Swingtown s01e07 Episode Script


Previously Office pooon who'll be the first to bag the hot new runner.
Which trader are you married to? Uh,Bruce Miller.
He's one of the good ones.
You're my teacher.
I'not your teacher anymore.
Corporate is forcing me to make cutbacks at every level, but I wish you luck wherever you end up.
I got fired today.
Janet doesn't know.
You don't do well alone,Tom.
- Luke? - I can't believe it Tom doesn't have to know.
My wife and I are a package dealLuke.
Now,don't go corrupting our Oriental friends,Rex.
You'll give the old U.
of a bad repution.
Japanese sure do have peculiar taste in music,don't you think? Now how's a girl supposed to dance to thi Oh,I don't know.
I dig a little variety now and then.
Spice of lif right? So tell me,what kind of variety are you looking for tonight? Hey,T-bone,pass over that ice bucket,would you? I'll just make a little run to the ice machine.
Oh,just when things were heating up.
You hurry back,Captain.
Oh,hey,grab that,would you? I think the others might be trying to find the room.
Captain Decker's room.
Y'all looking for the party? No,I'm looking for my husband.
Trina?! Hi,sweets.
It's Bobbi.
I gathered.
Uh,Tom just stepped out for a teeny weeny moment.
May I give him a message? No,thanks.
I'll give it to him myself when he gets home.
Y take care,now.
They're saying check the fuse box.
The fuse is fine.
It's this piece of crap air conditioner tha's not working.
Can you send someone out? Okay.
Thank you.
They're all backed up because of the heat wave, and no one's available for two weeks.
Two weeks? I'll call around,see if I can get someone else to come out.
Well,if not,I'll pick up a new one this weekend.
God,this weather is ridiculous.
I just got out of the shower,and I'm alread sweating like a pig.
At least you'll smell nice.
Finally opened the Paco Rabane I gave you lt Christmas.
It's a defensive measure.
I'm on the trading floor,bumping up against 50 sweaty guys all day.
Poor Melinda.
I hope you've bee keeping an eye out for her.
Uh,yeah,as a matter of fact.
We've been meeting before the bell so I can teach her how to work the market.
Really? That's nice of you.
Well,it's no big deal.
You know,she wants to step up,asked for my help.
A woman trader-- that's rare,isn't it? Well,if any girl's got a shot,'s Melinda.
You knowshe's smart,tough.
Well,yeah,that's not gonna hurt her.
You know,she could have a bright future if she plays her cards right.
One of the good ones.
That's whathe said about you at the benefit last week.
I'm just trying to help thkid out.
Man,I am sweating right through this thing.
I got to change my shirt.
Whe you heading? To pick up the wallpaper that I ordered.
Thought I'd get started on the living room.
It's gonna be 105 degrees.
Why d't we just hire a couple of guys to do it? Because I want to do it myself.
Do you even know how? The on way to learn is to do it.
Suit yourself,b I'm on record as saying you're crazy.
Hey,there,you two.
Hot enough for you? Uh,Susan,I'm headed over to Marshall Fields to cool off and,uh,pick Roger some new work shirts.
Oh,I gotplenty of shirts.
New job deserves a new look.
Roger got a promotion.
- You don't say? - Congrats,buddy! It's not that big deal.
Don't be so modest.
He marched right intor.
Stone's office and demanded more money.
And got it.
It's pretty gutsy in this economy.
I'd have shot u down.
So,Susan,what do you say-- you want to carpool to the mall? Actually,I have some things I have to take care of around the house, but I'll taka rain check.
All right.
I am so proud of him.
Things are finally looking up.
Who knows? Maybe we'll be neighbors again soon.
Nothing would make me happier.
proudly presents Swingtown Season1 Episode07 Your breakfast,sir.
Now what you want to do is keep an eye out for repeating trends.
Well-structured companies tend to perform wl over time.
And bad ones? Uh,they trend down.
Same applies to people,I guess.
Yeah,and I'd say stock in Melinda,Inc.
is on a steady rise.
Maybe the guys will start another office pl over me.
Oh,they're all morons.
So,what's your story? How'd a nice guy like Bruce Miller end up in a racket like this? I got married when I s still just a kid.
All I had was a diploma and a job pumping gas.
Everybody thought I'd do that the rest of my life.
It's funny.
My mom always said I'd end up with that guy.
How'd you turn it around? WellI had this one regular at the gas station.
He drove this-this cherried-out Caddy.
He used to tip me five bucks every time he filled up.
One day,we got to talking,and he told me he was a top dog at the Merc.
So next time he came in,I pulled out all these fives I'd been saving, and I asked him to invest it in his favorite stock.
And he told me he'd do me one better, and he hired me as a runner on the exchange.
You know,I learned the most valuable lesson right the in that day.
What's that? It's all about relationships.
Between people,numbers,the news.
All you got to do is figure out how all the pieces are connected.
On the trading floor.
And in life.
Uh,the bell goes off in 20.
Think you're ready? Let's do it.
Why are you dressed like a rodeo clown? I'm hanging wallpaper.
It's messy.
You have no idea what you're doing,do you? Nope.
Good luck.
Laurie? Congratulations.
You must have really impressed your philosophy acher with your oral rort last week.
Your summer school grades came in.
All As.
I'm really pud of you.
Off to the beach? Softball,actually.
With who? Logan? Logan's ancient history.
Someone else special,then? Yeah.
I think.
You're-You're not going to tell me who? I don't want to ji it.
ir enough.
Whoever it is,have a good time.
You worked really hard all summer.
You deserve to get out there and enjoy what's left of it.
That my girl? How was thtrip? Pretty much the old in and out.
Where have you been?I was a little worried about you.
I went down to the lake,took some shots as the sun came up.
Decided to stay a while.
Oh,your old Nikon.
You got the itch again,huh? Yeah.
After dusting off those old slides with Luke last week.
Needed something to keep me occupied while you were gone.
A problem you and I don't seem to share.
What is th supposed to mean? Oh,looks like we're both sliding into some old patterns.
O'Hare was 100 degrees,so I invited the crew over for a dip.
I didn't think you'd mind.
Well,would have been nice if you'd checked in first.
Or do we not do that anymore? I called when we landed.
What's going on? I rang your room last night.
Bobbi answered.
Now she's in my house.
in a bikini.
All right,I slipped a little.
You slept wither,didn't you? Hey,in my defense,Bobbi's on the list,and very hard to resist.
Rember that layover in Dallas? That was five years ago.
We were all on the same crew then.
This is exactly what I was worriedbout.
Oh,you can't seriously tell me you're jealous of Bobbi.
You don't get to tell me how I el right now.
Uh,I'm sorry.
If you want,I will ask her to leave.
You want to have a pool party? Let's have a pool party.
Nice hit.
Laurie,you made it.
What can I say? I'm a sucker for a guy in a baseball uniform.
So why aren't you in one? Uh,because this is softball.
Well,I'm sorry.
How can I redeem myself? You might have to hit a homerun next at bat.
- at least a double.
- double? I think I can manage that.
Game's just getting started here.
Safe! Thompson residence.
This is she.
What kind of problem? Well,that's impossible.
Yeah,I'll call our banker.
I'm sure this is all just a big misunderstanding.
Talbott? Janet Thompson.
Well,not so good,I'm afraid.
Uh,I just received a most upsetting phone call from Marshall Fields.
Apparently someone at your bank,uh,neglected to clear my check.
I don't understand.
My husband should've made a deposit on Friday,same as always.
I see.
No,of course,I'll-I'll speak to him right away.
Thank you,bye-bye.
Roger? Hey,Susan.
I think we need to talk.
You're looking good,Rex.
Back at you,Trina.
That a vintage SLR you got there? You're a shutterbug? Amateur.
My mom used to freelance for National Geographic while I was growing up.
I never knew that.
Yeah,yeah,she was a real trailblazer.
She used to take me with her everywhere.
Iceland,the Congo.
It's why I became a pilot.
ways looking for the next great escape.
Keeps life interesting.
Sure does.
Pour me something tall and cool.
Here you go.
Thank you,Captain.
Trouble in parade? Oh,well,I think you know the answer to that.
Guess I should've told you Trina called last night,h? Yeah,but 's not your fault-- I'm the one that messed up.
I just assumed you and Trina still had an open relationship.
We do.
Maybe I just don't understand y'all's rules.
And right now,you're not the only one.
It's been five ys,Roger.
You're not being fair to Janet.
I know.
Then,why haven't you told her? Well,I had an old friend pull some strings, got me an interview over at All-State.
That's where I was headed this morning.
Thought if I could get a job ned up, maybe it'd soften the blow a little.
They didn't offer you the job? I'm not even sure I'd want it if they d.
I mean,it's the same old thing I was doing, just less money,at a stuffier company.
Why don't you tell Janet that-that you're looking for something more personally satisfying? Janet wod get that.
I don't think so.
I mean,ever since you moved away, she's had this need to keep up with the Joneses.
That's ridiculous.
That's easy for you to say.
You're the Joneses.
So what are you gonna,you're gonna let her just.
dropou at the train station every morning and pretend to go to work until they come and take your house away? That's not a very good plan,is it? Janet is not as fragile as you think.
She just might surprise you.
Can I use your phone? It's right there.
Doesn't ok like she's there.
while I'm coming clean,I think you should know there is another reason why I walked all the way over here to s you in this heat.
What's that? Well,I could've sworn you guys had air-conditioning.
There's a window unit upstairs,but it's broken.
Want me to take a look at it? I'm kind of handy that way.
You're just procrastinating talking to Janet,aren't you? Maybe.
Yeah,a little.
Okay,but since she's not home, I might as well make myself useful somewhere.
Come on.
So,how many innings do they play in 16-inch softball? Uh,full nine.
I ought maybe since the ball was twice as big, they'd make the game half as long.
Are you bored already? 'Cause I could fake a sprained ankle,and.
we could go to the Art Institute,iyou want.
I'm fine.
Want a beer? Um,no,I'm all right,thank you.
Hey,Doug! Yeah,go play,Stephens.
We'll take care of your girliend for you.
Laurie,this is Liz.
Do not listen to a word she has to say,all right? Probably od advice.
So,you're the new girl,huh? Is that what he told you? When it comes to hilove life,Doug's not much of a talker.
If you want to talk governing principles of existence, you can't get him to shut up.
I'm sure you've seen his massive collection of books and essays.
Actually,I haven't been to his apartment yet.
It's practically a library.
So,I'm gonna guess you two met at school.
Why is that? Doug only es for smart girls.
Grad or undergrad? under.
Do y want to grab a seat? Sure.
I'm so sorry,Mrs.
Ste is in a budget meeting.
It might go a while.
You can't just tell a person her husband's been fired without some sort of explanation.
I have no idea where Roger is,and I am not leaving here until I get some answers.
Let Mr.
Stone know I'll wait for him until he is available.
I'm afraid you can't do that.
My husband has worked for this company for 12 years.
Was heot punctual? Did-did he not dress well enoug No,Roger was a very good sasman.
Well,perhaps there was some kind of scandal,then.
No,of course not.
People don't just get fired for no reason.
Surely,you must have some idea.
Stone was forced to cut back half the department in the last six months.
As far as I kn,Roger was laid off,plain and simple.
Then,why would't he just tell me that? Don't you think that's a question for your husband to answer? Evidently not.
Thank you,Doreen.
Good luck,Mrs.
I'm sure Roger will land on his feet.
You always close a good day with a smooth single malt.
What about the bad days? Try three or four.
Uh,two Glenlivets,neat.
You were great this afternoon.
Kept a cool head all the way to close.
So,what was the biggest lesson of today? Always keep your antennae up.
Read the right players,you'll read the market.
So,who'd you have your eye on in the pit? You,like everybody el.
Who was I watching? Rattigan.
Makes the market for United Airlines.
Guess what? I'm still watching him.
Table by the wall,gold jacket.
Who's that with him? Malloy,Boeing specialist for Waterhouse.
What do you think,happy accident? Think they're making a play? Bingo.
The question is,what kind of play? Doesn't matter.
Tomorrow at the open,we'll watch both stocks.
If either one breaks up or down,we'll see it first and catch the wave.
It's always better to be luckthan smart.
but it is best to be both.
Hey,kids,getting a little poker game going.
Interested? Yeah,sure,Mareno.
Deal us in.
Here's your problem.
Dirty thermostat-- can't connect to the compressor.
Okay,how did you know that? I spent a year at UIC-- pre-engineering.
Hold on,you.
you went to college? Don't act so surprised.
You ver mentioned it before.
It was before I knew Janet.
Anyway,I never finished so it's not a whole lot to crow about.
Here we go.
What happened? Is it a fuse? I don't know,might be a transformer.
Sometimes they'll blow from too much strain.
The phone's still working.
Hello? Hi,Susan.
The power's out down here.
Yeah,the power's out here,too.
Well,it mighte a while before the trains start running again.
do you want me to come get you? No,no.
Yeah,if it's not back on in a few hours,'ll just grab a cab.
You sure? Yeah,I' see you at home.
The power's out downtown,too.
Something must've tripped the whole grid.
Lots of cars at the Deckers.
Maybe Tom and Trina are having a pool party.
You're wasting your time,Tom,power's out.
Hey,listen,Rex,yo uh,mind if I borrow my wife for minute? Only if you bring her back.
I'll be back.
What's up? I was justoing to ask you the same thing.
I'm just enjoying our guests.
Don't forget you invited him.
Look,I know I messed up with Bobbi, but that doesn't bring Rex into the mix.
Not yet.
No,not ever.
I fly a plane with the guy.
Oh,that's rich,Tom.
So you can sleep with your coorkers but I can't? Or are we making up the rules as we go now? Why are you making such a big deal out of this? I don't remember sing my cool when you were playing house with your high school boyfriend last week.
That's because I cleared it with you.
Open and honest at all times-- that's how it works.
That's why it works.
we're being honest here.
I wasn't exactly crazy about you sleeping with the guy.
Well,then you should have pulled the plug.
I asked you point blank.
You could have said no at any time,which is also at you should have told Bobbi.
God,could you give it a rest ready,huh? I made one mistake.
Well,maybe I want to make one,too.
Or should we both just agree not to ball your crew entirely? Hey,guys.
What a you two doing here.
together? Roger stopped by the house to,uh.
Fix the air-conditioning.
when the power went out,we saw all the cars and.
heard you in thpool,and-- Oh,I should have called first,suldn't I? Oh,no,don't be ridiculous.
You're always welcome here.
You're sure we're not intruding? Oh,on the contrary.
The party just started getting interesting,didn't it,honey? Tom,will you dig up a pair of shorts for Roger? There must be one in his size around here somewhe.
I'm not going to stay long Oh,well.
If yo're staying at all,there's only one other option.
It's way too hot out here for a business suit.
Come on,Rog,see if we can dig up something for you.
Your husban's yummy.
Oh,he's,he's not my husband.
Then he's available? No,he's not that either.
I'm down a hundred,Bruce.
He's bluffing.
Your call,doll.
It's going to cost you to see whaI got.
Call him.
I'll call.
Show 'em.
All right.
Jacks and tens.
Three fives.
Read 'em and weep,Mareno.
That's it,I'm out.
Where's everybody going? She's just warming up,man.
Take half.
I would have folded ke a tent without you.
No,keep it,onsider it a bonus.
Then,next round's on me.
Won't say no to that.
You're playing with fire.
Trina,are you okay? Oh,yeah,I'm fine.
You sure? You and Tom seem out of syn Actually,we're in a full-on fight.
What happened? Tom had sex with someone in Tokyo.
Yeah,that someone,actually.
I called his hotel,she answered.
cheating,isn't it? We'll work through it.
So where's Bruce? Stk downtown.
But Roger isn't? Roger.
took the day off.
Janet doesn't know he's here,does she? Not exactly.
Maybe honesty's overrated.
Maybe ignorance bliss.
Well,no wonder Janet keeps Roger under lock andey.
Oh,I'm gonna need more film.
Coming in? Water's perfect.
It's why we came,right? Hey,batta,batta.
All right,th's enough out of the peanut gallery.
Come on,this is seous business here.
Oh,Nietzsche would be so proud.
Not to be dense,but if you don't become a teacher, what do you do with a maste's in philosophy? Hmm,write a book.
Apply to law school.
Smoke a ton of weed and llect unemployment.
You ever want to tch? Sure.
I'd gladly push Doug down a flight of stairs for his gig at Lakeview High.
Lucky for him,summ school's over.
They just offered him a full-time position in the fall.
To be faculty? It's his dream job-- a chance to have a positive impact on the future thinkers of America.
And the weird thing is he hasn't given them an answer yet.
Did he say why? Nope.
Like I said before,Doug's not ch of a talker, but he's definitely stalling for some reason.
I think I'm done with all this sun.
Mighgo cool off in the Deckers' basement a while if y'all want to find me.
So this is what I missed on the Fourth of July.
And the '60s.
I think I can see why you and Bruce went for it.
We got caught up in a ment.
Truth is.
we hadn't.
connected in that way in a long time.
I read somewhere that falling in love happens when someone sees you like you see yourself.
How do you see yourself,Roger? Ah,well,I don't even.
know anymore.
I'll tell you how I see you.
Jat sees that,too.
I'd bet my life on it.
Wow,you,uh,you got some sun today.
- Did I? - Yeah.
Does that hurt? Not too bad.
Well,I better,I better go home and face the music.
Janet would have a stroke if she knew I spent the day here.
Maybe you should leave that part out.
Yeah,I think you're right.
The lake light's amazing.
I bet you got some good snaps today.
I hope so.
I'm kind of rusty.
It'll come back fast.
I'd love to see your darkroom.
No offense,Rex,but even my husband doesn't get toee that.
Then how about your playroom? I'm not sure I'm in the mood to play right now.
If you change your mind.
I know where to nd you.
Time to go,I guess.
Yeah? All day you've bn telling me to keep my antennae up,watch for connections.
Can't you see what's right in front of you? I have a wife,Melinda.
And I have an apartment,right around the corne O,HAWAII! This take you all day? Itook a few breaks.
What do you think? Looks good.
I'm-I'm sorry I'm home so late.
I-I threw back a few with the guys after work.
Kind of lost track of time.
You want something to eat? No.
I I grabbed a burger.
How did Melinda do today? Good.
She's a natural.
I'm glad it's working out.
I'm ing to.
grab a shower.
Long day,you know? I don't suppose you found someone to fix the AC? I did,actually.
It had a bad,um,connection or mething.
It's as good as new now.
If the power were on,that is.
see you up there.
Are you hungry? We could stop at that all-night Chinese place.
Probably not a good idea in a power outage.
Yes,Laurie? You should take the job at Lakeview.
You heard,huh? Why haven't you sa "yes" yet? just thinking about it,I guess.
Liz told me it's your dream job.
I don't know.
I think.
the future will take care of itself.
I'm just trying to live life in the moment right now.
Practice what I preach.
And in the fall? Fall's.
a long way off.
So I was thinking.
maybe tonight could be the night we go back to your place.
I don't know.
I just.
I like where we are right now.
You still want to take it slow.
Slow and easy.
Everybody gone? Well,there's .
few diehards downstairs.
Rex is there.
You didn't go with him.
Too easy.
Might've been fun.
but it wouldn't have helped.
Would you have told me if I hadn't caught you? Honestly? I don't know.
I think we need to revisit the rules.
and be exclusive for awhile.
Is that what you want? What I want is.
I'm tired of the ocean between us.
So,it' be just you and me until we figure this out.
'm going to stay here for awhile,if you don't mind.
Well,look what the cat dragged in.
I have something to tellou,Janet.
That you got fired? I bounced a check today.
I've never done that in my life.
The bank said you didn't make a depot last week.
So I called your office.
I found out from a secretary.
I'm so sorry,Jane I wanted to tell you,but I thought if I cou.
find another job first-- something better-- it might.
make it easier.
It's not about a job.
I'm your wife.
We took vows-- in sickness and in health,for richer or poorer.
Did you think you couldn't trust me? Did you.
That I wouldn't get it? I can't sell insurance anymore,Janet.
I need more.
I want more.
From you,from myself.
I don't even know what that is yet.
You got it.
What? I said.
you got it.
You are my husband,and I love you.
and whatever you need,that's what I want for you.
Now go outside and fire up the grill.
T-bones? I thought you were saving these for a special occasion.
Well,this food won't keep overnight.
Might as well stay up and cook it all.
I'll work this out,Janet.
I promise.
I know.
Now get ing; I haven't eaten a thing all day.
proudly presents