Sweet Tooth (2021) s03e07 Episode Script

The Road Ends Here

[crowd cheering faintly]
[indistinct chatter]
[reporter] The Guardians'
longtime bulldog, Tommy Jepperd,
about to step on the field
for one last game
before he hangs up his cleats for good.
How's he gonna do tonight? I don't know.
As a former player, a guy his age,
been so physical so long
I just don't know
how much he has left in the tank.
[Jepp] My mama used to tell me
the hardest mile's
always the last one home.
When you're almost at the finish line,
you start slowing down.
Because you know it's coming.
[inspirational music playing]
But that's when you gotta find
something extra.
Something inside of you
you didn't know you had.
It means finding the one thing
that gave you something
to live for in the first place.
[reporter] I mean, this is it.
The best D-end in league history.
No idea how he's gonna play tonight.
That many battles in the trenches,
I don't even know
how the guy's still standing,
let alone playing football.
I mean, can we just be honest
[Jeep seethes quietly]
[stirring, inspirational
synth music playing]
[Jepp] Good thing
my mama told me something else.
That in life, you got nothing to live for
until you got something to die for.
[inspirational music swells]
[crowd cheering]
[crowd pounding feet rhythmically]
[rhythmic pounding]
[Gus gasps]
[pounding continues]
[suspenseful music swells]
[Gus] Big Man!
[Jepp shivering]
[breathing shallowly]
[sweet, heartfelt music playing]
How did you find me?
[haltingly] Nuka pointed me
in the right direction.
Wait a minute.
I want you to meet my mom.
[sputtering] You gotta be
I'm Birdie.
Yeah, I know exactly who
I know all about you.
[Birdie] And you're Big Man.
And I He told me a little about you.
Thank you.
For what?
Gus, Singh is with Zhang.
He sold us out, kid.
I mean, he sold you out.
Both of them are coming for you.
Good thing we were just leaving.
To the cave.
It's here, Jepp. In the canyons.
We know where it is now.
Got another adventure in you?
[tenacious, introspective music playing]
Lead the way, Sweet Tooth.
[cryptic, daring music playing]
[wind whishing]
This isn't just about
taking back our home.
This is about stopping the Beast.
And securing our future.
[Siana] If they finish
draining our power supply,
that's it for us.
We won't survive the winter.
So what's the plan?
Nuka, she'll sneak inside using the vents.
Once she's in,
she'll make her way to the roller door
to unlock it for me, Becky, and Wendy.
When the coast is clear,
we'll let the rest of you in
through the mess hall.
And then
we take 'em by surprise.
With what? We don't have any weapons.
Got it covered. Got a nice little stash
of my own we can use.
Once armed, you'll pick your own target
and then strike en masse.
- Sounds like you've done this before.
- [Wendy] Yeah.
She used to kill Last Men.
What about those wolf things?
If they're around while we're out there
Leave that to us.
[Wendy] Zhang's daughter has this clicker
she trained them to obey.
While you're getting in position,
we'll get that clicker.
And give them our own command to obey.
Once we got 'em locked up, it's all you.
We don't have much time.
They're draining the power as we speak,
and they'll need all of it
to jumpstart the Beast.
We've already lost Walt.
I don't want to lose any more of you.
But the truth is, there's a good chance
some of us won't make it.
- [woman] We know.
- [Elena] We're not sitting this out.
We're with you, Si. Right to the end.
- For Walt.
- For Gus.
For everyone.
[all] For everyone!
[glasses clinking]
["Drive" by R.E.M. playing]
[somber, moody alt-rock playing]
Smack, crack, bushwhacked ♪
Tie another one to the racks, baby ♪
Hey, kids, where are you? ♪
Nobody tells you what to do, baby ♪
Maybe you did, maybe you walked ♪
Maybe you rocked around the clock ♪
Tick-tock, tick-tock ♪
Maybe I ride, maybe you walk ♪
Maybe I drive to get off, baby ♪
[indistinct chatter]
[frenetic guitar line]
Hey, kids, shake a leg ♪
Maybe you're crazy in the head, baby ♪
Ollie, Ollie, Ollie, Ollie, Ollie ♪
Ollie, Ollie in come free, baby ♪
Baby ♪
[song trails off]
- [machinery hums]
- [PA system beeps]
[automated voice] Facility power 30%.
Did you feel that?
Baby's kicking.
[Tex] You should not be taking care of me.
What are you doing here?
- Just checking on Ginger.
- Did I tell you to do that?
Look, if you want to stick around
and be a father to that child,
then do what I tell you.
Have the Beast ready when my mother calls.
You can't talk to him like that.
Like what?
Like Mom would.
In case you forgot,
Mom entrusted me to make sure
her plan goes off without a hitch.
Got a problem with that?
You didn't used to be like this.
Not when Dad was still alive.
Do you remember the last time you saw him?
That was a long time ago.
But do you remember?
[fragile, introspective music playing]
I was still pregnant.
I hadn't told Mom yet.
I was afraid how she'd react, so
I waited
until Dad was out in the barn alone, and
I told him everything.
I thought he'd understand.
That he'd know what to do, but he just
stared at me.
He was devastated.
He said that I would
destroy the family unless I
got rid of them.
But I couldn't do that.
I told him that it wasn't up to him.
And that made him mad.
Madder than I'd ever seen him.
So I left.
And I never saw him again.
I never knew that.
It doesn't matter anymore.
He's dead.
And then Mom took his place.
Why did you come back?
You were free from all of this.
Don't you miss it?
Freedom isn't the only thing
that matters, Ginger.
I traded mine for security.
Maybe you traded wrong.
[unsettling music playing]
[automated voice over PA]
Phase one power transfer complete.
[machinery humming]
Initiating phase two.
According to the map, we're close.
Where is it, then?
We have to find the cave
before they find us.
If we don't heal what's inside, then
Hey, your mom says it's close.
So it's close.
You're always telling me
I need to trust you.
So maybe it's time
you started trusting her.
Remember how you got us
out here in the first place?
Back at the outpost, I told you to
Listen to my heart.
Right. Now, forget about the bad guys.
That's why I'm here.
But why are you here?
[delicate, wondrous music playing]
To do weird deer shit.
I'm kidding.
You got this.
- [Jepp grunting in pain]
- Oh, whoa.
You all right there?
You're not looking so hot.
- Let me take a look.
- No, I'll be fine.
I've been through way worse.
Besides, kid keeps me young.
You're really good with him.
I mean that.
I can see how much you care for Gus,
and he cares for you.
It's nice to see what I missed.
Well, you set off to save the world,
and we we both end up here with him.
- No regrets.
- Yeah.
No regrets.
[Jepp] Hey.
If we do make it to that cave
what are we gonna find?
I don't know.
But whatever Thacker did in there
started the Sick.
But if we fix whatever he did,
then we stop it, right?
But that could mean
that we also stop hybrids.
That they'll never be born again.
What are we supposed to do?
We didn't know what we were playing with
back at Fort Smith.
We didn't know what we unleashed.
People died.
Billions of people died because of us.
Because of me.
I spent all this time
trying to make it right,
and I never stopped to ask if I should.
What if we're trying to fix
a world that's not broken?
[eerie, drawn-out music playing]
[Gus] Gotta listen. Gotta listen.
You found Birdie. You can find the cave.
[bright, serene music playing]
[piercing, disorienting resonance ringing]
[resonance intensifying]
[steady heartbeat thumping]
[grunting, lowing]
[Gus] Guys!
- Sweet Tooth?
- Where are you?
[frantic music playing]
[Gus breathing heavily]
[Birdie] Gus, where are you going?
[heartbeat continues thumping]
[echoing] Guys!
[piercing resonance ringing]
[Jepp] My God.
It looks just like my dream.
Come on.
Let's go in.
[unsettling tones ringing]
Are you ready?
After you.
[eerie, disorienting music playing]
[taut, suspenseful music playing]
[door opening]
[indistinct chatter]
[man] Come on, come on.
We got to get this thing up and running.
[reciprocal knocking]
[Becky] Where's the Beast?
In the garage. Past them.
[automated voice over PA]
Redirecting all power to vehicle bay.
[machinery whirring]
We need to find Rosie.
She'll have the clicker close by.
You mean this?
You rock.
Take the catwalk.
There's a security door system
in the living quarters upstairs.
Use that to catch Rosie's boys.
We're on it. Wait for our signal.
Good luck.
[suspenseful music continues]
All right. [Odell grunts]
Here we go.
Let's do this.
[taut, suspenseful music continues]
[man] Hey.
[man grunts]
[keypad beeping]
[PA system beeps]
[automated voice] Facility power 20%.
- Shit.
- Power transfer mode critical.
We have to hurry. They're almost done.
Payback time.
[PA system beeps]
[automated voice]
Warning, prepare for facility shutdown.
[mysterious music playing]
[Jepp] Dammit.
This place isn't helping
my claustrophobia.
Whoa, Gus, no.
It's okay. It's ice.
That water's freezing. If you fall through
that ice, you won't last 30 seconds.
Let's Let's give this a test.
[Jepp grunting]
[rock clattering]
Guess I'll go first.
[Birdie yelps in alarm]
Guess again.
[Gus] There's gotta be another way.
We'll use those.
[Gus] Oh yeah.
I used to cross the creek like that
all the time back in Yellowstone.
I'll go first.
- But
- Gus.
Listen to your mother.
[Birdie straining]
- Ah!
- [ice creaking]
- Mom!
- It's okay.
[Birdie grunting]
[grunts, sighs]
Okay, now me.
Gus, be careful.
[gulps nervously]
[Gus grunts]
[music intensifies]
[Gus panting]
[ice cracking]
- You gotta run.
- Go!
[Birdie] Hurry!
Come on!
[all exclaiming]
[music subsides]
[Jepp grunts]
- That was close.
- Too close.
Is it always like this with you guys?
- Yeah.
- Pretty much.
[Jepp wincing]
[disorienting vocalizations]
[music trails off]
[taut, suspenseful music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[Becky grunts] Go, go!
[indistinct chatter]
[pack grunting, snarling]
[taut, suspenseful music continues]
[man] Hey!
Beast is just about ready to go.
Power transfer's almost done.
You sure you're up for this?
My old man used to operate
things like this before the Crumble.
I can handle it.
[man] Well, you need to handle it
all the way to the cave.
No stops. No slowing down.
No screw-ups this time.
You got me?
Yeah, I got you.
[PA system beeps]
[automated voice] Facility power 15%.
We can't let that thing leave here.
Hey! Go get me one of them toolboxes.
You got it.
[music swells]
[PA chimes]
- Way up north ♪
- Up to Alaska ♪
["North To Alaska"
by Johnny Horton playing]
North to Alaska ♪
We go north, the rush is on ♪
North to Alaska ♪
We go north, the rush is on ♪
Big Sam left Seattle ♪
- [snarling, sniffing]
- In the year of '92 ♪
With George Pratt
His partner and brother ♪
[chilling music playing]
[Jepp grunting]
Big Man, are you okay?
Yeah, I'm good, kid. I'm good.
[frozen petals crackling]
[Birdie gasping]
You guys
- Purple flowers.
- Just stay back.
I should've known they'd be in there.
This is where the Sick started.
It's ground zero.
Why are they twinkling?
[delicate chirring]
[Birdie] They're frozen.
They're frozen.
Then that means it's safe, right?
- We can walk through and be okay?
- He's right.
But if we break one of those things off,
it's game over.
We don't have a choice.
Whatever we've been
searching for is in there.
This is the home stretch.
The last mile.
So let's finish it.
We'll take it nice and slow.
Just breathe.
[breathing raggedly]
[cryptic music playing]
[hoarsely] Okay.
[Birdie] Be careful.
[unsettling audio distortions]
[Gus gasps]
[Gus] Who is that?
Fort Smith.
Gillian's crew got farther
than she thought.
[unsettling audio distortion]
[Jepp panting]
[disoriented grunting]
[hoarsely] I can't do this.
I can't do it I can't.
[whispery audio distortions]
Big Man.
I can't do this.
[Birdie] Hey. No, no, no, it's okay.
No, no, hey, hey.
Shh. Breathe, breathe.
Uh, okay.
- Um
- I can't.
- Ju
- [Jepp coughs]
You just call out my name ♪
- What the hell are you doing?
- Trying to calm you down. I don't know.
And you know ♪
- Sing with me. Wherever I am ♪
- [hums haltingly]
I'll come running ♪
To see you again ♪
- Sing with me.
- Yeah.
And winter, spring, summer or fall ♪
- All you have to do is call ♪
- Do is call ♪
And I'll be there, yeah ♪
[warmly] So stupid.
But it works.
[tender, delicate music playing]
[Gus] I know that song.
Pubba used to hum it
when he didn't know I could hear him.
[ominous, overwhelming music playing]
[thawing water trickling]
The ice, it's melting.
[Jepp] It's the flare.
It's affecting the flowers.
Put it out! Put it out!
- [flare hissing]
- [Gus] Help!
It's not going!
[suspenseful music playing]
Then go! Go!
- Go!
- [Birdie] Go!
[Jepp] Go.
[music spikes]
[Jepp struggling for breath]
Hey, Jepp.
Guess what?
[ringing, mysterious music playing]
[Birdie] This is it.
This is where everything started.
Hybrids and the Sick.
[enchanting, mystifying music building]
Thacker described it
as the blood of the earth in his journal.
[full, resonant heartbeat]
You're the heartbeat.
The blood of the earth is inside the tree.
Holy shit.
[distressing resonance ringing]
Is that
He hacked into the tree to get to the sap.
Over the years it must have
leaked into the ice,
and then we
brought it back to Fort Smith.
It's been dying ever since.
Wha Wait, what are you doing?
- If we pull it out, maybe it'll heal.
- No, Gus. No. No, no, no.
What do you mean?
This is what we came to do,
to make everything better.
We don't know what will happen
if you pull that out.
[deep, grave rumbling]
We have to fix what Thacker did.
If we heal the tree, we stop the Sick.
But it might take away your future.
It could mean
you are the last of your kind.
You and every kid like you.
I don't understand.
There's always consequences, remember?
When Thacker struck that tree,
it released the Sick
to kill off our entire species,
but it also created a new species
to inherit the earth.
Hybrids, Gus.
If we stop one,
then we could stop the other.
So what do we do now?
We need to turn around.
We need to blow the entrance
to the cave so that no one finds this.
If we don't, humans will keep trying
to stop what needs to be done.
We let nature run its course?
[eerie, shrill whistling]
But that means you'll die. Both of you.
The Sick's going to wipe out
the last humans any day now.
We don't deserve to be saved.
We're already on borrowed time.
[delicate, reserved music playing]
I always knew there was a chance
this would be a one-way trip for me.
Listen, little man.
We found your mom.
That's one hell of a thing.
Our time's over.
Munaq was right.
Humans are the disease.
The Sick is the cure.
It's your time now.
[resolutely] No!
There has to be a way
to save everyone! There has to!
I'm sorry I couldn't be with you
for all those years.
But what I can do now is make sure
that you have a chance to grow up.
[wrenching, plaintive music playing]
[Mrs. Zhang] Too late.
Thanks for leading the way.
[Dr. Singh] But you're correct, Gus.
We can stop the Sick.
With your help.
[taut, suspenseful music intensifies]
[indistinct chatter]
[PA system beeps]
[automated voice]
Facility power 5%. Final warning.
Facility shutdown
to commence in three minutes.
Becky. The wolves are still out here.
Where are you?
We're almost ready.
[klaxon blaring]
Once I press this, they'll come here.
Once they're past the first door,
you close it, and we trap 'em.
We only get one shot at this.
- Ready?
- Ready.
Nice try. But they don't obey just anyone.
You asked me my son's name before.
His name was Bruno.
And these are his brothers.
They've been very eager to meet
the one who killed their brother.
You don't have to do this, Rosie.
[Rosie's sons snarling]
Yeah, I do.
Your mom is using you.
What do you think happens
if she gets her way?
She wants to restart human birth.
Where does that leave your boys?
[klaxon blaring]
[Rosie's sons baying in distance]
[nails whistling]
[Siana growling]
They're up there.
Go! Go!
Get to the Beast, now!
[klaxon blares]
Singh! I'm gonna kill you!
Why would you want to kill any of us?
We are gonna cure the Sick
and save your lives.
[Birdie] You can't.
Dr. Miller. Haven't you made
enough mistakes in the past 10 years?
From one mother to another,
shut your face!
[unearthly, distressing music playing]
[Mrs. Zhang] We were right, my dear.
We were right.
We found it.
Bring the Beast.
[Birdie struggling]
[muffled straining]
But, Dr. Singh,
we dreamt about this place. Both of us.
We were gonna fix everything, together.
I'm sorry, Gus.
Fate brought us together,
but there's one thing I didn't tell you.
This is how my dream ends.
[chilling music building]
And that's the thing about fate, Gus.
You can't outrun it.
[Siana] Oh shit.
They're barricading the garage.
- [gun clicking empty]
- Damn it!
[automated voice]
Facility shutdown in one minute.
I'm out. They've got us pinned down.
[Milton screaming]
[wet crunching]
Zhang's ready! Let's get the Beast moving!
[engine revving]
[suspenseful music building]
[PA system beeps]
[automated voice] Facility power critical.
Facility shutdown in 30 seconds.
- It's now or never.
- [Siana] We can't get to the garage.
They have it surrounded.
We need something big!
The power, how do we stop it?
[Siana] The greenhouse.
If I can make it to the junction,
I can shut the power down.
Now's your chance.
[bold, heroic music playing]
[panicked clamoring]
Holy shit.
[bold, heroic music building]
Nice job.
Never do that again.
[machinery whirring, clicking]
[automated voice]
Power grid failure. Warning.
[warped, distorted]
Warning. Power grid fail
The Beast.
They got it started.
No! No!
No, no, no, no!
Hey, Bear!
I win!
[tires screeching]
Singh, there has to be another way.
There is no other way.
I told you we'd all have
sacrifices to make.
And once his blood is spilt in this cave
then we'll finally
be rid of this terrible disease.
[Gus panting]
[Birdie, muffled] No! No! No!
[Jepp] Like my mama used to tell me,
"You got nothing to live for
until you got something to die for."
[rhythmic pounding]
[gasp echoing]
[choked gasping]
Dr. Miller.
[bittersweet, emotional music playing]
[no audible dialogue]
[screams] No! No!
No, you can't go. Please don't go.
Please. Please!
[weakly] I got to see you again, Gus.
[Gus, desperately]
No, please stay. Please stay.
That means the world to me.
Mama! Mama!
You can't go. Please don't go!
Please. Please stay, Mama, please.
Please! Please!
- No regrets.
- [Gus] No.
You have to stay.
[breathing shallowly]
[bittersweet, emotional music continues]
[heartbeat thumps, halts]
[music crescendos]
[music trails off]
[somber, suspenseful outro music playing]
[music stops]
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