Sweet Magnolias (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Give Drink to the Thirsty

1 You don't owe me One more minute of your wasted time You act like it's all fine It isn't hard to leave Knowing that I'll be getting life On track I wanted to believe I've gotta make a destination Find where I belong This time I've got no hesitation And I'll be movin' on To where I belong I'll be movin' on Over the line I've drawn I'm already gone Enjoy your lunch.
Alice, you are gonna love those chicken dumplings, they have got a little extra kick today.
Hello! Table for one, or are you waiting on folks? I'm supposed to ask for Dana Sue Sullivan.
Oh, well, that is me, sweetheart.
What can I do for you? You've been served.
I knew you were gonna look like a cat stuck in a swing when you got those, but it was better than I even dreamed.
You're suing me? Wrongful termination? Yeah.
Now, everyone in South Carolina is gonna know what a lousy boss you are.
You take credit for all of my hard work, and you claim it for yourself.
Now, you and I, we both know that if it weren't for me, this place would've folded the day it opened.
I slaved away in that kitchen, making this place a success, and, what, you're gonna kick me to the curb? - You hog all the glory for yourself? - Stop it.
I was the genius in this kitchen! - If it weren't for me, it was gonna Hey! - Get out! Come on.
- Okay.
Look, I'm gonna ruin you! - [ERIK.]
Come on.
Let's go! When I'm done with her, this place is gonna be mine! - Get out of here! - Bet she goes crazy.
If you're not careful, she's gonna ruin you.
Chef asked you to leave! [BOY.]
All right, boys, great job.
Let's do sit-ups now.
- [CAL.]
Jackson, it's all right.
Think about where you want it to go, and then let it travel off your fingers.
Hey, Coach Maddox.
How come you got Tyler in the outfield doing Pilates? Oh, core work is vital to his game.
His arm is more important than his abs.
He should be exercising that.
- Well, Jackson needs practice too.
- Why? 'Cause of his arm, or 'cause he's the mayor's son? What brings you by, Doctor? [BILL.]
All right, look.
I'm worried about Tyler.
And I know he's been struggling.
And with the college scouts coming around, well, he's gotta be in top form.
- You talk to him? - He and I aren't talking that well right now.
Which is why he didn't want me to meet with you and Maddie.
Okay, well [SIGHS.]
how about you, Ms.
Townsend, and I sit down and we develop a plan? Well, Maddie doesn't know much about baseball.
Yeah, but she knows a lot about Ty.
Was that Brad? I mean, I know it was Brad, I could hear him in here, but what did he want? - He didn't ask for you.
- Well, he's not coming back, is he? This is Chef's restaurant.
It's Chef's decision.
Was he why she put those up? 'Cause it feels like Big Brother's watching.
Well, and as my mama used to say, don't do anything you don't want to see on tomorrow's front page.
- But don't you think that we should - I think you need to peel these potatoes.
So, how long have you been training? Oh, ten years.
Or that's how long I've been certified.
I was helping friends in high school and college before that.
Um, now, our clientele is strictly ladies.
Do you have any experience training women? Oh, men, women, dogs.
I know you think I was joking about that, but when I lived in DC, I had this one client, she had too much money.
She paid me to do training sessions with her pug, Ernie.
Ernie! That was also the name of her dead husband, so it was weird all around.
Uh, Helen.
Uh, sorry.
I got bad news.
Excuse me.
Skeeter, if you tell me that there's a nest of copperheads under this house, I am selling pronto.
Well, it's, uh, still too cold for copperheads.
Oh, you won't see them till later this summer.
There could be a nest of copperheads under this house? Well, your problem at the moment is corroded pipes upstairs.
Oh, come on.
Uh, you You can't go up there.
Not with those death spikes.
I have been climbing stairs in high heels since I was nine years old.
Those stilts will rip holes in the drop cloths, and you'll trip and break your pretty neck.
Now, my guys can fix the pipe.
It's just gonna take us a little longer.
We'll pay for overtime, as long as we can still open on schedule.
And, Skeeter, do whatever you can to make sure that we don't see any copperheads around here.
What you're doing here is great.
Oh, with the spa? Yeah! I mean, this whole place is like your fight song! Oh.
As soon as Ashley and I heard what your ex did, I mean, we sang our own find a new doctor song.
Well, Ashley should join.
- Oh.
- Oh, no, no.
Take it.
I've trained enough moms to know that when that phone rings, everything else gets dropped.
- Yeah.
- Even weights.
My toe learned that the hard way.
Hey, um, Ty, I am on my way.
Are you close? Actually, I I'm leaving now.
Mom, practice ended ten minutes ago.
Oh, well, I'm just finishing up a work thing.
- Can you get a ride home with Luke? - No, he already left.
Okay, I'll be there in 15 minutes.
Mom! Or how about you just walk home? Fine, I'll walk.
Hey, don't use up all that hot water.
- Kyle and Katie need to take a shower too.
- Okay.
I hope he was more entertaining on the ride home.
Thanks for that.
Glad to.
He was on my way.
So, Dr.
Townsend came by practice.
He's worried about Ty's game.
And we decided that the three of us should have a sit-down.
Tomorrow morning okay? I know Ty objected before, but I really think it's important that it be the three of us.
I understand.
I'll be there.
And thanks again for getting him home.
NBD, as the kids say.
Uh, you know, if you need anything, just holler.
I actually don't live that far away.
You still working on your paper? Mm-hmm.
What? You want to study astronomy too? [CHUCKLES.]
The closest I ever want to get to space is that roller coaster you made me ride at Disney World.
I have never prayed so hard for safe passage in my life, by the way.
Yeah, Dad had to practically carry you off when it was over.
All right, well, put your paper on the counter when you're done, and I'll proof it before you get up in the morning.
It's Coach Adams.
He doesn't care about typos.
Well, I do, and you should.
Please do not roll your eyes at me, young lady.
You know you're not allowed to do things halfway under this roof.
Good night, sweetie.
I want the three of us to figure out what we can do together to help Ty.
I don't want to have to bench him this close to regionals.
Well, he's going through a rough time, and pullin' him from the startin' line-up now is only gonna make things worse.
Bill, baseball is not everything.
Ty will get his grades up.
We can get him a tutor.
I've got it covered.
- I can help too.
- By writing checks? [STAMMERS.]
Let's just keep this discussion on Ty.
- I think part of what's making Ty's game suffer is you.
When you're both in the stands, he's distracted.
I think he's worried if you're both in the same place, you might What's the answer? For Ty? Divide the games.
One of you there at a time.
A baseball custody agreement? No.
No, I haven't missed a game of his since T-ball, and with everything going on here, he needs to know just how much I still love and support him.
I'll tell him.
He shaves his beard with an ax, you know? Maybe if I did that, I could pitch in the majors too.
- Hey, well, you gotta hit puberty first.
What are you talking about? Mom.
What are you doing here? - Hey, Gabe.
- Hey.
- Can I talk to you? - Uh, yeah.
Hey, listen.
Um, your dad and I just had a meeting with Coach Maddox.
Dad's here, too? - Ty.
- What? Look, we all think that it would be best if your dad and I weren't both at your games.
So we're gonna take turns, starting today.
Your dad will be there.
I won't.
You're not gonna come see me pitch? Ty Look, your dad and I don't agree on much right now, but we agree on this, okay? We love you, and we support you, and we want to see you succeed.
So, go out there, kick Abbington's butt, okay? Okay.
Sorry you expecting a Christmas party, 'cause this ain't one.
Well, not with that attitude.
Two problems.
All right, number one.
Dana Sue's fridge is on back-order.
- Well, did you tell her? - No.
I saw what she did to Ronnie.
I don't want that nuclear reactor to blow up at me.
Well, then don't marry her, and then cheat on her.
- What? - I'll tell her.
- The second problem - Is that you have not complimented me on my brand-new outfit.
Second problem.
Where is the ceiling? Pipes in the walls upstairs have been leaking.
Corroded everything.
Soaked down through the walls, seeped into the floorboards like deceit in a soul.
How do you fix it? Well, we replace all the pipe, rebuild and repaint the wall, and then we redo the flooring.
Well, we might as well take this opportunity to repaint the hallway.
- Hmm.
- I'll have Maddie pick out a color.
How long is this gonna take? Well, I I'll get it done before your Christmas party.
Skeeter Ramsey, we're opening in less than a month! Not unless Santa owes you a mighty big favor.
How much more is this gonna cost? Even if my guys work 14-hour shifts, there's just not enough of 'em to get it done in time.
Just need one more like that.
Throw 'em out, Ty.
You can do it! You got this! [MAN.]
Let's go, Serenity! [MAN 2.]
Come on, Ty.
Here we go.
You got this.
Strike! - [BILL.]
There you go, son! There you go! That's it, Ty! Two more like that! Throw smoke! Throw smoke! [LAUGHTER.]
Hey, come on.
Throw strikes, son.
Let's go.
- [MAN.]
It's all right.
- You got this.
Throw strikes, Tyler.
Strike 'em out.
Come on, Bulldogs.
Ball! [MAN.]
Come on.
Relax! That's okay, Tyler, shake it off! [MAN.]
Deep breath, Ty.
You can do it.
Make 'em swing.
All right, why don't you sit down, sweetheart, okay? I'm going to cheer for our son as loud as I want.
Okay, Ty.
Here we go, Tyler.
Ball three! You can do it, Ty! Your dad and I believe in you! All this bad pitching can't be good for the baby.
Jackson, one more word out of you and you're benched for the rest of the season.
Sit down.
- [MAN.]
Come on, Ty.
- [WOMAN.]
Come on, Bulldogs.
[MAN 2.]
Let's go, Bulldogs.
Throw 'em out, Ty.
Let's go, Bulldogs.
Ball four! Take your base.
- Cal, wait.
- Time! [MAN.]
[MAN 2.]
Focus up, Ty.
[MAN 3.]
Help him out, Coach.
Come on, Bulldogs.
I'm gonna go sit in the car.
This heat isn't good for the baby.
All right, Bulldogs.
Here we go! Here we go! We ready? [MAN 2.]
Here we go, Bulldogs.
Here we go, Bulldogs.
[MAN 3.]
Pick it up now, Ty.
- Come on.
Let's go.
- Yeah.
One batter at a time, okay? [UMPIRE.]
Play ball! All right, son.
Come on.
Let's go.
Bailey, four swipes won't get that counter clean.
Do it again.
I'm sure that the Department of Health would appreciate your technique.
- Yeah.
- Although, it's probably for the best that they weren't present to witness that little food fight that you had with Brad.
So you heard about that.
How I let that man get under my skin, [STAMMERS.]
I don't know.
But he just If I were here, it wouldn't have just been one plate.
What do I do the next time he comes in here? Oh.
I believe that Erik took care of that.
Yeah, and what kind of boss am I? Getting my employees all wrapped up in this mess.
What if Brad goes to the police? Nah.
Brad's ego's way too big to go to the cops.
He's never gonna step foot in this place again.
I can talk to Judge Sargent about a restraining order, if that'll help? And the lawsuit? Dare you ask? I'll handle that.
But it's gonna cost you a brownie.
Take two, please.
For Skeeter's guys.
- Ooh! - Yeah, compliments of Erik.
That is sweet of him.
He told me he hoped it would motivate them.
Hey, why do they need to be motivated? Are we behind? Has Skeeter even ordered the refrigerator yet? Yes, it's on back-order.
Um, does he not know that we're on a timeline? 'Cause I don't know if anyone else has seen this, but I don't have a fridge, we don't have countertops.
Okay, hold on, Dana Sue.
Dana Sue.
It It's gonna be okay.
Wait, are you okay? Man, I used to be fun.
Wasn't I fun? Yes.
Man, remember our senior class trip? I got in a lot of trouble because I was so much fun.
- Yes, that is one word to describe it.
- Mm-hmm.
Two words would be "balloon dress.
" - I mean, not all the balloons popped.
- No.
See? When did I stop being fun? You still kill at karaoke.
But, you know, all I do anymore is just [SIGHS.]
I go around telling people what to do, and then snapping at 'em when they don't do what I meant for them to do.
Okay, stop.
Everyone at Sullivan's loves you.
They obey me because I pay them.
You think Erik put Brad on his rear end because you pay him? Well, I I don't know, I just [EXHALES.]
I just wish that I could relax.
You know? And, like, kick back with the crew like I did before.
Before you were a boss.
Honey, I know that you are stressed, and you're tired.
You know what I'm tired of? I am tired of building something so a man can kick it down.
The only thing that Ronnie and Brad have in common is that you can succeed without them.
Got it? [GIRL.]
Hey, Annie.
Hey, Annie.
You walking home? Uh, yeah.
Didn't you have rehearsal? Not today.
The lovers need extra work with their scenes, so My gosh, I would need so much work to pretend to be in love with Billy Jeremiah.
- But with the right leading man? [PHONE CHIMES.]
Um Kyle, I have to go back inside.
- Uh - Sorry.
I thought it'd be fun for you to wear to Ty's next ball game.
Mine's just for, you know, like, when I'm around the house, or the kids come over.
'Cause I'm pretty sure no one wants me at the ball games.
Um Noreen.
About that.
Sweetheart, it's just Well, Coach Maddox thinks that Tyler can't concentrate when you're there, so, you know, he doesn't play well, and right now we're all just trying to do what's best for Tyler, right? But is this what's best? We're building a family here.
And how is he supposed to understand how much he means to me if I can't share the one thing that means the most to him? I don't know, darlin', but nobody wants to hurt you here, okay? I'm trying to be a good mom.
And a good mom would be at his games.
Tyler's mom is at his games.
You're late.
Had stuff to do.
For an assignment.
I appreciate a text, you know that.
Wanna talk about the grade on your paper? Seems you already know.
You know, I asked you to let me proof it, and you didn't.
Why? It was one paper, and it didn't matter.
Annie, you and I both know that you are capable of getting better than a C.
Why are you always trying to turn me into Little Miss Perfect? All you do is order everybody around, expecting them to be flawless.
I do not expect perfection.
I do expect best efforts, - and it's okay to mess up if you - No, it's not! Not around you.
When somebody screws up, you get mad and yell, and I might lose my temper every once in a while, but when I do, I apologize.
Did you apologize to Brad? Brad? You fired him because he made some little fail.
Okay, I I don't know what you think you know, but Brad made an epic fail.
What about Dad? You know, one mistake and you threw him out before he could even apologize.
Annie Lenore Sullivan, you know that what your father did was more than just one mistake.
No, he messed up once, and you ran him out of town.
Is that what you're gonna do to me? If I get another C, you're just gonna ship me off to St.
Agnes with the wayward girls? Don't you dare talk to me this way.
- You need - To shut up? To go away.
Yeah, sure thing, boss lady.
Oh, dear.
Well, good morning.
Yeah, I know you're not allowed a real mimosa, so we'll just pretend, all right? Are we not going into the office? No, we are.
I just, uh Well, I thought we'd share a nice breakfast.
Which you made all on your own.
Well, no call does sound suspicious.
I, uh Well, look, I'm I'm hoping today's a better day.
Thank you.
Starting off like this, I'm sure it will be.
Hey, come here.
Let me take you to a movie.
Come on.
I'm on call tonight, but how about tomorrow? All right? You pick what we see and how much butter we put on the popcorn.
- Ty has a game, and it's one of yours.
- Well this is just as important.
And Maddie'd be happy to go.
You're so sweet, but I know how much Ty's games mean to you.
You're not gonna miss one 'cause of me.
You sure? Of course.
Oh You're a good woman, Noreen.
There's still so much work to do at the spa.
We're not gonna open on time.
Master scheduler that you are, I can imagine that's a struggle.
But I knew that renovating Ms.
Frances's house was gonna be a huge undertaking, but there have been so many surprises, and I do not like surprises.
Of course not.
They remind us that we're not in control.
But you were saying? [GROANS.]
Skeeter has been a wonder, but there's only so much that he can do with his crew.
What happens if you don't meet your deadline? We really want to open on Ms.
Frances's birthday to honor her.
Frances was one of the first people I met in Serenity.
- She was on your call committee.
- Mm-hmm.
She was quiet, but I could tell her opinion.
Even in silence, it carried a lot of weight.
When she did speak, it wasn't about doctrine or budget.
It was about community, about how Serenity should always welcome the stranger, and feed the hungry, and give the thirsty a drink.
Oh, my.
She told me a story about three little girls who came to her on a hot summer day.
And asked if they could build a lemonade stand on her corner.
Now, why do you suppose they wanted to use her corner? Uh, because it was the busiest corner in town.
Everybody, fancy, poor, and in between, it seemed like they'd have to come across that corner at some point during the day.
And it it was so hot that we knew that they would need a lemonade.
- Mm-hmm.
- Give the thirsty a drink.
Our first venture together.
Here's the thing about being the one who's always standing behind the lemonade stand.
You forget that you get thirsty too.
You forget how to let someone else pour for you.
Frances will be honored no matter what day you open.
And there is no dishonor in asking for help.
Why don't we step on out across to Wharton's? I have this sudden hankering for lemonade.
- Ooh.
Let's go.
- [JUNE.]
Don't have to tell me twice.
How about this? [MADDIE.]
Maybe something not so bright? This shade would scare Van Gogh.
All right.
Van Gogh.
Go, go, gooo All right, well, how about these? - This is a little better, right? - Mm-hmm.
So much.
Oh, I, uh If you'll excuse me, I have to alphabetize the hammers.
Hey, Noreen.
Shouldn't you be at Ty's baseball game? Bill and I decided I shouldn't go to the games anymore.
I'm sorry.
I didn't Those bleachers, they're just so hard on my back right now.
And this gives me more time to make some choices about the nursery without Bill hanging around, and We We wanna be surprised whether it's a boy or a girl, so I was thinking about a light green.
It's lovely.
But there's nothing wrong with yellow.
No, there's not.
It's just so hard to decide.
Takes time.
And, Peanut, you'll be brave, and strong, and confident.
And you'll be such a good person that even when you make mistakes, people will forgive you because you have such a good heart.
But, remember, if you ever feel all alone, no one can love you more than I do.
Hey, Noreen.
Kyle, what are you doing here? Practicing my lines.
My whole part of the play takes place outside, so I thought it'd be fun to rehearse out here.
And a lot more fun than standing around in the hardware store - while my mom picks out paint.
- Yeah.
That's not my favorite either.
- Can I sit? - Yeah.
How come you're not at Ty's game? With Dad? Relationships are hard, aren't they? Something happen, sweetie? [CHUCKLES.]
More like something didn't.
W Why does all this have to be so difficult? Remember: Girls are just as nervous as you are, and they get their feelings hurt too.
They just want to know you're thinking about 'em.
But what if that's all you're thinking about? [CHUCKLES.]
I mean, why can't they just know that you like them? I'd know if a girl liked me.
If there's somebody you like, hang tough.
And if you don't give up, eventually, she'll see how you feel, and she'll love you too.
Hey, sweetie.
How was your day? Didn't realize how late it is.
Good night.
Oh, gosh.
Didn't know there were this many plumbers in the whole county.
What do you have on Santa Claus? [HELEN, CHUCKLES.]
It's the other Christmas guy who inspired me.
And Pastor June reminded me that neighbors should be eager to help each other out, and just as willing to ask for help.
- They are residential plumbers, though.
They know enough.
And what they don't know, you can show 'em.
You are relentless.
I If you ever decide to quit being a lawyer, - I'd give you a job in a heartbeat.
- Skeeter! I'll keep my shoes handy.
- All right.
Oh, gosh.
Hey, it's Maddie.
Um, I can't believe I'm calling you like this, but I have tried everyone, and there is not an available plumber in the county and my kitchen sink is leaking.
N No.
I I No, I knew enough to do that.
I'd be grateful.
- Whoa.
- Whoa.
I'm sorry.
- Hi.
- Hi.
It's, uh nice to run into ya.
Um that was so sweet of you to send over that cobbler.
If there is anything that'll make Skeeter's crew work harder than overtime pay, it's sweets.
Did they enjoy it? Oh, they're not getting that until the pipes are working.
Incentives, my dear.
Oh, such a taskmaster.
- Remind me to stay on your good side.
Well, who says that you are? All right.
Erik, uh thank you for taking Brad outside for a little conversation.
It was above and beyond your job requirements.
Well, I didn't do that as Chef's employee.
I did it as Dana Sue's friend.
Well, she needed that.
So thanks a bushel.
I gotta Yeah, I gotta run.
- Yeah.
So, I turned off the water, but it's still a mess.
Are you ready? Yeah.
Let's do this.
- Uh, well, it looks like you tamed it.
- Yeah.
Here, hold this.
I'm going in.
Let's see here.
So, it was, um It was It was coming from here, but it was, like, shooting It was shooting.
Well, it was spraying, like, this in this direction.
That way? I'm trying to be specific.
- And I appreciate that.
- Okay, I don't want you to get hit in the face with a bunch of water.
- [CAL.]
- Just like that.
That's it.
- [CAL.]
- Gosh.
Let me put a towel down.
There's always something left in the pipes.
- Okay.
- [CAL.]
All right.
So your connectors are loose.
That's easy enough to fix.
Let me get this out of here.
- That should do it.
No, that's not it.
Oh, my gosh, tighten it.
Oh, gosh.
Yeah, okay, all right, I need the heavy artillery.
Thank you.
All right.
All right.
That should do it.
Well, so you said.
Wait, how many more towels do you have? [LAUGHS.]
Not enough.
- Okay.
- Yeah, victory.
- Thank you so much.
I made it look a lot harder than it was.
This is always the type of thing that Bill would take care of.
And by take care of, I mean, he would call a plumber.
Which I did call a few of them, but Helen's got 'em all rounded up working at the spa, so - Thank you.
- It was really no big deal.
Well, it was to me.
Um, do you want a drink? Or you can, um You could stay for dinner? The kids are almost home.
I It'll be something simple.
I love simple.
- Um, okay.
- If you're sure it's not too much trouble.
No, it's fine.
I always make enough for a ball team.
You know.
Teenage boys.
Um, okay.
So, well, I'll set you a plate.
- Oh! Hey, careful.
What the Ty.
Coach? Mom? - You're wet.
- Yeah.
Well, the sink, it busted, and I just I called Coach Maddox to fix it, so You what? I'm gonna take a rain check on dinner.
- You guys have a good night.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Oh, Peggy.
I've seen enough episodes of Suits to know Brad doesn't have a leg to stand on with that lawsuit.
Uh, you know, it's it's not I [SIGHS.]
Chef, you hired Isaac.
Even though he didn't know a braising pot from a flowerpot, and you've taught him.
Encouraged him.
Now you've moved him up from dishwashing to the line.
Even though he's still learning to properly scrub a stockpot.
You know, I'm standing right here.
I know you don't like compliments unless it's about your food, but you're a good boss.
Don't beat yourself up over one bad apple.
Thank you.
This looks good.
Well, dig in.
Chef? Oh, now, you know he was teasing.
Uh, I think there's something else you should know about Brad.
It was a weird day.
What, like "polka-dotted fish with two heads" weird, or, like, "not everybody likes Beyoncé" weird? Like, "I thought we were working out" weird? Oh! Oh.
So, it's gonna be one of those days where you don't want to chat about it, so I start talking really fast in long run-on sentences, and you get tired of listening to how long I can speak without taking a breath, 'cause I have amazing core strength and breath control and eventually, you give in and tell me.
- Is that what it's gonna be like tonight? - Yeah, you know what? I surrender, okay.
I saw the mom today.
Didn't I tell you it was a bad idea? Yeah.
No, no, no.
I know I told you it was a bad idea.
- Even Ashley told you it was a bad idea.
- This is a bad idea, yeah, no, I know.
Especially since she's the mom of a player.
My star player.
The mom is Madd - Hmm.
- The mom is Maddie Townsend? Yeah, I know you guys don't approve, but I just Oh, no.
No, no, no, no.
I definitely think you should ask out my brand-new boss, Maddie.
- The four of us could even double-date.
Oh, my gosh.
However However, I know what she's going through, I've been through it.
Like, I don't want to push her, but I can't exactly walk away.
It's the age-old pull between the heart and the head, my friend.
You need to respect a lady and give her space, but you can't wait to be up close and personal.
This is a place country music comes from.
So, I was thinking that, um, that we should hire Cal to do some plumbing at the spa.
I thought you said Skeeter had it handled.
And he does.
But if Cal is gonna go around town doing naked plumbing, oh, I will punch some holes so I can call him up and enjoy the show.
He was not naked.
He was just wet.
- [HELEN.]
- He was very, very wet.
You know who drove by and saw him? [DANA SUE.]
Mary Vaughn Lewis.
- Oh, Lord.
- [HELEN.]
And Mary Vaughn told Peggy, and Peggy told Mary Lee, and Mary Lee told Lee Ann that she drove by and saw him shirtless and glistening.
Glistening in the driveway.
- He was dripping.
And they gave him six abs up.
He deserves it.
Well, I heard that he was practically doing a Magic Mike routine in the middle of the street.
- Lord have mercy.
- Mm.
Seriously, though staring at him in that wet T-shirt, all I could think of was Helen.
- Why? - [LAUGHS.]
Because she said that it was impossible to be just friends with a man that ridiculously hot.
And that is why you should be friends with benefits.
Oh, my Lord Come bring that in.
You want to, and there it is.
So that's the secret to happiness: a plumber.
A wet plumber.
- I guess so.
- Well, you know, I guess I'll have to bust some pipes down at the restaurant.
Are things not improving? I just I know that my staff thinks I'm authoritarian, and my daughter agrees.
- [HELEN.]
Oh, she's a teenager.
- Yeah.
You should have heard some of the things she said to me.
About Ronnie.
She even stood up for Brad.
- I repeat: She's a teenager.
- Yeah.
She doesn't believe half the stuff she says.
Yeah, well, what half though? [CRUNCHING.]
That's a thing that being a boss and a mom have in common.
They both can suck sometimes.
Man I used to be the life of the party.
And you two know it.
Right? And you were the bossy one.
Determined! - And you were the sensible one.
- Well, look where that got me.
You're gonna be fine.
- Okay.
- Hmm.
And you're not? I don't know.
Sometimes I wonder.
I'm just tired.
I'm tired of Annie being angry, and I'm tired of my staff being prickly, and [SIGHS.]
It'd be so much easier if everyone just liked me.
We like you.
- Most of the time.
You're awful.
Oh, you're the worst.
I'm gonna run this over to the bank.
Be right back.
I'll be here.

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