Sweet Tooth (2021) s03e08 Episode Script

This is a Story

[wind whistling]
[delicate, uneasy music playing]
[squeaky creaking]
[narrator] All stories end.
We may not be ready for it when it comes.
In fact, we may never be.
We say it's too soon.
We ask ourselves
if the journey was too difficult.
If the cost was too high.
All stories end.
The only question that remains,
who will be left alive to tell this one,
humans or hybrids?
[Gus wailing] No!
No, no, no, no!
[Jepp] You killed her!
You killed her!
[Mrs. Zhang] Somebody, please shut him up.
Let her death be a lesson to you, Jepperd.
I will get what I came here for.
I always get what I want.
How far are they?
[man] The Beast's on the move.
Ginger's on her way. Baby's getting close.
Bring her in the second she arrives.
[strains, grunts]
[music intensifies]
[echoing clang]
Nice try.
Sorry, kiddo, but only one species
is walking out of here today,
and it isn't you.
You don't deserve to survive.
My mom was right.
Your time is over.
Humans don't deserve any more.
All you do is take.
All All you do is turn on each other.
All you care about is yourselves.
You steal,
and you lie.
You hate everything that's not you.
You think you're better than animals.
Well, animals don't destroy
everything around them.
All this time I tried to defend people.
I looked for the good in them.
For what?
All this time,
I thought humans were worth saving.
But I was wrong.
You don't deserve it.
Then it's a shame
you're half us, isn't it?
Let's be clear.
The biggest mistake
humans ever made was you.
And you've been
rubbing our faces in it ever since.
But that ends today.
If spilling your blood
brings back human birth
[exhales sharply]
then humans will be humans again.
But we can't stop there,
because what'll happen to all the other
little mistakes like you out there?
They'll grow up and make more of you,
more mistakes like nasty little rabbits.
Undoing hybrids isn't enough.
We have to eradicate them.
Once we've traded your life
for human birth,
I'm going to make a new virus.
One that targets every remaining hybrid,
just like the Sick did to us.
Until hybrids are wiped out for good.
Every last one of you!
No more mistakes.
You're going to use the tree sap
to make that virus.
And just how do you intend to extract it?
We're talking about
a highly dangerous substance.
Don't you worry, Doctor.
I have just the thing.
[foreboding, suspenseful music playing]
We've gotta stop that thing
before it gets to the cave!
What vehicles do we have left?
The bigger question is
how do we take down a tank from hell?
It's gonna take a lot more
than hockey sticks, that's for sure.
What if we did it like Dad used to?
What did your dad used to do?
[mysterious music playing]
He hunted whales.
How do you hunt whales?
With harpoons.
[tense, determined music playing]
[engine revs]
[man] Path's all clear, entrance and exit.
We're reinforcing the ladder bridges
for the Beast crew.
Paging Dr. Singh.
Clock's ticking. You ready to do this?
- Gus's mother wasn't part of the plan.
- Shit happens!
Don't act like
you never killed anyone before.
- But that's different. I had a reason
- She started all this!
Now it's up to you to finish it.
Kill him and save the human race. Okay?
You got it.
- Take him to the tree.
- No! Get away from me!
Let's get this over with, boys.
[muffled grunting]
[rousing percussive music playing]
[overlapping agitated chatter]
- [flare hisses]
- Don't move!
Lady, you fucked with the wrong kid.
Now here's what we're gonna do.
You and your third-rate posse
are going to let me and little man go.
Then you're gonna turn your asses around
and get back on
whatever horse you rode in on,
or I'm gonna blow this place to hell!
and the tree,
and whatever is inside.
You got to the count of three.
[ominous music playing]
Go ahead, light that thing.
You think that kid
can get out of this cave before it blows?
Be my guest.
But deep down inside,
you know you light that thing,
and you kill everyone in here.
Including that little deer boy.
You're willing to die for him.
I can see that.
But are you willing to risk his life
just to take out little old me?
[flare whooshing, sputtering]
[ominous music intensifying]
[music trailing off]
I didn't think so.
You're very good at getting in the way.
- [Jepp grunts]
- Now, kindly stay out of mine.
- Jepp!
- [Jepp yelps]
No! No! Jepp!
[Gus wailing] No! No!
[harsh grinding, clanking]
[urgent, suspenseful music playing]
[tires screeching]
Can you drive smoother?
Zip it. You're lucky you made it this far.
Rosie, am I going to be okay?
Is this what it was like for you?
- Rosie!
- You don't want what happened to me.
I had quadruplets.
I think my water just broke.
- Shit.
- Drive faster!
Ginger, if we don't make it
back to that cave, I want you to know
I just want you to know
[Rosie's sons snarling, growling]
[Tex] Headlights! Who the hell is that?
[engines revving]
You still got that rifle, Tex?
- Yeah.
- Good, because we got company.
[Jepp grunting]
[Mrs. Zhang] Make it quick.
Ginger's due any minute,
and this is the best chance we've got.
Take it.
That's your chance
at eternal karma over there.
Do this and wipe your slate clean.
Can you stop talking!
I've had enough of people like you
telling me what to do for one lifetime.
Ugh! Jesus, you're pathetic.
I'll do it myself.
No. No, you won't.
We had a deal.
This is my fate, not yours.
Prove it!
[unsettling music playing]
[whispering menacingly]
You've no idea the things I've seen.
The things I've done.
The things I regret.
[subdued, plaintive strains playing]
But if I'm correct
soon they'll all be forgiven.
[Gus struggling] No. No!
[Gus panting]
I'm sorry, Gus.
No! No! No!
- This'll be over before you know it.
- No, Jepp! Jepp!
[urgent, suspenseful music playing]
The fuel tank's the heart of that thing.
We take it out, with any luck
it'll bleed out before the cave.
Only one way to find out.
- Ready?
- [radio beeping]
Three, two, one.
What the hell?
[Rosie's sons snarling]
What are you doing back there?
[Siana] Light 'em up.
- [horn blaring]
- Shit!
Did they just leapfrog us?
Shut up and shoot them already!
- [Ginger moans]
- It's okay.
Oh no, you don't.
[both yelp]
We got Rosie.
- Shit!
- Do it!
Fire one!
Reload. Make it count.
- [Nuka screams]
- Nuka, stay down!
Fire two!
Damn it!
We need a little more oomph, Odell.
This is it, guys. The last harpoon.
How are you feeling?
Probably a good time to let you know
I've only got one good eye.
Now you tell us?
Fire three!
[engine chugging]
One problem.
It's barely draining.
We need to pull it out somehow.
Leave that to us.
What are we doing?
Get ready! You're gonna drive!
While you do what?
Something stupid.
[rousing music continues]
[Becky grunts]
I knew I liked her.
Come on [grunts]
[low, guttural growling]
[continues growling]
- Jordan.
- What do you think you're doing?
Jordan, I know
I'm the last person you want to see,
but you have to stop this.
You have no idea what she's trying to do.
Piss off.
Zhang doesn't give a shit about you!
Newsflash, Becky! No one does.
Jordan, no matter how you feel about me
and what I've done to you,
- I am begging you.
- Get over yourself.
This has nothing to do with you.
- Then why are you doing this?
- Because I'm tired of losing!
You might be okay with our species
going down the drain, but I'm not!
[throttle grinding]
Then I'm really sorry for this.
[panicked gasping]
[dramatic, distressing music playing]
[Becky's grunt echoing]
[metal clanging]
[shakily] Becky?
[shrill ringing]
[Gus gasps]
Please, Dr. Singh.
I'm not a doctor anymore.
[Jepp] Please just
Whatever you think your purpose is,
this isn't it!
[dark, sinister music playing]
I'm not afraid.
I'm not afraid.
If you do this, Gus is right!
We don't deserve to survive.
You were right on the elevator.
We all lost people that day.
[Jepp forcefully] Don't lose yourself!
Don't listen to him, Singh.
Think of your redemption.
Think of your destiny.
[Singh breathing heavily]
Think of Rani.
[clipped seething]
Never mention my wife's name again.
- Go!
- No!
Get back!
- [Dr. Singh] Run, Gus!
- [Mrs. Zhang] Stop him!
- Stop both of them!
- Gus, get out of here!
We had a deal! You begged me for this!
Back! Move!
[erratic, suspenseful music playing]
[sap squelches wetly]
[harrowing vocalizations echoing]
[Mrs. Zhang] I'm gonna kill you!
[wailing] You brought this on yourself.
[shrill, piercing ringing]
[unsettling gurgling]
What did you do?
You just gave everyone the Sick.
How is this happening?
[hollow coughing]
[low, harrowing music building]
Big Man!
Mom! What's happening?
Mom. Mom!
Help! Help!
[all coughing, gasping]
[coughing, wheezing]
[Rosie's sons whimpering]
[mournful howling]
No, no, no, Big Man! You can't die.
You can't. We have to fix this.
[struggling] I tried to protect you.
I tried my best.
Just hang on, okay? I'll make you better.
[restrained, emotional music playing]
[Gus breathing shakily]
[disembodied, guttural growling]
[yelling] Is this what you wanted?
Is this what it takes?!
Is this why I'm here?!
[guttural growling,
shrill ringing reverberate]
[Gus panting]
[desperately] Please!
Please, you can save him!
[shrill ringing]
[raptor shrieking]
[Gus whispering] Please. Please.
[Pubba] Gus?
[Gus gasps]
You okay, bud?
What'd that tree ever do to you?
The tree is trying to take my friend,
and I don't want it to.
I've lost everyone
who's ever meant something to me,
and I'm not ready to lose Jepp too.
[sweet, poignant music playing]
[rich, vibrant wildlife calls]
You said there were fires.
You said that people were greedy,
mean, and self-destructive.
So nature set the world on fire
to punish them.
The fire was the Sick, wasn't it?
You grew up even faster than I thought.
What do you see
when you look at this forest?
I see death.
That's one way to look at it.
But, you know,
death isn't just an ending, Gus.
Death is a part of life.
All things come to an end sometime.
So the next one can begin.
Like seasons, the ring of a tree,
or stories.
When you went away
it felt like time stood still,
and it stayed that way for a long time.
I thought it broke me.
But then I realized
it was okay to move on.
That's why I left the woods.
To go looking.
And what'd you find?
A life.
[aching, poignant music playing]
The world needs to move on, Gus.
Nature's ready.
I think it's time
to finally turn the page.
[whispery vocalizations]
[Pubba] You said humans don't deserve
to survive. Do you really think that?
I don't know.
There is good in people,
but it comes with the bad too.
They're complicated.
There are no easy answers in life, Gus.
[Wendy yelling] Becky!
[Pubba] We just have to trust
if we live our lives the best we can
we can leave this world
a little better than we found it.
[hearts beating]
No matter how much time we have left.
[gasping, coughing forcefully]
[heartbeat thumping]
[all grunting, moaning]
[Jepp groaning]
[heartbeat intensifies]
[Jepp] Hold on!
So you ready to turn the page?
I'm ready.
[bold, wondrous music building]
But how will I know he's going to survive?
You won't.
[Jepp] Gus!
Come back, Sweet Tooth.
Gus, please.
Come back.
[Jepp, faintly] Gus, please.
- [Jepp breathing raspingly]
- [Gus gasps]
I know what to do.
[Gus panting]
[disoriented groaning]
[shrill shrieking, guttural howling]
[flames roaring]
[somber, cathartic music building]
[rousing, spirited music playing]
[Rosie's sons whimpering]
Hey, hey.
[chuckles] Yeah.
[somber music playing]
[flames crackling]
[Becky] You weren't worried
about me, were you?
[tender, emotional music playing]
[Wendy] Never.
You're Bear.
You're my sister.
I love you, Wendy.
I love you too.
[both chuckling]
[keening howls in distance]
Come on.
[Gus gasps]
You're alive.
We both are.
But how?
Sweet Tooth, what did you do?
[delicate, pensive music playing]
I let nature decide.
[crackling, crumbling]
Shit, the cave's coming down. We gotta go.
Come on. Come on, Sweet Tooth.
[yelps] Big Man!
[suspenseful music playing]
[Dr. Singh] Gus! Gus! Gus! Gus!
[loud crash]
[Dr. Singh screaming]
[Dr. Singh grunting in pain]
Go, Gus.
Go, Gus.
[screams] Go!
You're free.
I am too.
Go on.
[bittersweet music playing]
[Dr. Singh pants]
You're scared.
We're here to help.
Take it easy.
[cagey growling]
- There.
- [whines, whimpers]
[Wendy] You're free.
[gun cocks]
Go ahead.
You deserve your revenge.
[Rosie's son whimpers]
[menacing music playing]
But leave my sister alone.
She just freed your son.
[contemplative music playing]
What's next for them,
after tonight?
I don't know.
[Ginger wailing] Rosie!
[Ginger panting rapidly]
The baby's coming.
Stay calm. Breathe.
Rosie, what if
what if it's a hybrid?
It won't matter.
You'll love him either way.
That's what I wanted to tell you earlier.
No matter what, it's gonna be okay.
Well, what would Mom say?
That's not important anymore.
I don't know what the hell
I'm doing here. Rosie?
- [Rosie] It's been a while. I
- [Becky] Can we help?
- [Rosie] Okay.
- We need to keep her warm.
- You know what you're doing?
- I watched someone do this the other day.
Okay, get ready to push.
On the count of three.
One, two, three.
Push! Yes.
[Ginger grunting]
[Becky] That's it.
Okay, and again.
[panicked clamoring]
[suspenseful music playing]
[stirring music playing]
- Are you okay?
- Yeah. [pants]
[Mrs. Zhang] What are you doing
standing there? Get him!
He's right there!
Kill him!
What's wrong with you?
Get him! He's right there!
[Rosie's sons huffing, whining]
Have you all gone crazy?
Why aren't you killing him
before it's too late?
[strong, clear cry ringing out]
[delicate, wondrous music playing]
[gentle, wondrous music playing]
What is it?
[narrator] It was clear
to our remaining humans
that after all they had been through,
nature decided to show them mercy.
[Rosie's sons yipping]
[narrator] But it became clear
in the days that followed
that those humans would be the last.
Hybrids would indeed inherit the earth.
The Sick was buried for good in that cave
and the clock stopped ticking
for humankind.
Now, they could spend whatever
remaining time they had left together
in peace.
[grunts in pain]
Are you okay?
Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah, I I just need to rest a sec.
[Jepp breathing heavily]
Go on ahead.
You sure?
We'll catch up.
We did it, didn't we?
[breathing raggedly]
Thank you, guys,
for never giving up on me.
Thank you for never giving up on us.
I'll look after him.
Can't believe how far we've come.
Neither can I.
I've seen some beautiful things
in my life, Sweet Tooth.
I've never seen anything this beautiful.
Tell me a story.
What kind of story?
Any kind.
Help us Help us keep going.
This is a story.
A story about a boy named Gus.
a doctor named Singh.
But this is really a story
about a big man
["Another Story"
by The Head And The Heart playing]
[heartfelt indie folk song playing]
[Gus] who taught the boy
about the best of humanity.
What do you say we rebuild this place?
Need a hand?
Burning in your fireplace
I hear your voice and it seems ♪
As if it was all a dream
I wish it was all a dream ♪
[Gus] It's a story about
the ones who made mistakes.
Oh! [laughs]
All right.
Come on. Let's go.
Let's go.
[Gus] And the ones
who learned to accept them.
I see a world ♪
A world turning in on itself ♪
Are we just like ♪
Hungry wolves howling in the night? ♪
[Gus] And the ones who never will.
Can we go on ♪
Like it once was ♪
[Gus] And the ones who found redemption.
Every time I hear another story
Oh, the poor boy lost his head ♪
[Gus] And the ones who found
the true meaning of sacrifice.
[lively clamoring in distance]
[Gus] And the ones
who found their way back home.
These are just flames ♪
Burning in your fireplace ♪
I hear your voice and it seems ♪
As if it was all a dream ♪
I wish it was all a dream ♪
[Gus] This is a story about friendship.
And about love.
Poke it through, and then
[Gus] It's about teaching
the next generation.
Can we go on ♪
See? High five. Yeah, you got it.
[Gus] It's a story about passage.
Okay. That looks perfect.
We're gonna help
[Gus] But it's also about new beginnings.
Everybody feels a little crazy
But we go on living with it ♪
Yeah, they go on living with it ♪
"The hare met a cat.
It was sitting on a mat."
"'Hello, cat, ' said the hare.
'Hello, hare, ' said the cat."
[Gus] Here you go.
Hey, can you help her down there?
Can we go on ♪
Like it once was ♪
Everybody feels a little crazy ♪
Can we go on like it once was ♪
[Gus] It's a story about home.
And a future.
[music trailing off]
But, in the end
the boy learned something.
That the worst of humanity
may have died off,
but the best of humanity lives on.
In us.
[gentle, heartfelt music playing]
[Gus] All stories end.
But ours has just begun.
Grandpa, why do we just call him Big Man?
Didn't he have a real name?
Well, his name was Tommy Jepperd.
And he lives on in our stories.
[sweet, wistful music playing]
What about the big man?
Did he make it back with him?
[bright, wondrous music playing]
[bright, wondrous music building]
[music halts]
[brave, resolute outro music playing]
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