Sweet Magnolias (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

A United Front

1 I thought about saving a piece of the old front room for check-in, but I've been talking to Skeeter about moving the reception desk over here - instead.
- Okay.
So guests check in for workouts, and they sign up for massages and any of the wonderfully indulgent self-care options that we'll have upstairs, and that way, we have a nice bit of cross-traffic.
Women can be intrigued by what's going on in other areas and they'll want to explore.
Can we get a peek? Oh, wow.
Agh, you know, I've tried to picture it, but I just didn't imagine that that it would be so wonderful.
And so terrifying, you know, but in a good way 'cause it's it's exciting and and challenging, but don't worry because I'm fully on board.
So am I.
I'm sorry I'm late.
I told you I was a little out of practice with the whole work-life juggling, but I promise I will get it down before we open.
Well, good, then you can teach me.
Goodness, this is This is going to be beautiful.
- Yeah.
- I can't believe it's ours.
- Man, we've had some good times here.
- Yeah.
Some of us more than others.
Can we focus on what this place means to everyone, please? It means a lot to us.
Oh, my.
I got it, Ms.
Helen, my mess, my apologies.
- If you're sure, Max.
- Yes, ma'am.
Please don't tell Skeeter.
Oh, my God.
- Let's buzz on through.
- Yes.
Your priorities are marketing materials and gym equipment.
- We can get to the soft goods - Okay.
a little bit later.
I did tell Skeeter to run all interior design by you.
And, Dana Sue, I know how swamped you must be at Sullivan's, so just focus on the cafe equipment.
The menu can wait.
And stay on budget.
When are we aiming to open? Uh, Ms.
Frances' birthday.
Helen Decatur, you are out of your overly ambitious mind.
It's not until next month.
I know the schedule is a little bit challenging, but with tenacity and a little grace from the angels, we can pull this off.
- I believe in us.
- Okay.
I don't know if you remember me, but I was friends with your parents.
I was also their lawyer, which means that it was my job to help them make some pretty big decisions.
Now it's my job to help you.
Your aunt Charlotte and your godfather Nolan, they both want to take care of you.
But it's it's not a job that they can share.
Does that make sense? Here, let me help you.
Hi, thank you.
Oh, this is lovely.
You're an artist? My mother's the artist.
I am an unemployed marketing major.
Well, they're beautiful.
It's the poster for the spring play.
I volunteered to design the flyer for a play Kyle did in the 5th grade, and no one explained to me that meant that I would be the poster and program parent for everything until college.
Uh, listen, um I need to apologize.
Wait, why would Uh, no.
Our last conversation.
I was trying to figure out what was going on with Ty, and I didn't realize or I hadn't heard about you and Dr.
Townsend and your, um Oh, you can go ahead and say messy divorce.
God knows everyone else does.
That cat is way out of the bag, and my skin is getting thicker by the day.
Still, I'm sorry.
Thank you.
So, I understand what I'm asking.
But I think that you and Dr.
Townsend and I need to have a meeting about how this is impacting Ty.
Did Ty talk to you? No, but there are some issues we need to discuss.
Yeah, okay.
Uh I'll speak with Bill, and I'll get right back to you.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
Charlotte, I'm so sorry for your loss.
I knew your sister and your brother-in-law socially as well as professionally.
They were special.
Everyone said such lovely things.
I've been writin' them down so I can share them with the girls one day when they're not so sad.
I'm sure they'll appreciate that.
They're all I have left.
What do you like to do with your nieces when you get together? Bake cookies.
Do puzzles.
And sing.
Charlotte, as I'm sure you know, though Rachel and Troy, uh, never finalized their will, they did set up a trust, so the financial burden on the girls' guardian should be minimal.
Rachel always had an eye on the future.
- Bless her.
- Hmm.
Did you inherit your parents' house? I stayed in our home with my parents.
Nursed them both right up to the very end.
Rachel and Troy worked too much to help, not that I'm complainin'.
I did what needed to be done.
I've always doted on Rachel's girls, since I was never blessed with babies of my own.
Do you have children, Ms.
Decatur? Uh, no.
But I am an aunt and a godmother to some wonderful boys and girls.
Children are God's expression of hope.
That's what Mama said.
Hey, Annie.
You're riding with us today.
Yeah, I remember.
Drama was crazy.
David still isn't off-book, Mr.
Paulsy was losing it Hey, did you hear about what happened to the Calhouns? Uh, yeah, yeah.
Car accident.
I've been babysitting the girls since Avery was three.
I can't even imagine what they're going through.
It's It's gotta suck.
So, what brings you here? I'm looking for doorknobs.
Here? Well, I went by the hardware store, but it's closed.
Yeah, I am through with work today.
So these doorknobs of yours, they for your, uh, renovation out at Ms.
Frances's? Yes, sir.
You should go with the brushed finish.
That way, you won't have to be polishing 'em every night.
Excellent point.
You come around to the store tomorrow after I open up again, - I'll give you a deal.
- Thank you.
If I open up again.
I'm sorry business has been going so badly.
Not so much that I'm going outta business, as business just kinda going outta me.
Thought that Pickle Jar was gonna be the answer, but, uh, we sent 'em packing.
I couldn't advise the Whartons or any of you to take such an unfair deal.
You were absolutely right.
And Mary Vaughn? She is having herself a bonnet full of bees right now 'cause we all listened to you and not her.
Might just be worth another lap before the finish.
Eh, if Kevin were still here, he'd have told me nope right off the bat.
But Kevin's not here.
Can't imagine how much you must miss your brother.
Especially after working with him every day.
It's supposed to be "sons.
" Not just "son.
" Your people may be gone but you're not alone.
Afternoon, Mr.
Where should I put these? Um These are some books that Ms.
Frances left at the house, Collins, and I thought you might enjoy adding them here to the Post library.
You can put 'em over there, young fella.
Helen? What is this? I'm making a donation.
But while we're here you and Max should have a little chat.
Why would we do that? Well, Max works for Skeeter.
He's a hard worker, sweet kid.
But he's green, and Skeeter doesn't have any time to train him properly.
Sometimes the future can come from an unexpected direction.
Well I guess it wouldn't hurt to have a chat.
- Say, young fella.
- Hello, sir.
So what do you do for Skeeter? Hey.
Tyler, hang on a second.
Coach Maddox wants to meet with me and your father to talk about the issues that you've been having at school.
Of course he does.
What's that supposed to mean? Seriously? Wh What do you want from me, Mom? How do you think you'd be doing if you were in school right now? Tyler, I get it.
Things Things have been hard lately, but but the goal of this meeting, the goal for me, anyways, is to figure out a way we all can work together to make things easier on you.
I get what Coach is trying to do.
Okay, fine, whatever.
But just you go, okay? I don't want Dad there.
Tyler, I know that your father has made some poor decisions Yeah, yeah.
but he's still your father and he loves you.
Well, since he's making bad decisions, maybe he's not the one who should be telling me how to do better.
Oh, Mrs.
Come in.
Please, call me Maddie.
, that doesn't really sit well with me these days.
Besides, it makes me feel ancient.
Uh, please have a seat.
Uh, while we wait for Dr.
Townsend? It's It's just gonna be me.
Bill doesn't know about the meeting at Ty's request.
Bill and Ty haven't exactly been seeing eye-to-eye these days.
Well, what he's going through, that's a lot to process when you're 16.
It's a whole lot to process when you're not 16.
Look, uh, Ty's a good kid, and I feel for him, I do, but I can't ignore his behavior.
He's got a lousy attitude, and he's struggling with a dead arm.
He could lose his position in the starting line-up.
Well, actions have consequences.
I've been drilling that into Ty's head since he was a bitty thing.
And his grades are down across the board.
If he doesn't get them up, he could wind up on academic probation and on the bench.
What do we do? Well, I think that Ty needs to know that the adults in his life are committed to helping him turn things around.
Yeah, no, a united front with the same goals.
But, pardon my saying so, that united front should include his dad.
I will speak to Bill.
All right.
Like I said, Ty's a good kid.
As far as I'm concerned, he got a raw deal.
You both did.
I do appreciate you flying in from Atlanta again, Nolan.
Well, this conversation's too important to have over the phone, Ms.
And I was already on my way to see the girls.
- It's devastating for them - Hmm.
for everyone who knows who knew Rachel and Troy.
Now, I know that you're the girls' godfather, but, um, I was a bit surprised by your guardianship application given that you're a bachelor.
No hot tub parties and red roses for me.
As a single person myself, I should know better, so How did you become the girls' godfather? I'm an only child.
Troy was the closest thing I had to a brother.
Taking on two small girls is bound to disrupt your lifestyle.
Children and marriage don't have to go hand-in-hand anymore.
Truth is, I always wanted to be a father, but my job required frequent travel, which made relationships difficult.
Well, won't that make parenting tough? No, ma'am.
No, I've reached a level where I can step back.
Take more of a consulting role.
Well, have you, um have you been able to spend much time with the girls during the years? Holidays.
- Two years ago, we all went to Italy together.
- Hmm.
I bet Avery I could eat more gelato than she could.
I lost.
And I spoil 'em rotten on birthdays and Christmas.
But, as a parent, I would be sure not to do that.
- Too much.
- All right, yeah, well, it sounds like they have a special place in your heart.
- They do.
- Hmm.
I've already found a great dance program for Addie and a gymnastics gym for Avery.
Mm, good.
Thanks for being so candid.
I am I'm hoping that we can make a decision soon for the girls' sake.
Was there something else? I was surprised to see that Rachel's sister was a candidate.
Well, Charlotte is their next of kin.
But there was a pretty big rift over the parents' estate.
Charlotte was all about the money, nothing else.
So what's going on? It's Tyler.
I had a distressing meeting with Coach Maddox.
Without me? Tyler didn't want you there.
His grades are falling in all classes.
Well, that's not like him.
Making sure he has enough time for his homework? And Coach Maddox also said that his pitching is off.
His position in the starting rotation is at risk.
Well, that's ridiculous.
He's the best pitcher they have, hands down.
He's struggling, Bill.
Look, the coach thinks that he is having a hard time dealing with the current family dynamics.
Well, ain't that fine.
Y'all had a meeting without me and decided everything was my fault.
This isn't about placing blame.
I'm asking you to try to help me to fix things before our son spins out of control.
Well, he's under your roof, Maddie.
So what would you like me to do? Pay attention to their feelings.
And not just Tyler.
Kyle and Katie, too.
I was swamped on Saturday, Maddie, and I still made sure the kids got picked up.
By Noreen? Can you imagine the look on Katie's face when she opened the door and she saw I was trying to do the right thing.
Come up with another excuse, Bill.
That one's getting old.
Let's get that sea bass out to table three.
- Let's go.
- Yes, sir.
Isaac, pass me the vegetables.
And here I thought you were just a pastry chef.
Looks like you've been hiding mad skills.
Where do you get your inspiration? Every dish is a symphony.
And each ingredient an instrument.
The meat is the bass.
The garlic, violins.
And the vegetables, percussion.
Find a melody that speaks to you.
All right, grilled pork loin up for table three.
I've been thinking about getting my certification.
Where did you go to culinary school? No.
Nothing beats hands-on experience.
Save your money.
Work with the best.
You know, you'd be amazed what you can pick up if you just pay attention.
But you got a degree.
That's because it was a calling, not a choice.
This job requires self-sacrifice.
It's constant stress, long hours, and brutal on the body.
Forget about relationships.
Just make sure you love it before you go into debt for it.
Where'd Dana Sue train? You'd have to ask her about that.
But I can tell you the most important thing I learned for free.
Respect the chain of command.
Dana Sue is head chef.
The boss.
Respect her and how she wants things to be done.
Earn her respect by being excellent.
Now, go be excellent.
I got ten up.
Good afternoon, Ms.
Good afternoon, Mr.
Where is Dana Sue? Uh, in this short-handed kitchen, I have many duties.
Tracking Chef is not one of them.
She's at the bar.
So easy.
Four little words, and I'm out of your hair.
You're assuming that's what I was going for.
- Uh, Aunt Helen.
- Hmm? Um, you're helping Addie and Avery? I'm part of the process, yeah.
Um, could you give them this card from me? I can't stop thinking about what they're going through.
Oh, sweetheart.
I'm doing everything I can to find them a loving home and to make sure that they're okay, all right? You're sweet.
Hey, wait.
How well do you know the girls? Pretty well.
I've been babysitting them since Avery was a toddler.
Did their Aunt Charlotte, did she babysit them much? Who? Never mind.
What, uh what activities did the girls enjoy doing? Um, well, Addison's a really good dancer, and Avery's into gymnastics, but I honestly think that's all about the sparkly leotards.
But what about, like, baking or stuff like that? No.
I mean, not with me, anyway.
Well, thank you, sweetheart.
I am sure that the girls will be really happy to get your card.
I didn't know you were gonna put in a security system.
Well, it was an impulse buy.
But Collins offered me a great deal.
I did.
Should you be up there like that? - You volunteering? - No, sir.
No, sir.
I just came by to get your equipment list.
Skeeter needs it to move forward with the built-ins.
Okay, I I'll get to it.
Yeah, and did you get my text? The landscaper says that that big old oak out front, it's got wood rot, but it's on the city easement so they have to take it down.
- So all I need you to do is make a ca - Helen.
I will get to it! I'll leave you.
Thank you.
I got it.
Don't fall, Collins.
If I do, I know who to call.
You come back to lend a hand? How gracious.
What's going on with Dana Sue? We're short-handed.
She's stressed.
She always takes turnover personally, but this is different.
I mean, she's happiest when she's busy, and she still has you.
I'll take that as a compliment.
Look, I don't have time for a chat right now.
If you wanna hang out, grab an apron.
With this manicure? Are you almost done? Oh, uh, yeah.
I I know, you're anxious to get home.
- No.
I actually wanted to talk to you.
- All right, Chef, I'm headed out.
Anything I can do for you before I go? Yeah, actually, can you grab me the page that I just printed from my office? - Happy to.
- Thank you.
He's a peach.
You get lost? - Uh, paper jam, but I fixed it.
- Agh.
I really need to replace that cranky old thing.
Thank you.
- Anything else you need right now? - Just who I was hoping to see.
What can I do for you, Peggy? I got a call from a friend in Charleston, a very influential food blogger friend.
He tells me that Brad is no longer the sous-chef here at Sullivan's.
- Can you run this, please? - Mm-hmm.
Imagine my shock at being scooped on a story brewing in my own back yard.
According to Brad, he fled the chaos of Sullivan's and is returning to Charleston to find a kitchen that's more sane.
You want me to tell you how much I miss him? I'm offering you a chance to rebut.
It's my responsibility as deputy editor to ensure my article fairly represents both sides.
Now heat that to 275.
All right, it's ready.
Got a new soup for you to taste.
Gullah peanut and sweet potato.
It's my grandmama's recipe with a few touches of my own.
Thank you, but stop.
I didn't ask you to start messing with the menu.
Okay, listen up.
I appreciate everything everyone's doing.
There's a lot going on right now, and I do not want to make the wrong decision because I'm distracted.
I promise when I find a new sous-chef, we will all discuss the menu together.
- Okay? - Yes, Chef.
Back to work.
All right, you wanna help me with these? So, I had some great insight into Puck last night.
I'm basing him off of period-specific Welsh and Irish mythological tricksters.
You know, like a chaotic neutral type? Uh-huh.
You know, if she flutters those eyelashes any faster, she'll start a hurricane.
Got my back? Ooh, sorry, you're on your own.
She kinda scares me.
It's Kyle, right? You're Ty's little brother.
Yup, I'm the cool one.
Funny, too.
Yeah, you know, I got all the gifts that count.
All Ty got was the ridiculous athletic prowess, so So, what else is Ty into? I mean, besides baseball.
Wait, you want dirt on Ty, and you think I'll spill because I'm the geeky little brother? I couldn't possibly hear any dirt from you.
Everybody knows I don't talk to freshman boys.
Well, uh Tyler loves krumping.
Come on.
Be serious.
I'm not looking for something bad, just something other people don't know.
Okay? And I didn't hear it from you.
Pinky promise.
Um Ty takes ballet classes to improve flexibility on the mound.
Look, seriously, my mom drives him up to Charleston every other Saturday.
As long as he doesn't have a game.
That's actually sweet.
And, uh, when he was little, his favorite movie was High School Musical.
That's why he played basketball in grade school.
You know, his favorite song was the G-g-g-g-g-get your head in the game So, this is your mobile office? Oh.
- Coach Maddox, hi.
Um - Hi.
I didn't know you worked out at Dexter's.
Call me Cal, please.
You know, if you're planning a workout regimen, I'd be more than happy to share some resources.
I wasn't working out.
Sorry, I didn't mean to overstep.
- No.
- Uh, I will see you later.
No, no, no, no.
No, wait, wait.
It's, um Well, I wasn't Well, I was working out.
Sort of.
But, actually Yeah, it's okay.
You can trust me with all your secrets.
Um I was doing a little recon on gym equipment for the Corner Spa.
It's, uh, my spa.
I'm one of the co-owners.
- Yeah.
- So if I keep your secret, do I get a discount on a membership? Sorry, it's ladies only.
- Well, that's a real shame.
- Why? I thought maybe we could work out together sometime.
Yes, Chef Dana Sue Sullivan for Chef John Callin, please.
- Yes, I will hold.
- Mom? Oh, have a great day, sweetie.
Oh, yes.
I'm holding for Chef John Ca Yeah.
No problem.
Yeah, no.
I have all the time in the world to hold.
Oh, Uh He Yep, no, I'm still holding.
That's fine.
The door's sticking.
What's going on? Good morning, Chef.
I hope you slept well.
Were you here all night? Here at Sullivan's, we pride ourselves on honoring authenticity and tradition.
So, we are discarding any dish that may be claimed by Brad Wellington.
I prepared a foundation of Dana Sue Sullivan classics, complemented by two creations of my own.
I hope you will honor me by sampling and considering them for your new menu.
- Is this your grandmama's soup? - Yes, Chef.
Well I am an idiot.
I beg your pardon, Chef? Ugh.
I've been stewing in my own blues, and chasing all over Charleston, and there is an outstanding sous-chef right under my nose.
Erik, the job is yours.
If you are still willing to put up with my occasionally testing your patience.
It would be an honor.
Now you're just patronizing me.
Well, absolutely.
My job is to have your back.
No matter what.
Thank you.
All right, come on, Tyler, go get 'em now.
All right, come on, Bulldogs! Come on, Ty.
You can do this.
Go, Bulldogs! All right, come on, guys! Hustle! Hustle! Next in line.
Oh, selfie up.
Here's the wind-up, it's a Aww.
Click and a miss.
Oh, no, the duck face will not score.
Next in line.
Let's go! All right, come on, get it in, now, get it in! Oh, you know, uh, Simon told me to get shots of the game.
- I should go do that.
- Yeah.
Shake it off, sweetie! You can do it.
Throw strikes, Tyler! Make 'em swing! Come on, Ty.
Come on, son.
Nice and loose.
You know what to do, don't overthink it.
Foul ball! That's all right, Tyler.
You'll strike him out this time.
"This time, Tyler, this time.
" Let's go, Tyler! Go! Come on.
Throw a strike, Tyler.
That a boy.
All right, come on, cut-off man, hey! Cut-off man, let's go! Come on, guys, heads up.
Heads up.
That's all right.
Let's go, buddy! You got this one, Tyler.
Hey, come on, Noreen.
It's time to go.
- But why? - Come on.
Come on, let's go.
Ty, listen, I know you got a lot messing with your head right now, but you gotta take a deep breath and try to push it all aside.
You're rushing, and flying open on your front side.
Just come to the plate a little slower, and stay a little bit longer on your back leg.
And then focus and fire.
Thanks, Coach.
And if it helps, just imagine the face of your nemesis in the catcher's mitt.
Come on, Ty, you got it! Let's go, Ty.
Strike one! There you go! - That's what I'm talking about! - Strike two! Strike three! You're out! There you go.
- Thanks.
- It was our game, Ty.
Seemed like you were on the ropes, but you start throwing ched' like crazy.
Too bad it was too late to pull us out of the hole.
Hit the ball more often and the hole won't be so deep.
Are you blaming us for the loss? Nah.
Nah, I ain't blaming anybody.
Come on, dude, sit down.
Oh, I'm glad to see that we are demonstrating teamwork both off and on the field.
You got it, Coach.
It was a tough game.
Regionals are still within reach.
You guys have fun.
Thanks, Coach.
Sorry about the game.
Y You were great.
Uh Thanks.
You like my outfit? I picked it out special for you.
I'm Sharpay.
High School Musical? You know, your favorite movie? What? Bro, that's your favorite movie? - No.
- That's cute.
It's nothing to be embarrassed about.
I'm not embarrassed.
I just I don't think I've ever seen it.
Well, I think you look really cute, CeCe, so if Ty's not into it, you can always role-play with me.
Come on, leave her alone.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
I'm sorry, I just I think you have me confused with someone else.
So, you don't take ballet either.
Ballet? No, no, he takes ballet.
That's just great.
All this time and we never knew that you've just been sneaking off to ballet, buddy.
Shut up, bro.
You guys, come on.
Shut up, man.
Yeah, I'll be back.
I think he should be brown, right? - Make him a little - Hey, guys.
Is this seat taken? Sit with us, Coach! I don't want Kyle to come back because he always eats the pepperoni off my pizza.
Oh, well, I assure you, - I am no pepperoni thief.
- Good.
Since I don't have to protect my pepperoni, can I go play in the arcade? You know what, sweetie, I don't know that I have any quarters.
Oh, I always have quarters.
Let me look.
Here you go.
- Knock yourself out.
- Hey, what do you say? - Thank you, Coach.
- You're welcome.
Sorry about the game.
There are more lessons in losses than wins.
Well, you got through to Bill in one look better than I can in an entire conversation.
Might need a lesson in that.
Well, you play your cards right.
I'll teach you all the tricks I know.
Do you want some pizza? Last night was awkward.
I don't do awkward.
It's no big deal.
It's a big deal to me, - and you should know it was all your brother's fault.
- What? You know, he's probably acting out because of all the crap with your dad.
I'm sure it's hard on you guys since everybody knows.
I totally get it.
Don't ever trash-talk my brother.
Chef Erik's famous walnut brownies.
Decatur, I can't thank you enough for all your hard work and assistance.
I am so grateful.
I do hope that this next chapter will be a happy one for you all.
If you had told me a year ago that I'd be raising two amazing girls, I wouldn't have believed it.
'Cause I didn't want to admit how much I wanted to be a dad.
I'd give anything to have Troy and Rachel back.
But they have left me such a gift.
You're gonna do great.
And you be sure to ring me if, uh, you ever come back and visit.
Now if you'll excuse me, I, uh, I've got a call to make.
No more of this.
This is my kitchen now.
My rules.
What in God's green earth are you going on about, Erik Whitley? In this kitchen, all gifts are welcomed and appreciated.
More importantly, all gifts are put to use.
- No rest for the weary.
- Or the wicked.
I did! Go on.
I hope you're ready to help.
I was born ready.
But I do not work for free.
So, maybe we can set up a little, uh, barter system in exchange for some of your chicken pot pies.
- I think we can make that work.
- Okay.
Well, then, lead me to your sink.
So I hear you like to play games.
Good sir, I am a man of the arts.
So you don't play games.
You, uh, play jokes, right? Do your whole good actor thing and convince someone you're telling the truth when you're not? You think I'm a good actor? Did you tell CeCe I take ballet and love High School Musical? Uh Why did you do something like that? It was funny? You're an idiot.
It was funny.
Oh, I see, so you legit wanna die.
Come on.
There we go.
All right, Puck, happy studying.
Cut those into wedges, okay? Annie? Did you hear me? Hello? What happens to me if something happens to you? Well, nothing's gonna happen to me That's what the Calhouns thought.
I know that bad things happen, sweetheart, and I think the important thing to remember is that you can't let fear take the joy out of life.
And no matter what, you have people, a whole bunch of people, to love you, protect you, and see you through everything you're gonna do.
Okay? And two of those people are gonna be here in just a minute.
You okay? - Yeah.
- Okay.
Here, why don't you take that out for me? So all the buzz at the Piggly Wiggly is about your pizza date with Cal Maddox.
Gossip travels like grease through a goose in this town.
Well, that man is hotter than fish oil, so folks are bound to get jealous.
The word is that you two were awfully cozy.
It was a post-game analysis.
We were talking about Ty.
And what about at the gym? You know better than anyone why I was at Dexter's.
I certainly didn't expect to run into Cal there.
Lord knows if I had, I would've put myself together a little better.
Oh, so there is a little something-something there.
Helen, I am not looking for romance.
My divorce isn't even final.
And what does Cal Maddox think about that? Cal Maddox does not think about me like that.
He is my son's coach.
At best, we might be friends.
I have been single for quite a long time, and if there's anything that I've learned, it's that you cannot be friends with a man like that.
At least not for long, anyway.
Watch me.
- Hey.
- Mmm.
- You started without us? - Uh-huh.
That's against Margarita Night rules.
You know we gotta be together to say "pour it out.
" Yeah.
I know.
I know.
I'm sorry.
There's just Oh, my God, there's a lot going on.
Dana Sue, you okay? I ju Yeah.
Helen my will is in order, right? I mean, when we went through everything after Ronnie left, there wasn't Yeah.
Everything's fine.
You know I wouldn't leave you exposed.
So, yeah, I was I was talking to Annie, and now I just can't stop thinking You're fine.
I don't think I am.
God, I've made some terrible mistakes.
- About what? - Brad, for one.
Firing him? No.
Hiring him in the first place.
But you know what, just in general, like, I'm just not paying attention to the right things.
Dana Sue, bad men are bad men.
- That's on them, not on you.
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, no, I know.
Hey, at least we're going into business together.
And at least we are together.
I spent the last week putting families back together out of bits and pieces, and I'm thinking to myself, "I'm good at this.
" But if I really am good at this, why am I not able to put a family together for myself? Oh, Helen.
You still have No, no, no, no.
No, don't Don't say it.
I may have time, but I do not have prospects.
Serenity is filled with a lot of beautiful things, but not the father of my children.
What if he shows up tomorrow? Yeah.
What if he's here - and you just haven't seen him yet? - Yeah! What if he does not exist, and I'm okay with that? Are you? Watching the two of you go through what you've gone through? No.
Come here.
Well, do you mind if we keep you company while you wait?
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