Sweet Magnolias (2020) s03e02 Episode Script

Meet Me Where I Am

- ["Destination" by Nickel Creek playing]
- You don't owe me ♪
One more minute of your wasted time ♪
You act like it's all fine ♪
It isn't hard to leave ♪
Knowing that I'll be getting life
On track ♪
I wanted to believe ♪
I've gotta make a destination ♪
Find where I belong ♪
This time I've got no hesitation ♪
I'll be movin' on ♪
To where I belong ♪
I'll be movin' on ♪
Over the line I've drawn ♪
I'm already gone ♪
[music fades]
[solemn music playing]
[stammers] All you need
to know about what?
Where things stand.
Where I stand.
I I I know this is painful
- And yet you want him.
- I don't know what I want!
You want him,
or you wouldn't have to think twice
about wanting to tell him
to pack himself back off
to whatever struggling little hot zone
he thinks needs saving.
I love you, Helen.
- I love you.
- No, don't, don't.
Don't stand there
weighing me against another man
and tell me you love me.
- But I do.
- I respected you.
I supported you.
- I I gave you space.
- And I thank you for that.
- But I was a fool.
- No.
- [Erik] Yes.
- No.
Because what slipped
into that space I made?
A ghost.
And I will not wrestle with that ghost.
I have enough of my own.
[softly] Don't do this.
[solemn music continues]
[crying] I don't wanna lose
our friendship.
You already have.
[door opens]
[crying softly]
[door opens]
Ooh! Honey, leave those right there.
- I can take them upstairs.
- No, no, no.
I I don't want you to be late for PT.
Have fun.
Yeah, PT and the dentist,
both flat-out parties.
I know it's tough,
but you're almost there.
I'm proud of how hard you've been working.
Be productive ♪
Be-e productive ♪
B-E P-R-O ♪
Okay, that doesn't really work,
but you know what I mean.
Hey, Ty.
Hey, Lily.
- [Lily] Your mom is so
- Enthusiastic.
I was going to say luminous.
- Yeah, that too.
- [Lily chuckles]
She's a truly remarkable woman.
I really admire how she doesn't let
anything get her down.
I understand you're all
going through so much,
but she must carry
the weight of it, right?
Moms always do.
Yeah, which really isn't fair.
My mom would agree.
Is it true
Coach Cal rampaged at Sullivan's?
- Where'd you hear that?
- I'm sorry. Is it not true?
I wouldn't normally believe
something like that.
- So many people are talking
- It's just a misunderstanding.
- Blown way out of proportion.
- Still, your poor mother.
Hey, Ty! You, uh, mind if I steal Lily?
It's time for our morning Vinyasa session.
Uh, just know I'm here
any time you need a friend.
[pensive music playing]
Am I late, or are you early?
I have my schedule. You have yours.
- How can I help?
- Usual prep will be just fine.
Jeremy drop off
any surprises this morning?
Lots of good stuff in here.
Asparagus and shallots.
This is just asking
for asparagus in beurre blanc
paired with grilled salmon.
Ooh, or roast chicken.
What do you think?
About what?
Are you okay?
It's over.
I'm I'm so sorry.
- What can I do for you?
- Make the beurre blanc.
Not kitchen-wise. Friend-wise.
I need kitchen-wise right now.
Okay, absolutely.
Maybe after work, we can grab a pizza?
Thank you,
but I'm gonna ask you kindly to stop.
[somber music playing]
Beurre blanc it is.
- Miss Paula.
- Hmm?
- Ryan!
- I hope you don't mind.
- Maddie told me where I'd find you.
- [chuckles] I chase the light.
Can't imagine how much you miss her.
We all do.
But I've now reached the point
where grief gives way to the certainty
that she's sitting next to
our Lord the Father himself
and looking down and saying,
"Watch out for her!" [chuckling]
"She's up to something!"
[both chuckle]
What's this?
There are a number of boxes
- Uh-huh.
- Aunt Frances left for me to distribute.
This one was at the very top,
marked urgent.
How very Frances.
- Thank you.
- My pleasure.
Well, here.
I admire you, uh, taking care of
Frances' final farewells, as it were.
But what else do you, uh, plan to do
while you're here?
If Frances was here, she'd be asking
about your plans with Helen.
I'm asking in her stead.
I wanna stay a bit.
Make up for lost time.
That time existed
and was lived here in Serenity
while you were gallivanting
around the world.
I do hope that you're being gentle
and respectful
and considering that.
[gentle music playing]
It's my prayer
that we can make up for that lost time.
And, perhaps, be even more grateful
for what we have,
knowing it almost slipped away.
I do wish the two of you
all the happiness in the world.
But you'd better hope
that you're both dreaming the same dream.
'Cause if you make that girl
unhappy again,
I will summon your aunt back down here
to claim you, drag you,
and drop you with the devil.
[dramatic music playing]
Hey, Coach.
Hey, thought you had physical therapy
Thursday mornings.
Do you know what you've done?
Do you have any idea?
Everybody knows. Everyone is talking,
and my mom has to deal
with the fallout all over again.
And this time because of you.
She trusted you.
I trusted you.
- And I let you down.
- Let me down all you want. I don't care.
This is my mom we're talking about here,
and I thought you were different!
- I thought you were worthy of her.
- I hoped I was.
- Hey, I'm sorry.
- [Ty grunts]
I'm sorry for embarrassing her.
And you. For hurting you both.
Is that it?
- You're sorry?
- Sorry in the fullest sense.
Meaning I regret what I did,
and I'm going to change.
It might take me some time
but I wanna get this right.
What are we supposed to do in the meantime
while the stupid vultures of this town
feast on her humiliation?
Your mom and I work something out.
The two of us.
You and I do the same.
- Why?
- 'Cause I care about you.
And her and Katie and Kyle.
I can't care right now.
I get that, truly.
Just, please
don't let your anger propel you to
I was just trying to defend her.
So was I.
[dramatic music continues]
I can get you a plate.
You sound like your mother.
Don't tell her.
That you think I sound like her
or that you were violating
one of her kitchen rules?
- Both.
- [Annie chuckles]
Say, remember my talking
about my sister Kathy?
As in, "Let's not talk
about your sister Kathy?"
- Did something bad happen?
- [Ronnie inhales]
- She came to town.
- So, am I finally going to meet her?
- I hope not.
- Oh.
I don't wanna get into all of it,
but there's a reason we don't see her.
She's difficult.
She and I don't have a great relationship.
She and your mother
have no relationship, and
Whenever Kathy's around, there are
fights and tears
and lies and accusations.
And absolutely nothing stands to be gained
from exposing yourself
to that level of self-serving
[tense music playing]
[exhales sharply]
- Sorry.
- I had no idea.
if you cross paths with her,
don't engage.
Okay. So, why is she here?
I'm working on that. Just steer clear.
Is she a blonde?
This visit, yes. Why?
This bizarre woman came up to me
on the walking path
after Miss Frances's celebration.
What were you doing on the walking path?
Taking the pretty way home.
Anyway, this lady came up to me
and started saying
these bizarre things about Mom.
I mean, I knew
something about her was off, but
That was probably your your aunt.
[door opens]
Sorry! Sorry, sorry, sorry. Ronnie,
you didn't start without me, did you?
- [Ronnie stammers] Of course not.
- Okay. [vocalizing]
Okay, we have very exciting news.
Your father and I [laughing]
Okay. Wanna go?
- You go, please.
- No? Me? [laughing]
Your father and I are gonna throw you
the fanciest party ever
for your sweet sixteen.
- [Ronnie] Sky's the limit.
- And we were thinking a carnival theme.
'Cause you always used to complain
that your birthday wasn't on Halloween,
which I always thought
was about the candy, but [laughs]
Listen, I found a company
that rents those shoot-'em games
and all the prizes
that go along with them.
And, of course, all the vendors.
Popcorn, hot dogs, churros
Cotton candy, of course.
But now, here's where
your father and I got stuck. [chuckles]
or magicians?
And the dessert.
Funnel cakes or a sundae bar?
What happened to dinner in Charleston
and the aquarium? Just the three of us.
Well, I I mean,
we we can do so much more now.
Because of Miss Frances's money.
We thought you'd be excited.
[Annie] I am. I
I mean, I appreciate how excited you are,
and I'm excited too.
But this is just weird.
[solemn music playing]
Come sit.
Come walk.
I didn't mean for that
to sound like a formal declaration
just because I asked to come by.
Just a nice night for a walk.
It's good to hear from you.
- [Cal breathes deeply]
- It's been a day or two.
Yeah, I wanted to take some time.
I I kind of had an extra credit project.
Quiet some thoughts.
Then today, it all snapped into place.
Sounds promising.
Remember when we first met, and I said
I didn't wanna be just friends with you?
[chuckles softly]
It was a romantic gesture at the time.
Yeah, kind of was.
Except I realized
I didn't wanna be friends with you
because I've never actually been friends
with a woman.
You and Jodie seem very close.
Jodie's wonderful,
but we know each other through work.
And it grew into something,
but it was never intentional.
Vicky and I were only intentional
about hurting each other.
I want us to be intentional
about everything.
So do I.
So, do you have any pointers
for a former hothead
who would like to be
your close and personal friend?
Hey, no. Stop distracting me.
I've been doing my homework too.
And I realized how much I valued
open and honest communication.
Not trying to be perfect,
expecting the other person to be perfect.
the freedom to say,
"I've had a crappy day,"
and to know that it's heard,
not judged or diminished.
I do hear you.
And I know all about crappy days,
so I have no problem discussing those.
Wanna give it a trial run?
Ty doesn't wanna play baseball this year.
Maybe ever.
Well, uh, when did he decide that?
Some conversation he had with Bill
at Miss Frances's celebration.
[gentle music playing]
That's a that's a shame.
And I hope you'll let me know
if there's anything I can do to help him.
Or you.
This helps.
So much.
Oh! Hey! [stammers]
I don't think
that's a very, uh, friendly gesture.
So, we're going full-on
We're just friends.
There's just there's
no friends with benefits?
[stammers] I think it might help.
Um, I can do that.
What are you thinking? A day or two?
Weeks. Two.
- Two weeks.
- What?
- [chuckles]
- I mean, if we can't get through that, I
I don't know if that sounds like a threat
or a challenge, but you are on, my friend.
All right.
Oh! No, no.
[playful music playing]
[Cal] Hmm.
Seriously, you don't have
a perfect birthday party in mind?
You do?
Dinner for two and a romantic walk.
Through Madrid.
So it might not be next year,
but we'll get there one day, you and I.
I mean, I'm used to only having control
over the flavor and shape of my cake.
And that, my creature of habit, would be?
White and round,
and don't you dare wrinkle your nose.
[gasps softly]
Not even a sprinkle interior?
Ew! No, too sweet.
Mm. You know,
you're pretty sweet yourself.
Okay. If you don't have an idea,
let's brainstorm.
What is the best birthday party
you've ever been to?
Oh! Michelle Sandoval's
roller skating party in first grade.
For those of you
who didn't fall and chip a tooth.
Ouch, I forgot. Sorry.
I'll take you roller skating.
- Hmm?
- Just you and me.
And maybe a mouth guard.
- [chuckling] Yeah.
- But for your birthday, think huge.
[calm music playing]
In fifth grade,
Izzie Bradford had ponies at her party.
And the next year, I begged my parents
for the same exact thing.
Mom did an amazing unicorn theme,
which was great.
- But
- It wasn't ponies.
I'd get you ponies.
Sixteen ponies
on roller skates,
ridden by 16 baton twirlers,
and parade you through town
to reach 16 hot air balloons
to tour 16 wonders of the world.
- Stop.
- [chuckles]
All I want, all I need is
to spend my birthday
with the people I care about most.
Mm, well, you'll at least need
16 of your favorite flowers,
which I'm ashamed to say I do not know.
White roses.
- Hmm.
- What's yours?
- White roses.
- Since when?
- Right now.
- [laughs] Yeah?
Click. This moment is all you need
to give me for my birthday.
[jazz music playing]
You would do well, son,
to keep your eyes on your own cards
and not covet the cards of your neighbor.
O, as in "Ozymandias," 75.
Having trouble keeping track of my cards,
and she's making me nervous.
Lift your head, Maddie.
Take in all your options in front of you,
and it's easier to keep track.
- [Maddie] Thank you.
- [June] Mm-hmm.
Is that life advice or bingo advice?
Um, my friend is new to the game,
so I'm trying to help her.
My question stands.
You worried I'm gonna give her an edge,
and she's gonna beat you?
[announcer] I-20.
I, as in impertinent, 20.
Might be.
Well, don't worry.
If anyone here is gonna beat you,
it'll be me.
Will you tell me your name before you do?
- David.
- [announcer] B-9.
- B, as in benevolence, 9.
- Um, and this is Maddie.
- Hi, David.
- Hi.
Nice to have a friend
looking out for you on so many levels.
You have no idea.
[announcer] N-45.
N, as in Nazareth, 45.
My cards are dismal,
so I am gonna hit the beverage table.
Can I bring either of you something?
No, thank you.
[jazz music continues]
[indistinct chattering]
Were you flirting with him?
Honey, you need to get out more
if you're not sure
you can identify flirting anymore.
- But you're a
- Single adult woman.
- And you're good at it.
- Mm-hmm. Want lessons?
[chuckling] Maybe.
[announcer] G-54.
G, as in gratitude, 54.
[crowd exclaiming]
[announcer] Not so fast.
Let me see that card.
[crowd applauding]
[TV turns off]
[Ty exhales]
Hey. What did you think?
[Ty] Fine, you're right.
I like it.
Yes! I knew it! If anyone
was gonna get you to like Shakespeare,
it was gonna be Baz Luhrmann.
Wait. So so, what sold you?
Was it the the the costumes, the music?
I know. It was the muscle cars, right?
Mercutio, actually.
Especially that bit
about a plague on both your houses.
I always thought Romeo and Juliet
was boring, avoidable drama.
But look at it from Mercutio's side, and
you're watching your best friend
throw it away for someone they just met.
And then you get killed for it.
You're so gonna flunk English.
[pensive music playing]
[doorbell rings]
[doorbell rings]
[pensive music continues]
- [Isaac hesitates]
- [Erik sighs]
Please don't make me
talk about the weather.
I keep hoping it'll get better.
You know, mourning
turning into dancing and all that.
[Isaac] It's never fast enough.
But doesn't going through it alone
make it worse?
We don't have to talk.
We can just
[mellow music playing]
[Bill] Maddie.
What brings you by, Bill?
Checking up on Tyler.
Checking up?
Dr. Ahmed did me the favor of calling me
to let me know
he didn't make it to PT yesterday.
Is he sick?
No. No, but I'll I'll talk to him,
and I'll book another appointment.
Oh, no need. I was able
to get him an appointment for today.
- They could see him in 30 minutes.
- Oh.
Um, okay.
I better get him in the car. Thank you.
Why don't I take him?
It's more or less on my way,
and while we're at it,
I can have a talk with him in the car
about appointment protocol
and good manners.
I'll get him.
[knocking on door]
Aunt Helen, I brought lunch.
Oh, what a pleasant surprise. Come here!
[chuckles, sighs]
I know I'm not
your regular delivery person,
but I volunteered
because I need to talk to you,
goddaughter to godmother.
Well, you don't have to bring lunch
to do that. What's up?
I have so much to be grateful for.
People who love me,
a beautiful house in a wonderful town.
Giving thanks at all times for all things.
So I don't wanna sound spoiled,
but you know about the check
from Miss Frances?
Well, Mom and Dad wanna spend
some of it on my sweet sixteen,
and their plans are so over-the-top.
It doesn't feel right.
It doesn't feel like them.
- Did you talk to them about that?
- [sighs] I wasn't sure how.
They were so excited,
and I was so uncomfortable,
and I don't think that they understood.
Aunt Helen,
is this money going to change them?
Everything seems like
it's finally getting back to normal.
Dad is back home. They seem really happy.
I don't want anything to spoil that.
Money changes people
who put it at the center of their lives.
You know what's at the center
of your parents' lives?
Love and faith.
And you.
[gentle music playing]
An extraordinary young woman.
They're looking for ways
to celebrate that.
But if what they're talking about makes
you uncomfortable, they deserve to know.
So you tell them loud and clear,
and I know you can do
the loud and the clear.
I don't wanna hurt their feelings.
I predict they'll be proud.
Thanks, Aunt Helen.
You always have the right answer.
- Except to one question.
- What's that?
What would you like me to give you
for your birthday?
[both laughing]
This isn't just about therapy, Tyler.
It's about personal responsibility.
So why didn't you tell anybody
you weren't going?
It won't happen again.
Well, I can appreciate that,
but I'm still wondering why.
Are you bored or impatient?
Talk to Dr. Ahmed and the therapist.
Maybe change up the routine.
Therapy's fine.
I know you wanna give up baseball,
but you're gonna have other options
if you see this through.
You may not have a whole arm yet,
but you got speed, agility.
We'll find you another sport.
I'm not sure that's the answer.
Well, let's find the thing
that's gonna drive you.
That'll define you.
You cannot run away from hard.
Finish what you start.
[poignant music playing]
I'm trying to learn from my mistakes, son.
It's how a man grows.
[sighs] Is there something
you're not telling me?
I've learned from my mistake.
I won't miss another appointment.
[diners chattering indistinctly]
[Rebecca coos]
[food sizzles in pan]
Hello, Noreen, and you little sweet pea.
[chuckling] Oh my.
Why do they grow so fast?
So we can eventually sleep.
[chuckles] It's true.
She seems pretty mellow.
Hey, but does she need a walk?
- No, she's settling down just fine.
- [Rebecca cooing]
I'm here because
I wanted to give y'all something.
[gasps] You don't have to do that.
- [Noreen chuckles]
- Ooh.
I know it may seem a little strange
to bring food to chefs,
but my family makes my GG's special recipe
whenever somebody does something nice.
And, boy, have y'all been
the biggest blessing to me.
That is very thoughtful. Thank you.
Dark chocolate, crushed walnuts,
and some special touches.
- Special touches, huh?
- Ooh.
All right, y'all gotta follow the rules,
but we also have to rise to the case
and see if we can suss out the secret.
[chuckles] Yeah.
[Dana Sue chuckles]
- [Rebecca cooing]
- [Erik] Hmm.
Is that almond extract?
Sorry, I didn't mean
to clear out your kitchen.
No eating in the kitchen. It's a rule.
Now, you're not gonna just stand there
watching us eat, are you?
Yeah, we'll be suspicious if you do.
[Dana Sue, Erik chuckling]
Thank you, Noreen.
[chuckles softly] Thank all of y'all.
[playful music playing]
[both munching]
- [Erik] Mm.
- [Dana Sue] Mm.
Noreen, I need this recipe.
Oh dear. It's Peanut's nap time.
I gotta scoot, but I'll see y'all later.
- [Rebecca babbling]
- [Dana Sue, Erik chuckle]
I got it. Allspice.
[Ty] Thanks, Dad.
Happy to help, Tyler.
Uh, we had a good talk,
but there's something going on
I could not get to the bottom of.
He's making big decisions. Big changes.
I'll stay on top of it.
I'm not trying to overstep
whatever boundaries
you wanna set, Maddie. I
I just wanna be there for our children
as much as I can be,
understanding that you're here
for them 24/7, which I appreciate.
[solemn music playing]
More than I could say.
Good night, Maddie.
[door closes]
We owe it to Serenity to get
strong candidates on the recall ballot.
You know, people
who can really stand up against Trent.
And shut up Mary Vaughn for good.
[Helen] Mm.
- That will take a force of nature.
- [Helen chuckles]
- [Dana Sue] Who do you think can beat him?
- [Helen] Hmm.
Zoila? I mean, she's a flea's ear away
from everything happening in Serenity.
- And she's a people person.
- Or Judith.
You know, she put together
the VBS activities so efficiently.
Great planning skills
and interested in community outreach.
[Helen] Mm-hmm.
- Tom Patterson might be good.
- Bill's lawyer?
Hey. Nasty clients
do not a bad lawyer make.
Tom's quite good,
and he's got great relationships
with a lot of businesses. Mm.
Hmm. Anyone else we should volunteer?
- Not it.
- [Helen] Hmm.
[Ronnie] Not it!
[Helen snickers, laughs]
- Y'all get comfy in the living room.
- Yeah.
Hiding in the hallway.
- Uh-huh.
- [Helen] Mm-hmm. [chuckles]
- I actually forgot he was here.
- [Helen] Mm.
Some sort of margarita night alarm
should have gone off to remind us
that there was a man in this house!
I Ladies, I am going out.
I forgot that I have to have a thing
while you have your thing
so that your thing
can be completely your thing.
- Night.
- Night.
[Helen] Night.
So we're a little rusty on our boundaries.
- Sorry about that.
- No need, Dana Sue.
We hadn't started talking
about the juicy stuff.
Mm! It's taking us a minute
to remember how to live together.
But I'm happy to trip over his shoes
in the hallway. It means he's home.
Also, I'd like to stop tripping.
[all laughing]
- You seem happy.
- You look happy. [chuckles]
Yeah, I am.
And we are back in the groove
in all the important ways.
- [exclaims]
- I never doubted it for a minute.
[all] Pour it out! [laughing]
Okay, but not too much detail, Dana Sue.
I don't wanna get jealous,
because Cal and I have entered
a very special kind of friend zone.
Excuse me!
You need to get into some detail.
Yeah. We're rebuilding our foundation.
Starting off as friends
with benefits suspended for two weeks.
- Oh, you poor thing.
- [chuckles]
[Helen] Starting off slow is one thing,
but going back once you've started,
that must be difficult.
It's actually okay.
It's a new focus.
And hopefully, it will bring us,
the real us, closer.
On the other hand,
the other man in my life is far too close.
- Bill came back from Castlewood?
- [groans]
A little unexpected visit.
Yeah. Well, Ty missed his PT appointment,
and Bill took it upon himself
to save the day.
Booked a new appointment,
took Ty there, delivered him back home,
and and then he just hung around
like he was waiting
to get a medal or something.
Co-parenting with Ronnie has been tough
since he's been back, and I like him.
I can only imagine how hard it is for you.
- Is everything okay with Ty?
- [Maddie] I thought so.
I probably should've talked to him
before I came here, but
I mean, he and Kyle are great.
They cook. They clean.
They even looked after Katie last night
so I'd have a fun night out.
- Without touching Cal?
- No.
I went out with Pastor June.
You went for a fun night out
with our pastor?
Yeah! Yeah, we had a little Mexican food.
We played bingo. [chuckles]
I even got a good lesson in flirting.
- From June?
- [Maddie] Mm-hmm.
- Oh, she's been holding out on us.
- Yes.
Maybe she should hold a class
on the great flirts of scripture.
- You know, there are some.
- There are some.
Well, good for you for getting out there
and trying some new things.
- You deserve it.
- We all deserve a little joy.
[suspiciously] Helen.
You made a decision about Ryan?
Well, enough of one
that I had to tell Erik.
I'm gonna guess,
based on how quiet he's been at work,
that that was not a good conversation.
It was not.
And I don't know
under what heady star I was standing
to think that it could be otherwise.
I wanted to find a way
to keep him in my life, but he refused.
And, of course, he did.
I was being selfish to think
that things could be any different.
I mean, if if
if the roles were reversed,
would I wait around
while while he tried to determine
if he had a future
with with a love from his past?
But if I don't do my best
to see this through with Ryan,
it'll haunt me forever.
And whoever else I might try to be with.
[somber music playing]
What did Erik say?
[breathing shakily]
He said that [crying softly]
He said he doesn't want a place
any place, in my life.
It was a tough choice.
A terrible loss but a necessary step.
You grieve it as you need to.
this is the beauty of old friends.
You meet me wherever I need you.
Sometimes before I can even ask.
[Dana Sue] Mm.
Come here.
[Cal] Trotter, your text said
we were playing one-on-one.
I understand why you decided
you needed reinforcements, but
We have to talk before we can play.
Looks an awful lot like an intervention.
Whoa, whoa. That's not the intention.
Howie and Isaac offered to be here too,
but that would definitely be
like an intervention.
what exactly is this?
Just a discussion about what happens next.
Ah, that's completely up to you guys.
I messed up.
I embarrassed you and embarrassed myself.
Wrong kind of discussion.
We're here for you.
We feel for you.
And it's important you know
you're not alone in any of this.
[Trotter] Tell us what you need.
I can't.
It's hard, but you can.
What would you tell the team?
You gotta warm up before you swing big.
We gonna take this one inning at a time.
[calm music playing]
- Why would you do that?
- Because you're our friend.
We'll do whatever you need.
Except spot you points.
[all chuckling]
- [door opens]
- [keys jangling]
- [phone clicks off]
- [door closes]
[Ty sighs]
Leftovers were eaten.
Dishes were done.
Katie is in her room reading.
Kyle is dweebing out on FaceTime.
And the house still stands.
- Thank you for the mission report.
- Yes, ma'am.
Hey, can we talk a second
before you turn in?
I'm sorry for missing PT.
Dad lectured me on finishing
things I start. It won't happen again.
I'm not gonna lecture you.
I just wanna know what happened.
Look, I can't force you to tell me,
but if there's anything
I went to see Coach.
I saw Lily at the spa,
and she asked about the fight
and said everyone was talking,
so I had to go see him.
I was so mad. I
I thought I wanted an apology.
When I started yelling at him,
I realized I didn't want him
I realized
I didn't wanna hear him say sorry.
'Cause sorry doesn't fix anything.
Sorry doesn't un-punch that guy
or un-scare
or un-humiliate you or doesn't
Sorry doesn't fix anything by itself.
You're right.
But it can be a step along the way.
Sincere and contrite heart. Right?
A true apology is admitting fault
and promising to work
to be better next time.
Ty, we all have work to do, including Cal.
Including me.
[emotional music playing]
So here's an apology from me.
I am sorry that you felt like
you had to talk to Cal on my behalf.
I appreciate your willingness
to defend my honor,
but people make mistakes.
This town gossips.
You cannot take all that on by yourself.
Especially when it might impede
your own journey.
Or PT.
[chuckles softly]
[Maddie] I'm proud of you
as a warrior and as a young man.
But not every battle is yours to fight.
I have to fight some on my own, okay?
- Okay.
- Come here.
I love you.
[ducks quacking]
Dr. Townsend has been trying to reach me.
I don't know
that I'm ready to talk to him.
There's no need to do anything
until you are ready.
Glad to hear you feel that way.
'Cause I don't wanna talk to him.
Or tell anyone else.
You have my support
and my word.
It's nobody's business,
much as half of Serenity thinks
all business is their business.
It means a lot you see it the same way,
so thank you.
You are a part of my fresh start too.
We talked about how to move forward,
and I've been thinking about it.
But I realized
I've been overcomplicating it. [chuckles]
So, Isaac,
will you be my friend?
[gentle music playing]
How do you define "friend"?
No hidden agenda here,
but my friends are people
that I respect and enjoy
and look forward to spending time with.
Well then,
you already qualify as my friend.
So it would only be polite
for me to be your friend.
[both chuckle]
So, how do we do this?
One walk,
one brunch,
one conversation at a time.
Uh, Mrs. Lewis.
We're all set for summer interns,
but I appreciate your interest.
All due respect to your business, ma'am,
I'm here to talk about something else.
Well, have at it, then.
I I'm incredibly fond of your daughter.
She is kind. She's she's fun.
[stammering] And she walks
through the world with grace.
And I know our families
don't see eye to eye,
especially with the recall.
And I fully own my fault
in putting Nellie's life at risk.
But I'm not my mother.
And after a lot of therapy
and introspection,
I'm not the person I was that night.
[stammers] And Nellie isn't you.
So, respectfully, ma'am,
while I understand why
you don't want me seeing Nellie,
I I came here today
to ask what I need to do
in order to be worthy of her.
Well, I appreciate your eloquence.
And I appreciate your sincerity.
[chuckles softly]
And I appreciate your gumption.
[both chuckle]
Now get away from me.
[tense music playing]
[vehicle door opens, closes]
[engine starts]
[somber music playing]
Walking and talking. This isn't so bad.
These two friend weeks
are gonna be a breeze.
- Yes, busy feet make for less busy hands.
- Mm-hmm.
[Maddie chuckles] Here.
- Got it?
- Yeah.
- Here, I can get it.
- Hey. Hey!
- What?
- Hands.
- I
- I got this.
- Oh!
- Hey.
[Maddie sighs]
You were saying.
It was just a matter of time
before this stupid gate broke.
This is just one more thing
that Trent failed to take care of.
I can bring my tools down here.
It's just a couple of hinges.
Yeah, but why isn't Public Works
taking care of it?
This is why Trent deserves to be recalled.
So many problems, so little attention,
and not enough hours in the day.
Well, we also have
a community filled with talented people
who I'm sure would be
more than willing to help.
Right. We just have to get them motivated.
I'll help you.
With the, uh, fixing,
the motivating, the whatever. [chuckles]
Let's start making a list.
The water fountain at the park.
That old oak tree on State Street
that is one storm away from toppling over.
Well, we can fix anything
we put our minds to.
[gentle music playing]
I believe we can.
You make it so hard for me
not to kiss you right now.
We've got work to do.
[comical note plays]
[Helen] I thank you for this.
But I can't accept it.
- Helen, please.
- [Helen] Yet.
Can't accept it yet.
We've been circling each other
our whole lives.
We say it's over, but it's not.
We say it's impossible,
but it's not.
Isn't it time to embrace the fact
that we are meant to be together,
to seize the dream we have
of making a difference together?
Wherever we are.
Wherever we're needed.
I make a difference here.
I'm needed here.
This is a side trip for you,
but this is my home.
If we're gonna have a future,
you must root yourself here
in Serenity.
[solemn music playing]
This ring is a symbol of a commitment
you want me to make.
I need you to commit too.
I wanna do whatever I can
to be with you. I'll figure it out.
But there's a lot to figure out.
First, I'll have to give up my job.
We're both gonna have to make sacrifices
if this is gonna work.
[closing theme music playing]
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