Sweet Tooth (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Stranger Danger on a Train

1 The past is a funny thing.
We like to hold onto it so tight.
But sometimes it's better to let go.
Sometimes we just gotta move on.
How are we gonna get tickets this time? -We don't need 'em.
-What about my hat? -Won't I need my hat? -Just keep running! -But won't people try to kill me? -Gus! Oh, Miss Lonesome I see you're back in town… It's funny how I lose mind When you come around… -We're falling behind.
-I noticed! We gotta go faster.
You go faster! We gotta find a way in! What about that? C'mon, Bear, hurry! Jepp! Come on! Jepp! -He's not gonna make it.
-Yes, he is.
He has to.
- Come on, Big Man! - Faster! Come on, you can do it! Come on.
You can do it! Come on, Big Man! Come on! Ya! Come on, Big Man! You can do it! No! Big Man! You made it! Didn't know you had it in ya! Take your time.
Do people live here? Not quite.
These are crew quarters.
We lucked out.
We hopped a hauler.
No passengers.
Except all the people who work on the train.
One of them might come.
We should be able to hunker down in one of the sleepers up ahead.
Should be easy to stay out of sight.
Hey, Gus, come on.
Get down from there.
Hey, Gus.
Guess what? Next stop, Colorado.
And sometimes, well, sometimes the past won't let go of us.
Go back to your house! You're not supposed to be here.
Get inside! Burnt kitchen.
Please, you have to help us.
No, I'm good.
I got what I came for.
There's… There's a formula in there for a treatment.
It keeps the Sick at bay.
I know.
Uh… I can make it for you.
I'm a doctor.
Just needed the book.
No, no, no, no, no! If you let us die, you'll never have the cure.
She's not contagious.
Then why, pray tell, is she the way she is? Because you never sent us the hybrid we asked for.
Jane Doe.
Yes, unfortunately, we were running a little low on hybrids.
What is all this I hear about a cure? Uh… Uh, just… just… Uh, just… just turn to the last page.
Go on.
Bell was mapping a hybrid genome in an… in an effort to find the cure, but she missed something.
There are tiny gaps in the base pairs, missing chromosomes in the sequence.
Something that I call "Ghost DNA.
" Go on.
I've resequenced the genetic code to locate those gaps.
And therein lies the cure.
Let me guess.
None of this is in the book.
That's right.
So, if you want the cure, you'll have to let both of us go.
Johnny! Yes, General.
Help our new friends pack.
Yes, sir.
We'll be moving you to better accommodations, where you'll have everything you'll ever need.
You will not screw this up.
Are we there yet? What'd I say? You said that when we cross the big river, we'd be in Colorado.
And have you seen any river? No.
- So? - So, we're not there yet.
So stop asking.
Hey, leave him alone.
Hey, Bear.
Can you tell me where GoGro is? - I can't find it on my map.
- Yeah, Bear.
Where is GoGro? I'm not sure.
How are we supposed to find my mom if we don't know where GoGro is? Don't worry.
We'll figure it out.
We've got plenty of time.
Gus, come here a second.
-Gus, keep away from the edge.
-It's okay.
I'll keep an eye on him.
Wanna see something cool? Look over there.
Are those zebras? Yeah.
I wish Pubba was here to see this.
Let's play a game.
You wanna play "I Spy"? How do you play that? Okay, it's easy.
You just look out and you pick something, like one of the zebras, then say, "I spy with my little eye something that begins with Z.
" Then I have to guess what you're thinking.
Make sense? Uh… I think so.
Can I go first? Mm-hmm.
I spy with my little eye something that starts with the letter… M.
The motorcycle? No.
The mountains? I give up.
A monkey.
Where do you see a monkey? I win.
This game is fun.
My parents used to play it with us when we were little.
My sister was just a baby, but… …she'd point at things and giggle.
I didn't know you had a sister.
I bet you must miss them.
Your family.
I miss Pubba too.
What's your favorite memory of him? It was on my birthday, when he got me Dog.
It's when he got me Dog.
Is that your stuffed animal? Then when I fell into the purple flowers, Dog was there too.
And I followed him through the forest, and he brought me to see Pubba.
And Pubba told me that I have to grow up and trust what's in here.
Can I see him? Dog, I mean? -No.
No, no, no, no, no.
-What's wrong? Dog's not in here.
He's lost.
I can't find him.
- What's going on? - I lost Dog.
He's not here.
It's okay.
You must've dropped him here somewhere.
We'll check the other cars and find him.
You heard that too, right? Someone's coming.
Hide, now! Come on.
Who's there? You're in trouble now.
This ain't no passenger train.
Gotcha! Let me go! Wait a second! Leave him alone! Ah! Ah! Holy shit.
Ah! - Ah! - Jimmy! Jimmy Jacobs? TJ? -Oh my God! -Tommy Jepperd.
It is you! It's good to see you, bubba! Glad I recognized you when I did, or I might've messed up your pretty face.
Ha! You wish! What are you doing here? You know, I thought I'd take a trip.
Man! Great.
Now there are two of you.
Bear, it's okay.
I want to introduce you to Jimmy "Fat Man" Jacobs.
Fat Man.
-I forgot about that.
-Jimmy and I played ball together.
You're looking at the greatest defensive end in the history of the Guardians! Ah-ooh! Only 'cause you took those hits for me.
Made me look good.
My head was harder, but you took your fair share.
Ain't that the truth.
I got this funny sorta static in my head these days too.
Hard to focus sometimes.
I think those are called concussions.
Wait, so you must have run across those other guys too, huh? Troy? Rocco? What about D-Train? Oh, they're not around anymore, man.
I wonder how those guys are doing.
We had some good times, didn't we? Yeah, well.
You're working on the train now, huh? Oh, yeah.
Been running charters and hauling supplies to whoever hires us.
Company's got me on maintenance and crap like that.
Ain't so bad, but I sure do miss being on the field.
Don't you? Where's Gus? Hey, Gus.
-It's all right.
You can come out.
-The one with the antlers? Sweet Tooth.
-Hey, Gus.
I'm not playing.
Where is he? I think he went looking for Dog.
What is it? What does it mean? This area's been marked.
By the Last Men? We need to go.
Right now.
Bobby, go check the tunnels.
But whatever you do, stay out of sight.
-Okay? Shouldn't we take the ribbons down? That would keep the bad men away, right? They'd know we're here for sure if we did.
Maybe we should hide, then.
I can get the others and I can play hide-and-seek, like you showed me.
If they already know we're here, hiding won't do any good.
We wouldn't have time to run.
Then what do we do? Mom! Hey.
Everything's gonna be all right, I promise.
But I wanna help.
Wendy, I promise.
Do you trust me? Someone's outside.
The outer fence.
Who is he? A Last Man.
Why is he just standing there? He knows we're here, doesn't he? Let me think.
Move on, please, move on.
I thought we would have more time.
Are we safe? Oh, I can't remember the last time I saw these.
Mind if I have one? Rani, you shouldn't be exerting yourself.
Oh, hush, I'm all right.
It'd be easier to pack if we knew where we were going.
Are we going east? That's where your little Last Men clubhouse is, right? Rani.
General Abbot says it's classified.
So that's Abbot, then.
I thought he'd be less beardy.
Rani, can you just stop, please?! -Hey.
What is it? What's going on? -Hey.
-I can't find all the letters.
-Take a breath and relax.
Don't tell me to relax! We almost just burnt to death, then Abbot showed up, then you… Okay.
And now I can't… I can't find the tiles, and that means we can't play anymore.
-I know.
-And w-what we gonna do about Trixie? They're never gonna let us bring her.
Who's Trixie? That your kid? Our horse.
She really helped us out a few times.
Can you, uh… Can you please just wait outside? Hmm.
I can't.
Where exactly do you think we're gonna go? Wait.
Wait! I know you're freaking out, but just try to breathe.
It'll be okay.
No, Rani, it's not going to be okay.
How on earth am I supposed to find a cure for the Sick? Everyone's been looking for one for the last ten years.
I don't know, but what I do know is we have more time together than we did this morning.
What do you think he's gonna do when he finds out that we were bluffing? If I didn't know the truth, I would've believed you.
Your explanation was very convincing.
I'm gonna go pack my things.
Adi, come on.
I remember when the first patient came in.
Her name was Freya.
Oh, Adi.
It didn't seem like anything to worry about at first, just a strange case of the flu, something that would pass, and then… a week later she came back, and this time… she was worse, much worse.
No matter what I did… no matter how hard I tried to help her… it didn't matter.
Then she died.
I know.
I still see them, you know.
All of them.
Their faces.
We said we were gonna take care of them, so they wouldn't be afraid, you know? But all the while, we knew they would die.
And that more would come and take their place.
After a while, I stopped caring.
Well, I had to, just to keep going with it.
It made me feel numb.
That's why I stopped being a doctor.
And after taking over the clinic from Bell… and what we did to Doug and Nancie… that feeling's back, and for what? To find a cure.
You don't honestly believe-- I believe in you, Adi.
And so did Dr.
That's why she gave her journal to you.
You can finish what she started.
You're not alone in this.
We've made it this far together, haven't we? Together.
Hmm? Gus, you in here? Gus? I used to sneak off and I'd get my ass whooped.
He's a kid.
He misses his toy.
Don't worry, T.
I know every nook and cranny of this train.
We'll find him.
You guys are hauling a lot of candy bars.
Yeah, part of the same transpo job.
Thought about snaggin' a couple for myself.
Well, if he isn't in here, I can't imagine where he is.
Gus? Sweet Tooth, come on.
Stop playing games.
You'll never guess what they have on here.
A car full of Choc-O-Rockets! Your boy's quite the troublemaker, huh? Chip off the old block? I think Louisa was still pregnant the last time I saw you.
-Crazy you had one of them animal kids-- -Gus is not my kid.
We should spread out.
I'll check the next car.
What happened, bubba? To Louisa and the baby? They're gone, Jimmy.
Just like D-Train and the others.
I'm sorry, T.
The Sick get 'em? What's with the deer kid, then? He's just a kid, um… He's just a kid I'm trying to help.
Doesn't sound like the Jepp I remember.
It used to be all about you.
Gus! Christ, kid.
Where the hell have you been? Almost gave me a heart attack.
I can't find him, Jepp.
I… I still can't find Dog.
Buck up, kid.
There's no crying in the apocalypse.
I'll get you another Dog, I promise.
You don't understand.
Pubba made Dog out of his own socks.
It even still smells like him.
Remember I told you about reaching Colorado? When we cross the big river, we'll be in Colorado.
Well… Tell me what you see.
Does… Does that mean… Yeah, Sweet Tooth.
We made it.
We're in Colorado.
We made it to Colorado.
All we have to figure out now is where the hell GoGro is.
GoGro? Did you say GoGro? Yeah, you know it? Of course I know it.
Well, where the hell is it? It… It's actually… It's, uh… Focus, Jimmy.
I know I know it, it's… I hear it all the time.
I'll check my cargo manifest.
Yeah, yeah.
- G, as in GoGro.
- GoGro.
I remember.
It's short for Goss Grove, but nobody calls it that, everyone calls it GoGro.
It's a neighborhood outside of Essex City.
- That's the next stop.
- Thanks, other Big Man! No worries, kid.
-What's wrong? -Last Men.
On the train.
What? What are Last Men doing on this train? It's their charter, T.
I thought I told you that.
You definitely did not tell us that, Jimmy.
They're moving operations south, including the Choc-O-Rockets.
General Abbot-- Not important.
-Where are they? -In the next car, headed this way.
Come on, let's take 'em.
I'm done hiding.
We don't know how many of them there are.
So what do we do? Um… Follow me.
Uh, guys? There's nowhere else to go.
I'll talk to 'em, you guys stay out of sight.
I'll tell them nobody's here, they'll believe me.
Jimmy, no offense, but you've never been able to sweet-talk anybody.
They're coming.
We jump.
It's our only option.
You gotta be shittin' me.
Jepp? What are we gonna do? We're gonna do something stupid.
Hold it.
What's up, fellas? What are you doing here? Uh, you didn't hear? They-- We got a leak out back in the galley.
It smells like gas.
The caboose is off limits until we can sort it out.
Can't be too careful.
The stove is electric.
What? The stove.
It's electric.
Not gas.
Get him! Get him! What the hell did you do that for? Open this door! Dog! Bring the ax.
Jepperd! You hear me? Whatever you're gonna do, do it fast.
Jepperd, we gotta jump.
Uh, take Gus.
Jimmy and I will buy you some time.
No, we all go together.
No, listen, Gus.
No, Jepp.
Hey! I'm talking to you! Listen to them, Tommy.
I'mma buy you some time.
I owe you for taking all those hits for me.
No, Jimmy.
They'll kill you for helping us.
Let's face it, T.
You ain't the only one that's changed.
My mind's never gonna be the same.
But if I'm going out, I wanna be doing the only thing I was ever good at.
- Be with your family.
- Jepperd! Go.
Hey! Shit.
Come on.
Are we really gonna jump? Deep breath, Gus.
Ready? Three, two, one… - Where is he? - Where's who? Check down there.
Hang on, hang on, hang on, hang on.
What? So I can knock your lights out.
Let's hear it for Jimmy "Fat Man" Jacobs! - Do you remember the plan? - Yeah.
Follow the pipes.
Hide in the church.
Protect the others.
Wait until you come for us.
- Good.
- Why aren't you coming now? I have to stay behind, in case the bad men come.
You shouldn't be alone.
Pigtail, you need to look after the others.
Hmm? What if I mess up? You won't.
You remember when I said, "No matter what happens, you'll be strong, because you're Wendy.
Because you're my daughter.
" Go on now, go.
Promise you'll come for us? Cross my heart.
Bobby ready.
You have to get going.
Just go.
It's a difficult thing, letting go.
It's tough to say goodbye.
Hands, please.
I just want to let you know, I let your horse go.
She's free.
Thank you.
But the thing we don't always realize, when we let go of something… …it opens up a little space to grow.
It shows us who we are… …what we're capable of.
We find out what really matters, and who we really were, all along.
- Hey, don't go too far off.
- I won't.
Hey, that was pretty cool, what you did back there.
Going back for Dog.
What, you didn't think I had it in me? Hey, I know you're considering going down south, but, uh… you can stick with us if you want.
I'll think about it.
Hey, you guys! What is it? I spy with my little eye something that begins with the letter E! GoGro, here we come!
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