Sweet Magnolias (2020) s03e01 Episode Script

Meaning to Tell You

- ["Destination" by Nickel Creek playing]
- You don't owe me ♪
One more minute of your wasted time ♪
You act like it's all fine ♪
It isn't hard to leave ♪
Knowing that I'll be getting life
On track ♪
I wanted to believe ♪
I've gotta make a destination ♪
Find where I belong ♪
This time I've got no hesitation ♪
I'll be movin' on ♪
To where I belong ♪
I'll be movin' on ♪
Over the line I've drawn ♪
I'm already gone ♪
[music fades]
[door opens]
[crickets chirping]
[footsteps approaching]
[inhales, exhales deeply]
[solemn music playing]
Where do you wanna talk?
[stammers] The living room might be best.
[Helen] I need you to trust me.
I do.
I just wish
we weren't having this conversation.
I wish I hadn't let him get to me
or Mary Vaughn.
- Any of it. All of it.
- Cal, stop.
No, see, that's the problem
right there, isn't it?
I don't know when to stop.
- Is Stu okay?
- His ego was more bruised than his lip.
- I shouldn't have hit him.
- [Erik] We all wanted to.
I was worried he had
a weapon or something.
I only called for help
'cause I was afraid you'd get hurt.
- I was protecting Maddie.
- [Helen] We know that.
[Cal] That's no excuse.
There is no excuse.
- Not a soul there would blame you.
- I'm not looking for forgiveness either.
I messed up.
I will step away from the restaurant,
from from everything.
Whatever sets matters right.
You need to set matters right
for yourself too, Cal.
And you do not need to step back.
Let me start by talking
with the county prosecutor in the morning,
and we'll go from there.
We all wanna help you, Cal.
I have to, um, get, um, home.
It's, um, late.
- Hey, let me drive you home.
- [Cal] Yeah.
[Erik] Just, uh, give me
a moment, all right?
Maddie, why don't you ride with me?
[solemn music continues]
- Hey.
- Hey. [sighs]
It's been quite a night.
It has.
I'll talk to you tomorrow.
[door closes]
[solemn music continues]
I'm happy to help with English homework,
especially if we're reading more Austen,
but I'd be no good with chemistry.
Science was never my thing.
[chuckles] I'm excited.
Not many juniors get to take this class.
[Ronnie] Proud of you.
[door opens]
- Oh! Welcome home.
- [chuckles]
Hey! I didn't expect
you two to still be up.
I tried to get her to bed.
- Not very hard, but I tried.
- [chuckling]
I wanted to make sure
that Coach Cal was okay. Is he?
He will be.
And Maddie?
She's fine.
Annie, how about we talk more
in the morning? It's been such a long day.
- Sure.
- [Dana Sue] Okay.
- Night, Mom. Night, Dad.
- [Dana Sue] Mm.
- Good night. I love you.
- [Dana Sue] Sweet dreams, baby.
So, where's Cal now?
Helen got him released,
and Erik took him home.
- [sighs]
- [door closes]
I wish I'd have been there. I'd have
When the hell were you gonna tell me
Kathy was back?
- I didn't know.
- Really?
She came back without calling you,
texting, anything?
Dana Sue, I haven't heard from her since
Then why is she here doing this?
What are you Come here. Give me that.
Come here! Give me that phone.
Hey, what are you doing? Come here.
[solemn music playing]
I have no idea.
You know what to do
if she does reach out, right?
[upbeat country music playing]
I got a ton of texts overnight
about Coach Cal getting fired
but nothing about a fight.
- Sure it'll spread like wildfire today.
- I can't imagine Coach in a fight.
- He was protecting me.
- From what?
Listen, it was a mess.
We'll get it all figured out today.
Just please don't worry.
How can we not? It
So, what can we do?
Well, the first thing you could do is
don't let your friends,
even if they mean well,
pull you into negative conversations.
Otherwise, just do your chores
and look after Katie.
- I wanna go see him.
- [Maddie] No.
Not now.
[Kyle in British accent] My queen,
we shall guard the princess,
banish dragons, and defend the castle.
And empty the dishwasher.
And empty the washer of dishes.
Unbelievable. Coach Cal got fired.
What are Gabe and the guys
gonna do without him?
Won't Coach Harlan take over?
You always liked him.
Yeah, he's great. Just didn't play pro.
[Kyle] The fight actually sounds like
an equally big deal, which stinks.
I mean, Mom was happy,
and I thought Coach was coming around
on important stuff like listening to us
and appreciating theater.
Nobody said Mom and Coach are breaking up.
Yeah, but they might.
Cal's not Dad.
Ever wonder what it's like
to live with calm people?
[chuckles] You? You want less drama?
[stammers] I want fewer surprises.
Actually, I want no surprises,
but Dr. Ashley says I need to recognize
that the results will be suboptimal.
I really need to talk to Coach.
Mom said no. And the last thing
she needs right now is you going rogue.
Yeah. I suppose.
Since we're on the subject
of moms who say no
- Are we?
- I asked Nellie out.
And she said yes.
And things were great
for, like, 15 whole minutes,
and then boom.
Her mom says we can't see each other
because of the stupid recall.
And all the usual
our mom versus her mom stuff.
I'm sorry, dude.
You deserve some happiness
just like Mom does.
Of course.
[hesitates] So, do you got any advice?
No, sir. Mrs. Lewis
has always kind of scared me.
[quietly] Yeah.
Do you remember that Fourth of July parade
when she jumped up on a Scout float
while it was moving
to comb Jackson's hair?
She landed right on my foot,
and I thought her heel
was gonna go all the way through
and nail me to that float permanently.
That show she put on in court is
the whole reason I got community service.
I I kept waiting
for a spotlight to appear.
I'll bet she'll move on
to terrorizing somebody else
and forget all about you.
And you and Nellie can pick up
where you left off.
[hopeful music playing]
All those zeroes. [laughs]
[scoffs] Not even talking
about all the zeros.
How in heaven's name
did you forget to tell me
about all these zeros last night?
Oh, come on.
I had a lot on my mind
with the Cal of it all,
the Kathy of it all,
much less
the doesn't-seem-quite-real of it all.
Sure you didn't need to sleep on it
before you decided to tell me?
Ronnie Sullivan [chuckles]
[splutters] Are you joshing me?
You think I would hide that from you?
A a check that could change our lives
and then some?
Okay. I
- I could have said that better.
- [scoffs]
But it strikes me as odd.
[Dana Sue] Ronnie.
We're still finding our footing.
I'm sorry.
[gentle music playing]
I could have handled that more gracefully,
even with
all the this-and-that last night.
- This is a nice surprise.
- Maddie.
First, let me thank you again
for the beautiful day
you and everyone else created
to honor Aunt Frances.
It was our honor, truly.
In her name,
I wanna present you with this box.
Should I be worried what's in it?
Her note to me said it's memorabilia
from when the spa was her house.
She thought you might enjoy
displaying some of it.
Oh, how fun! What kind of memorabilia?
I actually didn't go through it.
There were a lot of boxes
with a lot of instructions,
some more complicated than others,
and I have to tend to them all.
So you're staying a bit.
I was thinking about it.
Well, I'm sure that'll make
a lot of people very happy.
I always appreciate the chance
to make people happy.
[quietly] Yeah.
Neville, Grace, Collins, my mom.
They're all gonna wanna hold on to you
even as they try to let her go.
Well, thank you so much
for bringing this by.
I will let you know
if there's treasure inside.
Have a good day.
[mellow music playing]
[diners laughing, chattering indistinctly]
Hey, Isaac.
Uh, good morning, Maddie.
I prayed for a lot of people last night,
including you.
Thank you.
The Bill part.
I just I want you to know
I'm not gonna say anything to anybody,
including my children,
unless you ask me to.
I appreciate that. [chuckles]
It's so complicated. I'm still trying
to figure out what I want.
Well, that's what matters most.
And if you need any help
or support or anything,
I am here for you as a friend.
Although I'm pretty sure
you already have a full roster of those.
- Always room for another.
- Morning, you two.
Isaac, tell me
you brought the yogurt parfaits.
Vanilla and sour cherry as requested.
Wonderful. [chuckles] And, Maddie,
I have something when you two are done.
Oh, go ahead. I have to get back.
- Hope you have a beautiful day.
- You too.
- You have a great one too, Trotter.
- [Trotter] Oh, if you insist.
- He's a good kid.
- Yeah, he sure is.
Please tell me it is not
another town council meeting request.
[Trotter] Something better.
Trotter! You shouldn't have.
Uh, I didn't, but now I wish I had.
But this never occurred to me that this is
a flower-giving sort of situation.
Yeah, I texted him about 15 times.
All I got back was,
"Later, please." [chuckles]
- [Maddie sniffles, sighs]
- [Trotter] Um
I'm not asking to share your flowers.
I'm just trying to make you laugh.
Not that there's anything wrong
with crying,
but how about we, uh we do it over here?
[Maddie sniffles]
Oh God.
I don't need details.
I've [chuckles] heard enough
to understand how upsetting last night was
for Cal and for you.
I love you both.
I wanna help.
Since neither of you
are making that particularly easy,
let me just suggest you start
by releasing all of that tension.
I can feel it radiating into my bicep
when I put my arm around you.
So you can either have a good cry,
or I can make you take a yoga class.
It's your call.
How do you always know
the right thing to say?
It's a gift.
I'm not so much sad as I am unnerved.
I feel like Cal has been hiding something
from me, and it's just eating him alive.
Strong people do that.
They forget that sharing isn't a weakness.
[sighs] Yeah. Right.
[sniffles] Ooh!
[Trotter chuckles softly]
You know what would make me feel better?
Getting back to work.
Oh. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, boss.
As your right-hand man,
I cannot permit that. No.
This whole "stay busy
so you don't have to think" deal?
It's it's a trap.
You are not going to work today.
- You are taking the day off.
- No, I cannot do that.
The world will continue to spin.
The moon will rise on schedule.
And the only problem will be
how much I'll miss your lovely smile.
And don't you dare go home
and do things for your family. No.
You go somewhere lovely and unexpected
and do something just for you.
[whimsical music playing]
Dear Lord, you don't even know how.
[dog barking]
[June laughing]
Good morning.
Pastor June, good morning.
When did you get a dog?
- This is Samson.
- [chuckling] Oh!
He's new. A rescue.
- What a sweetie. [kisses]
- [chuckles]
- Come here, buddy.
- Come on.
Oh goodness.
I can't imagine anyone giving him up.
Mm. I consider him a gift.
Truth be told, I've been looking for a dog
to be able to go out walking
during the day.
- For some exercise?
- Mm, more for quiet.
Don't get me wrong,
I love everyone at Prince of Peace,
but we have a lot of people
in the congregation
who expect me to be at the church
and utterly available 24/7.
It must be so hard.
To be at my best to serve,
I need my quiet time.
For reflection.
Right now, my favorite scriptures
are about the times when Jesus
went off to be by himself. [chuckles]
So instead of going fishing,
you got a dog.
I thought people
might respect my taking breaks more
if it were about the dog.
I probably should have gotten a shepherd
or sheepdog for emphasis. [chuckles]
- But this little fella called out to me.
- Mm.
[chuckles] And we both love our walks.
Maybe I need a dog. [chuckles]
Wanna share mine?
No. No, no, no. I do not wanna intrude.
To be clear,
this isn't a pastoral invitation.
This is a suggestion from a friend.
[poignant music playing]
Let's spend a little quiet time together.
That would be lovely.
- [chuckles]
- [Samson barks]
- Whoa!
- Whoa! [chuckles]
I shouldn't have lost control,
but I feel like I have been losing control
on all sides lately.
I know how worried Maddie is about you.
I've spoken to her several times today.
But I completely understand
how important it is
for you to get a handle on your feelings
and not make decisions
based on fear or anger.
Or adrenaline.
- I just want everything to be perfect.
- [laughs]
Well, that is a horrible burden
to place on yourself. It's impossible.
I have never wanted to hurt anyone.
But somehow,
I always do.
That's why life is bittersweet.
But what's most important right now is
that the county prosecutor
will not be pursuing the case.
Stu refuses to testify
and has apparently expressed
great remorse for goading you.
- Can I talk to him?
- The prosecutor?
- Stu.
- That is a terrible idea.
I admire your compassion,
but he'll take it as encouragement.
- I just wanna do the right thing.
- Do it a different way.
[solemn music playing]
Yeah, I got the answer.
Just not the one I wanted.
No, it'll be fine.
[Rebecca whining]
I love you too, Dad, but I'm staying here.
Okay, I'll talk to you soon.
[Noreen] Oh
Everything okay?
Don't mean to snoop.
I just wanna make sure you're good.
I miss my dad sometimes.
I get that.
I bet your dad's a wonderful man.
He is.
Well, I'm gonna go see
if Peanut will go down. Take my shower.
You mind keeping an ear out for her?
Do you one better.
You're wonderful, Isaac.
- [whispers] Wanna go say hi?
- Hi, darling.
- Hi.
- Can I get you?
Can I get you here?
Hi, sweetie.
[gentle music playing]
Hi. [gasps playfully]
[gasps playfully]
You know what?
You and I have the same biological dad.
[Rebecca cooing]
I just wanted to share that with you
'cause I think you're really cool
but I bet that is all your mom. [chuckles]
[crossing bell ringing]
[calm piano music playing]
[indistinct chattering]
- [Ronnie clears throat]
- [laughing]
Oh, Ronnie.
Mm! I cannot tell you
how wonderful it is to see you.
[inhales deeply] Mm!
It's been way too long.
I wasn't sure until right this minute
you were even gonna show.
Good thing I still had your number
in my phone.
Jillian, a rye on the rocks
for this fine man, please.
What if I'd changed my drink
since I last saw you?
Oh! [chuckling]
Oh, Ronnie.
[sighs] Kathy.
Why in blue blazes are you back?
Paying my respects to Miss Frances,
of course.
Good ol' Miss Frances.
So you're not staying.
I don't know yet.
What do you want, Kathy?
Am I not allowed
to just miss my big brother?
Stop with the games.
Why are you here?
And what in the living hell
was that with the tire?
Oh, please.
I'll pay her back,
which I know she would never do for me.
I just knew Dana Sue wouldn't see me,
and I wanted to remind her
how I feel about her
and how she stole Sullivan's from me.
We're not going to rehash that old crap.
[Kathy] Hmm.
Get yourself back to Georgia. Soon.
Maybe as soon as you finish your drink.
I saw Annie.
After the funeral.
What a lovely girl she's become.
I will say it again.
I need you to hear me this time.
[emphatically] Stay away from my daughter.
She doesn't know you.
She doesn't need to know you.
[tense music playing]
[Maddie gasps]
- Did Erik propose?
- Is this from Ryan?
- Ding!
- [Dana Sue gasps]
Oh my stars.
[stammering] Okay.
Hang on for just half a second here.
You're not wearing it.
Erik didn't say anything at work today.
And I saw Ryan. He didn't so much as wink.
- [Dana Sue] What'd you say?
- [scoffs]
I told Ryan that I had to think about it,
and I told Erik
nothing yet.
Is that fair?
- To which one?
- [Maddie] Either.
Doesn't the fact that you need
to think about it say something?
Well, this isn't a situation
that you jump into lightly.
Taking time is a good thing.
Not if your heart is speaking up.
Look at her face.
Your heart is saying something.
I believe it's saying
you two need to catch your breath.
Give me back that ring.
- We don't mean to make it worse.
- [groans] How can it be?
I care so deeply for Erik. [stammers]
More than I I ever anticipated
and much more than I was prepared for.
But Ryan
- Ryan's been in my heart my whole life.
- [Dana Sue] I get it.
It's hard having two good men
in your life.
Have to make a decision at some point.
Maybe this isn't that point.
Isn't it?
You seem seemed happy with Erik.
And, if I may speak frankly,
have you ever truly been happy with Ryan
for more than a couple weeks at a time?
San Francisco was good. Mostly.
San Francisco was a long time ago.
That's why I have to think!
[Maddie sighs]
And don't you even let
a stray thought about this cross your mind
in the vicinity of Erik Whitley
until I tell you differently.
- Yes, ma'am!
- [Helen chuckles]
So, Dana Sue, why don't you pour it out?
Eh, I think you only half-poured.
I will say nothing else tonight.
- [Maddie laughs]
- [laughing] Oh! Okay, then.
I told Ronnie about the mystery check.
Oh. Was he excited?
No. He was kind of weird about it.
- Oh.
- He accused me of hiding it from him.
- When did you tell him?
- This morning.
- Then I understand his reaction.
- Last night was all over the place.
- Sorry.
- [Dana Sue] Not my point.
Well, my point is that he's been wrangling
with how much you trust him
and how much of a voice he has
in your relationship. [mutters]
You you can't blame him
for being skittish.
Did you talk about what you're gonna do?
We agree the priority
is Annie's college fund,
but we haven't discussed beyond that. I
It still doesn't seem
completely real, you know?
Any more thoughts
about why Miss Frances left it to you?
No, but I'm thinking hard.
- So, what are you thinking about Kathy?
- Mm.
Have you heard from her
in a more appropriate manner?
[blows raspberry]
We should still tell Chief Bolden,
shouldn't we?
Ronnie went to see her
and find out what she wants.
Frankly, I'd rather handle the tire myself
and pray a tornado swirls up
and carries her out of town. [chuckles]
That's what happens
to wicked witches, right?
Ah, no. They get houses dropped on 'em.
- I'm fine with that too.
- [laughs] Hey, you take it easy.
I'm not bailing anybody else
out of jail anytime soon.
Oh, sorry. Sorry, Maddie.
No. No sorrier than I am.
I was just telling June I
Wait, you went to see June?
We went for a walk with Samson.
- Samson?
- It's her new dog.
And and you were telling June what?
Well, I I told her that I'm frustrated.
But I'll tell the two of you,
I'm also scared and angry.
How did I go
from one volatile relationship
right into another one?
Maddie, that's comparing apples
to atomic bombs.
And I'm worried there's a connection.
I gotta figure it out.
For my sake and for the kids.
We're here for you and for the kids.
Thank you.
[pensive music playing]
Why would Miss Frances
give you a bunch of money?
We are still working that out.
But here's
the important thing, sweetheart.
You can now go to college
just about anywhere you want.
That much money?
Miss Frances devoted her life
to education.
I hope she is dancing
with John Prine and the angels
at the thought of you going
somewhere wonderful.
- Could go to school on the West Coast.
- Oh, well, let's not get crazy. [chuckles]
Or a great art school.
Something more practical.
You know, just out of respect
for Miss Frances.
This is pretty wild,
but seems like there's
a whole lot to figure out.
Thanks for letting me know.
[pensive music playing]
Thanks for all the wonderful things
you said to the adoption agency.
Oh, please. I could've kept
that poor woman half a day,
telling her how splendid
you and Ashley are.
When do you think you'll get the approval?
It's hard to say. Patience will be
the watchword on this journey.
[whispers] Oh, hey. Uh, I can handle him.
No need.
- Bill.
- Maddie.
And Trotter, right?
Nice to meet you, Bill.
I'm sorry to interrupt your workday,
but I thought it wiser
I not come to the house.
Um, what do you wanna talk about?
I'll admit
I had my misgivings at the start,
but he turned out to be a fine coach.
And it's a shame that the school board
treated him as shabbily as they did.
Thank you.
And seeing how I always got along
with Mary Vaughn better than you have,
I wonder if it wouldn't help
if I talked to her
about reviewing Cal's termination.
Doesn't matter to me, personally,
now that Tyler
doesn't wanna play ball anymore.
Wait. Ty, what?
[intriguing music playing]
[Rebecca whining]
[diners chattering indistinctly]
Hey, y'all.
Hey there, Noreen.
I know you're busy, but
Isaac, uh, just need a sec.
Sure, but I need more than a sec.
[chuckles] Here, come around, Noreen,
so he can hear you better.
- You sure?
- Of course.
[Rebecca crying]
Come here. My goodness. [grunts]
[woman] Order's up!
[Rebecca whining]
- You two okay?
- Uh, you took the wrong key ring.
Peanut has been fussing
and hollering all morning,
so I was gonna [groaning]
I was gonna go for a drive
to help her go to sleep, but I couldn't
Might be a blessing.
You look too weary to be behind the wheel.
[sighs] Maybe so,
but I've gotta get her to sleep
for my sake and for Isaac's.
I'm fine, besides taking the wrong keys.
What little is left of my nurse brain
knows this is the reward phase
that infants go through,
but the mushy mom part of my brain
is out of ideas.
- You have a rocking chair?
- It's wearing grooves in the floor.
- And swaddling didn't work?
- Not today.
Here is what we are gonna do.
Noreen, you put Bex back in the stroller.
Bailey will walk her for 20 minutes
and then come back
so Erik can walk her for 20 minutes.
Then I will walk her.
Then Isaac will walk her all the way home,
where you will have gotten
at least an hour's nap.
A sleep-deprived mom plus a fussy baby
is not a good combination.
I can't ask that of any of you.
Well, you didn't ask. We volunteered.
And we are gonna help
whenever you need the break
until Bex gets through this little phase.
- I could hug you all.
- When you get your strength back. [laughs]
Thank you. Here you go, Peanut. Let's go.
[Ryan] Aunt Frances
set this aside for you.
It's pictures of us
from when we were teenagers.
Mementos from soirees
and other events at her house.
- That sort of thing.
- Mm. Thanks for bringing it by.
I wanna be clear.
I did not bring this by
to force you to answer me.
I kept you waiting for years.
You can keep me waiting a while longer.
[Helen inhales deeply]
We've had some grand plans over the years.
But we need to talk about
how those plans might look now
when so many years have passed
and when we've been apart
for most of them.
I understand.
The fundamental difference in our plans
was always children.
You say you want them now?
I do.
I'm very sorry it took me so long
to see the wisdom.
The beauty of it all.
I do not tell you this to hurt you
or to punish you,
but I have to tell you.
We had a child.
A child we conceived
the last time you were here.
A child I miscarried
before I even had a chance to tell you.
After the loss,
because you were gone
and I'd told you that we were over,
there didn't seem to be reason enough
to put this pain on you.
So you didn't have to go through it alone.
- That's reason enough
- Oh, I did not carry it alone.
I was surrounded by
and support
and love.
I would have come.
I would have been here
I wasn't sure!
You say you want children now.
You need to understand,
I've discovered that, um,
my chances of conceiving
and maintaining a pregnancy by any manner
are slim. [sobbing]
[emotional music playing]
if that changes your plans, I
[Ryan crying softly]
You found me.
Talk to me.
Share without editing. You're safe.
And this is all confidential.
[scoffs] Where'd you learn that?
Well, I go to, um, a PTSD group
Vernon runs out of the VFW.
I went to a program once.
Well, actually, I didn't go.
My friend Jodie dragged me there.
[both chuckling]
It's hard work.
And I didn't do it.
Pain inspires a
a lot of unhealthy decisions.
I couldn't even admit it was pain.
I thought I was being smart, efficient.
And I shoved
all that rage and confusion behind a door,
and I bolted it so firmly
that I thought
I'd never be able to unlock it.
But you have to unlock it.
To live,
to love.
And that's tough because
that can let the demons out too.
Man, they have gotten bigger and uglier
and meaner since I locked them away.
That's what happens when you keep them
pacing around in the dark.
[gentle music playing]
The only way to tame them
is to walk them out into the light.
Name them.
Know them.
Subdue them.
[sighs] Man, I should be past all this.
When are we ever supposed to be
past wanting help?
Wanting to understand ourselves better?
Wanting friends to lean on?
I hurt the people I was trying to protect.
The people I love, who now don't love me.
You should know Maddie better than that.
You should know all of us
better than that.
Maybe what you need most
is to know yourself better than that.
[insects chirping]
[owl hooting]
- [shouts]
- [screams]
Oh. Oh, uh
I cannot believe I let you talk me
into meeting you in the cemetery.
Uh, let me make it a little less scary.
This is our best bet as a meeting place
until I can persuade my mother
that this ban of hers is overkill.
- And she's stubborn.
- Is that where you get it?
So it may take a while
to bring her around,
and I can't wait that long to see you
or kiss you.
[romantic music playing]
Are you sure this is safe?
The ghosts won't tell on us.
[sighs] I wish
this whole stupid recall was over.
Me too. For lots of reasons.
- Sorry.
- Hmm.
I know this must be awful for your family.
What matters is you and I will be fine.
We just need to be careful,
maybe a little bit sly
for the rest of the summer,
and then we'll be back in school
with all sorts of excuses
for seeing each other.
I've never been this excited
about going back to school.
[Annie chuckles]
Come on, Ty. Watch it with me.
All right. You like John Leguizamo.
Yes, so let's watch the John Wicks,
not Romeo + Juliet.
[Maddie] Ty.
And here's where Mom reveals
her love for Moulin Rouge!
Is there any truth to the rumor
you don't wanna play baseball anymore?
And here's where I take all the dishes
in the backyard to finish drying them.
[Maddie] No.
You're okay. You can stay.
I'm not upset. I just
I wanna hear the story.
Honestly, Mom,
I didn't think I knew I made a decision
until Miss Frances's celebration.
And, uh, things have been
kind of hectic for you ever since,
so there really hasn't been
a good time to talk to you about it.
- But your father knew.
- Dad told you?
He came by the spa
to discuss something else,
and he mentioned it.
That [inhales sharply]
I'm sorry I put you in that position, Mom.
At the celebration,
he was going on and on about
how I shouldn't assume
I couldn't play D1 ball,
and it just kind of flew out of my mouth,
and I realized that it was the truth.
- I was just as shocked as you are.
- And when did you find out?
[hesitates] At the celebration.
[splutters] But it wasn't
my place to tell you.
- Right?
- Right.
So, you're really done, Ty?
I think so.
- That's big.
- I know. [sighs]
But it just
feels right.
Well, that's what matters.
You are both free to explore new options
and make new choices.
That's what you're supposed to be doing
at this age.
Thanks, Mom.
What you're not supposed to be doing
is keeping secrets.
I didn't mean to.
[Maddie] I know.
I expect clear and honest communication
all the time from everyone.
Yes, ma'am.
Thank you.
So, we're good?
[scoffs] Of course we are.
We're always good.
[Ty chuckles]
Actually, there is one other thing
we should discuss, Mom.
I'm really concerned
about Ty's conditioning
if he drops out of sports.
I will keep up with my therapy, Kyle.
Still, just to make sure
you're keeping your arm strong,
I think you should dry the dishes.
All the dishes.
By yourself, every night.
- Oh!
- Yeah.
Every night.
- [Maddie] Oh!
- Oh! [laughs]
- Okay.
- [screams] Now you're gonna get it.
- Mom, I I didn't mean it.
- You better watch out.
- Hey! You're teaming up on me?
- [Ty] That was a good one.
[diners chattering indistinctly]
[country music playing in background]
Bill Townsend, is that you?
[chuckles] It is.
How nice to see you.
[chuckles] It's nice of you to say hello,
but, well, I'm gonna have to apologize
and ask you to help me remember
how we know each other.
Oh, don't you worry.
It's been a couple of minutes.
We went to high school together.
Oh, that's not possible.
You look far too young to have been
at Serenity High when I was there.
Oh, what a sweet talker.
Oh, I I was a couple of years behind you.
And I was shy then.
But let's talk about looking fine
despite the years.
Oh, well [chuckles bashfully]
You're very kind.
- Kathy
- Kathy Boseman.
And have you been in Serenity
all this time?
Oh, no. [groans, inhales deeply]
I, uh I went away. Saw the world.
Well, what brought you back?
A dear friend of mine passed away.
Frances Wingate.
Yeah, we all loved Miss Frances.
May I buy you a drink in her honor?
Maybe, uh [chuckles]
we could catch up a bit?
Kids here?
No. My mom took 'em to Wharton's
for milkshakes.
Something they've been doing
since they were tiny to give me a break,
but I'd always end up going
'cause it seemed
to always turn into a party.
I think my mom taught Ty
how to drink out of a straw
using Wharton's coffee milkshake
as incentive.
Well, I appreciate your mom
giving us space to talk.
She considers herself your biggest fan.
And I let her believe that.
You still want the gig?
I do
but I've got so many questions.
Absolutely fair.
I'm still trying to figure out
what's been going on
and how I feel about it,
but the one thing that bothers me the most
is this this feeling
that you hid something from me
from the beginning.
And something that pulled the rug out
from under both of us.
I was hiding something.
Who I really was.
[solemn music playing]
From the moment I met you,
I wanted to be whatever you needed.
But I wasn't.
So [sighs] I've been racing alongside
trying to keep up with this
image that I was creating, and
I wiped out.
Why would you do that?
Something I haven't defined yet. I'm
[sighs deeply]
I'm not sure.
So, what happens now?
I'm gonna work this all out.
And if you are willing
to be patient with me,
I promise I'm going to do my homework,
and I'm gonna make this all right.
[hopeful music playing]
Well, I've got some homework to do too.
Don't think you have to change anything
because of me.
No, it's not because of you.
It's me.
Wanna meet me in study hall?
We can sit next to each other.
We have to work on our own thing.
[clock ticking]
Just tell me.
I haven't seen you in days,
so I know something's wrong.
There's there's been a lot going on.
It's been a bit of a jumble.
I'm sorry
if I've been less than responsive.
Please tell me.
There's nothing
nothing you cannot say to me.
[chuckles softly]
[breathes shakily]
[inhales sharply]
Ryan asked me to marry him.
[somber music playing]
I said I had to think about it.
[breathing heavily]
I see.
That's all I need to know.
[closing theme music playing]
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