Swingtown s01e06 Episode Script

Friends with Benefits

This works,you know-- you and me.
You're a really good teacher,you know that? - Only for one more week.
- Then what? It's nice having spontaneous nights like this.
I don't want to lose that.
Tom's starting a new job.
Flying to tokyo next week.
Are you worried? - You don't do well alone,tom.
- I'm not that guy anymore.
- What do you think? - Who is that? Harry reems.
You're throwing a fund-raiser for an actor in a porno film? It's terrible what's happening to this man.
You don't want to go to a party like that without me.
I saw deep throat last night.
Why are you telling me this? I didn't come to support pornography.
I just want to make that perfectly clear.
Harry reems.
What is going on with you,susan? Get your things.
We're going home.
No,I'm not.
I don't know what's going on in the world.
It-it's not about you.
It it's not about us.
It'Sit's about me.
Announcing the arrival of flight 274 from bombay.
Flight 274 from bombay.
I love our little airport game.
Okay,your turn.
Standby passenger ford watkins at q gate 34 yeah.
WellI wouldn't kick her out of bed, but I always secretly preferred mary ann to ginger.
You got ten seconds.
- Nine,eight - hold on.
Seven hello! Hitchcock blonde in the white dress.
You got me.
So much for mary ann.
You! For you.
how nice.
did you have a good day at work? Yeah,the market rallied a bit.
Looks like we can keep the house for another week.
See,it is gonna take me at least that long to choose a new wallpaper for the living room.
What's the big deal?Just pick one.
I don't want to make some hideous mistake we're gonna have to stare at the rest of our lives.
So,I still got half an hour to kill before my flight.
Double or nothing? - You're on.
- Okay.
This is the final boarding call Start the clock.
How about climbing the stairway to heaven with robert plant? I'm way past my hippie phase,dear.
And you are a stickler for personal hygiene.
Ah,silver fox? Oh,he's a dead ringer for my uncle barry.
Tough room.
Five seconds.
- Four,three - bingo.
Check him out.
Oh,my god.
Mark eisman to gate 4.
) Luke?! trina? I can't believe it.
Oh,my god.
Look at you susan,I've been thinking about what you said the other night, about wanting to get more involved in the world,expanding your horizons.
Don't look so surprised.
I think I have just the thing.
the children's hospital ladies auxiliary.
the what? My boss's wife runs it-- rita pierce.
Pulled a few strings,got you on the planning committee for their annual benefit this weekend.
Bruce,that's sweetkind of.
They meet tomorrow at the lake crest country club.
Oh,I can'T.
Bj's scout camp starts tomorrow, and once we drop the boys at the bus, janet and I have our traditional lunch downtown at the berghoff.
So bring janet along.
Okay,here's the thing.
All the company wives'll be there,pitching in.
All the wives? is this about expanding my horizons,or about making you look good to the boss? - Two birds,one stone.
- Right.
You'll be doing me a big favor.
What do you say? please? High school sweethearts.
How about that? All four years.
On and off.
Not if it had been up to me.
Back then,trina wasn't much of a one-man woman.
Guess that's changed,though.
You're a lucky,guy,tom.
That I am.
So,what brings you to the windy city? Business.
Running my dad's company.
Can you believe it? The same father who threatened to send you to military school twice a week? Same one.
Luke's family pretty much owns the manhattan skyline.
Maybe half.
man,it is good to see you.
You know,I'll be at the drake through the weekend.
You think you got time to grab a bite? How about tomorrow?You can keep me company while tom's away.
We're cutting it awful close,captain.
About 15 minutes to push back.
Thank you,bobbi.
You seeing your husband off,trina? You're so sweet.
Well,I better get going.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
Take good care of my wife while I'm gone.
Will do.
Safe trip.
- I'll miss you.
- You better.
I can't believe Proudly Presents SWING TOWN eSeason 1 Episode 06 Hello.
You're out of breath.
And dripping wet.
Oh£¿Really? I just got out of the pool,dear.
How was your flight? We caught a headwind,so we were a little late.
Just catching some shuteye before we head back.
Well,hurry home.
I miss you.
- Thought you had luke there - not till tonight.
He's coming over later for drinks.
Why?You jealous? Should I be? Please.
So tell me just how wet are you? you all packed for camp? Yup.
Can I go outside now? Pens and stationery? There's some in the kitchen.
Put them in your bag.
What for? Two weeks is a long time.
I expect you to write to me this year.
It's camp,not school.
Don't argue with your mother,bj.
You know,means a lot to me,you agreeing to do this today.
You didn't give me a whole lot of choice.
But now that you are advising me how to spend my days, do you mind telling me what I should wear to this thing? I wouldn't want to clash with the other company wives.
The pink definitely.
You know I've never been much for group activities.
Didn't seem that way at the deckers.
The harry reems fund-raiser.
That is hardly the same thing.
You're right not all charity events can benefit porn stars.
Somebody's got to help the poor,sick children.
hello? - Hi, - janet.
Susan,did you remember packing itch cream for bj? Ricky came home covered in poison ivy last year.
I always say,"you can never travel with too many ointments.
" Right.
Janet,are you sure you don't mind going with me to this thing today? Susan,I told you last night.
Berghoff's will always be there.
A chance to work with rita pierce-- it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
I'll see you in an hour.
- Okay.
- Bye.
Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? susan got invited to the children's hospital ladies auxiliary luncheon.
Guess who she's bringing as her guest? - Charo? - Roger,this is a major philanthropic organization.
It's very exclusive.
These women are terribly proper.
Well,then you should fit right in.
this outfit?I don't know.
ricky,get down here.
We have less than an hour to get you on that bus.
Tell you what? Why don't you go buy yourself something nice to wear? Not that I think you need it,of course.
thank you.
you have a wonderful day.
wonderful? 12 years of selling insurance,and I haven't had a day full of wonder yet.
ricky! All summer,we've studied the great thinkers.
Now it's time for you to think for yourselves and speak for yourselves,so no bluebooks tomorrow.
Your final exam will be oral.
Be prepared to discuss the notions of authenticity and self-expression.
drawing from all the philosophers we've been studying, and most importantly,from examples in your own lives.
Thank you.
Yes,laurie? Authenticity and self-expression? Using examples from our own life.
That's the assignment.
In front of the entire class.
mm,and don't foeaet: Rgch of you is expected to bring at least two likely donors to the benefit tomorrow night.
That must be bruce's boss' wife.
Rita pierce.
Her picture's always in the tribune party pages.
I'm sorry about the berghoff.
- I owe you lunch.
- Forget it.
But in the meantime,I want to thank you ladies for your hard work on behalf of all the sick children who will benefit from our efforts tomorrow night.
Go ahead.
Give yourselves a little round of applause.
Brand-new suit,ruined.
Nobody touch the jacket.
Give it to me.
Do I know you? Janet thompson.
I'm-I'm here with susan miller.
M-my husband works for your husband.
Give me some sweet 'n lows,much as you can find.
- Hurry! - Yes,ma'am.
And once it's dry,and the stain is absorbed, you simply brush off the whole mess,like so,and voila!Good as new.
Janet,you are a miracle worker.
Ladies,can you stand it? Janet,I insist-- you must come to the benefit tomorrow night as my guest.
It-it would be my honor.
rita,I was wondering about the children.
When you volunteer at the hospital,what is it exactly that you do? Well,our efforts with the ladies auxiliary are mainly devoted to fundraising.
So you don't work with the children at all? Oh,we're not doctors,dear.
Although this one's a bit of a mad scientist,isn't she? well,now,where's our waiter? We need to order lunch and get back to work.
I wanted to thank you.
What for? Learned a lot this morning.
What you did with ibm-- brilliant.
How did you know to stay long when everyone was selling short? Uh,research,uh,and instinct.
Your market's not always gonna roll your way, but if you keep an even head,the odds are with you.
Think I'll write that down.
Whiskey on the rocks,right? Oh,no,no,let-let me get it.
Bruce,you're a gentleman,but this one's on me.
- Hey! - Hey,guys.
Would you excuse me for a minute?Thanks.
All right! All right,o'hara,got you down for 50 on miller.
You got business I should know about,mareno? Strictly extracurricular.
Office pool on who'll be the first to bag the hot new runner.
Melinda? Right now,you're the odds-on favorite,two to one.
Are you kidding me with this? Just making a market,bruce.
What we do for a living.
You want in? I don't know what I want.
What do you think? Depends.
What do you want the wallpaper to say about you? That I have good taste in wallpaper? Come on,mom.
Try and get in touch with your authentic self.
- My authentic self? - Yeah.
According to the existentialists, we're always encountering all these outside pressures from society, and the only way to remain authentic is to remain true to our own desires, despite those pressures.
So it really doesn't matter which wallpaper I like.
It matters which one you like.
I knew I was having a decorating crisis.
- I didn't know I was having an existential one.
- Sorry.
Philosophy final tomorrow.
And it's an oral exam.
You'll be fine.
You obviously know what you're talking about.
Here maybe,when it's just you and me and the wallpaper, but in front of my entire class? In front ofmy teacher? unfortunately,life isn't always about doing what we like.
I like this one.
the wedding silver?What's up? I am.
I am up,up,up.
I had the most incredible day.
Turns out there's more to susan's new world than just the deckers.
These ladies I met today.
these are the kind of people we should be friends with,roger.
I'm looking forward to meeting them.
Good,because you're going to tomorrow night at the children's hospital ladies auxiliary benefit gala.
Sounds fancy.
They all belong to lake crest country club where we had lunch, and I was thinking,maybe if we make a good impression tomorrow night, one of them will sponsor us to join.
Janet,you know we can't afford a country club.
Well,notright now,maybe,but remember this morning,how you said you've been selling insurance for 12 years? Don't remind me.
Maybe you need to be reminded,you are the best salesman that company's got.
Maybe you need to remind your boss of that,too.
Stone has to realize how valuable you are.
I think it's high time you stood up and asked for a raise.
You certainly deserve it.
We deserve it.
My god,that bathing suit? Might as well have been a nun's habit.
Not to me.
That was the summer my mom caught you sneaking out of my room.
You got me grounded for a month.
The one and only time that she dragged her ass out of bed before noon.
What were the chances? Thought I told you to go out the window like everyone else.
Shimmy down the drain pipe? No,I was gonna walk out the door of your bedroom like a man.
You weren't a man until I made you one.
Actually,being forbidden to see you was probably the best thing that could have happened to us.
How is that? I always want what I can't have.
hello? Hey,babe.
Tom,you're missing quite a show here.
We dug out my old slides.
- "We"? - Luke's here.
Where are you? Uh,san francisco.
We hit that same weather system over the pacific,had to fly around it.
Forced us to stop and refuel.
I I should be home by morning.
As long as you're safe.
- Miss you.
- Yeah,I miss you,too.
Looks like I'm free for dinner.
So where do you want to take me? Actually,I could stay here looking at these slides all night.
Let's order in.
How about a drink,captain? Sure.
Why not? Uh,susan.
Come on in.
To what do I owe the pleasure? Well,I-I know it's last minute,but uh,bruce's boss's wife is hosting a benefit tonight for the children's hospital, and I'm on the committee suddenly.
Anyway,we're supposed to invite people like you and tom.
Say no more.
- Count us in.
- Really? God,that felt great.
What a way to start the day.
Susan,this is luke,my boyfriend.
From high school.
Luke,this is my neighbor,susan miller.
Pleasure to meet you.
You're not busy tonight,are you? Whatever I've got,I can cancel.
Susan,if you're looking for donations,invite luke to the benefit.
He's filthy rich.
Who's filthy? Honey welcome home.
Thank you.
- Luke.
- Hey there,tom.
Hey,trine,I've got a meeting downtown.
Can I grab a shower? Sure.
Right through there.
Luke and I had a late night reminiscing.
Think he had one too many.
well,I'm gonna see you tonight.
Predominant cultural norms are inauthentic, according to kierkegaard and heidegger, because they require people to behave in ways that obscure their own desires.
So,concluding from that,authentic self-expression is possible only when it is unfettered by the confines of societal conventions.
Thank you.
Is that it,laurie? That's it.
The assignment was to draw from philosophers we've studied, and from experiences in your own life.
I know,but guys,the subject of this exam is authentic self-expression, so,when you're up here,I want you to really express yourselves.
Laurie,why don't you take another stab at it? Sorry,Mr.
Stephens,that's all I got.
Anderson,pick up line 1.
And I've also exceeded sales in each of the past six quarters.
Sir,what I'm saying is this.
Based on my track record,on my experience, I believe I'm ready to step into a stronger management position, one with a stronger compensation package.
Field,you're wanted in the conference room.
Well,I believe you're right.
Ank you.
Unfortunately,rog,that just can't happen here.
Not in this economy.
Heck,corporate is forcing me to make cutbacks at every level.
We can't afford to compensate someone of your experience anymore,not fairly,anyway.
And you know I am nothing if not fair.
Stone the truth is,I've kept you as long as I could,under the circumstances.
I wish you luck,wherever you end up,and I thank you for your years of service.
You're home early.
Didn't want to be late to the party.
You better hurry up and get changed.
I'll-I'll call the thompsons.
See if they can be ready a little earlier.
The thompsons are coming? To my boss's wife's benefit? Rita pierce loved janet.
Then I bet she really loved you.
She loved that I brought janet.
- Tom and trina are coming,too.
- Good.
Far as I'm concerned,the deckers and the thompsons cancel each other out.
Haven't you chosen a pattern yet? I'm trying to decide which one expresses my authentic self.
What do you think? Your "authentic self? " Uh,honey,I have no idea what that is.
roger! Janet,wow.
I was just in town having my hair fixed for the benefit.
Thought I'd swing by and pick you up.
- Do you like it? - Yeah.
And look.
A tuxedo.
It's a rental from fells.
I was hoping we'd have a little something extra to celebrate tonight.
Well,don't keep me in suspense.
How did it go with Mr.
Stone? Did he agree you deserved a raise? - He did.
- Oh,I knew it! Oh,I'm so proud of you.
Things are about to change for us,roger.
I can feel it.
Can't you? Yes.
I can.
I'm excited.
Are you excited?I'm excited.
I'm not sure I fit in with these women.
Notnot ylikeou do.
Susan,you just got to keep an open mind.
Give them a chance.
You know,like you're always telling me to do with trina.
- Bruce-ky! - Hey,mareno.
You know my wife,susan.
- Yeah.
- I think you met janet and roger at our housewarming.
He remind me what it is you do again,rog.
Roger's the sales manager mutual of omaha.
Janet! There you are.
I want you with me,setting up the auction.
I love auctions.
The excitement,the paddles.
Mareno,I can't thank you enough for volunteering to be our auctioneer again this year.
It's my pleasure.
Anything for the kids.
Susan,I'd like you to collect the checks at the end of the night.
Uh,rita,I'm-I'm bruce,uh,miller.
I just want to say how fantastic it is to work for your husband, and-and also what a-a great thing,uh,this is you ladies are doing tonight.
I'll be sure to pass that on to Mr.
Ladies,follow me.
Auctioneer? Hey,man,you want to get in good with the boss,you gotta get in good with the boss's wife.
I mean,you've got susan playing for team miller, though with a woman handling the checks,no wonder it's a non-profit.
and speaking of women and profit melinda? I think I'm having a flashback.
Good one or bad one? My mother used to parade me around at these things.
Feel like I'm 16 again.
With your high school boyfriend here to complete the trip.
Lovely as the day I first saw you.
Minus the braces and ponytail.
God,I think the last time I saw you in a tux was your cotillion.
You still remember the dance? With your permission,of course.
Go for it.
Janet,susan,the girls and i have agreed: We would like to formally invite you both to join the children's hospital ladies auxiliary.
wow,that'S such an honor just to be included,um,in-in-in all your good work.
For the children.
Susan,isn't it an honor? It is.
Roger,susan and i have been asked to join the ladies auxiliary.
That's terrific,honey.
I know but,you know,with my schedule and the kids,I'm not sure I'm gonna have time di,layeahes,uh,would you excuse us just for one moment? By all means.
What are you doing,susan? This is a big opportunity for you.
I think you mean for you.
For us.
It's not right for me,bruce.
I am nothing like those women.
You've barely given them a chance.
Oh,please,I-I don't think rita pierce could find the children's hospital on a map.
And-and what happened to being open to new things,all options on the table? - This is different.
- Why? Because it's something i want? You're not being fair.
Maybe we should go over the rules one more time.
I'll go start damage control.
I was passing by and saw the light on.
Yeah,I'm just packing up.
About today you asked me to express myself in a true and authentic way, but the truth is that you're all I think about, and all I want to do is scream it out to anyone who will listen, and I knew that anything I said in class today besides that would come across as complete bull which, unless I misunderstood the assignment, was the exact opposite of what you wanted.
- Laurie - but I couldn't exactly say that,could I? Not in front of the class-- your class-- because you're my teacher.
I'm not your teacher anymore.
Summer session's over.
So then,we can say whatever we want.
I think I'm done talking.
which one's yours? Sorry? Which trader are you married to? Uh,bruce miller.
He's one of the good oneS.
You work for lehman/pierce? I didn'TI didn't know they had any,uh women? Not many.
Job's not for everyone.
No,I've seen the trading floor.
All that pushing and shoving.
How do you stand it? It's what I've always wanted to do.
And a padded blazer doesn't hurt.
- A padded blazer? - Some guys grope.
I figure: Why not fake it,let them think they're getting what they want? Fake it? Sure.
I laugh,bat an eye.
Makes the guys easier to manage.
That doesn't make you feel cheap? No,I-I was going to say inauthentic.
They make it hard for me to do my job,I do what I can to make it easier.
Sure,I lie a little every now and then, but I'm still being true to myself.
I know exactly who I am.
man,jan,you look dynamite.
Thank you.
isn't this the most fabulous party? Uh,been to a lot of parties in my day.
Well,not me.
I had no idea trina was such a lovely dancer.
Yeah,she's a woman of many surprises.
Janet? Would you like to dance? - it was really nice to talk to you.
- And you.
Good luck with everything.
- Oh,thank you so much.
- Yeah,okay Oh,hello.
excuse me.
Interesting priorities,susan.
What do you mean? You insult the boss's wife,but you befriend the lowly runner? You just asked me to give these people a chance.
I didn't mean her.
I like melinda.
And she's not lowly.
Unlike most of the women here,she's actually doing something withher life.
Well,you know all the guys are taking bets on who'll be the first to sleep with her.
That says something.
That says more about the guys than it does about her.
Did you try to stop the bet? Or tell her about it? Interesting priorities,bruce.
Next item up for bid is dinner for two at the beautiful lake crest country club.
Start the bidding at $25,25 $25 right there.
Do I hear $50? Fifty.
$50,do I hear 75 janet,I need to talk to you.
Ladies and gentlemen,$75 I don't think the ladies auxiliary is right for me.
I hope you're not offended.
Why would I be offended? Well,a little disappointed maybe,but not offended.
$75,$75 to the gentleman.
How about $100?For a hundred dollars,folks.
Of course I'd rather we join together,but as it happens, they want me whether you're part of the package or not.
And we both know that's not always the case.
Going once.
So you're okay if I don't join.
As long as you're okay if I do.
$75 going twice.
- $100! - $100 going once twicesold! so why do you think it is that we didn't end up together? Must've been some reason.
Ever wish that we could go back? I like to live in the here and now.
Right here is good.
Right now.
Tom doesn't have to know.
Yes,he does.
Tom and I have an open marriage.
We don't cheat.
So,you mean my wife and I are a package deal,luke.
I know.
Uh,melindaexcuse me.
Fun night,huh? Mareno really hammed it up out there.
Look,uh,there's something I-I need you to know about mareno, and-and all the lehman/pierce guys.
They've-they've got this bet.
About you.
I know.
Mareno just won.
What? You and mareno? What,here? For the smartest guy on the floor,you don't know much about women,do you,bruce? No,I,well,I guess not.
I agreed to say I slept with mareno; and he agreed to split the pot with me.
Look,how much did you lose? I'll give you your money no,uh,no.
I-I-I didn't bet.
You didn't? I knew you were one of the good ones.
There you are.
Susan,I overheard them saying that you are in charge of getting the checks from the auction.
And I'm going need to get janet's check back.
Why? I got fired today.
Oh,roger I'm so sorry.
I'm not.
You know what selling insurance is? It's selling safety.
And you know the best way to sell safety to someone? - How? - Scare them.
I was miserable at that job.
I was just too scared to admit it.
Roger,I janet didn'T oh,janet doesn't know.
I didn't want to ruin her big night.
Still,you-you shouldn't have to keep this from her.
It's not about me.
I can pretend for one night.
I'll see what I can do about that check.
I'll be right back.
I really forget it.
What's this? The certificate for dinner at the country club.
I bought it for janet.
She'll never know the difference.
Susan,I can't accept this.
I owe her lunch anyway.
You ready to go? Good night.
Good night.
Bye,susan!I'll see you next week at the hospital! Bye,rita.
See you then.
The hospital? Yeah,I volunteered.
I thought the ladies auxiliary wasn't right for you.
Maybe I can make it right.
And until then,I can fake it.
you coming back in? Oh,I think I'll sit this one out.
You go ahead though.
Babe,what's going on? You and lukeI don't know it just feels different.
Maybe it's 'cause he gets parts of you that I'm never gonna get.
What do you mean? Your childhood and your family.
You're my family.
Do you ever wish you'd married him instead of me? I'm gonna tell him to go.
Come on.
Do you want to dance? And my hold my hand tell me you're my lover man oh, baby do you want to dance?£¨Dance dance £© we could dance under the moonlight hug and kiss all through the night oh,baby oh,baby tell me do you want to dance with me,baby? Do you,do you do you do you do you do you want to dance? Do you,do you do you do you want to dance? Do you do you,do you do you do you,do you want to dance with me,baby? Aah,that's right aah aah do you want to dance coming to bed? In a sec.
Kiss me,baby all through the night oh,baby,baby,baby,baby, baby tell me,do you want to dance? That's the one.
You sure? I'm sure.
Do you want to dance? Do you want to dance? Do you,do you,do you,do you want to dance? Proudly Presents