Sweet Tooth (2021) s03e02 Episode Script

Thank God I'm a Country Boy

[faint birdsong]
[low, mysterious music playing]
[narrator] We all have stories to tell.
Some of them we tell to others.
All of them we tell to ourselves.
[trilling, clucking]
[fluttery rustling]
[sprightly, adventurous music playing]
- [net whips]
- [flustered clucking]
Whatcha doin', Kirby the Rooster?
You know the League of Evil Roosters
is out there.
[man] Theo! Where are you?
[narrator] But where are our stories born?
With our parents? Or with us?
[man] Theo!
[delicate, rueful music playing]
Theo! Come on, come on, come on.
Come on.
Where have you been? I need you here.
Your mother needs you here.
- Is my brother coming already?
- [woman] Don't
- [man] You should be laying down.
- Don't go. [panting]
You don't know what the doctor will say.
They'll ask questions.
Honey, we said we'd do it right this time.
We need a doctor for the delivery.
- I'll be back soon.
- I don't want you to go.
Help your mother inside.
Come here, Theo.
Don't worry, Mom.
He's gonna be normal, just like us.
- [door clattering]
- [man clambering]
[engine sputtering]
[tense, sweeping music playing]
I must speak with you.
[Jepp grunts]
[Singh grunting]
Who are you?! Who are you with?!
My name is Doctor Aditya Singh.
And I am alone.
Dr. Singh. He killed Roy!
[Jepp snarls]
- [Jepp grunts]
- Ah!
[Jepp wincing]
You're injured. I can take a look at that.
[emphatically] Shut up!
[Becky] Hey, hey!
[Becky grunts]
[Dr. Singh] I I know this can't make up
for what you've gone through.
You mean what you put him through.
I'm not here to ask for forgiveness,
because I don't deserve it.
I worked for the Last Men.
I thought what I was doing
would save the world.
But I was wrong.
I'm sorry.
How did you find us?
Would you believe me if I said faith?
Faith in your young friend,
and in destiny.
[uneasy music playing]
I should have died a dozen times already.
I even tried to end my own life,
but I keep being spared,
because the world has
a greater purpose for me.
That's why I'm here,
to lead Gus to Alaska.
To the cave.
[softly] The cave
- You're not talking your way out of this.
- [Dr. Singh grunting]
[music trails off]
How do you know about the cave?
Because I saw it.
You did too, didn't you?
We're running out of time, Gus.
[ominous music building]
[music trails off]
[dogs barking]
[man] Got some good-looking fish today.
[indistinct chatter]
Damn it.
- Leave it alone.
- There's a cap! That's how it works.
[woman] And I told you that's not enough.
[power hums, dwindles]
I am getting Siana.
I'm right here, Elena. Talk to me.
- I told her she can't
- I told him
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! Elena first.
The crops need eight hours
of artificial light per day
if we want to harvest by December.
[man] And the snowcat batteries
need topping up,
but she keeps kicking off
the power to the garage.
Please! I did it once!
- I saw you switch the breakers last week.
- [smugly] Huh!
Don't gloat, Walter.
You're the newest arrival.
You need all the friends you can get.
What do you think?
They should apologize to each other.
They should alternate charging days.
Milton's not gonna like that, Siana.
Well, I'll talk to Milton.
Plug her back in.
This place, I swear.
You forget how lucky we are
to be alive up here.
Maybe you haven't heard,
but the Sick is getting worse out there.
You're welcome to leave any time.
[electricity humming]
Thank you, Siana.
[pleasant pop song playing in distance]
Why did you tell Walt and Elena
the Sick was getting worse?
Because it is.
We've been lucky here.
You've been lucky
not to know anything else.
It's too bad Birdie couldn't fix it.
It is too bad.
Do you think she's gonna find Gus?
I don't know.
The world can be
Humans fight a lot.
It's a bad habit from the before times.
Things get hard,
and people forget all the good lessons
their parents taught them.
What are you gonna do
now that your only friend is gone?
Well, that's what I have you for,
isn't it?
No, I mean one your age.
Maybe a boy?
Remind me to bury you in chores
from now on.
Nuka, what's in your pocket?
[sighs] How many times
do we have to talk about this?
What did we say
about taking things without asking?
But you always say
the land and the fishes are for everyone.
[wind rushing]
I found something out on the pass.
I think something happened to Birdie.
[tense, uneasy music playing]
Captain James Thacker traveled to Alaska
to find a cure to end all cures,
but he was never heard from again.
Your mother
and the scientists at Fort Smith
sent a team in to investigate,
but when they returned,
they brought back the Sick
and the hybrids.
I believe everything began in that cave,
and now whatever's in there
is calling out to both of us.
Why else would we be
sharing the same vision
of a place we've never been to before?
[Jepp] All right.
Enough of this woo-woo crap.
No, he's right.
I felt it too. I saw her there.
- Your mother?
- Yes. She said she needed me.
She went up there
after I was born to stop the Sick.
Of course, but she she can't succeed,
not without you, Gus.
Because you're the key.
[faint, subdued ringing]
[distant baying]
[keening howls]
[pack snarling]
Shit, they're coming this way fast.
We need to ditch him now.
Doubt me all you want,
but you'll never find her without me.
- We can't leave him.
- Gus!
We don't have to forgive him,
but we can't leave him.
[distant snarling, yipping]
[Wendy] Guys?
[chilling music playing]
[feral growling]
[horse whinnying]
Something with your scent,
each of you. Now.
[pack snarling, sniffing]
[pack howling]
Go, go. Go!
[hoofbeats receding]
[pack howling]
[panicked whinnying]
Let's go.
Move, now.
[howling in distance]
[wind whistling]
That's definitely hers.
[mysterious, unsettling music playing]
Mom, if the bad person followed Birdie
from the shack, then where are they now?
Let's hope she got away.
Smell anything?
I smell her.
[suspenseful music playing]
No footprints.
Where did you go?
Mom, look!
[dark, cryptic music playing]
Is that a hoof?
Caribou, a big one.
Whatever it is
it walked on two legs.
What if it's the Caribou Man?
[suspenseful music intensifying]
[music trails off]
[gentle birdsong]
[Wendy] Did the Last Men send those dogs?
The Last Men are all gone.
[Becky] Then who the hell's after you?
I fear it's not me they're after.
Less talking, more walking.
We're still far from the coast.
They might still be back on our asses.
[plane whooshing overhead]
There must be an airfield up here.
That's one way to get to the coast.
One might say it's the only way.
He's right.
Might be our only way.
[Becky] It's a Bölkow Junior.
Sick ride.
I'm a certified Junior Air Captain.
On a flight simulator,
but I logged 200 hours.
So if I can hot-wire that thing,
you can fly it?
Landing might be a different story though.
[Jepp] Okay. You don't do nothing,
you don't say nothing,
and you don't know nothing.
Don't give me an excuse
to ditch your ass, capisce?
- Who the hell are you?
- Hey, hey.
We're just travelers.
We saw your plane fly over, and we just
need a ride to the coast. It's urgent.
[Theo's mom] Ven!
You need to leave.
- But
- [Ven] Now!
[Theo's mom] Ven
Sir! Sir!
I'm a doctor.
[Theo's mom groaning]
Does someone need medical attention?
[Ven] My wife's in labor.
I flew to Twin Falls to find a doctor,
but there's no one left.
Well, my good friend,
Dr. Singh, could help you
if you were to fly us
to Nag's Reef after he's done.
Oh God, Ven!
[Theo's mom panting, groaning]
[Jepp] It's urgent.
Help us, and you'll get your ride.
You got a deal.
But they have to wait outside.
That's my sister you're talking about.
[sarcastic chuckle]
Excuse me.
I didn't notice the resemblance.
But your sister,
she's gonna have to wait outside.
Whatever it takes
for us to get out of here.
Go on.
[Ven] She's in the back.
There were people at the door.
One of them's a doctor.
- God!
- He agreed to help us.
- Are you sure?
- [Ven] It's the best chance we have.
- [Theo's mom] But what if he won't?
- [Ven] They don't know anything.
- That way Yeah.
- Hey, no
[Theo's mom moaning]
Hello, ma'am. My name is Dr. Singh.
And I'm here to help.
[straining] Is there any chance
our child will be normal?
[gentle, bleak music playing]
[clears throat]
The, uh, fetus develops hybrid features
in the third trimester.
I haven't counted any exceptions,
but I assure you,
many people who feel as you do
learn to accept what's to come
as a blessing.
- [Theo's mom moans]
- Okay.
- [Ven] You're doing great.
- [Theo's mom] It's happening again!
- [Theo's mom wails]
- [Dr. Singh] Right. Come on. That's it.
Now sit back for me.
Sit back! Sit back for me now.
It wasn't like this the first time.
- So you mean this wasn't your first?
- [Theo's mom whimpering in distance]
We have a boy, 12,
from before all of this.
We wanted a brother for him.
Hard time to bring a child into this world
with the Doomsday strain and all.
Was there ever a good time?
We just wanted a normal life,
a normal family.
Hybrid kids aren't so bad, you know.
No, it's the people out there
that scare me.
They hate anyone that's different.
That's why I moved my family to this farm.
[tense, wary music playing]
What about you?
You on the run or something?
Like you said,
there's a lot of people out there
who don't exactly have
hybrids' best interest at heart.
If you've brought danger on your tail,
I will do whatever I have to
to protect my family.
[Theo's mom] Ven!
Excuse me.
[subdued, uneasy music playing]
[whispers] He's hiding something.
This place gives me the creeps.
And I really don't like
counting on that nut job.
I don't like it either,
but until we get that plane,
we're at Singh's mercy.
[wind rushing]
It's not her!
But if he was dead, how'd he get up here?
Don't look, baby. Someone did this to him.
[Nuka] Or some thing.
[dramatic music playing]
[Siana] Someone must have
sent him here, but why?
Was it because of her mission?
Save the world?
But if she's out there,
she's running out of time.
[dramatic music swells]
[music trails off]
- [indistinct chatter]
- [horse whinnies]
[cow lows]
[strained lowing]
[cow lows]
I'm a little busy.
It's Rosie.
Tell me something good, Rosie.
I'm in Idaho now.
The boys caught up to the deer kid,
just north of an avalanche.
But he wasn't alone, apparently.
He got away.
The boys got distracted by a horse,
but they'll pick up the scent again.
The hybrid can't have gotten far.
We don't have time for mistakes
or disobedient mutts!
I know.
Your sister's baby could turn any day now.
You know this
better than anyone, Rosalina!
The boys will find them.
They listen to me.
I'm gonna take care of this.
I know you will, for your family.
[whispering sharply] Hurry up.
All this stress isn't good for the baby!
How's Tex?
[disconnect tone drones]
Your wife asked about you.
How is she?
That is the last bullet I take for you.
- Next time you call my mother.
- But you won't get a real bullet.
Some cowboy you turned out to be.
What does my sister see in you?
Guess it's slim pickings
in the apocalypse.
[door opens]
[door closes]
Stay. I want you to watch this.
[cow lows]
[strained lowing]
Oh, that's disgusting, Mother.
Animals should beget animals,
humans should beget humans.
It's not complicated.
Everyone has their place
in the natural order of things.
But soon
there will be no more mistakes.
[mysterious music playing]
Are you mad at me for bringing Singh?
[Wendy] Do you believe him?
Do you really think
people can have the same dream?
I don't know what to think, but
he does seem to know a lot.
[clattering in distance]
It's them. They found us.
I've never met a human kid before.
Should we say hi?
[Wendy whispers] Up there.
[mysterious music playing]
[Gus] Hello?
[mysterious music continues]
[suspenseful music grows]
[jarring stinger]
[Theo] Lay down your weapon!
[Kirby clucks]
[suspenseful music swells]
[music trails off]
[power humming]
[delicate, wondrous music playing]
[in growly voice]
Don't even think about eating me.
Or my rooster.
I'm Wendy.
This is Gus, and, uh
we don't eat people.
Pinky promise.
Pinkies are bad luck.
[Wendy] Not for hybrids.
I'm not supposed to talk to hybrids.
Kirby the Rooster likes you,
so maybe you're okay.
Hey, Kirby.
[agitated cluck]
- Ow!
- [Theo] Bad rooster!
He gets mad if you just say
Sorry, Kirby the Rooster.
You can just call me Theo though.
Hey, give it back.
Did your parents cut it off?
What? No!
We're going to find his mom,
who loves him more than anything.
But if she loves you so much,
then why do you have to find her?
Because she went to Alaska
to save the world.
Oh, cool.
What's Alaska?
[suspenseful, furtive music playing]
[indistinct radio chatter]
[Ven] Breathe. Breathe.
- That's it. You're doing great.
- [Theo's mom whimpers]
[Ven] Listen to the doctor.
That's why he's here.
[foreboding music playing]
- [faucet squeaks]
- [water running loudly]
- [Theo's mom whimpers]
- [tap squeaks off]
He can't have called us in.
We've been with him the whole time.
What if he does it
the moment Singh delivers that baby?
Ven needs us as much as we need him.
Plus, if that's who's really after us,
we're definitely gonna need that plane.
Then this is too risky.
Hey, hey, hey, hey. Put it back.
- [Theo's mom whimpering]
- I'll keep an eye on him.
And we'll hold him to his word.
But if we're wrong?
Then we'll do whatever we have to
to protect our family.
This is my first-place award
for exceptional chicken wrangling.
I have three Michelin stars
for my blueberry jam,
and this is my certificate
of Advanced Bushcraft.
The C actually makes
an S sound in "certificate."
We can read, you know.
You must be smart
for a hybrid.
You really like planes, huh?
I love planes.
My dad won't actually let me fly.
He says it's dangerous out there.
Oh, but check this out.
[soft, measured inhale]
[aching, poignant music playing]
It kind of feels like flying, right?
I wish I could build my own plane
and fly far away from here.
My sister Jojo built a bicycle once,
all by herself.
Can all hybrids do cool stuff?
My brother Earl is
as strong as three grownups combined.
No way!
And Maya can hang from her monkey tail,
and Teddy has super turtle-shell defense,
and Bobby can dig for miles!
Oh, what kind of hybrid is Bobby?
I don't know.
He's really furry.
You're gonna love having a hybrid brother.
[sulkily] My brother's gonna be normal.
All babies are hybrids now.
Look, hybrids are wild,
and 70% of their brains are animal,
so they aren't fit for society.
No offense. It's just science.
That's not gonna be my brother.
Where did you hear that?
My parents told me.
You wouldn't think that
if you met more hybrids.
Can any hybrids fly?
My sister Haley can.
She's part mockingbird.
Why do you ask?
you remind me of her.
In fact,
she probably loves flying
just as much as you do.
Theo, how old are you?
I'm not supposed to tell.
[Gus] Were you born after the Crumble?
We're your friends now.
You can tell us.
[pensive, subdued music playing]
[inhales, exhales shakily]
If I show you something,
do you promise not to tell anybody?
Pinky promise?
- [Theo's mom screams]
- Breathe. It's okay, breathe.
- [Dr. Singh] All right.
- [moaning]
- [Theo's mom muttering blearily]
- [Dr. Singh] One, two, three.
[Theo's mom screaming]
[Dr. Singh] Great! You're doing very well.
[Ven] You got this, baby. Come on.
What is it?
The child is breech.
It's stuck.
It's out of position.
And I see a tail.
[Ven] Jesus. Jesus, what's going on?
I'm not gonna lie to you.
There is a complication.
I just need to reposition the baby.
- [whimpers]
- It's okay.
[whispering] This is getting worse.
[whispering] Whatever you are planning,
I'm not gonna leave her like this.
All right? So just make yourself useful
and keep her calm.
Come on.
Okay. Look at me.
Can you look at me? Okay.
[water sloshing]
[Theo's mom wailing]
Look here. Look here.
All right, one, two, three.
[delicate, rueful music playing]
[wings fluttering, rustling]
[Theo] You can look now.
[Theo] Sorry, I know they're gross.
They're not gross.
They're awesome.
You're like us.
[ringing audio distortion]
[Theo's mom wailing]
You're doing great!
Remember your breathing!
Shut up!
[Ven] Push for me! Push for me!
[Dr. Singh] One more push.
That's it. One more push!
One more push. That's it. Good!
That's it! Hang on!
I'm never having kids.
Okay, that's right. One last push.
Okay? One, two, three. Come on!
- [screaming]
- [Dr. Singh] Yes!
[Dr. Singh panting in relief]
[somber, melancholy music playing]
[baby crying faintly]
[Dr. Singh] Congratulations.
He's a boy.
What's his name?
His name is Hieronymus.
That's a good name.
I hate to be insensitive
I know. We had a deal.
But there's one last thing
before I take you.
[Wendy] Why were you bound up like this?
Did your parents do this to you?
To hide your wings?
They wanted to help me.
They hurt you.
[Theo] To protect me.
I'd just get rid of them if I could.
What else do they do to protect you?
I used to be able
to hear where things were.
But they taught me
how to ignore it, so I don't anymore.
That's your special skill.
I bet that if you focus real hard,
it'll come back.
Like this.
[dreamy, ethereal music playing]
[music swells]
Sorry, I was really sure that'd work.
It's for the best.
My dad says there are people out there
who don't like kids who aren't normal.
Just because you think your parents
are helping you, doesn't make it right.
No one should take away
what makes us special.
It's too late.
What do you mean?
My brother
They're gonna make him normal.
[unnerving music playing]
[baby mewling weakly]
You want me to, um
What? No!
- Relax.
- [Becky] Relax?!
You can't do that to your child!
This is my family! You stay out of it,
or you won't be getting a ride anywhere!
[Hieronymus cooing]
I'm sorry.
But I won't harm this child.
Then I'll take the risk and do it myself.
[Dr. Singh] No!
[overlapping agitated shouting]
[Gus] Wait!
[baby cries]
Wait! Don't hurt him!
Theo, what are you doing? Cover yourself!
Dad, please.
I know you love them,
but they're only gonna hate themselves
if you try to make them
something they're not.
[tense, fraught music playing]
This family helped us.
They didn't have to, but they did.
And now we have
a beautiful son to show for it.
We have to keep up our end of the deal.
Baby, please.
[inaudible muttering]
[gulps audibly]
Wait outside.
Just remember,
we did the right thing here.
I hope we're all
planning on doing the right thing.
[faint radio chatter]
[radio chatter grows louder]
[door squeaks, slams shut]
[Becky] He's calling us in.
- What about the plane?
- [Jepp] Forget the plane!
Gus, there's a bounty out
for anyone who knows where you are.
[Jepp] Ven's not flying us anywhere.
He's trying to turn you in.
- [Jepp groaning in pain]
- [Dr. Singh] Hey! Hey!
- Big Man!
- You go on, Sweet Tooth!
- Run!
- [vehicle approaching]
[brakes screech]
[engine idling]
[Gus] Theo?
You gotta get out of here.
My dad's real angry.
He said you were one of the bad people,
but I know that's not true.
Take the van.
It's not as cool as the plane,
but you have to go.
Theo, you have to come with us.
Whoa, slow down, Gus.
- We can't leave him here.
- I have a brother now. I can't leave him.
We're gonna be okay.
[delicate, curious music playing]
[keening audio distortion]
[wondrous, uplifting music playing]
My dad's coming. You have to go.
Theo, did you just use your powers?
Yeah, I guess I did.
Hey, come on.
We gotta get outta here. Gus!
Bump it. It means friends forever.
[Ven] Theo!
- Come on!
- Okay.
Don't let them get away!
[intricate, vibrant folk music playing]
- [Dr. Singh] Let's go!
- Go!
- [Dr. Singh] Quick, come on! Come on!
- [Wendy] Let's go! Hurry!
[breathing heavily]
["Cello Song" by Nick Drake playing]
Strange face ♪
With your eyes so pale and sincere ♪
Underneath, you know well
You have nothing to fear ♪
I think they're gonna be okay.
For the dreams that came to you ♪
When so young ♪
Told of a life ♪
Where spring is sprung ♪
So forget this cruel world ♪
Where I belong ♪
I'll just sit and wait ♪
[steady, calm exhale]
[wings rustling]
And sing my song ♪
[wind rushing]
If one day you should see me ♪
In the crowd ♪
Lend a hand and lift me ♪
[whispery wind billowing]
To your place in the clouds ♪
[singer crooning soulfully]
[song trailing off]
[pack howling in distance]
[forceful banging at door]
Stay here.
[Kirby clucking]
[low, guttural growling]
[Kirby clucks in distress]
[Kirby clucks sharply]
[Rosie] Thanks for your call.
I told you people, I lost the hybrid.
[twangy, foreboding music playing]
[chuckles wryly]
But you're gonna help us find him again.
[foreboding music intensifies]
[music trailing off]
[shrill cry rising]
- [gasping, panting]
- [cry echoing, fading away]
[pensive, mysterious music playing]
The church.
[door opening]
[suspenseful music playing]
[lowing, heavy breathing]
[restrained gasp]
[emphatically] Who is he?
[suspenseful music intensifies]
[music trails off]
[mysterious, suspenseful
outro music playing]
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