Sweet Tooth (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Secret Sauce

1 Give the order.
I'll give it when I'm ready.
Game on.
Keep up.
Ambush! Stay down.
I can't see them.
Ah! Ah! You gotta be shittin' me.
Contained! Move in.
We're not going to hurt you.
We're here to set you free, Gus.
Uh, thanks.
What do I do now? Hey, he can talk.
Yeah, but why isn't he running off like all the other hybrids? Clearly, he's not like all the other hybrids, Pony.
We've been here too long.
We need to move.
Gus, we're offering you your freedom.
You can go wherever you want, just make it far from him.
Good luck with that.
I've been trying to get rid of him for days.
-Why is he still alive? -He was tied up along with Gus.
Besides, I thought you always needed to give the command.
Shoot him.
No, don't! No! Don't! Take them both back.
Both? We've never spared anybody before.
And we've never rescued a talking hybrid, either.
Delta procedures.
River route.
Roll out.
Sweet solitude.
That's all Aimee Eden thought she wanted.
The Last Men burned the crops.
We're in Montrose, in the old Quaker meeting house.
Is anyone there? Can you hear me? But that was before she met someone worth more than all the solitude in the world.
Mom? Why aren't there any more men? What? The man on the radio, he was scared by the Last Men.
Why are they the last ones? Just a name.
Silly name for silly people.
You're supposed to be asleep, and you're not supposed to be listening to this.
Since you're already up and about, might as well go get ready.
We're going shopping.
Wait for me! - Is it heavy yet? - Yeah, all of a sudden.
Mom? -What's wrong, Pigtail? -I smell smoke.
Patrol, report to base.
Copy that.
En route.
I'm glad there aren't that many men left.
Me too.
What is this place? This is our home.
Every time someone gets initiated into the Army, they paint their favorite animal.
Is that one yours? Yeah.
Why aren't there any more after it? I was the very first member of the Animal Army… because I created it.
Wait, where'd Jepp go? You're not gonna hurt him still, are you? No one does anything here without my permission.
I promise.
I cross my heart and hope to die.
I don't want you to die.
Don't worry.
It just means an extra-strong promise.
Now, you ready to go to the best place on Earth? Check it out.
It's Bear.
Everyone, Bear's back.
Check it out.
Guys, the buck.
He's here.
Why are they all staring? They've never met a hybrid as special as you, so they're a little excited.
Yeah, that's crazy.
Where are all the parents? We don't have any.
No parents? Don't worry, they won't be so weird in a second.
Just say hi.
Oh, man, can I touch it? Is that cool? Gus is king for the night.
Do you like candy? My Pubba let me have syrup, but he said it would rot my teeth.
It's worth it.
These are my favorite.
These taste like lightning! What are these? They're sour gummies.
Why do you have shiny boxes? You've never seen a computer? You want to see what's inside the shiny boxes? Yeah.
I'll be right back.
-What's in them? -The whole world's in here, man.
Ready? Watch this.
And look! I get to be you.
Why would you want that? What do you mean? We all wish we could be like you.
Well, my friend Rusty said that most people hate kids like me, 'cause we caused the Sick.
Most people are dumb.
Hybrids didn't cause the virus.
Really? Then who did? No one knows.
But it wasn't you.
Hybrids are how the Earth survives.
Before the virus, Earth was dying.
Humans… Grownups, had ruined it, all for their own selfish needs, leaving us with nothing.
My Pubba said the bad people took everything they wanted.
They did.
They still do.
Did you know that before the virus came, the water wasn't blue? That's because they filled the water with trash.
The sky too.
But once kids like you were born, the Earth could start to heal.
You can live without taking.
You can keep the Earth alive.
And that's why we vowed to always protect hybrids, no matter what the cost.
- That's right.
- Always.
Is that why no grownups live here? My entire family was slaughtered in cold blood by grownups.
By Last Men.
And that's 'cause they had no one to protect them.
But now, we can protect ourselves.
I have one last very important question for you, Gus.
Do you know how to drive? Watch out! I'm not sure how much longer we can hold him.
You've seen how big he is, right? We've dealt with worse.
I don't get why we can't just kill him now.
I've got Daisy all ready to go.
This is different.
We've never had a hybrid protect their poacher before.
Aren't you curious why? No! And you shouldn't be either.
He has the brand.
Do I need to remind you who's in charge? Pubba could have made hundreds of books here.
What's your book gonna be about? My adventures with Jepp, to find my mom.
You're trying to find your mom? Yeah.
Is that okay? Jepp's taking me to Colorado because that's where she is.
Do you know her? Her name is Birdie.
Birdie? What a fitting name for your mom.
Sorry, I don't know her.
But we can maybe find out more.
We can? Let's keep this a secret between you and me, okay? Find out everything you can, Birdie in Colorado.
Is it like this here all the time? Would you like to stay? Well, maybe I can come back and visit after Jepp and I find my mom.
Can I ask you something? If Jepp was supposed to take you to Colorado, why aren't you there right now? Because we got caught by the bad men, remember? Before you guys came.
Was Jepp upset that you guys missed the train? Well, he wasn't coming with.
It was just me.
So you were gonna have to go on the train alone? Yeah.
Seems kind of scary.
Yeah, but I've been alone before.
After Pubba got the Sick.
I can do it.
How long were you alone for? I don't know.
All the seasons.
That's a long time.
When I lost my family, I was alone too.
I was pretty scared.
And lonely.
Sometimes, I'd get so excited just to see another person, that I'd forget that they could be bad.
I just wanted a friend.
Any friend.
-Jepp is my friend.
-Has he said he's your friend? No, but he doesn't need to.
Do you want to know the truth? He's one of the bad people your father told you about.
He's a Last Man, the same men who caught you at the Market.
The same men who killed my family.
There's only one reason they'd keep a hybrid around.
It's not to be friends.
The Last Men have made it their mission to eliminate hybrids.
But we've made it ours to protect them.
That's why you should stay here with us, not with Jepperd.
Where is he? I want to see him.
- Can't sleep? - Mm.
The pleasures of living with an incurable disease.
And I wanted to see you off this morning.
Make sure I didn't chicken out? Make sure you didn't forget your breakfast.
Oh, my God.
Where did you find Pop-Tarts? I talked to Twyla and Harley.
They put in a special order on their last supply run.
-Thought you could use a pick-me-up.
Too early for Pop-Tarts? I… I know the injections aren't working, and I know we both agreed after the party at Doug's, but if I had just another month, I know… I know I could crack it.
We've already been over this.
Bell's notes were unequivocal.
We need… a living hybrid.
You're right.
You always are.
I hate that you have to do this for me, that you've always had to sacrifice something in order to take care of me.
I wish it were any other way, I… I always have.
-I wouldn't want you to do-- -Hey, hey, hey.
I know.
Gardener's been slacking, eh? Oh.
Hi, Nancie.
Good catch.
We must be vigilant with those little devils.
Wouldn't want anyone thinking the Sick was around, especially after what happened at Doug's.
They pop up from time to time.
They do, at that.
Is, um… Rani around? I've been meaning to talk to her.
She's sleeping in.
Ooh, that's unlike her.
Hope she's feeling okay.
It was actually our wedding anniversary, and we cracked an old Merlot we've been holding onto for over a decade.
She drank a little too much.
Well, it's important to celebrate where we can.
Good day, Nancie.
Unique secretions from the pineal gland of a living hybrid, in specific combination with hybrid bone marrow stem cells, form "the secret sauce," as it were, of our current antiviral treatment.
Look, I'm not sure what asking him would really do.
I'm just saying it's worth mentioning, especially after recent events.
I mean, we really don't know who among us-- Nancie.
-Nancie just stopped by to-- -That's all right, dear.
I'm just leaving.
No, no, no, please, it sounds like I walked in on an intriguing conversation.
Well, it's just… Recent events… She means Doug Duncan.
Rest his soul.
I… I really did want this to come from you, dear.
She thinks we should institute mandatory weekly virus screenings, sometimes random too.
-That won't be necessary.
-You seem awfully sure.
Think we have enough test kits for that? No, uh, we test when we see symptoms.
We all voted.
There have been three cases in the past six months.
It's a new wave.
We barely survived the last one.
The answer's no.
Well, I'm calling a meeting.
-Maybe it's time we voted again.
-Nancie, please.
I'm sorry.
Let's agree to disagree.
I guess the, uh, community will decide.
And we haven't made a wrong turn yet.
I mean… We're all still alive, aren't we? Please.
Oh, I almost forgot.
Happy anniversary, Rani.
What's that? Um… Your anniversary? It was yesterday, right? Uh.
Um, sorry.
My mind's been all over the place since the thing with Doug.
I can imagine.
It's dying.
It barely eats.
We can't keep hiding it.
We need to keep moving but if the Last Men see this hybrid thing, we're dead.
Please, anyone, we don't know what-- Do I need to take your radio privileges away? What did I say? -It's only for listening.
-It's only for listening.
Never talking.
I know.
I know how curious you are.
But there's enough to explore around here without… asking for trouble.
Come on.
- I love it.
- Thanks, Mom.
By the way, we've been missing a lot of carrots.
-Have you been sneaking them? -No.
"Garden's not for playing, it's for working.
" All right, Pigtail.
Go get cleaned up for dinner.
We like to sing This song in harmony… Three dashes.
And her momma sings too And the old man taps his shoe… Needs more.
No, it doesn't.
Mom, look at my nose.
Now look at your nose.
I think I know what I'm talking about.
We're all young together… I have prepared a new plan for Animal Farm.
You know what? What? I think it needed more salt.
I'm gonna go get started on the pump.
You clean up here when you're done.
Just stay close.
Come on.
Stay close.
Come on.
Halt! No, no, no! No! He's my friend.
His name is Bobby.
He's like me.
Am Bobby.
Can we keep him? Please? They need our help.
He's here? Open the door.
Big Man? Hey, kid.
What did they do to you? Why don't you ask your new friend? Why don't you tell Gus the truth about who you really are? Aw.
That's sweet.
I didn't take you for a football fan.
Let us go now… and I might let some of you live when I get free.
Gus can go anytime he wants.
The rest is up to me.
She's the leader.
Yeah, I got that.
Why don't you tell him about this? You got me.
I was a Last Man.
I'm not anymore.
People change.
Happy? Not even a little.
You were like one of those guys at the Market? -Why didn't you tell me? -Ain't that simple, kid.
Do you even understand what it was like when the Sick came? How old were you? Five? The world as we knew it was over.
We had to choose a team, either kill or be killed.
Maybe you'll understand when you grow up.
How many families have you torn apart? How many children have you stolen from their parents? How many kids like Gus have you made disappear? You didn't do it because your back was against the wall.
You did it because you were good at it.
Because underneath it all, you were broken.
You still are broken.
I'm sorry, Gus.
You've hurt people too.
-What? -Those men on the horses.
You hurt them.
But he's not like them.
He made me a costume so people would like me, and he bought me things he thought I'd like.
And he wakes me up when I'm having bad dreams.
And he never tried to sell me.
He tried to help me.
He might not be very good at it, but… at least he tried.
Didn't you hear what she said? It's okay, you're Big Man.
Look, man, I'm fine.
I can take care of myself.
I always have.
But you need to get out of here while you can.
Go find your mom.
Ah, kid… Take him away.
No, don't! Don't hurt him! Please, don't take him away! No! - Gus, stand back.
- No! No! Don't kill him! No! No! You made a cross-your-heart promise! When you joined this army… this family… you made a pledge as you painted your animal on the wall.
You would defend hybrids against any harm, at any cost.
Today that cost may seem higher than it ever has before.
Today, we're here to put this man to death.
He has done horrible things.
But so have we all.
So have I.
The worst may be letting my anger lead you to revenge.
That is not the animal way.
That only makes us more like him.
Like them.
In my anger, I have forgotten my pledge.
Our pledge… defend hybrids against all harm.
If we kill this man, we are harming a very special hybrid.
There will be no execution.
What? Bullshit! This man is a monster and he deserves to die.
What about all the other hybrids he's hurt? Stand down, Tiger.
He's brainwashed Gus.
-And now he's brainwashed you too.
-No, I've just changed my mind.
You may have forgotten what the Animal Army stands for but we haven't.
Animals forever! Yeah, no more waiting! Release Daisy! - Get ready.
- Tiger, don't do it! Let her loose! Pull.
I can't hold her! Come on! Kid, don't! Please don't hurt my friend.
Lock it up.
No! -No, this isn't the way! -Let her out! - Let her out! Let her out! - Get off me! Take his rope! Stand down! No! No! Stand down! Think we overstayed our welcome, Sweet Tooth.
Tiger, call them off! Call them off! If you're with Bear, you're against us! Let's get the hell out of here.
Maybe it goes without saying… but we're looking for family from the moment we're born.
Turns out, we just never know where we're going to find it.
When the lights go out And leave you standing in the dark No one ever told you This would be so hard I know you think Your fire is burning out But I still see you shining through You got it in you… And sometimes our families end up looking nothing like we thought they would.
And tell everyone you know.
They're all welcome at the Preserve.
And sometimes, we do things for family that we… That we never thought we could.
Nancie, wait! -It's not what you think! -I knew you guys were lying.
You've been acting suspicious for weeks, and Rani looks awful.
I could tell at the party, but then when Doug's finger started twitching, I-- You don't understand, I have something, something that can maybe help all of us.
You are a liar! We have to burn everything! -Calm down! -I have to get the others! Don't touch me! Nancie! Oh, God.
Oh, God.
She's not breathing.
Because family is always worth it.
Come on.
Okay, come on.
One, two… At least… well, we sure as hell hope so.

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