Swingtown s01e05 Episode Script

Go Your Own Way

Previously table.
- - Man? Ask me from a japanese pay phone after we've been apart fothree days.
Sylvia's a partner at kessler and loeb.
Today's woman can do anything she puts her mind to.
I am going to eat a pot browni olly,olly,oxen free! this works,you know? You and me.
babe? What time is it? We,it's bedtime for me,but you've got about an hour to get to the airpt.
not going to be easy getting used to this schedule.
telle about it.
I was debating whether or not I should let you sleep right through it.
Come here.
did you know that I can count onne hand the number of days we've spent apart since we were married? Don't think about it in days,think about it in hours.
13-hour flight to tokyo,13-hour turnaround, quick 13-hour flight back home.
Why are there so many 13s in that sentence? You superstitious? not about the flight.
You don't do well alone,tom.
I'm not that guy anymore.
And I wouldn't do anything to mess th uP.
It's too.
do you have any idea how much I love you? As you can see,ladies, this particular line of stacking bowls is not just ideal r storage and convenience, buit's also spill-proof.
How much for the whe lot? if selling these things were only that easy.
I suppose the bright side of susan moving across town is that it opens up a whole new market.
If I could just relax and remember my talking points.
Maybe I can help you relax,hmm? Take a later train? roger,what has gotten into you? Well,I-I just did my hair.
come on,where's the crazy skinny-dipper from the cabin? That was one weekend of bad judgment, and I will not he you holding that over my head my entire life.
That was the most fun I ever saw you have.
Well,maybe,uh,we can pick back up when I get home tonight.
Last I checked,today is n a friday,roger.
Now go to work.
Anti-era leader phyllis schlafly will testify "before the rnc today,urging members " to stand up against the supreme court's decision protecting a woman's right to choose.
can you believe this? It's a complicated issue.
I dot see what's complicated about it.
Carter better wi this election,or women are totally screwed.
Watch your mouth,laur.
Why,because you don't like what I'm saying? No,'cause you sound like a truckriver.
what's for breakfast? Uh,this is acally for janet's luncheon, but there's english muffins in the fridge.
How many women are expected at ts thing? Mm,a doze right.
I'm gonna take this dip over to trina'S.
Maybe she can use it for her party tomorrow night.
What party? I don't remember you mentioning a party.
Maybe you weren't listening.
It's a fund-raiser.
Apparently,the government arrested some actor, and trina and sylvia are raising money for his legal defee.
The invitation's right there.
I'll see you tonight? I don't believe this.
What? come oin.
You and tom busy? Oh,tom flew to tokyo last night.
But sylvia and I were just prepping for the party.
Well,maybe I can help.
I-I accidentally made too much seven-layer dip.
Thought if you had room in your fridge,you could serve it at the party.
Oh,well,it's-it's being catered.
But the two of us have been at this since the crack of dawn, so,if you don't mind,I might just break out those chips right now.
Hi! While I have you here,I can use your opinion.
What do you think? Exhibit A.
oh,my god! Who-who is that? Oh,it's harry.
Well,maybe you'd recognize him better without the stickers.
harry reems,our guest of honor.
the star of deep throat.
Deep throat? Well,of course.
What did you think this party was for? proudly presents Swingtown Season1 Episode05 You're throwing a fund-raiser for an actor in a porno film? Well,hay's an american citizen first and foremost.
Not to mention a very sweet guy.
- right back.
- Okay.
Llo? Is this the lady of the house? That depends on who's calling.
What you wearing? Oh,honey,you know I'm always up for a little overseas chat, but you caught me in full-blown party-planning mode.
What te is it there? Who knows?The clocks are all in japanese.
Yoin for the night? Where am I gonna go? Wouldn't be any fun without you.
right,then I'll call you in bit and.
tuck you in,okay,babe? - love you.
- I love you more.
that was quick.
U didn't give me time to brush my teeth.
Don't bother on my account.
No,I thought you were the wife.
- Any plans? - Nope.
I'm hanging in tonight.
- Wa to do some partying? - Yeah? - Who you with? - Someone new.
What do you say? Yeah.
why not? Yeah,stop by on your way out.
Susan,if you have te to help stuff envelope I can promise you a signed eight-by-ten glossy of harry.
susan's not coming.
When I rsvp'd,I-I didn't realize what this party was all about.
I-I have children.
What if one of them grows up and decides to be a filmmaker or a painter? Yowant them living in a country that-that prosecutes artists for expressing themselves? Oh,you don't seriously consider deep throat art? Who's to say?I mean,frankly,I thought it was hilarious.
I'm-I'm curious,susan.
What did you find so offensive? I mean,beyond the ridiculous premise.
Well,to be honest,I-I haven't seen it.
So,you're fine letting them throw a man in jail over a movie you haven't even seen? No,I.
it's-it's pornography.
Susan,it's fascism.
The nixon adnistration set out to prosecute harry reems for one reason-- to distract attention om watergate.
It has no legal precedent.
M sorry.
This is not exactly the kind of thing my husband and I discuss around the dinner table,and I.
Please tell me you're not one of those wives who needs her husband to givher her opinion.
Sylvia! well,by looking the other way, she's helping them get away with it.
What do you think it is we're doing he? Well,susan's not the enemy.
It's all right,trina.
I ink I better go.
You're up,buddy.
Oh,t tonight.
Still adjusting to the time difference.
You got to at least have a drink.
cocktail? Uh,just grab her a beer.
she's exotic,rex,but.
how do you communicate? Language of love.
it's universal.
well,who could that be? Oh,I hope you don't mind,tom.
I let some of the stews know we'd be up here.
hey! All right,let's get this party started,huh? Let's have a round.
This is tom.
No volleyball net.
Are you sure? I remember rolling it up right before we moved out of the last place.
Someone should have one down at the beach.
Or we uld just tie a rope between two trees? Samantha? Did you steal my smokes from the pantry? Cigarettes don't get up and lk off by themselves.
Samantha doesn'okt sme.
No one's talking to you.
It was my fault,mom.
I saw you were running low.
I should have said something.
I'll ride by the store,pick you up a couple packs.
I'll be counting the change.
don't keep me waiting all day.
You stole your mom's cigarettes? I always take two out of each carton.
Why? Cause now we have enough to buy a volleyball net.
Come on.
I'll race you to the beach.
good afternoon,missiller.
So,last few days of summer school.
Time really flies,huh? Do you think?Feels to me like this week is dragging on forever.
Don't you look nice.
It's logan.
We met a couple weeks ago at that play.
How's it going? Can't complain.
Uh,laurie,I will see you in class? Yup.
What are you up to,logan? I saw him leave your house last weeke.
No sense in denying it.
You're spyinon me? More like looking out for you.
What do you want? You.
lookyou better go learn something while you still can, because a teacher like that might not be working here much longer.
The latest line of easy-store containers passed over a dozen factory tests.
This is our small bowl in avocado.
Susan,if you'd kindly pour the tomato soup.
now,to retain freshness,you simply lift a corner, and you burp the bowl of all extra air,snap.
and seal.
clumsy me.
Now,would you look at that.
Not a drop on the sofa.
excuse me.
Now,if you ladies will follow me into the kitchen.
hi,I just wanted.
oh,I'm sorry,do you have company? No,it's just,um,more like a tupperware.
party,something janet and i have been doing forever.
I-I would have invited you, but I-I didn't think you'd be interested in burping plastic bowls.
Good call.
I was worried that you may have felt a little ambushed this morning.
Actually,I-I fe,um,stupid.
Oh,that's an ugly word.
and the last one I'd use to describe you.
I'm not sure sylvia would agree.
Sylvia's used to arguing in court-- she can come on a little strong.
- Trina.
- Hi.
I didn't think you' be joining us.
Oh,I'm afraid i can't stay,janet,but sign me up for a dozen of.
Susan,it's showtime.
- I'll be right in.
- Okay.
Well,I'll let you get back to your party.
Here's a ttle research on the issue.
And the last thing you should ever feel is stupid,susan.
If you happen an chtoge your mind about the party,the invitation's open,okay? Thank you all very mh for your hard work in class these last few weeks.
At least,I'm assuming you worked hard.
I'll find out tonight while I'm here grading these.
Re you aif sitting there wishing you'd puin a little more effort, I could always use some hot coffee,maybe a donut at around midnight.
anyone? I'm just saying there's- there's extra credit in there somewhere.
Susan? Upstairs.
Is it after 6:00 already? Yeah,I was kind of hoping you'd pick me up from the station.
I'm meeting roger and the gang for a last practice before tomorrow's bowling championship.
Sorry,I-I lost track of time.
"reaming harry reems in court"? Is this about that fund-raiser? It's terrible what's happening to this man.
Susan,the guy's a porno actor.
You-you know about him? Yeah,yeah,I saw the movie.
You did? A few months ago,with some guys from the exchange.
Why didnt you tell me? It was just for laughs.
I didn't want you getting the wrong idea.
Trust me.
The movie is not for you.
I want to go to the party.
- Well,we can'T.
- Why not? I have the league championship tomorrow, and you don't want to go to a party like that without me.
Oh,come on.
You know what goes on across the street.
Look,is dinner almost ready? 'Cause roger's picking me up in,like,20.
coming right up.
- can we talk? - Sure,about what? I saw deep throat last night.
You went to a porno theater? - Yes.
- Did anyone see you there? - I don't know.
- I nobody was paying any attention to me anyway.
Well,no,ofourse not.
What could possibly be more interesting than what they were watching? what were they watching? This ridiculous story about.
about a woman whose.
pleasure center is in her throat, and this wacky doctor who helps her to,uh,find it.
That's horrifying.
and also oddly.
really,it's ju a silly movie.
- With naked people.
- Yes.
- Having sex.
- Oh,yes.
Why are you telling me this? Because.
the government'prosecuting the leading actor.
No,it's not,they.
I mean,they're denying him his first amendment rights, and trina's throwing a fundraiser for his lega defense tonight.
Why am I not surprised? I want you to me with me.
To a party for a porno act? At trina's? I.
I think its important, and-and bruce and roger are bowling tonight,i know you're free.
please? Remember that girl who ate pot brownies and played twister at the cabin? Why does everyone keep throwing that back at me? You know I would do anything for u,susan.
but not this.
I'm sorry.
There should be martini shakers under the bar sink, and if you need extra glasses,they're right over here.
You're home.
I told you id be back in time for the party.
I tried calling a couple times last night,or morning.
My time or your time? Both.
You didn't pick up.
Yeah,well,a few friends came by the room.
It turned into quite a little party.
Rely? Who? rex and the crew,nobody special.
Well,I can use your help putting up some of these banners.
Mmm,you got it.
Just give me a few minutes to rest my eyes.
Does it bother you to constantly be compared with olgkorbut? I am not olga korbut; I am nadia comaneci.
A very confident nadia.
What's going on? Bored.
The deckers are having o of their parties.
My m's going.
Is that good or bad? Good,for now.
I don't have to worry about r till she gets home.
That's that romanian girl.
She was the news last night,too.
Look at that dismount! She scored another ten.
Hard to believe she's just kid,like us.
Yeah,except she's perfect.
I wonder what her mother's like.
Probably a lot like yours.
You want a yoo-hoo? - a perfect score! - Perfect.
Hey,when did you get home? Few minutes ago.
It's bowling night,remember? You going somewhere? Um,trina's party.
I thought we decided we were sitting this one out.
Actually,you decided that.
Susan,this party is about pornography.
I know what it's about.
I saw the movie.
Come again? Last night,en you were at practice, I had to see for myself what the fuss was all about.
Are you guys talking about deep throat? Okay,laurie,you're interrupting a private conversation.
Door was open.
I've had it about up to here with your sass,young lady.
I don't want you going to t deckers' tonight,not without me.
That's mom's decision,dad.
Laurie,don't talk back to youratheR.
I was defending you.
You know,maybe dad's right.
If this party is about fighting censorship, maybe you don't belong there after all.
I'll be home after bowling.
We'll finish the conversation then,okay? Tell us the truth.
At was a camera trick.
On our budget? What you see is what you got.
Oh,well,that's a little hard to swallow.
ignore my husband,harry.
The whole movie is ridiculous male fantasy,never mind the.
anatomical stret.
Hey,I'm not a real doctor.
I just played one in the movie.
Well,linda lovece didn't exactly invent that move,you know? Bet I could give her a run for her money.
My name is gL.
I'm a big fan.
excuse me.
She's not kiing,you know? I'm not.
you made it after all.
Come on in.
Things areust getting started.
susan,you look ntastic.
Where's bruce? Bowling.
Tom,will you get susan a drink,please? Sure.
Bowling? I dot believe it.
Janet? Well,well,well.
Look who's stepping up for harry.
What are you doing here? I didn't come to support pornography, I just want to make that perfectly clear.
M only here to support susan.
Good for you.
Ladies,can i get you a ink? Gimlet,susan? Yes,please.
Uh,I'll have one,too,please.
Les mingle.
that bad,huh? don't worry,it's not yours.
I actually save your essay till last.
Itives me something to look forward to.
Coffee and a bear claw.
seems you are the ly one who took my offer of extra credit seriously.
I'm not here for extra credit.
What are you here for? It's been a weird couple days.
You,uh,you seemea little out of sorts in class.
Anything you want to talk about? No.
Just wanted to see you.
"Brenouncing fear in his definition "of an examined life, camus hands each of us the tools of our own salvation.
" Cindy linder wrote this? Sorry,you can't read that.
you're a really good teacher,you knowhat? Only for one more week,then class dismissed then what? I don't know.
But I sure am lookinforward to it.
Where you going? To renounce my fear,like cindy said.
here you go,ma'am.
Thanks for your support.
I'm afraid that's my last picture.
Well,don't worry,ladies,I'll dig up some posters from the movie.
Worst case,you can sign polaroids.
I've signed stranger this.
bored yet? I could think of a couple things to liven up the party.
Er have a singapore swing? Uh,I'm-I'm gonngrab some food while I got the chance.
It's a complete witch hunt,conceived and executed by washington eologues.
And we're all paying fo it with our tax dollars.
That's right.
Susan,I am so glad you're here.
What changed your mind? I might not agree with what the movie stands for,but you were right.
Harry reems is being railroaded.
It's censorship,pure and simple.
I owe you an apology.
You and I live completely different lives,sylvia.
I don't expect you to understand where I'm coming from.
And I never will if I don't remember to listen.
Apology accepted.
Thank you.
I need a break.
Well,these watercress sandwiches are delicious.
Mm,too spicy for me.
If you're afraid of a little spice,I don't know why you're at this party.
Little help from my friends.
They're trying to keep me out of jail.
Oh,my goodness.
you're him? Harry reems.
That cannot be your real name.
It's how people know me.
Seems to me,people know you for an entirely different reas.
My winning smile.
I haven't seen your film,mr.
Reems, so pardon my ignorance,but what the heck were you thinking? It was a job they weren't hiring at woolworth' I'm an actor.
I just wanted to pay my bills.
Well,I hope they paid you wel for all the trouble it caused.
That's it.
My legal expenses are in the tens of thousands.
Plus,no one will hire me as an actor now.
Certainly there must be something else you can do.
I,for example,am in sales.
No kidding.
What do you sell? Uh,kitchen necessities.
Though I'm not sure th'd let a man do the job.
Cater almost entirely to women.
I'm pretty good with women.
Well,you really knocked 'em down tonight,bruce.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
You know we-we won the trophy,you know? Yeah,I'm sorry,rog.
It's just,you know,trouble at home.
What kind of trouble? Something's going on with susan.
I'm not quite sure how to explain it.
Does it have to do with the,um.
you know,the thing with the deckers? Uh,yeah,in a way.
Nothing's been the same sie we met tom and trina.
You want to hear something wed? It gets weirder?Okay.
The morning after that first night with tom and trina, that is the closest I have felt to susan since.
our honeymoon.
Yep,that's prty weird.
But now,its like she's this completely different woman.
What do you mean? Well,she's got all these new opinions.
I mean,she's not picking me up at the train,dinner is not ready when I get home.
She went and saw a porno movie,for pete's sake.
I mean,sure,the sex,yes,is great,but these other things,man.
I'm sorry,you are,you're talking to the wrong guy on this one.
The only time I'm allowed to have sex with my own wife in my own house is every other friday night.
Yeah,figured janet might have loosened up a bit after that night at the cabin.
All janet brought back from the cabin is her determination to stay susan's best friend.
That's why she wento trina's party tonight.
Janet went to the deep throat party? Only because she thought susan needed her.
Wait,susan is there,too? I'm sorry,to the what party? Check,please.
Thanks for meeting me,logan.
So where's your teacher? Grading papers.
You know I can bring him down anytime I want.
Then what's stopping you? - I don't get you.
- I know.
But he does.
Look,I understand you're not happy.
And,yeah,you have all the power.
But u also have a choice.
Do you remember the day we met? You stepped on that rusty nail at the beach.
and you carried all the way to your truck, told me stupid jokes in the emergency room.
I didn't expect that from you.
That's the reason I went out with you.
So what do you want me to do? Just let me go.
Laurie? Are you still out there? You're really sure this is what you want? Hey.
I thought you left already.
I was just about to.
Well,m,uh,I'm all finished up,so if you need a ride home.
I'm gonna walk.
One more wk,right? Yeah,one more week.
thanks for cing,everyone.
Um,I want to kthan our wonderful hosts, trina and tom decker,for welcoming us into their home.
and we are honed to have harry reems among us tonight.
they have the nerve to charge mr.
Reems with conspiracy to distribute obscenities across state lines, of all ridiculous things.
Now,ayou all know,mr.
Reems is being targeted.
there's janet.
No susan? And it's up to us too something about it.
And now,to cap off the evening,we have a very special treat for all of you.
Get your things; we're going home.
So,please,grab whomever's next to you, and join us for a private screening of deep throat.
roger,what are you doing here? What am I doing here? Are you okay? Of course I'm okay.
Well,they're about to show the movie,so we better go.
It's just a movie,roger.
How bad could it be? Are you saying you want to stay? At is going on with you,susan? I came to hear people discuss an important issue.
More important to you than me? Look,look,you know I didn't want you to come tonight.
Bruce,you're making a scene.
You two all right? We're fine.
This is my husband,uh,bruce.
- This is harry reems.
- Yeah,I know who you are.
Look,this is between and my wife.
hey,come on,man,bcool.
If she wants to stay,she should stay.
Oh,shut up,harry! Bruce! get your things,we're going home.
no,I'm not.
Where are you going? Bruce.
right back.
you okay,susan? I don't know.
Everything seems to be getting so complicated.
How do you mean? Bruce and i aren't in sync the way you and tom are.
You-you,you always seem to know where the other's coming from and.
we don't have that.
Well,change isn't easy on a couple,no matter how close you are.
What if I'm the only one who's changing? What if bruce is.
incapable,somehow? Then it's up to you to help him.
well,that was.
Just kinda dumb,I thought.
Well,it certainly was that.
Well,I'm sorry if iupset you.
Well,it didn't exactly,upset me.
did,um,did any part of you like it? Why,did-did you? There you are,janet.
I saved one for you.
You two want to join us in the basement? We got a little after party kicking up.
But I think it's time for us to,uh.
move on along.
- Right? - Yes,definitely.
Time to go.
Good luck to you.
I appreciate that.
If you could be any animal in the world,what would you be? A bird.
Wh would you be? I don't know.
if you could be any person inhe world,who would you be? Can I choose to be me? Then me.
What about you? Well,definitely not me.
Or you.
Then who? Nadia? damn it! I gotta go.
Take this.
Mom,you okay? You been in my liquor cabinet? No,mom.
Maybe you shouldn't have anymore tonight.
I'm the parent,you are the kid.
Got it? Yeah.
Good night.
You think I'm a terrib person don't you? No.
You're just unhappy.
I love you,samantha.
I love you,too.
I didn't go to that party toght to upset you.
Why did you go? I think.
sometimes I feel like I don't know what's going on in the world.
It-it's not about you.
it's not about .
It's-it's about me.
Everything keeps shifting.
you,you gotta stop moving the goalpostn me.
I know it's confusing for you,bruce.
It's confusing for me.
I just want to know.
Where all this is taking us.
I don't know.
But I love you.
Some party.
How's susan? Oh,she and bruce are having some growing pains.
Do you realize when we first met, I was a stewardess on an international route, and you were a co-pilot on his first big assignment? You were also in a committed relationship at the time.
Technically,i was the other woman.
Those were extraordinary circumstances.
They seem to be repeating themselves.
You want me to quit this route? I'll do it tomorrow.
I just want you to understand.
the reason I didn't want you to take it in the first place.
What are you afraid of,babe? Losing you.
Never gonna happen.
That's a promise.
Want to join our guests down in the basement? Maybe,later.
Right now I feel like spending some alone time with my wife.
Look out your window.
you went to the party anyway,didn't you? yeah.
way to go,mom.
proudly presents