convention
and was wondering if I should get
the king-size bed or two fulls.
Uh, I really would love to support you,
but I think I would just rather
stick around here for the weekend.
[JENNA] Are you sure?
I can handle myself for a night.
[JENNA] No wild parties.
You too.
[JENNA] It's good to hear you
laughing. Okay. I love you.
Good luck, Mom.
My mom is going out of
town for the weekend.
Oh, really?
Yeah, you could, uh, come
over when she breaks out.
If you want.
Um, no offense, but I'm not
trying to be in your rotation.
It's not even like that.
Oh. Interesting.
Thought so too.
You were about to say something.
Earlier. About us.
Oh, yeah. That.
Come here.
Yo! Congratulations.
You see that girl over there?
She's a McDonald's All-American.
Wow. Right on. One vegan
sundae, one regular?
Appreciate it, man.
Why aren't you freaking out?
I don't know. I just I know
you really wanted this too.
I mean,
I kind of figured
when I didn't get the call
that I wasn't gonna make it.
Wait. Did you get a call?
I wasn't trying to
Look, I was gonna tell you.
Right, yeah. So, why didn't you?
I just wanted us to have a good time.
Hmm. [SIGHS]
Same old Crystal. Keeping
it close to the vest.
Same old Jace. Always
trying to control things.
You don't see it, but
sometimes, it's not about you,
or what you want, or what
you think is right or wrong.
Controlling things? My bad.
My dumb ass thought we
had each other's back.
You should take that.
'Sup, Coach.
Bet. Let me hit you right back.
Gotta get ready for my game.
Wait, does that mean
you you're reinstated?
- Yeah. [SIGHS]
- That-That's great.
- I gotta go.
- I I can give you a ride.
I'll take a Lyft.
Looks like the M.U.A.C. didn't
wanna be on the wrong side of things.
All the love our kids have
been getting on social media
made them crumble.
Well, it's nice to have the court of
public opinion in our favor for once.
- Mm-hmm. [CHUCKLES]
- [IKE CHUCKLES] It was a gamble,
but I was hoping it would go this way.
[MEG] Wait, did
Did you know they
weren't gonna apologize?
[CLEARS THROAT] Uh, well, uh
Jace confided in me.
I need him to know
that he can trust me
- so I I kept his secret.
it's everything.
But Musa's my son. How could you
keep me in the dark like this?
[STAMMERING] I'm sorry.
How y'all feel about
the sisters on campus?
This your new motivational speech?
speech. Just a question.
I feel really good about the sisters.
[PHIL] So do I, Coach.
- Mmm.
Oh. "Sistas." Not "sisters."
I'ma shut shut up now.
All right, cool.
Well, my wife says that some of them
aren't quite feeling the love.
Now, I'm not gonna tell y'all
who to date and who not to.
But a lot of those sisters stood
with y'all when things jumped off.
Now, this right here is gospel.
If you see a sister and I mean,
really see her
Man, she'll have your back forever.
I co-sign what Coach says.
And I'm taking that
from my players handbook.
Not "players." "Playas."
So-So-So that's where you
got that corny-ass line from.
Hey. I don't know. It must be genetic.
Look, now, I know that has nothing to do
with what you're fixing
to do on the court.
But that's okay.
Being judged on and off the court
is something that we're used to.
Now they're saying that we
might not even make playoffs,
let alone win a national championship.
Now, if we could just come together
not just as a team, but as a family,
we'll be unbeatable.
We'll be unbreakable.
Now that was my motivational speech.
Now, y'all [STAMMERS] you know,
I-I I really miss the
chant y'all used to do.
I I don't I forget how it goes.
But if y'all could just give me
that that chant one more time.
I-I could really use it, please.
- I got you, Coach.
- Start it up, Nick.
Yeah. Yeah!
[PLAYERS] We brothers, we brothers ♪
- We brothers, so strong ♪
- So what? So what?
- We brothers, we brothers ♪
- [PHIL] And who are we?
And who are we gonna be?
- We brothers, so strong ♪
- [PHIL] And who are we?
Ay, ay, ay ♪
We brothers, ay, ay ♪
We brothers ♪
Ay, ay, we brothers ♪
[SIGHS] Crys.
[SIGHS] I'm sorry.
I'm sorry too. I should've told you.
I just didn't want you to have
something else to feel bad about.
I know. But I made it about me
when it should've been about you.
No matter what happens to me,
I'll always be happy for you.
- [HOST] And now
- the moment we've all been waiting for.
[HOST] Proudly representing the D.C.,
Maryland, and Virginia area after years
of providing stellar cosmetic
and skin care consultation.
Taking the stage for the first time,
this year's recipient of
the Holly Ann Lavender Lexus,
Miss Jenna Carson!
Oh, my God! Go. Go!
[ANNOUNCER] All right,
Mustang fans. Make some noise!
[ANNOUNCER] And your
Cedar Cove starting five.
[ANNOUNCER] At forward,
senior, Nick Mendez!
- At point guard, senior, Musa Rahaim!
- Go get 'em, Son.
Let's get it.
[ANNOUNCER] At shooting
guard, senior, Drew Murphy!
Let's go! All right, bud.
At center, senior, big Phil Marksby!
At guard, your Cedar
Cove team captain
senior, Jace Carson!
Jace Carson. Jace Carson.
Jace Carson.
Jace Carson.
Jace Carson. Jace Carson.
[JACE] "Swagger" on three.
"Swagger" on me. One, two, three.
[ALL] Swagger!
Come on, baby. Come on.
Let's go, Jace. Let's go.
- Play back!
- Play back! Wake up!
- Come on, y'all. Come on.
- Hey, Drew!
Channel it, Musa. Channel it.
- [DREW] Phil!
[ANNOUNCER] Boom! Jace Carson!
Let's go!
Come on! Yeah.
[JACE] I'm back!
- [NAIM] Yo!
- [JACE] I'm back!
- That's what I'm talking about!
- I'm back!
That's what I'm talking about!
- Hey!
- Get off the floor.
[CRYSTAL] Hey, scrub.
Heard you had a good game.
Uh, yeah. I had 35 and a win.
Do you wanna come inside?
[CHUCKLES] This is a nice place.
[JACE] Yeah.
It's kinda crazy you've
never been here before.
Do you want some water?
Mmm, sure.
[CHUCKLES] Thank you.
[CHUCKLES] It's good.
Yeah. Good water.
Do you wanna see my room?
I won this one.
And I won this one twice.
Wow. [CHUCKLES] That's
some, uh, sappy shit.
You think that's sappy?
How's this?
I love you. I love you, Crystal.
Always have. Always will.
I love you too.
I've never
Gone all the way?
Me neither.
Wow. Jace Carson.
Crystal Jarrett.
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