Sweet Magnolias (2020) s03e05 Episode Script

On This Foundation

- ["Destination" by Nickel Creek playing]
- You don't owe me ♪
One more minute of your wasted time ♪
You act like it's all fine ♪
It isn't hard to leave ♪
Knowing that I'll be getting life
On track ♪
I wanted to believe ♪
I've gotta make a destination ♪
Find where I belong ♪
This time I've got no hesitation ♪
I'll be movin' on ♪
To where I belong ♪
I'll be movin' on ♪
Over the line I've drawn ♪
I'm already gone ♪
[music fades]
[whimsical music playing]
All right.
[Dana Sue] Hmm.
I think we have Annie's birthday party
just about ready.
- So let's talk about our celebration.
- Mmm.
Ours should be small, I think.
Just intimate.
We don't need anything more
than you, me, and Annie.
And Helen and Maddie.
And Ty, Kyle, and Katie.
And Cal and Erik and Isaac. [stammers]
[chuckles] Uh, small's starting
to sound relative.
Oh my gosh. Relatives.
Hang on, we
Before we get buried in our guest list,
what are you thinking meal-wise?
And music?
'Cause I wanna dance into the dawn
with you, my darling.
Our budget's not staying small either.
We have Miss Frances's check.
No, no, no.
Annie's college fund is one thing,
but it doesn't feel right
to spend that on ourselves.
Why not? She gave it to you
to make you happy.
Isn't the point of this
to shout our happiness from the rooftops?
I don't wanna stifle one bit of our joy,
but I feel like Miss Frances trusted me,
trusted us,
to do something for the community.
Like what?
[uplifting music playing]
Well, she said
that she loved coming into Sullivan's
to watch me feed Serenity.
So, what if we could feed our neighbors
in even more ways?
But I was looking forward
to having a light schedule my senior year.
If Mr. Simms thinks it looks better
on your application to carry a full load,
listen to him.
I don't even know what I wanna major in.
Well, all the more reason
to broaden your options.
What's he suggesting
that you add to this year's schedule?
[laughing] Right?
Okay, guilty as charged.
Math has never been my thing.
Or mine.
But I took statistics
as a part of my marketing degree.
You have to learn how to analyze
the market in order to sell the market.
So in college.
In the olden days,
when we rode horses everywhere,
and it was easier to get into college.
Instead of treating this
as some sort of endurance test,
why don't you look at your senior year
as an opportunity to learn new things
and enjoy doing it?
- After I pass statistics.
- After you pass statistics.
[gentle music playing]
I was thinking last night after I left
some ground rules might be appropriate.
About CeCe?
About everything.
My hope is so big,
I'm not seeing around it
as clearly as I should.
I don't wanna deflate it.
And I don't wanna deflate yours.
More importantly,
I don't wanna presume or offend.
This is starting to feel
like a negotiation.
Please, don't.
Don't treat me like your project.
I've been doing my thing, my way,
for too long.
Arrive, assess, correct, depart.
No, let's take depart off the table.
I don't need you to fix things.
I don't need you to save me
or or or anyone else.
I need you to want to stay
as badly as I want you to stay.
Let this be home.
Let this
Let this be enough.
[gentle music playing]
[Helen chuckles]
I'm thrilled to move
from being a spa client
to having spa clients.
[Maddie chuckles] Aw.
So are we.
You're gonna be
a wonderful addition to our staff.
The both of you. Doo-doo-doo!
You're gonna make me cry
on my payroll form.
[chuckles] Aw.
But I don't see where I put down
how grateful I am to be welcomed here
by you.
We're gonna have a good time.
And your managing day care answers a need.
That's my top concern, that our members
know that we're hearing them
and doing our best to support them.
[whispering] Right. Yeah.
No wonder everyone
speaks so highly of the spa.
- [Maddie] Mmm.
- And of you.
- Do they?
- [Rebecca coos]
Of course they do.
I guess I keep my ears tuned
to the unhappy voices.
Try to stop the grumbling
before it turns into trouble.
Just I want our members
to know that they're valued,
and I worry when they don't.
But Trotter and I agreed
part of me being here is
to help you stop worrying.
[Rebecca coos]
I don't know if that's possible,
but I'll see if that can happen, right?
[upbeat music playing]
It's important for you
to have the right laptop this year,
not just for your studies.
What, with your gaming and all,
you must have particular specs in mind,
so we're gonna go in there and come out
with whatever suits your needs.
All right, son?
Mary Vaughn!
Hey, Nellie.
Hey, Kyle.
[Bill] Are you ladies enjoying
your back-to-school shopping?
We are! Nellie deserves
some new supplies for her new school.
New school?
We've moved to Castlewood.
So my children will be going
to Castlewood High with their cousins.
[Bill] Well, won't that be nice for them.
[Mary Vaughn] Trent and I thought
a fresh start is best for us all.
[Bill] That's what I found in Castlewood.
New day, new town, new victories.
And new friends.
You can understand, Bill.
Given how poorly my children
have been treated
by the people of Serenity,
I'll be keeping them away
from the people of Serenity.
Well, we all have to do
what we think is best for our kids.
Well, we are in agreement.
You have a good day now.
[somber music playing]
She's still not over the accident, son.
Sometimes you just gotta let women
ride these things out.
[somber music continues]
[camera clicks]
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Did our teacher have an answer
to your question, Miss June?
- Sh.
- [Maddie laughs]
I really am having trouble
with perspective. [chuckles]
You know what we called a man like that
when I was in seminary?
- [June scoffs]
- [Maddie chuckles]
A miracle of God's creation,
meant to be appreciated.
Do not grant him miracle status
unless you know
that he is good to his mama
and he likes his guacamole
as spicy as you do.
[June chuckles]
Oh, new relationships, new experiences,
new challenges are good for the soul.
- [Maddie chuckles] Mmm.
- They keep you sharp and fresh.
- [chuckles] Mmm.
- Especially when they're with hot men.
Says the lady dating a hot man.
Mmm, just respecting
the miracle of God's creations.
- [blows raspberry] Amen.
- [Maddie laughs]
[June laughing]
[solemn music playing]
[rock clatters on window]
[clattering continues]
[clattering continues]
[happy music playing]
Sh, sh, sh, sh, sh, sh.
I wanted to be the first person
to wish you a happy birthday
All the way from Castlewood.
[chuckles softly]
with a custom Annie handle.
Fitting for the Putt-Putt queen.
[gentle music playing]
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
And you're leaving?
My parents are lighter sleepers
than yours. I gotta get home.
[whispers] I'll think about you all day.
[car engine starts]
My father made this desk
when he wasn't much older than Ty.
It's weird to think of Papa
as being that young.
He told me, when I was in high school,
that he hoped that this desk
would be in our family
for generations to come.
- That means you three.
- And beyond.
It used to sit in the front room
at Nana's house,
but originally, it was in his house.
And Nana says that he would sit right here
and write love letters to her.
Love letters? I wanna read them!
She might have a few
she's willing to share with you.
Did he sign them "sunshine and lollipops"
like Nana signs her birthday cards?
[pensive music playing]
My dearest
Jeremy, nice of you to come by.
But you could've warned me
about the haircut.
[both chuckle]
My oldest sister came to visit
and told me I needed to shake things up.
At least she used scissors
and not sheep shears.
[Dana Sue laughs]
Feels good to be delivering directly
to you again. No offense to Erik.
Yeah, he's just taking a little time off.
So, uh, what's with all the greenery?
Isaac told me what had taken root,
so I brought the next wave.
And I'm all prepared to persuade you
to create a fully green roof.
- [chuckles]
- Maybe add a solar panel or two.
But first,
how you been?
[gentle music playing]
[Dana Sue] You?
I'm great. Farm's great.
You look happy.
You do too.
[both chuckle softly]
- Here you go, Chef.
- Ah! Yes.
So I have got to get over to the party,
but feel free to stay and chat with Isaac.
He might even cook for you.
Happy to.
Sure you can handle
everything here on your own?
Aye, aye, Captain. Go enjoy yourself.
So, what can I get for you, Jeremy?
Got any more of those brownies
she just carried out of here?
How did you know?
An artist trusts his instrument.
Car's all packed.
- No word from CeCe?
- No, I'm sure she's on her way.
Should we leave the key
under the mat, text her?
No, I wanna be here when she arrives.
Should we text Dana Sue we'll be late?
More importantly,
that the lemon bars will be late.
Oh, the lemon bars.
Yes, let me get those. Oh.
- [knocking on door]
- Oh.
CeCe! A fellow member
of the all-in-one trip brigade.
- I'm so sorry for running late.
- Not a problem.
Everything in my house got crazy.
My folks were in 18 different directions
'cause of the move.
Where do I put these?
Here let me
How can I be of the most help?
[chuckles] Can you take the lemon bars
and everything else to the pavilion?
And I will help CeCe and meet you there.
- Of course.
- Mm, come on, honey.
- Am I making y'all late?
- Ah, it's all good.
And I hope you know
you're welcome to join us
once you put your things down.
Thanks, but, uh, A Annie and I
aren't all that close.
Just point me in the right direction.
I'll unpack.
It'll be my pleasure
to show you to your room.
Thank you.
Okay. Oh goodness.
What's in here? [grunts]
- A lot of stuff.
- [Helen laughs]
[whimsical music playing]
- Well, welcome, Mayor Vernon Hall.
- [chuckles]
Acting mayor
by designation of the town council.
At least until
the special election's held.
Well, nevertheless,
thank you for being willing to serve.
Oh, seems like what Serenity needed most
at the moment was an old supply sergeant.
- [chuckles]
- Did I catch you on your way out?
Uh, Annie Sullivan's birthday party
is starting shortly.
I don't wanna keep you.
No, it's just over at the pavilion.
What can I do for you?
Oh, well, since you were
one of the key drivers of the recall,
I wanted to come by myself
to let you know
we've started fixing things.
Those absurd parking restrictions? Gone.
Oh, fantastic.
And we're doing a vigorous inspection
of town finances.
Thank you.
- But there's so much more to tackle.
- [Maddie] Mmm.
And I have a sense that you may have
some thoughts about that.
- Ah, just an idea or two.
- Hmm? Just an idea or two?
[laughing] Ooh!
Yeah. Ever since we had that meeting here,
people have dropped by
with their thoughts and concerns.
- Uh-huh.
- And I may have added a few of my own.
This is impressive.
Or daunting.
- Well, I could take some back.
- No, no, no.
Don't you have
plenty of pressing business of your own?
Let's sit down next week
and prioritize some of this.
But in the meantime,
be off to your party.
- [chuckles]
- Thank you, Acting Mayor.
Oh, you are welcome, dynamic citizen.
[both chuckling]
["In the Wild"
by Sam Clines & Jerry Thomas playing]
[indistinct chattering]
I'm gonna plaster the inside of my locker
with pics from the photo booth.
This is such a great party.
My parents did an awesome job
getting everything together.
They listened to what I wanted.
I mean, really listened,
and I'm loving how everything turned out.
It must be awesome
to have parents who listen.
No wonder you're so sweet.
[both laugh]
When I moved here,
you were the first one to reach out.
You made it easier to be the new girl.
You made Miss Cordova laugh in geometry,
and I decided then and there
she's gonna be my friend.
And I'm glad I am,
but I shouldn't be keeping you
from Jackson.
Wow. I actually went 15 minutes
without missing him.
Is he not here?
He's away. Family vacation.
Some vacation with all the
What can I do to help you get
to 20 minutes without missing him?
Well, I'm fortunate to be in a position
where I can take some time,
but finding a job isn't the problem.
It's finding the right job.
Exactly. I want something where I can be
fully engaged and make a difference.
Gotta know who we are
apart from them to understand
what we bring to the relationship.
And we gotta get it right.
So we might be the three luckiest men
in this town,
country, world.
They're intelligent, compassionate,
generous with their time and talent.
They ever make you wanna rip your hair out
by the roots?
- Whoa!
- I'm sorry.
- Um
- [chuckles]
I hear you, man.
Wanna take her away from chaos
but gotta love how much she wants
to be in the middle of it all,
loving on everyone.
[indistinct chattering]
It's illuminating to see Helen
in the context of all the people
that love her and need her.
It's pretty impressive, you giving up
all you do to be here with her.
I'd give up everything. Anything.
[indistinct chattering continues]
Yeah. [chuckles]
["Feelin Fine" by PillowTok playing]
I cannot believe that this sweet angel
wakes her mama and daddy up
four times a night.
Which is why Carla's over
getting sweet tea for both of us.
You'll sleep through the night again
for about, uh, three months when she's 15.
- [chuckles]
- Then she'll get her driver's license.
[laughs] Oh, Mama.
Miss Paula, you are making my head spin.
She's growing up too fast.
Did I grow up too fast, Mommy?
- For my liking or yours?
- [chuckles]
You all grow up too fast.
Oh, Mama.
- Noreen, is everything okay?
- Everything's fine.
Trotter said that he could watch
the childcare tent
so I could give Annie a hug,
say happy birthday.
And I'm not gonna name names,
but I didn't wanna leave him alone
with a certain paste eater for too long.
- [Helen laughs]
- I can go help.
No, no, no!
You're supposed to be enjoying,
not worrying, remember?
I'm trying to.
Harlan, would you like me
to watch Margaret for a little while?
Really? I bet she'd enjoy that.
Has anybody asked her?
Maybe she'd like to stay with Aunt Helen
for a little longer.
But if she goes with Noreen,
she can mingle with people her own age.
And so can her parents and Auntie Helen.
- Fine.
- [chuckles]
Say bye-bye to all the wonderful adults
who should have a drink and relax now.
[Paula, Maddie chuckling]
Mommy, can I help with the babies, please?
If it's okay with Noreen.
Sounds like tons of fun to me.
- [gasps excitedly]
- [Paula chuckles]
[upbeat pop music playing]
Watch out, world. Annabelle is 16.
- So sweet!
- [Gabe] And a junior.
- You might now officially be cool.
- Wasn't she already?
- Hey, Annie.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Hold on, underclassman.
This conversation is rated OC-16.
- Only cool 16-year-olds and above.
- Uh!
So that means no convo for you, sophomore.
Hey, that's right!
[in deep voice] I'm a sophomore.
No, not yet, not yet.
Little man thinks he's big now
'cause he's a sophomore.
Everyone's having such a good time.
- It's hard to tell whose party it is.
- [Dana Sue laughs]
Then you haven't been close enough
to Annie. The birthday girl radiates joy.
[gasps] You know what Annie told me
she wanted for her birthday? [laughs]
[Helen] Hmm?
A sister.
Like the two of you are to me.
Oh. [chuckles]
Well, that is worth celebrating
and praying for all year long.
How many roads lead back
to the lemonade stand?
[Dana Sue] Mmm.
Which is why I cannot stop thinking about
Miss Frances and her gift.
I wanna use it in a way
that honors her and her vision of us.
Well, what's your heart telling you?
I wanna feed Serenity.
And offer help to neighbors
that are going through trials
or reaching for dreams
and just just need someone
to come alongside.
Like Miss Frances always did.
You mean a foundation
providing high-impact funds
for key causes.
Maybe. How would that work?
Well, broad strokes,
you dedicate the capital,
and then you select a board
to help manage the funds
and identify needs,
select recipients.
And then there's a whole lot of paperwork
that I can help you with.
As long as you two are a part of it.
- Happily.
- Indeed.
[all chuckle]
Where would be a good place to start?
You know what's been on my mind since VBS?
Austin and his dino nuggets.
I've been thinking about going down
to the interfaith council
to ask them what they're doing
about food insecurity, but
[hopeful music playing]
we could go.
On behalf of your foundation.
[Maddie, Helen chuckle]
Our foundation.
- Okay.
- I mean
- [laughs] I'm in.
- [chuckles]
[crowd laughing, chattering indistinctly]
[whimsical music playing]
[food sizzling]
Uh, Chef.
- Uh, yes?
- Can you step into the dining room?
Table three wants to see you.
[diners chattering indistinctly]
Here he is. I heard
you were running the kitchen today.
We all wanted to compliment you in person.
Wow. Uh, just doing my job.
Doing it with excellence.
The prosciutto-wrapped figs
melt in my mouth.
The shrimp and grits
have the perfect kick.
Oh, and the brownies Mmm, delicious.
They were both raving, even Eileen,
and she is so hard to please.
[Eileen] It was great.
I told them
you need to meet this young man
because he is so special to me.
So, ladies,
meet my friend, Isaac Downey.
A rising star of a chef.
- Nice to meet you.
- You too.
- Nice to meet you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
- [girl] Thank you. Happy birthday.
- Hey. [chuckles]
- [Annie chuckles]
Brava on communicating successfully
with your parents about your party.
- Talking with you helped a lot.
- Eh! You knew what you wanted.
Sometimes it just helps
to speak it out loud.
To someone who really hears me
and helps me hear my own heart.
[upbeat pop music playing in background]
I will always be that for you.
Come here.
I had all these visions
of gently rocking my baby to sleep,
but Margaret has to be moving
to fall asleep.
[Paula chuckles]
The car works wonders as long as one of us
is awake enough to drive.
[chuckles] Mine would always conk out
in the stroller.
Well, put the baby on the clothes dryer.
On it, not in it.
- I haven't tried the dryer.
- [Harlan chuckles]
I've tried the stroller,
but the sidewalks are such a mess.
It's tough to find a smooth path.
So true. The tree roots all over town
are surfacing, wrecking the sidewalks.
I nearly face-planted
at the scavenger hunt
because of a risen root.
Which was only funny
once we knew she was okay.
[both chuckle]
Says he.
[Cal, Paula chuckle]
[Ty] Hello, everyone!
We are here tonight
to celebrate
a very special person, obviously.
And I'd like to ask her to come on up.
- [crowd cheering]
- Come on up, Annie. Come on.
- Yes!
- [boy] Annie!
I got a little something for you.
[acoustic guitar strumming]
[Ty] Are you ready?
[picking melody on guitar]
[both laugh]
[strumming continues on guitar]
[Annie continues laughing]
[in melody from "On Top of Old Smoky"]
Let's sing about Annie ♪
Today is her day ♪
It's her 16th birthday ♪
And I gotta say ♪
She's sweet, and she's funny ♪
She's smart and so kind ♪
[crowd chuckling]
She's the absolute best friend ♪
You ever will find ♪
[crowd chuckling]
So let's sing about Annie ♪
And wish her the best ♪
[man] Whoo!
'Cause Annie is awesome ♪
Above all the rest ♪
Come on!
[all] Let's sing about Annie ♪
And wish her the best ♪
'Cause Annie is awesome ♪
Above all the rest ♪
Above all the rest ♪
[crowd cheering]
- [chuckles]
- [man] Bravo!
- You wrote those words?
- I did, and it counts as your present.
Best party ever.
[crowd cheering]
Happy birthday, Annie!
[crowd murmuring]
- Wait, wait, who's that?
- A wicked witch. Ronnie's sister.
What are you doing here?
Oh, I am so sorry I'm late.
But I didn't know
what time the party started
since I didn't get an invitation.
But I didn't wanna pass up my chance
to participate in a family celebration.
I've missed so many over the years.
You know why.
It's really not fair.
Do not do this.
Why does it always have to go like this?
All I ever wanted was to be your friend,
your sister.
But no-ho-ho!
You steal my restaurant
and my brother from me.
And you! Oh! [scoffs]
Fair and reasonable Helen Decatur
Don't you dare drag my real sisters
into your mess.
- You teaming up with Ryan?
- Don't
One more conceited Wingate
to turn Miss Frances against me.
And you! [in Southern accent]
Miss high-and-mighty,
who, or so I hear, can't keep a man.
They mean more to you than I do?
She means more to you?
Kathleen Sullivan.
Your mother brought you up
better than this.
- [ominous music playing]
- [crowd continues murmuring]
My mama raised me to stand up for myself,
and that is what I'm doing.
- It is so far past time for you to go.
- Don't you drink their poison, Ronnie.
You think you're one of them,
but you are one of us.
[ominous music intensifies]
[crowd continues murmuring]
- [gasps]
- Annie! Annie!
Annie, wait!
And not even one
escaped alone to tell thee.
I love your lemon bars.
- [Helen] Mmm.
- [kisses]
There's a whole plate
in the refrigerator just for you.
Everything all right?
My heart aches for Annie.
We should probably say a prayer
for Kathy too.
- You are not defending that woman.
- Not defense. Compassion.
The Lord's compassions, they fail not.
Mine, however,
are pretty shaky at the moment.
You could feel how badly she wants
to be a part of it all.
Not just Ronnie's family
but this amazing community
of like-minded souls
y'all have built together.
It's beautiful and intimidating.
You don't feel welcomed
by my friends, my family?
I can hear
a whole lot of tape measures unfurling.
There's a difference
between agreeing to stay in Serenity
and agreeing to be judged by Serenity.
Well, while you're defending
the wicked witch,
allow me to defend my friends
who want me to be happy.
I want you to be happy too, Helen!
That's why I'm here!
Where are you?
[solemn music playing]
["Let It Go (Leave It Alone)"
by Matthew Griswold playing]
[rock clatters on window]
If I could just pretend ♪
I didn't know ♪
That everything we did ♪
Was just a show ♪
I could then believe ♪
That maybe all was said and done ♪
Is our redemption from the things ♪
We never could outrun ♪
So let it go ♪
Just let it go ♪
And leave it alone ♪
So let it go ♪
Just let it go ♪
And leave it alone ♪
Why hurt Annie? Kathy has no idea
what a good, sweet girl she is.
I could just
- Breathe, honey. Breathe.
- [Ronnie exhales]
Fire might come out!
God bless Ty for taking Annie out
for a drive. She doesn't need to see this.
This is what Kathy does.
This is why we stay away from her.
We stand our ground, pray up a storm,
and hope that she gets frustrated
or bored enough to go away again.
But she ruined Annie's big day.
Kathy blew up the end of her party.
We can help Annie preserve the joy
from the rest of the day.
I should have done something.
You did.
You defended me and Annie,
and I love you so much for that.
Kathy can never ruin that.
[gentle music playing]
[Mary Vaughn] My, my.
You Townsend boys
can't seem to stay away from Castlewood.
Good evening, ma'am.
What brings you here, Tyler?
[ominous music playing]
I wanted to bring Jackson
some baseball equipment.
- I'll take that off your hands.
- Jackson needs to pick out what he wants.
- Well, I'll go in and get him.
- Ma'am.
I've been terribly impolite.
I should've never come to your home
without calling first
or clearing it with Jackson or with you.
That's true. But since you're here,
I'll take the gear.
I don't wanna make matters worse
by burdening you with gear
he might not even want.
My mistake.
Yes, it is.
Because as a starter for Castlewood,
he'll have
all the brand-new gear he needs.
Good night, Tyler.
Oh, and let your mother know
there are more subtle ways to spy on me.
- [dog barks]
- Good boy.
Come on, come on.
Happy birthday, Cinderella.
This is your last carriage ride.
[sprinklers whirring]
[door opens]
[gentle music playing]
Here's my rule of thumb.
If we've run out of things to talk about
by the appetizers,
the first date's the last date.
I'll try to remember that.
'Cause it might be a while
before I'm back in that game.
Well, as the doctor supervising
your wound recovery
[Erik laughs]
it's okay to take your time.
Is time passing?
[stammers] I feel
like I'm caught in a loop,
where every thought leads back to Helen.
I'm not making any forward progress.
If I'm remembering my physics correctly,
you're trying to achieve escape velocity.
And it takes a lot of energy to leave
the orbit of a powerful heavenly body.
[Erik laughing]
Okay, that might not the perfect metaphor,
but you get what I mean.
Yeah, what you think you mean.
Hey, you're not the only one
to have loved and lost Helen Decatur.
Maybe not loved
but dated several times
and totally smitten by.
[chuckling] Again, I said what?
Long enough for me to know
what a great person she is.
Now we're tennis buddies and true friends.
[poignant music playing]
That's light years away.
If ever.
Or, as my mom used to say,
some people are there for a season
but always for a reason.
Let's give that reason a chance to emerge.
[Erik] Hmm.
Oh, uh, I, uh I should've dressed up.
Your shirt's clean, isn't it?
That's all I require around here.
Go ahead, sit down. Get some sweet tea.
Ooh, is this
from your, uh, naked people class?
It's not finished yet.
Ah, it doesn't have to be.
What matters is
you're trying something new,
and I am always interested
in trying new things.
[Maddie chuckles]
Maybe we should take a class together.
Um, I'm more a fan of one-on-one learning.
- [Maddie chuckles]
- [Cal] Hmm.
[gentle music playing]
Are you about to give me a grade?
[Maddie chuckles]
Actually, I I was just thinking about
how proud I am of you.
You were so willing to start a new chapter
with so much focus and determination.
You did too.
I don't know.
Sometimes I feel like I am stuck
in the last chapter,
and I haven't quite figured out
where it ends and the new one begins.
Well, does this tell part of the story?
My mom asks me after every class,
what is the story behind the picture?
But I'm starting to think that the story
is out ahead of the picture,
and the picture is just helping me
figure out how to get there.
Well, just as long
as I'm in every chapter.
As a good guy.
Okay, not like shining armor or anything,
but I think I'd look pretty good
on horseback.
You were the one who made me realize
it was my story to tell.
Because you heard me in a way
that no one ever had before.
And I love you for it.
[romantic music playing]
- Wanna hear about the sequel?
- Mm-hmm.
[Cal chuckles]
[mellow jazz music playing]
[indistinct chattering]
Between your expertise as a chef
and my vision for Z's,
we'd form a powerful partnership.
- Partnership?
- [Kathy] Yes.
You should really come on board
at Z's full-time.
[chuckles] That's very flattering,
but I'm just on a break from Sullivan's.
- Mmm.
- That kitchen is important to me.
And leaving would be like breaking up
with a first love.
But first loves are best left in the past.
Imagine what you could do at a place
where you'd have real authority.
I mean, you'll never have
the same level of control
working at a restaurant
alongside its namesake.
Give it some serious thought.
[mellow jazz music continues]
Hey. French 75, please.
Thank you. [quietly] Yeah.
No, we haven't met before.
I'm trying to correct that.
I'm Genevieve.
Thanks, but, uh, I'm not
great company tonight.
Well, are you better than a table for one?
Because that's your only competition.
What a great laugh.
Are those hard to come by?
They have been.
Let me see if I can do it again.
I thought you were done with baseball.
But this says their alumni
could help me get into D1 schools.
Yeah, this is a rich-kid school
waving around grand promises
to recruit you for one year.
They can't guarantee anything.
Okay. Tell me about your change of heart.
I didn't want baseball
because it didn't want me.
And I wanted to be the one who left.
Just watching Gabe train for football
makes me
[stammers] Eager.
Maybe I walked away before I should have
for the wrong reasons.
You do understand where this school is,
that you would have to live there.
And what does your mom think about that?
I haven't told her.
[pensive music playing]
And I want you to help me.
So, you three do this every week?
Yeah. [chuckles]
Swap stories and smiles and support.
Very cool.
And you don't have to go out
just because they're coming over.
- [chuckles]
- You're welcome to stay but upstairs.
Thanks, but I'm going out
with some friends. If that's okay.
Where are you meeting?
Wharton's. And I love
that I can walk there from here.
Wonderful. I'll see you at curfew.
Oh, and please let me know
when you get there and when you leave.
- I promise.
- [knocking on door]
Knock knock. Oh, hello.
- [chuckles]
- Hi. Bye.
[chuckling] Bye.
- CeCe just leaving?
- She might as well live here.
In fact, she does.
[laughing] Excuse me?
Well, her family had to move,
and she wanted to stay
for her senior year,
so she's living with me.
[chuckles] Well, that is
both surprising and predictable,
considering how generous you are.
- Thank you.
- Well, yeah.
[Dana Sue sighs]
- Pour it out?
- Pour it out.
[Maddie, Dana Sue laughing]
[Dana Sue] Mmm!
[Maddie] Mmm.
Well, you're jumping into the deep end,
living with a teenager. [laughs]
It is nerve-racking.
Mmm. But very exciting.
I'm glad I can be there for CeCe.
And it's it's it's energizing
to have her around.
- Yeah.
- How does Ryan feel about CeCe moving in?
Well, he understands
why this is important to me,
and I appreciate that.
Well, June said the other night
that new relationships and new challenges
are good for the soul.
Well, this relationship
is neither new or a challenge.
Ryan being in Serenity is new.
That's all that I meant.
If I need counseling from June,
I'll go see her myself. Thank you.
No one was suggesting that. I
Although, I do give June five stars
as a counselor.
Just saying. [chuckles]
Dana Sue, I'm sorry about Kathy.
- [Dana Sue groans]
- I hope Annie's okay.
She seems to be.
She was humming "On Top of Old Smoky"
this morning. [laughs]
It is a catchy tune.
[Dana Sue] But God forgive me
for the suggestions I've given him
about what should happen to Kathy
at his earliest divine convenience.
- [Maddie, Dana Sue chuckle]
- Has Ronnie reached out to her?
Not since she first blew in.
I doubt a word she told him is true.
She does this whenever she needs money.
Finds a job with one of the two people
in town that remember her fondly,
whips up trouble, and then leaves again.
And I can't talk to her 'cause
I don't speak hogwash, her mother tongue.
[Maddie, Dana Sue chuckle]
Well, maybe we can add
ridding ourselves of Kathy
to Maddie's very long list
of fix-it projects.
[Maddie] Mmm.
That I handed over to Vernon yesterday.
Thank you.
Excellent delegation, Maddie.
Doesn't it feel good?
I was only keeping the list
because Trent left so much undone.
Are we good neighbors
if we just walk by what we can fix?
That's what the foundation is for.
And by the way,
I spoke to Mrs. Westmore at the bank,
and she's putting together our paperwork.
- Great.
- That's wonderful.
We can put all of our energy
into the foundation.
there is a larger problem
that I'm not seeing.
There is not a larger problem here at all.
- We should just
- Was I not supposed to ask about Ryan?
I asked the question
because I was interested
in how you and Ryan were doing.
When Cal and I got together,
you two were full of questions.
And I didn't take offense at a single one.
- I didn't take offense.
- Really? I must be standing in a draft.
Okay. You know what?
You two, you stop this this minute,
or someone's gonna say
Helen, are you happy?
Something they shouldn't.
Why can't I ask that question, Dana Sue?
Of both of you!
I poured my heart out to the two of you
at the lowest moments in my life.
And I listened to all your questions
and learned from them,
and I was grateful to do it.
So, why can't I ask?
Because she doesn't wanna talk about it.
Isn't that what's what's going on here?
I'm not sure what's going on here.
[Dana Sue] Uh
I thought you two were aware
that I have loved Ryan for my whole life.
My whole life!
Being with him is my dream.
He is here. He is making an effort.
And is that making you happy?
- That's all I'm asking.
- [exclaims]
And you need to stop asking
because the answer is clear.
Is it?
I'm ju I'm just trying to help.
[solemn music playing]
But between the dinner date and
[breathing shakily]
it is clear.
Helen, we love you.
We wanna help you. We wanna support you.
I will decide what makes me happy.
I don't need a board of directors
to tell me where to invest my heart.
If you don't like the way
I'm handling my business,
you can stay out of it.
You can
[solemn music intensifies]
Y'all need to leave.
[somber music playing]
[closing theme music playing]
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