Sweet Tooth (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

What's in the Freezer?

1 Some say there's no greater equalizer than Father Time.
That's because of one simple thing.
No matter who you are or where you go… Well, let's just say ol' Time's got a knack for catching up to us all.
Soon found out I was losing my mind It seemed like the real thing But I was so blind Mucho mistrust, love's gone behind In between What I find is pleasing And I'm feeling fine Love is so confusing There's no peace of mind If I fear I'm losing you… You teasing like you do… Gladys.
It's been a minute.
Ooh, ooh, ah… Me and the boys were passing through the neighborhood, figured we'd swing by.
Mind if we come in? Take a seat.
Is this really necessary? Is faking a terminal illness really necessary? I'm done working for you.
Gladys, there's a new wave coming.
This could be our last chance.
There really are two types of people in the world.
Uh, people who simply let this dreadful, ugly, monstrous virus kill them and their loved ones.
Husbands, wives, moms, dads, children.
Just like your two little girls.
Then you've got soldiers.
People who are willing to do whatever it takes to beat this disgusting disease, take back control, reclaim humanity.
I'm going to let you guess which kind of person I am.
You're a monster.
The real question, Gladys, is who are you? Where's the goddamn book? I left it with… with my replacement.
In Rockbridge.
I really appreciate that.
They're just kids.
And they're going-- They're going to be around long after we're gone.
No matter what you do.
Yep, time's funny that way.
A constant companion… Oh no! …until it's not.
No! Did you see that? We were just like Tom and Huck escaping the bad guys.
What's wrong? Nothing.
Is this because I lost your pills? No.
Listen, kid.
I wanted to say thank you for that thing you did back there.
What thing? You had my back.
You had mine.
Make a fist.
We make a good team, Big Man.
Yeah, about that.
Look, Sweet Tooth, um… I'm gonna go with you to Colorado.
Wait, so you're coming with me? Sure.
Why not? - Yay! - Don't go making a big deal.
All right? We've still got to get there first.
Oh, Jepp, what are you doin'? But we missed the train, so how are we gonna get there now? First we need to figure out how to get outta here and to the nearest road.
Those punks got me all turned around.
So, this is what you do now? Hide out in the woods and wait for your friends to take you back? I just need a word with Gus.
Okay, make it quick.
Forgot to give you this.
Hey, let me see that.
You're gonna need it if you still wanna find your mom.
It's everything my team… I mean, former team could find out about Birdie.
What is that? It's an address, probably for your mom's house.
It's part of an address.
What the hell is "GoGro"? Is that even a real place? It's more than you had a minute ago.
Anyway, I hope it helps, and best of luck.
Wait, where are you going? -The train.
Train doesn't come around here.
Yeah, it does.
It just doesn't stop.
Well, we're heading to the train too.
Can we come with? I don't know if that's such a good idea, Gus.
Why not? This chick is crazy.
You have to pass through the Valley of Sorrows.
What's that? Only the most toxic field of purple flowers.
No one goes near it unless they have a death wish.
But it's the quickest way to get to the train, and the Animal Army won't be searching there.
Come on, Big Man.
The train will get us to Colorado.
We have to go with her.
-Please, please, please, please? -No.
-Please, please, please, please? -No.
Please… Fine.
But you gotta follow my lead.
Hey, I said follow my… Oh, damn it.
Whoa! Does the train go on that? No, that was for cars.
I'm surprised you even know what a car is.
Zip it! Keep it moving.
I wonder what GoGro's like.
I bet it's pretty, like my mom.
What do you actually know about her, Gus? Well, I know that she doesn't have antlers.
And I was her whole life, so she must be looking for me too.
You know, sometimes when we build up a person in our minds, they don't always live up to that image.
Oh, leave him alone.
Just 'cause you're allergic to grownups doesn't mean he has to be.
Oh, what was I thinking? I'm sure you've done an excellent job teaching Gus about the nuances of the human race.
Oh, I didn't know you were into nuance.
Hard to tell with the whole tiger and psycho team thing.
I missed you thanking me for saving your life.
- No fighting.
- That's because you didn't.
The kid did.
How much further? Why? You getting tired? Don't start.
Hey, Gus.
Stay where I can see you.
Is that a tree wearing a blanket? It's not a blanket.
It's a parachute.
I never saw one, but I heard the stories.
Back in the day, people used to jump out of airplanes way up in the sky, and the parachutes would slow 'em down as they fell.
You know, keep 'em safe.
-You're pulling my foot, aren't you? -It's leg.
And no.
People used to do it for fun.
Except sometimes people also did it to kill other people.
They called it "war.
" You guys must think I'm stupid, 'cause if this blanket was so magical, then why would this person just leave it hanging in a tree forever? -You're right.
-You got us.
Seriously, guys.
Not cool.
Relax, we're almost there.
Where are you going, anyway? Somewhere.
Define "somewhere.
" There are people down south who take in hybrids.
Just 'cause I'm not in the Army anymore doesn't mean I'll stop helping hybrids.
- What about you? - What about me? Do you honestly believe his mom'll be alive when you get-- Shh! Hey, Gus.
Is that a caramel apple tree I see? He's got super hearing.
All right, he can't hear us.
It doesn't matter what I believe.
That little dude's got hope coming out of every pore.
No clue where he gets it from.
Why are you doing this anyways? Helping Gus.
I got my reasons.
Well, why don't you define those reasons? I don't have to define anything to you.
We made it.
We're here.
Valley of Sorrows.
It looks pretty happy to me.
People say they used to bury the dead here after the Great Crumble.
These flowers grew from all the Sick.
Can they make people sick? No one goes close enough to find out.
So how are we gonna get across? That.
No way.
No way in hell.
What? You scared? No, I'm smart.
There's no way that thing's holding our weight.
I think you mean your weight.
Guess Gus and I'll have to go without you.
-This was your plan all along.
-I'm just trying to get to the train.
- Guys? - Back off.
No, no, no, see, you act tough, like it didn't affect you when your friends threw you out with the trash.
- Go to hell.
- Guys! Pretty sure I'm there.
You know, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be here in the first place.
I know it's hard for you to understand, because you don't care about anyone but yourself, but those people were the only family I had, and you just blew it all up! Oh, no! Gus! No, kid.
Wait! - Get back here! - Gus, wait for us! - No, Gus! - Whoa! Hey, kid! Wait, Gus.
That's too far.
Just wait for us, okay? - Not if you keep fighting.
- Gus, get your ass back here! Do not yell at him.
Raising your voice doesn't help anything.
It helps me.
Gus! If you take one more step, we're not a team anymore.
I'm not playing.
Get back here! No! Ah! Ah, Big Man! -Hey! It won't hold you.
-Well, do you have a better idea? Gus! Ah! Shit.
Don't let go.
Don't move! Hold still.
Hold still.
Hold on! Sweet Tooth! Gus! -Gus! -Gus! Ah! Ah! Gus! -Gus! -Gus! Gus! And as time was running out for some… …Aimee and Wendy took advantage of having all the time in the world.
It took years for them to grow what would become the most important thing to both of them… the Preserve.
Stay still, Bobby.
We're almost ready to go to the store.
Stay still.
Thank you.
Mm-hmm? Yeah.
Wait, Bobby, come back! I didn't mean it.
Bobby, come back! Hello? Is anybody out there? I'm trying to reach the Preserve.
Go ahead.
Thank God.
We found a hybrid.
A possum baby.
But we don't know how to take care of it.
We came across your flyer.
You can help us, right? I'll give you instructions of where to leave them.
Then we'll pick them up.
You want us to leave him? He's a baby.
We can come to you.
These are the rules.
This thing isn't gonna survive much longer.
Just tell me where you are.
He needs help.
You can trust me.
Hello? Mama? Are we getting another baby? Too dangerous.
Where's Bobby? I don't know.
He keeps on digging holes everywhere.
He even goes outside sometimes.
I asked him to.
He's helping me with a project.
But I'm not allowed to go outside.
Is that what's really bugging you? You know you can play with other hybrids.
They're happy doing their own thing.
What about Junior? He never leaves his tree anymore.
He's part owl, sweetie.
And Henry? He doesn't come out of his shell.
He's too shy.
Last I checked… you were part animal too, you know.
But not like the others.
You're making them too big.
It needs to look more like this.
Are you sure you're not full piglet? You sure are good at working with mud.
So you're not as animal as the rest.
That's okay.
Sometimes I wish I were.
Well, I don't.
I couldn't run this place without you, Pigtail.
That's because you're smart.
Smarter than most humans I knew.
But I'm not human either.
Thank God.
I didn't fit in either when I was your age.
It wasn't until I came here, and found you, that I finally… …learned how to just be myself.
How do I learn to do that? By not thinking there's anything wrong with you.
Because you are perfect the way you are.
Bobby, you came back! Mm-hmm.
What do you have there, Bobby? Where did you find this? Mm… fence.
He found it on the fence.
They've found us.
Dog? Dog? Wait for me! Where are we going? Dog, slow down! Dog! Where are you? Mm.
Hmm? Pubba! Ah.
Gus! You've gotten so tall! Oh, hang on.
There we go, that's better.
You look tired.
Oh, I came a long way.
I've missed you.
I've missed you too.
I have to tell you something.
And you're going to get mad.
Okay, well, try me, but we don't have a lot of time.
I broke your rule.
The one rule you told me never, ever, ever to break.
I crossed the fence.
Are you mad? Uh… I knew you'd cross the fence sooner or later.
You did? I just wanted you to stay the way I remembered you.
So I did the right thing? We don't always know what's right, that's part of growing up.
You just have to follow what's in here.
Even when it's hard.
I haven't told you the worst part yet.
Tell me.
I left with one of those people you warned me about.
But he's not really that bad.
There's some good in him, I think.
You just gotta look for it.
So, um, you're learning.
Human beings are complicated.
-He and Bear are taking me to find Mom.
-There's a Bear too? Good.
They're my friends.
They're just not good at getting along.
Listen to me.
Now that you've left the fence, you have to keep going.
All right? You have a train to catch.
But I want to stay here with you! I know you do, bud, I know.
But look, look.
You have more important things to do now.
It's not just about you and me anymore, all right? There are other kids like you out there.
They're counting on you.
But you have to be brave, all right? Even when it's hard.
Okay? Don't be afraid.
Now come on.
Let me show you.
You're ready now, Gus.
Just remember what I told you.
Look at me, Pubba.
I see you.
And soon, the world will see you too.
Pubba? Pubba! Come back, don't leave me! Don't leave me, come back! So nice to meet you, Gus.
He's coming, don't stop! Don't be afraid, Gus.
You're ready now.
Gus! I'm not afraid! - Gus! - Gus! - You're ready now, Gus.
- Sweet Tooth! Remember what I told you.
It's up to you, Gus.
Don't give up now.
Get me out of this thing.
I'm not afraid.
Could you have gone any slower? - I didn't see you carrying him.
- I can barely see anything.
- You wanted to wear the helmet.
- You wanted to wear the parachute.
- Guys! - It fit me! Make a fist.
Uh… Make a fist.
Now bump 'em.
Now, let's go.
And while wickedness crawled the land, happily-ever-after remained just out of reach for some.
- Oh, Jesus.
- Look like you've seen a ghost.
Just a little jumpy these days, I'm afraid.
Yeah, you're not the only one, neighbor.
Jeez, Adi.
Why don't you just burn it? Put down some wood chip instead.
We can't solve every problem with fire, Bob.
Some things we have to deal with head on.
-Speaking of, take extra, for Rani.
-Uh… What makes you think she's missing? No one's seen her for three days, Adi.
Three days, huh? She lives next door.
You haven't noticed? Well, we haven't seen Nancie since, eh, Doug's party, but then again, we haven't been keeping track.
Sure she'll be flattered to see you made these when she turns up, though, ay? - Let's hope so.
- Yeah.
How's Rani doing, by the way? I haven't seen her lately.
Well, you know, since, uh, Doug's party, she's been busy sanitizing our entire house 'cause we've got those, um… Those granite counters.
Oh, you really got to get in the grout with those.
Hey, thanks for the tip, Bob.
You're… You're a good man.
We're relying on you, you know.
To keep us healthy, vigilant.
If there's another wave of this thing coming, we're gonna need you, pal.
-At your service, huh? -You too.
See you.
Promise me, if I ever go missing, you'll pick a better photo.
It was all I could do just to keep it together.
You know? I thought he knew.
Adi, we didn't do anything.
That… That's as good as killing her.
Did you kick Nancie in the chest? -No.
-Did I kick Nancie in the chest? No.
There you go.
If you want someone to blame, talk to Trixie.
Okay, you're right.
You always are.
I don't like the way you look.
You're burning up.
This is the longest you've ever gone without a treatment.
Don't worry about me.
I'm worried enough for the both of us.
Me? Worried? I know how you get.
Answer it.
Go ahead.
Hello, Dr.
You have a delivery at the clinic.
I'll be right there.
Secret Sauce.
The Secret Sauce.
You will be better in no time, my love.
-I'll be right back.
-Oh, come on, I'm going with you.
You're not the only one who wants french fries.
Oh, strawberry milkshake.
Samantha? Oh, she must've taken off early.
You check this one.
I'll look at these.
All right.
Okay, you ready? One, two, three.
- You okay? - Uh-huh.
You okay? -Yeah.
No! No! No! Adi? Why is water leaking from the freezer? I'll go check.
Come here.
Come on.
Still here.
Did you leave the door open? No, I locked it.
I think.
Samantha's gone.
What if she saw? We, uh… -We need to leave.
There they are! Hey.
Hey, everyone.
Did we miss the, uh, memo for the neighborhood watch meeting, huh? Mind telling us what's in the freezer, Adi? You lied to me earlier.
You knew exactly where Nancie was.
Because you killed her.
Sorry, Bob.
And I'm sorry you all had to find out like this.
She was sick.
Well, why didn't you just tell us that? This neighborhood's built on trust.
This neighborhood is built on hypocrisy.
How many neighbors have we all erased together in the name of this virus? How much gasoline will it take to make us forget that things are not normal?! And they never will be! We… We settled here in search of kindness, and all we found are savages with better haircuts.
Oh, shit.
Calm down.
She's not contagious.
Just calm-- Just leave her alone! Leave her alone! She didn't do anything! Get away! Leave her alone! She didn't… Leave her alone! Leave her alone! Indeed, there are moments in our lives when Time is kind to us, when we're given an extra second, an extra minute, an extra moment with the ones we love.
And sometimes, it's like I said.
Time catches up to us.
Should auld acquaintance be forgot And never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot And days of auld lang syne? We're okay.
I'm sorry.
We're here.
It was my fault.
What? I brought it home to you in the first place.
What are you talking about? When it all started.
Working at the hospital.
I was… I was supposed to protect you, and I exposed you to it.
Adi, it was the Johnsons' son at the pool party.
He kept sneezing all over me.
Don't you remember that? - I thought-- - It was never you, my love.
It was never you.
Come here.
You're with me.
I love you.
I love you too.
Should auld acquaintance be forgot And days of auld lang syne You need to leave and leave now.
Anyone left will be shot.
Get out of here now! Whatever the case may be, Father Time sure has a funny way of bringing everything together when… Well, when the time's right.
Singh, I take it? Lovely house.

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