Sweet Magnolias (2020) s03e09 Episode Script

A Game of Telephone

You don't owe me ♪
One more minute of your wasted time ♪
You act like it's all fine ♪
It isn't hard to leave ♪
Knowing that I'll be getting life
On track ♪
I wanted to believe ♪
I've gotta make a destination ♪
Find where I belong ♪
This time I've got no hesitation ♪
I'll be movin' on ♪
To where I belong ♪
I'll be movin' on ♪
Over the line I've drawn ♪
I'm already gone ♪
And therefore
is winged Cupid painted blind.
Hey, we're gonna be late for school.
Aw, did your Pokémon run away?
Seriously, what's going on?
Heartbreak, treachery, and betrayal.
You know, the usual.
Nellie asked to meet with me
so she could dump me.
Came all the way back from Castlewood
to crush me.
And she wasn't even the secret admirer
who's been leaving me carnations.
It sucks.
Yes, it hurts.
Yes, it will get better.
But you need to take your time to decide
what you wanna remember
and what you wanna forget.
First love is special.
I I just I I want a girl
who's cool and into me.
Is that so much to ask?
And you'll find her.
You might even discover she's been
right under your nose all along.
Wait a second.
If Nellie didn't send me the flowers,
someone else did. Who was it?
I don't know.
Do my eyes deceive me?
My very own mother
finally visiting our spa?
And not as your mother
but as a very interested customer.
I would like to book an appointment
with Genevieve.
Suddenly facials aren't frivolous.
I believe I said that they could be
considered as frivolous,
but when the situation warrants
What situation?
Well, that Serenity is overflowing
with glowing women,
and, uh, I wish to be one of them.
Well, Genevieve's schedule
is always packed.
Let me see if I can find you some time.
While you do,
were you aware
that Katie wrote me a letter?
A letter?
- Mm-hmm.
- When she sees you almost daily?
It was, um,
a a thank-you note of sorts.
Beautiful, heartwarming,
and she wrote
so many touching things about my art.
It's inspiring me to start a new project.
I had no idea.
The things that go on
in that little head of hers.
I know.
The real gift is seeing my grandchildren
enjoying the same pastimes
that Walter and I did eons ago.
Katie and Kyle writing
and Ty restoring your father's desk.
I wish they'd been able to know Dad.
He would have made
such a huge impact on them,
just like you.
They do know him.
In you.
Your father's legacy and mine
are already assured.
Oh! What?
Oh! I'll take that appointment
right there.
No, you don't know my system.
You don't know
that that spot is available.
I do know all three of the owners.
Surely that must carry some weight.
Not at all.
So you tell me what the occasion is,
and I'll book your appointment.
Which one are you more afraid of,
Helen or Dana Sue?
You. No question. Go up.
Genevieve will see you now.
Isaac thought you may be able
to do some paperwork to help with that.
Some kind of formal visitation agreement.
As it stands, your child support
is an informal agreement,
and he's not on the birth certificate.
- I thought that would be enough.
- Hmm.
And have you designated a guardian for Bex
if, God forbid,
something should happen to you?
Oh, I hadn't even thought
about that at all. Uh
I suppose my parents, Garth
Well, these are all complicated matters.
Let's start with Bill.
Uh, making this formal
gets rather cumbersome.
Bill would have to take a paternity test
and then be added
to Rebecca's birth certificate.
Isn't that giving him more access?
That's the baseline
by which a a court-mandated agreement
could be established.
But that process takes time,
and there's a distinct possibility
that no one will be happy in the end.
Including poor Isaac.
He was nearly as shaken up as I was
by Bill popping up unannounced.
If I may,
the law is not necessarily
the answer here.
Often, an honest
and and direct conversation
is the way to go.
I'd be happy to moderate.
Why is it so hard to move on with my life,
even though I finally know
where I wanna be?
I let go of my past,
but it is hanging on to me.
I know that feeling well.
When Bex was first born,
I was afraid that people in Serenity
were just watching me
just to see me fail.
But y'all have all been so lovely.
You, Maddie, and Dana Sue.
And most of all, Isaac.
Just so lovely.
And that's how we all get through.
Move ahead with the faith
and strength, and
most of all, the forgiveness we gain
by being surrounded by people who love us.
Well, I have God and Serenity
watching out for me.
And that is
a potent combination.
- Elbow up!
- You keep your elbow up.
- Focus.
- Mm.
Okay, I'm ready now.
Pull me up!
I've been framed.
- Who did this? Did you do this?
- I was just an accessory to the crime.
The real mastermind said
it would be funny, and it was.
Not Helen or Dana Sue?
My very own mother?
Is that Mama
asking about your little caper?
Oh, it's Vicky.
Your ex Vicky?
"In town and need to talk to you."
"Meet me at La Maison du Pain
day after tomorrow at 8:00."
I don't mind. I trust you.
Come with me.
No. No, I don't need to be
I would really appreciate it.
I'd be happy to.
My girlfriend and I will see you there.
Not your tempestuous redheaded lover?
I can't type that fast, but I will keep
that in the reserve in case she
"Reservation for four."
So, she'll be
bringing her partner as well?
boyfriend, bodyguard, BFF, something.
Vicky does not like to be alone.
Whoever it is, it won't matter.
We'll be fine.
I'm sure we will.
Good night.
Wally called to let me know
that he has some lovely new gowns in
whenever we're ready to come in.
I thought we were going to Charleston.
Uh, no need to go anywhere.
Ronnie and I
are scrapping the renewal party.
- Dana Sue, why?
- Are you certain?
It's the way it's gotta be. We'll just do
something simple with Pastor June,
us, Annie, you two.
Dana Sue, wha wha
It's just we're two weeks out.
The invitations are signed and sealed,
and we are ready to deliver!
The money that was set aside
for the party,
Ronnie gave it to Kathy
so she'd leave town.
And no, we did not discuss it first.
Yes, we will work through it.
And no, I did not cancel out of spite.
It just doesn't feel right anymore.
And we aren't broke,
but it all seems flashy and showy now.
How unfortunate.
So sorry.
What if we held, um, you know,
a scaled-down version of the event?
Something classy, intimate, joyful.
Starting over from scratch in two weeks?
I can't.
Well, we can.
You will not have to lift a finger.
Just tell us who must be there,
and we'll do the rest.
There is nothing frivolous
about celebrating love, even on a budget.
You promise you will keep it small.
I don't want any headaches
over this for anyone.
We solemnly swear.
The five of us, plus Cal, the kids.
Paula, Isaac, and the kitchen crew.
That's it.
Agreed. The inner circle, flowers,
some food platters, and cake.
What? What, you don't want a cake?
Of course I want a cake.
Well, then we will find you
the best cake in Serenity.
What? What's the problem?
Oh, this is about the cake maker.
Well, where do things stand with Erik,
with either of you?
Look, invite him if you have to.
It is truly not a problem.
- I actually think it is.
- Not because of me!
No, because of me.
I told him I would give him space,
and then I haven't heard a peep from him.
So I'm starting to wonder
if he doesn't wanna be around me either.
Not that I'm saying
he doesn't wanna be around you.
No, I saw him at the farmers market.
He does not wanna be around me.
What happened?
Oh, public awkwardness.
One of the things I do best.
Please understand
I am not trying to fix anything,
but do we give him
the option of attending?
- It could facilitate
- No!
Fine. You've left me no choice.
If I have to personally visit
every bakery in a 50-mile radius
to find a great cake,
I will do that for you, Dana Sue.
And for you, Helen.
Aren't we blessed, Dana Sue?
Mm. Mm!
My cup runneth over,
but my margarita glass does not, so
There we go. There we go. Okay.
So let's talk about the other food issue,
our presentation
for the interfaith council.
I think we're in good shape,
though I wouldn't mind another rehearsal
before the meeting.
I can slip out of the restaurant
not tomorrow but night after.
Sorry. Can't. I'm having dinner.
With June?
With Cal's ex.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Do you need
a consigliere?
I will be escorting Cal,
and Vicky will be bringing a player
to be named. It will be super fun.
Keep telling yourself that.
More like telling Cal that.
He's nervous?
He's something.
I can't quite figure it out.
Well, just stay calm and centered,
and focus on how much
you and Cal love each other.
And remember every single word
- Every word.
- because we are gonna want details.
I do not cease giving thanks for you.
Better not.
We've got
our work cut out for us at Ash Grove.
There's all the equipment
we already talked about.
Plus, we need to address
the drainage issues.
I I think we need
an adult consultant too.
Someone like Mr. Ramsey.
And we should pay him for his time.
This is getting expensive.
Which is why I wanna film
a fundraising video
to share on social media,
unleash our creativity
to get people excited about contributing.
There's so many ways to make
that playground into a fantasy land.
Sophie, you and Willow could create
a framing device at the park for the ad.
Something that gets
kids' and parents' imaginations going.
The Dream Weavers have you covered.
I'm all for what we're doing here,
but it it it just seems unlikely
we can make any changes to a public park
without a town permit.
I'd be happy to go to the mayor's office.
I'll go with you.
Acting Mayor Hall isn't gonna hide
behind a closed door like Mayor Lewis,
but, uh, red tape can still be tricky.
I know from watching our mom
get approval on things.
All right. Let's do this!
- Whoo!
- Yes!
Hey, I'm gonna need some of those
Good ol' Ty.
I'm assuming he doesn't think
I'm well-known enough
to get this done myself.
He's just being a helper.
He always steps up when I need him.
Must be a Townsend thing.
Their mom does so much for Serenity.
Ty is following in her footsteps,
and Kyle is being a leader.
I think Kyle worked harder
than anyone else at VBS.
He's such a good egg.
You asked for a fair price
on the sandwich platters,
and that is a fair value.
It it's it's marvelous
that you would offer us the food for free,
but but we we insist on paying.
No. We won't take a dime.
Not if it's for Dana Sue and Ronnie.
Don't bother forcing the issue.
Our minds are made up.
We do have a budget.
Fine, but the tab's already been paid.
It's been paid for years.
- Because of the deer.
- The deer?
Must have been, what, 15 years ago?
Big old deer broke into our kitchen
and shattered all of our olive jars.
We had a big birthday party that day,
and guess what the birthday boy wanted
on his pizza?
- Extra olives.
- Oh!
So Dana Sue marched over
with 12 jars of olives of all kinds
and would not take a red cent.
In my mind, the interest on that loan
looks a lot like
all the sandwich platters you need.
How do we not know that story?
- We appreciate it.
- Mm-hmm.
- And so will they.
- I do have a request though.
Might it be possible for us to attend?
We love Ronnie and Dana Sue so much.
It'd be like seeing
our own kids get married.
I don't think that we're in a position
to add to the guest list.
It's a very small gathering.
We understand.
Crystal clear. No hard feelings.
We just wanted to ask.
Please send our best wishes
along with the platters.
We could talk to June
about getting extra chairs from
the fellowship hall at Prince of Peace.
It's just a gentle expansion
- Yes.
- of the guest list, yeah?
And Dana Sue and Ronnie
will be so pleased to see you, I'm sure!
Delightful. Oh, and I bet
if there's room for Collins,
he'd surely supply the wood for the arbor
at no cost. I'll call him right now.
It's only two.
- What else do you need?
- It's fine.
Plenty of people would welcome a chance
to help out and to celebrate.
Jeremy. Hmm.
I didn't know
that you were the milkman too.
I should sign up for your services.
Haven't you? 'Cause this is for you.
Fresh goat's milk.
Really, you came all the way over
to give me these?
The Magnolias invited me to advise on
and maybe join
their food insecurity program.
When Isaac told me you work here too,
I wanted to bring you a gift.
I need to talk to Isaac.
I don't want everyone thinking
I need to be catered to.
Not catering.
And I also have a lead
on some yummy goat's milk yogurt.
Hopefully, I'll have it in stock
at next week's market.
- Maybe you'll come by.
- Maybe.
I'm so sorry,
but the ladies are running late.
They won't be back for a little while.
I'm more than happy to wait
unless I'm disturbing you.
I don't suppose
you would be bothering too much.
You know what I love
about Dana Sue, Helen, and Maddie?
They saw something in me nobody else did.
Them bringing me in to contribute,
it feels like
they're moving me up a level.
They really do know how
to help flowers blossom.
That's why I'm here too.
So after you put the numbers
in ascending order,
you can start to determine
how the number of fish each dolphin eats
relates to the aquarium mean.
It seems like
a waste of money to buy me coffee
and not even pay attention.
I'm trying. Math just isn't for me.
Baseball is just as much math
as it is a sport.
Clearly, your problem is something else.
Ms. Witt.
Who is Ms. Witt?
The horrible teacher
I had in middle school
who made me hate math.
Even if I got the answer right,
she'd mark me down
if I got it the wrong way.
Yeah, I've had tough teachers too,
but one bad experience shouldn't be enough
to make you give up
on something altogether.
If I did that,
I would have dismissed you
after you tried
to flirt with me unsuccessfully.
Don't remind me.
Try this.
Music is also math.
The whole point of statistics is
to extrapolate your own melody
from the notes.
And if you don't like the sheet music,
you can gain a better understanding
of the material
by making your own songs with the data.
I'm totally down for this
as long as we can talk about
actual music too.
My favorite sound. Effort.
You have a deal.
It's just us girls tonight, Mommy.
Do you have time for a story?
Do you have a book that you wanna read?
No, I want a mommy original.
There once was
a beautiful princess named
- Katie!
- How'd you know?
Okay. Princess Katie was strong
and smart and beautiful,
with sparkly armor.
And Katie did many important things
for her kingdom,
but the most important thing
was her ability to write magical letters.
Sometimes those letters
would make people happy
or proud or feel special.
But her magic was
that she always knew what to say
to heal people's hearts.
Whenever you heal people's hearts,
they can slay dragons or build castles
or bake brownies.
They could do whatever they needed to do
to make their kingdom a better place.
I have to write more letters.
Hey, it's bedtime.
You can write letters tomorrow.
Will you write them with me?
That could be fun.
- Love you.
- Love you.
- Good night.
- Good night.
This would be such a good site
for LARPing.
Maybe, we can make an Elven forest?
Or a fairy village.
We could bring in toadstools
and fairy lights.
I could wear butterfly wings.
So acting Mayor Hall
has officially approved the initiative.
Amazing! Thank you both so much
for getting involved.
It's gonna be great.
- Fun too.
- Mm-hmm.
Hey, Kyle, come check out this slide.
We wanna mod into a crystal waterfall.
Oh, uh, be right back.
You were really smooth today.
Eh, so were you.
Yeah, the only reason I wasn't nervous
when he asked about supplies
was because you stayed so calm.
What's your secret?
My mom.
She's got this thing about
clear and honest communication.
I'm still getting the hang of it,
but she says
when you have nothing to hide,
you got nothing to fear.
I'll jot that one down.
I admit I've got a lot to learn
about forthrightness.
Are you kidding?
You're the clearest communicator I know.
Not always.
Not when it counted. Not with us.
I messed up.
When we broke up,
I didn't get that
you were looking for resolution,
and I just pushed you away.
I get it now.
So, belatedly, I'm I'm sorry for that.
That might actually mean more to me now
than it would have then.
- Cool.
- Whee!
That's Vicky.
- Calvin?
- Huh. Please.
This is Maddie.
- Oh.
- Oh.
Oh, what a beautiful ring.
That's a new one.
I keep trading up.
Well, that must be the special reason
that you wanted to meet.
Well, it didn't feel right
making our final plans
and moving forward
without Calvin's blessing.
- Why would you need my blessing?
- We're in the Cal-Zone!
Uh Wow, man.
I almost didn't recognize you.
Vicky thought the beard was too scratchy.
- Good to see you, buddy.
- Huh.
We have so much catching up to do.
To the table.
Let's go.
Drew, as in
Yep, the guy from the infamous fight.
But now that he has no beard,
you can see, no scars.
Has he always shared a resemblance?
I never saw it.
Come on. Let's get this over with.
The carnations were from you?
All I wanted was for you to know
that somebody thinks you're terrific.
I guess I got carried away
and made a mess.
But you you took me to see Nellie.
I didn't realize
you had something with her.
When I said I would drive you,
I had no idea
what I was getting myself into.
After, I was too embarrassed
to say anything.
Are you mad at me?
No. No. I I think it's nice.
Really nice.
I I'm just trying to understand.
Uh, can we?
So, you you just wanted me to know
someone thinks I'm terrific?
When we first moved here,
my sister told me
that I had to act a certain way,
dress a certain way
to make the right impression,
but I've been watching you since VBS,
and you are you.
Honest. Authentic.
You make me want to try to be the same.
You also make me
want to take you out for pizza,
just the two of us, if you're interested.
Babysitting right now.
Uh, of course. Not tonight, but soon?
That would be awesome.
So, Calvin, I've been doing
a little homework on your new life.
- Oh, you really didn't have to do that.
- No, it was fun.
I saw that you're
a high school coach
and you lost State.
Well, that's old news.
I'm a carpenter now,
and I love it.
He's remodeling a friend's house.
It's gorgeous.
And he's part owner of a restaurant.
Sounds like a good living to me.
We're already planning
for Drew's retirement,
even though it's years and years
from now. Right, Drew?
Vicky takes care of all my investments.
That way, whenever I leave the game
Which he'll do on his own terms.
I hope, but Vicky's gonna make sure
that we can travel, spend time together,
you know, have a good time.
- Lucky you.
- Retiring is a big change.
What's gonna feed your soul
when it's time to move on?
I don't follow.
Mm, game goes on without us,
but some people can't handle
being left behind by their first love.
What's your plan
for when the attention you were getting
moves on to a new player?
I have been blocking that out.
I can't even.
But you're right.
It's always in the back of my mind.
Gonna be impossible
to face life off the diamond.
I need to freshen up.
They don't have to be perfect.
No one will look as closely as you do.
There's also no need to rush,
other than you're having phone withdrawal.
I have so much pride in you, Annie.
You're an incredible daughter
and an extraordinary young woman.
But I have to balance my belief in you
against all the things
you still need to learn.
Warden is an awful role to have to play.
But I'm grateful.
I've had a lot of time
to think about consequences,
about what I want in a relationship,
and the kind of man I want by my side.
About you and Daddy.
I don't see the connection.
You two had problems,
but you came back together
when you could have run away.
I'm happy you're proud of me.
I'm proud of you too.
Thank you for listening
and learning.
I want a love like yours someday.
Are you waiting for me?
I wanted to speak with you privately
to apologize.
Woman to woman.
You see, I wanted to catch up with Calvin,
but I didn't mean to upset either of you
with reminders that he washed out
and Drew has
so many good years left in him.
I had no idea it would sound so pitiful
once spoken out loud.
You needn't apologize about that.
- What are you implying?
- I'm not implying anything.
I'm coming right out and saying
that this dinner could have been an email.
Though I do realize
that that course of action
may have deprived Cal and me
of witnessing the spectacle
of Drew being made over in Cal's image.
That's absolutely laughable.
I knew Calvin was insecure.
Makes sense he'd bunk up
with an insecure girl.
if there is one thing
in which I am completely secure,
it is my love with Cal.
You need to understand something.
The few times that your name has come up,
Cal has been discreet and respectful.
So if you came here to determine
what power you still hold over him,
well, I could have saved you the drive
and the overpriced meal.
And if you came to my town
looking for drama,
I will direct you
to the local movie theater.
Cal is over you.
You need to get over him and yourself.
Glad to see you doing so well.
Maybe I can give you a ring
and get a few pointers
when the water boils over.
Nah, you're on your own,
but I do wish you the best.
We both do.
I'm happy for you, Vicky,
and I wish for you and Drew
to be happy together.
Maybe even as happy as we are.
I'm tired, Drew.
Take me back to our suite?
Sure thing. Night, guys.
That went well.
Oh, I was a little worried
when you and Vicky
got up from the table at the same time.
But whatever you said in there
cooled her down.
When she came back,
she looked like she'd seen a ghost.
Well, it's Vicky's choice to be haunted.
Blessed are those
who let go of their pasts
to embrace the joy of their futures.
I do not have the words
for how much I love you.
The Serenity Serves initiative
seeks to synthesize and support
the various food service programs
expertly run by your congregations.
Through this initiative,
the Magnolia Community Foundation
aims to offer
nutritious, low-cost, tasty meals
that can be easily distributed
then frozen and quickly reheated.
We have two main objectives.
First, to extend outreach
to those who may not already be
in our communities.
And second, to serve others
with the belief that quality of food
increases quality of life.
Essentially, your plan
would fill in the gaps
of the existing food programs in Serenity.
Well, absolutely, Rabbi Berton.
We're not seeking to supplant
but to supplement.
We want everyone in this community
to know that they have someone to turn to
regardless of where they worship
or if they worship.
So we have a pantry at First Baptist.
The mosque delivers goods to elders,
and St. Cecilia runs seasonal food drives.
Now could your initiative
utilize these programs?
Pastor Mosby, we look forward
to sorting it all out together.
I believe we have enough information
to proceed with the vote.
All in favor.
And we are adjourned.
Ladies, much appreciated.
I hope this won't be
the only project you bring to us.
Thank you, Pastor.
My pleasure. Good job. Enjoy your day.
Thank you.
- Congratulations!
- Oh!
Thanks so much
for getting us on the agenda.
And for the coaching beforehand.
Y'all aren't nearly as intimidating
as I expected you to be.
But how intimidating
will that workload be?
This won't be work. It'll be joy.
Amen to that.
Miss Emily checked
all the desks and backpacks.
Nobody had Aiden's lunch box,
and Aiden started to cry
because he wanted a Star Crunch.
I said I'd give him mine.
Stay in your chair, Katydid.
But then they found his lunch box
in the bathroom,
and he already ate his Star Crunch.
Settle down and eat your food now.
And, Kyle, what you got going on?
I'm dating an older woman.
Well, that's very
Wow! Um, since when?
We're, uh, planning our first date.
Well, Kyle, who's Lily?
A girl at school.
And who you got your eye on?
Busy with school, woodworking,
and helping Kyle
renovate Ash Grove playground.
Renovating? Well, it's not that old.
I took Katie there not long ago,
and we had a grand old time
until she twisted herself up
in the swing so many times
she got dizzy and nearly puked.
Not a dinner table word, Daddy.
That was me, Dad.
On the swing in, like, fifth grade.
No, that couldn't have been.
So we should talk to Mr. Ramsey
sooner rather than later
about the order he thinks
we should do things in.
Well, fundraising first.
We need a clear budget
so we can spend responsibly.
Am I proud of y'all.
I'll shut up a minute.
Just marveling how fast you're growing up.
Instead of mulch,
can we get that shredded rubber
that's good for the planet
but also bouncy?
That's a tough price point, Katie.
You could just say no.
- Oh!
- Okay.
Maybe a business in town
will donate.
Mm, my sisters, a drink, desserts.
All is right in the world.
Hmm. Yes, we are back and thriving.
The Serenity Serves initiative
is promising,
and the vow renewal planning
is coming along nicely too.
If only we could find a decent cake.
I know what you're gonna say.
No, you don't.
I am not gonna force either one of you
to talk about Erik
because I respect your wishes.
I appreciate that,
and I know Dana Sue does too.
All right? So other than the cake,
how are things going with my mini-renewal?
Well, one could say great.
Oh dear Lord in heaven. What's wrong?
I am quite concerned, Dana Sue,
that you assume something's wrong.
And I'd be right to.
Little Miss Maddie here
is staring at the bar top,
and it's not that captivating.
And you are doing that I'm-a-lawyer,
don't-question-me thing with your voice.
- I was trying to be subtle.
- It's a tell. Honestly.
- It is not.
- Would you two, please?
- It's not so many.
- Excuse me?
Mm-hmm. Yeah.
Well, the, um the guest list
has it's just crept up a skosh.
- Yeah. More like a smidge.
- Yeah.
Define your terms.
- Around 50 or 60 so far.
- What?
Eh! Calm down.
No. No!
I told you the budget is nonnegotiable.
Everyone's gonna get half a beer
and three peanuts at this rate.
- Hey. The budget maintains its figure.
- Mm.
Everyone who's coming
insists on bringing something.
Rather everyone
who's bringing something
insists on coming, uh, but
And we have a new venue
which also helps with the budget.
Oh! Well, how is that possible
since the lawn at the spa is free?
So is Axel and Rhiannon's barn
at the co-op.
A gift to you and Ronnie from Jeremy.
- Mm-mm!
- Yeah.
Ladies, thank you so much
for allowing me to stop by.
Of course. Helen Decatur.
Charles Perkins. Peggy and I
went to journalism school together.
Dana Sue Sullivan. It's always nice
to meet one of Peggy's old friends.
I prefer "close friend."
Uh, Maddie Townsend.
Charles is a very successful
investigative journalist.
You should've brought your book
to show them.
Oh, which one?
Um, I asked Charles
to come help me investigate.
I am so tired of people getting up
and walking away from their responsibility
just because it's convenient for them.
Peggy is an ideal citizen.
That's likely the highest compliment
someone like me can pay.
Thank you, Charles,
but this isn't about me.
I wanted you to meet these ladies
because they are the community leaders
that started the pushback
against bad governance.
I'm not used to being called
a community leader.
I just thought Trent was being
a petty, vengeful twerp.
You'll be a fun interview.
Please have my card.
We won't take up any more of your time.
Thank you again.
I'm very sorry
to interrupt your dessert bar.
Oh, uh, we are planning my vow renewal.
Oh, congratulations!
Peggy, you should come, and Charles.
Saturday. We'll send you an invitation.
It's a date.
- All right, ladies.
- Goodbye, Charles. Hmm.
- Oh!
- What happened to your "small event"?
You convinced me
a couple more friends won't hurt anything.
It's a big barn, right?
- Any other friends we should invite?
- Oh, enough!
It will all turn out
the way that it is meant to.
You can sit on the bed.
I usually sit on the floor for homework.
With that sweet desk right there?
Is that what I think it is?
A phone? Yeah.
Uh, Ty made it for me when I got grounded.
You were right.
He is a good one.
The good ones learn and change.
CeCe can text me
when she's done with the forms.
I'll come by and pick them up
and get 'em back to town hall.
I am so pleased that you and CeCe
are working well together.
Kind of wild, isn't it?
I'm seeing her in a whole different light.
I think part of that is I'm seeing myself
in a completely different way too.
- See ya.
- Hey!
You're not gonna make
a grand declaration and then leave!
Get in here.
It's like, once I figured out
baseball wasn't the meaning of life,
all other priorities and feelings
started to shift.
Is that exhilarating or terrifying?
I love an honest answer.
I've been discovering
I'm good at other things too.
Things that make me happier.
Maybe even braver.
Were you afraid before?
Yes, of disappointing people.
I find in my experience
that the people who love us
may seem disappointed in the moment.
But what we perceive as disappointment
is is really fear.
Fear that we'd be hurt or lost
and that they can't shield us.
But those who truly love us
are also the first to lift us to our feet
when we fall.
But at some point, don't I have to be able
to stand on my own?
I certainly hope not.
I am a a bit
farther down the road
than you are, young man,
and I still hold tightly
when a hand is offered.
So, it's okay that I don't have
a master plan for my life?
Of course.
Some people are born knowing
where they're headed,
but most of us just figure it out
chunk by chunk.
I know I still am.
I always thought you wanted
to be a lawyer since you were a kid?
but profession is just one of the choices
we make in defining what we want.
Some of my other choices
have not borne fruit.
I thought for a very long time
that I knew who I'd spend
the rest of my life with.
And now I don't.
Do you regret the lost time?
No. I
I wouldn't call it lost.
It taught me.
Still teaching me.
My regret, if I have one, is
having held on
for all the wrong reasons.
I want I wanna be more open to change.
- Change is scary.
- Ooh, yeah. Hmm.
You know what's scarier?
To be the same man in 20 years
that you are today.
I don't wanna go to college.
- Well, that's a revelation!
- But is it a mistake?
That's a conversation
you need to have with your mother.
But have it!
Full heart, full voice.
I think you'll find her receptive.
There are other things
I wanna do right now.
Other choices I want to explore
that bring me
Yes. Yes.
You you're fortunate
to have so many options.
Ty, the only permanent choice
you ever need to make
is to be a good person.
The title will be
With Love, Princess Katie
because that's how she signs her letters,
and that's how she spreads her magic.
With love.
I wanna write this book.
It will be my version
of a thank-you note to Katie
for inspiring the letters
that brought the Magnolias back together.
Well, you can both thank me
for all the fabulous gifts
you've inherited from your matriarch.
Which is precisely why
you should illustrate it.
It would be so fun for three generations
to work on something together.
See the Vreeland legacy in motion.
- Hmm.
- What do you think, Queen Mother?
I am honored
to join my princesses.
What's wrong, Mom?
I'm a good listener, remember?
I still cannot find
the right cake.
Mom, call Chef Erik.
And and say what, honey?
That you're sorry.
You both made choices
that seemed right at the time
but don't seem right anymore.
- What if he doesn't see it that way?
- I bet he does.
If not, he'll explain how he feels
because he respects you
and cares about you.
I wish it were that easy.
It's not?
It might rain. Go grab your jacket.
Since I won, I have to ask.
- Hmm.
- What's on your mind?
Yeah. Erik's thinking about you too.
You should give him a call.
I put that man through enough.
You're a doctor.
You know wounds
need to be left alone to heal.
Is this about respecting his feelings
or repressing yours?
Isn't it better to call, find out
than to do nothing,
agonize over what could have happened?
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