Swingtown s01e08 Episode Script


previously on swingtown: Oh,susan,I-I found your earring this morning on our rug.
John and cherie hyatt.
You think we're wild? Try spending a weekend with the two of them.
What's cookin',good-lookin'? What's cooking is a batch of my brownies.
I got fired today.
Janet didn'T.
janet doesn't know.
Can't you see what's right in front of you? I-I have a wife,melinda.
And I have an apartment right around the corner.
Um,I'm gonna grab a shower.
Maybe tom and trina are having a pool party.
Tom,will you dig up a pair of shorts for roger? Wow,no wonder janet keeps roger under lock and key.
You got some sun today.
Does that hurt? Not too bad.
Tom had sex with someone in tokyo.
Th-that's cheating,isn't it? We'll work through it.
Maybe tonight could be the night we go back to your place.
I like where we are right now.
You still want to take it slow.
I have something to tell you,janet.
That you got fired? I need more.
You got it.
you look like you could use some suntan oil,susan.
I'll do the other side.
Don't forget her legs.
Mind if I take over? as long as that's okay with you.
Roger! Janet? Susan,what are you doing? Bruce,w-we didn'T.
I didn'T.
I-it isn't what it looks like.
Is it? Heathens.
To think,all this time.
my husband and my best friend.
So much for open and honest,huh,susan? Bru.
I-I was trying not to wake you.
What time is it? It's early.
couldn't sleep.
thought I'd catch the first train into the city.
It's okay.
Go back to sleep.
I'll see you at dinner.
Go back to sleep.
proudly presents Swingtown Season1 Episode08 Hey,I found last summer's puzzlerama board in the shed.
Hard to believe it's been a whole year since the last one.
New year,new neighbors,new secrets.
You think bruce and susan are ready for a party like this? Things got kind of heated last year.
Ah,it's all in good fun,just a little neighborhood intrigue.
I'll make sure they're prepped.
Any secrets about me floating around in there? Ah,ah,ah,all's fair in love and puzzlerama.
Same rules apply to us as everyone else.
You're wicked.
I'm an open book.
It's secrets that are wicked.
oh,have a seat,honey.
Breakfast is ready.
Thank you.
I circled a few places for you to call this morning.
All this talk of a bad economy, seems like there's plenty of opportunity for a man like yourself.
Thanks,but I'm not sure I'm what these companies are looking for.
"strong,motivated self-starter " who doesn't intimidate easily or take no for an answer.
" You can be those things.
Executive debt collector? Sounds more like a job for charles bronson,not for me.
You know what's not for me? The poorhouse.
Come on,we've got enough savings to get us through at least six months.
I don't want to get stuck doing something I'm going to hate the rest of my life.
Well,I don't want that either,but you have to have a plan.
Do you have a plan,roger? I do.
I'm off to the library.
don't worry so much.
where on earth did these come from? susan,I am so upset.
Janet,what's wrong? I must have done at least ten loads of laundry since the cabin.
And do you think roger even had the decency to throw these in the hamper? The cabin? Bruce's swim trunks must have gotten mixed up with roger'S.
I am so sorry.
Don't give it a second thought.
Well,in roger's defense,I'm sure he didn't know he had them.
He hasn't exactly been himself lately.
Oh? Turns out roger's promotion isn't all it's cracked up to be.
What do you mean? Well,hopefully,it's just a bump in the road.
I,I shouldn't even be bothering you with this.
You're not bothering me.
Is,is there anything I can do to help? Maybe there is.
If you could get bruce to give roger a little encouragement to, you know,stay the corporate course,perhaps he'd listen to him.
A-are you two free for bridge tomorrow? Actually,um,trina has got this block party scavenger hunt thing tomorrow.
Scavenger hunt? Sounds exciting.
Would you like to join us? To your block party? Well,it's tom and trina'S.
I'm,I'm sure the invitation is open.
Well,I do love good competition.
I suppose it wouldn't hurt to get roger out there mingli ng with people who are.
So we'll do this together.
hey,you're back from camp.
I've been trying to reach you on the walkie-talkie.
Oh,I wasn't sure when you were coming home,so.
I turned it off.
I made something for you.
What is it? A wish bag.
It's got feathers and tree bark,some river stones.
It's for good luck.
It's almost time for dinner.
You want to invite your friend to stay? Oh,that's okay.
I,I got to go.
see you.
Wearing cologne again today.
Uh,yeah,whatever's left from this morning.
How was your day? Good,uh.
Yours? Fine.
What'd you do today,kiddo? Nothing.
want to know what I did? - Yes.
- Sure.
Volunteered for the carter campaign.
You're not even old enough to vote.
I know,but I figured the least I could do is convince people who are voting to kick nixon's lackey t ouof the white house.
Ford isn't all bad.
he pardoned nixon.
Mom,how do you deal with this? By avoiding the subject.
All nixon did was keep a secret he shouldn't have.
He handled it wrong.
It's not unforgivable.
He's the biggest liar ever put into office.
You know,it's pretty easy to be an idealist when you're young,laur.
People aren't always as black and white as you think.
I'll get it.
Are we interrupting dinner? It's fine,believe me.
Hey,bruce,long time,no see.
Tom,what's up? We're just setting up for the party tomorrow.
At our house? Your house,our house,all over the neighborhood,actually.
It's a scavenger hunt,remember? Uh,no.
It's puzzlerama.
Puzzlerama? Think truth or dare on a roller coaster.
Now,you don't have to participate if you don't want to.
A lot of guests prefer to play it safe on the sidelines.
No one would think any less of you.
Uh,well,I-I don't have a problem.
uh,susan has a problem? No,no problem.
You should know I told janet about the party, so I think she and roger are probably going to come by, and I'm sure she'll insist on playing.
You know,when.
janet plays a game,she usually plays to win.
I remember,we played twister up at your cabin.
so what do you need us to do? Just step outside and give me two minutes alone.
- Okay.
- O-kay.
Pace yourselves.
Is that right? - Howard,sheila.
- Trina.
Glad to have you two back.
You're good sports.
Oh,trina,do you have a second? I have something for you.
Oh,and I have something for you.
My earring.
From the night we met.
I've been meaning to get it back to you all summer.
 what do you have for me? Janet brought them over yesterday.
She thought that they were bruce's,from the cabin.
Oh,well,that explains it.
Explains what? Oh,I spotted them in your bedroom last night.
Got me wondering what you and roger might have been up to after our pool party the other day.
I hope you're joking.
I am.
Why aren't you laughing? Roger didn't tell janet that he spent the afternoon at your house, and it would crush janet if she knew.
How fun is this? Hi.
I don't know that we've ever even seen the backyard in daylight.
It is stunning.
Look at that view,roger.
Sure is something.
So how does this whole thing work? Susan and I run around trying to solve puzzles or something? Oh,it won't be you and susan.
You know trina-- she likes to keep things interesting.
Oh,you've got to be kidding me.
Isn't that your trading buddy? Yeah,mareno,though I'm not sure he's such a buddy-- did you invite him? No,not me.
Who's that little rocket with him? Oh,melinda,she works with us.
Nice to have an office with a view.
trina,looking forward to seeing who you paired us off with this year.
I'm sure you are.
How are our friends,the hyatts? Looking for trouble,as always.
Honey,I need you to keep an eye out for janet today.
You know how this party can get a little racy.
You got it.
Oh,trina,have you seen stu? Not since the fourth of july.
I was beginning to think you had a very dark secret to reveal this year,gail.
I wish.
I see you didn't come alone.
Just like you told me.
My husband won't suspect a thing.
Oh,this is all very exciting.
We haven't seen you since the,uh.
since the benefit.
Trina,where did you get this stained glass? It's gorgeous.
Oh,I took a class a couple years ago and made it for our first puzzlerama.
You made this? Well,I knew you were crafty,but not.
winner gets to take it home until next year.
I know just the spot for it.
I wish you the best of luck.
Tom? Are we ready with those drinks? Yes,ma'am.
Everyone,please join me in a puzzlerama-rita.
here you are.
Now,everyone,I know most of you have been to puzzlerama before, some of you several times, but there are some brave new competitors this year, so let's begin by welcoming each other to this annual event in the spirit of community in which it's given.
we all know how toxic secrets can be.
so a few years ago,I designed this friendly little event to help set ourselves free.
Now,every year,everyone with a secret is fair game.
That includes myself and tom.
the riddles are chosen and put on the board at random, and the answers can only be revealed by those who know the truth.
The team who unravels the most neighborhood mysteries wins.
Everyone got it? - Yeah.
- Good.
To puzzlerama.
Puzzlerama! And now,for the teams.
Inside the bottom of your glass is a colored mark.
Find the other person with the same color,and you've got your teammate.
I've got red.
It looks like it's you and me,jan.
Uh,I'm orange.
I got green.
Who's got blue? - Oh,I.
- I've got blue right here.
Well,what do you know? - Here's yellow.
- Who's got yellow? I do.
You're orange.
I guess we're matched up.
Uh,yeah,uh,looks like.
Players,if you'd please,don your team medallions.
okay,okay,remember,this is a race against the clock,as well as each other.
Whichever team has collected the most puzzle pieces by 7:00 P.
Is the winner.
Are you ready? Everyone has a pad and pen? Tom,if you'd do the honors.
question #1.
"no room at the inn? "Look for a bed at this famous hotel chain," where a fellow traveler or two "can always find comfortable lodging and maybe even a delicious sandwich.
" Come on.
You know the answer? Don't know,don't care.
Question #2.
"this dignified lady's world-famous recipe "must be made from scratch," but scratch her surfce "and you'll find a whirling twister "waiting to break out of the box.
"Find the box,and it's a slam 'dunc'.
" So this is awkward,huh? What are you doing here? Oh,mareno set it up.
I didn't know you'd be here until I walked in.
And team orange? Fate,I guess.
Question #3.
"a taxi driver's hooker might get shady with these.
"If you know which lady favors the shady "in her parlor, then you know where to collect your next piece.
" Look,about the other night.
no need to explain.
I think you helped us both dodge a bullet.
Not that I felt that way at the time.
I was pretty sauced.
"A new arrival found daddy's box of birds and bees.
"Gather from this spot where men let women pick them up.
" You were a perfect gentleman.
Not so perfect.
Melinda? Hi.
We met at the benefit.
Uh,you remember my wife,susan.
Good to see you again.
I was gonna grab a quick drink.
Uh,should I get more than one? Uh,I'm fine.
Uh,whatever you're having.
You didn't mention melinda was coming.
Yeah,mareno invited her.
Who invited mareno? Our neighborbehind the foster grants.
the shady lady.
What? Well,you two have fun.
You and roger,too.
Good luck.
Question #5.
Don't you want someone you can actually trust representing you? I haven't thought about it.
Okay,okay,just tell me one successful thing ford has done since taking office, except for sweeping watergate under the rug, - yeah,I'm sorry,- because that'S.
I don't have time.
Excuse me.
What is wrong with people? Don't they read the newspaper? Friendly advice? Just stick to the script.
Slow and steady,one signature at a time.
What is it with you and the slow and steady? how can you be so calm all the time? Because this election isn't about emotions,it's about facts.
See,how can you say that? Whatever happens in november is going to change people's lives.
Yeah,I agree with you; I just don't think alarming people is gonna help them switch candidates.
you do it your way; I'll do it mine.
I bet I can get more signatures than you.
Like a real bet? Winner gets.
final say for the rest of the night.
Final say? On everything.
You're on.
Thompson? Hello,laurie.
Could I just please have a moment of your time.
not now,laurie.
All right,"a dignified lady's world-famous recipe.
" Obviously,that's me and my brownies.
And twister.
now,"waiting to break out of the box".
now,I'm thinking box of brownies.
Store-bought,right? Man,you sure know your way around a market.
Brownie mix,brownie mix,brownie mix.
"Slam 'dunc'"-- look.
I think I've been paired with a ringer.
okay,quickly,help get these boxes back before anyone else comes.
All right.
"no room at the inn? Try this hotel chain.
" What is trina talking about? Where do you two like to stay? In best western,sheraton,hilton? Hyatt.
What does she mean by sandwich? John and cherie hyatt.
I love this game! Here I thought all your parties were just drunken orgies.
Well,they can't all be perfect.
What do you think? You ready to check into the hyatt? Lead the way.
What kind of recipe? I have no idea.
Are you,uh,are you sure this is where we're supposed to be? I think so.
Taxi driver hooker has to be jodie foster.
And they don't come a whole lot shadier than gail and her foster grant sunglasses.
It's,uh,quite,quite a setup she's got in here.
You know,I've got to say, the best part about losing my job has been getting to hang out with you.
I feel like I made a new friend.
Me too.
But no more secrets.
Okay? When janet showed up yesterday with those swim trunks,I about died.
Well,next time I play hooky,we'll make sure to get both our stories straight.
Oh,I might've found what we were looking for.
Right? Maybe? are you guys done in here? We're done.
Vamoose! come and get it.
"A new arival found daddy's box "of birds and bees, gathered from this spot where men let women pick them up.
" The train station.
"It's a real page-turner.
" Gotta be the magazines.
I don't-- I don't think she hid any of those in there,melinda.
What do you mean?Why not? Uh,well they sell other ones,uh,not on display.
"Birds and bees.
" Yeah,I,uh,kind of recognize the clue.
Uh,would you mind if we took a look in your private section? Men only.
Give me a break,ralph.
Man,all right.
There you go.
Big and bawdy? Panty party? We all have our weaknesses.
Bruce,I have to confess something.
Mareno was never my date tonight.
Not really.
I knew you'd be here,so I agreed I'd come with him.
Are you mad? That you're not on a date with mareno? No.
My god,I cannot believe you actually buy these.
Do you want to win or not? Always.
All right.
How do you know this is where bruce buys his porno? It's where every guy buys his porno.
Ralph's newsstand is an institution.
You should have seen this box that bruce had.
It must've taken years to accumulate that much smut.
You'd be surprised.
I made a mistake.
This isn't the spot.
I thought you said it was an institution? Do you trust me? I trust you.
Then come on.
We're wasting time.
I swear,I'll never understand men as long as I live.
hoop? answers.
idea? Bruce.
And company ink.
No,it's not like that.
,not me.
? Time? Uh,I think - Do you? - You got story,dont you? - - whatever Thank you,ma'am.
You're making the right decision for your country, for the democratic party,and for yourself.
Uh,excuse me,sir,ma'am.
Are you ready to make the next step towards change? Mom? What are you guys doing here? Oh,rightscavenger hunt.
No wonder everyone's acting insane.
Hi,I'm susan.
How are ya? Sorry,right.
Thompson,this is my.
He was my teacher over the summer.
I-I've heard so much about you.
It's nice to finally meet you.
Where's dad? He's on-on another team.
Well,there's definitely a clue or something in there.
Okay,well,I'll go check it out.
Uh,look by the duncan hines.
I didn't realize this volunteer work was,uh,school-sponsored.
Oh,no,it's not.
We,uh,try to keep a nonpartisan campus.
So then.
doug and i share similar interests.
Uh,here it is.
Right where you thought it would be.
Your mom's a really good player.
Di d you guys find the oneat our house yet? Uh,you know,I think that this game's just about run out of time.
Roger,we better head back and check in with bruce and janet.
Laurie,it was good seeing you,and it was a pleasure to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Look,I think maybe we should,uh.
tally the signatures? Whoever wins can decide what we do after that.
Um,can we get back to the game? What I was going to ask you though was,um.
could you excuse us? Sorry.
I think those two are willing to swap information with us,among other things.
Rumor has it one of these clues leads to your bedroom.
I thk inwe got to call it a night.
Why? Did I do something wrong? No,no.
I did.
I'm a married man.
I love my wife.
I-I'll take a spin for mareno,and see if he's in any shape to get you home.
Forget mareno.
I'll take the train.
Melinda,I'm sorry.
I'm not.
I'll see you monday.
what are you doing? My mom put me on stu watch.
you can't go inside.
Door's locked.
Herehope you win.
That was easy.
Grab a chair.
Freaks just keep on coming.
if stu asks,we were never here.
Got it Yeah.
gail,what are you doing?Let's go.
Let's go! trina! Come on,let's go! You and team pink are in a tie for first place.
Hey!Drink? No,I'm good.
I'm assuming you found the piece with the brownie mix? Yep,very clever.
and what about.
? The one in my bedroom? We didn't go there.
Still a little time,you know.
It wasn't a coincidence,you putting me with roger today,was it? I thought you'd make a good team.
Evidently I was right.
Same with bruce and melinda? Actually,bruce was supposed to be with gail.
I'm not sure what happened there.
You're a slut,gail! Stu! You go to hell! Honey! Guess things don't always work out the way you imagined.
No matter how carefully you plan them.
roger is my best friend's husband.
I don't want you to think that you see something happening there that isn'T.
- Don't worry.
- No All I saw was a great team that can win it all if they wanted to.
Well,winning isn't everything.
Hey,jan,I thought we lost you.
Found the gold hoop at susan's house.
And I think you were wrong about the train station.
If we go back for that piece,I think we can win it all.
Well,that's it,everyone.
Time's up.
Wait,wait,we have three minutes.
Come on,jan.
You did good,huh.
Let me pour you a drink.
We'll just call this year's game a tie.
Hey,hey,hey,one tie,we all tie.
No,the game is not over until someone wins! Trina,what do you do in event of a tie? Break it.
- One final question.
- Okay,okay.
"Every marriage "needs reorienting when the skies get bumpy.
"Sometimes the right gesture can make the flight as smooth as silk.
" you know? Reorienting,bumpy skies-- you're a pilot.
Did you and trina have a fight recently? Uh,yeah,kinda.
And what does the silk mean? Think! I brought her back a kimono from tokyo to apologize.
That's it! We got it!Okay.
I foune.
Janet,I'm sorry.
It's not you know about this? Yes.
I was here,too.
Janet,I went over to susan's the day the power went out to talk to her about losing my job.
you knew about that,too? Roger came over to get some advice.
He didn't want to disappoint you.
well,so-so naturally,you told him that rather than go home and discuss the fact that he got fired with his wife, he should head over here and have a field day with the swingers? No,it wasn't like that.
Oh,really,trina? Anyone else lose an earring that day? I win.
I think you know what you can do with that question mark.
All right,I didn't know I'd be having company, so don't make any comments I won't recover from.
Don't be a sore loser.
Hit the lights.
It's exactly what I imagined.
Good or bad? Passion vs.
Intellect by doug stephens.
It's my master's thesis.
So,which one wins? Passion or intellect? Tonight? Passion,no contest.
You got way more signatures than I did.
Which means I get final say all night.
That was the bet.
What do you want to do next? Let's take turns reading to each other from your essay.
Really? No.
Not really.
Aren't you gonna even let me explain? Why should I? You got so good at lying,how would I know what the truth was anyway? You want to know why I didn't tell you about the job? This is why.
I didn't want to put you through this.
Put me through this? Roger,if you think this is about your job,this is not about your stupid job.
This is about you confiding in another woman instead of turning to me.
Your wife.
Things always have to be so perfect with you,janet.
Our whole marriage I've tried to get it right.
I love you.
But it's not so easy to talk to you.
Not if I don't have the right answer.
What are you talking about? I'm sorry.
Roger! Bruce.
sorry Ididn't tell you about the afternoon roger and I spent at the deckers'.
So why didn't you? Do you tell me everything you do every single day? No.
But I assume you tell me the important stuff,right? And this wasn't important? It.
it was to roger.
He didn't want everyone to know that he'd lost his job and.
I honored that.
The last thing I want is to keep secrets from you.
That's it then.
No more secrets.
Well,packed the puzzle board away.
Maybe you should have burned it.
Party took a bit of a left turn,huh? I never meant for anyone to get hurt,least of all janet.
Everyone knows that.
Look,janet and roger,and susan and bruce-- they're not exactly like us.
Nor should they be.
Open and honest doesn't always mean easy.
Don't we know it.
You ready for bed? Hey,on the bright side, there's nothing left out there that can hurt anyone,right? proudly presents