Sweet Magnolias (2020) s03e04 Episode Script

Be Bold

You don't owe me ♪
One more minute of your wasted time ♪
You act like it's all fine ♪
It isn't hard to leave ♪
Knowing that I'll be getting life
On track ♪
I wanted to believe ♪
I've gotta make a destination ♪
Find where I belong ♪
This time I've got no hesitation ♪
I'll be movin' on ♪
To where I belong ♪
I'll be movin' on ♪
Over the line I've drawn ♪
I'm already gone ♪
This was always full of taffy.
We'd hide under the coffee table
and sneak a piece or two
while you pretended not to see.
Took a piece on each side of our mouths
and bite down hard until it stuck,
and we couldn't open our jaws.
Until you'd tickle us so hard,
the taffy had to give up.
And let us cackle.
So much sweetness.
Thank you.
Did you say something?
Not to you.
This feels like it's all books,
and the last few boxes I need to deliver
are all books too.
So I'll deliver them today
between interviews.
I appreciate Miss Frances's approach
to estate planning.
Have so many friends
that nearly everything can be given away
to people who will appreciate the gift.
I feel like Santa Claus,
delivering them all.
Or maybe Rudolph.
Uh, you would make a marvelous Santa,
but you'd need
a few more Wharton's milkshakes
to fill out the suit.
Ah, but I'm back in Serenity to stay.
No more traveling,
not even on Christmas Eve.
Although I will never turn down
a Wharton's milkshake.
Can I ask, uh, without nudging,
who have you spoken with
about work so far?
You are looking
at a newly approved substitute teacher
for the Serenity school system.
Won't those be some lucky kids?
Now, it's just a stopgap.
I still want a long-term job
where I can use my NGO experience.
- Yeah.
- I'm actually going out to talk to Jeremy.
- See if he needs any help on the farm.
- Oh.
Perhaps he needs
a new aqueduct system installed.
Your specialty.
But maybe a new barn or a well.
I appreciate what he's doing,
and I'd really like to help.
But I'm also talking to, um, Peggy
and a county extension agent.
Mm-hmm. You could always run for mayor.
I used to think that, um
growing roots meant growing stale.
And that terrified me.
But now, staying here with you,
I'm appreciating their beauty.
Strength and nourishment.
Steadiness and support.
I need you to know
how deeply I appreciate what you're doing.
Serenity has a place for everyone,
and I know that you'll find yours quickly.
Speaking of places,
is there any chance you have a place
where I could hang
my San Francisco Giants poster?
Well, isn't he subtle?
One step at a time.
And while you're out
on your meetings and interviews
you should ask about rentals too.
I need a moment. A private moment.
- This is off-the-record.
- That sounds ominous.
It's certainly serious,
though I'm sure there are
reasonable explanations for all of it.
Are you all right?
Is this about
Oh, no.
This is about Trent. He's gone.
Gone Gone how?
Missing. I've been trying
to follow up with him
after his moment of melodrama at the hunt,
but I can't find him anywhere.
And Henrietta swears
on the head of her grandchildren
that she doesn't know where he is.
I assumed he quit
because he didn't
wanna deal with the recall.
Is there more to it?
Borderline malfeasance.
Some of the town funds appear
to have been misappropriated
to his slush fund.
And he took off before I could get
his comments on my findings.
What does Mary Vaughn
have to say about this?
She's not returning my calls.
We talk nearly every day.
It's not like her to go radio silent.
How worried are you?
I haven't decided.
Well, I get your concern.
I I do, but I'm not sure
I understand why you came to me.
My part in the recall effort
was never personal,
much as Mary Vaughn refused
to believe that.
Sullivan's is a hub of the community.
People come in to eat, drink, and talk.
I see.
You wanna know if I heard anything.
I will call you if I hear a peep.
I apologize. I know better
than to eavesdrop. I didn't mean to.
Have you heard anything
from Jackson in the last few days?
Not since the hunt.
I'm not supposed to distract him
while he's on vacation
with his mom and Nellie.
You heard how concerned Peggy is.
Be sure to tell me if you hear anything.
- For her sake.
- Yes, ma'am.
Ah, came prepared.
That broken gate
has no idea what's coming for it.
Does this outfit speak
to my new gig as a hit man?
A what?
Some guy passed me and asked me
if I'd taken out the Lewises.
That's weird.
If people are giving me credit
for Trent quitting,
I don't get it, but I'll take it.
Two more days.
- That's right. I keep forgetting.
- Do you?
Not at all. I'm counting every minute
of the longest two weeks of my life.
What is that?
Oh, it's nothing.
That is not nothing. Show me.
Well, I can explain.
This helps you with our time-out?
It's a new leaf of sorts.
June and I, we signed up
for a figure drawing class
at the community college.
Well, maybe I should, uh, sign up to
I'd like that.
Yeah, we could, uh, develop
our creative skills together.
We can cover a few new ones.
This pause is so good for us.
Green beans are good for us.
Not my favorite.
But I am proud of you, though.
Trying something new takes courage.
Thank you. I'm a little nervous.
I mean, I'm the daughter
of a well-known painter.
I've always shied away
from painting and drawing.
What if I embarrass myself?
I don't wanna shame the family name.
You don't have to be good at something
for it to be worth doing.
And you don't ever
have to compare yourself to anyone.
Just keep on following your joy.
Well, that gate is not gonna fix itself.
Take that. Thank you.
Congratulations, superstar!
Do you welcome everyone who signs up
for a new spa membership this way?
Only the ones
I've worked this hard to win over.
This is a celebration-worthy occasion.
You're gonna love it here.
I hope so. It's all a part of my campaign.
- You're the new candidate for mayor.
- Oh, I heard the old one is in Cancún.
My campaign is for the new Noreen.
While Bex and her darling babysitter
are giving me an ounce of freedom,
I am going to dig deeply
into all Serenity has to offer.
- Mmm.
- You were saying?
What level membership would you like?
A day pass gets you full access
for, well, a a day.
With a week pass,
you get access to all classes.
By the way, I hear
the yoga instructor is fantastic.
And I know someone who can get you
a friends-and-family discount
on a VIP package.
Pay them no mind. Yeah?
- Excuse me.
- Yes, ma'am. How can I help you?
Why do you look so familiar?
I can't put my finger on it.
- Ma'am, perhaps I could help you
- Dr. Ahmed, I used to be
You're that brilliant young lady
who won the scavenger hunt.
Thank you, but I couldn't have done it
without my friends.
Well, then, we simply must become friends,
because next year, I want you on my team.
I've never won,
but my cousin Desiree won
three years ago, and sh
Well, we'll talk.
We'll talk.
So, what all comes with the VIP package?
And after declaring
my noblest of intentions,
I looked her squarely in the eye
and beseeched,
"What can I do to prove that
I'm worthy to spend time with Nellie?"
What did she say?
Get lost.
I know
what'll make you feel better.
Why don't we name a Hydra
in the game after her?
Maybe just a Wyvern.
Mrs. Lewis is more of a nuisance
than a real threat.
Cool. I'll start mocking up.
Actually, we we better not.
I don't wanna offend Nellie.
On the other hand, she might like it too.
You know, brokenhearted
actually looks good on you.
But don't mourn too long.
Maybe it's time to move on.
I'm sure there are plenty of other girls
that like you this way.
Has nobody seen
Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet?
No, but I know
they die at the end.
I'm just telling you,
there's plenty of branches in this quest.
Hey! Here you are.
Thanks, Willow.
- Thank you.
- Yep.
Wish the library would let us
bring these in.
Kyle's emotions are too big
to fit into the library.
Something's different about you.
See what I mean? No.
No, not her. It'll ruin the game.
What? What did I miss?
Sophie's just kidding around.
Let's get to the game.
Yeah, especially because
I made a rendering of our water hag.
Just as an experiment.
This is so cool.
Wow! She turned out great.
Yes! Getting closer to mo-cap
all the time.
About this one right here, I don't
Take what′s yours ♪
Leave what's mine ♪
Move far ahead ♪
Or stay behind ♪
You′re taking me when you go ♪
It's Jackson.
You know what to do.
Okay. This is how worried I am.
I'm actually calling you.
Please let me know you're okay.
Text me or even call me. Just let me know.
Very good.
Remember, it should complement the dish.
It's almost overpowering.
Excuse me, Chef.
May I speak with you for a moment?
The herb garden we discussed?
Sure, go ahead.
The nutmeg is a tad too intense.
It should be discovered, not announced.
Understand? And I think you can add
a flavor for complexity,
but I'm not sure of what.
Keep experimenting.
I can wait until you're done
so I can have your full attention.
Isaac, why is your smile
as big as a Cheshire moon?
She said to either smile big
or cry a little.
I see. What would you like to say?
I would like to start
an herb garden here at Sullivan's.
Now is a perfect time to.
With a little input from Jeremy,
I could build an inexpensive,
sustainable herb garden on the roof.
A greater variety of fresh herbs
at our fingertips every day
would encourage creativity, more range.
It might even help with Bailey's sauce.
I must say
I'm constantly impressed by you, Isaac,
and this is a lovely idea.
But I'm sorry,
I don't have the bandwidth to run it.
You're looking at issues
like quality control and drainage.
Well, who has two green thumbs
and the confidence to pull it off?
I will put together a full plan
if you're open to the idea.
Well, I must say I am.
I'll take that.
- I've got it.
- No, it's my job.
I could go.
- Uh
- I'll take care of this.
Your lunch.
- Erik, we need to
- Thank you for your order.
Please enjoy your meal.
Damn it!
- Are you okay?
- Fine.
Here, let me help you.
No. Look, I don't need help.
It's not like you to make
that sort of mistake.
Lunch rush. Everybody back to work.
- Please, let me take a look.
- No, I can fix this.
how do we fix this?
I don't think we can.
Not in a place
where everyone is holding their breath,
watching my every move.
And your best friend is too afraid
to come inside.
I apologize.
- There was a better
- I need to step back.
Regain focus.
Yeah, you do that.
Come back whenever you're ready.
Thank you.
- Promise me one thing.
- What?
Have Howie look at that hand.
Feet, please?
I have something under them.
Are your feet reading
these college brochures?
My feet enjoy them more than I do.
I know it's not fun,
but it is August.
You gotta figure out
where you wanna apply.
How can I know where if I don't know
what I wanna do with my life?
It must be hard
having your future be crystal clear
for most of your life
and then watching it shatter
right in front of you
because of someone else's actions.
But I can say,
with a fair amount of confidence,
nothing good comes from standing there
studying the broken pieces.
You're better off
picking up pieces you want
and putting them back together
the way you want them.
They may not fit the way they used to
but you can be proud
of the new shape they take.
I get that
but I don't even know where to start.
I'm fine with letting go of baseball,
but I haven't found
what's gonna take its place.
It's okay if you don't have
that answer yet,
but you still need a plan.
Since you're not sure
about what you do want,
maybe we start by deciding
what you don't want?
Two piles.
A "no" pile in front of me
and a "maybe" pile in front of you.
No, no, no, no. I'm sorry to say it,
but you are not authorized to see that.
That is a surprise for someone else.
Are you messing
with sentient AI back here?
- I'm fascinated that's where you went.
- I always wanted to build robots as a kid.
I thought I found a kindred spirit.
Oh, you have,
which is why I want to give you
I'm repurposing most of my bats,
but this one, she's special.
I hit a game-winning pop fly with it
on the Braves.
I hope it brings you luck as head coach.
I'm happy to have the job.
What I'm not happy about is how I got it.
Dude, you got the job because you're
a thoughtful, talented leader.
And the team loves you.
Can I still come to you
when I run into problems?
Of course.
But you won't need to.
Listen, I'm not going anywhere.
I won't miss the chance
to hang with my friends.
My father's a great man
who raised me right.
He taught me in every success I have
to remember that I'm standing
on the shoulders of giants.
Thanks, Cal.
Thank you.
And, uh, thanks to your dad.
I'm really sorry.
Everybody was trying to protect you
from seeing Helen.
It got really awkward.
I think we all panicked a bit.
Well, there was no need.
I'm a professional.
No one was trying to say otherwise.
Just as your friends,
we were trying to help.
And we didn't.
Your hearts are in the right place.
Just mine's
It's all over the place.
- I'm sure we can arrange
- Uh-uh, nah.
I I can't be in a space
where every time I look up, I'm
expecting, hoping,
fearing I'll see Helen.
Is there anything I can do?
You're doing it.
Especially if you're willing to pretend
this hike is just as strenuous for you
as it is for me, my young friend.
- Oh, the heat.
- Oh, the heat.
- It's the humidity.
- Yeah, the hum
- Save yourself.
- Come on, man.
Go on without me. You
Among the belongings
that Frances left to me
were a a certain set of journals,
including this one,
along with explicit instructions
to read them
and then to decide whether and when
to share them with you.
And I think it's important
that you know now.
"Dana Sue could have been,
should have been
my child."
"But I didn't speak up to Patrick
about my feelings for him
when we were young."
"I wasn't bold enough to act on my love,
and I lost my chance
at the family I wanted."
Miss Frances
and my dad?
She was in love with him her whole life.
But it was unrequited.
Your father only had eyes for your mother,
and Frances respected that.
Why didn't she ever say anything?
She was afraid
that that you might be upset.
And why are you telling me now?
Keep reading.
"She is not mine by blood,
but she is mine in my heart."
"She is bold and lovely."
"It makes me so proud."
"She is my legacy."
Oh my heaven.
This is why she left me the money.
Frances had a vision for Serenity.
She believed in what Serenity could do
for its people
and what its people could do
for each other.
And now you are the keeper of her vision.
- Me?
- Mm-hmm.
What can I do?
Keep reading, and be patient
when all those feelings arise
like the morning mist off a pond.
And most importantly, remember,
be bold.
It paints everything in a new light.
Ronnie and I never would have been able
to start Sullivan's without her.
She gave us our dream.
Is that all because she thought of me
as a daughter?
That's not what it says.
She did it because she believed in you.
A kindred spirit.
I appreciate that, truly,
and I'm honored to carry on her legacy,
but I don't have a clue how to do that.
Look at everything she did for Serenity.
- Well, look at everything you do.
- Yeah, you won't do what she did.
You'll do what you do.
Why didn't she tell me
before she gave me the check?
Perhaps she was planning to.
Certainly makes me think
about the money differently.
Also makes me think of my dad differently.
Never thought of him
as a man someone would pine for.
I've seen pictures of him
when he was young.
He was a handsome dish of a man.
I'd show him around Serenity.
Wow. Sh.
- Show him the sights.
- Sh.
Please sh.
You know, it is fascinating
to think about all the romantic confusions
and entanglements Serenity has seen
- Mmm.
- generation after generation.
And the romantic joy.
Ryan and I have a reservation
for a fancy dinner
on Thursday evening.
Oh! You two should bring Ronnie and Cal!
- We'll make it a grand event! Yes!
- Yeah! That's a fabulous idea!
This Thursday I can't. I have other plans.
A date with Cal, perchance?
That's right. To celebrate the end
of your no-touching period.
Actually, it's a class with June.
We are taking a figure drawing course
at the community college.
June. Pastor June?
Friend June.
What's this all about?
I'm just trying something new.
- Does that make us something old?
- Stop it!
I'm sorry that I'm gonna miss dinner.
Just promise me that you won't tell
any good stories without me there.
We'll tell the double-date stories
and save the triple-date stories
until you and Cal can join.
No deal.
- You're the worst.
- Oh!
If Mary Vaughn is selling
her own house and still incommunicado,
are they downsizing, liquidating?
Are are they overextended because
of financial shenanigans?
Setting aside
my frustrations with her silence,
I'll admit their financial situation
is more akin to a luxury cruise
than a boat up on the rocks.
I've dug through every bit
of financial data available to the public,
and Trent seems to have seized
on all possible fiscal opportunities
while in office.
In all your legal dealings with the town,
did you ever have cause to suspect
You think I would have caught a whiff
of something foul and stayed silent?
Never. But reporters can't assume.
- Mmm.
- Thank you for your time, Helen.
If you have any further thoughts,
I'd appreciate a call.
Here's a thought.
Have you considered running for office?
- Me?
- Yeah, you.
We need a new mayor.
One who will offer
competent and vested leadership.
One who demonstrates grace under pressure
and a heart for the people of this town.
To my eye,
you'd make a magnificent leader.
Why aren't you running?
My dear, you have specific
and applicable talents.
- Mmm.
- And I do not suffer fools well at all.
Hello, CeCe.
Miss Helen. Miss Peggy.
- Uh, thank you again, Helen.
- Mmm.
I'll follow up with you
after I've penned my article.
Yeah, and thought about my proposal,
I hope.
And your proposal. Have a good day, CeCe.
- I wasn't expecting you.
- How do I get emancipated?
My parents are moving.
My whole family, really,
just to different places.
My dad found a better job,
but it's in North Carolina.
My mom's
still gonna drive long-haul,
but she's she's just moving
my little brother and sister
to stay with my granny in Kentucky
so she can watch them.
And they want me to go too,
but I don't wanna go. I wanna stay here.
- I wanna finish school here.
- Keep it
Especially now
that I'm considering college.
I mean, I I can't begin to tell you
about the school in my meemaw's town.
But my my parents can't afford
to keep renting the house here,
and I have nowhere to stay.
But I looked up
the guidelines for emancipation,
and I turn 18 this spring anyway,
so maybe I could
I could find a place to stay here then
You can stay with me.
Stay here.
In my home.
With me.
I I came for advice.
I'm not trying to impose on you.
Uh, no, your your presence here
would be a blessing and not an imposition.
I, um I take it
that your parents haven't left quite yet?
No, we're we're
we're still packing up.
Yeah. Well, uh, let's arrange a time
when the four of us can get together,
and we'll talk things through.
We'll figure this out.
- Okay.
- Yeah?
I mean, that's if you do
want to stay here.
You're a lifesaver.
We really need
to have movie night together.
First, we'll watch Moulin Rouge!,
or maybe that's a little too old for you.
Um, better yet, Strictly Ballroom.
I didn't realize they'd started
this service. They should be advertising.
- What a relief.
- Ma'am
I'll be back in 30
after I've gotten all my steps in.
Yes, ma'am.
This isn't a spa service.
Kyle's just watching
this baby for a friend.
Well, now he's watching two babies
for two friends.
I could not have made a better case
for offering childcare here.
That is, beyond my heartfelt plea
that we set up a program
before Ashley and I adopt a child.
And frankly, if you won't succumb
to my charms,
I will settle for your succumbing
to the proof of a market need.
I thought it was a great idea
when you suggested it.
It's just further down my list of things
to attend to than it should be, I guess.
I'm really happy to do it
for, like, a week,
but school's about to start,
and you'll need someone to take over.
Is this about the scavenger hunt?
Dude, it's our senior year.
Pushing the envelope,
making our mark, trying new things.
I get that. I just don't see myself
as a football player.
We have almost as much fun
as we have playing baseball together.
I see that look. You miss it.
It's muscle memory, ritual.
I keep thinking I should be at practice
or gotta go oil my glove.
Good, then play baseball this spring.
For the love of the game, okay?
Not 'cause you're trying
to get into college.
Yeah, college.
Wait. What does that mean?
I dunno. It's not a problem,
right, to be a senior
and not know what I wanna do with my life?
Dude, half the adults don't know
what they wanna do with their lives.
That's why you gotta be out here,
exploring and trying.
Are we back on football?
That's cold, man. Just "no"?
Not even, "Maybe, best friend.
I'll give it some thought." Just "no."
No, thank you. Come on.
I mean, that's better,
but it's still the wrong answer.
Per your wishes,
we have a scaled-down event
with your favorite people
and food and a fun photo booth.
Am I missing anything? Anyone?
No, that's everything. Everyone.
All right, looking at the guest list,
I don't see Jackson.
Don't you wanna invite him?
Things are a little weird right now.
He's not coming.
You okay?
I learned a little bit more
about why Miss Frances left me the money.
It's complicated,
but she felt close to me Us.
Like family.
That's sweet.
I always remembered her favorite order
because you taught me
to treat customers at Sullivan's
like visitors in our home.
It always seemed to matter so much to her
when I did. I'm glad she felt that way.
Miss Paula shared
one of Miss Frances's journals with me,
and I'm still reading.
But one piece of advice really stood out.
To be bold.
To say what you really want
while you still have the chance.
Be bold.
I like that.
Yeah, sweetheart. You're about to be 16.
This is a beautiful time for you
to think about what you want
for the upcoming year.
Be bold,
and tell me what you really, really want.
Deep down.
I want a sister.
I'm happy your dad is back too, but
No, not a biological sister.
I just want someone I can talk to
about everything, anything.
Oh, I get it. Someone your own age.
That used to be Ty and Kyle,
but now that's gotten too
You have Aunt Helen and Aunt Maddie.
I wanna know
who my version of that is going to be.
Well, my darling sweet sixteen,
be bold,
and declare who you are,
and let your truest friends emerge.
All right, new position, please.
Very good, very good.
Go with the flow.
Don't get locked in the moment.
Feel the movement.
I'm having trouble too.
It is not a sin to ask for help.
Every time I pack for a trip,
I hear Aunt Frances say,
"An extra pair of socks could save you."
- If Maddie were here
- Mmm.
I'd make her tell
the story about the bullfrog
- Mmm!
- in Miss Frances's bathtub.
That one can wait. A long time.
Ryan, we're honored
your aunt remembered Dana Sue
in such an amazing way.
And I'm in trouble for talking about money
at the dinner table.
Ronnie, I think you'll agree,
my aunt had a gift
for recognizing and celebrating
the incredible women in Serenity.
It gave her joy
to share with those she loved.
I want you to know
we're trying to figure out ways to use it
that would make her proud.
Use it to find joy, then.
That's what pleased her the most,
to know that the people
around her were happy.
When I started working overseas,
my parents were fit to be tied.
But Aunt Frances said, "Can't you see
the boy's only happy on the move?"
But here you are
happily settling in Serenity now.
Of course.
Very happily.
I wish I had
an aunt or a fairy godmother.
That's not my thing, so
- Oh, hi, honey.
- Hi.
After consuming their body weight in ziti,
the kiddos are finally off to bed.
Thank you for joining them for dinner.
Oh, it's always my pleasure.
Did you and June have fun?
Oh. That's great.
You are really off to a good start.
What's the story here?
- Story? Well, it's just an art class.
- Mm-hmm.
No, no, no. Every work of art
has a story behind it.
What is this telling us?
In a darkened land
there was a woman
who was trying to do the right thing
as best she could.
Trying to fix things, help people,
make a difference.
And then, one day
she realized she was tired
and needed to heal herself too.
I love it.
So, what happens next?
I don't know.
And I'm okay with that.
All I'm saying is,
when you replace
enough rotted floorboards
eventually, it's a new room.
Talking about the Ship of Theseus, right?
You're saying that at a certain point,
my marriage became something new?
Ship of what?
Theseus. It it's a philosophy thing.
Did you ever read Discworld?
When did we stop talking
about floorboards?
Here we go.
Oh! Oh, excellent.
- Clutch play.
- Oh! Yeah.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Well, what can I do for you?
- I have a new project.
Working with my hands
has really helped me grapple
with some of my issues.
But some of the edges
are still pretty rough.
Yeah, you got to sand off the rough edges
to get along smoothly.
Surely this is more life advice?
No, I'm no philosopher. I
I just think life
is about good workmanship.
Could I arrange to rent a sander
and a couple other tools from you?
I'm still furnishing my workshop,
so I don't have everything I need.
Finish whatever you're working on with us.
- I appreciate that.
- Yeah.
I can be notarized
as what's called "fictive kin,"
and that gives me power of attorney
for school and medical affairs,
so CeCe would not need to emancipate.
We appreciate your generosity.
It's important to Caroline
to graduate from Serenity High.
And I know
after the whole mock trial last year,
you have her best interests at heart.
Thank you, sir.
And I'm grateful too,
but I'm also kind of torn.
The idea of leaving my girl
in a home with strangers
Helen's not a stranger, Mama.
She's a friend you're just meeting now.
Don't be fresh.
I don't know the situation here.
What kind of clients do you see?
Who comes around? Friends and such?
I would not leave CeCe alone overnight,
nor would I have
any visitors overnight myself.
I already make sure
that she is never alone with a client,
and I do not represent anyone
with bad manners or bad tempers.
- Thank you.
- Mmm.
Thank you for your honesty
and understanding.
Take your time.
Make sure that you're comfortable
with the arrangements,
and then let me know your wishes.
My door is always open for CeCe.
Dana Sue Sullivan.
I've been thinking a lot
about what you said about being bold.
How about you think
about being a little quieter?
I want everyone to know.
You and I fell in love here.
This place is a result of Miss Frances
making our dreams come true.
Not just the restaurant
but our dream of true love.
Ronald Sullivan, what
I'm here to be bold,
and what could be bolder
than proclaiming my love.
Dana Sue,
I love you so much.
I'd marry you all over again
if you'd let me.
So, will you let me?
Ah, your mom's expecting me.
Uh, so I've been thinking, like, nonstop
about who I wanna be.
It's helping to start with who I'm not.
I'm sorry I yelled at you.
I'm not that guy.
I know you're not.
Thank you for hearing me out anyway.
I get how hard it is
to be there for people.
And how sometimes
it's at your own expense.
It needs to be a balance.
And we're we're figuring it out.
All of us.
- I keep waiting for it to get easier.
- Yeah. Me too.
Thanks, Coach.
Now, don't stay out too late, Mom.
Are you giving me a curfew?
I can.
No. No, that's No, thank you.
I don't wanna be a bother
I am so sorry I haven't gotten back
to you yet.
But with all the changes I'm making here,
I'm basically a one-woman big band.
- I don't usually do this.
- Mmm.
But, well, I really thought
we shared something special
at dinner the other night.
Would you be willing to see me again?
If I'm being too forward
I'll start you a tab, finish my shift,
and then you and I
will see what's still open.
Around here? Nothing much.
We may have to find
somewhere else to go, then.
It's so wonderful to see you.
You, uh, another fan of Z's?
Just doing a little consulting here.
Excellent choice.
I don't know what classes
I'm gonna take next semester,
much less the next four years.
Chemistry lab. I'm taking it.
As a junior?
My college search has widened.
I can go anywhere in the country now.
I'm so curious to see
what our futures will be.
Nobody could have predicted
the last couple of months.
What's the point
in trying to guess what happens next?
Whatever it is, I hope it's good.
Me too.
About time.
You have 30 minutes
before I'm back to take Annie home.
Cool, man.
I was so worried.
Why have you been ignoring me?
You better not treat me
this way at school.
My mom took my phone
and Nellie's for a while.
- She didn't want anyone leaking the news.
- What news?
We're moving.
I'm transferring to Castlewood.
Uh, Ronnie and Skeeter helped.
And if I'm not mistaken,
we have completed our no-touching period.
Is it sturdy?
Well, there's only one way to find out.
I am so happy that we took this time
to root ourselves as individuals,
come back stronger together as a couple.
Yes, but we need to keep growing
as individuals too.
Should we extend the rule, then?
Oh, not another second.
CeCe is such a special young woman.
You'll enjoy getting to know her.
While she's living here with you.
Did you think about talking to me?
How this impacts our timeline?
I'm sorry. I
I'm so used to making decisions
by myself
But we are going forward as a couple?
Of course.
We'll figure it all out.
I'm gonna stay, Helen.
Please believe that.
Believe me.
I do.
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