Sweet Magnolias (2020) s03e10 Episode Script

Save My Place

You don't owe me ♪
One more minute of your wasted time ♪
You act like it's all fine ♪
It isn't hard to leave ♪
Knowing that I'll be getting life
On track ♪
I wanted to believe ♪
I've gotta make a destination ♪
Find where I belong ♪
This time I've got no hesitation ♪
I'll be movin' on ♪
To where I belong ♪
I'll be movin' on ♪
Over the line I've drawn ♪
I'm already gone ♪
Well, I'd say don't stand,
but it is easier to hug you.
If if I may.
It sure does my heart good
to sit here with you.
I've been keeping tabs on you though.
Through Isaac.
What did he tell you?
Just that you were well.
That's kind.
Mm, why are you surprised?
Is there something
I'm not supposed to know?
Uh, I did hear that you and Ronnie
are renewing your vows.
- Congratulations!
- Thank you.
We're having a a little celebration
for the renewal,
and, uh, we would love for you,
as the best pastry chef
to ever set foot in Serenity,
to make the cake.
I'd love for you
to come back to Sullivan's.
Please say you're ready.
I can't.
Can't which?
Make your cake
or come back.
- Or have this conversation.
- I failed you as a boss and as a friend.
Please let me make it right.
I betrayed you.
Betrayed Isaac and the rest of the crew
and my own principles.
By taking a break?
By running away from my problems
and compounding them
by winding up
in an even more difficult place.
I've been working for Kathy.
That's Oh, that's not
that's not funny.
I don't mean for it to be.
I didn't know who she was to you.
Well, she sure as hell knew
who you are to me.
- I only found out after I quit.
- Oh dear Lord. You quit?
Labor Day weekend.
So she came and trashed my kitchen
because you rejected her.
She did what?
It doesn't matter.
It does! Look at the damage I've caused
because my pride and I had to hightail it
out of town.
And I don't wanna make it worse.
Staying away from those who love you
doesn't make it worse?
Your deciding this is something
I can't forgive makes it better?
I don't wanna hurt you.
You lost faith in our friendship.
Maybe I lost faith in myself.
I could help with both of those things
if if you'd let me.
Do whatever makes you feel better,
but my broken heart and I gotta go.
Just because they like the narwhal better
doesn't mean they get
to treat the unicorn worse.
You're absolutely right.
Who in Princess Katie's kingdom
is rude to the narwhal?
All the griffins growl mean things
about her at lunch.
Is is everything all right at school?
Yeah. Why?
Well, Nana and I just wanna know
if you're using the story for the book
as a way to tell us
about problems at school.
If I had a problem, I'd tell you.
I'm not afraid of griffins,
and you and Nana told me
to make up stories for the book.
It's a sign that you are so good
at telling stories
that your mom and I got worried
for a moment, honey.
Well, this is quite the welcome committee.
Uh, we started inside
near the, uh, sandwiches and lemonade,
but your mom and her church friends
shooed us out here to greet you.
And to keep us away from the sandwiches
and lemonade, I'm sure.
Wayne, my brother.
He's been fighting every inch of the way
since we signed him out.
I have carried you into this house before,
and I will do it again.
Skeeter, I ain't about to sit
out here in the sun
and listen to you tell tall tales
when I could be inside in the cool.
- With a glass of lemonade.
- Sounds good.
And a newly outfitted bathroom
and some other fine touches,
courtesy of Ramsey Construction
and the Magnolia Community Foundation.
People wanna help,
seems rude not to let 'em help.
Come on.
Carla, you wanna get on the other side?
Lord knows Wayne will step right
for a pretty woman.
All I wanna do is
make things easy for him.
And he goes out of his way
to make 'em hard.
How can he not see
everything I'm doing is from love?
When a man knocks heads
with his own mortality,
it can shake him up.
Thank you both for everything.
We're here for you
whenever you need, Harlan.
Thank you. I don't know what
Oh, what are you Oh, okay!
- This is what Skeeter said to do.
- Yeah, exactly.
Okay, that's what I thought.
All right.
I hope my timeline will be helpful
in your evaluation of the Lewises.
It will. Especially because
I doubt the mayor's office
took quite such meticulous notes.
Now, I usually find that
So sorry. I I need to take this.
I'll catch up with you later.
Is everything all right?
Do you not like him?
- I know I just dropped him in your lap.
- Peggy, he's a delight.
I have a pitch for you.
Oh. On the record or off?
Off for the moment.
I am so impressed
by your clarity of vision
and tenacity here.
It's more than good journalism.
It's commitment to community.
No, no. Peggy, Peggy, Peggy.
You must run for office.
And I will run your campaign.
So it matters
not what kind of creature you are.
From the smallest of gnomes
to the tallest of elves.
This is not at all what I thought
you were inviting me to consult on.
Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
It's a good thing.
The donation of your gold added together
can help save Ash Grove playground
from the clutches
of the wicked witch of waste.
Cut! We got it!
- They got it.
- That was really good.
Thank you.
I'll need a few days to cut everything,
but then we can start
talking about the music.
I'm excited you wanna collaborate with us.
Sounds great.
Cannot wait!
I had no idea you could act.
It's not too different from mock trial
or being a cheerleader, I guess.
You know, just smile, move here, say this.
So that makes at least three things
you're great at.
You were amazing, Lily.
Thank you for your help.
Oh no!
Baby bro!
Come on!
Little bro!
Oh yeah!
That darn traffic!
I told you I'm having company,
and if you wanted to come over,
you had to be prompt. What couldn't wait?
I've been doing a lot of thinking, Maddie.
Soul-searching to be precise.
I've come to the realization that, um
that I'm not doing anyone
I love any good by
trying to hold on.
I'm so thankful for the grace
with which you've cleaned up after me
time and time again.
And I appreciate how generous
the children have been,
even as they're moving on.
As are you.
And Noreen.
I've made my choices,
and I have to focus on learning from them
and living with them.
But as I'm working on that,
I keep coming back to one thing
over and over.
I am sorry, Maddie.
And I have a lot of work yet to do
but I will do better.
I hope so.
- And you didn't faint?
- Or scream?
I honestly didn't know what to do or say.
Uh, and I don't even have
the faintest idea
about where it came from.
Perhaps we should switch to shots
because this seems somehow
like a historic moment.
I agree.
Well, the real historic event will be
if he keeps his word.
- Never been his strong suit.
- Mm, I know.
You need it more than I do.
All right! Okay, let's change the subject.
Mm. Ooh!
I'm writing a book!
- You are?
- Mm-hmm. Yeah.
It's an outgrowth of stories
that I've been telling Katie.
She and I will write,
and Mom will illustrate.
Well, that's the sweetest thing.
- Are are you gonna publish it?
- No no, of course not.
I'll have a copy bound for Katie
for Christmas,
but it's been fun
exercising creative muscles
I'd forgotten I had.
Ah, well, maybe you should be the one
hanging out with the journalists, then.
Peggy and her gorgeous friend.
Wait, wait!
and Peggy
are uncovering troubling
but probative evidence
as to what Trent was up to.
We may wrest justice from
the sticky fingers of the Lewises yet.
- Mm-hmm.
- We'll throw a party when that happens.
- But back to our current party.
- Mm.
Uh, it turns out that Max
from the hardware store is quite the DJ.
- Is he?
- And he has agreed to bring his tunes.
- No!
- Yes.
- Okay!
- Wait, wait, wait!
I have arranged for all three of us
to go to Wally's tomorrow.
We will not leave shoes and dresses
until the last minute.
Where are we on the cake?
Oh, how important is cake really?
I mean, couldn't Neville and Grace
just bring some ice cream?
Did you talk to Erik?
I did, and it was dreadful.
Dana Sue, what happened?
While he was gone gathering himself,
he was working for Kathy.
That woman is like kudzu,
just creeping all over everyone,
choking the life out of them.
Why would he do that?
He didn't know who she was
or what she was up to.
But now he feels so bad,
he doesn't wanna come back.
This is my fault.
No, it's not.
Most of this is on me.
I've apologized.
I've done all I can,
and now it's up to him.
I'll go talk to him.
- Maddie
- Not to fix anything.
Just to let him know that we all miss him.
You can't force a person
to meet you in a certain place.
You can just let them know where you'll be
and then wait for them there.
As long as you're able.
Well, then I am gonna plant myself
in every crossroad
and listen for you calling
because I never wanna go anywhere
without the two of you.
Hey, buddy, there's always next year.
- Hey, I'll see you guys later.
- Go, Bulldogs!
That huge return! Poetry, man!
Hey, hey, don't get all weepy on me.
This is the season opener, okay?
Not graduation.
Yeah, but I want you to know
that I'm gonna be cheering you on
in whatever you do.
Football, baseball, life!
And I hope you know I'll do the same,
whatever adventure's ahead of us.
Speaking of adventures,
so where are we off to?
Coach has released me into your custody,
so if we get in trouble,
it's all your fault.
- Isn't it always?
- Congrats, King!
- Hi, CeCe.
- Good job!
- Hey.
- Hey.
- See you guys.
- Okay.
- CeCe.
- Hey.
Annie okay?
Just psyching herself up.
Hey. For something
she needs to do by herself, okay?
I haven't seen you
since you ran away from my car accident,
and that's the best you could do? "Hey"?
I'm sorry for how the car thingy
I knew if anyone saw us together,
my mom would
I'm so tired.
I'm tired of watching you hide.
I'm tired of sneaking around
and being told that's fine,
of feeling alone in this relationship.
To make this work,
I have been lying to everyone I love.
How foolish is that?
I thought people misjudged you, Jackson.
Turns out I did.
I thought you could change,
could be unselfish.
I was wrong.
I deserve better.
I don't know what to say.
I do.
We're done.
Hey, are you okay?
What happened?
You were right.
I deserve better.
Uh, we should get to Wharton's
before all the tables are taken, okay?
Uh, we'll save you seats.
Gabe! Come on.
What can I do?
Just be there.
- No one told me you were
- May I speak to Dana Sue?
I'll get her for you, Chef.
Thank you, Bailey.
We have a lot to talk about, you and I.
And I'm very sorry.
I'm sorry too.
And that's the important talk.
The rest can wait for a beer or a walk
because you seem to be here for a purpose.
More than one.
Right over here, Chef.
Good afternoon, ma'am.
My name is Erik Whitley.
I understand you're in need
of a wedding cake.
I have a proposal for you, if I may.
Why don't you
Well, you heard him. Come on in.
May I suggest
a tower of cupcakes?
A variety of flavors
symbolizing the pillar of strength
the variety of people in Serenity provides
for your union.
Some sweet, some spicy,
some intriguing combinations.
And at the top of the tower,
a simple iced round yellow cake
with caramel icing
to symbolize the perfect endless circle
of your love for each other.
Thank you.
But I'm not interested.
I appreciate your time.
Aren't you gonna ask me
why I'm not interested?
Because I don't like freelancers.
You're coming back into my kitchen,
you're coming back full-time.
You are coming home.
I'm very sorry.
So am I.
I have the utmost respect
and affection for you.
I promise I'm gonna work on being
a better boss and a better friend.
You were stellar as both,
and I regret I took advantage of that.
I would love to come home.
Oh! I've never been so happy
to be demoted!
Who said you're getting demoted?
New titles for everyone.
- Everyone?
- Almost everyone.
All right, let's all stop sniffling
and and just get back to work.
Erik, let's talk about this tower.
Isaac, you come too.
Just curious.
- Hey!
- Hey!
- How's the spa?
- Good.
- How's the desk?
- It's getting there.
Before you go in,
can I talk to you really quick?
It's not an emergency. Everything's fine.
I've just been thinking
and wanted to talk to you.
I like working with my hands
more than I ever thought I would.
And looking ahead,
I want to keep experimenting.
So if I find something I love
that requires school, I'll go,
but right now, I just wanna learn
outside the classroom.
So, you wanna take a gap year?
I would be happy to support that decision,
especially when you've clearly given it
so much thought.
Clear and honest communication,
right, Mom?
The deeper I got
into college applications,
the more dishonest it felt.
I was just going through the motions,
doing what I thought
people wanted me to do.
Well, doing things for other people
that doesn't also feed you
is never the answer.
You are so brave.
And you're so true to yourself.
That is all I could ever ask for.
Can I get you another, Miss Paula?
I'm not one to drown my sorrows,
but, um perhaps.
I do believe I've been stood up.
Now, who would be that rude and foolish?
Well, once a year, my dear friend Jimmy,
also the best collector of my work,
comes into town to talk about
commissions and showings and stuff.
Well, not that he's prompt,
but this is quite late,
even for him.
- Well, should you call him?
- No.
I don't mind waiting here
a little bit longer.
I'm just gonna sit and enjoy your company
unless you're needed back in the kitchen.
Ah, they'll come get me.
I don't know your work
as well as I should, Miss Paula.
Oh, that's quite all right, my dear.
I'm an acquired taste.
But perhaps
perhaps I could paint you sometime.
I I don't do a lot of portraits,
but there is something
so haunting in your eyes.
I would love to try and capture that.
Oh no. I'm I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to embarrass you
or try to get you to reveal your secrets.
How do you feel about secrets?
I prefer other people's secrets to my own.
Is it is it right to keep secrets?
Well, there's a difference in keeping
a secret that doesn't really hurt anyone,
like, um I'm not a fan
of Maddie in yellow,
and bottling up a truth
that festers and becomes destructive
because it's been withheld.
How do you tell the difference?
That's not easy, but I
Mea culpa. I don't know how
I could get so lost in such a small town.
Oh! You're not that late.
In many ways, I'm decades late.
- Open it!
- No! Wait, wait.
I have gifts for you too.
But tomorrow, not tonight.
Which is why we wanted
to give this to you now
as a part of our
unorthodox bachelorette party.
Here on the sacred ground
where it all started.
My Aunt Pamela always said
"Men come and go,
but your girlfriends are forever."
Our men do come and go, don't they?
And please, God, the right one come back.
Oh! That is what we should've done
for the bachelorette party.
Parade all of your men!
All the hearts that Dana Sue has broken.
- Oh, wait a minute!
- Ah!
All right, a few of them broke mine too.
How far back are we going?
Freckle-faced Timmy in second grade!
- That is kindergarten Kenny erasure.
- How could I forget him?
And I remember every kiss.
The good ones anyway.
But now they are nothing
but a parade of zombies
on the way to the graveyard.
This is it.
I am with my one and only forever.
And the three of us are forever.
And a day.
There's so much
I want to say.
But all I can think of is I love you.
We love you too.
And we have forever and a day
to discuss the rest.
Oh yes. Mm.
We must celebrate this moment
- Mm-hmm.
- with the respect
- Mm!
- and solemnity
that it deserves.
- How dare you?
- I knew it!
There's a story!
Oh, there is always a story with you, Red!
You look happy.
You're adjusting quite well
to being single.
Well, if you had married me
the last time I asked,
I'd have been spared this divorce.
I mean, Judith and I
are better off this way,
and I'm thrilled to have opportunities
to do new things.
Like buy a house on the water
and decorate it the way I want to.
Well, have you decided on a theme?
Apart from none of Judith's stuff.
I've always thought that you
conceal a a passionate nature
with a cool palette.
Hmm. Well, I was thinking
of filling the new house
with Paula Vreeland originals.
- You flatter me.
- I wanna commission you.
Come stay with me at the new house,
paint a mural in the dining room,
a frieze on the patio,
maybe even a very special commission
for the bedroom.
More serious than you can imagine.
What's your time frame?
I I have responsibilities
here in Serenity.
I respect that.
We'd be barely an hour away,
and I'm happy
to keep the time frame loose.
Say somewhere in the neighborhood of
as long as you'd like?
Are you alone?
Uh, the crew is at the barn setting up.
Isaac ran to the market.
Uh, Dana Sue left 15 minutes ago.
Well, excellent.
She might actually show up at Gaynell's
on time for her hair appointment.
Maddie and I made this when we thought
we were gonna have to park it
on top of a sheet cake
from the Piggly Wiggly.
Thank the Lord
you came back to make the cake.
Well, come in
so I can see what you created.
Will you explain
the different flowers to me?
Hmm. Well, this is made
from a Sullivan's menu.
Oh, I see it.
This is from a blueprint
that Skeeter gave us
for a project that Ronnie led.
This is a photo
that Annie took of her parents.
A page from Pride and Prejudice.
Annie said it was important.
A membership pamphlet from the spa.
your walnut brownie recipe.
I am honored.
The flowers represent
all Dana Sue and Ronnie do,
plus all the people who have loved them
and have stood beside them.
God bless the people who walk with us
however rough the road.
And the ones who show us
that we didn't get lost.
We just
wandered a bit.
I bought three quarts.
I'll see you at the party, Isaac.
- Whoo!
- I got ya, girl.
- All right. You're all right.
- Careful!
We're vulnerable.
- Ooh!
- Here we are!
Do we really have time
to go into Wharton's?
- Oh!
- Let's get it to go!
Cal, put your shirt back on!
You'll get the crowd worked up!
Dear Lord.
If either one of them faints,
who's catching who?
Ronnie, Dana Sue. Are you ready?
- Ronnie, where are you?
- Uh, right here, darling.
Hold my hand.
Hang on. We got you.
Thank you.
Three, two, one!
Everyone wanted to come
and bring something special
because you two are special to everyone.
Let me take your picture
before we go in.
- We can set up right over here.
- Okay.
We're gonna be great.
Right here's good. Thank you so much.
- Hey, can you play a C for me?
- Yeah.
You're just so sweet.
Oh, Grace, can I impose on you
to keep an eye on this one
while I attend to being an attendant?
Happy to guard the treasure, Paula.
- Sit!
- Thank you.
Now, tell us about yourself.
- And your family.
- What's your line of work?
And exactly what are your intentions
with our Paula?
- Mm-hmm.
- And the interrogations begin!
Coach Harlan, do I throw the flowers
overhand or underhand?
Neither, Katie. You scatter 'em, hmm?
It's like tossing frozen peas
to ducks at the pond.
Gently, honey. That's the main thing.
This is clearly the best table here.
Mind if we join?
By all means! The more the merrier!
Paula recommended this table
as the liveliest at the party.
And I will keep an eye on him.
- I sense it's an honor to sit next to you.
- Oh.
Miss Grace,
whatever you're doing, it's working.
We're ready for the procession.
Annie has
her work cut out for her.
I know! Can I hire her for
What cosmic roll of the dice created this?
If I'd understood
the scope of the celebration,
I would have suggested
we come another time.
Another time is a great idea.
Two minutes. Please.
Wait a second.
Kathy, you're not supposed to even be
in town anymore.
I'm leaving. I'm leaving, but I
I wanted to bring you my gift before I go.
We don't need you to give us anything.
Just go, please.
Is this Grandma's tea set?
Mama gave it to me.
First daughter to first daughter
and all that.
But I know you always wanted it,
and I know what it's like
to want something that you can't have.
It breaks my heart
you and I were never able to be friends.
I'm so sorry you never found
peace or happiness
the way your brother and I did.
And I will continue to pray every day
that you'll find it.
Bill told me it's important for me
to say I'm sorry.
I'm sorry too.
I'm so sorry.
There were things that I took from you.
This one I can give back.
Thank you.
Now I wanna stay.
No. We, um we ought
to get down the road a piece before dark.
You're leaving town? Together?
Just for a bit.
I'll call you.
Please tell the kids I'm never more
than a phone call away.
They know.
Dana Sue.
Best wishes.
Oh gosh.
I told you I'd do better.
You did.
For a moment, I thought
we might have to scratch this party again.
Of all the games I've played,
I've never seen a save like that.
Bill might have just given you
the best gift you're getting tonight.
All of you are the best gift.
Damned if I don't owe
Bill a drink.
That was a lesson in grace, Dana Sue.
You were awesome, Mom.
Well, when you're happy and blessed,
it's easy to forget
how much pain some people are in.
Why is everyone standing around?
Let's do some renewing.
Okay, here we go.
My days are brighter than morning air ♪
Evergreen pine ♪
And autumn blue ♪
But all my days ♪
Are twice as fair ♪
If I could share my days with you ♪
My nights are warmer than fire coals ♪
Incense and stars and smoke bamboo ♪
Yes ♪
But nights were warm beyond compare ♪
If I could share my nights ♪
With you ♪
The promise to love each other
is one we renew each day.
Ronnie and Dana Sue will now share
the vows they've written in that spirit.
Dana Sue,
every day I will love you
for your grace, strength, and humor.
I pledge to never take
a moment for granted
as we learn and grow together
every moment we have left on this earth.
Ronnie, every day I will love you
for your devotion, candor, and humor.
I pledge to embrace every turn in the road
as an opportunity to be thankful
we are on this trip together
until the end of time.
And now, in front of God
and even more
of their favorite people than imagined
Dana Sue and Ronnie
recommit to each other
and to the community that supports them.
These worthy partners may kiss.
Hey! Let's party!
Yahoo ♪
This is your celebration ♪
Yahoo ♪
This is your celebration ♪
Celebrate good times, come on ♪
Let's celebrate ♪
Celebrate good times, come on ♪
Is Genevieve here?
She says she works for them.
She's not ready to party with them.
Well, I would like to meet her.
I can't wait to introduce
two terrific people to each other.
Please tell me there are
more praline cupcakes in there somewhere.
You're in luck.
Got some of them here.
You and Helen have created
the finest party in Serenity's history.
Well, it is nice to catch my breath.
We have things to catch up on.
I haven't even told you that Ty
doesn't wanna go to college next year.
But good!
Too many youngsters just chug along
as they think they must.
You're supportive of him, aren't you?
Oh! Or else I think
I would have heard about this right away.
I'm a little worried,
but I'm not gonna put that on Ty.
Your worries will evolve
as your children evolve,
and you'll stop thinking the worst
and start hoping for the best
and find pride and wonder
in your child becoming
who they're meant to be,
no matter what age.
Which is why I feel comfortable
accepting Jimmy's invitation
to go and paint at his house for a while.
- Jimmy?
- Mm-hmm.
Recently divorced Jimmy?
Well, he just, um, bought a new house
on the coast.
How long will you be gone?
I will come back
the moment being there is no longer fun.
Well, then I hope you won't be back
for a long while.
You deserve joy, Mama.
Thank you.
And so do you, my darling girl.
How you doing?
I'm so happy for my parents.
That's wonderful.
But how are you?
I was right to break up with him.
But why do right things hurt?
Wish I knew.
We should form a study group
and figure it out together.
Annie, did our dad really take your aunt
away from your parents' party?
Like playing Mad Libs, right?
Are they together together?
I don't think anyone's sure.
Are we always gonna worry
about the choices our parents make?
Worrying is how some people express love.
Fruit tart.
Load 'em up.
There's something we should talk about.
Yeah, I have something
we should discuss too.
- Thank you both for helping today.
- Yeah.
To parents.
- Lily?
- Hmm?
What's wrong?
It's such a beautiful day,
but I can't stop
I think my parents are gonna split up.
My mom keeps leaving on business,
but I'm worried one day
she won't come back,
and I'm not sure my dad cares. I
My parents went through a separation,
and here they are,
recommitting themselves to each other
in front of the whole town.
My mom travels for work all the time.
My parents stayed together.
They're, like, grossly in love, so
Whatever happens, we're here for you.
To the three of us, huh?
Yeah. Yeah, cheers.
So much like we were
when we were that age.
- Okay, this one's delicious!
- You got the best one!
Look at all we've been through since.
Storms and rainbows both.
No way under heaven would I have survived
without the two of you.
Well, whatever comes next,
we will pour it out,
live it up, and rejoice.
Thank you both for tonight.
Not just for making it happen
but for reminding me
that it was important.
We will always celebrate with you.
And look, the entire town
wanted to celebrate with you too.
This is what Miss Frances yearned for.
The legacy continues.
The community grows.
The future gleams.
Hey, we throwing this bouquet or not?
Right here!
- Over here!
- Annie, you put your hands down.
With you ♪
To hold me when dreams ♪
Are done ♪
And ooh, my love ♪
If you will take my love ♪
Then all my dreams are truly begun ♪
With you ♪
Just you, yeah ♪
Yeah, with you ♪
You didn't catch the bouquet.
Guess I need some coaching.
Just you, baby ♪
Only you ♪
Only you ♪
Only you ♪
Oh, baby ♪
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