Sweet Tooth (2021) s03e01 Episode Script

The Beginning Is Also the End

[sweeping, mysterious music playing]
[sweeping music intensifying]
[wind whistling]
[music swells, trails off]
[narrator] All stories end.
Ours ends here
where it all began, a long time ago.
[woman] You have to stop him.
I will, and you must get to the church.
We'll be waiting.
This ends here, Ikiaq.
It must.
[delicate, mysterious music playing]
[unnerving audio distortion]
[wind howling]
constant affliction, and he will die
Captain Thacker, we must talk.
[Thacker muttering indistinctly]
[man] Sir.
We need to talk about this.
[Thacker] I found it, Burke.
The cure to end all cures.
We set sail for England at once.
Captain, don't you see? We can't go back.
- Not like this.
- Get the ship under way!
That's an order!
No. Whatever you found out there
will only bring death to the world.
What did you do in that cave?
- [blade rasps]
- [Burke grunts]
No! Don't!
[tense, dramatic music playing]
I did what I had to to survive.
[hacking coughs in distance]
[distressing music playing]
[crew members coughing]
[heavy, menacing music playing]
We all have it.
What did you do in that cave?
[echoing] What's in the cave?!
[mysterious music playing]
[sweeping, resolute music building]
[breathy, disembodied vocalizations]
[resolute music intensifying]
["Road to Alaska" by the Bee Gees playing]
[bright, soulful pop music playing]
I'm on the road to Alaska ♪
Nowhere near Nebraska ♪
But I'm sure
If I asked her she'll know ♪
[horn honking]
[joyfully] This is awesome!
[Jepp] Keep your hands at 10:00 and 2:00.
And easy on the gas.
- What'd he say?
- He said, "Go faster."
[Jepp] Hell no!
- [Wendy laughing]
- Stop the car.
- [kids laughing]
- [Jepp] Stop the car! Stop the car!
[kids whooping]
[song trails off]
[Jepp retching]
You doing okay back there?
From now on, I drive.
So where are we?
And how far is Alaska? I can't find it.
That's because it's all the way up here.
This outpost, where Pubba seemed to think
your mom went, is up at the tippy-top.
That's really far.
Yeah, that's at least like
three trips to Colorado.
More like ten.
It's gonna be a lot longer
and a lot tougher.
I figure we're about here.
We stick to the highways,
carry on northwest,
up through Idaho.
Then into Canada.
If they're letting anybody in.
- What're these?
- [Becky] The Rocky Mountains.
Which are gonna be a pain to cross.
Why? They don't look very big.
[Jepp] How about now?
Okay, yeah, they're pretty big.
And Idaho's on the other side?
The land of potatoes.
Did you hear that, Wendy?
[Becky] Wendy!
You can't just run off like that.
It's not safe.
[distressing music playing]
[distressing music continues]
Come on.
We should get going.
It's gonna be a long trip.
It's not just gonna be long.
It's gonna be dangerous too.
The Last Men are gone,
but there's still
plenty of bad dudes out there.
With this Doomsday strain
They're only getting more desperate.
Not to mention,
winter's coming.
The days are getting shorter and colder.
If we don't boogie, we could get caught
somewhere out there, or worse.
Are you trying to talk us out of going?
I'm just trying to be sure
we're all really up for this,
'cause once we cross those mountains,
there's no turning back.
Jepp's right.
It's gonna be all of those things.
But we're gonna get to Alaska,
and we're gonna find Birdie.
At the cave you saw in your dreams, huh?
It wasn't just a dream.
Birdie said she needed me,
so we're gonna find her
no matter what it takes.
We're gonna save the world together, okay?
[bold, confident music building]
I'm still in.
Then I am too.
[bold music building]
I go where you go, Sweet Tooth.
Alaska, here we come.
First things first. We got to get food
and warmer clothes, capisce?
[tense, conflicted music playing]
[music swells, trails off]
[Jepp] Listen up, guys,
I don't want to be here
any longer than we have to,
so let's do
what we came here to do and get out.
Where exactly are we?
This place was called a casino.
Before-time people came here
to play games and lose money.
Hey, Gus, check this out.
Is that a giant potato?
"The most a-peeling place
you'll ever find."
[Gus, Wendy laugh]
Great. They're learning puns now.
And look, it's in Idaho.
Can we stay there?
If we even make it to Idaho,
and if we can find it,
then maybe.
But we're not going anywhere
until we stock up.
[Jepp] Casinos were designed
for people to never want to leave.
It's filled with
the most entertainment, food,
and useless shit anybody could ever want.
Including a store,
which should have clothes.
[suspenseful music intensifying]
[music trails off]
We'll find someplace else.
I hate to break it to you,
but there ain't no place else.
Well, at least we have some food.
- Maple syrup ain't food, kid.
- You get that from the cabin?
It's the last one
me and Pubba made together.
[Wendy sniffing]
[intriguing music playing]
[Wendy] Could have sworn
I smelled something.
- Food!
- Food?
He's right.
- Food.
- A lot of it.
[intriguing music intensifying]
Hey, guys, it's down here!
- [jolting stinger]
- [Wendy yelps]
Who the hell would do something like this?
Someone who doesn't want us here.
To keep us away from that.
[Jepp] The vault.
Canned chili!
[Gus] And la-zag-nah!
"Big and Tall." Come to Papa.
[gleeful chuckle]
Jepp, somebody stashed these here.
[metallic creaking]
No, no, no, no!
No, don't
[electronically modulated voice]
Who are you?
Sorry, we didn't know
anyone else was here.
We were just looking for supplies.
[electronically modulated voice]
Do you have the Sick?
And the hybrids?
Are they housebroken?
Yeah, last I checked.
[generator humming faintly]
Ah, no sudden moves.
["Some Sweet Day"
by Juanita Jordan playing]
[old-timey doo-wop playing]
[man spluttering]
That's Ron and Patrice.
I'm Bridget.
And Paul's the chatty one.
And you live here?
A bunch of us used to come here
every weekend on the casino shuttle.
Called ourselves the Bingo Bandits.
When the shit hit the fan,
we just hunkered down.
[Jepp] And you never left?
[Bridget] Why would we?
We had the whole place to ourselves.
And all the supplies we could ever want.
Until the soda fountain syrup ran out.
[Paul's electrolarynx squawks]
That was a sad day.
Listen, this is all riveting stuff,
but if you have supplies you could spare
Those are ours.
[foreboding stinger plays]
[Patrice] Can't stay the night, either.
We don't take overnighters.
[cheerful chiming]
[Becky] So it's just been
you guys here this whole time?
[Paul] There were others for a while.
Yeah. Like Nick.
Remember Nick?
- Who's Nick?
- [Patrice] The Great Nicholas.
He was the magician
performing here when, you know, uh,
everything happened.
He made you believe in magic.
Before he
Before he left
She means "before he died."
[Patrice] And he's not the only one.
You can't outrun death.
Sooner or later, it comes for all of us.
[Wendy whimpering softly]
[Wendy breathing raggedly]
- Wendy.
- [Gus] Wendy!
Hey, are you okay?
Yeah, I'm just trying
to figure out this big sister thing.
[walkie-talkie squawks]
- Wendy?
- [echoing] Wendy?
[somber, sorrowful music playing]
I'm sorry she's gone.
It doesn't seem fair.
I miss her, Gus.
I know.
I miss Pubba.
Mom said I should see the world.
She said that it would be ours one day.
But I wish she was here to see it with me.
[sorrowful music continues]
Just know
you can talk to her anytime you need to.
I do it with Pubba.
She might not answer you,
but she hears you.
Does it ever stop hurting?
But it gets easier.
And you're not alone now.
Because we've got each other.
We're gonna get through it all together.
I'm glad you came.
Me too.
I just hope we can find your mom.
We're not asking for much,
but we need something.
Food. Cold weather gear.
We need to make it
over those mountains in one piece.
We've told you we can't spare anything.
Come on. We got kids with us.
[Ron] They're just animals, aren't they?
They'll be fine.
I think we know who the animals are here.
[Ron] Hell's that supposed to mean?
You have all of this stuff.
Do you really need it all before you
[Patrice] Before we what?
Before we die?
We deserve to enjoy the time we have left.
Fine, but some of us are trying
to make this world a little better.
Some of us have a future.
Do you?
[mirthless chuckle]
[shotgun cocks]
[Ron chuckling]
Thinking it's time
for you guys to mosey on.
What if we bet you?
That's what people used to do here, right?
So we'll bet you for some stuff.
If we win, you give us
food and clothes for the trip.
What if we win? What do we get?
Gus, we're leaving now.
We got to get back over those mountains
just as soon as we can, okay?
You guys said you like syrup, right?
Is Is that
Yeah. And it's delicious.
You're on.
[Ron] So what's the game?
- Poker?
- [Patrice chuckles]
[bright, spirited music playing]
That one.
You don't want this one, little man.
Trust me.
Yes. I do.
Gus, this is literally
the hardest game in the casino.
Well, you said
this journey was gonna be hard, right?
And I said we got this.
So trust me. We got this.
Okay, we got this.
[tauntingly] Place your bet.
You were number 93, right?
When you used to play Pass The Ball?
It only goes up to 36, numb nuts.
Well, how about four instead?
Four, numb nuts.
[Ron cackles]
Black four it is.
[Ron cackles]
Spin it, Paul.
[somber, portentous music playing]
[roulette wheel clattering]
[ball bouncing]
[bounces echoing]
[music swells]
[clattering echoes, thuds]
[frustrated grunt]
[excited clamoring]
We lost.
- We lost.
- [laughter echoing]
I really thought
Come on, Sweet Tooth. Let's go.
[forlorn music playing]
[Bingo Bandits grunting in delight]
So where are we going
to find supplies now?
We don't. That was it.
How much gas do we have left?
[Bridget] Before you go
Ah, I know it's not much, but
maybe you can use some magic.
Thank you.
Oh, and I don't know how you're planning
on getting up to Alaska,
but rumor is there's a boat leaving
out of Nag's Reef on the coast,
heading for Canada.
Maybe you can catch it.
Yeah, maybe.
[distressed music playing]
[door opening]
[engine roaring]
[shrill raptor's cry]
- [door squeaks]
- [leaves rustling]
[Paul] Oh, close the door.
Now what?
You folks forget something?
What do you want?
Who are you?
[distressed music trails off]
["Turn to Dust" by Wolf Alice playing]
Keep your beady eyes on me ♪
To make sure I don't turn to dust ♪
[haunting folk rock music continues]
If fear is in the mind
Then my mind lives in fear ♪
As deep and as vast
As the dirty British sea ♪
Keep your beady eyes on me ♪
[engine sputtering]
To make sure I don't turn to dust ♪
[brakes squeal]
[song halts]
That's it.
We're out of gas.
Guess we're roughing it from here.
[Wendy] Great.
- [seat belt unbuckling]
- [Jeep sighs]
- We'll be in Idaho before you know it.
- Thanks.
Come on, let's go.
We have to make it
out of the mountains before dark.
I know.
- Because if we don't
- I know!
I'm fine.
[wolf howling in distance]
[sweeping, adventurous music playing]
My stomach's growling again.
Mine never stopped.
How old do you think those people were?
I don't know.
When we're old, let's not be like that.
And we'll make sure
no hybrid is ever cold or hungry.
If one of us needs help, we'll help them.
And we'll tell them stories.
Just like you did for us at the zoo.
Just like Pubba did for me.
Let's make a pact, Gus.
When we grow up, we'll be better.
Yeah, way better.
So what are we doing?
Heading to Nag's Reef?
If there really is a boat,
that's our best shot at getting to Alaska.
Look, if you want to take the lead,
be my guest.
Hey, what's your problem?
Nothing. I told you I'm fine.
Well, you're clearly not fine.
- You're acting like a
- Like a what?
Like a child.
I said I'm fine.
[low, crackly rumbling in distance]
[high-pitched ringing]
[rumbling intensifies]
What was that?
- Gus. Gus!
- Wendy.
[distressing music building]
[sharp, clear crackling]
[birds cawing]
[Becky] Go!
Guys, run!
Go, go, go!
This way! Hurry!
- [Wendy yelps]
- [Becky] Come on!
[panicked panting]
- Run!
- [Becky] Hurry!
[distressing music subsides]
[rousing, symphonic music playing]
[indistinct chattering]
[eclectic conga music
playing faintly over jukebox]
You think I don't see you there?
You're gonna have to do better
if you want to pick my pockets.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Where's your mom?
She still tracking down
Milton's missing bowling trophies?
Well, my prime suspect here
apparently has an alibi.
All right, let's hear it.
We were watching cartoons
and making s'mores.
[dubiously] Hmm.
Care if I join you?
I need the distraction.
She's a good kid.
The best.
So, why are we drinking?
I just can't shake the feeling
that something's closing in.
Something bad, you know?
It might be looking bad
down in the lower 48,
but up here
we're still the safest place in the world.
But for how long?
The Sick can't survive long enough
to make it up here.
And with you hunting for the cure, I'd say
our chances are good it'll stay that way.
Thank you.
["Truckin'" by the Grateful Dead playing]
[softly] I got a call the other day.
Some teenager.
Know where she was calling from?
My house.
- In Colorado?
- In Colorado.
Thing is, she wasn't alone.
She was with Gus.
[whispers] He's alive, Siana.
And he's left Yellowstone,
and he's looking for me.
- Did you tell them where to find you?
- No, I wouldn't put the outpost at risk.
I didn't just come to find the cure.
I came here so Gus could have
a normal life, so that he would be safe.
What if I had gone with them?
What if I could've had a life with him?
You can't think like that.
"What if" is a killer.
Yeah, so is the Sick,
and I haven't solved that, have I?
Look, I know that it started here.
I know that Thacker
and his entire crew caught it.
You said the first mate's wife survived.
Yeah, but it's like
she just up and vanished into thin air.
[haltingly] I mean, there were rumors
that she went to that church,
but then, have you ever seen
any churches around here?
I thought I was doing the right thing
by leaving Gus behind.
Instead, I just spent
the past few years chasing ghosts.
[Siana] Hey.
The polar night's still five days away.
Don't be getting dark on me yet.
I know it's been tough.
But what you're doing, it's important.
And you're the only one
out there doing it.
[delicate, aching music playing]
[metallic creaking]
[truck beeping]
[Siana] This is it, isn't it?
You're leaving leaving, aren't you?
You can't go.
I have to.
I'm gonna miss you.
Are you sure about this?
This might be my last chance.
If the world's going to end,
then I want to be with Gus when it does.
Like you two are.
We've got a lot of catching up to do.
Oh, I'm shit at goodbyes.
Thank you.
For everything.
There's always a place for you here.
Just keep us a secret.
Cross my heart.
[Birdie] Is that for me?
Nuka, did you steal that?
You sneaky little fox.
Tell you what, I'll make a trade.
I stole this too. [chuckles]
Keep it safe.
So is she supposed to save the world now?
Somebody has to.
So long.
["Trouble" by Father John Misty playing]
Trouble ♪
Oh, trouble, set me free ♪
[aching folk rock music playing]
I have seen your face
And it's too much, too much for me ♪
Trouble ♪
Oh, trouble, can't you see? ♪
You're eatin' my heart away
And there's nothin' much left of me ♪
I don't want more of you ♪
You tried, Birdie.
So won't you be kind to me? ♪
Just let me go where ♪
I'll have to go there ♪
[jolting stinger]
I was gonna clear my throat
to get your attention.
Who the hell are you?
You never should've
answered that phone, Dr. Miller.
How do you know my name?
Be hard to do my job if I didn't.
You better come with me.
My boss would like a word.
[ominous music building]
I don't think so.
Besides, I was already on my way out.
I wasn't asking.
[kettle whistling]
[Birdie grunts]
[taut, percussive music playing]
[Birdie grunting, struggling]
- [chomp]
- [assailant screams]
[grunting, struggling continue]
[music intensifies]
- [piercing flesh]
- [assailant grunts]
[Birdie panting]
[suspenseful music playing]
[engine revs]
[Birdie grunting]
[disoriented grunting]
[taut, suspenseful music continues]
- [engine sputtering]
- Shit.
[disorienting audio distortion]
[panting blearily]
Where did he go?
[engine wheezing]
[fatigued groaning]
[music swells, trails off]
[low, ominous music playing]
[short, shallow breathing]
[ominous music continues]
[high-pitched ringing]
[Birdie] Help me, Gus.
[agitated breathing]
[Gus hyperventilating]
Big Man!
[Gus's cry echoing]
[Gus's cry echoing]
[Gus's cry echoing]
[wind rushing]
Where's Jepp and Becky?
I can't hear them.
What do we do?
We have to find them.
What if we can't?
We're all alone out here.
We have to!
But how? You can't hear them.
But you can smell them.
Wendy you can.
They need our help.
I smell something.
We're close.
[bleak, somber music playing]
Pull her up.
Where's Jepperd?
[Gus] Big Man, wake up.
It's me. It's Gus!
[Becky] Jepperd.
- Come on.
- [Gus] Big Man, you gotta wake up.
Please, Jepp!
Please, Jepp.
[Becky] Jepperd?
You're alive!
[grunts groggily]
[Jepp groans]
[Gus] It's okay. We're all okay.
No, it's not okay, Gus.
We don't even know where the road is.
It was buried under the avalanche.
But you said we just need
to head northwest, which is this way.
Don't you get it? This is exactly
what I've been trying to tell you!
These mountains, they don't mess around.
If we had just
left the casino when I said
Now we're freezing, we're starving,
and this trip has just started!
But we're all okay.
For how long?
No. No.
We're going back while we still can.
[Gus] No!
We have to keep going. We can do this.
Well, what if I can't?
[Jepp echoing]
[bleak, somber music continues]
I don't know if I can make this trip,
Sweet Tooth.
I'm not number 93 anymore.
I don't just bounce back
when things hit me.
I got my knee.
I got a bullet in my shoulder.
My head.
I'm not acting like a child.
I'm just getting old.
[Jepp breathing raggedly]
[hoarsely] I'm just trying
to look after you, Sweet Tooth.
But life happens to all of us.
I'm sorry.
This is why we have to keep going.
We have to find Birdie.
- Kid
- If you stay here,
the Sick's gonna get you,
and you're gonna die too.
Both of you.
Just like Aimee and Pubba.
[desperately] I need you.
You still got that map?
Then what are we waiting for?
[bleak, somber music continuing]
[footsteps approaching]
[heavy breathing]
- [music intensifies]
- [booming stinger]
[low huffing]
[mysterious figure grunting, huffing]
[feral snarling, growling]
[pack grunting, sniffing]
[menacing music playing]
[pack howling in unison]
[Dr. Singh] Can you speak?
Do you have a name?
Where are you from?
[liquid bubbling]
A minute has already gone by.
In a few more,
four large men will come to that door.
And I'll have to give you to them.
They'll take you to
Here you go, my darling.
This'll help you sleep.
- Thanks, Momma.
- Of course.
I have to take care of my baby, don't I?
[Dr. Singh] open you up
I had that dream again.
- I dreamt that it was a
- No, don't you worry about that.
I swear on your daddy's soul,
it's gonna be human, just like you and me.
[Dr. Singh]
Unless you can start answering
Yes, Rosie.
What is it?
- [Gus] Is that what you did to Roy?
- Just got word from Tex.
The boys found him.
- [Dr. Singh] What can I call you?
- And I'm gonna take care of it.
[Gus] Gus.
[Dr. Singh] How old are you, Gus?
- [Gus] Ten.
- You see, Ginger, dear.
We're gonna get that little shit
and we're gonna wring him out
like a wet diaper.
[Dr. Singh] My name is Aditya Singh.
I'm one of the last
Then everything's gonna be okay.
- [Dr. Singh] Who taught you to talk?
- [Gus] My Pubba.
Momma's gonna make sure of it.
[dark, cryptic music playing]
[music trails off]
Guys, look!
[restrained, optimistic music playing]
[Becky] Oh my God.
Bean bags!
[Jepp] A fireplace.
I'm gonna make this place warm.
[fire crackling]
[ominous music playing]
[Jepp] What is it?
Someone's outside.
[door opens]
[music intensifies]
We need to talk about Alaska.
[suspenseful music intensifying]
[music subsides]
[sweeping, suspenseful
outro music playing]
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