Sweet Home (2020) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

[theme music playing]
[baby crying]
[water droplets]
[breathing heavily]
[alarm blaring]
[indistinct chatter]
[gates clanking]
[In-hwan] Five minutes to roll call.
Please halt your actions
and return to your stations.
Five minutes to roll call.
Return to your assigned living quarters
and get ready for roll call.
- [child] Dad, wait for me!
- Please inspect your living quarters
for any missing individuals
and remain in your assigned locations.
Survivors will also be barred
from participating in this expedition.
For the time being,
survivors will be barred
from engaging on expeditions.
The decision was made
for the sake of the survivors' protection.
The Crow Platoon requests
your confidence and cooperation.
Please check on your neighbors to see
if there are any missing persons.
[Yeong-su] Give it back to me!
Give it back to me!
[U-seok] When did he get this scar?
It's from last night.
It looks fresher than that.
Sir, it doesn't seem serious.
[U-seok] What would you know about it?
We have to be sure.
Just Just let him go.
He's just a child, sir.
Kids can be monsters too.
There are no exceptions.
Then I'll do it myself.
You should've done it last night.
[Jin-ok breathes shakily]
Start with me.
[knife rasps]
[Eun-yu] Good enough?
I should be extra thorough with you.
You're a murderer, after all.
[breathes shakily]
Enough, sir. We have more urgent matters.
Here, sir.
[Jin-ok] Is this good enough?
[clicks tongue]
Let's go.
[breathing heavily]
[woman coughing]
Ma'am, are you all right?
It's my insides. I'm in horrible pain.
[coughing continues]
Uh, here's some aspirin. This should help.
Oh, God. I don't know what to say.
Uh Oh, God.
How could I ever return the favor?
Thank you so much. You're so kind.
I'll be going now.
[woman coughing]
Can you tell me where your son is?
[woman] Huh?
You haven't seen my son?
No, sir. Wait a minute. Hold on, please.
Oh Jun-il, number 211, unaffiliated,
is missing in Area A.
Oh, God.
[breathing nervously]
[tense music playing]
Hey. Hey.
How did you get in here?
[Seo-jin] Did you skip roll call?
[Jun-il] I I
I want to come with you.
What for?
To get killed?
No, to Um, uh
To kill.
Right, you wanna kill monsters, huh?
I heard you never even served in the army.
Do you even have a gun?
Uh, no, I don't.
You couldn't join
because you didn't buy a gun?
Didn't your mom buy you a gun? No?
[Seok-chan] Come on, Sarge.
Give him a break.
[Seo-jin clicks tongue]
Don't Don't fucking make fun of me,
all right?
Or you're gonna die!
That's enough.
Just leave and get your ass to sleep.
[Yeong-hu] What are you doing?
Is this a picnic?
[Seo-jin] Not this again, Sarge.
Come on,
they were just letting off some steam.
You need to remain alert.
Today's mission will be
at an unknown site.
- [Yeong-hu] This will be unlike any
- [whispers] Let's get out of here.
- Hold on.
- of our previous expeditions, understood?
[soldiers] Yes, sir.
We'll go in five minutes. Be ready.
[Sang-jin] Is the danger even real?
Or are your so-called excursions
an excuse for keeping the riches?
What the hell did you say, you idiot, huh?
Am I wrong?
You used to take
as many survivors as you could.
What's up with recent ban?
You even turned a blind eye to the murder.
I just find it
really hard to believe that
you're suddenly looking out for us!
Take this. It's dangerous.
So, can I really go out?
Isn't that what you wanted?
That's what I wanted.
Okay then. Good luck.
- Huh?
- What's wrong?
I mean, isn't the Crow Platoon
supposed to protect
"Supposed to"?
Sir, I'm sorry, that's not
We're putting our lives
on the line for you.
If you're so sure of your skills,
fend for yourselves out there.
It won't be long
until you learn to acknowledge
the peace you've grown so accustomed to.
You can go.
[light tense music playing]
We won't stop you.
[sharp sigh]
That son of a bitch! I swear to God!
He's not jack shit without a gun.
- I know that much.
- Keep it down, okay? They'll hear you.
- Be quiet.
- Let them hear for all I care!
What's he gonna do about it, huh?
They can't touch us no matter what we do!
- But still
- Jesus Christ, shut up!
Stop being such a wuss!
Think of it this way.
That Crow Platoon,
they're basically glorified bodyguards
- protecting us.
- [Dong-gi] I get it. I get it.
They can't protect us and hurt us.
- They can all go to hell!
- [Dong-gi] Be quiet.
Don't go, it's not worth it.
Not everyone feels like that.
It's because of you, we're still alive.
Don't touch it.
It'll take time to heal.
We all have to do it.
I'm fine.
Don't worry, be patient.
I'll bring some today.
And are you dating anyone, Sarge?
A lot of our boys are seeing someone
on the down low, you know what I'm saying?
- Are you?
- I can't.
Unless you start dating,
I can't wreck the chain of command.
I feel no need for it.
Is it because you couldn't find
the right person?
It's just
Well, I've been thinking, and I mean
You're good-looking and a survivor,
you're good at killing monsters
and as a leader.
You're a prize catch in today's standards.
So why can't you get a girl?
How can you afford
these meaningless distractions?
You always have a frown in your face, sir.
The boys can't speak to you
and they're too afraid.
You should smile a little.
Okay, cut the BS now.
How much firepower do we have left?
Well, I have some grenades
and explosives on me as well.
But we're low on ammo.
We got a box of incendiary,
but only three boxes of regular ammo left.
If we don't find any,
this thing becomes junk.
Then maybe take your mind off my love life
and start worrying about those issues.
Understood, sir.
[Jun-il's mom] Where were you?
How could you go out there?
- You know how dangerous it is.
- Let go, Mom. That hurts.
- Please. Stop it, Mom! Stop!
- What the hell were you thinking?
You know better.
How could you be so careless?
- [sobbing]
- Please calm down, ma'am.
[Chan-yeong] He returned safely.
You're 30 now.
You're not a child, you know.
For God's sakes,
you're an adult now, Jun-il.
I won't be here for you forever.
Oh, Jun-il.
You've got to start acting like an adult,
you understand?
Why do you keep going outside?
I go because you need medicine.
Your disease makes you bite down hard
in order to bear the pain.
They all fell out because you kept bit
biting down so hard.
I don't like seeing you in pain.
Oh, whoa.
[Jun-il's mom whimpers]
[Jun-il's mom] Oh, God.
I have to go now.
He was trying to help me here,
so if you could ignore this once.
He wouldn't skip roll call
to cause trouble elsewhere, you know.
He's really a good boy.
Don't worry about it too much.
I couldn't hide my sickness from him.
He's seen me sick in bed for years
for most of his childhood.
Is it even treatable?
I have cancer.
Ever since last month,
I feel like my insides are rotting away.
I know it's a relapse.
I would've made peace with death
a long time ago
if it weren't for him, but
I was so concerned about Jun-il
that I clung on for dear life.
But I think my time has finally run out.
The thought of
leaving him alone in this world just
[somber music playing]
[Dong-gi] You said they'd let us go
if we came in and got in their faces.
For once, I was really hoping
to fill my stomach.
But I guess
that's just not happening today.
You idiot.
If your only goal is to fill your stomach,
then don't call yourself a man.
- I can't take it anymore.
- So they thought they could bully us
into backing down.
What are you planning now?
For once, could you stop causing trouble?
Let's go.
Where are we going?
To the person
those soldiers are afraid of.
[metal clanking]
[clanking continues]
[gate clanging]
[clanging continues]
[Sang-jin] Chief Ji, are you there?
It's me, Do Sang-jin.
Oh. Hello, ma'am. I hope you've been well.
I thought I told you not to come here.
It's a bit urgent.
What is it?
This ban on expeditions,
I can't stand it anymore.
What do you want me to do?
[Sang-jin] Please help us out.
I know you're not
the Crow Platoon's biggest fan either.
You and Gi-nam
were the ones that took all those people
and let them live here after the bombing.
But now those pricks act
like they own the place.
And they turned a blind eye
to what happened to Gi-nam too.
Sorry I said that.
That was out of line.
If you're hungry, work.
There's work to do today.
I'm only interested in going out there.
Why do you wanna go?
I don't wanna live like an animal.
Trapped underground, barely scraping by,
one breath at a time,
- this is no way to live.
- We're all okay.
Don't be dramatic.
Don't be like that, come on.
Please strike up a deal
on behalf of the survivors.
The Crow Platoon do what they do,
I do what I do.
We don't interfere with each other.
But that doesn't mean I can't help.
[Chief Ji] If you help me.
Don't you wanna go out?
[tense music playing]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Dong-jun] The security's down, sir.
Nothing to report.
Open the gate. We're moving out.
[engine starts]
[birds screeching]
[Ye-seul speaking French]
[speaking French]
[continues speaking French]
[in English] Sounds filthy.
- [speaking French]
- [door opens]
[continues speaking French]
[in English] Hey, stop! No!
What the hell are you doing?
Have you gone mad?
- Please, I'm Let me have some.
- No.
- Come on.
- Let go, you crazy bitch!
Stop it!
Jesus Christ!
Come on, give it back.
[in French] Giving is giving,
taking back is stealing.
[in English] I never gave it to you.
You stole it.
You understood me?
You speak French now?
You're not really crazy, are you?
You're just pretending to be crazy
to leech off my mom, right?
[door opens]
- [Seon-hwa] Mm. It's the pretty girl.
- [Ye-seul sighs]
Well, all the pretty girls
end up becoming monsters.
Where's the Chief?
Mom's gone off to work.
Unlike you, she's busy, you know.
No one here is lazy as you are.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't see
any blonde-red ones in your last shipment.
What do you mean? They're all red.
Red comes in a variety of colors.
Go find me one.
So, it's "blonde-red."
Tell me, was my dad's blood
more like this shade of crimson,
or this one?
[Ye-seul yelps]
[muffled grunting]
Are you fucking insane?
You just figured that out?
I've been insane for a while now.
But I can get even more insane than that.
I know I haven't reached
my full potential.
[breathing heavily]
So I would recommend
to please watch your mouth.
[door closes]
[man] Ah, fuck me.
[man sighs]
[exhales deeply]
I'll see your two million,
and I'm doubling it.
Damn it, I'm out.
Oh, feel free to pussy out
if you're scared, hmm?
[people exclaiming]
Uh, do you even have gambling privileges?
Are you babbling or playing, Seung-wan?
Fine, I lose. I lose. I fold.
Come on, just start the next round.
Start the next round. Next round.
I had nothing.
[Seung-wan] You were bluffing?
[indistinct chatter and laughter]
Survived all the way till the end.
That's how you succeed in this world.
[man] Let's play.
[people exclaiming and laughing]
[people murmuring]
[light suspenseful music playing]
[Dong-gi whispers]
Hey, hey, hey.
This is an unverified area.
I don't think we should be in here.
Well, it's only unverified to us.
But Chief Ji knows where everything is
and which pathways lead where.
Chief Ji gave us permission. Period.
Oh, shit.
Who the hell is this guy?
Should we bring him along?
What? What for?
Well, I mean, we don't know
what lies ahead after all.
Slow down.
Yes, sir.
We've entered the unverified area.
Moving in on the search point.
All troops, stay alert
in your respective positions.
[suspenseful music playing]
Ready to go ahead.
Survey the area.
Start searching.
[flies buzzing]
Hey, hey, hey! How's the coast?
[Jun-il] I-I-It's clear.
Clear? Okay, good.
[ominous music playing]
[Dong-gi] So she told her about this path?
Why would the chief do that?
So she'll fuck off and die.
That's horrible.
I mean, the bitch killed her husband.
So I don't think
she was doing her a favor.
Yeah, I guess that's true.
But why wouldn't she say anything?
How does she want us to help her out?
She keeps venturing off alone
and making it back alive.
Chief told us about this
so we could snoop on her.
Let's go.
Jun-il, take the lead.
But But I was told I'm not supposed
to go outside alone.
Not alone.
We're going with you.
You know, bud?
You should get food for your mom
while she still has teeth.
[Jun-il] Mm.
[Dong-gi] Ugh. Damn it.
[birds squawking]
[Dong-gi] Oh! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
[somber music playing]
What the hell is she doing?
Hey, she's on the move.
Let's get out of here.
Come on, let's just return.
We've got what we need.
We don't care about her.
We'll find an excuse.
Let's kill her.
I mean, with that bitch
out of the picture,
everything would be ours.
But she ordered us just to watch her.
She'd love it if we'd kill her for her.
[groans loudly]
We had it all wrong!
She, uh She did send us out
so we can kill her husband's killer!
What are you talking about?
She said nothing of the sort.
Does she have to spell it out for you?
Read between the lines.
Oh, my God.
Oh, this is so fucked up.
- [rifle cocks]
- Shit.
[tense music playing]
I have my own gun now.
- Like a real soldier.
- [Sang-jin] Give that to me.
- [grunts]
- Damn it.
Dude, where'd you get this gun?
Stay alert.
[tense music playing]
[ominous music playing]
[Yeong-hu] Hold your fire.
Alpha, classify it.
The rest of you, be ready to open fire.
[exhales slowly]
[tense music playing]
Type Green.
Let's just get rid of it.
We're low on fuel.
It's a pointless fight.
[monster moans]
[Seo-jin] What's up with that thing?
It's freaking disgusting.
Don't be mean, sir.
It's crying, for God's sake.
You said, "It's crying"?
Those things bark, they don't cry.
What are you talking about?
[Seo-jin] That looks like crying to you?
To me, it looks like it's laughing
[monster crying]
- [Seo-jin] What's going on?
- Ugh.
You didn't tell us you had a girlfriend.
What are you talking about?
[Seo-jin] So, she's into baldies, huh?
But if we're in its territory,
shouldn't we be fine?
[Seo-jin] This is good then. You.
Take your girl and put her over there.
Just be nice to her.
She's a nuisance right now.
I can't entertain a monster.
- Go to that church.
- Huh?
[Seo-jin] Once you're there,
put a ring on its finger.
We're proud.
[soldier] Fuck me.
[monster crying]
I heard we're repairing the outer wall.
[Gi-chun] Really? Isn't that dangerous?
Nah, we'll be escorted
by the Crow Platoon.
- Besides, nothing happened last time.
- Well, when you put it that way,
I guess it's a lot better
than going on an expedition.
Sure, it's safe, but the real issue
is that we don't get much from it.
To be honest, we get close to nothing
in terms of rations.
Going on such expeditions
was a really wonderful job.
We can get drunk, right?
- [chuckling]
- Damn, I should've thought of it.
- Now I want booze.
- Where are we going today for work?
Wait a minute. You're really here to work?
Well, a man's gotta eat, you know.
- [chuckles]
- He can't be serious.
Guess his gambling money has run out.
I can't believe
how arrogant you are, dude.
Why would Chief Ji take you, huh?
[Gi-chun] He's right.
Just scamper off somewhere else.
- Jesus!
- Huh? Get the hell out of here.
I won't go.
I mean, why should I have to do that?
What the hell did I do wrong?
Are you for real, man?
Aren't you from that witch's family?
That's not true!
Oh! My God! My name is Kang! Jesus Christ!
I don't even have a drop of blood
in common with Lee Eun-yu!
When you have a sworn enemy,
you hate anyone with an association.
Chief Ji's only letting you people
stay here because she's a good person.
But we should've cut you
and your lot loose a long time ago.
- Assholes!
- What did you say, you fucker?
Nothing, sir.
- Let it go.
- Prick.
[Seung-wan] Um Ms Ms. Jung?
[awkward chuckle]
Um, could you, um
Could you put in a good word
to the chief for me
- so I can go out and
- [Ye-seul scoffs]
Again, why do you keep
bringing this up with me?
Everything they said was legitimate.
Well, it's just, you know, uh,
it feels unfair, that's all.
You have Lee Eun-yu to thank for that.
That crazy bitch put you in this position.
- [gate opens]
- Oh, I was embarrassed.
- [woman] Hi, ma'am.
- [man] Hi, Chief Ji.
- Mom.
- Hi, everyone.
How's your back?
All better now, Chief, thanks to you.
- Feeling all right?
- Yeah.
Hello, everyone.
[man] Hello.
Today, we'll be repairing
the east side of the outer wall.
Since we're going outside,
we have to be extra careful.
Please understand that only a few can go.
- Mr. Yoon?
- Yes, Chief?
- [Chief Ji] Where's Cheol-yong? Right.
- Right here, ma'am.
- [Chief Ji] Mr. Kim.
- [Mr. Kim] Thank you, ma'am.
- [Chief Ji] And, uh, Jae-chan.
- Yes.
[Chief Ji] Seok-chan.
- Skinny!
- Here!
[Chief Ji and men chuckling]
[Chief Ji] And lastly
[Seung-wan] Yes?
Oh. Yeah!
[Chief Ji] Let's try to get this done
before sundown, all right?
- Let's go.
- [man] Yes, ma'am.
Right, I can do this. I can do this.
[Ye-seul] That's all.
Back to what you were doing, everyone.
Return to your stations.
She's such a joke. I swear.
She's just a freaking joke.
Why would she pick that lazy bastard?
Hey, come on.
Watch your mouth.
She's the one who keeps this place
running with electricity and all.
I even gave her a heart,
and now I'm hurt I didn't get to go.
I get it.
Come to the testimony meeting.
[Peter] Do attend and hear the good word.
And just unload all that pent-up stress.
Thank you so much.
[Peter] I'll give you one if you attend.
[soft chuckle]
Come and relieve your suffering.
And do the job you have to do.
Why let a pretty face like that
go to waste?
Don't you think, Jin-a?
[Yong-seok] Go to the right.
[light suspenseful music playing]
- [clanks]
- Oh!
Chief Ji.
Couldn't you squeeze me in as well?
It's tough work.
I'll be fine, I swear.
I used to work an entire farm myself,
you know.
Sorry, I can't.
It's just
[breathing heavily]
you give more pay
to those who work, right?
You know I'm old, but not a burden.
And I could really use some sun.
I need to get some exercise. Please.
I'll take half
of what you pay the others, okay?
Ma'am, that's not the issue.
[metal clanking]
[Ye-seul humming]
[Seon-hwa] That's all mine, you know.
[Ye-seul] Yeah, right.
See those housing complexes over there?
And those around the corner?
They're all mine, so
[Seon-hwa] No way.
I'm so much richer than you are.
Give me some money then.
I deserve it, don't I?
Why would I do that?
You take me for a chump.
Okay, just calm down, would you?
[Ye-seul sighs]
That guy is as handsome as ever, my God.
[Ye-seul] I swear.
Look how attractive he is.
- [Seung-wan grunting]
- [man] Such an idiot.
[Seung-wan groans]
Whoa, look.
My God, just look at that smile.
Oh, he's just irresistible.
[Seung-wan groans]
[Seon-hwa] Sounds like you're in love.
Just follow your heart.
Or you could regret it, you know.
That's why I'm getting myself a makeover.
The sunlight needs to hit my hair evenly.
I can't ask him out with splotchy hair.
[Seung-wan grunting]
Look. They're running!
[Seung-wan shouts]
Look! Someone's running away!
Where's that jackass off to now?
I wish I could beat
the shit out of that idiot.
- Wait up. What about him?
- Screw him!
Ah! Fucking bitch!
[intense music playing]
[Dong-gi] Oh, God. Hey, man!
[Dong-gi panting]
[Sang-jin] Bitch!
That damn little bitch.
[suspenseful music playing]
Park Chan-yeong! Chan-yeong!
[Ye-seul] Chan-yeong!
My God, what's going on?
Hold it!
Watch your feet!
Ma'am, don't lift your foot.
Don't move at all.
[breathing nervously]
Why did you come all the way out here?
I wanted to leave.
[somber music playing]
I wanted to disappear quietly,
but I guess that was too much to ask.
All that nonsense
about accepting death with grace is a lie.
[breathing shakily]
I'm really scared.
I just wanna keep on living.
Despite my old age and all.
You know, with how old I am now
I still wanna keep living.
Listen, I can't stand here
for much longer.
Back off now.
Both of you, there's no reason
to injure yourself
for a useless old lady like me.
I just cause trouble for everyone.
Don't get any closer!
I told you not to come! Don't!
There, give me your hand.
Do you know how to disarm that thing?
I don't.
[Chan-yeong] Just hold on, ma'am.
Help will be on its way shortly.
[foreboding music playing]
[birds chirping]
[mysterious music playing]
[leaves rustling]
You're you're not supposed to sleep here.
[Jun-il] Hey.
Wake up.
[mysterious music playing]
Medicine. I don't like seeing you in pain.
I didn't do that.
[Jun-il] Mom
Mom, ill.
You did this to yourself.
This isn't my fault.
[mysterious music playing]
[man] What-What's going on?
Did something go wrong out there?
[Seung-wan] No, no, no,
we just need to go back inside, okay?
We just need to return inside.
- [man] Whoa, it opened.
- [Seung-wan] No, let's go inside.
- Hurry up.
- All right, let's wrap it up for today.
- Please get inside, everyone. Come on.
- Yeah. Right.
- [Seung-wan] Let's do what Chief Ji said.
- Let me go through! Where's my Chan-yeong?
- There's nothing you can do, all right?
- I can't leave him out there.
You have to. It's not up to us.
Get back inside.
Mom. You can't leave him alone.
All right, everyone, come on.
Try to go back in.
Let me go.
You can't leave him out there! Let me go!
[Ye-seul] You gotta let go!
- Park Chan-yeong! Come back in here!
- [exhales heavily]
Come back alive! Come back, please!
- [grunts]
- [Seung-wan] Calm down.
[tense music playing]
[Jun-il's mom] That's enough. Go now.
Why would I do that?
Because I need to ask a favor.
I left without even saying
a proper goodbye to Jun-il.
He'll think I abandoned him
if I die like this, you understand?
Tell him that's not how it was.
Please tell him I would never abandon him.
You'll tell him yourself.
Something so important
should be said in person.
[In-hwan] How long has it been?
I really don't know.
Step aside.
I'm sorry, sir.
I can't do that.
She's only alive
because she's not a monster yet.
The mine should've exploded,
but it's most likely broken.
So, um will she be all right, sir?
It's pure conjecture for the time being.
Your hand will blow off
if you keep pressing down.
Now move away.
[breathing shakily]
[breathing nervously]
[In-hwan sighs]
There's no guarantee that it won't go off
after she takes her foot off.
And it's hard to predict
the range on this thing for sure.
Sir, if you don't mind, I'd like
your permission to do everything we can.
You could end up dead if things go wrong.
But to me,
that sounds like there's a possibility.
Please, let's just go back, okay? Come on!
Ready or not, here I come,
wherever you are.
[Dong-gi] She's not here.
Let's just go now!
Tiny girl.
Ready or not, here I come.
[intense music playing]
Jesus Christ, let's just head back, okay?
Shut up.
Or I'll tear your tongue out.
[door clanks]
[Dong-gi] Let's just go, okay?
Come on.
[monster mumbling]
[eerie suspenseful music playing]
[monster giggles]
[grunts, groans]
It's just a little girl.
What a relief. Yeah.
[unsettling music playing]
You're crazy.
Are you all right?
You're not dead, are you?
Hey, kid.
[ominous music playing]
Wait a second. Those are human eyes.
[Dong-gi] Hey. Get lost.
Get the hell out of here.
What the fuck?
It's a monster. A monster.
Get lost, you idiot.
Goodbye then.
Damn it!
Everything here is mine.
No one else can have this.
I will kill every last one of you,
you fuckers!
All right.
No one will know about this.
[bones cracking]
All right.
[low growling]
[Dong-gi growls]
[rain pattering]
Is that all we can get today?
All that's left is useless junk
aside from some hand-to-hand explosives.
This place has been swept already.
Good to know
there are other survivors out there.
I'm pissed they beat us to it.
[Seo-jin] Kim, come here.
Let's search over there.
We'll beat them this time.
No. Too much rain.
We'll head back for now.
[Jin-ho] Sergeant Kim!
Staff Sergeant Choi has gone missing.
What about his comms?
His radio's off.
He hasn't responded.
Hey, Yong-seok's missing.
Who saw him last?
I saw him heading towards the mall, sir.
We can't search for him.
And the area's just way too vast.
So what?
You want to ditch him and leave?
Would you abandon him
if he was your brother?
That's a useless distinction.
We're all brothers here.
You're the one that referred to him
like a total stranger, you punk.
[Dong-jun sighs]
[tense music playing]
[car approaching]
[tires screech]
[intense music playing]
Get up, ma'am.
That came from the camp, right?
Kang Seok-chan.
[Seok-chan] Yes, sir.
Was there any evidence of blood
or struggle back at the mall?
[Seok-chan] No, sir.
Then we'll return for now.
- What about Yong-seok?
- The stadium comes first.
We brought most of the firepower with us.
We have to return.
Provided Yong-seok isn't harmed,
he can make it back alone.
Then if not, we'll go look for him.
We have to go.
Let's go.
- We're heading back.
- [Seok-chan] Prepare to head back!
[engine starts]
[ominous music playing]
[monster growling softly]
[monster snarls]
- [monster growling]
- [gasps]
[suspenseful music playing]
[monster growls]
[Eun-yu grunts]
[monster screeching]
[suspenseful music continues]
[monsters growling]
[Eun-yu breathing heavily]
[Eun-yu grunts]
[monster snarls]
[breathing heavily]
It's you, isn't it?
It was you last time.
It must be you. I'm certain.
[somber music playing]
Can you show yourself, please?
Just this once, please?
Come out and just stop running away.
Show yourself, please, for me.
I don't care what you look like now,
so, please, just let me see you.
Show yourself just Come on.
Come on, please. I'm begging you.
[ominous music playing]
[closing theme music playing]
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