Sweet Home (2020) s02e05 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 5

[theme music playing]
[baby crying]
[thunder rumbling]
Are you okay?
Come on. It's dangerous.
Wanna kill him?
He's doing what he's told.
Over there. Now.
You're Lee Eun-yu?
How do you know that?
[Kid] They're all gone because of you.
Harmless as they were.
[Eun-yu groans]
[wailing softly]
[Kid] Don't.
Let it go.
We're going now.
[thunder rumbling]
Won't be long
before the monsters are here.
Sound the alarm inside.
Yes, sir.
What about her?
Help her walk.
Quarantine her.
Understood, sir.
Let's go this way.
[alarm wailing]
[panicked chattering]
- What now?
- Oh, God.
[panicked chattering]
[woman] Let's go, let's go.
[breathing shakily]
[suspenseful music]
We won't be able to contact the stadium.
Communications are missing.
That was pretty loud.
A mine at the outer wall, I guess.
From the sound, sir?
I mean, what else could blow up like that?
[Dong-jun] Any available unit,
please respond.
I'm here.
Sir, we're getting monsters
in range of that beacon.
[Yeong-hu] Heading where?
Towards the stadium, it seems.
[tense music]
How far are we from there right now?
About 15 minutes, sir.
Turn around.
Away from the stadium. Move quickly.
Are we gonna bail?
[tires screech]
[ominous music]
[monsters snarling]
On my go.
[tense music]
[monsters snarling]
[tires screech]
Without power, it's not gonna pump, sir.
Yeah, but that's not why we came here.
What is it, sir?
It's time we get to work.
[suspenseful music]
Update on the monsters.
[birds squawking]
They're swarming in already, sir.
Just like that.
All right!
[monster snarls]
[tense music]
Let's move.
[monsters snarl]
Jin-ho, do it.
Hey, man, what the hell?
[Seo-jin] Where's the firework?
[Jin-ho] I think they're disrupting
the signal, sir.
Stop here.
- Should we go back?
- Stay here, open the roof.
Take that, you bastard!
I'll blow your faces on order!
Can't you just stay quiet for once?
Kim's getting crazier and crazier
by the day.
[suspenseful music]
Stop the engine.
- [engine stops]
- [exhales deeply]
[Yeong-hu breathing steadily]
[gun fires]
Lift the emergency.
[somber music]
So what's the move from here?
We used up all our C4 today.
I mean, how are we gonna blow them up now?
We kept the stadium safe.
[Seok-chan] Yeah, but still.
I mean, we're short on ordnance as it is.
Let's play it by ear.
I've put you through so much today.
It's not a bother.
About my son, Jun-il
I'll find him, ma'am.
You should be able to see him soon.
Sir, look.
[unsettling music]
Sir, I want to apologize.
[In-hwan] About what?
For acting on my own, I mean.
And even after the mine was disarmed.
Why did you do it?
You could've gotten yourself killed.
So I wouldn't have regrets.
That's my reason.
When you can't act,
then you're just stuck.
I know how that feels.
I know what it means.
Sir, I mean
Was there anything else?
Ten hut!
Sir, what was the explosion I heard?
A woman tried to run
and triggered a mine earlier.
It exploded before we could
properly defuse it.
Which platoon member was overseeing them?
I was in charge, sir.
I'm Private Park.
It's behind us now.
We've prevented the worst.
And the runner?
Removed, I assume, huh?
Park Chan-yeong.
She was showing monster symptoms
so we isolated her.
I insisted we keep her here.
Kim Yeong-hu.
Remember what you swore?
You said that you'd take care of our men.
I really placed my faith in you
and look where it's gotten us now.
More than half of our men are gone
in less than a year!
[Yeong-hu exhales]
Stick to protecting the stadium, please.
I'll take care of our men now.
Good work out there.
Go on in.
Sir, a moment.
Has Sergeant Choi come back yet?
What are you talking about?
We had an incident during the mission.
And he hasn't returned it seems.
Also, the one who missed roll call,
I found him by the entrance.
I'm not here. Please leave.
What's gotten into you, huh?
You're gonna get shot
barging in like that.
I'll chance it.
I think I'll enjoy heaven more.
Hell can't be that much worse
than here, either.
[Dr. Lim groans]
- What's this? Day drinking?
- [Dr. Lim chuckles]
What's there to drink?
That sure sounds nice, huh?
I got something
that would pair great with that.
And what's that?
A fun little story.
Oh, I'm good. I'm not interested.
Forget I asked.
I heard they were cleaning the house.
You know how they shot
that whole zone with missiles, yeah?
It wasn't a mistake. It was
The powers that be
were cleaning the house.
I heard there was monsterization
getting out of control and all.
They thought it'd be better to, uh
start with a clean slate.
Why does that matter now?
Hey. Oh, come on.
Still playing cool even now?
Oh, I'm not trying to get
under your skin, Doctor.
It's like I said, it's just a bit of fun.
I'm not amused.
'Cause you're still here.
They wanted to clean the house,
start fresh, well, they failed.
Isn't that why you're still alive
right now?
The same reason you're living
the good life here as well, Doctor.
No, that's not the reason I came here.
I mean, I have a really fun story.
Wanna hear it?
Are you kidding?
This, I've got to hear.
I'm not sure you could handle it.
What's with all the secrets?
I'm sure if you rack
that genius brain of yours,
you'll get there eventually.
Oh, come on.
Come on, Doctor.
Look, I'm not asking for free, okay?
I got these earlier today. Gambling.
Get out. I need to rest.
[Dr. Lim grunts]
Sleep well, Doctor.
This Why is this place such a mess?
Someone's gonna slip and fall.
Mom, where are you?
I have to go to her.
She said so.
[unsettling music]
[Jun-il] I have to go find my mom.
[somber music]
Let's see what we got.
Boss, shouldn't you be keeping watch?
Don't pocket anything.
What the hell?
Aren't you gonna go, "Bleh"?
What? Hey!
God, you're such a buzzkill, I swear.
Holy shit!
Oh, snacks.
Oh, my god. Spam?
Let's get going. Eat when we're back.
Wait, just one bite.
[Ha-ni] Shouldn't we take this too?
We're all out, you know.
[Dr. Lim] Is he still out of it?
[Dr. Lim] Pry his eyes open.
Are his eyes out of focus?
- No.
- Check for any cuts or scars.
Look everywhere. Every nook and cranny.
If he's got any scrapes,
give him a shot of antibiotics.
[Chan-yeong] Hey.
[Jun-il grunts]
[Chan-yeong] What the?
Um, there's a scar here, but it's weird.
[annoyed sigh]
Your face is the real emergency here,
Private Park.
It looks worse than it feels.
What the hell?
It's not a burn and it's not a bruise.
- Does he have any chronic conditions?
- [Chan-yeong] I'm not
I'm not sure. Sorry.
Does he have family here?
He's the son of the isolated infectee.
Should we step out?
What for? He's gonna find out.
Still, um
[Dr. Lim] Whatever it is,
it doesn't seem to be fatal, at least.
- [mumbles] Oh, Mom.
- But just to be safe,
I wanna keep him here.
Well, don't wait up now.
Being here isn't gonna help him
heal faster.
Oh, Dr. Lim.
Can monsters choose to attack
certain humans?
If you're talking about Type Greens,
they're not responding
to a certain individual.
It only seems like that
'cause they're more passive.
[Chan-yeong] What if there were two people
and the monster chose to pick one
of them to attack?
[Dr. Lim] Did you see something or
is this just a thought you have?
- What difference would that make?
- Monsterization
affects your mind.
It's a mental disease in a sense.
I mean, if we're not splitting hairs.
You get it, though, yeah?
I think, personally,
it's a mental disease,
capable of capturing
the minds of individuals
and bending them to its own will,
going so far
as to make their bodies change.
You think
these puppets have anything
resembling love left in them?
You're right, Doctor.
Private Park, whatever it was,
it was chance.
Yeah. Take good care of him, please.
Private Park.
This monster of yours, keep me posted.
If you happen to see it once more.
Could it really have been
trying to protect?
I'm talking about this monster
who picks whom to attack.
I'd love it if you can bring it in.
Who knows?
This oddball of yours
might end up being the key we need.
[door opens]
[door closes]
[unsettling music]
I think I'm losing it.
A monster that protects us?
[sobs] Aren't you gonna say
that you're sorry?
I'm still waiting for your apology!
What's this about, huh?
I told you to come back safe.
I told you that it's dangerous,
and I told you not to go. I told you.
And what the hell happened to your face?
Who was it? How did you get like this?
A monster?
I'm fine, really.
Do you see my hair?
I didn't get the dye out in time
'cause I was so worried about you,
and now it's a wreck.
Ugh! If you keep that up and something
something happens,
what am I supposed to do then, huh?
- How
- Hmm?
I don't really get
where you're going with this.
No, never mind.
Hey. Once I get my hair looking perfect,
then I'll see you again.
And put ointment on those.
[breathes deeply]
[In-hwan] And what brings you here?
The infectee.
Get rid of her immediately.
What's the rush?
I'm sure you have more important things
you need to deal with.
Just 'cause she's the first in a month,
and she's one patient out of 100,
do you really think it's all fine?
I'm telling you, it's not.
The others will fear the worst.
Monsterization isn't contagious?
Wrong. Monsterization sows panic
and fear.
It'll spread.
So then cut out the cyst.
Isn't that why you're here?
This cyst
anyone in here could be that.
Including you and me, Chief.
Can you please get to your point?
This worst-case scenario in their heads,
are they worried they'll get attacked
by monsters,
or are they worried
they're going to turn into monsters?
Ever since we got here,
we haven't had a single death
due to a monster outbreak.
Though it seems
people are trying to leave here.
It's not about showing compassion
for infectees.
I think we could give hope
to the survivors here.
That you still have a choice,
even if you start turning
into one of them.
What use is something like that
in a world like ours?
We all need that thing, you know.
But I'm sure I'm not teaching you
anything new.
That silver lining
is what keeps you here, hmm?
If this turns into a problem
Sergeant, I hope you'll take
full responsibility.
Of course.
[door slams]
[exhales heavily]
[breathing heavily]
Hey, sit down.
No visitors again. Whatever shall we do?
And whose fault is that?
Well, I heard smiling brings customers in,
wonder if frowning works.
Business was never that good.
I might've picked the wrong line of work.
Or maybe the wrong employee.
You have to start earning these, okay?
Don't act high and mighty.
This can't fix me.
You can't find these meds in here.
At least take
the antibiotics here, though.
Hiring someone new is a pain.
[Seung-wan] Father?
Uh, we have a testimony
meeting today, right?
- We do.
- [Gi-chun] Oh.
I heard confessing here
makes all of the symptoms go away.
- Right.
- She was the one who told us to come.
[Gi-chun] All right.
[Peter] Wow,
and you all came right on time.
[door opens, closes]
Oh, God! Hey! Have you gone crazy?
Let go! Damn it.
I was saving this
for when I was gonna ask him out.
Oh, seriously! Damn it.
Guess things aren't so bad.
You can spend your time
- drawing little doodles.
- Give it back.
- Isn't that Father Peter?
- It's not.
What do you mean it's not?
Long hair, all black,
except for the white thingy here.
That's totally him, isn't it?
No way.
For real?
Huh? Where are we going?
[Jin-ok] Even still, I should be grateful.
If it weren't for this place,
I probably would've died a long time ago.
Here, we have a floor to lay down on,
and there's a roof over our heads.
I even have my boy with me.
It's the best of a bad situation.
Right. Imagine
not being grateful for this.
- Brother.
- Jesus!
Give it here.
You said we should be honest here.
Was that honest, or was it bullshit?
If you just keep bottling up everything,
you'll end up like
just like Jun-il's mother
over there, you know?
Well, how about you start us off today?
You can't just hold it all in, right?
Let out that steam.
The people that are gathered here,
look what's happened.
Not a single monster.
You see what I mean?
Uh, I'd like to confess.
[clears throat]
Uh, I've kept this from everyone,
but I'm actually happy now.
[man] I wake up, I find something to eat.
Next thing you know, it's bedtime.
This rhythm suits me.
No one's better or worse off
Why don't we call it for today here?
I want to confess. I think
I might be in love with you, Father.
That's not it.
I'm sure, actually.
[Ye-seul] I wasn't saying
you should just blurt it out like that.
Hope things work out for you two.
Jesus tap-dancing Christ, sheesh.
You all staying or what?
[man] Nothing more to hear here.
[Seung-wan] Well, it's not like
it's the Father's fault.
- [woman] Oh, my.
- [man] Oh, my
Uh, Father?
May I ask a favor?
Yeah, of course, you can.
It's about Jun-il's mother.
I'm wondering if you could visit her.
Since you can leave the premises
with permission.
That's an expensive favor, actually.
I'll just say it's pro bono.
[knocks on door]
Come in.
I'll go search for Sergeant Choi
as soon as light breaks.
Is that what you think
Yong-seok would want?
Let's hear it.
How are you liking soldiering here?
Are you suggesting that Yong-seok
abandoned his post?
We can't be certain he didn't.
That doesn't change a damn thing for me.
I'll find him, bring him back.
- [In-hwan] Request denied.
- Master Sergeant.
I can't in good conscience
put everyone else's lives at risk.
You went through all that trouble
for that infectee.
But you're quick to abandon
one of your own men.
[In-hwan] No.
I'm doing this for you guys.
I'm not so sure anymore.
What do you think of Crow Platoon, sir?
These men risk their lives
every day for this place.
Crow Platoon's honor and dignity?
So, what use is honor when you're buried?
That's what I'm trying to say.
You want to go find Yong-seok.
And everyone else?
Are the rest of the Crows
on board with this mission?
How many men have you lost
thanks to making bull-headed mistakes?
Don't be like me.
Look, Sergeant.
I want you to learn from my failures.
You sure have become
a big coward, I must say.
[door closes]
Man, is this stuff even edible?
Take it or leave it, bud.
It's the best we got here.
This is what I risk my life for? Jesus.
And here I joined up 'cause I heard
soldiers get regular meals.
The hell is this?
Hey, Jin-ho.
Any signals yet?
[Jin-ho] No signals yet, sir.
Think being underground is affecting it?
You think I should
I should take it upstairs for a bit?
[Jin-ho] I installed a repeater,
so the signal
should come through just fine.
Taste good?
How can you eat right now?
The way I see it, Yong-seok is a deserter.
Watch your fucking mouth.
A Marine has dignity.
Hey, I didn't say anything
about what Marines had.
You might've been too busy
pulling pranks or whatever,
but have you seen Yong-seok recently?
Like a dead man walking around,
with his awful face.
The face of a deserter, for sure.
Even so, Yong-seok wouldn't
I don't think he'd do that.
He knows better than anyone
how dangerous it is out there.
Oh, maybe he
Maybe he's showing symptoms
and he wouldn't want others to
[Dong-jun grunts]
[Seo-jin] God, you sure
love to talk, don't you?
I told you to watch your mouth, didn't I?
Did you fucking hit me?
Want to throw down?
- Huh?
- [Dong-jun scoffs]
- You're not gonna pull rank, are you? Huh?
- I think that's enough, guys.
Hey, back off, motherfucker.
[loud clatter]
[Yeong-hu] That's enough.
You'll stop right there.
[somber music]
[cicadas chirping]
[somber music]
That baseball you took was my brother's.
Why would I take his
when there's balls everywhere?
You see the tear on it?
Well, he wants that one, so give it back.
Hand it over now.
This one's mine.
They say nothing here belongs to you.
- Who said that?
- [boy 1] My dad did.
Your sister's a bitch. She's evil.
Does that mean you're an evil bastard?
Yeah, that's why
you don't deserve anything.
[Yeong-su grunts]
[boy 2] He's a monster.
- A thieving little monster.
- [chuckles]
[boy 1 groaning]
[boy 2] Hey, stop it!
Don't! I said stop it!
- Get off him!
- [boy 1 moans]
- [Eun-yu] Come here.
- Let go!
Come here.
You two get out of here.
I mean it!
Hey, watch your back.
[Eun-yu] What are you doing?
You're a bully?
Well, it's better than being
a doormat, isn't it?
- Kim Yeong-su.
- If someone takes from you,
and you let them, you're a punk, see?
And that's how things are here.
You should just kill them all too.
That's what I'm going to do.
- Kim Yeong-su.
- 'Cause that's how it is.
Hurting other people
you'll always end up paying for it.
Oh, yeah? You mean it?
- Yeah.
- So why am I paying?
I was good. Did what my dad told me.
And I made sure to always listen
and do the right thing.
So why am I alone?
I'm done listening to grown-ups.
So you should just live
how you want to now.
'Cause I know I will.
What the hell?
[exhales deeply]
Oh Jun-il.
What What are you
Where is he?
[Jin-guk] You're not lying, are you?
Are you deaf?
She just said it wasn't.
Are you crazy?
You realize how serious this is?
It's not a cut, it's a nosebleed.
- Yeah, listen, you little
- [gasps]
Goodness. What have you done?
Are we good?
Look, look, look.
Does that settle it, huh?
You didn't have to take it that far.
Freaky little bastards.
Ma. Ma, I'm I'm home.
I I got some stuff from outside. Uh
Ma? My mom.
Yeong-su, hey.
Have you seen my mother?
Yeah, your mom turned into a monster.
I said she turned into a monster!
Her nose bled.
Then she will die.
Die? She will.
'Cause humans will kill her now.
Oh, Father.
What brings you all the way here?
I thought I should
pull my weight for once.
If you wanna confess, please go ahead.
I thought when I saw you coming here
that this was the end
of the line for good.
I mean, if we're gonna split hairs, then,
it's gonna get even harder to die now.
Humans are much more fragile.
I understand.
But there's nothing to spill.
I've been meaning to ask you
something, though.
I've got no answers. I can only listen.
Do I deserve this fate here now?
It's not like anyone deserves it.
You just got dealt a crappy hand,
is all.
Why is God so cruel?
I never asked for anything.
But he's punishing me
like I had lived a simple life.
How can he How can he just
take and take from me? How?
Please be sure to ask.
Ask why he lets it all
fall apart like this.
Please, I'd love to know.
That's why I made do
and asked the monster.
"Monster, say something, please.
Please, tell me."
What did it say?
I, uh, I didn't hear it say anything.
Now the monster didn't say anything.
Everyone else says they hear the monster,
so why am I the only one
who doesn't hear anything?
Whether monster or God,
in the end, it's all the same torment.
I believe the thing that torments us
isn't monsters or God, it's actually
It's actually always that one person.
And they're
They're your god and your monster.
As a mother, for you, that's your son.
To you, he's God,
and monster as well.
Even still, though
I just wanna be with Jun-il.
[Jun-il] M-my mom
My mom is over there. I need her.
It was you this morning, huh?
The reason I'm losing sleep
on night watch is you?
I'm warning you. Get lost.
Ma! Ma! Let me see my mom!
I wanna see her! No!
I want to go out there!
- [U-seok] Hey!
- Oh.
- This is your fault.
- Whoa, what are you doing?
What the hell?
- Uh, I
- I just
I can't stand this.
Stand what, sir?
Your barbaric ways.
Your violent barbaric ways.
He's my patient.
- [Jun-il mumbles]
- Didn't you know that?
And how could I know about that?
Being ignorant isn't a crime,
so I'll let you off just this once.
- [Jun-il] No
- From now on,
go easy on him.
He could be more important
than you ever could, huh?
Stop. Let go.
Let him go.
- [Jun-il] I want to go outside.
- Come here. Come on. You all right?
- What?
- All right, let's go.
- Ma. I have to
- Come on, let's go.
- She's not here. Your mother's not here.
- My mom.
- Where's my mom?
- Okay? This way. What's this?
How are you feeling?
Do you hear any strange sounds
or anything?
When you were outside, what happened?
Did you see anyone?
Did you touch anything
or did anything bite you, maybe?
Forget it. It's not that.
Uh, what exactly happened out there?
My my mom now, she's a monster?
I I have to go find Ma.
- Hey, get a grip.
- I have to get to her.
- What? Mom?
- Where is she?
Your ma? Oh, you wanna see
your mom. Mom, right?
Then how about I take you to her?
Really? You'll take me to Ma?
First, we should talk, though.
Uh, about what?
How did you get this?
Do you know?
[tranquil music]
[Jun-il] Uh a kid.
A kid?
Fl-flowers. Uh
- [recorder beeps]
- There was a a kid.
A girl. She was a girl.
Uh, she she pushed me.
Say that one more time. A child?
- Child? Flowers?
- I'm not sure.
I need to go. Ma's waiting.
- Ma's waiting.
- Say it again.
Say it again.
[unsettling music]
I guess, what's the point?
Chief Ji.
Life is truly funny.
I only started recovering
after I started turning into a monster.
Here, look. Look.
See? Look. Look.
They're all there, aren't they?
About what I said earlier.
Have you
made your decision?
I agree with you.
You're doing the right thing.
I'll help you tomorrow on your way out.
Huh? How's that?
Will you
Will you let me see Jun-il then?
Of course.
TOTAL: 432, DEAD: 31, ALIVE: 401
TOTAL: 60, DEAD: 32, ALIVE: 28
[knocks on door]
You're still up, sir?
I can't get any sleep.
So? What's up?
I found something out.
Yong-seok was seeing a woman here.
And she's rather sick, apparently.
Yong-seok said that
he would make sure that
that she lives.
The hospital, the pharmacy.
That's where he'd be.
And who is this girl?
What makes you think you could
[Eun-yu] Look at it from my point of view.
I'm always getting misunderstood.
If I'm here, and you're dead,
what do you think people will say?
You can't stop me.
Right. So why don't you go
make your scene somewhere else at least?
So you won't die hungry.
[wistful music]
Do Sang-jin.
Seems like they all end up dying.
If you mean that, then stop sending them.
Am I next then?
I feel like you'd know.
I'll be gone for a little while.
What about your debt from my husband?
I didn't kill him, so what's my debt?
None of that really matters.
I wanted to kill you, you know?
You were supposed to pretend
or beg for making a terrible mistake.
Then I'd get a choice.
Do I forgive or revenge?
Instead, it's neither.
You make your choice yet?
I'll wait it out.
I'll wait until
you become a monster.
Forgiving you is not really an option and
And murder is
Well, I don't wanna turn how you did.
So I'll wait just to kill you.
As soon as you turn.
So don't get killed out there
and leave me hanging.
You must be on patrol duty.
Thank you for your service.
Do you know why Jun-il
acted like that earlier today?
Is he all right?
Yeah, it's nothing.
Oh, that's a relief.
This morning,
he followed Lee Eun-yu outside.
[Peter] Along with Do Sang-jin
and An Dong-gi.
The three of them.
You mean it?
What if I swear to God?
I haven't seen the other two since.
[intriguing music]
[cat meowing]
That'll have to do for today.
Someone else took the cans.
Going out again?
You're a stalker now?
You get a kick out of it?
[Eun-yu] And what about you?
Looking like you got your ass kicked.
How can you say that with a straight face?
Mind your own business.
Don't act alone, okay?
You're putting the whole center at risk.
Did you know these guys
risked their lives to be here?
Even cats know that to get what you want,
you bet with your life.
That ribbon there.
I've seen it.
Enough with your curiosity
and stop following me
'cause you'll wind up dead.
Do Sang-jin and An Dong-gi,
is that why they're dead?
Wanna know what killed them?
It's that person, isn't it?
The one you're looking for.
Or is it a monster?
[Chan-yeong] On that day,
even though her husband died,
you were alive.
Monsters kill only whoever they want to?
There's no way that's possible.
that red ribbon that you have
What the hell are you talking about?
That monster has protected you.
And now you're looking for it.
[cat meows]
You You're that kid.
Did you find your brother?
Who the hell are you?
How do you know me?
Did he mention me to you?
This man
This man, where is he?
Wanna find out?
Take my hand then.
[Dr. Lim] Data number 23.
The blood sample extracted from Oh Jun-il
was very similar to that of a monster.
However, Oh Jun-il hasn't developed
any symptoms yet.
Despite having the possibility
of monsterization,
he shows no symptoms.
He was exposed to something out there.
First, I must uncover what transpired
in that two-hour missing window of time.
As of right now,
I'm planning on provoking
the subject to enable
[recorder beeps]
Oh Jun-il.
Oh Jun-il.
Your mom is waiting.
[tense music sting]
Back up.
- Someone's out there.
- [gun cocks]
I'm not going to shoot.
I just need to take that child and go.
[suspenseful music]
So you're alive.
[closing theme music playing]
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